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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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las vegas and the country heal, investigators are digging through the gunman's past including interviewing his girlfriend trying to find out the motive behind the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. an emotional message from the president as he spoke about police officers who ran into the fire and others ran for safety. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the las vegas police department is about to give us an update on the investigation. this is a live picture from las vegas. as soon as that news conference begins, we will carry it for you. there is a lot going on in this case today. with the president's trip to las vegas, new information from police and we're hearing from the gunman's girlfriend for the first time. ktvu's cristina rendon reports from the newsroom. the girlfriend's attorney said late today that she knew nothing at all about this deadly plan. >> reporter: that's right. not only that she had no knowledge of his plan for a massacre but that she is devastated by the deaths and injuries that occurred. that press conference is just starting right now. so we'll take you to those
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live pictures coming from las vegas as authorities start to update us on the investigation into this deadly mass shooting . >> just bear with me a second. we'll get started here just shortly. [ pause ] >> hello, everybody. >> hello. >> that was a terrible response. [ laughter ] >> so, um, thank you for being courteous with the mics this
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time. well, good evening. obviously, i'm sheriff joe lombardo with clark county. this has been -- this will be one of many press conferences we have provided in order to provide the public information that is occurring. and then so the sequence of these events tonight, i will provide you some -- can we get some help back there? [ pause ] >> i will provide you a sequence of some updates of the investigation as we have moved forward since last time we spoke to you. any specifics or continuance of any global investigative leads that you need to be aware of, um, special agent aaron rouse will produce those, that information
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associated with that. okay? and then subsequently i will return to the podium, assist with some q & a and then commissioner sislac is available if you have any questions of the commissioner and obviously we have senator dean heller, who wished to address the audience also. so, um, president trump. i think he was in town today. [ laughter ] >> um, yes, he was in town and the reason why i bring up president trump is nothing to do in fact with president trump but to do with the police department. um, there was some concern because of his visit that investigations associated with this case would be delayed or hindered. and i'm here to assure you none of that occurred. there was a separation of personnel associated with first responders, um, of the harvest festival event that took the opportunity to meet
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with mr. trump and he had the opportunity to congratulate them for their heroic acts. investigators are directly related to this investigation both on my department and the fbi were not part of that. so i want everybody assured that there was no hindrance in continuance of the investigation. return of property. there's a lot of questions going on with that. and i wish i could provide you answers with that. we will try to post online as soon as we can when victims can receive their personal property. we are still evaluating the crime scene. until that completes, the property phase will not occur. so the best to my understanding of where we're at, we're looking at four to five days. so i know that sounds troublesome. but it's important that we
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did. o we dot the is and cross the ts. >> injuries. injuries numbers that we are using today 489. of that 489, 317 have been business charged from the hospital. so the question is, sheriff you provided several different numbers associated with that up to 527. now, you got to imagine we're dispersed across several hospitals, we're relying on internal choosing of the hospitals to provide us accurate numbers. so that's ever changing. in addition, hospitals receive patients outside of this event so quite often or hopefully not quite often but often, some of those patients were double counted or misconstrued as event injuries versus other injuries such as car accidents. so today i'm comfortable in saying the injured number is 489. deaths still remain at 59. i had told you 59 before plus
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one being the suspect. that changed. today it's 58, plus one, the suspect, 59. and it's the same reason that occurred before as i explained. so i hope you understand that. nobody wants that number to go up. and by the grace of god it went down. so, um, that's a good night. >> so today i'll provide you some updates on our investigation of the mass shooting sunday night at route 91. more than 100 investigators have spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of 64- year-old stephen paddock to produce a profile of someone i will call disturbed and dangerous. what we know is stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life much of which will never be fully understood.
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he meticulously planned on the worst domestic attack in the united states' history. as many of you already reported, paddock rented a room at the ogden hotel in downtown las vegas. this has been confirmed. okay? reasons that ran through his mind is unknown but it was directly during the same time as "life is beautiful." we have received, recovered evidence from that location. we don't know if it is evidence. but we have recovered items and video evidence. i don't want to -- you know what, i'm using the wrong term. evidence is not the term. we have recovered video there to review mr. paddock's actions while he was there. now, it's important for you to understand this was not the -- the rooms were not rented by the ogden. it was done through airbnb by a private owner unknown to the
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ogden. so we have very great cooperation from the owners of "life is beautiful" and the ogden and they are in full cooperation. okay. while we have already spoken to many people who have had contacted with stephen paddock at hotels and places he frequented, we still have more interviews to conduct. since monday, there have been many questions for us to release a timeline and today we have one. i want to point out the information previously reported on the time of the first shot was based on a cad report, that's a computer- aided dispatch. that's what we do for called for service. so that report is dependent on who the -- you know, a particular person calling in and that time stamp. but what we have done through the review of the body-worn cameras, we are able to pull it back to previously from 10:08 to 10:05.
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so, carlos? so i'm going to give you the chance to review that. take photographs of it and i'm walk you through each timeline. so at 10:05, the first shots fired by the suspect was seen on closed circuit television from the concert venue. 10:12, first two officers arrived on the 31st floor and announced gunfire was coming from directly above them. 10:15, last shots were fired from the suspect per body-worn camera. so if you are looking at the math, 10 minutes. 10:17, the first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor. 10:18, security officer tells the lvpd officers he was shot and gives the location of the suspect's room. you notice the delta there before they broadcasted obviously they were in a conversation with the security guard immediately upon them
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exiting the elevators. between 10:26 and 10:30, eight additional officers arrived on the 32nd floor and begin to move systematically down the hallway clearing each room and looking for any injured people. this -- they move this way because no longer hear the gunfire of the active shooter situation. 10:55, eight officers arrive in the stairwell at the opposite end of the hallway nearest the suspect's room. so when i say nearest the suspect's room, you can imagine the doorway of the hotel room, this stairwell and this door access is approximately two to three feet away. 11:20, the first breach was set off and officers entered the suspect's room. they observed the suspect down on the ground and also saw a second door that could not be accessed from their position so it's a suite and we have -- there's -- you have a main area of the suite which is the living room, kitchen, dinette area. then on opposite ends of that
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is two bedrooms. i'm sorry, where did i leave off? somebody yell it out. >> 11:20 -- [ pause ] >> okay. so if you do the math on that, all the way up to 11:20 from 10:05, we are looking at 75 minutes. so young lady here in the front with the red phone, you had mentioned 72 minutes. so now you see where those minutes came from. okay? at 11:27, the second breach was set off allowing officers to access the second room and no one else was located within the hotel room. okay. these are following extenuating circumstances as to why it may have appeared that there were some delay or undue delay in reaching the suspect. the officers and first strike team reached the 32nd floor within 12 minutes which is
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phenomenal. the first shot being fired. when the officers arrived and confirmed the location of the suspects room the gunfire had stopped. in accordance with their training, officers received the master keycard from the injured security guard and began to systematically clear each hotel room. so imagine the elevator bank in the center, 150 feet down on a triplex hotel, was the suspect's room. so there's several rooms along the way because of no firing was occurring they could not here additional firing, they believed it was important to evacuate in case the suspect was barricaded. the first strike did this. the second team made of two k- 9 personnel a s.w.a.t. officer and patrol officers navigated numerous stairs wearing heavy tactical gear carrying a large bag with tactical equipment and holding rifles in order to have a closer position to the suspect's room. and that is within that
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stairwell in that doorway adjacent to the room i described previously. they attempted to secure the front doorway of the suspect's room. but as they entered into the hallway, they do see the room service cart and readily apparent on the room service cart were cameras. so they pulled back and they waited for the approach of a full s.w.a.t. team. keep in mind, that the delay was not undue. it was purposeful and no shots were being heard by the suspect at this point. >> eventually, a plan was formulated, entry was made, suspect was seen laying on the ground. they encountered a closed bedroom door which was locked and they breached that door additionally and found no other suspects. another investigative issue was cameras. questions was presented about cameras and whether they were recording. we determined none of the
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cameras were recording. there was two cameras on the room service cart out in the hallway. there was one on the peep hole of the front door. and additionally, there was a baby monitor camera placed in the general family area of the hotel room. none of them were being recorded. one thing i left out was the initial approach and they looked down in the hallway when they observed the cameras on the room service cart, um, it was obviously there was several rounds discharged through the door and through the blast of the bullets through the door, you could actually see a weapon through those openings in a door but no suspect was seen. now, those rounds were the strafing rounds that he put through the door in order to shoot at the security guard. >> the other thing i wanted to update you on is the search
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warrant of the suspect's vehicle located at the mandalay bay. i have presented that there was ammonium nitrate recovered but there were several cases within the car that had not been searched yet at the last briefing i provided with you. so within those cases there were 10 one pound containers of tannerite, 220-pound containers of tannerite and approximately 1600 rounds of ammunition. >> so carlos, can you put up the numbers? so tip line. this is an ongoing investigation. we can never not have enough information because we are continuing run down leads and it's important to get all the information we can on mr. paddock because right now we're trying to prove his intent or understand his intent, and the history
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associated with this, and whether or not he has any accomplices. so we ask people to still call in 311 if you are out of state 702-828-311. and then the fbi 1-800-call- fbi and that's investigative and also for electronic media. if you are able to call them, they will provide you the ability to download that online into their system. >> so at this point i will provide you special agent in charge aaron rause and he will walk you through some of the investigative steps we have accomplished jointly and where we're at in that total investigation. subsequent to that, i will come back to this podium for any q & a and then we will have commissioner sislak and senator dean heller make comments. thank you. i'm a special agent in
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charge for the las vegas division of the fbi. before i begin i just want to comment and on behalf of all the fbi, specifically the [ indiscernible ] division, las vegas division, our sympathy goes out to all the families affected by this tragedy. this is our community. it's our community, too. we live here. and we will get through this together. the fbi has had a partnership continues to have a great partnership with the las vegas metropolitan police department as well as our other state and local officials. to say that this investigation will take a while is not surprising. so there's a lot of information that's going to change over time as we determine more facts. but this is what i can tell you. our resolve is firm. we will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes. the fbi has deployed over 100 personnel from across the nation to assist the las vegas division in this
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investigation. this includes victim witness assistance, counselors, evidence technicians, technical assets. not to mention additional aid to help cover leads. the information that the public provides us is going to help us solve this. but we must focus on facts. we cannot give in to conjecture and we cannot respond to every little twitter feed that may indicate a theory. we need to focus on the facts. you need us to be right. you expect us to be right. and we want to be right. there is going to be questions, i'm sure you're going to have questions about some people we have been talking to, maybe people outside of the united states. the fundamental trust of the american people in the fbi is based upon our discretion and how good would that discretion be if we were to provide information that they provided to us in confidence? this is about informing on an investigation. this is about resolving an
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investigation. so specifics regarding any individual contact cannot be answered. you need us, you trust us, and the way we have that trust is by using good discretion about what we share. additionally, we have multiple leads all across the united states and all across the world to our legal attaches, determining the whereabouts and the travel patterns of all the people involved in this investigation. and that list grows. a lot of those leads will go absolutely nowhere. but we have to follow them. and that's going to take some time. patience is going to be required of all of us. i know we have patience of this police department. because we have great partnership and we're all interested in the same thing. resolving this issue fairly and factually. with that, i'll turn it back over to sheriff lombardo. >> okay. happy to answer questions.
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and please provide some decorum. >> sheriff. >> yes, sir. >> we know that you have an opportunity the fbi to speak with marilou danley. we know you have had access to his computers, cell phones and so forth. while you're not yet able to tell us exactly, you know, specifically what you found, let me ask a general question. >> okay. >> through all of that information that you have so far arrived at, is there anything that gives you a sense as to what was going on with this man? what was the motive without saying what it is? are you seeing anything that gives you a direction or any kind of an answer to that question? >> um, globally, no. i'm sorry to report, no. me personally. but i'm not privy to the subsequent interviews that were conducted today. the fbi is not ready to disclose for public consumption that occurred in
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those interviews as of yet. sorry for that answer. >> miss danley said to her attorney that during the course of her time with the suspect, that she never saw or heard anything that suggested that he would carry out an act like this. you also said that you were looking for other people associated with him. specifically that there was a woman that you're looking for to talk to that may have been associated with the suspect. -- >> are you giving me a chance to answer? [ laughter ] >> um -- >> can you start from the beginning? >> sorry. sorry. >> okay. >> question about miss danley and her comments to the lawyer that she had no idea. >> i think any person put in her situation would probably answer the same way. but like i said, we're not privy to the investigative leads that were obtained today. mr. rause could probably give you some better clarification to that. i haven't been briefed by the fbi on that interview as of
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yet. what was the other question, sir? >> you said that you are still trying to figure out whether he had any accomplices. >> right. we're obviously going through that. it's troublesome that this individual was able to move this amount of gear into a hotel room unassisted. it's troublesome for the amount of stuff that he had at both residences unassisted. so there's people that know this individual. there's people that could help us understand this individual. because, um, you know, i -- i -- interesting enough, i read a periodical earlier today and it was from an fbi profiler that didn't understand this individual. usually there's a tell tale sign associated with these types of actions. you know, reclusive, a plethora of things associated with this mindset. and we have not found that yet. so what could be more beneficial than to find people that are associated with him either by friendship or
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accomplice and for us to determine that. >> thank you. >> sheriff -- >> sheriff -- >> sheriff -- >> a few questions, sheriff. first, you mentioned in your comments he had a secret life. what do you mean by that? >> well, most of us -- not most of us. i don't. i don't live through social media. okay? there's a lot of us that live through social media in today's world. there's a lot of people that are interactive in the public. there's a lot of people that have work mates. this individual is retired. we found out that he has real estate investments. relationship-wise, it's very hard to determine what has occurred in his life in the last decade or so. we do know that he has an ex- wife. she didn't lead to us any knowledge. we know that -- everybody knows we talked to his brother. no knowledge was obtained. so anything that would indicate this individual's trigger point and that would cause him to do such harm, um, we haven't understood it yet.
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and i think it's important for us to get to there and you have to be patient with us because in this premeditation of this room, this is well thought out. so don't you think the concealment of his history or his life was well thought out. it's incumbent upon us as professionals to figure that out. >> and then besides what he did that horrific act, are there any other signs of a mental breakdown? >> i'm not aware, um, of -- i personally have not been briefed on some of his personal background. i'm leaving that to the experts. and i haven't been updated on that yet. so it's going to be frustrating for you obviously but you have to remember and i have said it 100 times, this is an investigation and we can't be delayed by providing information that would delay our information or cause an individual to go underground. you know all that. everybody sitting before me
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knows that. and i just need you to understand it. okay? it's important for you to convey to the public we're doing everything that we possibly can do to bring this to fruition and i think we are doing that and i ask you for your patience. >> sheriff -- >> sheriff -- >> sheriff -- >> during the course of your investigation, you discovered that he might have been targeting another concert a week before. >> i mentioned that he had, um, obtained a room at the ogden which is located in downtown. and at the same time that life as beautiful was being conducted. >> that leads you to believe -- >> what is he doing pre- surveillance? we don't know yet, okay? this is all conjecture at this point. and that's why it is important for us to have boots on the ground getting the answers. >> sheriff -- >> sheriff. >> sheriff! >> the stairwell -- >> yes. >> there's information out there that the door to the stairwell the 32nd floor was barricaded and possibly welded shut. can you confirm whether that door was welded shut?
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>> no, it was not welded shut but it was secureed. >> have you determined whether he had visitors in his room? >> no, not as of yet, no. >> no not -- >> as of yet, no, we haven't been able to determine if there's been anybody else in that room besides him. [ crosstalk ] >> does that lead you to believe he may have been [ indiscernible ] >> speculation. i'll leave you for your own free wheel on that speculation. but, you know, it remained in the car for some reason. ricardo? >> how many rounds he fired and is there an estimate of how many rounds he didn't fire found in the room? >> no. just you know what? i'll give you my personal preview. that will come out in the public space. no, the rounds haven't been counted yet. there's a lot of evidentiary recovery systems that are taking place prior to the recovery of the rounds. but there is well in excess of thousands of rounds still
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present in the room. >> sheriff, do you know about the yellow note? can you tell us anything about that? >> a suicide note? >> it was not a suicide note. i'm comfortable in saying that. >> sheriff, where is marilou danley now? and is she still a person of interest? >> okay. everything to do with marilou danley i will have special agent rause address that. okay? if you have any questions outside of that, we can circle back on that. [ inaudible question ] >> we'll circle back on that. you want to know how i know her name? [ laughter ] >> she was eating lunch next to me today and introduced herself. she is from australia. [ laughter ] >> do you know what -- [ inaudible question ] >> very good question. um, no, i do not know. i don't know of -- this is my
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assumption, only my assumption. and nobody's been able to dispel me assumption as of today. i believe because of his countermeasures placed in the peep hole and in the hallway he observed the security guard and he was in fear that he was about to be breached. so he was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape at that point. his concern was personal concern versus what was occurring down below him. >> can you tell us about the time he topped himself? >> that's a question that's been presented and we haven't been able to through the internal investigation of that to pinpoint exactly if it was heard when he shot himself or did it occur in close proximity of entry? because you imagine when they breach the door they use explosive devices so did it occur in close proximity to the explosive device? we lost it in the audible? or it occurred when we were
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trying to set up our team in the hallway. >> do you know when the security guard was separated from the other officers? >> he was -- he was -- it was my understanding before i had said he had gotten separated that was inaccurate. what had happened was he was conducting an investigation based on customers calling in and he was personally attempting to locate what was occurring. he happened upon that doorway because it was ajar which keyed his interest. but our officers were in close proximity to it. as you can imagine by the timeline there, as soon as they came out of the doorway of the elevator, he was there. so it happened in a matter of seconds. you have been listening to joe lombardo the clark county sheriff there in las vegas giving us some new information as to what happened on sunday when stephen paddock went on a shooting rampage from outside the mandalay bay hotel there from the 32nd floor. the new information, there was a lot of new information that came out, but one thing that's
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very important that stands out is the numbers. they revised the numbers down. at first there were 527 people injured in the shooting rampage. the sheriff just revised those number down to 489. and the number of injured released from the hospital is 317 from that 489. he also made a clarification about the number of dead. it kind of went back and forth between rising one yesterday and lowering one. that number stands at 58 people dead plus the gunman, which is 59. >> also gave a very brief timeline of what happened. the first shots fired at 10:05. at 10:12 the first officers arrived on the 31st floor and said the shooting was going on one floor above them. at 11:20 was when the first breach was set off and officers entered the room. at 11:27, a second breach was set off allowing officers to enter a second room. and that's when they found
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that the suspect was dead. they also found 1600 rounds of ammunition in the suspect's car which was parked in the parking lot of the mandalay bay hotel. let's bring in caroline shively in las vegas. you were listening to that. what stood out to you tonight, caroline. >> reporter: besides the new numbers, is that the sheriff said this man led a secret life which we still don't understand. he was also disturbed about the number of guns and ammunition he was able to bring into the hotel room undetected. a big question they still have tonight. did he have anyone helping him? any acquaintances, accessories? how did he get all that ammunition, all those guns, up to the room? did anyone help him? they have talked to everyone in his life, the brother, ex- wife, friends. still no one was able to give them an answer as to motive. and that's why he says this person led a secret life. he was also asked about the girlfriend and her answer where she said i saw no warning, i was given no
5:32 pm
indication that he was planning something like this and he said i bet a lot of people would have answered that way if they were asked that question about the fbi. >> there was a food service cart outside in the hallway and the camera, how none of though cameras also the one in the peep hole were recording. >> reporter: right. he said they were used for surveillance set up to some type of tablet. he said he wasn't worried about people dying on the street, worried about harm to himself set up specifically to look down the hallway to see when authorities were closing in and he was successfully able to use that. one of the security guards was going door to door on the 32nd floor clearing those rooms, trying to get people outer, must have seen him. he shot through the door and splintered, shrapnel hit the security guard in the leg. that was actually lurky because then lucky because he gave the s.w.a.t.
5:33 pm
team about where the man was. >> the sheriff confirmed he rented a room at airbnb in a different hotel in downtown las vegas in september during an alternative music festival almost making it sound like this was a dry run-through for what he eventually did last sunday. >> reporter: yes. we have been hearing about rumors of that all week. they finally confirmed that. was this a dry run or did he lose his nerve? there were big names there. rappers. he could have mowed down that crew. we don't know why he close this crowd instead. it could have been a similar scene with a different group to be attacked. >> we heard that they talked to the brother, they have talked to -- he had an ex- wife, we have learned. they are interviewing the
5:34 pm
girlfriend. but the thank stands out is they still don't know why. >> reporter: you're right. the sheriff said he had a secret life and it took a lot of planning to get all the ammunition and ammonium nitrate and guns up into the room. that took planning. he said someone with that amount of premeditation to get all those guns up there also had planning involved in his life to keep this secret. so he said they are unpacking all of this information. they are going through his electronics. he said they will indeed get to the bottom of this. but it's going to take time. the sheriff and as well as the fbi special agent in charge says we need to get this right. we need your faith in this. it will take time urging the media and country to have patience. >> caroline, so many people
5:35 pm
are killed and injured. is there an area where people are going and when will they retrieve the body of their loved ones and take them home? >> reporter: the coroner last night was talking about that. i don't know an actual release date. last night they were still identifying the bodies although those have all been identified now. today, some of the belongings, the people's cars in this dirt lot, we have been talking about that for days it's cleared out a little more behind me. people to run for their lives and leave their cars here. they have been taking them in individually throughout the day letting them get their cars. we spoke to some of the people who were working the scene today. one woman came limping through here. she can't get her car keys, identification, any of her information, because she was working in fact vip lounge. all her belongings that she brought to work that day were left back there. she can't get into her house. she can't drive her car because that's still an active crime scene back there. so she said i can't get back to my life.
5:36 pm
i can't go get to my job. i need my things around me. so that's just the -- the view on the ground of the folks who weren't injured too badly but they are still suffering from this event last sunday night. >> all right. caroline shively in las vegas, thank you. we'll have much more coverage coming up for you on the tragedy in las vegas. president trump was visiting the area today. we are learning more about the suspect's girlfriend who returned from the philippines. and we'll have more coming up.
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♪ ♪
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it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's talk about our weather with our chief meterologist bill martin. man, there's a big old fog bank on the coast. >> a lot of fog back at the coast. it's going to be there for a short time. it's not going to last long.
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we are going to get into some more offshore winds and warmup but the fog is back at ocean beach back in pacifica and as you look at the temperatures from today, you will notice, eh, about where they were yesterday maybe a little warmer in some places. the trend is for a warmer temperature environment right through the bay area friday. and it's kind of leveling off for the weekend but the fog is back for at least for tonight. i think it's going to be gone by tomorrow morning. showers and snow around lake tahoe in higher elevations off into idaho. for us we have fog at the coast and that's it. probably no fog in the morning. the winds -- you can see the
5:40 pm
wind arrows the vectors and they are north-northwest. coming from the north- northwest. but as we go into tomorrow the winds should start going more north, northerly and even a little more northeast. that's where the fog goes. it just gets out of here. temperatures right now warmer than last night at this time. 4 degrees warmer in concord. six degrees warmer in livermore. there's a shot of the golden gate bridge. when the fog comes in at night it's powering up over the towers and the headlands over, you know, 1,000 foothills in montara but it's being compressed so that's the high pressure exerting itself right now indicating that by tomorrow i don't think this fog will be here. but with that said it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. you see the model does put some fog out here but keeps it offshore. because of that offshore wind, then there are the forecast highs. oranges are 80s, yellows are 70s. it looks a lot like today a
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little warmer. there will be more 80s tomorrow. 83 in sonoma. 84 in napa. so these temperatures running above average for this time of the year because here we are, we are into fall now and we are working our way into october. and not going to see any rain anytime soon but not that far around the corner hopefully. temperatures tomorrow: saturday warm with the low 90s but no alerts and advisories. so that's good. as we go down the road into october we'll start seeing some opportunities for rain but this week, this five-day forecast, is dry. >> thank you. they say home is where the heart is. ♪[ music ] >> being able to protect my home and talk to these people
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and give them my story, my testimony, it's a great feeling. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. >> east palo alto police hope that's true. the new program that's picking and training officers to protect their own hometowns. >> i'm scott reiss live in san jose. opening night for the san jose sharks and teal as far as the eye can see. we'll set the scene right after this.
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it's all about to happen at the shark tank in san jose. the sharks open their new season tonight against the philadelphia flyers. our sports reporter scott reiss outside the shark tank. i know people are amped up, huh, scott? >> reporter: probably none more so than you, frank. but the happy opening day to everybody. and hey! it's hockey season! hard to believe here we are, it's october. you can see the fans filing into the street rally which is a staple of the sharks big game and opening night certainly qualifies as that. you got fans filing in through the shark head and then you turn around and here all the amenities from balloon hats to sharks gear, bouncy house. we have food trucks, a little bit of everything. all the necessities getting set for opening night. the sharks and the flyers. now as for the hockey game, well, the sharks will look very, very familiar with one clear exception. patrick marleau won't be on the ice for the first time in
5:46 pm
two decades. it will be strange. but equally strange the fact that all 20 players in the line-up tonight were sharks last year. not a single new player. which is very rare in this day and age. i asked sharks radio analyst brett head began about it. >> there's so many uncertainties about this season that is really going to be fun to find out how it's going to play out. you got marleau gone. couture missed the last seven games from a puck in the mouth. yoenis seems to be healthy. tomas hertl. even though we have the same group a year ago. >> thornton played with a torn acl and mcl in the play-offs. here he is back on the ice four months after surgery. how is this possible? >> i think it's impossible for this guy to be able to
5:47 pm
playing tonight opening night after 4 months since his problems and surgery. he was playing with torn acl and mcl. that tells you the professional joe thornton is and the work he put in. he knows time is particular but he loves the game and appreciates being around his teammates and the only place he wants to be is on the ice so it's good to see him back. >> reporter: just a great vibe here on autumn street outside s.a.p. center. fans are fired up for opening night. they will drop the puck at 7:30 and we'll find out how this year's sharks team comes back after a disappointing first round play-off loss to the oilers four months ago. i know we're all psyched. we see how it shakes down here at s.a.p. >> i can't wait two years ago they were in the stanley cup finals. i still can't get over, scott, that all 20 of the players from last season minus patrick marleau are still with the team. >> reporter: it is crazy.
5:48 pm
when i looked at the line-up this afternoon, i actually did a double-take. i'm scouring, i'm thinking, boy, racking my brain, they had to make a deal. they had to bring in somebody. but no. i mean, it's really most of the same cast of characters and then the new faces are guys with the sharks organization maybe getting their shot from the minor league level. so familiarity is key. these fans love their sharks and they will see all their favorites except patrick marleau. thank you. tens of thousands of people in the north bay are depending on smart train for their daily commute. it's been about a month since the new rail service has been running. ktvu's tom vacar tells us ridership so far at least has exceeded expectations. reporter: the sonoma-marin smart train is proving to be smart. since the train began passenger operations on august 26th, more than 86,000 riders have used it, well above expectations, justifying a recent order for four more cars. >> no, it doesn't surprise me. i think a lot of people have
5:49 pm
been waiting for this to happen. a lot of people have been waiting for the train. >> it's really pleasant, didn't have to fight the traffic. >> wish there were more parking spaces. >> reporter: long before this was built, rose rode along the same bail read which was dormant for generations -- the same rail bed which was dormant for generations. >> it was our train only way to get to san francisco. >> reporter: smart train has created 7500 bicycles sometimes as many as 800 bikes a day used by passengers to get to and from train stations to and from work and home. officials say they are considering putting an extra car on some of those runs when bikes are most present. working with the sonoma-marin bike coalition, smart is considering bike sharing stations at such busy places as santa rosa junior college and sonoma state university. >> i use it more as a recreational purposes so we ride out from home and take
5:50 pm
the train back. >> eventually they will extend those down to larkspur which i'm waiting for. it's cool. >> reporter: work on the larkspur ferry is well under way for a spring 2019 opening. given the quick acceptance of smart train here, when bart opens up ebart a similar train from bay point to antioch, car weary commuters are likely to take to that just as quickly. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. 40,000 people are expected at levi's stadium tonight to see the band coldplay. security is expected to be tighter than usual given what just happened in las vegas. but the santa clara group hasn't said what security measures will be in place, according to the police. under the curfew rules the concert has to end by 10:00. otherwise, they get a small fine. the curfew is the source of controversy in the past and, in fact, singer ed sheeran canceled an upcoming concert at levi's over the 10:00 weekday curfew. a san francisco landmark
5:51 pm
is celebrating its 39th birthday. ♪[ music ] you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ [ applause and cheers ] >> there was a cake decorated with sea lions along with balloons and a lot of sunshine for the party at pier 39 today. the tourist attraction opened on this day back in 1978 and back then, san francisco board of supervisors president dianne feinstein showed up in a bathing suit after losing a bet that the pier would open on time. >> i am a little disappointed that mayor lee did not come out in a speedo today. [ laughter ] >> but maybe next year! >> we'll work on that. >> the city says pier 39 and its famous sea lions attract 11 million visitors and bring in $25 million in revenue every year. if you missed the party today, the peer is holding a birthday
5:52 pm
back october 14th featuring live music and fireworks. coming up here a new program is helping a bay area city groom young talent. why east palo alto police think investing in local candidates is good for the community and the officers. >> when i was in briefing earlier it started hitting me that it was a dream come true. i feel lining i won the super bowl to be honest.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a will the of concern in alameda after a -- a lot of
5:55 pm
concern in alameda after a string of coffee shop laptop thefts 11 cases as of last night. two were stolen from a starbucks. then last night a peet's was hit by thieves. it's the second time that location has been targeted. the east palo alto police department is taking an innovative approach to recruit new officers looking locally for candidates starting them young and giving them plenty of preparation. ktvu's ann rubin reports. >> after school i would come to this boys & girls club. reporter: robert knows the streets of east palo alto. he knows the people, his family is here, and his childhood friends. >> this is where i grew up. this is my side of east palo alto. >> reporter: now as an officer, he is hoping these relationships will benefit him as he begins communicating
5:56 pm
where he was raised. >> you're from east palo alto? it's that connection right away and it's a little respect they give you and, okay, maybe he is here to help me. >> reporter: this is what the police chief is counting on. he began searching for new recruits right in his own backyard. >> by bringing people up within the community, they can see that they have police officers that are from the community that know what the situation is in the community and it's a seamless transition. >> reporter: he created a program do it by starting to hire young people as community service aids. this do things like facilitate public events and handle parking enforcement while they finish school. the best of the best are then offered jobs, then paid to go through the police academy. officer anthony padilla just graduated yesterday. >> when i was in briefing really that's when it started hitting me that it was a dream come true. i feel like i won the super bowl. >> reporter: he said it helped him confirm that police work was a good fit and prepared
5:57 pm
him for the field training still ahead. he and olivera are the first officers to successfully pass through the program. >> it's been a huge learning process from the ground up. >> reporter: officer olivera started patrols on his own for the first time saturday but he and the chief hope it's just the beginning of a long career in east palo alto. >> being able to protect my home and talk to people and give them my story, my testimony, it a great feeling. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. >> reporter: the chief says as soon as positions open up he has three more candidates. in east palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. obviously there is heightened concern right now because of what just happened on sunday night in las vegas. and today that heightened concern played out at las positas college in livermore. a student carrying a nerf gun
5:58 pm
caused the school to be locked down. someone thought there was a long gun with after market parts. the student was detained and the gun he had wasn't real. >> we finds that student get him out of the classroom and find out he had a nerf gun for him for another event occurring. >> students were told to "shelter in place" for about an hour before police gave the "all clear." ♪[ music ] investigators continue to comb through evidence in las vegas searching for a motive in the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. this as the nation continues to mourn the 58 lives lost. >> our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a father, a son or a daughter. we know that your sorrow feels
5:59 pm
endless. we stands together to help you carry your pain. >> president trump's remarks coming on the ground in las vegas today after meeting with first responders as well as shooting survivors. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. within the past half-hour, the sheriff in las vegas joseph lombardo lowered the number of people injured down to 489. you will recall it was over 500 at one point. he also said that 317 of them have now been released from the hospital. the sheriff said the lower number comes after some people in the hospital were double counted. right now investigators are looking into anyone who had contact with the shooter. today an attorney for the shooter's girlfriend said his client knew nothing about the massacre. marilou danley was questioned by the fbi this morning after returning from the philippines last night. her boyfriend the gunman stephen paddock opened fire sunday night at a country
6:00 pm
music festival across the street from the mandalay bay hotel killing 58 people. ktvu's cristina rendon is live now in the newsroom with more on the president's remarks and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the updates from authorities wrapped up within the last 30 minutes. the sheriff called paddock a disturbed and dangerous man who lived a secret life and he says right now, investigators are combing through all of the details of his life in search of a motive. >> anything that would indicate this individual's trigger point and that would cause him to do such harm, we haven't understood it yet. and i think it's important for to us get to there. you have to be patient with us because in this premeditation of this room, this is well thought out. so don't you think the concealment of his history or his life was well thought out. and it's incumbent upon us as


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