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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cities. finding common ground.>> how do we save the most lives? with a background check.>> gun control is not getting bipartisan -- bipartisan support just yet. the nra is taking a look at gun accessories. google is now paving the way for easy language translation with the unveiling of a new pair of earbuds. experts break it down. federal investigators are reportedly taking a close look at last vegas gunman's background -- las vegas gunsmithing -- gunman's background. they are beefing up security for the chicago marathon. security increase comes amid news he booked a hotel room in chicago during a another large outdoor festival in august. caroline is in las vegas right
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now monitoring the developments.>> reporter: we are having a lot of answers to our questions today about the gun and the ammunition in the cities the gunman was targeting. at this hour we know little about his motive.>> we are starting to think are we having -- locations? >> reporter: a debrief noting challenges they say to sunday's deadly mass shooting was unfolding. >> people would show up at hotels where they were shot. by the time that information that related to responders police and fire there was a shooter at this location. there wasn't a shooter.>> reporter: as investigators continue their probe fox confirms two months before sunday's massacre a man named stephen paddock believed to be the gunman booked a hotel room in chicago overlooking the site
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where another festival lollapalooza was taking place. he did not show up in chicago. this as another report deciding law enforcement forces said he research possible attack locations in boston. specifically around fenway park. police in boston and chicago say they are investigating. >> we are aware of the media reports. because it is ongoing i'm not going to speak.>> reporter: wednesday it was confirmed he rented another room in las vegas in september. around the time the life is beautiful festival was taking place. >> he rented a room at the ogden hotel in las vegas.>> reporter: the sheriff's openly questioning whether he had helped. they are looking into his background and his ex-wife girlfriend brother and friends. no answers on that front. do we know if it was like him to travel to various cities like that?>> reporter: it
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definitely stepped up. the renting of hotel rooms over these large music events. next to fenway park. things to be different than what we have seen in the past. he was well traveled. he had many homes. it was a strange for him to book rooms all over las vegas and texas and florida. but this traveling specifically during large events at these cities that appears to be something that started in the last few months. one man who happened to be working on the las vegas strip captured video of all the chaos during the gunfire. raymond page took out his cell phone and tried to direct concertgoers away from the gunfire while helping the injured victims. >> keep your head down and run
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this way. >> he said he filmed and walked towards the mayhem taking -- thinking the video was serve as evidence in the case. clark county coroner says 58 victims died in the shooting along with the gunman. many were acting heroically. they tried to shield relatives friends and strangers from the gunfire. three women from the bay area died. 25 of those who died were from
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southern california. the victims include several teachers a police officer a chef a nurse and a fisherman who all went to the concert to enjoy a night of country music. we had a memorial dedicated to the victims of this tragedy. will to our homepage. at home the hardly strictly bluegrass festival kicks off this week at golden gate park. it will draw upwards of 250,000 people. each day. it has sparked security concerns in the wake of the deadly massacre. a set of is underway. will there be checkpoints? >> reporter: no actually there will be no security checkpoints. part of the reason is because there are no natural perimeters or fencing along linoleic meadows or hollow. another part of that reason is funding. this is a free casual family
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events. that is what it is being called by organizers. we do know park police will be beefing up sick -- patrol. every officer has trained for active shooting scenarios. they are confident this will be a safe concert. >> although we don't have checkpoints for bags. we are going to if there is a bag that is unattended. obviously we will make sure that people are safe. lost and found -- we will bring it to lost and found. or if it is suspicious handle it that way.>> reporter: the security catchphrase of the weekend is see something say something. no hard alcohol or glass allowed in the venue. they can bring their own beer and wine. cameras are okay. no tripods for large equipment. traffic will be heavy. mass transit is encouraged. if you're catching rideshare
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balboa and 30th will be the pickup area. we will talk to some people who say what happened in las vegas will not detour them -- deter them from large events like bluegrass. the gun control debate continues on capitol hill following sunday's shooting. the nra and lawmakers on both sides are looking into gun control regulation. at least when it comes to accessories. james rose and has more. >> reporter: democrats on capitol hill continuing their full-court press for gun control legislation following the sunday night attack in vegas. democrats have introduced a senate bill to ban bump stocks the device used by shooter stephen paddock to convert his guns from semi to fully automatic. >> it is going to be a slippery slope. i certainly hope so.>> reporter:
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gun control measures have been contentious. this time it appears to be the possibility of bipartisan cooperation. some republicans are willing to get behind the bump stocks band. other say the other say it is not the right time to talk about legislation. >> anybody who saw the video you thought that is an automatic weapon. they have been illegal since the 1930s. >> i'm going to support legislation that would outlaw them. neither do i think we should discuss it in this arena.>> reporter: it is unclear whether the president will support the bill. he is willing to discuss new measures if they prevent another tragedy like the one in las vegas. >> we would like to be part of that conversation. we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts.>> reporter: some of the country's biggest gun sellers have voluntarily stopped selling bump stocks. in stores where they are still for sale they are selling out. anxious gun owners scrambling to get them while they still
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can. for more on the gun control debate in the bump stocks bill i am joined by -- vincent hill. we just heard sarah huckabee sanders pivot away from taking a firm stance on these bump stocks. they would like to be part of the discussion and hit the facts. it sounds like the president won't take lead on measures. what is your take on that?>> i agree. it is not the right time to politicize this. the families has not had a chance to mourn. there is a time and place. we are not there yet. we have seen in this country time and again this debate. we saw it after orlando. i think we will continue to see this. i don't think there will ever be a middle ground as far is gun control in this country. >> a surprising move to hear the nra leading the charge. some question their motives after they called on the atf to take the matter on. which means congress won't.
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any legislation that goes through congress obviously poses as a risk for them. do you think this is a political move for the nra what they truly believe bump stocks should be regulated ? >> at this point everybody believes there should be some regulation on these. they were essentially made legal in 2010 of the atf. they were unregulated then. to have a fully automatic weapon is illegal but yet make these devices to make it a weapon fully automatic is self- defeating prophecy in my opinion. the statement by the nra is actually genuine at this point. >> you call that a loophole? you can purchase a device legally and to make a semi automatic weapon like a fully automatic weapon? >> it is definitely a technicality. you can buy it on ebay.
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i was looking at the websites today. a lot of companies have sold out in the wake of las vegas. people think they are going to be banned. definitely a technicality that to me is silly. >> it might be a loaded question. a lot of people feel like they don't necessarily have the right answer for gun control regulation. what would you like to see done? >> i don't think we should take guns from the law-abiding american citizens in this country. the gun control debate should be held for where you see a lot of crime and a lot of shootings in those cities. i do believe there should be regulations as to how many guns someone can purchase. when you have over a dozen plus guns in a hotel room. to me that says no one was actually watching to say why is this person buying this many guns. we need to have those conversations about limiting the amount of weapons someone can own. >> the shooter had at least 47
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weapons in his possession. in three different locations. something we hope to see what happens. this debate will continue. we thank you for joining us today. >> with one signature california is now a sanctuary state. how the law is the latest move by officials to fight immigration laws promoted by the trump ministration. the highlights of the fleet week air show. when the blue angels will take to the skies above the bay area. stomach the patchy fog is clearing. now it is out. there go the blue angels right there. when we come back we will talk about where the fog is and how it will impact the weekend. . lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up)
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♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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the thunderous sound of the blue angels overhead returns to the bay area today. the flying team held practice over the san francisco bay ahead of fleet week three day air show which begins tomorrow. a highly skilled demonstration team is widely considered a centerpiece of fleet week events. several of the pilots performing in the air show are originally from the area. christian captain was on hand and caught up with one of them is the flying team prepared to take to the skies to get warmed up for the weekend show.>> reporter: today is getting
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underway with a roar is fleet week activities continue. the reason for that roar. the blue angels on the tarmac getting ready to take to the skies. this year three of the pilots from the blue angels are from here in the area. we caught up with nate scot who is from danville. he tells us it is a thrill to fly. it is a special treat to fly in front of the hometown crowd. >> fleet week has always been a special time in san francisco. that has never change. the city opened its arms to any sailor or marine in the streets. they love it. they feel at home.>> reporter: they have been a mainstay of fleet week. this year is no different. they say following the string of national disasters and tragedies it is especially important to hold events like this to give seat -- give people something to cheer about. the pilots return year after year. they say flying in san francisco is always special. we caught up with a first timer
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from pensacola. tells us he works to keep the crew healthy but it doesn't mean he is hands off when it comes to the plains. >> my job is to make sure all of them are healthy. make sure their physicals are done and their immunizations are up to date. and their overall health is 100%. another unique thing. we only bring half the team on the road. have to cover everyone's job. we need everybody we can get. i mobile medicine. i'm available 24 hours a day. i have a medical medical van as well. >> i go find it. >> they are said to take to the skies on friday saturday and sunday between three and four. putting on an incredible show above the bay. we know we can hear them. will would be able to see them?>> i don't know if you
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have seen -- what happens when they do their practice on thursday and friday and you are in the city.>> your drink falls off the table. >> i used to work at cbs. they do their noontime runs on thursday and friday. i can remember driving home. they would -- the noise. if you don't expect it it is brutal. >> i haven't had a chance to see it yet.>> weatherwise it is going to be good. you look outside a live shot. the golden gate bridge. no fog. it was out this morning. that is a beautiful shot. a little bit of wind. for the most part fog backing away. temperatures on the increase the next few days. we can go overseas a little bit and check out cancun. there is a tropical storm. informed in no time. it is not nate's. showed up yesterday.
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36 hours ago it showed up as a storm. it turns into a tropical storm. by the weekend it is a category 1 near new orleans. that is a rapid development storm. a lot like harvey. not the same -- this is just -- they should stop any category 1. highs today where they were yesterday. a few middle 80s. red flag warning in effect sunday. monday and maybe tuesday as well. it heats up -- it is mostly about the winds. the fog at the coast. it gets scoured away. that is the north 1 working on it. they will be more northerly tonight. no fog. right to the weekend. the bluegrass festival and for fleet week the weather will be stunning. current temperatures basically warmer than they were
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yesterday. that is the general trend. next couple days we will see temperatures -- right now 85 concorde. upper 80s and low 90s in the hotspots tomorrow. saturday very warm as well. fire danger toward the end of the weekend. see you back here with the complete weather. california became a sanctuary state is the governor signed legislation protecting undocumented immigrants in defiance of the trump administration. will bar police from asking people about the immigration status or participating in immigration enforcement activities. does not prohibit federal immigration officials from doing their job. it was introduced in response to widespread fear -- in immigrant communities following the election. the sheriff's association opposed the measure morning it would make it harder for them to protect the public. many undocumented immigrants including thousands in the bay area facing a deadline today to legally remain in the country over the under the daca program.
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the call for an end to daca. lawmakers in california are urging the government to sign a bill to ensure undocumented college students -- can remain enrolled in classes.>> the recent federal actions by our current president have demonstrated the length to which his administration is willing to go to undo decades of humane immigration policies. >> the daca program which started under obama protects 800,000 young undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. google has a new set of headphones that do what some might think is impossible. they translate whatever you are listening to. we will tell you all about them coming up next. it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place.
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man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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google is making waves for its new headphones. not for the sound quality of their ability to translate languages in real time. for more on the pixel buds i am joined by the president of the group. thank you for being with us today. this dive into the coolest feature. the translation component. 40 different languages at the touch of a button. >> it is real time. you have to have the pixel phone. it hears the native language and in real time translates it into your language. you are basically getting almost a universal translation
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instantaneously. by the way when you talk back, the phone will translate what you are saying and broadcast back your answer in the speakers native-language. ideally if you both have the phones and the headphones you can have a conversation in real time. back and forth will be delayed. otherwise you would be talking over yourself when the phone is translating. >> i watched the demonstration for how this works. you know how close you have to be to somebody for it to pick up the sound? >> you have to be right in front of them for the most part. if you are a ways away, the headphones -- the phone could pick up voices from other people and might have trouble distinguishing which conversation you are listening to. it would work in an auditorium or watching tv and a foreign language. any place where you can isolate the speaker you are listening to him other noises the speakers around you. so it knows who to translate.
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it doesn't identify a voice. if you have five people talking at once it would try to translate all five. >> this can be beneficial for international travel. if you are heading to another country and don't know the language. you can use these earbuds. to explain the language. even for people like us. for reporters in the field. we talked to people that don't speak english. this can help us in the field be able to translate back and forth and understand what they are talking about. >> absolutely. you can plug this into the audio feed. what the audience heard overwritten over the person's voice was the actual translation. he would not necessarily have to do the text translation at the bottom. it could be used to do speech as well.>> background information. how much does it cost and what else can they do? >> they are great headphones. they have good sound.
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they have a basic noise cancellation and them. they are arguably one of the best headphones. it is also very important. you need to have the headphones that work with it well. think of this is taking the apple headphones one huge step further to recognize google's overall launch -- will eclipse anything apple is bringing out in the fourth quarter. >> will it drive people to switch? ditch their apple devices and go with this new phone? but you think apple will fire back with something similar? >> if you have been watching apple the iphone eight has been breaking. iphone 10 is delayed to component shortages. apple users are not that happy right now. i think a product like this could bring apple users across google -- it has better quality
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and focus. their product -- better focus on supplying what users actually wants. not against the vision tim cook has. i think that could mean a lot of switches.>> you have to love the technologies. it is exciting. tonight -- 250 miles above the u.s. little maintenance. it is going on right now. will tell you about the spacewalk taking place across the international space station. we are talking about cases dropped against officers -- and that law enforcement sexual scandal in the east bay.
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alameda county prosecutors dismissed the case against oakland police officer giovanni who have been charged with having sex with a woman at the center of the sexual scandal when she was under age. the latest case to be tossed in the scandal. yesterday a judge dismissed charges against ricardo perez. these officers have been accused of sexual misconduct. a former sex worker and daughter of a oakland police dispatcher. this turn to our legal expert. >> full disclosure. you represent some of these men. >> i represented officer black. the case was dismissed.
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all six of those counts were dismissed. five of them were. one more to go which will they were dismissed after a year. there was a entry of judgment. they put it in the drawer and say it is not going to be on your record. as long as you don't do anything for a year we will dismiss this case. who would pass that up? he pled no contest. put it away. at the end of the year his record will show all counts dismissed. the a cannot say we got a plea. >> here is what you have to understand. this week two cases were dismissed. in the motion. that was after a preliminary hearing. preliminary hearing a judge holds you to answer if there is a reasonable suspicion of a crime. a judge reviewed the preliminary hearing and said there is not a reasonable suspicion that either of these officers committed a crime. that much evidence. the judge said both cases
4:33 pm
dismissed. now the question is what was the da doing at the beginning when they filed? at the beginning of the case the evidence was the same as it was on the day it was dismissed. how did they filed these cases with no evidence? you have to ask the da. a judge said there was no evidence to prove their guilt. both of them dismissed. we walk into court and the da said we are dismissing this to because we don't have evidence. i'm thinking why did you file this? he said why did they charge me with this when they knew it was no evidence and i was innocent? they have ruined his life. >> this talk about reputation. it was dismissed in court. >> when the da filed this. we are going to go after officer black. we are going after these officers pick big headlines. take on the news.
4:34 pm
everybody said dirty officers go get them. what happens at the end? not often on the front page of the news or on television. thank god we are here talking about it. people will know they had no evidence. they did it to him. >> i have no explanation. all along we have said why are you prosecuting this? she was younger than 18. they charge him with sex with under 18. he never had sex with her. he never even met her. they charge him with sex under age. she said to every officer i had sex with i lied about my age. she testified to it under oath at the preliminary hearing. i told them i was 23 or 24. i had four kids. i lied. yet the da charged those officers with having sex with a girl under 18. in order to make that charge the person having sex with a girl under 18 has to know it.
4:35 pm
would a reasonable person know it? she said i lied.>> the city of oakland -->> they should be ashamed of themselves giving her $1 million. they got scammed. she should not have gotten that money. richmond should take a look at this and see what the jury does. i bet the jury would not give her a mill a nickel. where was the mother when she was on the street? she is out all night and you don't ask where were you? i have a feeling she knew what was going on. she knew she was sleeping with police officers. the big dollar signs where they are. the das office perpetrated that. they filed these cases. it is terrible. this is a miscarriage of justice. thank god the cases are dismissed. i know you are fired up. >> this is just wrong. it is wrong what happened
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here. a broad religious law is set to become effective any day now the state of mississippi. the law could be used to discriminate against same-sex couples. more details from the state capital of jackson.>> reporter: supporters of gay marriage in mississippi planning to fight a freedom law all the way to the supreme court. would find -- it was signed into law last year. after a year-long battle in the courts. able to protect government workers and private businesses who have religious objections on the key points. marriage is between man and woman sexual relations are reserved for such a union. and a person's gender -- gender is defined at birth but it is meant to protect those who have fear of being punished for their religious beliefs. in a statement brian said as i have said from the beginning of this law was democratically enacted in his constitutional.
4:37 pm
the people of mississippi have the right to ensure all citizens are free to peacefully live and work without fear of being punished for their sincerely held religious beliefs. opponents say it violates the first and 14th amendments. >> the state has no right to  tell people what the proper religion is. that my religion is between me and my god. between me and my church structure perhaps. but not between me and the state. >> unless the supreme court intervenes the law will go into effect on october 10. house of representatives today approved a four-point $1 trillion budget plan. the first key step in a tax overhaul effort. 18 republicans voted against the plan. the budget plan promises deep cuts to social programs and cabinet agency budgets. the main purpose is to set the stage for a comprehensive overhaul of the u.s. tax code this year. with a budget the senate can avoid a filibuster on tax reform using what is called the
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budget reconciliation. we are tracking a warm-up. it did warm up today. the fog has gone away. it is going to warm up for the weekend. fire danger goes up. details after the break.
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the fog was there this morning. it has gone away for the most part. still some hopes out there. see the fog forming their --
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offshore flow develops. you can see the fog -- point bonita's the next point over. i can't remember what this is called. he said the one surf at the bottom. the winds are blowing. they are going to go more north in northeast tonight. temperatures warm up. a high your fire danger environment as we go into sunday and monday. late in the weekend and beyond. a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills. up into the valley towards reading. that is down the road. it is october and this happens. we get into the red flag warnings. fog minimize at the coast. at ocean beach you will see the sunset. the fault has been slow to clear. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer. lots of middle 80s today. tomorrow we will see at this hour upper 80s. even low 90s showing up. temperatures running above where they were yesterday at this time.
4:42 pm
4 degrees warmer in concorde. and san jose. another shot of the golden gate bridge. this is a different shot. this is the same point we were looking at. you can see the fog -- when you get a bit of an onshore flow the moisture from the pacific ocean comes up against these hills. it can compress itself and builds up on these headlands. it begins to get pushed up and you get condensation. you see puffed of clouds on the headlines. gives an indication of how moist the atmosphere is. overnight lows -- 37 santa rosa. 38 napa. it has been chilly in the morning. some reports of frost of north santa rosa. we see some changing leaves as well. the change -- the colors are starting to change up north. the next week you will start to notice it. forecast highs tomorrow some 90s show up in fairfield. brentwood antioch upper 80s. a couple low 90s down to gilroy
4:43 pm
and morgan hill. upper 80s and low 90s tomorrow with mostly clear skies and very warm. it is warmer tomorrow. saturday and tomorrow the warmest days. low 90s possible. even around the bay near the middle 80s. on sunday it trends down. temperature wise. the winds come up. that is where the red flag warning becomes an issue. there is your weather story. we will talk about that red flag warning and what most likely will be hurricane nate impacting the southeast portion of the u.s. somewhere around sunday. coming up, netflix rates are going up. how much you will be charged for the service. ah, dinner.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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netflix expected to raise prices for some customers starting next month subscribers who paid $9.99 cents a month will pay just a dollar more. the for screen service and high- definition will go up to two dollars. to $13.99. it is adjusting pricing as it adds more exclusive tv shows and movies. the reportedly plan to spend $7 billion on original content next year. seven cisco putting the finishing touches on a plan to address parking rates according to demand. they can be as high as eight dollars an hour depending on the popularity of the parking area. they will be adjusted every three months and could vary depending on the demand. low traffic area leaders could be as low as $.50 an hour. the final say comes october 17. astronauts embarked on the first of a trio of october
4:47 pm
spacewalks to perform station maintenance. feel keating has the story.>> reporter: smooth sailing in space today. everything on schedule. is every homeowner realizes reluctantly sometimes every now and then you have to make repairs. that is what is going on 250 miles above us. the first of three scheduled spacewalks -- that are about space station maintenance. working in microgravity. space station commander -- about 8 am eastern time they opened the hatch over the mediterranean sea. upbeat and ready to work. >> good to see you back outside comrade. >> their task today replacing one of two matching -- on the station's robotic arm.
4:48 pm
kind of like a hand transplant surgery. one of the two grappling mechanism stalled last month. a minor glitch -- that has no affect on planned space station operations like ongoing science experiments in the next cargo ship arrival. as for that big robotic arm it will be the focus of the next two spacewalks. tuesday next week and wednesday the week after. commander resnick will be involved. on the third spacewalk american flight engineer joe -- will get to float around. those two spacewalks are dedicated to lubricating the army. replacing cameras on the left side of the space stations --. in a speech at the national space council in virginia vice president mike pence reiterating this administration's outer space intent. getting people back on the moon and establishing a permanent lunar base. from which we will eventually send humans to mars.
4:49 pm
a pair of dogs trained to relieve stress from dramatic situations is bidding first responders in vegas. they are trained critical incident stress dogs. every since the shooting rampage on sunday their handler has been taking them to meet with law enforcement and first responders. it is just a boost many of them need after dealing with a horrible event. >> she was coming up to an officer and he just got down on his knees. she sat down and put her paul on his shoulder. it was the switch he needed to let it all out. he began to cry. and was comforted by her from his half an hour. >> therapy dogs from all across the country were flown into las vegas to help comfort people visiting the memorial site. recent tragedy in las vegas severely affected california
4:50 pm
high school with a victim and tending the school. some bandmembers are getting an incredible opportunity.>> california high school one of aid fans in the area that qualified to perform in the battle of the bands competition for san francisco fleet week. the first time the schools qualified to compete. more than 50 schools applied. they have awards from the past. the music director said this is a new challenge for the 135 kids. >> i'm very excited. it is a wonderful opportunity for them to get out and do something different they have done -- they have not done in the past. >> marching band is a family. you come to school not dreading practice. you come thinking i get to spend the time with my second family. >> battle of the bands performance noontime on monday in golden gate park. stomach the sights and sounds
4:51 pm
of that sunday in vegas will be remembered. was 58 victims will never be forgotten. a look at some of the frantic moments when the shooting broke out in the stories of those who went back to help. as we remember the people who lost their lives.>>
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♪[ music ]
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nfl quarterback cam newton is accused of sexism because of how he reacted to a female reporter's question. he lost sponsorships because of his comments. we have details on the brewing controversy. reporter: cam newton's controversial remarks were made during wednesday's press conference.
4:58 pm
he was asked a question by jourdan rodrigue a panthers beat writer for the charlotte observer. >> i know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well to embrace the physicality of his routes and making -- getting those extra yards. does that give you a little bit of an enjoyment to see them -- >> that's funny to hear a female talk about routes, like -- it's funny. but, um, fun is coming along, man. we gonna -- this is a big game for him. >> reporter: those words prompting rodrigue to tweet, quote, i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it's my job. the backlash against newton was almost immediate. rodrigue's publication called the remarks inexcusable. the association for women in sports media said the remarks are disrespectful. and an nfl statement called them just plain wrong. according to a partnerrers this spokesman, newton later had a conversation with the
4:59 pm
reporter and expressed regret. but rodrigue tweeted, quote, i spoke with him after and it was worse. i chose not to share because i have an actual job to do today and one he will not keep me from. rodrigue is getting support on social media for her knowledge of the game and experience as a sports reporter. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. ♪[ music ] tonight in las vegas investigators are looking into whether stephen paddoc er who places in mind. he may have scoped out other events in las vegas, chicago and fenway park in boston before he killed 58 people in and injuring nearly 500 others at a concert last sunday in las vegas. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. along with other targets federal investigators are looking at the las vegas
5:00 pm
gunman's background as a high limit video poker player. caroline shively is in las vegas to tell us more about that gambling and other cities where paddock may have been looking at events. caroline. reporter: hi there frank and julie. this investigation has exploded across the country. it was limit to las vegas when we began. now you mentioned those over cities. it appears the gunman may have been planning other attacks in other large cities across america. and you mentioned the gambling. we do know he was dropping tens of thousands of dollars per day up and down the las vegas strip. what we don't know tonight is stephen paddock's motive. >> we are starting to think, oh-oh, are we having attacks at other locations? >> reporter: las vegas fire officials holding a debrief noting challenges they face as sunday's deadly mass shooting was unfolding. >> people would show up at hotels say caesar's palace and other places when they were shot. by the time that information got to


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