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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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gunman's background as a high limit video poker player. caroline shively is in las vegas to tell us more about that gambling and other cities where paddock may have been looking at events. caroline. reporter: hi there frank and julie. this investigation has exploded across the country. it was limit to las vegas when we began. now you mentioned those over cities. it appears the gunman may have been planning other attacks in other large cities across america. and you mentioned the gambling. we do know he was dropping tens of thousands of dollars per day up and down the las vegas strip. what we don't know tonight is stephen paddock's motive. >> we are starting to think, oh-oh, are we having attacks at other locations? >> reporter: las vegas fire officials holding a debrief noting challenges they face as sunday's deadly mass shooting was unfolding. >> people would show up at hotels say caesar's palace and other places when they were shot. by the time that information got to our first responders,
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it was there's a shooter at this location where there wasn't a shooter at that location. >> reporter: as investigators continue their probe, foxconn firms two months before sunday's massacre, a man named stephen paddock believed to be the gunman booked a hotel room in chicago overlooking the site where another music festival, lollapalooza, was taking place. but paddock didn't show up in chicago. this as another news report citing law enforcement sources says the gunman appears to have researched possible attack locations in boston, specifically hotels around boston's fenway park. now police in both boston and chicago say they are investigating. >> we're aware of the media reports, but because it's an ongoing investigation, i'm not going to speak any more to it than that. >> reporter: investigators confirmed wednesday that paddock previously rented another room in las vegas in september around the time the "life is beautiful" alternative music festival was taking place. >> paddock rented a room at
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the ogden hotel in downtown las vegas. >> because of all of these added layers and these other cities and all of the planning that apparently went into this the sheriff here in las vegas has now openly questioned whether paddock had help. >> what are authorities saying about an autopsy on paddock? >> there was no confirmation of an autopsy or what they found. the coroner says they have gone through all the bodies and identified everyone. they are now contacting the families. but he says the shooter is an important part of the investigation and wouldn't go into details. >> did they go into any more details about him trying to survive this sunday night attack? >> reporter: they are keeping that close to the vest. we don't know why they -- they, um, think that. that is a huge thing. and very different than what we've seen from most mass killers. most of these guys go in
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knowing they are going to die. now, in the end, he did take his life. he saw that people were closing in within 12 minutes. they were up on the 32nd floor closing in trying to take him down. he did take a handgun and put it in his mouth and end his life but why he had this plan to escape, no details yet. >> a long way to go in this investigation. caroline shively in las vegas, thank you. today the national rifle association says they support a move to regulate bump stocks. those devices are legal and allow the user to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a gun that fires just like a fully automatic weapon. authorities say the gunman in las vegas used the bump stocks as he shot the crowd outside his hotel room sunday night. house speaker paul ryan and the white house also said that they are open to new regulations on bump stocks. >> we certainly welcome that would like to be part of that conversation. and we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts. >> many more things members
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want to do and we're saying, how do we save the most lives? we save the most lives with a background check. >> the nra is reportedly pushing to regulate bump stocks through federal regulations rather than a new law that democrats say that regulations are enough to close the loophole. in the meantime, some of the country's biggest gun sellers including walmart have voluntarily stopped selling the devices but in stores where bump stocks are still for sale, there are reports that they are selling out. our coverage continues on the massacre in las vegas at 5:30. we'll talk with ken wayne, who just returned from there and get his thoughts on what he saw and felt. two big events are coming to the bay area this weekend. security will be on the mind of thousands who go to san francisco for fleet week celebrations and the hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate park.
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but organizers for both shows say the shows will go on. the music festival will draw more than 500,000 people. that three-day event sparked security concerns in the wake of the shooting rampage in las vegas. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us what local law enforcement officers have planned. reporter: it's a casual free family event, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. but this year -- [ automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: -- new security concerns have arisen in light of the las vegas shooting at an outdoor music festival that left 59 people dead. >> since the las vegas shooting, we are definitely putting other measures -- our department as a whole has, um, has done a lot of, um, increased patrols. >> reporter: hardly strictly bluegrass is expected to draw nearly 250,000 people each day at the three-day run and
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because there is no natural perimeter for hellmann hollow, lindley or marks meadows, there will be no security checkpoints. >> although we don't have checkpoints for bags, um, we are going to, you know, if there is a -- um, a bag that's unattended, you know, obviously we're going to make sure that people are safe. >> did have some really negative thoughts that, you know, the world is floating. >> reporter: but laurie and ken visiting from florida say they won't let what happened in vegas dictate their lives. >> i don't want to put my life on hold and do anything differently. >> reporter: he says that includes attending large-scale public events. >> whether i'm home, out in the neighborhood, at big public events, just have an awareness of what's around you, where are exits, what's security and where isn't security. like walking down a lit street as opposed to a dark street. >> reporter: police say the security catch phrase of the weekend is, if you see
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something, say something. no hard alcohol or glass will be allowed in the venue, but you can bring your own beer and wine. cameras are allowed but no tripods or heavy equipment. rideshare drop-off and pickup will be 30th and balboa. mass transit is encouraged. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the blue angels are back here in the bay area. >> it was the best sound all day long. >> reporter: they roared over the bay area today as they practiced for this weekend. the blue angels use an f/a-18 fighter jet near the centerpiece of fleet week. in some cases, when they are performing, the jets are less than 2 feet apart. three of the blue angels pilots performing this weekend are from the bay area and we caught up with a navy lieutenant commander who is from danville. he says it's a special treat to be able to fly in front of a hometown crowd. >> yeah. it's absolutely incredible. fleet week has always been a
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special time in san francisco. that has never changed. city opens its arms to any sailor and marine out in the streets and they love it. they feel at home. >> the blue angels are set to kick off their performances tomorrow at 3:00. they will be performing with a number of other aerial teams including the canadian military's snowbirds and a crowd favorite, the u.s. navy leapfrogs. if you want to get a great view, go to the waterfront by crissy field or fisherman's wharf. they will be performing right there in front of you. >> ah, the blue angels are always exciting to see in action. there are a lot of things fascinating things about the pilots and the planes that a lot people don't know. ktvu's tom vacar is here. tom, you have been covering them for years. they fly 18 inches apart. that's unbelievable. >> part of the control system is specifically designed with some springs so that they can fly that close together without jostling the plane too much because that's a very dangerous space to have planes
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that close together but the actual stick is different than you have in the combat airplanes because they want to be able to more precisely fly the aircraft without making some sort of mistake. that's one of things a lot people don't know. the other thing is many of these aircraft are older than the pilots flying them. those planes have been around for 31 years. the youngest one is 20 years old, the oldest 31. and in a couple of years they will be replaced by an advanced version of the same gelled called a super hornet and that aircraft will be coming on board in 2019. they look pretty much the same. they are a little larger and have more capability but that familiar design that we have seen for so many years. the longest the blue angels have ever flown of this aircraft they have flown is this group now. >> will they still be able to get low to the crowd, really close together do you think? >> oh, absolutely. in fact, these aircraft have far greater performance so they will be able to do more thrilling things. now, a lot of people wonder, well, you know, is this just a
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bunch of show stuff? and to a certain extent, it is. the whole idea came back after world war ii as they were cutting budgets an admiral wanted a demonstration team to explain to people the values of aviation and not get the budget cut so much so they have been doing this for 71 years. this is a very old group one of the oldest in the world. and, um, these aircraft as i say were first line fighters. in the event of a war where we needed those aircraft, they would have to be made ready in 72 hours. they take the aerial performance equipment out and put the gun systems back in it. and then they take them to a paint shop and 72 hours later they would be ready for combat in an emergency. >> back in 1987 i get to fly with the blue angels and i remember we were going down the runway. he said stand by, stands by, pull. you grab two metal bars and go whoo! and the plane just goes up like that. when we were doing real serious g is what they would tell us to do is growl.
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i was just amazed at how -- how nimble the plane s it's like being in a ferrari in the middle of the air. >> reporter: in a combat situation they where g suits. they have blooders in them that squeeze your legs and lower abdomen so your blood doesn't rush up. they wanted you to tense your muscle so that doesn't happen. but blue angels don't fly with g suits. they are superbly trained and conditioned athletic people and that's one of the reasons they are able to do this. they don't fly the g suits and the reason is because they are bulky enough that they would retard the control of the aircraft to do these kinds of maneuvers and they don't want to have anything to do with that. one final note. this is a very dangerous profession. there have been 262 pilots in the history of the blue angels. and 27 of them, more than 10%, have died in practice or in the shows. so it is a very high danger thing and that's simply because when you're 30,000 feet, there's a lot of stuff you can do to right the airplane or at least get out of it. when you're down at 200 feet,
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there's no margin for error. >> very dangerous and, quickly, very expensive and it's on the taxpayer. how much do the shows cost? >> millions. but the way it works is, and people should understand this, if these pilots weren't doing that, they would be out over the ocean or they would be out over a desert somewhere doing much the same stuff, more combat style but they would be doing this anyhow. they need to center these hours and proficiency and there's not lost. they need to have these hours and proficiency. some people complain but i can tell you something, what they do, they are doing for the public to demonstrate the capabilities and i think the only thing that the sponsors have to pay for is the fuel. >> tom, thank you. well, thousands of hungry homeless people who came to st. anthony's dining room today received a special surprise. the people serving the meal today are actively serving in the marines or navy. about 35 servicemen and -women are in san francisco as we just heard for fleet week. and volunteered to spend time helping out today. we caught up with one marine
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who is based at camp pendleton in san diego. and she told us she just wanted to help. >> it comes for why we even join the military in the first place. we wanted to be able to give back to the people but we can't always have an opportunity to actually have that opportunity to give back. so a lot of us were excited to get an opportunity to do this. >> ironically, many of the very people they are serving are veterans. today was a chance for them to share stories with those currently in the military. this is the third year that active service members have come to st. anthony's and it's fast becoming a fleet week tradition. ♪[ music ] and it's a big weekend coming up for fleet week and the bluegrass festival and the weather is cooperating. we are going to get warm even in golden gate park where temperatures could reach into the 70s. details on that five-day forecast coming up. ♪[ music ] >> the late hour was music to the ears of fans of coldplay at levi's stadium last night. but some neighbors weren't too
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happy because the concert went way past the 10 p.m. curfew. coming up, the curfew controversy in the south bay. charges dropped, many of the cases against local officers involved in a bay area sex exploitation scandal are going away. our crime reporter walks us through the reasons why. >> a jail inmate in the south bay mistakenly released. the search and his capture coming up. are you taking the tissue test?
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- starting at just $10. there's never been a better time to come to bass pro shops than right now. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. criminal charges were dropped against an oakland police officers with having sex with an underaged sex worker. henry lee joins us now. this is the second case to be dismissed this week.
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what's going on. >> reporter: defense attorneys say this is all political that authorities rushed to judgment without enough evidence to back it up. it's a big blow to the alameda county d.a. reporter: oakland police officer giovanni loverde a married father is no longer facing felony charges of having sex with a minor. on thursday alameda county prosecutors dismissed the case. the reason, a day before a judge dropped the case involving former contra costa county sheriff's deputy ricardo perez. bow loverde and perez have been accused of having sex with jasmine abuslin while she was under age. perez denies knowing she was a minor and last month the same judge said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute former oakland officer brian bunton for allegedly engaging in a sex act with abuslin. michael cardoza is ktvu's legal analyst and represents officer loverde. he says his client never met abuslin. >> why did they not know there was insufficient evidence when they filed this case? they had done all their
5:18 pm
investigation. but yet they made political hay out of this, went on television said they were going after opd cops, and now look what's happening. >> reporter: alameda county d.a. nancy o'malley said there's different interpretations of the law involving the crimes she charged and that she will appeal. in a statement, she also said: we are always mindful of how difficult it has been for the victim in these matters to testify in open court about her exploitation and we made today's decision in close consultation with her. her attorney says she testified reluctantly against perez and bunton. he said he is not disappointed that the cases have been dropped. [ indiscernible ] >> it's enough the officers' conduct was exposed. they either lost their jobs or had their representations severely tarnished. >> reporter: as of today, officer loverde is still employed by oakland police. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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we're tracking a tropical storm but it will soon be a hurricane and make landfall in the florida area as we head into the weekend. so very rapid intensification of what was just a tropical storm. it wasn't even a tropical storm yesterday. it was just a depression. here's the track on this. we're looking at a tropical storm. it becomes a cat-1 on saturday and moves onshore near new orleans perhaps as a cat-1 hurricane mainly a big rain event. so we'll be tracking that for you. it's a big story. they have had a lot of activity out there. these are the highs we have had around parts of the bay area today. the red flag warning will go into effect not the next couple of days but into sunday and monday as the winds pick up more. it will warm a little each day. but as the winds pick up, sunday night into monday, that red flag warning will go into
5:20 pm
effect for the north and east bay hills. the winds will gust to 55 miles an hour. that's a bad fire condition for sure. so there's the fog along the coast that's gradually been eroding pretty much all day. it started off pretty vigorous this morning, and then just has been sort of skimming away from the coast and i suspects by sunset, most of that fog will be gone and pushed further offshore. should see no fog tomorrow, hence warmer forecasts right along the coast. current temperatures: these are warmer temperatures so that's the general trend is for a warmup into friday, saturday. saturday and sunday will be the warmest days. there's a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge and we have had fog trying to form at the headlands. we saw some about 20 minutes ago forming here but fog is real puffy just going back and forward and the winds are scouring the fog away. so fog becoming less of an
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issue. winds die down overnight tonight. and it gets chilly. overnight lows tonight, i mean, it's been chilly but it's going to be down into the mid-30s in some of the cooler outlying areas. so get ready for another cold start to your friday morning. san francisco starts off clear and cool. lunchtime in san jose, up to 77 degrees. and then as you get into the afternoon, san jose taps out at 87 degrees. that is the warmest day of the week most likely for san jose. when i come back we'll have the long-range forecast and the weekend. a clerical error let's a suspected armed robber out of jail. it took a week to see he was gone but it didn't take long to catch him because he went on social media.
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more trouble for administrators of the santa clara county jail system. this after an inmate being held for armed robbery was accidentally released a week ago. >> ktvu's jesse geary has more now on that mistake and the series of missteps by the convict that led to his re- arrest just hours ago. reporter: david lopez is back behind bars at the main santa clara county jail after enjoying a week of freedom due to a clerical mistake. >> anytime something like this happens, it is a concern. we don't take matters like this likely. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: he says the mistake happened around 7:45 at night, september 28th, when a civilian clerk received paperwork releasing lopez from
5:25 pm
the elmwood correctional facility. he had served his time for grand theft, was cleared to go. but the clerk didn't notice additional concurrent paperwork for a conviction for armed robbery which included pistol whipping the victim. lopez was sentenced to 8 years in state prison for that crime but because the clerk didn't see the second set of paperwork, no one noticed the inmate was gone until a week later when he was scheduled for transport. the discovery sparked an immediate search. >> we notified all of our executive staff, our detectives, and they immediately started a search for the inmate. >> reporter: even though lopez considered armed and dangerous had a week's head start, the search that began around 7:00 in the morning was over about 4 hours later. investigators say their big break in the case came courtesy of lopez himself who took to social media posting selfies at stores and restaurants that he had been frequenting. he was arrested at an east san jose golf course. >> this is the second major gaff recording inmates out of
5:26 pm
jail prematurely for the beleaguered county jail system in as many years. >> reporter: last november, two inmates used tools to cut through jail bars and then went down bed blankets to street level and escaped. campbell and chavez were caught a week later. sheriff's department officials say the clerk who signed off on david lopez's release is subject to corrective action. >> anytime you have an inmate who is released who potentially has charged, convicted of violent charges, that's something that we take great care with and that we want to make sure that we protect the public. >> reporter: administrators may implement additional safeguards to prevent a repeat of this mistake which ends with lopez back in a cell and possibly facing additional charges. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up after the break, the latest on the investigation into that mass shooting in las vegas. also, we are going to talk to ktvu's ken wayne about what it was like actually being in las vegas the last couple of days covering the story.
5:27 pm
>> another curfew broken at levi's stadium. what residents really think and why a political war of words continues. >> and a new way to recycle in san francisco. the changes to those recycling bins and what you can put inside them.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) there are reports that the gunman in the las vegas
5:30 pm
shooting may have scouted other locations including music festivals in boston and chicago. a law enforcement official says stephen paddock booked a room at a downtown chicago hotel back in august overlooking the site of the lollapalooza festival. there are also reports that he may have been looking into hotels near fenway park. police in chicago say they are beefing up security for the 40th annual chicago marathon, which is this sunday. >> obviously take an event, whether it's boston, paris or in this case vegas, and then you triple check, and double- check and triple-check everything you've done and ask some fundamental reviews and this will be going on all the way until the runners start lining up at the start line. >> authorities said the weekend before the massacre, paddock rented a room in a high-rise in downtown las vegas during the "life is beautiful" music festival. investigators are also looking into the possibility that he planned additional attacks including a car bombing. and at this point, his motive
5:31 pm
remains unknown. ktvu's ken wayne joins us now. he just got back from las vegas. you were there for a couple of days. but this afternoon, you got a chance to talk to three friends, a friends of stacee etcheber. she didn't make it out there was. >> stacee, roxanne and joan who were close with stacee and amazing women and they have a big job ahead of them because there's two young children a 12-year-old girl and 10-year- old boy who don't have a mother. and so they have to step in and they are doing what they can to support those children. >> incredibly difficult for that family and everyone who knew her. how do they say the family and especially her kids are doing right now? >> well, you know, her husband was -- is a san francisco police officer. and he has the job now of really taking care of those two children but they have tremendous support. the entire san francisco police department community, the community of novato and they are just telling me it's spread beyond that. the entire bay area, they feel
5:32 pm
like, is looking out for those two children and doing whatever they can to help them. they say they have amazing support. and they are very grateful for that. >> you got to las vegas the day after the shooting. what was it like being there, and is there something that stand out to you? >> well, i think the generosity and kindness of people in the aftermath of something so terrible. i mean, everyone was pretty numb in las vegas. there really was kind of a sense of shock the entire community was -- was stunned. as we all were. but they really rallied around -- there were people driving around to various memorial locations, making memorial locations, bringing freshwater and ice, people doing anything they could to help and as we talked about all the hotels opened up for victims' families to come to stay for free. airlines were offering free flights. the community outpouring was amazing. the lines that stretched for hours and hours who donate blood. so when we go to las vegas, we just think of the
5:33 pm
entertainment and what we're going to do and have a good time. you don't think of it as a community where people live and work and play 24/7. these people will have to live with this forever and they don't want this to identify this with last and mark them in some way. >> this investigation is massive. they are going through so much evidence and so many different complex levels. when we hear just today that maybe he had been to different cities like boston and chicago that maybe he was casing out or we really don't know why he was there, maybe training himself, doing test runs or something. what are you thoughts on that as we learn more about what was in this man's mind? >> reporter: i think it's incredibly frightening to think of the possible outcome that could lie ahead for all of us. i have a friend who lives in new york city. and he said what if somebody was in a high-rise over times square? i mean, these are the kinds of sad things that we would never want to talk about before but now it's a new reality. and we have to learn how we're
5:34 pm
going to address this. i think i have been -- i have been hearing that hotels in las vegas are looking at instituting the kind of baggage security that they have in israel where all bags now will be screened with metal detectors before they go into the hotel. so there's a lot of changes, security changes, that are being talked about now. what happens we'll have to see. but this won't be the last one of the that's what is so sad about this. this will not be the last attack. that's what's so sad about this. >> we didn't know anything about this man. there's nothing they can find on computers. they don't know of anyone who helped him. so really someone who was under the radar with no criminal past suddenly turns around and does something so evil. >> makes you wonder about a change in tactics by terrorists because we have been so reliant on social media to track these people down, learn about what their history is and their motives and connections with other people all through the internet. if somebody stays off the grid and they are not online, it's really hard -- the old school way of trying to track
5:35 pm
somebody down, that's problematic. >> there was a lot of security at the festival but it never occurred to them that there would be a guy up on the 32nd floor with thousands of rounds of ammunitions firing down on the crowd, one officer told me. >> reporter: the bad guys leap ahead to new ways. that's what happened in this case. >> just a sad reality i think of where we are right now. >> sure is. >> unfortunately as a country. >> ken, thank you. one couple who attended sunday night's concert now has a new baby. she was several days past due when she attended the festival with her boyfriend and brother. two days after running to safety, she gave birth to this boy. he is 20 inches long and weighs 9 pounds. she says he is the reason to be optimistic about the future. >> just definitely thankful that nothing happened worse to
5:36 pm
either one of us where we couldn't be here for him. >> her brother was hit in the shoulder by a bullet but doctors say he will okay. our coverage of the las vegas shooting continues online. go to we have a special section with more on the victims, the survivor stories and the massive investigation. ♪[ music ] >> let's sing together. ♪[ music ] >> the coldplay concert last night at levi's stadium went way past the 10 p.m. curfew. the band played until 11:00 last night. fans loved it. some people who live near the stadium weren't happy. ktvu's maureen naylor talked to neighbors and the mayor about the curfew controversy. reporter: it was no surprise that coldplay broke the curfew last night here at levi's stadium. while the concert is over the political war of words continues about how late events should be allowed to go here. ♪[ music ]
5:37 pm
>> reporter: with lights and wristbands for concert-goers, coldplay rocked levi's stadium wednesday night to a soldout crowd of 45,000 people. but behind this production, a drama of a different kind is playing out. >> they definitely had an issue with the traffic or the noise or the fireworks or, you know, their windows being shook, their houses being shook. >> reporter: this council member lives near the stadium and heard those complaints from neighbors. this neighbor who lives across the street didn't mind the concert running until 11 p.m. >> if you like music, it doesn't bother you. but if it's a band you don't like, some people will get annoyed. but i think the larger problem is more the airplanes and helicopters that fly. >> reporter: coldplay marks the third concert to go over the 10 p.m. weekday curfew as didu-2 and others last year. the weekday concerts bring in $800,000 each half going to
5:38 pm
the city's general fund. he supports the 49ers who want the curfew extended for up to four-week day concerts aer. >> what we approve and campaigned on was the economic benefits of the stadium and the stadium is doing exactly what we approved. but the appointed mayor has the political vendetta, she likes kabuki theater type of drama. >> reporter: the mayor said: >> reporter: the 49ers say ed sheeran canceled a performance because of the curfew. and in a statement, the 49ers president said: >> reporter: the new city manager in a few weeks is expected to bring a plan to the council to survey all santa clara residents and some in sunnyvale and san jose about stadium-related issues
5:39 pm
including traffic and noise. >> i think they need to have more of a background in terms of enforcement. >> reporter: the city now plans to issue the $750 fine to the stadium management for breaking curfew and in the meantime, there are no plans for any other weekday concerts. at levi's stadium in santa clara, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco and oakland  top a list they don't want to be on. >> i know streets in mexico that are better than these. >> if you drive you know what he is talking about but things are changing in oakland. the full-court press that's making the streets smoother. >> and san francisco is already one of the nation's leaders in recycling programs. but now there's a new program to recycle even more.
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
changes are on the way to the recycling program in san francisco introducing upgrades to help residents and businesses recycle even more. the city's department of environment is introducing bigger blue recycling bins and smaller waste bins. residents can now recycle empty coffee cups, milk cartons, juice boxes and ice cream containers among other items. plastic can be recycled as long as all the plastic is put into one plastic bag then placed inside though the blue
5:43 pm
bins. >> we are making it easier to do the right thing. we're making it easier to save resources. we're making it easier to protect the climate. and we need everyone's help. >> the new bins are in use now in the sunset district and will be rolled out across the city over the next two years. but all residents can immediately use their blue bins differently. the city says it's hoping to have zero waste in san francisco by the year 2020. it's good to be number one but not in this case. according to the transportation research group trip, oakland and san francisco have the worst roads anywhere in the country. so what's the city to do? get busy. frank mallicoat tells us that's exactly what oakland is doing. reporter: potholes are a nasty by-product of last winter and city of oakland is in the middle of a full-court press to fill 'em up. >> i know streets in mexico
5:44 pm
that are better than the one on east 18th between 35th and 34th. you needed a four-wheel drive. >> reporter: thanks to a bond measure $25 million is poured in to improve oakland's infrastructure. only two miles of city streets have been repaved and this most recent three-week pothole blitz covered up over 2700 potholes. >> that means we are on track to hit an all-time record in the city of oakland of filling 20,000 potholes in the year 2017. >> reporter: nearly half of oakland's 800 miles of streets need attention. and the quicker the repair, the more the city saves. city councilman noel gallo says his district sees at least 2 lawsuits a month from cars broken down and injuries from shoddy streets. >> i would rather take that money and invest it to fix the road or fix the sidewalk as opposed to just being sued, you know, every time i show up at council. >> reporter: some of the potholes here in oakland are
5:45 pm
measured in feet. that is a big one. as for the mayor, libby schaaf, she says this whole pothole blitz thing is rather personal, as well. did your car see a pothole or two? >> you should see the street i have to drive to get to my house. somehow it missed the pothole blitz but i'll be talking to you later, ryan! [ laughter ] >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. smooth sailing, 250 miles up in space. >> three americans doing some sky high repairs at the international space station. why today's work is being compared to transplant surgery. >> i guess if something is willing to pay the price as long as it doesn't jam up the hov lane. >> paying to drive in a faster lane is about to be an option on one of the busiest highways in the bay area. >> a good warmup today and warmer on the weekend with red flag warnings in our future. more coming up. do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or...
5:46 pm
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now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. maintenance work in the air. three american astronauts aboard the international space station pulled off the first of three october spacewalks today for maintenance today. we have a look at how it went. reporter: smooth sailing in space everything on schedule and as every homeowner here on planet earth realizes, every now and then you got to make repairs. and that's exactly what's
5:49 pm
going on 250 miles up above us. this is the first of three scheduled spacewalks that are all about international space station maintenance. two american astronauts going outside the station this morning working in microgravity. current space station commander randy bresnik and martin vande hei. about 8 a.m. eastern time they opened the hatch over the mediterranean sea upbeat and ready to work. >> good to see you back outside, comrades. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: their task today, replacing one of two latching end effecters on the station's robotic arm. the canada arm 2. kind of like a hand transplant surgery. one of the mechanisms stalled last month a minor glitch that has no effect on planned space station operations like ongoing science experiments and the next cargo ship arrival in november. as for the big arm, it will be
5:50 pm
the focus of the next two spacewalks. tuesday next week and the wednesday the week after. they will be involved again but on the third spacewalk american flight engineer will get to float around. those two spacewalks are dedicated to lubricating the canada arm 2 and replacing cameras on the left side of the space station's truss. and in a speech today at the national space council in virginia, vice president mike pence reiterated the administration's outer space intent getting people back on the moon, establishing a permanent lunar base from which we will eventually send people to mars. phil keating, fox news. >> every time we see pictures up in space, bill, i just -- it's amazing how clear they are. >> isn't that crazy? >> looks like you could have taken it next door. >> i know. the hubble telescope, when they put it up there there's no atmosphere so the
5:51 pm
visibility is forever. if you can crack some light. there's no particulate in the air so you can see forever so that's why those pictures are so vibrant. i love that, too. it's amazing. i can remember back when john glenn and those guys first went up and started take pictures when we were little kids. [ crosstalk ] so we have a tropical storm now. it's nate. soon to be most likely a cat-1 hurricane. it developed quickly. it's going to -- we noticed it yesterday. well, yesterday morning as just a run of the mill cloud mass that developed rapidly and then into a tropical depression then into a tropical storm which it is now. then potentially into a cat-1 hurricane on saturday, potentially hitting new orleans on sunday. that's rapid development. that's really something. we'll keep an eye on that. it would be a category 1 in that area and it would most likely if it's not a cat-1, it would be a tropical storm. it will most likely be a big rain event.
5:52 pm
for us, nothing about rain. it's all about red flag warnings sunday and monday and maybe beyond next week. we'll have high fire danger days coming up. flight delays in chicago and st. louis so be ready for that and then this weekend, because of nate, be ready potentially for some flight delays down towards new orleans, right, and, um, up towards atlanta. um, here's the jet stream. there's that big ridge of high pressure built in. that's creating these surface winds which are blowing out of the north -- yeah, they're kind of north. that's a little bit northwest. but they're starting to clock. an as they clock around, they will clock around further tomorrow more northeasterly and that will warm things up and scour the fog away and set us up with a nice weekend. it's warmer than yesterday. fleet week, the bluegrass festival, lot of people coming into san francisco.
5:53 pm
there shouldn't be a whiff of fog, which is not always the case as you all know. overnight lows will be chilly as they have been. kids going to school, they are noticing it, you notice it when you go to work, mid-30s in some of the cooler spots. the forecast highs for friday, reds are 90. there you go. as you look at some more temperatures, there's that 90 in fairfield. 88 in concord. i think we'll see lots of upper 80s and some low 90s. here's the five-day forecast. i love those picture, too, frank, when you see this blue speck, the earth, and then just darkness all around it and you realize how vast -- >> how tiny we are. >> and how vast the universe is out there. >> endless. >> bill, thank you. would you pay money to be able to drive in a carpool lane regardless of how many people you have in your car? >> transportation experts betting you will. the long-awaited change on one of the bay area's busiest highways starts in a matter of days.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
okay. so seriously watch this. a daredevil pushed the limit in london today. travis did a backflip on a motorcycle between two barges, unreal, floating 75 feet apart on the river thames. he had just 150 feet to get up to speed before jumping and only 36 feet to hit the brakes on the other end. there it is again. >> crazy. >> that's just mind-boggling.
5:57 pm
wow. >> crazy. >> he competed in the x games. he became a driver for nascar recently. but listen to this, he has broken more than 90 bones and he had 25 concussions over the course of his career. wow. >> unbelievable. [ laughter ] a new commute era is just about to begin. it sure is. express lanes are opening up on the 680 corridor. ktvu's tom vacar shows us where those lanes will be and how they will work. >> reporter: monday morning the express lanes from san ramon to walnut creek will begin on 680. they will operate from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. monday through friday, carpoolers, motorcycles and clean air vehicles will pay no toll. single passengers will be able to use the lanes for a fee. >> everybody using the lane will need to have a fastrak toll-free. you need a flex tag to go free. >> reporter: they have three- point switches, one for solo, two for two passengers and
5:58 pm
three for three or more passengers. cheaters beware. >> that activates a beacon along the roadway that the chp can see. and chp will then confirm that there are two or more people in the vehicle or otherwise qualifies for toll-free travel. >> reporter: a computer determines your price based on the actual congestion at the time you enter the express lane. >> as congestion increases, so too will the price in the toll lane and as congestion falls, the price will fall. >> reporter: unlike other express lanes such as those on the 580, which have a maximum price cap, this one will not are. >> i guess if somebody is willing to pay the price as long as it doesn't jam up the hov lane. >> i think they will take the money and use it for that train. [ laughter ] >> so if they were truly going to use it for what it was being raised for, maybe. but i'm not real trusting that it will happen that way. >> i probably will never use them. >> reporter: but in this well to do corridor, many will. >> between this corridor you have a lot of people who will
5:59 pm
use it because they don't care because they have enough expendable income to pay the streaks to get out of the hassling of being in the other lanes. >> reporter: they will be placed bay area wide for the next 18 years. you can learn how to exchange your current fastrak transponder for a "fastrak flex" online. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. are we having attacks at other locations? >> reporter: las vegas officials are talking about the extreme challenges they face during sunday's massacre. plus, new details about the gunman and other concerts he may have scouted. we're now learning the shooter may have looked at targeting a concert in chicago. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the blackstone hotel in chicago confirms that stephen paddock booked a room there in august but no one ever checked in under that name.
6:00 pm
the room overlooked the lollapalooza music festival at grant park. >> and in las vegas, debris and personal belongings remain around the concert grounds right across the street from the mandalay bay hotel. tonight investigators are still working to determine what motivated stephen paddock to open fire from the 32nd floor of that hotel killing 58 people and injuring more than 400 others. >> caroline shively is on the strip tonight with the latest from the investigators. >> reporter: high there, frank and julie. this has gone nationwide. this investigation started here in las vegas, they pulled the fbi in. now we are looking at boston and chicago because the shooter was looking all over this country at major u.s. cities to attack. that's according to authorities. what we still don't know at this late hour is his motive. >> we are starting to think, oh-oh, are we having attacks at other locations? >> reporter: las vegas fire officials holding a debrief noting challenges they face as sunday's deadly mass shooting was unfolding. >>eo


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