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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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four days after the massacre in las vegas we are learning more about the gunman. we still don't know his motive. 64-year-old stephen paddock might have scouted other concert locations in chicago and maybe even boston as well. good evening everyone. knowing his motive won't change anything. it won't bring back 58 victims for heel 400 others.
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it won't ease the trauma experienced by thousands at that concert. are the witnesses nearby. earning a motive might do one thing. might help a wounded nation understand why it happened. we have team coverage with the latest developments. amber attended a vigil on the campus of uc berkeley. we begin with caroline shively. she is on the las vegas strip.>> reporter: if her release are right it looks likes stephen paddock -- if police are right he case other venues before he settled on this concert. he might also have been planning a car bombing. >> i'm not going to give any briefing or details about any of the examinations at this point.>> reporter: officials not saying whether an autopsy has been completed on the attacker's body. agents are looking into whether he had been sizing up other festivals. he rented another room in las
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vegas in september. when the light is beautiful music festival was taking place. two months before sunday's massacre a person named stephen paddock booked a hotel in chicago overlooking the lollapalooza music festival is it was taking place. chicago is stepping up security ahead of this weekend's chicago marathon. >> the fbi and atf is involved.>> reporter: police in boston confirmed investigators came across mention of the cities fenway park. police say they are aware of reports he had been researching hotels surrounding fenway park >> we are in conversation with the center here in massachusetts which is in contact with them.>> reporter: trump says his a ministration will look at whether bump stocks should be banned. the devices found in his hotel room can modify semi automatic guns so they mimic automatic weapons. >> we will look into that over
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the next short period of time. >> reporter: at this hour still no word on a motive. we have heard reports stephen paddock was gambling in the days leading to the shooting. there are some indications he might have been with a woman at the casino. you know anything about that?>> reporter: these reports from the fbi dismissed this mystery woman has not been called a suspect. apparently she was spotted with him. they want to talk to her. maybe she can help piece the timeline before the massacre. >> there was new information regarding his girlfriend mary lou danley. there are reports she heard him start screaming in bed. possibly calling into question his state of mind. what can you say about that? >> reporter: that report i cannot confirm. in bc said she told the fbi interrogators about that. people who watched him at the casino said he was a very heavy
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drinker. he was dropping tens of thousands of dollars at the poker machines. they made that drinking -- they were buried it contributed to his mental deterioration. hundreds of people gathered in las vegas tonight to remember the off-duty las vegas police officer who was killed in his hometown. charleston hartfield was an 11- year-old veteran of the force. before joining the las vegas pd he served 16 years in the army national guard. his colleagues nicknamed him captain american for his patriotism in the lives he touched for the better. >> if he was standing right here i guarantee he would look at all of us right now and tell us not to be said. to celebrate him because all he wants to do is see smiles on
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the faces he touched.>> the officer was also a beloved youth football coach. charleston hartfield leaves his wife veronica and two children. in the bay area there was a small vigil at uc berkeley to show support for those impacted by the massacre. amber is on the campus after attending the event.>> reporter: the vigil was held here by the -- about four dozen people came to pay respects. uc berkeley students came together to sing reflect and pray for the victims that survived the las vegas shooting park >> when tragedy strikes the nation.>> reporter: some students at the gathering new victims. peers in their early 20s who lost their lives. >> jordan rivera park she lived in my hometown. it goes to show how fragile
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life is. and how much we should cherish our loved ones.>> reporter: the las vegas shooting brings a new sense of vulnerability. one have -- one has family nearby sunday night. >> the student said his relatives were looking working at the luxor casino on the casino happened -- the shooting happened. >> that could've been my friend. it gives me a different outlook on life. >> reporter: they found a measure of solace in writing messages of love grief and support.>> comfort all who mourn. it is not just those who lost loved ones. we all mourn. we all got hurt. >> we felt it was necessary for us to host this event. a lot of parts are aching at this moment. -- hearts.>> reporter: student
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say this night is about comforting one another and it is a call to action. whether it be donating blood or becoming -- active. today the clark county coroner said all 58 people who died in a hail of bullets have been positively identified. the office has set up an assistant center to help families of the victims. a gofundme account to help the shooting victims and their families has raised more than 9 1/2 million dollars. one of those victims was 50- year-old stacy at your burke of novato. >> three of her friends that down to talk about the loss. how to help her family move forward. their primary focus is taking care of the two young children who she left behind.>> reporter: there was laughter and pain as these women talk about their close friend who was larger
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than life. >> we have 1000 stories.>> reporter: stacy was devoted and driven. cowgirl with a love of country music and horses.>> she road in the grand national rodeo. i think when she was four months pregnant.>> reporter: she had a passion for family and friends. >> she treated you like home. a measurable friendship and loyalty.>> reporter: they are doing what stacy would do if she was in their place. immediate focus is taking care of her 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. >> incredibly tragic and horrific. moment. they are talking. about how they feel. they are expressing themselves. they are giving into their weaknesses. they are giving into their sadness. that is what we are focusing on.>> reporter: the children are taking a break from school in news reports that social
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media. >> they want to ask tough questions. we do the best we can and answering them.>> reporter: their father is now shouldering an especially heavy load. he was with stacy at the concert and told her to run when the gunfire erupted. he stayed behind to help others. it is not clear yet what happened to stacy. her friends have a feeling. >> she did not run out of their. when vinnie asked her to run. she definitely stopped. and helped multiple people. >> reporter: even though he has two little ones to look over he is not alone. >> we will do the best we can to help him. it will take a long time for him and his life will change immensely. but if anybody can be the mom and the dad all wrapped into one it will be held. >> reporter: the vigil held tuesday night shows how much support there is out there.
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they also know there are others who are suffering. >> right now we have 59 families that are grieving. that are laying their loved ones to rest. and friends and communities grappling with the moment. we don't know what this whole down the way.>> reporter: they don't want stacy remembered for how she died. but for how she lived. >> i don't want it to have been the last story she was found in that situation. i one it to be the life and love she shared for all of us. -- want it. coming up -- when it comes to a device used by the gunman in las vegas to make his guns fully automatic. how the tragedy has turned into a debate about bump stocks. we are tracking the forecast. a hurricane to talk about. we have some red flags warnings that will be hoisted towards the weekend. we will talk about friday as
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well. a beloved market in the south bay is closing after nearly 50 years. why the store is leaving and what will happen to is that the employees. -- it's 50 employees. t the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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it is the end of an era for long time grocery store in the south bay. genes fine foods is closing the doors in saratoga after 47 years. the community is sad to see it
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go. we are live in saratoga with the reasons why it is closing.>> reporter: it is one of two supermarkets in saratoga. customers call it the howard the heart of the town. is not only hard on the community but employees were scrambling to find a new job. >> since 1970 genes fine foods is where customers not only shop for groceries and gourmet food but bonded with the 50 employees. the independent business considered a staple in saratoga. now closing on october 15. >> it is community. in this friendship. it is a great market. it is sad how it is being forced out.>> reporter: for 20 years this is where jeremy worked his way up from the deli to the assistant store manager. commuting from sacramento to work here. last week he got news of the closure. >> the store was doing good.>>
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unfortunately the market being what it is. and grocery stores, we were not able to make a sale happened.>> reporter: the financial of as he says the 75-year-old owner is retiring and was close to finalizing a deal with a major grocery chain. that fell through when amazon announced it was buying whole foods. >> it was hugely significant. as soon as the news hit that began to impact our negotiations.>> reporter: with profit margins tied it doesn't help the stores 20 year lease is up. the landlord raising rent to market rate. thinking -- reality is sinking in for customers and employees. >> it is terrifying. i don't think we have slept in a week. about not finding a job at my age. i'm no spring chicken.>> reporter: as they say goodbye everything is up to 75% off.
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the landlord hoping to rent to a new grocery operator. everyone knows it won't be the same. >> grocery businesses is not what it used to be. the minimum wage has gone up. everything else has gone up. >> reporter: to give you background the owner's family started the business in san francisco in 1928. it grew to four locations in the bay area. there is only one location that remains. in pleasanton. the family does not own at that location. the union is helping employees find jobs. a gofundme page has also been set up to help as well. you have to feel for those employees. the 49ers are not in good graces with the mayor of santa clara after a curfew violation and levi stadium. coldplay rock the stadium last night to 45,000 people. they played until 11 pm. an hour past the 10 pm
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weeknight curfew. it was agreed to by the 49ers when the stadium was built. and is designed to protect people living nearby who already endured traffic and noise. vice mayor said a weekday concert puts $400,000 into the city's general fund. he supports the 49ers who want the curfew extended for up to 4 weekday concerts a year. >> we approved and campaigned on was the economic benefits of the stadium. the stadium is doing what we approved. the appointed mayor has a lytic open data. she likes drama. -->> reporter: the mayor said he has taken thousands of dollars in political contributions from the 49ers. he might have forgotten the team it needs to follow along to protect santa clara neighborhoods. coldplay the third concert to violate the curfew. clear skies giving up a look at the october harvest moon. it is the full -- moon closest
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to the fall equinox. because it rises close to sunset it makes for beautiful evenings. the harvest moon got its name because his light allowed farmers to work later to bring in crops. the harvest moon look really big. they are not super moans. harvest moves appear big because they are on the horizon. there is perspective. when you see the east bay hills and the giant moon it makes it appear larger. as you look outside some patchy fog. it is vaporizing. it is basically gone. tomorrow mostly sunny coast side and inland. without the fog temperatures are backed up. today's temperatures warm a few degrees. tomorrow a few more. we can easily see upper 80s and low 90s tomorrow for a high. that carries into saturday. friday and saturday most likely the warmest days of the week.
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with a red flag warning in the offing as we get to towards sunday and monday. that is mostly about wind. we are expecting strong winds. sunday night into monday perhaps tuesday as well. warmer tonight napa. cooler in concorde. he wins outside right now relatively calm. that will set us up with a cool evening. the morning hours have been -- you get lack of wind -- overnight lows been getting down into the middle 30s. and upper 30s in the inland valley's. that is how it goes tomorrow. tomorrow starts cool. ins of warmer. we get into a red flag warning. we will talk about all of that. also about the hurricane -- tropical storm nate which has potential to impact the southeast united states by the weekend. puerto rico officials are saying power will be restored to everyone on the island until
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next march. today the governor said as of right now power has only been restored to 9% of people on the island. they hope to have the power on for 25% of people with in a month. police are hoping make helping to direct traffic since traffic lights are out. stomach a local filmmaker is trying to make a difference. he is on his way to the island to hand-deliver donations. eli jacob -- with the group defend puerto rico is heading there tonight. put a call to the berkeley community for donations. is taking over 300 pounds of diapers pedicle gear and generators. it was a real honor to collect the donations. >> my heart is full. it is such an honor to be able to represent the bay area. represent puerto ricans and to go back to puerto rico. and bring these donations.>> he will be in puerto rico for a week and a half. is looking for more donations for his next trip at the end of
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the month. to find out how to donate at stomach southbay inmate rearrested after being released by accident. coming up next the clerical error being blamed and how social media help to track down the inmate. sunny gray on the stage tonight at the american league divisional series got started. how it turned out. and investigation underway after a woman falls to her death as san francisco's ford brunson. ah, dinner. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi
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and change the way you wifi.
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a woman has died after falling from a cliff at fort -- in san francisco. it happened just after five p.m. the city showed emergency workers at the base of that very steep cliff alongside what appeared to be a body beneath a
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yellow tarp. we reached out to park police for details. we have not heard back. a clerical error lane for an accidental release of an inmate at the santa clara county jail held for armed robbery. his social media activity led to his rearrested date.>> reporter: david lopez is back behind bars at the main santa clara jail. after enjoying a of freedom due to a clerical mistake. >> any time this happens it is a concern. we don't take it lightly.>> reporter: the mistake happened around 7:45 pm september 28. a civilian clerk received paperwork releasing him from the elmwood -- correctional facility. he sent this time for grand theft clear to go. the clerk did not notice additional paperwork for a conviction for armed robbery which included pistol whipping the victim. he was sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime. because the clerk did not see the second set of paperwork no
10:24 pm
one noticed the inmate was gone until a week later when he was scheduled for transport. the discovery sparked an immediate search. >> we notified our executive staff. our detectives. they immediately started a search for the inmate. >> reporter: even though he considered armed and dangerous had a week head start the search began around 7 am was over about four hours later. investigators say their break came courtesy of his -- of lopez himself who took to social media postings lps as stores and restaurants he had been frequenting. he was arrested at a golf course. this is the second major gaffe involving inmates prematurely out of jail. last november 2 inmates use tools to cut through jail bars and went down the street level and escaped. they were caught a week later. sheriff's department officials say the clerk who signed off on david lopez's release is
10:25 pm
subject to corrective action. >> any time you have a inmate who is released that has been convicted of violent charges. that is something we take great care with. we want to make sure we protect the public.>> reporter: they might implement additional safeguards to prevent a repeat of this mistake which ends with him back in a cell and possibly facing additional charges. a surprising stance taken by the gop and the nra. >> that is what we want to prevent. for someone to be able to fire 400 or 500 rounds per minute.>> how the massacre in las vegas is sparking a new conversation about a device used by the gunman. critical deadline for young undocumented immigrants as lawmakers encouraged the governor to protect dreamers here in california. seven cisco recycling program revamped. the changes will move the city
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a bump stocks device can increase the firepower of a semi automatic weapon. at the vegas shooting a moved to band them is picking up reese -- picking up support with republicans and the nra.
10:29 pm
the story and the unexpected concession from the nra.>> reporter: in our a statement focused fully on these bump stocks devices. several sellers including walmart has stopped selling them. paul ryan and other republican said they are willing to consider a band. >> the political battle over bump stocks devices comes after they were found in 12 of the firearms in the shooters hotel rooms. those devices increase the firing speed of semi automatic weapons. >> a spring mechanism that takes the action of the gun and bounces it back and forth using the recoil. your finger stay in place and basically the gun is pointing your finger off the trigger.>> reporter: in 2010 they ruled they were attachments and therefore that regulation of to the states. estate the nra took an unusual step saying the nra believes devices designed to allow semi
10:30 pm
automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. >> it is pretty cool to see the nra get in line with the people who don't know much about the stuff. usually it is polarized. the nra says we need to check this out.>> reporter: one house republican says he plans to introduce a ban on bump stocks. >> that is what we want to prevent. for someone not to be able to fire 400 rounds per minute. >> not only will i support it but i would be a and advocate.>> reporter: democrats also support a band. >> do more than send thoughts and prayers after these tragedies. even though this is a relatively minor adjustment. if we can act in concert will be a great signal for the country.>> reporter: a narrow bill might pass. >> i think it is possible if the democrats decided they would settle for regulating bump stocks then there could be a bill.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: if both parties try to add more regulations for losing the laws it is possible nothing will get done. >> it is quite possible the democrats will say we don't just want to regulate bump stocks. we want to do more than that. that can lead to an impasse.>> reporter: nancy pelosi once a vote on another bill that would extend the background checks to all commercial firearm sales including at gun shows in over the internet. >> there are many more things we want to do. how do we save the most lives? with a background check.>> reporter: some republicans say the nation does not need more gun laws. >> if you wanted to killed many people he could've used a number of different things. we did not outlaw 747s out -- after 911.>> reporter: a call on congress to enact mandates allowing gun owners to move freely from state to state. they are saying there is a concession here. they also want something else
10:32 pm
from congress. >> what about the white house? >> reporter: they said they would be open to being part of discussions. we will see what happens. certainly there is a political will to do something. the question is what will come of it. we have created a special section for the las vegas shooting. the latest on the investigation is what we are learning about the victims. look for it near the top of our home page. today the last day for dreamers and the daca program to file for renewed status. they are ending daca. the president suggested people already enrolled will be allowed to stay. lawmakers in california urging the government to sign a bill to ensure undocumented college students can remain enrolled in classes.>> the recent federal actions by our current president have demonstrated the links to which his ministration is willing to go to undo decades of humane immigration
10:33 pm
policies. >> the daca program protects 800,000 undocumented immigrants were brought here illegally as children. telephone you became a sanctuary state is the governor signed legislation protecting undocumented immigrants. beside 10 other bills to protect undocumented immigrants. under the sanctuary state law police are barred from asking people about their immigration status. or participating in some federal immigration enforcement activities. the bill was introduced in response to widespread fear and immigrant communities following the election of trump. >> u.s. attorney general is coming under criticism for overturning a federal rule protecting transgender people from discrimination at work. in a letter session said the justice department will no longer interpret the civil rights act to include discrimination based on gender identity. house democratic leader nancy pelosi called it a shocking
10:34 pm
disgusting reminder of this white houses contempt for the rights of lgbt americans. harvey weinstein is taking a leave of absence from the studio following activations of -- accusations of sexual harassment stretching 30 years. dozens of accusations from employees as well as actresses including ashley judd. some claimed he pressure them into giving him massages or to watch him shower. weinstein has reportedly reached settlements with eight women. he is 62 years old and married with two young children. he told the paper i appreciate the way i behaved with colleagues in the past has caused pain. i sincerely apologize for it. some netflix subscribers have to pay a higher price or streaming tv shows and movies next month. those who paid $9.99 for service on two screens will pay one dollar more. for screen service in high definition will go up to dollars.
10:35 pm
to $13.99. it is adjusting the pricing as it adds more exclusive tv shows and movies. blue angels back in disguise for a practice run. -- in the skies. coming up next details on this fleet weeks -- this week's fleet week festivities in san francisco. fire danger comes up. a red flag warning and a potential hurricane to talk about in the gulf of mexico. see you back here.
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a fleet week concert in san francisco tonight to honor those who have died for our country. the conductor turned to the audience during the anthem and encourage people to sing. the tribute to place at the memorial theater. more than 600,000 men and women have given their lives in service to our country. the blue angels came to life in the skies over symphysis go as part of the fleet week event. they were doing practice today a hair ahead of airshows tomorrow at 3 pm. and saturday and sunday.
10:39 pm
other teams including the canadian military snowbirds in the u.s. navy's leapfrogs will also be performing. 's special day for people who came to the dining room of saint anthony's. the people serving the meals were active members of the military. about 35 men and women who are in the bay area for fleet week volunteer to help out. we caught up with one marine who is based at camp pendleton. she said is a great way to give back. >> we wanted to be able to get back to the people. we cannot always have an opportunity to actually give back. a lot of us were excited to get an opportunity to do it. >> many of the very people they are serving our veterans who have fallen on hard times. today they had a chance to share their stories with active members. read week is taking center stage this weekend. it is not the only show in town. rosemary shows us what is going on in our weekend watch.>>
10:40 pm
reporter: the weekend approaching in san francisco. fleet week festivities continue in the air and on the ground. including a full air show coast guard demonstration navy ship tours live music a parade, and of course the blue angels air show scheduled runs between noon and 4 pm friday through sunday. golden gate park for three days of hartley strictly bluegrass 2017. over 90 artists will perform on seven stages friday through sunday. 22nd annual cultural festival will fill union square. food and entertainment on saturday from 10 am until 6 pm. day day on angel island. the beach party celebrate the bay with activities ranging from photography to kayaking lessons. the sent karlos art and wine fair celebrates the 27 year on saturday and sunday with live entertainment a car show kids some food beverages and more in the heart of
10:41 pm
downtown. east day 43rd avenue cowboy parade. this parade begins at 10 am on saturday. followed by a festival featuring live music food pony rides and entertainment for the family. vallejo -- music food and entertainment for the family. saturday and sunday from 10 am until 4 pm. 40th avenue -- in sports niners are away. is our home. recycling rules in san francisco.>> everything here goes in the blue bins. that is new.>> the changes bring them closer to becoming zero waste. bill martin has a look at the weekend forecast. d . winds are picking up. increase fire danger. ♪
10:42 pm
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hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan.
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first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first off, we're going throughout history,.. the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. for the first time in 15 years san francisco is revamping its recycling program. officials are changing the bins and what you put in them as part is a move to recycle more
10:45 pm
items. it is part of the city's plan to get 20 waste.>> reporter: if you live in san francisco was all. recycling routine is getting an upgrade. >> everything here goes in the blue been.>> reporter: department of environment and garbage company -- blue recycle bins are getting bigger. green compost bins stay the same. lack waste bins are getting smaller. >> we are further reducing the need for black bins and getting ever that much closer to our zero waste goals.>> reporter: empty coffee cups you -- juice boxes and ice containers with wax layers are coatings are recyclable. things to state-of-the-art equipment -- thanks two. plastics are now recyclable to. as long as they are put into one plastic bag before going into the blue bins. >> san francisco is on its way to get 20 waste.
10:46 pm
we are going to get there sooner than 2020 i believe if we keep going at this pace.>> reporter: workers are also driving reconfigured trucks to accommodate more recyclables and less waste the changes are the updates to this -- the program since it launched more than 15 years ago. >> i hope all of you will take it upon yourself to change a little bit of your lifestyle. a little bit each time. we will get there one day. but mac if you are unsure about what items the where.>> the new bins are in use in the sunset district. they will be rolled out over the next two years. all residents can start using their blue bins the family today. -- differently today. a new option is about to become available for commuters in the east bay on interstate 680. carpool lanes between walnut street and san ramon are
10:47 pm
converting to express lanes. the toll lanes at 5 am-8 am on weekdays. solo drivers in either direction. those drivers will have to pay a toll that will vary based on real-time traffic conditions. everybody using the lane will need to have a fast-track tag. if you want to travel toll-free you will need a fast-track flex tag. >> access to the lanes will remain free for call pool buses motorcycles and qualifying clean air vehicles. officials have more plans for new express lanes all over the bay area in the coming years. in the gulf -- yesterday became a tropical depression. today it is a proper tropical storm. on the weekend it will have an impact on the south east united states. it has a name. it is nate. it is a tropical storm. there is the track.
10:48 pm
it is off the yucatan peninsula tomorrow with 60 miles per hour. that is still a tropical storm. when you hit 74 it becomes a hurricane. saturday off the southeast part of louisiana. 80 mile-per-hour winds. category 1 hurricane. probably a lot of rain for that part of the country from the panhandle to louisiana. what it means for you and me is travel concerned in atlanta. you will get some flight delays this -- flight delays. saturday and sunday. around here a red flag warning. not for tomorrow but into sunday night and into monday. mostly about the winds. when gus up to 55 miles per hour. relative humidity. temperatures in the 80s. fire danger pretty high all weekend. peaking on sunday and monday. it might not down a view tree limbs. fog has left the costs.
10:49 pm
it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow at the coast and around the bay. blue angels will fly again. they did their practice around noon today. if you want to run out there on lunch time to get on the golden gate bridge in might be fun to watch. temperatures running above the average by 5 degrees in hayward. 4 degrees san jose. the winds are relatively light. with the light winds it will be cool tonight. no-fault at the costs. bay bridge -- golden gate bridge. there is no-fault. tomorrow morning most likely no- fault. it starts off warm. temperatures into the 70s. san jose will be in the upper 80s. overnight lows very chilly. they have been chilly every morning pretty much this week. he will continue in that vein through the weekend. first -- forecast highs warmer than today. we will see more of these red
10:50 pm
90s into saturday as well. tomorrow and saturday warmest days of the week. after that it doesn't really cool off. the winds kicked up. high fire danger on sunday. and monday. 87 livermore. 89 gilroy. the five day forecast. it is not going to be superhot. it is going to be windy and humidity. five day forecast -- a lot going on this weekend. there will be a lot of people in town. the weather is cooperating nicely. >> friday and saturday no clouds. sunday will the clouds affect the blue angels? >> in terms of the flights and the air show it should be perfect.>> in the meantime that moon tonight. it is gorgeous. the harvest moon pick >> when they are low on the horizon they get larger.
10:51 pm
you're looking at the hills. here is this big orbit behind it. coming up on the 11 pm news. clues the gunman in the las vegas massacre might have been planning other attacks. the raiders had an unexpected visitor for practice today in alameda. got will tell us what derek hart was doing a couple days after being injured. ah, dinner.
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god is in for mark. play -- baseball playoffs underway. october one of the best sport months of the year. the a's are not in the playoffs. opening-day starter is. sunny gray starting game 1 of the series. for the yankees. as they open things up in cleveland against the indians. a couple brave young the fans amiss the tribe members. they do everything well. including defense. jason leaving his feet. making a play. that guy is a converted second baseman. trevor bauer -- great not so affected. -- effective. j bruce going upstairs. way upstairs. this thing is as high as it is
10:55 pm
long. a two-run shot. cleveland 43 and 9 since trading for jay bruce last with the yankees. down for nothing. to on into out. northern california aaron judge. cody alan got him. indians take game 1 4-stomach there is a website called how many inspired by josi out to they pick encumbered some measurements from feed into units. the site probably got a few hits tonight.>> red sox and astros -- got a few big hits tonight. more on that in a moment. just denver lander playoffs tested. the astros got him and he delivered. three strikeouts including andrew bennett 10. out to bait was the story in the first inning. after alex bregman led off with a home run. out to bait makes it back to back. it is 2-zero houston.
10:56 pm
fifth inning again off of chris sale. solo shot. makes his five two -- 5-two astros. you can make it 10. out to bait first guy since pablo sandoval to do it in 2012. total 1206 feet. 222 point -- astros 8-2. derek hart is a quick healer. four days after suffering a transverse process fracture in his back, he was back on the field. remarkable says the sports anchor with no medical training. he took snaps. he threw some light passes. he looked okay. he sustained the injury this past sunday. the original timetable for a return was to to six weeks. ej manual will start quarterback this coming sunday against the ravens. is top receiver is making the
10:57 pm
necessary adjustments. >> tried to get in some extra passes with him after practice. so i can get acquainted with how he throws the ball pick >> all quarterbacks throw a little bit different. ej euros it harder. -- throws it harder. >> thursday night football patriots and buccaneers. no rob gronkowski. he was enacted. 2nd quarter 3-zero new england. he was suspended for the first 4. 11 yards and originally grew -- ruled a touchdown. he would punch it in on the next play. the patriots answer with a brady nine play drive. chris hogan from five yards out. 10-3 new england. 20 of 3303 yards. insulin kickoff some levity. stephen gutkowski -- somewhere charlie brown and lucy are smiling. 4th quarter and 16-7. winston
10:58 pm
tell 1st half. category in the second half. 18 yards to cameron. 16-14. we have a ball game. down 19-14. last play of the game. winston incomplete intended for oj howard the patriots hang on by a score of 19-14. stomach you have to love a guy named love. when it comes to barry sander. rice love eye-popping numbers for stanford. in five games he rushed for 1088 yards. fourth most all time and that spanned. is 301 yard last week against arizona state. a new record. he and reggie bush is the only pack 12 players with 250 yards back to back victories. the national media is catching on. rice is not really concerned pick >> it is a blessing at the end of the day. even more so than that it should be on everybody.
10:59 pm
to be about the team and things like that. that is my biggest thing is being about others. i'm just happy for the team success. i'm ready to keep winning. >> he is as humble as talented. they will take on utah saturday night 715. the game can be seen on fox sports. next at 11. more chilling information about the gunman in the las vegas mass shooting. there are new reports he was scouting other music festivals and other cities. tonight investigators are looking into the possibility the las vegas gunman might've been planning additional attacks. perhaps including a car bombing. so far the motive for the attack in las vegas they killed 58 and injured nearly 500 is still not known.>> reporter:
11:00 pm
other cities are responding to claims las vegas shooter may have considered targeting them as well. chicago police told us to believe he booked two rooms at this hotel overlooking the lollapalooza festival this summer. and other reported location boston pick >> we are fully plugged in on that investigation. there is no imminent threat to anything in massachusetts.>> reporter: he might have also had additional las vegas targets. he rented a room in september near the life is beautiful festival. they might never fully understand what pushed the man they are calling disturbed and dangerous to carry out the worst the mystic attack in u.s. history. >> he is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition. living a secret life. much of which will never be fully understood.>> reporter: they believe he probably did not act on


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