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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 9, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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well. . >> flames are spreading to nearby homes. evacuations have been ordered. 6 fires are burning in the north bay. cal fire says now the priority is saving people, not fightup fighting the flames. >> we're getting reports of people who are trapped in their homes, and we're using helicopters to get people out as best we can. we're also sending as many fire engines up to try to cut through trees that are blocking roadways and pathways. we're getting people evacuated as quickly as we can. >> all right. in the last half an hour, cal fire told us that each of the fires has probably burned at least 1,000 acres. they do hope to get more information after it's light enough to send crews up in helicopters or planes. we do know that some homes, as you can see in the video, have been lost.
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others are threatened. right now we want to check in with ktv,'s lee martinez, who has more information for us. leigh? >> reporter: we are at the crosswalk community church at the evacuation center on first street in napa. our drive up here, we just saw orange sky. this is all coming from the fires. they're confirming to us they're battling at least 6 wildfires. this is in the evacuation center. joining me is eric sant,cci. you said you're up in napa. >> we saw flames. it kind of just, like, popped up. we didn't see it in the beginning, but then, once we saw the flames in the hills, not that far away, it was like, "wow, maybe we should definitely get going, because it's not looking so good." . >> reporter: and you said you've never seen anything like this in this area
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before from where you live? . >> no, no. this wind is just a surprise. i've not seen wind this strong before. it is pretty crazy. >> what timeed the you end up leaving? you have someone else with you and your dog, too. >> my dog. >> what time did you decide to take off? . >> we were debating if we should leave. maybe a half an hour, hour ago. we decided it would probably be a good idea to get going. >> you were in your car. are you just kind of waiting to see if you can go back. >> yeah. kind of debating on what to do. we have some friends in the area we might get past them, because they're up, too, and -- or we were thinking about going in here. kind of undecided at the moment. >> reporter: yeah. when we woke up, we could smell the smoke here, and it's very heavy, too. so it's hard to sleep with the
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heavy smoke out here. good luck. thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. this is one of the evacuation centers here, and this is the crosswalk community church on first street. there's also the napa county fairgrounds, which is also in the evacuation center. again, cal fire is confirming to us they have had multiple homes already lost because of these fires. they have multiple fires burning at this time. the winds are really driving this fire. so they are spread -- the fire crews are spread very tip all over the place because of these multiple fires. >> all right. leigh martinez of napa county, thank you. right now, we want to check back over with steve, who's following this, because certainly the winds, it was noticeable coming in. >> very much so. our observer said, "we just got out. this will probably be my last transmission to you." so he got out. i know the fire also in the frans valley. this is moving very, very fast. it's because the winds are
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gusting 40, 50 miles per hour. i'm trying to add more observations here. i'll get to it eventually. the napa airport, 71, 00 miles per hour. the humidity, it's bone-dry, as you might imagine. the red flag warning is out. and the wind advisory will take us until 11:00 this morning, but the red flag warning goes through tuesday morning. we're still going to get blustery conditions for most of the day. because of the fires to the north, that is -- the north wind sends a lot of that smoke to the areas to the south of the city, to the east bay. that's where it's all coming from. take a look. i mean, north, north, north you can north. that's the problem. 25, 40 miles per hour. so that's a double whammy. that's very warm. 60s and 70s to the north. i think some of these observations have been destroyed. that's why they're not reporting. that system is slicing through actually utah, salt lake city. we get the western edge of it. we get the difference the
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pressure gradient. it will be a blustery day for some. it's north at oakland. a roaring breeze out toward vacaville and davis. be careful that way. core dealia as well. to the south, it's not as bad. still you can see it's out of the north or northeast. high fire danger for everybody. off-shore breeze. this is all smoke. there's no fog; that's for sure. 70s and 80s on the temps. where am i going, south? time is now 4:35. several power outages reported around the north bay caused by the fires and strong winds. >> yeah. we want to show you a map of pg and e. this is the outage map. take a look. the hardest-hit area is right around saint helena. more than 7j500 people are without power. more than 6,000 people are in the dark in santa rosa. so again a lot of this, the fire, people are evacuating. it's certainly going to affect traffic, and now you're talking about traffic
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lights are out in the areas where the power outage -- or happening. let's check in with sal for a look at some of these traffic issues. i did hear, and i tweeted out to chp. i know you were saying, "avoid the roads in sonoma and napa counties if you can so people can evacuate." . >> chp is asking for people to stay off the roads unless you are evacuating and emergency vehicles have the right-of-way. you know that. let's go go to the map. i want to show you the closures are many. all the purple you see are where the road closures are, highway 12, parts of 121, highway 37 is closed for a stretch. and we just -- 221, susqela avenue. chp napa area says city of napa, montecido area is now being evacuated. please evacuate the cross work
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church, 2590 first street. another one came in just a few moments ago: "another evacuation center is opened. it is open at the napa valley junior college, south of amoa avenue. this is an area for you to avoid. today some people do have the day off, which might help us out. the commute may not be as strong. definitely a lot of activity on these roads. want to check out some of the other freeways in case you are having to make the drive. live look cawville, vallejo, that area looks okay. this is a look at the macarth,r maze. a little bit of slow traffic on the right-hand side. let's go back to dave. we're continue our focus on the napa and snow ma county fires this morning. on the phone now, red cross spokeswoman cynthia shaw. can you hear me? . >> i can. >> thank you for joining always.
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what's the latest as far as the red cross, what you're dealing with and the people that you're helping now? . >> so we have staff supporting five shelters in napa, snow ma, and lake counties, making sure there's cots, blankets, people have a safe police to go. when you're awoken in the middle of the night, told to get out with raging wildfires, people are coming in shell shocked. >> i'm hearing from some of our viewers that most of the centers are already full with people now looking down toward petaluma to find space. >> yes. so we are opening, working with the emergency managers of the cities and counties in identifying locations; and as we see them getting full, more are being opened.
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there are a number of other shelters and evacuation centers. they're just evacuation centers, places people can go and get information and have a safe place. so there are a number of other options that the county has opened, in particular in sonoma county. >> there may be some people who don't know where these locations are. can you say where they are? . >> yes. so the finley community center is full at this time,osa. the veterans, santa rosa memorial hall is open. we have the calistoga fairgrounds is open, the crosswalk church in napa is open. then we have twin pines casino in lake county is open. in addition, there are evacuation centers open by the city of petaluma, petaluma community center. >> and we've been hearing and seeing people who are
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basically just running out of the area to get out quickly, these fires moving in quickly. hopefully they have a cell phone. is there a central number they can call if they have no idea where to go and they're out driving at this point? . >> so really, if you do have a cell phone, the best thing to do -- actually, we have a red cross app that has shelter locations. whether or not they are a red cross shelter. you can open that up as well as all the emergency managers and red cross are tweeting updates and posting updates on facebook. so it's a great way to get that information, the most current information, is to follow your local emergency manager, in particular county of sonoma has nixol, which is a way they push out updates. sonoma county residents are encouraged to register for that to get the latest updates about evacuations. >> anytime there's an emergency, that's a god spot to register ahead of time, for
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everybody to know that. do you know if we're getting word that the kaiser hospital in sonoma county is being either completely or parablely evacuated? . >> i do not -- do not have that information. i can't confirm or deny. >> okay. we are hearing the possibility. it might just be critical patients, maybe as a precautionary measure, but we are checking in on that. >> cynthia shaw, thank you for taking the time -- of the red cross, for taking the time to be with us on "mornings on 2." we may be talking later only. we'd like to get updates from you. please stay in touch with us. >> reporter: will do. of course we want people to be aware of the evacuation orders. so just keep an eye on whatever your news of choice, so you can be safe. >> all right. cynthia shaw of the red cross, thank you. our time is now 4:41. santa fe police are investigating a deadly shooting. a man was shot in the 200 block
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of trade winds drive before 7 last night. the man was taken to the hospital, but he died a short time later. as of now, no suspects have been identified. bart police are looking for a man who stabbed three people yesterday at the lafayette station. authorities say that the man tried to steal a backpack from a passenger at the train platform just before 10:00 in the morning. the passenger resisted. that's when the suspect took out a knife. two other passengers who got involved were also hurt, including a 19-year-old imagine, who suffered a cut on the hand. >> another patron got involved. it's not clear if the victims knew each o'er, which resulted in victims with knife wounds. >> the third victim left the scene before bart police arrived. the first two people were treated and released from the hospital, and bart shut down train service for several hours as they searched for the suspect.
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now, the stabbing suspect is described as a man between 30 to 40 years old. he is white with short blond hair. he was unshaven, was last seen wearing a green army jacket and a black backpack. if you are in the area of the laugh yet bart station, you're asked to call police. our time is 4:43. we continue to focus on the wildfires in napa and sonoma counties. there were several shootings along east bay freeways. new details about the shootings on friday night and sunday morning. >> and vice president pence left the 49er game after players took a knee. you're going to hear one of the reasons why did it. >> we'll let you know more about how any of this is affecting your morning commute. >> observations out of napa. very windy and warm. we'll have updates maybe a
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little cooler. humidity 16%, 15, 14, 18. american canyon 70. 14%. n 70. 14%.
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that's because of the high winds, low humidity,
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warm temperatures. september and october, of course, are considered the most dangerous part of the fire season across most of california. . there will be a new option for you on interstate 680. the car pool lanes between walnut creek and san ramon are now express lanes. the toll lanes will operate from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. week days. they will allow drivers a new direction. those drivers will have to pay a toll that varies. it's all based on real-time traffic conditions. the toll lanes will remain free for car poolers, buses, motor vehicles, and clean air vehicles that qualify. there are more plan for even more express lanes in the bay area in the coming years. want to check in with sal for a lack at traffic. >> the commute today may be a
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little lighter. we're beginning get a little break, because some people have a holiday today for columbus day or indigenous people's day or whatever it is they've gone you the holiday for. we do know that fewer people will be going out to work today, which might help us. now, let's talk about the napa area. northbound and southbound, the traffic is going to be on highway 12 and highway 121 and 37, in all directions really. we can see there are a lot of road closures. as i push in, you can see the areas in purple are all roads closed in both directions here because of fire detours. authorities are asking you to stay off the roads in napa and sonoma county unless it's absolutely necessary if you're evacuating. in fact, we do have a bunch of slow traffic in the santa rosa area as well. so it's just one of those days where you should really stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.
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we move to some of the commute areas. a little commute on 580 and 205. there have been no major problems getting to the main part of the east pay. right now traffic is going to be okay at the east bay. a lot of smoke coming through. that's smoke at the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:49. let's go to steve. >> that is correct. there's a lot of smoke out there, and it's from multiple fires. we take a look at some of the wind conditions. it's not very favorable; that's for sure. a lot of upper 60s to near 70 degrees. humidity, though, 16%, 18%, 15, 14, 14, 37 miles per hour, port chicago. american canyon, 70 degrees. napa, 50s, 60s, almost 70 degrees on 2 of those observations. we also get the strong north wind coming from santa rosa. fairfield 35, concord airport as well. temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. it's very close for others as
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well. rhoner park is closed. i think some of the observations -- i think that calastoga observation might have gotten lost in the fire. you can see the fires on the satellite. they're showing um. . the strongest wind looks like will be in the morning. . that system system bigging in. they do kick up the wind. october is prime time for that. 50s for a few. if you don't have breezes, probably on the cool side. if you do, very mild. held up in the 6 0s. north of oak, northeast of san francisco. half-moon bay, san carlo slight west. another northeast. out to the valley, it is roaring, especially out to
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vacaville. very windy there toward eastern solano. not as bad to the south. because we get mainly a north wind, that's bringing a lot of that smoke from north to south. it will be sunny, hazy, smoky skies. 70s, 80s on your temps. after today, we will start a cool down. the breeze will tail off. a pretty significant cool down will take us to the end of the end of the week and into the weekend. >> all right. >> that will help. >> all right. thank you, steve. 4:51 is the time now. president trump trying to make a deal with democrats. he says he might be willing to keep the daca program, but he might want something in return.
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our service is very severely impacted. keep in mind that our rail operation center center -- can you hear me. >> yeah. >> keep in mind our
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organization center is in northern santa rosa. our crossings up there are also affected. . right now looks like we are cab canceling the 449 and the 5159. some of the crossings that we have in northern santa rosa have been closed due to evacuations, so our service have been severely impacted. >> so we know it goes all the way up to santa rosa. so you're saying that service will be canceled. are you going to be running the trains at least to a certain point north? . no, because keep in mind, our trains need to pass through the area where our crossings have closed and evacuations are taking place. we can not get through the area at this time and our rail operation center in northern santa rosa is also impacted. >> very limited service. >> do you have any particular
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advice for the people who might be depending on the smart train? >> reporter: we do not know if we'll be able to continue service in the morning. our goal is to cooperate with local law enforcement to help everybody evacuate safely, and to do that, our trains go through that area. so just be careful, and the visibility is also very poor along our route. so right now, those particular trains have been canceled. >> okay. that's smart train spokesperson jeanie bel,ani. the smart train service is pretty much canceled. as she mentioned, it has to go through those areas. power is out -- their service center is out.
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time is 4:56. that's our big story this morning, the fires raging out of control in napa and sonoma county. evacuation orders continuing to grow. we're talking about out-of- criminal wildfires destroying everything in their path. . >> stay away from the area if we can. we're looking at all your commutes coming up. >> they have multiple fires, including up at clear lake, clear lake oaks, mendocino county as well as others. we'll take a look at the wind advisory, see if there's any relief for the firefighters coming up. who are these people?
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you'll be wowed! try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. more evacuation centers are opening up to come date everyone who has had to leave their homes. very dangerous situation in snow ma and napa counties. we' hearing more and more about these fires growing. thank you for joining us on
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"mornings on 2." . >> it is monday, october 9th. >> we continue to follow that breaking news. cal fire says there are at least 6 major wildfires burning this morning. strong winds pushing the fire across dry grass. one fire started at appolis peak. each wildfire has probably burned more than a thousands acres each. strong winds and humidity are making this very dangerous. during the night cal fire's deputy chief told us the focus had to be on getting people to safety instead of fighting those flames. >> at this point, our priority, of course, is to get people out. we are effecting evacuations. my understanding is they're coordinating efforts with chp and sheriffs to use


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