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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ited deadly in mendocino county. i'm christina rendone. more than a dozen wildfires are burning, prompting evacuations, causing absolute devastation. it's a community that is now under recognizable. at least 15 fires are burning in napa, sonoma and solano counties, as well as at least six other surrounding counties outside of the bay area. all of the fires have been fueled by strong winds. santa rosa we are getting a look it is widespread. mobile home park and two hotels burned in addition to dozens of homes. kaiser hospital in santa rosa had to evacuate patients. to get all of those patients out safely and here you see an entire subdivision of whoms in coffee park was destroyed. let's take a look at these
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areas showing the mandatory evacuations because of the tubs fire in santa rosa. the area is marked by fulton road to the west, mark west springs road to the north. and then to the east of that there is a second evacuation near highway 12. evacuations also continue in napa where the atlas fire has burned more than 25,000 makers. -- acres. one at the napa county fairgrounds, napa county animal shelter is taking in household pets of evacuees, can you imagine all of the cats and dogs need a place to go. owners having to flee their homes because of this devastating fire. in mendocino county one person has died. officials say they expect more fatalities from the redwood complex fire burning north of ukiah, that fire has burned 10,000 acres and at least 75
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homes there have been destroyed. by the way, all of these fires burning right now at 0 containment. joining us live santa rosa. ken. >> reporter: christina, you are talking about fires with zero percent containment. i want to show you across the location where we are on cleveland avenue in front of the kmart. the good news is that traffic is now moving in both directions. but you can see smoke is still drifting up from behind those trees that is the area of the hilton hotel, near the kaiser hospital where the fire swept from the east, jumped highway 101. came over this way and this is a shopping center on cleveland avenue, people are stopping by with their phones, taking pictures of what remains of this kmart. it is destroyed. all the inventory in there is gone. there is nothing left. it's one of several retail locations in this area that were hit by flames, there is a
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mcdonald's, chevron gas station and applebee's on the other side of this building that were also burned in this fire. this is of course going to have huge financial losses, could be out of work for weeks or months from these locations depending what happens with the rebuilding process. much more personal and devastating effect of this fire is when it happens to your house. when you are home -- when your home is destroyed. an entire neighborhood is burned out. >> reporter: look at this utter devastation, you will see that this is -- just as devastating as it can be. this is a place that's been completely incinerated and i mean that in every sense of the word. there is somewhere between 500 and a thousand homes in this area, not one of them is left standing. this isn't your hillside
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situation like we saw in the oakland firestorm in the la fires, these are the flats. the wind came roaring through here and people had less than 10 minutes to evacuate. some considerably less than that. everything was destroyed. the only thing left were a couple wind pieces of art over here that survived how they did i don't know, i guess just simply because they are metal. most of the metal and stuff melted. something in my hand, this used to be part of a wheel to a car and there are -- aluminum wheel and there are many of these laying in all over the streets. also the fire was so hot that the windshield literally collapsed on itself. and that is windshield. you see this everywhere that you take a look. because glass was simply melded. this situation is repeated in every block. there are at least 60 to 70 square blocks that we are
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talking about here. in a pretty large community. san to rosa. this is just to the east of the 101 freeway. and this neighborhood has been totally destroyed. just no other word for it. and people are now allowed to come in a little bit to see what's happened to their houses, everyone are finding exactly the same answer what happened to their houses, it was incinerated. that is the situation here. there are a lot of police going through here now because they don't want looters here and people trying to look for jewelry and stuff like that going op. so police are here. you may see a few smoldering fires, there is very little left to burn here whatsoever and that is the situation in coffee park. this will be one of the larger urban fires that's occurred answer long while. it's hundreds of homes. that is to be sure. that st. situation in coffee
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park. i'm tom bakar, fox news. tom, thank you. we are talking about a city of almost 200,000 people here in santa rose a the good news is, there is no intense winds right now. a few minutes ago we had light ash because there are still areas that are burning as most of the fire has swept through. definitely hot spots, there is ash in the area right now. let's head over to rosemary orozco and check in on the conditions because rosemary that is when it all took off with the strong winds. started with one fire and became multiple fires in just a few hours. as you mentioned, ken, those winds were roaring late last night, even ashley reported down into santa cruz mountains. let's take a look at this picture, claude even tweeted out a few moments ago. this neighborhood called the hadley hill area in santa rosa, another neighborhood devastated by this. we check in on all the fire that are burning out there.
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this is why most of the bay area can smell the smoke, see the smoke, and air quality is definitely an issueed to perhaps as we get into tomorrow as well. we are going to see a little bit of shift in the winds, in fact already beginning to see that. but before we do, let's check in on the current conditions, what was going on during the overnight hours and early this morning as we saw those winds reach tropical force conditions. right now santa rosa reporting gusts about 14 miles per hour, if you back it up to just after midnight this morning, 51 miles per hour the wind there and it did not let up for several hours, finally peaking at about 5:30 this morning when the wind gusts were reported at 68 miles per hour. and this is right through santa rose a, we are not talking about up in the hills. we are talking about right through areas in santa rosa. when you take a look at the winds easier to understand how that wind just created storm of
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not only fire but smoke and ash and started all those new fires. the winds currently not too bad. they are a little breezy at times but the wind advisory from earlier today has expired. we continue with a red flag warning, if we check in areas, relative humidity still low, 12%, winds 14 miles per hour in most areas reporting winds 10- 15 niles per hour. we lost the readings over napa in some of these locations, this one right in here indicating that we actually have a bit of southeast breeze, relative humidity is ten percent. 82 degrees there. improving as we get into evening hours. as we get into evening hours, in the the winds do become variable and we are not expecting them to pick up as strong as last night. with that said, not out of the woods just yet. the red flag warning will continue until 5:00 tomorrow morning including north by, east bay and the santa cruz mountains, tracking that
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between now and then, winds could pick up a little bit toward sunset, but definitely worse appears to be over, ken. >> reporter: all right. rosemary, thank you very much. you can only imagine what it's like when you know a fire is heading your way to your home. it's in the middle of the night, what do you do? what do you grab? how do you get out of there? and where do you go? a lot of questions that people faced in the early hours of this morning. talking to some of those people who were evacuate and tells us what they went through, rob. >> reporter: right, ken, we'll get to them in a minute. i just wanted to share what is going on, we are in front of the hilton hotel and it was completely gone. devastation is widespread. the hilton is in several sections. it's all burning. it's gutted. if you look inside you can see a lamp in one of the windows. but, it's room by room by room, all over this area. there is also a second hotel
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called the fountain grove. that, too, is gone. so when you talk about long term economic devastation, the loss of jobs, the loss of revenue for the city, these hotels which were big for conferences, business meetings, they are going to be down for quite awhile. so it's going to be quite a big problem. now, earlier today we were in the east side of santa rosa in an area called recon valley. we talked to people in a neighborhood of 40 homes, we saw 30 of the 40 completely gone. people were -- some because roads were blocked off, people weren't able to get back to their homes to see if they were still standing. they had pets and animals that people didn't know how they were doing. we also heard one story, a story quite frankly i never heard before, homeowner got to
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his home, could see the flames were just starting to lick the side of his home and he and some neighbors started throwing water bottles, bottles of water on the fire and it actually worked, it kept the fire from taking down the house. so, it's quite a story. we've seen a lot of neighbors coming together as we do in disasters, it's true here. that is the latest, ken, back to you. >> reporter: yeah, rob. i live here in sonoma county. on my facebook page i have been seeing all kinds of gestures from a lot of people in this area talking about opening their doors to their family homes to complete strangers if they need a place to stay. beam gathering food, pillows an blankets, offering up trucks to help people out if they need to move equipment or animals out of harm's way. a community really is coming together in the wake of this disaster. let's check in with ktvu jessie
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gary at an evacuation center here in santa rosa showing us what the conditions are like there, jessie. >> reporter: for the first time, although we've seen a patch of blue sky that popped up which we hope is good news, sun is shining off to my right. and so there is blue skies, hopefully that is a change for the better. all day long we've had dense haze hovering the sky with ash falling like almost like snowflakes on to us throughout the day because of the fires that are burning not too far away. as for the church, that is open for evacuees 12 hours ago, at its peak there were 200 to 250 people here. capacity is 300. expecting 200 to 250 people to return tonight. as a result of need and number
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of evacuees, residents have been coming here all day dropping off supplies. they've turned the church into a donation hub for residents who scurried out of their homes in the dead of night and in the nick of time. >> we just got our two dogs out and food for them and a couple of our computers and important papers and just left. >> reporter: for much of the day people driving almost anything with wheels have been pulling here and dropping off donations such as water which is always needed in a case like this. but, also other supplies such as snacks and fresh fruits, baby formula, clean clothes to towels, kitty litter and dog food. >> this affects everybody in one way or another. we just have to all pitch in and, you know, do what we can, if we can. >> reporter: people here say this is a very close knit community and when something like this happens everybody just pulls together and does
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whatever they can to try to get everyone through. coming up in the next hour we talk about donations coming in here. you know, kind of drowning in their own success as far as doe nations are concerned. we'll have information what you can do to help, it may not be bringing supplies here, we'll have information coming up in the 5:00 hour. live in napa jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. jessie, thank you very much. that will be important information to get out to folks to get them the help they need. still a fair amount of smoke coming up from the hills on the other side. this is the east side where the smoke is of highway 101 that is in the same general area as the hilton hotel. i don't believe that is the hilton property itself. but just to show you that this fire is by no means out in santa rosa and all the other areas of the north bay, it is still critical situation. christina. >> that is haze right across much of the entire bay area
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this morning. you flew into town today from above, what were the aerial views like? >> reporter: yeah, i was actually in reno this morning, as you know i have a small airplane i was flying back. it was crystal clear in reno and beautiful conditions. but then as i came down over the sierra foothills there were a couple spot fires north and south of interstate 90 before i got to sacramento. and clear again until i got to the vacaville area, then you could see these fires in napa county and sonoma county bubbling up along the ridge line. by the time i got to vacaville there was a big heavy layer, i was at 6500 feet, i was about 500 feet above the top of that smoke layer and that smoke layer covered the entire napa valley. as i moved across the ridge to the west it covered the entire sonoma valley, tell you it was hard to see. the report was from the weather service was that it was 4 miles
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visibility. but, it was probably push be it to be that much. and that smoke continues. it's still here. there a tremendous amount of smoke in this area, christina. >> where you are now, we said you are live from the kmart, can you give people an idea, this is not a neighborhood with homes that were destroyed, this is a shopping center that lost many businesses. >> reporter: well, it's interesting because, you know, it jumped the freeway. that's remarkable in itself, that is a natural fire break, not a natural fire break, a man made fire break i think back to the oakland hills firestorm when the fire jumped highway 24, firefighters were astounded that that had happened. embers had pushed ahead by the strong winds then and that is probably what happened here, the winds were coming from the northeast, pushed the embers across highway 101 and torched areas here. as you can see, this is a big
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metal and stucco concrete building. you wouldn't think it could catch fire, how could something like this easily catch fire? it did and was fueled by those tremendous winds, palm trees are destroyed in front. if i can get dave to keep panning off to the left. the strip mall was spared, all of this is still standing, dollar store, a couple small businesses in this area are okay. but, as i mentioned near the top of this newscast, there are other businesses on the other side of this kmart, mcdonald's that i'm told were destroyed or heavily damaged by this fire. so it's kind of pick an choose, you know, you can't predict where these flames are going to go and what structure is affected. at this time of year you have to be prepared for anything. >> absolutely, right, ken, we'll check in with you in just a little bit. we are going to continue our coverage of these devastating wildfires across northern california. we are going to have an update
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on those burning farther north in men do seen know county and talk about the air quality around the bay area. obviously it's suffering due to the massive amount of smoke because of these fires. we are going to speak to an expert what you can can do to -- can do to stay safe after the break. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. we've seen smoke from these fires drift into the bay area starting when they first broke out last night and rosemary, when i came into work this morning, i saw that haze all
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over the bay. couldn't even see into marin county and san francisco. what is it like out there? i think the entire bay area can smell the smoke or see the haze. i saw it and smelt it in the east bay last night. and it is only growing worse. take a look at this picture as we know our colleague claudine wong is in the north way morning, she tweeted this out. still so much smoke and tough to breath. we will continue with the advisory, at least through today, perhaps tomorrow. we are going to speak to an expert in just a moment. let's take a look at the current winds, we are seeing a variable wind, when the wind shifts it is pushing the smoke in different directions, we started out with a strong, northeast breeze this morning, when we think about the fires being in the north and all that smoke coming our way, it was coming in this direction and that's why the entire bay area from central to south begin to
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get that smokerly on. right now the wind reporting on shore breeze area like hayward at 10 miles per hour, coming in from the south right at 7 miles per hour. variable wind than what we saw today. the wind advisory has been allowed to expire. a few tips for those folks who are smelling the smoke, seeing the smoke, limit the outdoor activity. keep your windows close, if you want an ac unit set to recirculate, you don't want the air coming from the outside. what we expect to happen through tonight and tomorrow coming up in just a little bit. >> rosemary, thank you. to expand on this, bay area air quality management district, can you see the smoke, you can smell it when you are outside. when did you guys issue this advisory, a smoke advice' and it was inevitable that this would happen. >> we saw very unhealthy air quality this morning first thing. so we issued the smoke advisory
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this morning around 8:30 because we saw such heavy smoke throughout the bay area, you can smell it and taste it everywhere. we needed people to be mindful there was smoke in the air and people have respiratory issues they need to take the proper precautions. >> is this something that lasts for days or issue one every day. >> we'll see what conditions are tomorrow, we'll issue one tomorrow as well. go day by day on this depending what happens with these fires. >> you are talking about people with respiratory issues, it effects them, even if your normal, healthy person who has no respiratory issues, you can still get some of these symptoms from this haze, the fire, the smoke. >> well the smoke, yeah. many people will experience the dry, scratchy smoke. i mean, smoke has a lot of impacts on people's breathing. the elderly children. people with respiratory conditions, people who are at exercise outdoors daily.
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or who work outdoors regularly. they are going to see and feel the effects of the smoke on their breathing. so everybody needs to be mindful of that and take care. >> what can people do if they don't have a place that they can -- if they can't close the windows or doors at their house, where can they go? >> well, we hope that they are putting some kind of cooling centers or places where people can go in their communities. in places outside the fire impacted areas, i would think their local libraries are a good location or local shopping mall is a place they can go where they can be cooler and get good air quality. that is for people who can't get out. generally as rosemary mentioned, close windows and doors, put the air conditioning on recirculate. little outdoor exercise today. >> give perspective here, this is a massive fire, the magnitude is widespread, talk of reminiscent of the fires two years ago up in northern part
4:25 pm
of california as well as the oakland fire. where does this rank in terms of air quality and the air pollution that we are seeing today? >> well, we've seen -- we've experienced conditions where we've had multiple days of unhealthy air quality. we are in day one, it's soon to tell at this point. we certainly have unhealthy air quality this morning. as winds shift or as conditions change or the fires get put out. presumably air quality will improve. it's hard to say at this point where it looks in the long term about how we compare this with other air quality events. >> we'll wait and see tomorrow whether or not another smoke advisory will be issued. >> yes bay area air quality we appreciate your time. we send it over to ken who is picking up our coverage. >> reporter: christina one person is dead, 1500 structures, many of them homes an businesses destroyed, coverage of the north bay fires continues after the break. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. back again live here in santa rosa. you can see the kmarts behind me on cleveland avenue, it has been destroyed by this fire. business owners and employees have a lot of work ahead of them as they try to recover from the damage from this monster fire that rolled through the north bay. homeowners have a huge challenge as well, of course it's much more personal. let's go to claudine wong in the fountain grove neighborhood
4:29 pm
of santa rosa, claude even. >> reporter: let me show you the situation up here, there is -- there are homes, i should say, that continue to burn. if you take a look at this one. the front of this home fell down within the last half-hour. just the front facade as we were standing here. and it just continues to smoke in the air. you look at it and you compare to the other scenes of devastation we've seen around the north bay where there is nothing left of their homes, that is heartbreaking. this is the other level where you think you can imagine the people who lived here and family who lived here. you know, i just talked to a gentleman who does live down the street from here and his house is okay, he talked about how it was 2:00 when he left, he saw the property near him, you know, on fire when he came back a few hours later he left again, not sure if his house would be here when he got back. he came back and his house is okay. but he takes a look around at the neighborhood at all of his neighbors who have lost their homes and the tears just came
4:30 pm
to his eyes saying, this is just south hamilton cool, you see this all across santa rosa. in fact, we are in one neighborhood we were talking to a gentleman, a couple there, actually, who we were talking about how they were pretty sure their house was gone but doing what they do to save their mother's house. >> this fire came in last night and burned most of these houses last night and we came over here, our house burned down the other side of town, we hosed my mom -- >> mom's house is right over there, we hosed off the roof and they are surrounding it to make a fire line. >> reporter: all right. i want to give you a little walk around this neighborhood as we have more vehicles coming up. you know, it's one of those things, we talk about the air quality here. we are deep in smoke, it's hard to breath. it's hard to walk around with without really feeling it. the reason why is because everything around us is still
4:31 pm
smoking, smoldering. take a look at what is left of this house just across the street from the one we just showed you. there is nothing left. the only thing burning is the open natural gasoline we've seen at several different properties here. and really again, it's one of those situations where what words do you have to describe what this is going to mean for these families coming back and so many of them. we can hear some noises in the background that someone told us might be someone's ammunition that keeps firing off as it's burning. the area you are looking at right now, that used to be a home, too. it looks like an empty lot. if you take a look at really the ground cover, can you see the character, that spreads here and across the street. and down the road. and so that is why earlier we weren't allowed in here, it was moving through the neighborhoods. firefighters were worried it was going to move in our direction. even then they were saying be prepared to move at any moment.
4:32 pm
now things have calmed down, the wind versus died down. but it just gives you the sense of just utter sadness to look at what people will come back to. let's send it back to you. >> claude even, it's going to be a long road to recovery. we are getting an update from california state fire officials. the number of deaths climb today 3. so there are three fatalities involved in this fire. we have no other details, exactly where the three victims were located when they died. but, the death toll now stands at three. as we go to the break i want to show you this smoky area that started to flare up again, we saw some flames that appeared above the tree line there, i talked to a cal fire crew, they said fire crews are responding to that area east side 101 in santa rosa. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation,
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back again live here in santa rosa on cleveland avenue. off of highway 101 on the west side of the freeway. east side you can see the heavy, hazy smoke hanging in the area. fire units have responded to that area right now. knocked down flames that popped up a few minutes ago, that is
4:36 pm
near the area where the hilton hotel was destroyed, not exactly on that same property. this is the location where the fire jumped highway 101 and came on to the west side of the freeway and now we want to go to ktvu tom bakar to show you what happened to the fire when the fire jumped the freeway. >> reporter: this is coffee park, we've been here much of the afternoon, one of the things will you notice and claude even made mention, you see the little fires, they are sporadic all over the place. what they are, they are natural gasolines that were broken during the fire and continue to burn. now, one of the reasons for that might very he well be that there is nothing literally else to burn here. they can keep them going because then they don't have to shut out surrounding neighborhoods if they do that, there is this long process going back, making sure each and every pilot light in each and every house is lit. as a result it is possible that there is simply not putting us
4:37 pm
out, if there is some reason they can't put it out that is another issue. public utilities will give us an answer on that. there are literally hundreds of homes here. i want you to take a look here. this is called coffee park. named after coffee park. near the corner of mocha. what we are seeing is a never ending group of cars in driveways, people are so caught off guard here that they grabbed one car and took off. there was no chance for them to take more property or anything like that. what they left they left with on their backs and in their trunks, that is it. because of that, the total destruction here is just obvious as you can see. and the situation now is that a lot of people are coming back and taking a look at the absolute damage to their
4:38 pm
property. they are also far more police officers officers coming through, as we get into the darker hours you don't want people in here that have no reason to be here. and they are from virtually a great variety, police and fire departments from all over the place, a lot of people taking a look at this. what we will then see is a lot of gas lights that will continue to burn until pg&e shuts off the gas if it bonds to do so. a little bit more on this is that, you know, so many pieces of property have been destroyed but a lot of stuff that hadn't been destroyed, like for example, diamonds for example, or possibly precious coins or something like that, they've been melted but still the metal is good. martin, you would stop right there. let me show you what i'm talking about. come down here and you see that this is what happened to wheels. that's aluminum. believe it or not that has a recycle value. this is glass that was
4:39 pm
literally melded as it fell on itself into a heap of blob of glass. that's a situation here in coffee park. hundreds of homes completely destroyed. people coming in and looking what they have. and a concern now that, you know, overnight there may be people in here that shouldn't be here. but plenty of police to make sure that doesn't happen, no need whatsoever to take a look around. we will show you this stuff, you don't want to get mixed up in this, it is dangerous at nighttime because there are nails and boards and everything else around here, you could get hurt. that's the situation here in coffee park, back to you. >> reporter: yeah, tom, i can tell you there has been a number of patrols, there were standing right here, santa rosa police and chp coming through here and i've seen sonoma county sheriffs patrolling the area. if anything is trying to do anything shady they will be caught and dealt with by law enforcement here.
4:40 pm
fire is not out, it is still burning a lot of damage here, a lot of assessment to find out exactly how widespread this damage is. a lot of people feel the pain and effects of these devastating fires. christine. >> ken, thank you. this fire isn't affects napa and sonoma county, mendocino is being affected by raging wildfires. ann. >> reporter: yeah, the redwood complex fire is more than 10,000 acres. and officials reported at least two serious injuries and one fatality but expect both those numbers to go up once they are able to get back into the fire zone. the sheriff's office says entire redwood valley is under mandatory evacuation, they they've caught unallottedder in the ability. resident michael goden captured dramatic photos of people  trying to save their homes. many report they got out with
4:41 pm
the clothes on their backs. while evacuees are directed to the high school. jennifer seward of the 12th district ago curl association saysly has 50 horses an gets that they are caring for right now. >> it's hard. it's hard to see people struggling themselves to get through it. you know, then being here and making sure that we have what people need. >> i don't know where we would have gone, we brought 30 something gets here. and -- so this is a lot of investment for me and a lot of my heart into this. >> and while there is still no word on what caused the fires, the sheriff's department reports there were strong wind gusts that knocked down power lines in the area overnight, christine. >> ann, thank you. let's move on to speaking with former freemont battalion chief mark, you have been with
4:42 pm
us throughout the morning, we are now 16 hours into this, these fires. give us your assessment where things stand. >> it's still a dynamic incident, there are fires up and down the state. resources coming from southern california have been diverted, they were headed to napa, got diverted to kernings. we've got ---kern. you are going to see a dynamic situation for the next 4, 48 hours without question. >> so resources are still on the way, not everyone is here yet? >> no, we've got them ordered there are some here, ordered, the incident commander is trying to make a determination for the forecast. what is this going to look like in 12, 48 hours, what resources do we need to have. resources aren't necessarily having because they are on their way. there are hundreds of
4:43 pm
firefighters, crews working multiple fires. they are having to prioritize, which fires they work and that's the difficult part. >> because i think that they said earlier this morning they are always going to choose live over property. are they still in that mode or has everyone been evacuated. >> i think they are still making determinations with that. in some cases depending which fire you are talking about, coordinate not only on that particular fire but the multiple fire. the nice thing about california used to doing this. we have north op, south op, national geographic coordination council located in boise, idaho. discussions about what is necessary. incident commanders atlas fire, they have a couple set up at the expo. so they are having discussions with different agencies and in ticket national interagency fire center about resources that are necessary and where do we send those. >> what can you tell us about
4:44 pm
the evacuation areas and the fact that many people may not have gotten out safely, we are getting word here from our producers it's seven people have that died in these fires, don't know exactly where, what counties or which fires, seven people, those evacuation orders came quick, people didn't have a lot of time to escape, what can you say about that process. >> i think what we've seen in the past in california, those winds at 50-60 miles an hour, have you 10 minutes to make a determination, we've lost seven lives, that is never good. i think it will be a lot worse in determine terms of numbers had the evacuation not gone out earlier. if that, when we talk to residents who concede they had no time to make a decision, we either day or we go period. that is unheard of. >> mark, before we let you go, you think that this could be on the scale of the oakland fires once this is all said and done, we look at the damage.
4:45 pm
>> yeah, when we talk about the capacity here or the damage, we hope it's not in terms of lives lost. that's certainly what we want. but economically, you know, this is huge in terms of the number of businesses. this is all still active. so we don't know what this is going to look like when all is said and done. it's going to be in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars when we are all said and done. >> mark, we appreciate your time, thank you so much for joining us. outside our doors, a lit hazy for most and we are going to continue with this haze, into the evening on those conditions, talk about the wins they are beginning to die down, we have a red flag warning in place, want to know how long that will last and numbers for tomorrow coming up. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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welcome back, continue our coverage now of the fires with rosemary orozco in our weather center. the haze out there still very thick still hours after the fires started overnight. that all prevents the wind from disbursing some of this, it is sitting over us now, as we talked about with the expert a little while ago, definitely poor air quality especially take over the north bay. but everybody in the bay area included in on this. i want to take a look -- any time we can pick up smoke or something less, from a satellite view like this, this
4:49 pm
one coming from john at pg&e. take a look at all that smoke. and again, the winds north, northeast. what that means is coming from this direction, coming from land, so it's a dry wind and really just pushing it out over the pacific. so, as much as we have over the bay area, you can see how much smoke made its way over the pacific and that shot taken earlier today. right now santa rosa reporting winds 14 miles per hour. if you are just joining us, i have to show you the break down, how we quickly went from one fire to several fires. winds reported at 50 miles per hour at 12:30 this morning and didn't really let up, it continued into the overnight hours. finally peaking at 5:30 this morning at about 68-miles per hour as we had tropical force winds out there. what a difference, the wind advisory has expired although we do remain with a red flag warning in place, winds are lighter and becoming more variable. coming in from the southeast.
4:50 pm
coming in from the north and confidence cord, southeast navado and west and oakland. here is a look as we shift toward south bay, san jose northwest breeze and hayward reporting on shore breeze as well. red flag warning goes until tuesday, early on. just expect it to expire at 5:00 a.m. north bay, east bay and santa cruz mountains. while we are seeing all the fires on the north bay, east bay hills winds picking up in the afternoon. cooler for most than yesterday. 75 in oakland. 69 in san francisco. and south bay. 84 for south bay. partly sunny skies, likely to have the haze out there once again. 47 to start your morning in santa rose a, it will be school -- rosa. it will be cool. temperatures for the afternoon we are going to scale them back once again as we begin cooldown. 81 expected for navado.
4:51 pm
81 for sal tallet tow. low 90s expected for warmer location like antioch and livermore. san jose 83. along the peninsula upper .0s in san mateo. and 70 degrees expected for san francisco. the northeast breeze is going to die off so we do have improving weather and firefighters of course could use that cooler on shore breeze which is also a moist air. the extended forecast showing you continues continuing to cool as we go into tuesday, wednesday, even thursday into friday. temperatures picked back up just a little bit as we get into the bay area weekend. today likely to be the warmest day of the entire week. we are going to cool it down, bring back the on shore breeze a bit and that will help with the fire. >> they definitely need it, it is very bad out there. we've been talking about this, height of fire season. rosemary, thank you. we are going to send it back over to ken wayne, is he
4:52 pm
live in sonoma county, santa rosa, actually, in front of the burned down kmart. ken, all of these fires have a big impact on not only sonoma county, napa county, specifically the wine industry. >> absolutely, i mean, that's a good point that has been not paid a lot of attention to especially when you are talking about seven people who lost their lives in sonoma county. that is the most tragic thing of all. you get into the economic effects, this is wine county, sonoma and napa county. telling us more about what is going on over there, there has been a lot of activity in the fire scene over there, candace. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a week filled with tourists an golfers from the pga golf tournaments of napa has turned into it looks more like a war zone. we are here in front of the street that leads up to that resort, an area with no power
4:53 pm
and no communication. fire officials said dozens of cell phone towers are out, law enforcement are using radios. driving into napa shows silverado resort empty. several structures inside destroyed, trees burned if not blown down. power lines down and burned as well. what appears to be the worse damage out here though is near by residential communities, one called silverado crest community. all those these fires are burning homes, one homeowner managed to walk back to his areas, with the small hose he did what he could to save it. >> how do you grapple with that, no firefighters, fire trucks around here. >> frustrating, i get the fact that they've got jobs to do and they are trying to do it as best they can. it's so sad. >> reporter: did you know your
4:54 pm
neighbors here? >> i haven't spoken three times daughter consider-during the night. >> reporter: standing here in between two fires, atlas fire and the partridge fire in front of me. people are being stopped and told by cal fire they can't check on their homes, even though a few people are going up by bicycle. tonight winds may pick up again which is why they are your honoring people to obey their the evacuations, ktvu fox 2 news. >> reporter: candace that is the big concern what the winds are going to do tonight. as we have been hearing from fire officials, zero percent containment burning in the north bay. can you see the heavy smoke. it's almost like just about need to put on your headlights, like twilight time. we are still an hour and a half away from sunset. so, the smoky skies are blotting out the effects of the sunlight. there is no clouds out there, it's just smoke and that is why
4:55 pm
it's so dim and dark looking out here right now. that is where the fire jumped the freeway and came over to this side and tracked southbound is slow. the good news is highway 1 is open in both directions. so, fire officials still continuing to battle the fire lines, put fire lines around the fire. try to bring it under control and prevent further loss of and damage. we are going to keep an eye on everything going on. we'll keep you posted throughout the evening on all of our newscasts. we are going to take a quick break, we'll bring it right back. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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live in santa rosa, which is one of the hardest hit areas of these fires. the latest number that we have right now is that there are 10 people confirmed dead with seven here in sonoma county. at least 1500 structures have been burned. many are commercial structures and homes. there will be a wide economic impact from all of the businesses that have been destroyed and people trying to salvage what they can from their personal lives with her homes being destroyed. we continue to monitor all of the developments as firefighters try to get all of these fires out. we are going to keep watching all of this activity, plus we
4:59 pm
are monitoring the evacuation centers as people trying find places to stay tonight as they cannot return home. there is a lot of power outages in the north bay and a lot of other things going on with these fires that are burning out of control. good evening everyone. >> we continue to follow breaking news right now in the north bay. more than one dozen wildfires are burning, and at least 10 people have been killed. mandatory evacuations remain, and there is widespread destruction. neighborhoods, many of them, are unrecognizable. some of the evacuees are returning to their neighborhood to find nothing. just smoldering embers where their homes once stood. >> at least 14 fires are burning in napa, sonoma, and six other surrounding counties outside of the bay area. all of
5:00 pm
the fires were fueled by strong winds, in some cases up to 60 miles per hour. fortunately, those winds have died down. in napa county, too this have been reported. -- 2 deaths have been reported. at least 1500 businesses and homes have been destroyed. >> we are continuing to bring you the up-to-date information as we have crews all across sonoma county, specifically in santa rosa and napa, where another large fire burned overnight. >> we also have 100,000 people who are without power and 20,000 people who have been evacuated. it is just an absolute worst case


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