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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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morning to assure the people of california that we will continue to work very closely with governor brown, the state of california with each one of you to support your courageous first responders. >> the vice president says the government stands ready to help with the fires. from tragedy to triumph, results of the helicopter pilot who pulled off risky rescues right in the middle the wildfires. entire neighborhoods are now gone. more stories of devastating loss emerging from those fires where flames are sweeping towards other areas. just this afternoon in santa rosa a new round of evacuation orders.>> people in the cities oakmont community were told to immediately leave that area. the fires burning in and around santa rosa are still posing a threat to life and property.>>
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many have led to evacuation centers. some not knowing if they will have homes to go back to. we have visited centers and we are live from santa rosa. >> reporter: we are outside of veterans memorial auditorium comet is one of about 30 evacuation centers throughout northern california. many people are relieved and some are sad and anxious about the state of their homes.>> about 300 people are staying here. among them is this couple. >> they evacuated from their homes in oakmont sunday.>> i don't want to lose my home. i have spent a lot of time working on it to get it that way. >> his partner is a retired interior designer. >> scary. we are not home. we are the people we heard about who are homeless.
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we have never been in this situation before and it is frightening. >> the center is one of two in the area who is taking people -- livestock. they also volunteers helping in a medical facility.>> you wonder if it -- your house will be there tomorrow. you are lucky if it is. >> reporter: people want to help they are accepting donations from volunteers to diapers to doctored. it is best to check first before you show up.>> just curious, how long do they plan to keep that evacuation center open? >> reporter: that is indefinite. as long as it is needed. it could be weeks. it is a fluid situation, no one knows for sure. they won't close them down while people are still needing
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them.>> you mentioned that people should check before they want to donate because i've heard in some cases donations are being turned away. people are wanting to volunteer, sometimes authorities say they have enough, what is the situation? >> reporter: that is exactly right, they don't really need any donations. if you want to help, write a check to the red cross but don't bring any goods. at the fairgrounds they are accepting donations. they need livestock food, water and food and each place is a little different. that is wises -- it is wise to check first.>> sometimes people think they can dump stuff off that they don't want. by the way i talked to sonoma county supervisor earlier today
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and he said they are setting up a gofundme page to help all of the fire victims. in the meantime we want to show you these pictures. >> more dramatic pictures coming in as we speak. skybox overhead this is in glen allen as you can see, another home going up in flames. this is really close to santa rosa where the fire erupted there and wiped out neighborhoods. more destruction and devastation happening as we speak. this time in glenallen where skyboxes overhead. glen allen is over the hill east of santa rosa. this is part of the tubbs fire. it is off of highway 128 where it started. into burned over toward glen allen and over the hill into santa rosa. 27,000 acres for the tubbs fire , this is the nuns fire.
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it is 0% containment and today the winds were working in firefighters favor. they are pretty calm today but still these fires are clearing up and there's an army of firefighters trying to not be spain's down. -- to knock these flames down. we know it can affect and limit what does cruise taking to the air can do. again, devastating pictures from skybox with more destruction caused by these fires. our coverage continues now with eliana gomez with an update. the efforts to try to contain these massive fires.>> when we are talking about nearly 20
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fires it becomes difficult to keep tabs on everything. one of the most challenging things for fire crews and also for communities is trying to figure it out and break it down so we are trying to break most of the information down. how fire crews are working and understand as a whole.>> 17 fires have charred more than 100,000 acres of land. at least 15 people have died. more than 240 people reported missing, just under 50 of them have been found. more than 2000 homes and businesses have been destroyed. some 3000 people are fleeing to shelters. the sheriff says they're working on assessments of the area they can get back into so people can return home. >> getting people back in their home soon is important to us. the most important thing is keeping them safe. there are down power lines and
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trees and they are working hard to control the fires. >> taking a look at this map you can get an idea of how widespread these deadly fires are the the tubbs fire has destroyed 27,000 acres in crews are working to contain it. also in napa county the atlas fire has torched 25,000 acres and fire crews look to button up the portion that's impacting the city and county areas. there are mandatory evacuations still in place there and in areas in sonoma county where the nuns fire has burned many acres. mike pence delivered a message for crews risking their lives to fight the deadly wildfires. >> we are profoundly inspired and grateful by the firefighters that are in the fight in many cases men and
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women whose own homes have been affected. cal fire is inspiring the nation. we stand with them with great admiration and appreciation.>> this afternoon we heard about the sheriff's office releasing 20 of their employees have lost their own homes. they are still out there on the ground with many of them out on the ground trying to assist the community. the firefighters trying to get everything under control. another update within the last 10 minutes the southern allen complex includes the atlas fire cal fire is now saying that 39,000 acres have burned in those three fire 16,000 structures there are threatened. more than 570 in that area have been destroyed. overall 20 agencies are assisting cal fire to get these
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deadly fires under control. -- >> the sad news that came out today about more people found that, do we know anything more about the circumstances? >> officials not releasing the circumstances just yet. they know they say the death toll is continuing to claim. fire crews saying -- to client. does climate -- rise. i'm sure more information will come out as we get into the communities.>> that was the case with the elderly couple. there are so many fires burning it is hard to keep track of it also let's take a look at the map to get an idea of where the fires are burning. we want to give you more
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details. down here is the bay area with the fires basically burning along highway 101 fast does past clear lake. -- past clear lake. there are three fatalities here in the redwood potters fire complex right outside ukiah and willard. all of these fires burning in this area. right now 21,000 acres are burning in this part of mendocino county and 0% contained. three people lost their lives here. also will it's it's pretty much cut off between -- with communication. they are still having problem getting cell service and internet out of that area. we will move down to the
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software fire which is burning near clear lake oaks right here this fire is 2500 acres and 10% contained. let's go down to sonoma county with fires burning here between cloverdale and kaiser felt this is the pocket fire off a pocket ranch road in geyserville 1200 acres 0% containment. this is the major fire that is burning in sonoma county. it's a series of fires. this is the tubbs fire up in here and hopped over the hill between sonoma county and napa county. all of these fires burn along here burned right into the heart of santa rosa. we want to show you what is going on. it jumped highway 101 where the coffee park neighborhood is where dozens of homes were taken out. this is bennett valley and the
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whole area around that we were talking about has a new evacuation going on. 27,000 acres, 0% containment on the tops fire -- tubbs fire and then we move on to the nuns fire where we are showing you pictures. here is glenallen that fire is still very hot right now. 5000 acres 0% containment on that. then we headed over to napa in the atlas fire -- and the atlas fire. here is fairfield, this is all burning here at his peak is right up in here near this little reservoir. the atlas fire is burning here
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0% containment. all of these fires burning across northern california. you can just see how large they are and widespread it is throughout the region. we will have more wind issues coming up. let's go to the weather center.>> -- improving conditions today when it came to the weather that will switch back around as we get into the bay area wednesday and what did not improve today was the air- quality. is expected to be just as bad tomorrow. -- it is expected to be just as bad tomorrow. the winds are from the southwest gusting to about 35 miles per hour. that is the strongest i have seen in this area for the afternoon. relative humidity is up from yesterday. santa rosa reporting about 29%.
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if i pull back the lighter winds doesn't help when it comes to the air-quality because the smoke is lingering and earlier today, it was a veritable winter. napa is a southerly breeze. when the wind is variable everybody gets the smoke. before the afternoon today improving weather when it comes to relative humidity being up, the windsor down and temperatures fell as well. -- the winds are down and temperatures fell. things are likely to worsen tomorrow with a north breeze coming back. the air-quality for tomorrow everybody from the coast to central bay east and down into santa clara valley expected to have unhealthy air especially if you suffer from respiratory issues. if you're in the north bay it
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includes everybody. just be aware about how you are feeling. we also have a red flag warning expected back into place with the north wind kicking up into the overnight hours. they will turn northeast at some point into the afternoon and that's when we are expecting the red flag warnings to move into place. it's expected to last until thursday afternoon. i will talk about the weather pattern change coming our way coming up. new information from lake county that's where a wildfire there is now 10% contained. about 5000 people are under evacuation orders. shelters are open in those middletown areas. it has burned 2500 acres.
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want to learn more about the situation in lake county, it hasn't gotten a lot of attention because of the other fires but we are joined by the sheriff's -- the share. how many people have -- the share of. -- sheriff.>> we have open many shelters. it happens to be the site of one of the evacuation centers in a previous fire. they remain in effect so we want to make sure the sheriff wants people to get home as people -- wants people to get home as quickly as possible. >> destruction in york county, can you put some perspective into the number of homes and structures that have been lost?>> we are estimating about
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150 homes. that comes on top of three years of very serious fires. back in 2015 we had fires which was the third most devastating fire in california history. and last year we got it was another fire which was started by arson. now we are dealing with this this year. over the course of three years we lost a couple of thousand homes. >> that is just devastating for the economy. how has this fire affected things and you mentioned the arson is it too early to say what is behind these fires? >> it is. with the amount of fires that were started simultaneous i don't expect any foul play. cal fire is investigating. they are working on determining a cause. they are overloaded right now.>> you are talking about the difficult task for all of the firefighters, you feel like you are getting enough
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resources? >> i don't know that anybody is getting enough resources. i think we all understand with everything going on, there's a finite number of resources but there are so many firefighters and fire trucks, there are so many air tankers and only that many available and everybody is jockeying for the resources. we would love to have more resources. we also understand that our neighboring counties throughout the state are in need of that assistance as well. >> we are out of time. anything people here in the bay area can do to help out?>> thoughts and prayers. the time for donation comes around i will tell you. that becomes problematic trying to manage all of those resources. these people need cash donations, gift cards check with your local operations center to find out if something
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has been set up. people who lose all of their belongings, it would be nice if they could have a refrigerator but a lot of times they don't have a home. they're looking for some basic goods. cash donations as well and gift cards.>> thank you. the need is great all across the county. a pilot who risked his life by flying into the fire zone to rescue people with the embers flying up into the aircraft. joins us live next. -- he joins us live next.
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hundreds of evacuees arctic shelter. people are being temporarily housed at the exhibit hall were they being provided with a caught food and water. as of midnight last night there were about 700 people in shelters there as well as in terra linda in west marin. no donations or volunteers are needed at this time. we spoke to one santa rosa family who said they were in a state of limbo right now. >> you don't know what to do. you don't know whether to stay on alert if they will evacuate again, we don't know if the
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fires are contained.>> the shelter currently has room for couple hundred more evacuees and small pets are welcome. if this location reaches full capacity a contingency plan is in the works sing another shelter would be opened nearby. several people got out of the path of the massive fire in napa county. it was a daring rescue by the chp. helicopter pilot flew into the fire zone to get those trapped by the flames to safety. one of the pilots is joining us now. thank you for joining us. i want you to take me back to sunday night, at what point did you realize just how dangerous the situation was becoming and that the people were there who needed help. >> it became apparent pretty quickly. we started out on a routine patrol flight, but another aircraft crew and airplane put
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out the information that there was a fire so we started up there from oakland and looking at the area from under night vision goggles it looked like a nuke had gone off so we held it up -- headed up and saw a large line of fire spreading and we could see people trying to get down from atlas peak in their vehicles but it was blocked by a fallen tree. that is when we realized it was becoming dyer. >> this is when you made the decision to fly into the fire. where did you land the helicopter?>> we made a crew decision it looked like we would need to evacuate these people or they would be facing something tragic. we flew into the fire, we were next to it but we landed at a
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number of wineries and different dirt roads kind of a trails situation. my flight officer got out and flag the cars down that were trying to maneuver back up the road and convinced them to, we were the most expeditious way out. >> how dangerous was it?>> hard to say. we do a lot of training, we do rescue and medevac were, obviously law enforcement were, but the conditions that night were strong winds, obviously a pretty fast advancing fireline, it was a pressing issue. surprisingly several of the people didn't want to leave.
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they wanted to stick it out even though we were trying to convince them what a big deal it was. i think we took out between between 41 and 42 people.>> a lot of people live because of you. you are so humble in what you did but what were you thinking as you are heading into the area and was there any hesitation at all? >> we were just, we weren't on autopilot but when you see people who are facing something tragic, they will not have a good outcome, you go into rescue mode kind of make it happen.>> you are sort of downplaying the heroics of what happened. we appreciate you talking to us. thank you for what you do. i am sure the people are
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grateful for your efforts. new video showing flames and smoke surrounding a building near napa. we will have an update on the firefight in the white country next. -- wine country next.
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a day in almost -- in almost 2 nights of firefighting and there is 0% containment on three fires burning in the north bay taking a look inside the fire zone. what is the latest?
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>> -- >> reporter: the area behind me has been blackened by swift flames that blew right through here and burned everything. there is still pockets of earth that is smoldering and area where trees and utility poles are on fire. fire crews right behind it canvassing the fire trying to ensure new problems do not erupt. let's take a look at the video, there are five principal fires burning. the atlas peak fire near me at 25,000 acres, no containment. a dark cloud billows along the ridge line which means event -- mandatory evacuations are in place. the nuns fire is at 5000 acres, the so-called 37 fire of lakeview highway it is -- has
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burned 2000 acres. >> we are still having active fire in all locations, we are unfortunately continued to experience additional structure loss that happens due to the fire growth. >> reporter: 15 people are confirmed dead to the wild -- due to the wildfires. they were not able to get out in time and died in the 100 block of westgate. there is one reported death in encino county. crews are out right now trying to restore power. this is outside the fire area but it is slow going. many of the polls have been damaged or burned away. lines have been left low hanging across many of the streets. self-service -- cell phone service is not very good.
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comcast is bringing in free hotspots for several different zip codes in this area. no charge to log onto that. for those looking for information on their neighborhood, the napa county officials say you can text your zip code to 888 777. then put in your zip code in the body of the text and pertinent information will be sent to your phone about your neighborhood as far as getting people back into the area, it is a much longer deal to talk about. for more on this situation in simona county where joint on the phone by the supervisor. thank you for joining us. what is the biggest thing you want people to know?>> that we still have an active fire going on with areas of concern.
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you want to make sure you stay out of those zones. this thing is very serious and firefighters are doing a great job. it is still a relatively young event and we have more time to go. we ask people to avail all of the restricted areas and stay out. >> you referenced areas of concern can you be specific on what areas officials there are worried about?>> i think i just got an alert with an evacuation so there's an active fire there with concern for oakmont and down in sonoma although it is still widespread. a lot of resources and we are grateful for that and appreciative of all of the work everyone has put into trying to
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stop this fire.>> understand their are 75 homes that have been lost and there is an evacuation underway right now in oakmont. germany specific information on exactly what is going on? -- do you have any specific information on exactly what is going on? >> i really don't know. just the issue with this fire and i can tell you right now the supervisor's house has burned to the ground. i know that the fire came up and over pushing down into oakmont and i think that was a concern and they are trying to make a stand there to save as many houses as possible. there is grave concern there.
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they want to get a handle on the fire before the wind picked up after sunset. >> that is obviously a big concern. the pictures we are looking at right now are of the bennett valley area. we are watching another home be consumed. is this a new fire or is this part of the existing and devastating tubbs fire? >> it is part of the existing. we had a briefing today and is a complex fire so there are separate fires that are within the same area. some have joined forces and it's a calamity. that is the nuns fire fire up and over the ridge. it is all happening at once. the resources are stretched thin and we need more. there have been firefighters on the line since the first hour and they need to be replaced and swapped out.
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i know all of the emergency responders are doing a great job. it is pretty tiring and so heartbreaking to have so many colleagues. three people who do not know if their husbands are standing. we have literally dozens and dozens and dozens of county employees let alone citizens throughout the county that don't have houses anymore. we have a lot of work ahead of us. we need to make sure everyone is safe and sound. this is our katrina oakland fire all rolled into one. we have a lot of work ahead of us.>> do know there's going to be another curfew tonight?>> i would bet there would be but i've not received any word.
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i have to tell you that the outpouring of resources by many is astounding. everybody is helping as they can. you see fire engines and firefighters from all over the state and beyond, it is pretty amazing to see all of that. i to tell you my hometown was unscathed by the fire. there are people lining up to drop off goods to the volunteers. people wanting to help their neighbor and it does bring out the best and we are hoping that everyone stays and continues to rally as we go forward. we are there to support them as much as possible. >> it is a bay area wide effort to support something of this
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magnitude. give our thoughts to your fellow supervisor who is anxiously awaiting to find out if his home has been the story. -- destroyed. i think you are on the phone tom. we are looking at these live pictures from sky fox of one house that is burning right now. tell us exactly where you are or what the situation is. >> reporter: we on bennett valley road in an area that has been mandatorily evacuated. police warned us if we stayed our lives were in danger. i want to show you something. this mountain is what you have been seeing from sky fox. go over here off to the right and you see another huge plume of smoke that is a fire behind the fire. then another smoke plume just to the right of that, that is another fire and if we go all the way over to the right, that
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is another fire. you basically have a sky full of smoke which means that you have land full of fire. that is pretty amazing because we are talking about a huge vista of land which is essentially on fire. this is a huge organization of fires that are seemingly starting to come together and it's pretty amazing to see this. just below, you are seeing the vineyard which is somewhat threatened by this because should the fire come down the hill it will take out the parts of the winery and all of that stuff. this is bennett valley road and on the other side is oakmont which is also on fire. once again looking across the sky, you see smoke after smoke after smoke plume and that suggests to me there are quite a few fires in the area. when we first got here the only
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smoke was right there in front of us. all of this other stuff was not visible. that is the situation here and i thought that was something well worth taking a look at.>> that road i take it is close to the public, it seems like right now with the fires burning, there's no way to get from santa rosa to santa rosa over the hills into the napa valley. there are summers you can take to get over the hills, i take it those are all shut down. >> -- took we do see some cars coming but i believe these are people who have actually been evacuated from the area. i've been -- >> reporter: we do see some cars coming out but i believe these are people who have actually been evacuated from the area. this road is essentially closed
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certainly need -- so no need to come up.. let's bring in a former fire chief who knows all too well what these crews are facing. thank you for being here. tom was talking about three separate fires, is there a strategy, a plan that firefighters have? >> without question. they operate on 24 hour periods. they have an instant action plan that they are using which outlines priorities, strategies where you're putting people, how you handle the logistics all of that. what the challenges, not only do you have a lot of firefighters you also don't have personal -- personnel who can scout the fires. you are trying to figure out
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and make decisions with limited amount of information. when it is so huge like this, you can imagine such a widespread, a lot of time ariel sites but that is difficult when there is smoke. there is a plan in place i guarantee you that. >> the firefighters that are out there working so hard yesterday in santa rosa i ran into a fire crew that had been up for almost 24 hours straight working. that becomes an issue as well. you have limited resources, these guys can't work 24 hours a day seven days a week you have to rotate these crews. now we are getting into the flag condition tomorrow and tomorrow night, what will that do to resources and can more people be brought in?>> what is taking place is fire service and firefighters across the country are for organized. they are working with the national interagency fire center in boise idaho.
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those commanders are talking to them. i can guarantee there are number of resources on order and and read. it is a matter of getting them be deployed. we are hitting red flags so they're not thinking about what they're doing right now, but i to think about 24 hours in advance. what will this look like and how to prioritize. >> when will those boots be on the ground? >> we call it zero impact day. how long will it take before they arrive and are actually deployable? the good news is with the president making a presidential declaration that allows any federal department to be mission assigned meaning the commander can call upon any federal department to be able to help fight the fire. we were talking about police officers coming they can access federal police officers if needed. the good news is the
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declaration will help. >> hopefully the federal assistance will make a dent. i got a text from someone who lives in santa rosa asking me how much are the winds going to be a factor later on? is anything i can do as a homeowner? he is worried about his home being next. >> that is a common question. we recognize how important that is, but to stay in those neighborhoods and trying fight that without adequate resources to do it, is really going to put you in a precarious position and potentially a dangerous situation. that takes resources from other areas to have to go help. as hard as that is, the best advice is to get to those shelters and get as much information as you can and be as patient as you can.>> thank you for the information. coming up, we will go live
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to santa rosa with a story of a couple who is a retired fighter fighter who both risked their lives going to toward the door -- door to door. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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neighbors of a battalion chief and his wife alerted people that their homes were about to go up in flames. >> where live near the coffee neighborhood that was devastated by the fire. >> reporter: good afternoon. there's so many people out here with facemasks on assisting -- sifting through the rubble trying to find something they can salvage. most of the people have very little or no warning that a fire was coming. they had to grab what they could in 5 to 10 minutes and get out. a retired firefighter and his wife had a tough day. they heard reports that there neighborhood was gutted by fire and they hadn't seen it firsthand and they described it as a war zone completely unrecognizable. nearly 30 years of memories swallowed whole by flames.>> everything was just popping and you could smell smoke and
4:49 pm
popping and it was, the sky was orange. >> she received a text alert from ktvu than a landline call from the fire department to evacuate. her neighbors were asleep and apparently had no idea there was a raging fire headed their way. she started calling people while her husband ran next-door to save an elderly man. the couple says they hope the city or county is able to come up with a better way to notify residents in case there is a next time.>> it was frustrating to me because everybody carries a cell phone. there was no notification via cell phone. >> coming up, we visit their home for the first time and they receive a special message of support.
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let's get a check in on the red flag conditions that we are expecting.>> that goes into effect tomorrow afternoon. for today it is just about the light winds and the bad air quality. take a look at what we are seeing. i'm trying to give you a view but many folks waking up to this and it didn't get much better. not expecting the smoke to get any better for the bay area wednesday. the winds will spits back in a north direction meaning the smoke will come back our way from the north bay into the central and south bay with that air quality has been issued.
4:51 pm
it is very unhealthy for everybody and the shade of orange indicates you want to limit outdoor activity. is a look at the current conditions as expected relative humidity is up. the wind is coming in from the south at 10 miles per hour. there is a stronger gust in atlas peak with wins about 36 miles per hour. we do have a trough that will be sinking in and as the dry front moves through behind it the winds are expected to turn once again. for the bay area wednesday northwind will be back early on and is a -- is expected to pick up. santa rosa reporting a breeze at 23 miles per hour. in the afternoon and evening
4:52 pm
santa rosa still reporting a northwind at about 23 miles per hour. a red flag warning will come along with it. it will include northbay hills and east bay hills. wednesday afternoon it looks like for the east bay hills it will start monday night -- wednesday night into thursday. temperatures for tomorrow morning on your screen. upper 40s in san jose and in the afternoon temperatures continuing to cool. low 70s expected to the east bay shore and upper 70s and then. -- inland. into the extended forecast air quality of course expected to be an issue.
4:53 pm
we have so many fires burning so it will depend on the wind direction. for two more the big story will be the dry northwind's coming back. if your house is in the fire zone and you're wondering if it is still standing, we are going street to street to get you much needed information. we will have details after the break.
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the question that we keep hearing from our viewers that are affected by all of the fires is just how are my house? our crews are covering the streets to try and cover as much ground as possible to show you what neighborhoods have burned and which neighborhoods were spared. >> take a look at this story, and if you want to see more, do we have also posted this at >> reporter: we are going to head down old redwood highway here, and this is where they are not allowing any traffic through. this is mainly because there are a lot of power poles down. there are many lines they are working on right now. you can see home after home right here. off to my left and
4:57 pm
my right both sides of the street have been severely burned . tree after tree and these power lines are down right here. wow. we are actually coming underneath these low lines they have marked with yellow tape and up here, is chelsea drive. i am going to turn on chelsea drive. it is no outlet here. this is mary brooke -- barry brooke.
4:58 pm
it looks like there is a cul-de- sac to both the right and the left. all of these homes are leveled. i cannot even get you an exact address. we are turning on what is it dumpster street? yes. there is still smoldering ashes, and i see a grill out back in one of those homes. mailboxes are just lying in the street. there is even christmas lights in this tree right here. reduced to rubble.
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entire neighborhoods are destroyed by fast-moving wildfires. the new evacuation data been ordered and the latest on the firefight right now. the north bay continues to burn right now, and many wonder when they are going to see some kind of relief.>> at least 15 people are confirmed dead in the fires that have consumed parts of sonoma, napa, mendocino, and lake counties. skybox was over this area tonight where a helicopter was used to battle the flames. at least 2000 structures have burned since sunday night. tens of thousands of evacuations remain in effect at this hour, including new evacuations in the oakmont neighborhood. right now, authorities are urging people not to go back to see if their home is still standing.>> please be patient. life is more important than property.
5:00 pm
be with us as we work through this as we want to keep people safe, that is the number one thing.>> one of the big concerns today for sonoma county is handling missing person reports. so far they have located 57 people on a list of 240 people. people who are looking for loved ones are asked to call the office of emergency center at this number. it is 707-565-3856. many people maybe having trouble getting in touch because cell phone and internet service is spotty.>> this map is showing all of the fires that are burning in northern california. you can see how large the area is that has born in sonoma and napa. there is also major wildfires burning in mendocino county and lake county where a mobile home park was destroyed with many other homes. overall,


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