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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 11, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, out of control fires are still being pushed by stronger winds forcing more evacuations. others are returning to steph stating losses. thousands are in shelters as northern california continues to rage. i'll have more in just a minute. good morning, thank you for joining us on wednesday, october 11th. >> this morning we continue to focus on the deadly fires out
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of control. seventeen deaths are confirmed. more than 200 structures have burned. the fires are still burning across the noma and napa counties. overnight sonoma county issued an evacuation. those near the rushing river have been told they need to leave people are told to be ready to leave if the flame shifts directions. wildfires continues their destruction. strong winds are expected today that could make things worse. >> alison is in napa.
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>>reporter: good morning. this should be the front of the winery but it's completely gone. you can walk all the way through and there is no back wall. there are tables you can see from here. there is ash floating above us. it almost looks like a bit of white snowflakes. this is a battle that's only beginning. >> there was a huge roar and i knew we were out of here. >> we didn't have time to think about what to grab. we grabbed what we saw. >>reporter: a dozen fires broke out sunday night into monday morning. at least 15 confirmed dead and 1,500 homes destroyed. >> all we heard is that our barn is gone for sure, which i
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assume our house is also gone. >>reporter: 100,000 acres of land is impacted. some of the most beautiful vineyards with biles of ash. 27,000 acres have burned in sonoma and napa county. neither are contained. the governor of california declared a state of emergency in 9 counties. no amount of aid will bring back the lives already lost. fire engulfed the home of charles and sarah. they didn't escape. their granddaughter said they celebrated 75 years of marriage earlier this year. >> communication is still trickier. of course fires hit the fiber lines and cell towers. you can have cell service one
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minute and then you have none. >> we spoke about the winery yesterday. we do know there are many wineries in that area as well as homes. so many are waiting to find out if there is anything left. what have you seen in that area were you are? >> this is some of the worse damage that we have seen. when we came in late last night we could see fires along the mountain areas burning. we are told last flight this winery was still on fire. none seemed to be from what we can tell as destroyed as this one. pam. >> okay. the time is now 5:04. let's talk about weather. the weather will be key this morning. >> you hear about some of those
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wineries. >>reporter: you don't want to speculate or conjecture anything. i spent a lot of time there. that's a beautiful little area. it looks out over the valley. it's such a loss. >> you have businesses that will lose so much money. >>reporter: let's get to it. the wind advisory will be in effect later today. we had gusts at 60 to 70 miles per hour. it will be occasionally north. this starts at 5:00. red flag kicks in. some of the higher elevation at 5:00. there will still be breezy conditions before that. the wind forecast, i'll get out of the way so you can see. it will be in santa park, sonoma. we'll be at 25 to 30.
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it's all north. any wind is not good. we have cooler conditions and it will stay northwest. as long as it doesn't turn or northeast it's favorable. 20, 40 miles per hour and it will go up-and-down. there was a much cooler air mass. there are few areas with high humidity. 82, these are not in the teens. that's what we had sunday night into monday when humidity was 12%. northwest napa west of atlas
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speak. west winds at the canyon. the system is moving in. there is no rain with this. we have high clouds and low clouds. i don't believe there is too much. this will be with us today and another system will drop in similar to this on friday. different than what we had on sunday and monday. 60s and 70s. it's 5:07. >> that was a fascinating report about the wind. i'm not being sarcastic. >> wind is not good but instead of a north northeast and humidity at 10%. >> i think a lot of people are trying to understand the way winds work. >> it's the direction the wind is coming from. if you see a wind barb that's the way the wind is coming.
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>> i'm hanging on every word. thank you. the commute here, i wouldn't really call it a commute but the drive in a lot of the main roads have been reopened like 37 and 101. the biggest is highway 101. there is active fire activity. things keep changing and yesterday we didn't see a commute in the area and we'll keep letting you know what the roads are like. this is a look at 580. this is driving from livermoore to pleasanton. interstate 880 is doing fine. if you get on the road early you will have a good commute.
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this is a look at the west bay and traffic has not if filled in yet. governor brown declared an stately of emergency. evacuations were ordered near green valley in the northwestern part of solano county. people near twin sisters road were told they had to leave. sheriff's deputies went door-to- door making sure people were not in danger. if orders cover 600 homes. there is no word that any have burned. the evacuation center opened at the community college. the atlas fire is now 3% contained but 5,000 buildings are in danger. at least 17 separate fires are still burning between the bay area and the sierra. no cause has been released for
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any of them. they believe some of them may have been sparked by power lines. the bay area news report is sunday night. they had 10 reports of live power lines down and exploding transformers. they call that report highly speculative. president approved a declaration of wildfires burning in the state. >> i spoke with governor brown letting him know the we will stand with the people of california and we'll be there in time of terrible tragedy and need. >> the stanley cup champions were at the white house. before he congratulated them he took a moment on what has been a very difficult few weeks for the united states. from the devastation of the
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hurricanes to the tragic shooting in las vegas, and now the battle with major wildfires in northern and southern california. if disaster declaration allows the federal government to provide funding to fight the fires and rebuild. a family member contacted the station and kristina handson died in the fire. she used a wheelchair and last heard from early monday morning. she was on the phone with her stepmother describing a red glow approaching her home. the fires are sending smoke as you know all over the bay area. we'll talk about the important health warnings from air quality officials. some homeowners are seeing the fire devastation for the
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first time. the heart break for one couple that came back to find nothing was left. who are these people?
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back. we know there are so many shelters set up for people forced out of their homes by
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the wildfires. that includes more than 25 evacuation centers in sonoma county alone. many people are wearing masks to deal with all of the smoke from the fires. many people want to know if their homes are still standing right now, there is no way to answer that question. they said it's impossible when people will be able to leave and check on their homes. i'm hearing from so many people on facebook and twitter. they just want to know that. i know firefighters told us we are still actively evacuating people. they will do that as soon as possible. one couple did lose their home of 30 years in the fires. >> we are talking about the tara story. she said the chief and his wife discovered their home was gone after they helped others evacuate. >>reporter: they saw the tv
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reports but hadn't seen it devastation firsthand. >> it's surreal. >>reporter: today they returned to their home on lambert court for the first time since the fire ripped through their cul- de-sac. [crying] . >>reporter: the couple is overcome with emotion seeing the place they called home burned to the ground. >> i don't like nice anything. to me, i feel like i'm in another world because this was my home. you know, it's gone. >>reporter: phil is a retired chief for the san francisco fire depart. he never thought he would be the victim of a fire. >> i never thought i cried so much like yesterday. >>reporter: on saturday night she received an alert. >> i called them on their cells and in turn it was a ricochet
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effect. >>reporter: phil rescued his elderly neighbor. >> i feel like i'm in another country. >>reporter: as helicopters buzz above and the ground crunches with every step. >> i thought there was a ray of hope somewhere. >>reporter: the sense of laws is tough. they raised their five children and were married here. >> i thought i was a strong person. >>reporter: an unexpected phone call from san francisco fire. >> anything you need. we are here for you. >> i love you guys. you are my family. >> i'm going to take one day at a time and just stay strong. just, stay positive. >>reporter: one thing they
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would like to see changed is a better notification system. ktvu fox news. we have sal watching the commute. >> that's right. coming up, we'll update all of the closures. that will be in the next report because we have new information. i want to mention our gilroy commute for people who rely on the report every morning it does look okay from gilroy. it's early there and traffic is moving along very well. this is 280 northbound. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. the bay bridge is beginning to fill in. we had minor things in the east bay. again, we'll show you the map
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of closures but highway 101 and 37 have been reopened. at 5:18 let's bring steve in. >> can i add something really quick. craig wrote me and said a different wind direction could be bad for some that were spared. >> of course. >> instead of east to west it goes back towards the east. >> that's why i was asking. everything goes one way -- >> yeah, he was talking about browns valley in napa. that could go back towards them. it's cooler, it was much different than saturday and sunday. this is a howling wind we had on sunday. today is a northwest. the wind advisory is for the north bay hills and valley. we will start at the same time
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and looking for more of a northerly or northwest wind. see how it's not the direction the wind is coming from. by 5:00 today forecast if this is right at list peak has a north at 8. 7 an sonoma. yes, it's picking up. here is the overnight into thursday. that will be the worse of it. napa north at 20. it's not northeast or east. any breeze picking up will be a breezy afternoon. cooler. the humidity is up and that helps. at least it's not upper 80s. this system is different from that one. the wind behind that turns north and northeast. you can see the cool air
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spilling in. we had upper 60s and 70s on monday. we were down 20 degrees. that will help firefighters. more of a westerly breeze and there are signs. it's an onshore. yesterday it came out of napa out of the county. right over oakland and san francisco. today it's more westerly so it takes it to a different direction. the air-condition should be better. yesterday was calmer north. there is the system coming in from higher clouds. you can see the low cloud deck. you can see how deep it is. it doesn't have any rain.
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not yet. there will be another that will keep the northwest wind going. nothing compared to what we saw. cooler, that's good. the breeze is picking up into thursday. >> all right, steve, thank you. it's 5:22. many are coming together to keep people safe. police officers from all over the bay area are heading out to help their colleagues that need the help they can get.
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welcome back. it's 5:24. several schools are closed because of the fires. napa valley classes were closed for the rest of the week. schools in sonoma will be closed for the rest of the week. in santa rosa an learning center for children with autism has been destroyed by the fire. one employee told us we have 120 students relying on us. they need structures, schedules, and boundaries. the founder of the schools said that fire is a huge setback and said we are really sad but used to overcoming the odds.
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time is 5:25. if you live-in the fountain grove area there is a water quality warning because storage tanks were damaged by fire. residents boil water before you drink or cook with it. boil the water for one minute to make sure it's been purified. if you don't follow the advisory that could cause stomach of intestinal illness. up next we'll let you hear from a first responder that lost his own home in the fire while he was at work saving others. >>reporter: good morning, we have traffic that will be busy in other areas. we are looking at san francisco. it's nice in the downtown commute in one area. a weak front is moving over and released the low cloud deck. the keyword is breeze. it will pick up a bit later.
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good morning and welcome back. >> it's about 5:30. a lot of people are waking up. a lot of people are wondering what the weather will be like. that's the big question. >>reporter: i don't know who's out there. >> it's hard to say.
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>>reporter: i'm not sure who is out there. they will tell you it's cooler. the humidity is up. the wind is a concern. it's not north northeast but it's picking up. this is changing all of the direction of the smoke which is wind dependent. areas that didn't have smoke now do. there are ashes falling an hour and 20 minutes a way from napa. they brought the smoke towards the bay, towards san francisco, and moren county. there is the direction west- southwest. it's pushing the smoke more inland now and back towards the coast. the humidity is much, much higher. the temperatures are cooler as well. a decent system is moving in.
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the wind will turn more northwest later today at 5:00. we have a fire warning and most of this is for the north bay hills. there is the system. it's cooler. not in the upper 80s or 90s. we will end up with low clouds as well. a much different set up than what we had yesterday. the winds are going to pick up later this afternoon into tonight. all right, we have the commute we'll at. as i put up the map the major roadways are open and there are new detours set up because of the fire situation. you will notice there are fewer today than yesterday. there are still plenty of slow traffic. highway 29 and 128 near the
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clear lake area. it's okay but we are getting reports of people with new evacuation orders. it's slow because of fire activity. you should expect or be detoured in these areas. 80 westbound. 37 is open as we mentioned. a bit of slowing was you can see on the maps. this is a look at the 80 freeway. it's taking 19 minutes from the bridge to the maize. the lights have been switched on at the bridge and we have an 10 minute wait there. >> all right, fire crews from all over the bay area are working around the clock fighting the fires in the north
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bay. this was posted overnight by the alameda county fire department. firefighters are fighting their second straight day. this video, you can see for yourself how intense the names are on the front line. there is new video from the sheriff's department showing you how dangerous the conditions are for law enforcement and firefighters. this was incredible. this video was taken about 2:00 this morning near franz valley road. you with can see the embers going over the patrol car as it deputy drives through the area. there are new mandatory evacuations orders for calastoga. you can leave the city leaving the silverado trail.
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you can voluntary tearily vacuum ate. firefighters are struggling to make progress. they are still actively vacuumating into new areas. >> they are following the fire as that jumped from napa to sonoma where it's threatening homes. >>reporter: firefighters hearsay they have zero percent containment on the fire. it's blowing through areas like the silverado country club. it leaped three quarters of a mile here know threatening hundreds of homes here.
5:35 am
also fires burning around is a no in is a no no, sonoma. the winds are expected to come back and they have zero percent containment. they are starting to get stretched pretty thin when it comes to firefighters across the western united states. the time is 5:35. five napa valley wineries were destroyed. most of the wineries remain closed. as far as the grape crops some
5:36 am
were more fortunate than others because they harvested their grapes before the fire started. >> we haven't seen it damage and won't know that for sometime. >> the chairman said the fires are not devastate california's wine industry. 4% of wine grapes come from napa valley. it's 5:36 and fires are hitting close to home for local firefighters who have been helping fight the fires. rob ross met with one first responder he also lost his own home in santa rosa. >>reporter: this neighborhood called coffee park the firefighter stairs out at the rubble he's seen before. that rubble used to be his home. >> the whole entire place is gone. i consistent believe what i'm seeing. >>reporter: we caught up with
5:37 am
him as he spoke on the phone with his wife. >> i'll try to find that. >>reporter: he's a firefighter with the fire district. he was on the frontline vacuumating people from the same fire that took his home. >> it's one thing to be on the helping side. once you are on the receiving side it's another set of emotions. i'm not used to this obviously. i'm used to helping people not guilty having people want to help me. >> a friend told him his house was gone but this is the first time he's seeing it himself. >> a lot of it is my daughter's art from school. her paintings and things i was going to put together a book.
5:38 am
>> they will stay with relatives and see about rebuilding. he will try to save other homes. in santa rosa, fox 2 news. the time is 5:38. we are looking at one of the fires as it started sunday night. the names were spreading towards santa rosa. this was taken on 128 near franz valley road. the fire forced as many as 30,000 people from their homes. for many they are waiting to find out if they have a home to return to. two dozen shelters have been set up to help those in need. this appears to before the hardest hit area.
5:39 am
in santa rosa the fairgroundings are aaccommodatedding evac -- accommodate evacuees request pets. most are doing what they can to remain optimistic. another worry they are thinking about with so many people homeless finding an affordable place to live for a while, an extended period of time will be a challenge. the wildfires are still spreading smoke all over the bay area. causing the worse air quality every recorded for smoke. the management district issued smoke and spare the air advisory said the air quality is moving down to alameda, san francisco, and other counties. >> if we get the wind that will help push the air quality out of the regions. if we don't get wind it will sit here. that's good for putting out the fire but not air quality.
5:40 am
>> the fine particles of smoke can get in your lungs. if you have asthma you should wear masks. the wildfires are burning beyond our immediate at i area. they are treated as one big fire. the fire ripped across more than 2300 acres near highway 20 in the redwood valley area. 150 homes have been destroyed in lake county. there are emergency shelters open in kelseyville and middle town. evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of clear lake. there is better news about the wildfires the fire burned 8,000 acres and destroyed
5:41 am
13,000 homes. the fire is 40% contained. the owner of the mandalay bay resort in las vegas is questioning the new timeline of events released by authorities. the clark county sheriff said the gunman shot and injured a hotel security guard outside his hotel room door and shot 200 bullets down the hall 6 minutes before he opened fire on the crowd below. prior reports suggested the security guard was shot after the attack began. there were reports he used a freight elevator at the hotel prior to the shooting. the company believes what's currently being expressed may not be accurate. the investigation into that deadly shooting continues. >> all right. the time is 5:41. coming up in our next hour we
5:42 am
will show you how they are battling names from the air and the special weapon being used. the drive around the bay area is still okay. we have slowing in some areas including approaching the bridge. i'll have more in a moment. >>reporter: the humidity is up and that's good news but the breeze is picking up for some. we will have an update on the flag warning that will kick in later today. this is the new comfort food.
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welcome back. one of the many developments in the wildfire is the new evacuations. >> many people were told they have to evacuate the names were getting closer.
5:45 am
you are in calastog -- calistoga came at 3:00. this was north of grant street in the town of calistoga. i spoke to the officer out here. he said the only way out of town right now because of the fires is highway 29 south. we have seen a lot of heavy traffic on the road this morning when coming in the opposite direction. we saw car after car with people of horse tailors. we stopped in a town nine miles away and the gas stations were
5:46 am
pretty packed. people were filling up, gathering their belongs, and gassing up. they impacted their belongs with animals and kids and they are on their way out. >> we are all in survival mode right now. >> i have my dog and at 4:00 a.m. you do what you can do. >>reporter: most of the pumps are empty. a lot of folks have levittown or in left town or in the process offer a health leaving. again, mandatory evacuation order are in effect since 3:00 a.m. this is because of the tubbs fire. it started on sunday night. because of the changing conditions part of the town is threatened. mandatory evacuation for the
5:47 am
entire community of calistoga. an advisory order means get ready to pack up and leave. >> hey, before you go what are the wind conditions where you are right now? are you picking upwind at all? >>reporter: it's completely still where i am. we are on the other side of a hill. we might be in a protected valley. i'm not sure officially. from what i'm feeling it's not windy at all. i'm not sure out on the front lines of the fire. if they issued this mandatory evacuation they want to get the word out if you don't see the fire or feel like the fire is coming the people on the front lines are putting out those evacuation orders for a reason. it's a good idea to follow them. >> by any chance did you happen
5:48 am
to see, it looks like a gas station behind you. have you seen gas stations open. i know these long lines as people try to fill up to get out of their. >>reporter: yeah, as i mentioned a short time ago the gas pump here are empty. looks like they have just opened but the pumps they have the yellow tags on them. we have seen a few people pull- up and leave immediately. we showed you the video of st. halina which is nine miles away. there were two across the streets from each other and there was a line of cars. people were trying to gas up and get out of town. >> that's such a problem. thank you for the update there. seems like we get new evacuation orders throughout the morning today. stay with us. right now we want to go to sal. you have been covering problems
5:49 am
with the roads. people trying to get out of calistoga is having a hard time getting through. >> a lot of people have been trying to get out of calistoga. they are using 29. that's the only way to do it. the road sensors are not showing a lot of stop-and-go traffic it's busy. highway 101 in the santa rosa area is open. some of the ramps have reopened. highway 37 reopened. authorities don't say when they think that will reopen. 580 and 205 has slow traffic. 880 is slowing as we look at
5:50 am
interstate 880 in oakland. at the bay bridge we have an 15 minute delay until you use the carpool lanes. let's bring steve in. >> we have a break here. the winds are to the northwest. temperatures are cooler and humidity is up. that doesen mean we are safe yet. north bay hills mainly. the wind advisory and forecast map does show a northwest direction. it really picks up later tonight into thursday. nothing compared to sunday night or monday. any breeze is not good. it looks like it will stay 25 to 35 at some of the higher peaks. that's an much favorable direction then we had. 70s on the temperatures today.
5:51 am
cooler. it will be breezy at some of the higher peaks. at list peak has a northwest wind with 58% humidity. most of the breeze has turned westerly pushing a lot of the smoke eastward out towards the valley maybe. i've had reports of ash and smoke being reported. not looking for upper 80s or 90s. we will have the 30s, 40s, and 50s to start. everything is different compared to what we have in the last few days. the low cloud deck and southward. there will be two systems once today and one on friday. we will keep the breeze going and it's more northwest and not north northeast. 60s and 70s on the
5:52 am
temperatures. >> okay, thank you. the time is 5:51. many would like to know what to do to help the fire victims. we have a list of what you should not do. ah, dinner.
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many people are officering to help the fire victims. >> i had people offer to drive up to the fairgrounds. they have 300 horses and expecting more. >> one evacuation center is asking for dog food and food but others are not accepting foods. they are unable to accept prepared food. donating money is better. >> they can buy in balk. because they are working with the victims they know exactly what's needed. >> you should call the shelters ahead of time before you bring a donation. you can find a list of ways to
5:56 am
help on our website. bay area voters will decide if they want to pay an extra three dollars to drive across the bridges. they decided for eight bay area counties. voters will decide if they would like to raise the tolls on state owned bridges. if approved they will allow the toll authority to determine how much to raise the toll up to three dollars. the golden gate bridge is not state owned. apple is investigating problems with their iphone batteries. the phones are supposedly splitting apart. phones with similar problems have emerged in china, canada, crease, and hong kong. they had the problem after
5:57 am
charging overnight. apple is looking into the issue. our time is 5:56. there are several new developments about the fires burning in the north bay. we will tell you were the fires are right now. are right now. the new evacuation orders early this morning. we will have complete live coverage in just minutes.
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5:59 am
the wildfires keep spreading throughout the north bay. mornings on 2 continues. welcome back to mornings on two. if you are just joining us it's wednesday morning, october 11. fires are burning across northern kansas and most of the
6:00 am
fires are out of control. >> there are 17 confirmed death. at least 115,000 acres. that's an area bigger than the entire city of san jose. the fires continue to burn across sonoma and napa county. >> there are also new mandatory evacuation orders in calistoga. there is a shelter at napa valley college. all other parts of calistoga are under advisory and you can voluntarily evacuate. a state of emergency was declared in solano county.


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