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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the winds we have been expecting has not shown up. hopefully that can help firefighters. hello again everyone. the unpredictable nature of the fires has proven to be deadly. that uncertainty about the behavior prompted more evacuations today. several of the fires continue to grow larger. authorities confirm two more deaths in sonoma county. bringing the number of people killed in the fires to 23. 180 people have been hurt. several hundred more are reported missing in the disaster zone. the fast-moving fires have burned 265 square miles. an area five times the size of san francisco. the damage has grown. authorities estimate the fires have burned 3500 homes and businesses. >> 8000 firefighters are on the fire lines from mendocino into
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santa rosa and through the sonoma and napa valley's. the latest map shows how the string of fires we had sunday and monday are beginning to merge into one fire. >> team coverage tonight. jenna is and napa. bill martin is tracking the 1. -- the wind. the bennett valley area tonight.>> reporter: bennett ridge with sits between here and sonoma valley already lost dozens of homes early on. no one can promise that won't happen again. the tide doesn't seem to be turning the right way. >> the hills over kenwood east of santa rosa -- the nuns fire. date 3. one of 22 fires burning in the region. named for nuns canyon road where it started. this one destroyed dozens of homes in glen ellen and it is still spreading. and merging with smaller fires.
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>> what that ends up doing is make a half circle around the town of sonoma.>> reporter: cal fire taking no chances on the sonoma end of the fire and clearing residents from aqua kelly and take. a small town next in line. -- aqua kelly and say. moon mountain is already full of fire. it is turning across the ridge even without much bluster. even with those lines cut in new winds could be disastrous. >> the winds kick up and kicks the embers up there is long- range spotting. and ember goes quite a ways out and drops into the town. then the winds will fuel that.>> reporter: by now everyone knows how that could end up. a firestorm like sunday night that becomes unstoppable. especially if firefighters are busy saving people. it is all too real now. families who have not already left are packed watching the wins and waiting.
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>> this neighborhood will start catching the neighbors -- catching the other neighborhoods pretty quick. hopefully they can contain it. >> we are in this fight for the long haul. it will continue to get worse.>> reporter: the outlook is not optimistic. crews are digging in. in santa rosa bennett valley using water drops living fuel burn away so it won't be there if the winds kick up. san francisco firefighters have been at it all week>> glen ellen kenwood enterprise road -- allie road. my crews have been working very hard.>> reporter: that strike team leader is an assistant fire chief in san francisco. this is a far cry from the city fires he usually sees. we are seeing fire crews from all over the state. they are expressing relief with
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that anticipated when the shift did not happen as strong as expected. we are getting new pictures of the fire burning in the town of geyserville 20 miles north of santa rosa. the pocket fire is forcing evacuations. the flames are pushing southeast in the direction of the river rock personal. 3 to 4 homes have been destroyed. 5000 acres have burned so far. late tonight police officers have been going door to door in the eastern sonoma valley warning people the fires could approach their neighborhoods. chp san francisco office tweeted this video. new orders were issued tonight for level valley road and people are strongly encouraged to leave. randy road along with the sonoma county deputy this morning to get a closer look at the destruction and santa rosa. sergeant dave thompson took them through one neighborhood through fountain grove parkway. only a mailbox was still
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standing. he described how he helped evacuate people from the fountain grove in on sunday night.>> leader on in the evening the we could see the fire coming -- later on. i went through with the manager along with a couple other deputies. we went door to door making sure nobody was there. just knocking on the doors. the fire alarms were going off. it was loud and smoky. we were trying to do the best we could to make sure nobody was there. that was unable to get out.>> the fountain grove in in the hilton hotel next door burned to the ground. the atlas fire has grown to 43,000 acres. it is only 3% contained. is started sunday night about the silverado trail. it has advanced south and east to lake berryessa and solano county. officials issued a warning to residents at a public meeting.
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the atlas fire is one of two fires burning on each side of the city.>> reporter: we are east of to 21. this is one of the areas under this evacuation advisory. not mandatory. an area of concern. there are five neighborhood in this eastern and southern part of napa under evacuation advisory's. pg and e had to turn off gas to 47,000 customers as a precautions for safety. they are not going to turn it back on until they get word from cal fire. people in this area are on standby in case that advisory becomes mandatory. >> flames moved on the hillsides behind -- behind the christian church. concern is focusing on the east side of napa. along -- resident stood watching flames on the nearby ridge. the area one of many under evacuation advisory in case the
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winds pick up. >> we are ready to go. the smoke is thick. they advise us to get ready to go.>> reporter: the city held its second community meeting of the day. >> what we are seeing is his story.>> reporter: the winds might change through the night. >> there are some forecasted changes in the weather which we are starting to see. the north and northeast winds.>> reporter: we capture video showing the massive atlas fire stretched along ridges and burning near lake berryessa. on the west side we saw emergency evacuations just a day before. strike teams monitor flames. >> it is extreme. it is unpredictable. the weather is constantly changing. it is making it difficult for us to get containment sooner than later. we are very concerned. we continue to be surrounded with the fire activity.>>
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reporter: just in the past hour cal fire issued an update on the partridge fire on the west side of napa. so far right now it appears 9500 acres have burned. it is only 2% contained. we also saw evacuations today in calistoga. have the city was told to leave early this morning. the rest got the order later in the day. it is home to 5000 people. it is usually full of tourists. paul chambers says it looks like a ghost town tonight.>> reporter: with the exception of this flood of emergency vehicles the streets are deserted. lincoln avenue is known for its shops. but not tonight. the empty sidewalks come after cal fire posted this notice telling people they need to leave as fire conditions have changed.>> embers could rain over everything.>> reporter: the tubs fire has burned 28,000
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acres in northern napa county. and into sonoma. even knowing that james refuses to leave his home that his grandfather built in the 1940s. >> across town greg winters ignoring evacuation orders. he has a plan ready just in case. >> we are all packed and ready to go at a moments notice. we have food and canned goods. we have a couple small dogs to take with us. enough clothing. >> reporter: he will leave a number of animals behind if he has to go. that is where this group comes in. they will recover any animal they come across. >> it is not the owners fault they cannot get them out. they have to take care of themselves. we are ready to evacuate all the horses that need help in calistoga. we started sunday night.>> reporter: they have rescued
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more than 300 horses. also on standby this group of firefighters from the department of corrections in san diego county. they arrived tuesday night. they will be here as long as needed. >> we are prepping the stretches so they can be easily defendable by engines. >> reporter: there doesn't appear to be any imminent danger where we are. there is very little 1 behind us. there has been a lot of support from neighboring cities with first responders. crews from oakland san jose alameda county and redwood city. a few hundred people are still missing or unaccounted for is family members anxiously await news. the bulk of the missing have been reported in sonoma county. 285 people are still on the missing list. that number was revised down from 600. sheriff officials said 315 people had been located i loved
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ones.>> they are finding a lot of people. i know you guys have been in the county. traffic is bad. medications are tough. i'm optimistic we will get a lot of people connected in different places. >> they have established a hotline for family and friends of the missing. 707565 3856. if you find a loved one after reporting the missing please call that number back so the person can be taken off the missing list. at least 23 lives lost in the fires. what we are learning about the victims. we are tracking the red flag warning in effect for the north bay and coming up for the east bay hills. when things might let up and help firefighters out. fighting the fire from the airport how the national guard is helping to put out the flames.
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firefighters are working around the clock battling the wildfires raging in the north bay. one dozen air tankers operated at a mcclellan l first base in sacramento county. over the last two days they pumped more than 450,000 gallons of retarded. that is the most fire retardant loaded onto aircraft since cal fire set up shop in 2008.
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the california national guard has mobilized help the effort to control the fires. they took off in the black hawk helicopter from the airport in sonoma county today. to survey the fire zone from the airport can wayne went along for the ride. from above the massive devastation this fire has caused really comes into focus. the area looks like another planet devoid of anything recognizable. they flew over the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa and fountain grove. everywhere you look devastation.>> reminded me of world war ii documentaries. when that german city was firebombed by the allies. it was left in ruins. that is what the neighborhood look like. it was wiped out. >> is the chopper approached mount st. helena the smoke cut off all visibility making it impossible to survey the damage below. after getting a sense of how widespread the damage is they
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headed back to the airport. we have new information on some of the victims of the fires. linda tunis died when fire swept the journeys and mobile home park on mendocino avenue park her daughter posted this picture of her on facebook today. her son found her remains and what was left of her home. a teenager also died in one of the wildfires. his parents and sister are hospitalized with severe burns after they tried to escape their home. the sheppard family was in their car when it caught fire early monday. they tried to walk out and that is when 14-year-old kyle sheppard was killed. his mother and sister are hospitalized in sacramento. the father is being treated for burns in san francisco. we are hearing from the heartbroken family of santa rosa fire victim christina hansen. we told you about the 27-year- old last night.
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>> her father was rescued from the fire and is treated at st. francis hospital in san francisco. christina spoke with family members there today. >> 27 years old christina hansen was getting ready to celebrate another birth date in november. her cousins tell us she was full of life. a bubbly personality to people in. >> she just touched everyone. just like always very positive. she was always very social. she loved music. she loved to dance.>> she was getting down on the dance floor.>> reporter: she was born with spina bifida. she was in a wheelchair since birth. >> she had a lot of challenges.>> reporter: she attended spring hills community church and volunteered at primrose for people with alzheimer's and dementia. >> she knew sign language. she learned in very young. she would help interpret for
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hearing impaired.>> reporter: a graduate of cell -- of cal hi she moved with her father and stepmom after high school. she lived in an apartment on ridgeway. the family thinks the fire hit her apartment first and her father tried to save her. he has third-degree burns but he is one of nine patients at st. francis memorial hospital being treated from the wildfires. he is sedated so they won't know what happened until they wake up. authorities confirmed christina did not escape. >> it really was a nightmare. come true. right now we have to shift our focus to her dad and make sure he is okay.>> reporter: only positive memories of her cousin. a woman she remembers as funny and loving. >> if she were here right now she would be worried about
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everyone in her community. making sure everyone else that is still missing was found. she would want to be at shelves for -- shelters helping. i think we just need to honor her that way and try to live the way she would be living.>> she will be honored on friday before the start of cal hi homecoming football game. along with hc and denise. -- stacy and denise who died in the las vegas shooting. her family set up a memorial fund for her and her father. you could find a link on our website at checking the latest model runs. red flag warning -- everyone has their eyes on that. latest model -- this is not going to mail it directly. wind direction is important. these overnight events peak at
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some point. this one looks like it wants to peek at 3 am. midnight, just average wind speeds. around 4 am it wants the peak. north and northeast. not a great direction for firefighters. above 1000 feet in the hills you will see wind gusts in those ranges. quickly, it starts to die down. that is about 9 am. firefighters get an opportunity to get a handle on it. the wind direction is not the best. the overnight lows will be cool. with that said -- that helps firefighters as well. these are current conditions. we have 14 miles per hour atlas peak. six miles per hour in sonoma valley. you see the northerly component. coming straight down is a northerly wind. the want to watch is mount
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diablo. what he mile-per-hour. out of the north. -- 40 miles per hour. that is because these wins -- at higher elevations. hopefully it will stay above were a lot of the fires are. the smoke advisory. i have been discussing this with people. it is as bad as i have seen it. if you saw any sunsets tonight. people were posting online. you're going to see the same set up tomorrow. unhealthy tomorrow in the purple area. the central bay not very good. northbay will have the worst air quality. between the northbay cut for everybody between about 2 am and 6 am it will be a critical time for this fire. right now it appears the wins are not going to be as ferocious as they could be or they were forecast to be. that would be good news. let's hope that happens. there is still a lot going on.
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lots of fires burning. you have the event on saturday where the wins come up again. it is a -- it could be a better scenario for firefighters. it is not the worst case. tonight they are getting a break. steve will be here in the morning to fill you in. the nationals beat the cubs in chicago. forcing a do or die game 5 tomorrow in washington. that story and the rest of sports coming up next. a live look at a smokies san francisco on this wednesday night. air-quality officials warning people to limit time outdoors. the fires in the northbay continue ue to burn. to burn.
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long-suffering cleveland let another one slip away. >> at least they have the cavaliers two years ago. that is all they have to hang onto. they don't have the browns. one postseason series and baseball wrapped up tonight. the other was a fifth grade -- fifth game to be played. corey kluber was trying to keep the yankees from winning their third game. gregorius put the yankees on the board with a first inning homer. he came into the game batting 007. full of unlikely heroes.
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gardner was on base. that was a two-run shot. gregorius and teammates something to skip about. cruising into the fifth. giovanni single to score another. 3-2. they got out with a double play. 5-2 lead in the ninth. chatman -- nailed it down. he gets austin jackson. that is your ballgame and your series. yankees come back for three straight. they will go to houston on friday. dusty baker and the washington nationals against the cubs. the little things with two pictures matchup. ryan zimmerman. of chicago's jake. russell booth the wet baseball. the games first one. that was a big run with strasburg. he allowed three hits.
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he struck out -- jason heyward. still no margin for error. that change in the eighth. the nationals load the bases. runs out of room. the ball drops -- that is a grand slam. the nationals even the series. two games each. they will play the deciding game in the series tomorrow night in washington. the warriors have one more preseason game on friday before they start playing for real. next tuesday it gives houston. jordan bell you have to feel good about being drafted by the defending nba champions. he was doing his best during the trip to china to make his case for playing time. two blocks. a steel in seven minutes. tough rotation to crack.>>
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defensive awareness. aggressiveness. and decisiveness. he knows he has to be ready to play. he has to carry that momentum.>> are you guys ready for tuesday? >> it is going to be a good season. see you later everyone. >> good night.
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