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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 12, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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many fires are still burning out of control in the one country this morning. the big concern is the wind. right now there is virtually no containment in many more evacuations. there are reports of power lines down around the same time the fire started. 2 investigates listened to dispatch audio that may give some clues as to how the fires may have started. mornings on 2 starts now. thank you for joining is mornings on 2 . thursday, october 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it's a little chilly this morning. >> it was chilly last night. >> 43 degrees when i started my day. >> the cold air is one of the big differences between this and sunday. we had 80s and 90s and lows around the 70s. the wind is picking up her son -- for some.
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mount diablo, 45. it's been up to 50. some higher elevations in the north, 20-25. with all these fires and that north and northwest breeze, it sends all that smoke all over the place including reports of ash falling. very unhealthy air quality in the north. the red flag warning for the north bay and south bay but also the santa cruz mountains and down to monterey and san benito county. 53 and higher elevations. 29% humidity near healdsburg. windsor, northeast at 5. santa rosa, northeast at 13. the wind is a direction that is very dry and humidity will continue to go down. atlas peak, 19 from the north and 29% humidity. the fire where the warning goes all the way to the south.
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it is covering a wide area. there is a freeze warning to the north in parts of mendocino county until 9:00 for temperatures in the low 30s. higher clouds and fog yesterday. that is not the case today. 56 at napa airport. if you have a north wind, it is probably warm. if it's called, it's probably pretty cold. one more system will come from the north on friday and that will keep the wind going again. 60s and 70s on the temperatures today. we do have road closures and sonoma county and napa county and a lot of them -- we can't mention all of them because there is a long list -- i do want to mention if you're driving to the area, highway 37, 101 and 20 not are open. authorities are asking you to stay off the roads unless it's necessary. you will see that the purple is where we have the closures. highway 128 into calistoga from
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north to south and also 128 near lake berryessa is closed. many of the off ramps are closed near the fire area. hopper, mendocino and bicentennial -- those are off ramps where you cannot get off the freeway. let's move along to the altamont pass. 580 westbound is slow. we do not have any more roadwork as you drive to livermore. it looks better to castro valley. 880 traffic in both directions looks good to the beaux bridge -- bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is getting more crowded heading west. the northern california wildfires keep expanding. the cal fire chief warns the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. there are now 23 confirmed deaths from the fire and 180 people are hurt. officials say more than 3500 homes, schools and businesses are damaged or completely destroyed.
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the fires have burned 265 square miles, an area bigger than the combination of san jose and san francisco. the cal fire map shows where the fires are burning. officials are concerned some buyers are moving towards each other and could merge into a bigger fire. there are 8000 firefighters on the fire lines in mendocino and through sonoma, napa and lake county. crews from nevada, oregon, washington and arizona are heading this way. many areas of napa county have been hard-hit by the fires. people in the city of napa have been warned they may need to evacuate. allie rasmus is a napa. what is the latest out there this morning? >> reporter: as we were driving on a highway 12 we looked east and we could see what we're going to show us. fire on the ridgeline of these hills. our exact location, we turned onto napa vallejo highway,
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highway 221. we took the first exit and pulled into this vineyard to get a better look. judging from the maps i believe this area burning behind us maybe part of the skyline wilderness park or some of the foothills around us. it is raining ash on us. in the last 30 minutes we have seen the fire moved downhill. when we first got here it appeared to be at the top of the hill but it's now moving downhill. it's hard for us to see how far away this is because of the darkness. we can see an orange glow along the ridge line to our left. we saw something go up a short time ago. i'm not sure what is in that area you're looking at right now. it's hard to get a frame of reference in the darkness. this is part of the atlas fire
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burning and napa county. this fire has burned 43,000 acres and is 3% contained as of last night. this is the skyfox video from yesterday evening showing the atlas fire burning toward lake berryessa. this is close to some of the areas where we are in the areas that cal fire included in its latest evacuation advisory. that was issued at 9:30 pm. this neighborhoods east of highway 221 between highway 29, north of jamison canyon road between highway 12 and the napa solano county line. some of those evacuation advisories are further north of where we are. back at here live, we can see the fires and the flames coming over the ridge line. there is a lot of ash coming down. the evacuation advisory for those neighborhoods in east napa , that advisory means to have
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your stuff ready to go. have your essentials packed up. be ready to leave at a moments notice should the conditions change and should the fire come closer to those neighborhoods. >> before you go. give us a feel for how cold it feels out there, the air quality and if you are getting any wind? >> reporter: there is a slight breeze coming down from the hill which makes sense. that's probably why the fire looks like it's coming down the hill and getting closer to where we are. we are just off of highway 221 at anderson road. we pulled into a vineyard. it's definitely cold out here. i was shivering before the live shot began. we have seen the breeze pick up a little bit since we've been out here in the last 30 minutes. you can see that -- you can see which way the wind is blowing because we can see the ash in
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the air coming this direction. i guess this would be coming from the northeast. steve is the expert on that thing. there is a slight breeze and it's very chilly and dry. it does not feel that humid. >> steve said yes. thank you so much. she will stay on top of that area. napa has evacuation orders and everything could change. police officers in the eastern sonoma valley have been going door to door, awarding people the fire could hit their neighborhood. this video was tweeted out by the chp and san francisco. new evacuation orders were issued for lovell valley road. people are strongly encouraged to leave. overnight new video from alameda county fire teams from the partrick fire west of napa and east of sonoma. you can see the flames are intense on the front lines.
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fire crews have been working around the clock since sunday night. the evacuation orders and geyserville continue to expand. mandatory evacuations are in place for highway 128 east to the river rock casino and south on 128 from geysers road to kal pine. authorities say 3-4 homes have been destroyed and about 5000 acres have burned. one woman described frantic moments as neighbors got the word it was time to get out. >> it was just neighbors calling neighbors. >> were you scared? >> yes. was just feeling stunned and trying to decide what is important to me. i was in a daze putting stuff in the car and shaking, really, until it was time to leave. >> firefighters say the flames are heading southeast in the direction of the river rock casino. the biggest worry they have right now is if the wind shifts
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to the west, that would put more homes in danger. expect more cal fire planes over the wine country this morning. 37 helicopters and 36 planes including air tankers and spotter planes are now assigned to the northern california fires. the helicopters have been flying but they cannot carry as much flame retardant or water as the planes. the planes could not fly because the pilots could not see through the thick smoke. the wind has helped clear the skies enough so more firefighting planes can fly and drop fire retardant during the daylight. the four standard tankers based in santa rosa have been flying since monday but are now being joined by bigger tankers operating out of mcallen airspace in sacramento. the larger tankers can carry three times more flame retardant than the smaller planes. kaiser and sutter hospital's in santa rosa are teaming up to help reunite families with missing loved ones.
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both hospitals had to be evacuated sunday night and monday morning when the fires first started. now the hospitals have set up reunification phone lines to help family members find their loved ones who were transported from those facilities to other hospitals. kaiser's family reunification number is 855-599-0033. sutter santa rosa family reunification is 707-543-4511. you are also being encouraged to continue to report missing persons to the sonoma county hotline. that number is 707-565-3856. the sonoma county department of health person told us yesterday that number is a catchall. you can get a lot of information there and on the county government website as well. we are following reports of power lines that were down
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around the same time the fires started. we have details of dispatch audio that 2 investigates listened to four hours. arthur clues on those tapes about how several fires started? it's going to be mostly slow and some of these areas. some areas have not bilden like highway 24. that was good heading over to the caldecott. the wind is picking up for some out of the north and northwest. i am seeing gusts up to 36 above the caldecott and mount diablo has gusts up to 46 out of the north or northeast. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. or california national guard crews arrived to moffett field to help battle the flames. the rescue wing and 146th airlift team arrived shortly before midnight. the teams consist of 100 guardsmen and women from the los alamitos area which is near long beach. they will provide support for shelters in napa and solano county. the california national guard is helping on the front lines. charles sholtz airport is serving as a hub for a blackhawk helicopter and its crew. yesterday, they checked the
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fire zone from the air. can wayne went along for the ride and from the sky you can see the massive devastation caused by the fire. the burn areas are barely recognizable. they flew over the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa and fountain grove neighborhoods. everywhere you look is devastated. >> it reminded me of those old world war ii documentaries of dresden when that german city was firebombed by the allies and left in ruins. it's what that neighborhood look like. it was wiped out. >> as the helicopter approached mount st. helena, the smoke became so thick it blocked almost all visibility making it impossible to look down to see the damage below. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but there are questions about whether pg&e equipment could have played a role. candace nguyen has been listening to hours of dispatch
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audio and they revealed firefighters reported downed power lines and blown transformers in multiple locations the night the fires started. >> reporter: radio communication between dispatchers and firefighters. >> power lines are down. >> reporter: in the late hours of sunday evening. investigators say the north bay fire started around this time. not long after, it burned tens of thousands of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and claimed lives. although the cause of the fires has not been determined, 2 investigates listened to hours of dispatch audio between fire and law enforcement agencies after the first fires broke out on sunday night. they reveal more than a dozen reports of downed power lines, blown transformers and flames.
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less than 24 hours after those initial reports, flames spread, for the crippling pg&e infrastructure around santa rosa. >> all these power poles are down. in a statement, pg&e says it maintains an unwavering focus on delivering safe and reliable electric and gas services. the company acknowledges heavy wind and weakened trees contributed to brush falling on its electrical lines throughout the north bay but pg&e did not comment on whether they were the source of any of the fires. sal is over there watching our morning commute. we do have a lot of closures in the fire area and authorities are advising you in sonoma and napa county to say off the roads unless necessary and to heed all closures. there are staffed and unstaffed closures and the are to be
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treated the same. you can see brodie tors. highway 101 through santa rosa is open but many of the exit ramps are closed. we have not seen much of a commute in the last few days from santa rosa to petaluma and into novato. that is very understandable as people are probably not thinking about work at the moment. this is a look at some of the major closures. highway 128 into calistoga is closed coming from north to south. highway 128 near lake berryessa is closed because of fire activity. highway what 29 is open although it's been crowded. many people had been on interstate many people had been on interstate 80. we've seen signs that say big rigs should use a different route to free this up. many people are evacuating this way. i imagine they want the roads as clear as possible.
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people on 580 may see more big rigs getting out of the bay area that way. this is a look at gilroy to san jose. north bay 101, that looks fine into morgan hill and into san jose with no major issues into the silicon valley. 280 also looks good as you drive through. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along okay into san francisco. coming up we will look at 101 in san francisco. we will get to current conditions, wind directions and speeds but first, can wants to know, do you see any rain coming to northern california to help? yes. a week from today. next thursday. it looks like mendocino, lake, sonoma and napa. that is a week away so a lot can change but the model has been consistent.
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until then people are saying will the smoke continued? yes. i do not see any change for this. i agree with the gentleman from cal fire. i do not see any break for about a week. i don't see how you can get around to. very unhealthy for many to the north and it's not that good for anybody else. windspeed will be the strongest this morning and then taper off. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. i've seen some in higher elevations that have been higher than 25-30 miles per hour. humidity is low. nothing compared to sunday and monday. that was a much stronger wind pattern than what we are seeing here. we are getting a northern or northeasterly breeze. red flag warning continues in not just the north or east bay, it goes down into san benito county.
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let's look at lake county. a west, southwest and 35 degrees in lakeport. lower lake has a west wind. a north wind at knoxville creek . in higher elevations, 28% in hawkeye observation. santa rosa, northeast at 13. the offshore breeze is there. it's not strong. atlas peak, 19 miles per hour with 29% humidity. fairfield with a west/southwest . north in sonoma valley at 6 miles per hour. i did see gusts up to 36 in the oakland hills. 27%. mount diablo, 39% with gusts up to 46 miles per hour. in fairfield and vacaville , 13 with gusts up to 24. davis, gusts up to 26. 30s, 40s and 50s on the thames. there is some very cold air in
5:23 am
thames -- in place. 35 in lakeport. 56, napa. 19, truckee. ukiah, 39. northeast wind and willits. 31 degrees. some locations are in the low to mid 30s. there is a freeze warning until 9 am. isn't that amazing? with the high fire danger you get a freeze warning for some because it's so cold in certain areas to the north. we will have hazy and smoky skies today. another system will rotate down that will pick up the wind on friday. it will be breezy in the morning and then decreasing with highs in the 60s and 70s. after friday things calm down but it gets warmer sunday through tuesday. we may see some rain a week from today.
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>> also think about the homeless breathing all of this. >> absolutely. my 85-year-old father and little ones. someone in fairfield just had a baby. she moved because of the green valley fire. it's not going to be better for a while. in the middle of this fire disaster, governor brown has a message. why the governor puts some of the blame on climate change.
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welcome back. the sonoma county sheriff's office issued more evacuation orders, mandatory evacuations were ordered in the eastern sonoma valley. people who live on kelso road north of lovell valley road or along seventh street east, north of lovell valley road, you are being told to leave immediately. they are also -- there are also advisory evacuations. people do not have to leave but you should be prepared to get out quickly. those orders affect the area starting at mendocino avenue and lomitas avenue and moving south and east to franklin avenue. the boundaries on that and are not a road, los alamos road and melita road and montana road. this extends south to fourth street and highway 12. police are asking everyone to turn off gas and water lines before you evacuate your home.
5:28 am
in addition to schools being closed, several other bay area school districts will close schools today because the air is so bad. schools will be closed in pittsburg, west contra costa county , martinez, mount diablo and antioch unified school districts. sports and afterschool activities have also been canceled. to get more information go to our website, the extent of the distraction from the fires in northern california is hard to get a handle on. what the governor said about california's financial ability to recover.
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and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 12. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we want to check in with steve. many people are asking what the wind will do today. >> out of the north, northeast and northwest. not as strong as sunday and monday and it's colder. air quality is awful. it's bad in here. >> i can feel it. i've been breathing at all week. >> kristin said, how bad do you think this air quality will last? i think it's going to last a while. she is in tiburon.
5:32 am
i can't say i blame you if you leave. i can't see a break until next thursday when the possibility for rain will move in. sometimes this will clear and you can have a blue sky and then the wind will turn. the air is very unhealthy as you move north where most of the fires are. wind speeds are not that bad but they are up around 20-25. the wind will be mainly in the morning and then start to decrease this afternoon. there is another system coming down that will clip us on friday and that may pick up the wind again. we have a red flag warning again. these will go through today around 5:00 and then will be up again tomorrow as you go from one system to the next. wind in lake county out of the north and northwest. knoxville creek has a north. north in santa rosa. the offshore breeze is there
5:33 am
between 13-15 miles per hour not 60 or 70. temperatures are much colder. atlas peak, 51 out of the north at 19. humidity, 27%. mount diablo has a north wind around 46 miles per hour . eastern solano county and vacaville, north with gusts up to 24. napa airport says east northeast. 30s, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. quite cool in mendocino county. there is a freeze warning out because it is so cold. they do have a northeast breezes as well. that will go until 9 am. for us it will be hazy. it's sunny but that is a milky sky. one more system will come down tomorrow and that will give us another round of wind. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. we do have traffic that is going to be impacted by the
5:34 am
sonoma fires. i want to show you video we took a little while ago of a long line of vehicles. this is the second date we've noticed emergency vehicles. those look like police cars heading north to the north bay. this is the second day. it looks like a caravan of first responders heading up to help out. this is what you will see north of the golden gate bridge. we have seen resources coming into the area. please give them the right-of- way. when you get to the area, stay off the roads as much as possible. i want to show you highway 37 is open and so is 101 through petaluma and up through santa rosa. some of the off ramps are closed . you can get through. they are not allowing you off on some of the main fire burned areas. highway 128 is closed into calistoga. it's also close near lake berryessa.
5:35 am
we are looking at other commutes. 80 westbound, vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, slow traffic and vallejo heading toward the carquinez bridge. on the east shore freeway, 18 minutes from that point to the macarthur maze. metering lights have been switched on at the bay bridge. this is about a 10 minute delay. the fires continue to threatened several neighborhoods in sonoma county including the oakmont, glenn allen and bennet valley areas. >> the tubbs fire spreading in more than one direction. firefighters doing what they can to keep it from advancing. >> and a continues to threatened several neighborhoods. the fire was working its way down a hillside in bennet valley on the ground. strike team was in place. fire crews worked to scrape away as much fuel as possible and from above, a cal fire helicopter made several passes.
5:36 am
firefighters say conditions were pretty good yesterday but those conditions can quickly change. >> we are very aware that we will have a 180 degree shift in the wind. that's why it's so good right now but this fire is doing what it's doing. taking out the fuel that would be pushed by higher wind, therefore, it eliminates the problem. that makes us available to go someplace else. >> despite the size of the fire, fire officials say many of the crews on scene are offering to stay even after their shifts are done. we continue our coverage of the fires this morning. one of the areas that is of big concern is sonoma county. >> an evacuation order advisory was issued for boyes hot springs and the north side of the city of sonoma. alex savidge just arrived in the city of sonoma. what's it like out there? >> reporter: the city of sonoma itself is pretty much a ghosttown. we just drove through and there's not a lot of activity.
5:37 am
many people have left the city and there is fire approaching from the north and also approaching from the east. we will step out of the way and show you one of the leading edges of this fire. this is on the east side of sonoma. we are on lovell valley road, east of seventh street. you can see that fire is going pretty good up in the hills. this is on the east side of the city. there were some mandatory evacuation orders put in place for this part of town for people living on lovell valley road, near seventh street and castle road. were forced to evacuate. many other people in this community evacuated days ago. one is graham edwards who is joining us live this morning. good morning. i'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances. you walked up to me and said -- you pointed your house. it's to the right of that red glow. >> you can see the red glow and
5:38 am
i am to the right of that. this represents the convergence of two fires. monday, all day i watch the fire come down the valley towards my house. this plumas lake it up around four clock in the afternoon on monday. dose this plume flared up around four clock in the afternoon on monday. >> the fire we are looking at -- >> reporter: this would be the nuns fire that has come down from the north and has already done a lot of damage in glen ellen and kenwood. >> i believe so. i think we here they are connecting all the fires on the sonoma side. we've seen that on the other side of town behind us, over on the west side of town. i'm staying over there with some friends. you see a glow across the entire back ridge now that things have cleared up. >> reporter: i'm sure this is the closest this fire has come to your home in the last few days.
5:39 am
>> indeed. it's sandwiching us in right now. on monday we were evacuated at 2 am. the fire crested the ridge and took all day monday to get down to us and came across our valley and down my street. the houses at the end of my street, the opposite end of my street, burned that evening. according to the firefighter i spoke with that came down, this has crossed lovell valley road. i live off of wood valley road. and is heading up the backside of that hill which is at the top of my house. it's pretty disconcerting. >> reporter: i'm sure. how much confidence do you have that these fire crews, were doing an amazing job, how much confidence they will be able to hold this? >> they are doing an amazing job. you don't get much optimism. you get practical, hard facts and i will take that for now. they are doing a great job and
5:40 am
we appreciated. >> reporter: how are you on your family hanging in? >> we are still here. we are still here watching and trying to stay safe and out-of- the-way but also staying informed. i can't take my eyes off of it. it will turn out however it turns out, i guess. >> reporter: thank you very much and i wish you the best. this is one of the people evacuated from this area east of sonoma. this fire is creeping toward the east edge of town. a lot of people late in the day yesterday chose to evacuate the city of sonoma even though there was not a mandatory evacuation order issued. many people have left already. >> alex, i know so many people and have viewers contacting me as well -- there are some areas on the edge of the sonoma valley. they're not mandatory but they are hosing down their rooms and wetting down their property. the embers of the biggest problem. how windy is it out there for you? >> reporter: right now at this moment, it's not very windy. maybe a light breeze, maybe.
5:41 am
but certainly not much wind to speak of at this moment in time. that is good news. that chill in the air is here as well. the cooler temperatures the firefighters like. we have the rest of today with potential red flag conditions. that is the concern here. you look at that hillside and you see it glowing like it is. that has a lot of people worried. >> before you go, many people are watching anxiously and looking for a specific area. reader eight, the flames horsing behind you is where? >> reporter: that's important to be specific. we are on lovell valley road and we are just east of seventh street. our shot, you are looking north and east up into the foothills on the east side of sonoma.
5:42 am
that is where you are seeing some active fire burning. this is just outside the city limits of sonoma is what i'm being told. we should also point out that in addition to the fire burning on the east side of sonoma, is also coming toward the city from the north side, the nuns fire. that's why people in the communities of boyes hot springs and aguascalientes are being told to be prepared to leave. it's not a mandatory evacuation for those communities but, essentially what the sheriff's office is saying, is if you don't need to be there, you may leave right now. you should probably go. that is the warning from the sheriff's office. we saw that yesterday. a lot of people in sonoma and surrounding communities are packing up their things and heading out just in case.
5:43 am
>> and we're watching as the emergency personnel are trying to make their way into the area. that's great advice. stay off the road and get in and out of the area if you can. thank you for the update. the extent of the destruction from these fires is hard to get a handle on. governor brown says it's too soon to say but he expects the price tag to fight the fire can rebuild the homes damaged and destroyed, will run into the billions and billions of dollars. he assured the people of california that the state and federal government have the resources needed to recover. he said because the california economy is so big, it can absorb even a disaster this big. 5:43 am. still ahead we have a closer look at those santa rosa neighborhoods that were destroyed in the fires. coming up, ktvu went overhead deputies. we will show you what it looks like there and that fountain
5:44 am
grove area.
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5:46 am
a funeral will be held this morning for stacee etcheber of novato. she was killed in the mass shooting in las vegas. she was a mother of two and was at the music festival with her husband. the funeral this morning will be held at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. there will be a visitation at 9 am followed by a funeral mass at 10:30 am. along with her husband and two children, stacee is survived by her parents, two brothers and a sister. graduated from california high school in san ramon and will be honored at a ceremony before tomorrow night's homecoming game.
5:47 am
as the fires continue to burn, air quality continues to be bad throughout the bay area. and the smoky conditions are expected to worsen today and tomorrow. several counties have issued hazardous level warnings. the environmental protection agency index has increased to orange. this signifies that sensitive groups such as children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions should avoid going outside and exerting themselves as much as possible. yesterday governor brown talked about the fire devastation singing climate change has played a role. >> that's the way it is with a warming climate, dry weather and reducing moisture. these catastrophes have happened. they will continue to happen. we need to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate. >> governor brown, who is now seen as a global leader on climate change, acknowledged
5:48 am
the federal government has pledged to help california recover but said at the moment many of the federal resources our position on hurricane relief in florida, texas and puerto rico. 5:48 am. sal, we have been talking about , reiterate to people, stay out of sonoma county if you can and the area through vallejo. we just saw that line of police officers and cars. we saw that yesterday running through marin county as well. so many chp officers heading up there to help. >> and we have other resources, fire engines and trucks, all kinds of equipment arriving. authorities would like you to stay off the roads in sonoma and napa county as much as possible to allow emergency equipment to move through. as you heard alex a, a lot of these towns are evacuated. this is a look at the commute, highway 101 is open through santa rosa but many of the off
5:49 am
ramps are closed. highway 128 is closed approaching calistoga and highway 128 is closed in the lake berryessa area. slow traffic on the altamont pass. westbound 580, 205 and 580. also 580 before the two of five interchange. it looks better in livermore driving out to castro valley. no major issues on 880 heading south from hayward union city. slow traffic northbound 880 traffic is beginning to slow in some spots on the way to oakland but it still light. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup that stretches for about 10 minutes. it's pretty cool for some but the smoke advisory continues and covers just about everyone even out to the sacramento valley. i've had reports from yuba city and folsom that the air quality is bad. very unhealthy to the north and
5:50 am
not that good anywhere else. richard meyer said and richmond yesterday they had smoke and ash all day. i could not see willow pass from highway 4 at the concord airport. that is not that far of a distance. the system that moved in over us yesterday continues today. more of a trajectory over us and also over utah. early monday we had gust between 60-80. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. this morning we have gust between 25 and 40. temperatures are between 30 and 50. the wind speed and temperatures are much lower than what we saw late sunday and early monday. the red flag warning still continues. most of the started last night and will go through 5:00. it's not just the north and east bay hills. it's also down to monterey, the santa cruz mountains. up in lake county, 35 degrees with a south wind.
5:51 am
lower lake has a west wind and knoxville creek has a north wind at 29 miles per hour. higher elevations, 28% and north at 14. atlas peak, 51 degrees with 30% humidity. north at 19 miles per hour. i westwind at fairfield a north wind in sonoma. above the oakland hills, there is a gust of 30 above the caldecott. mount diablo has gusts up to 46. humidity between 27% and 32%. in the valley, the north wind has picked up for solano county. vacaville, testing up to 14. 50, nevada. 45 in mill valley. a lot of observations are very cool.
5:52 am
41, walnut creek. 55, berkeley. there are some chilly readings and some that are not so bad. it depends on the wind direction and wind speed. 35 in lakeport. 57, fairfield. 19, truckee. 39, ukiah. willits with a southwind, 30 degrees. because it's so cold there is a freeze warning that will go until 9 am. also a red flag warning continues through this afternoon. it will be sunny but it will be hard to see because there is so much smoke and haze. one more system oakland press tomorrow. that will pick up the breeze again. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. it does look like a breezy friday and then calming down saturday. warmer on sunday and monday and there are signs of rain next thursday. we will take a
5:53 am
break. mornings on 2 will be right back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. president trump's tax reform plan getting pushback from a unique coalition that includes republican lawmakers and unions. they do not like the plan to get rid of the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes. republican lawmakers from high tax states like california, new
5:56 am
york, new jersey and illinois as well as labor unions and business groups want the administration to reconsider eliminating that deduction. several sports teams announced a joint donation yesterday of $450,000 to help the fire victims. the donation is from the oakland raiders, the oakland a's, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants and the golden state warriors and the san jose sharks. in addition to the base donation, the teams are asking fans to give to the bay area unite campaign that will benefit the american red cross. the red cross needs a lot of help right now. our coverage of the north bay wildfires will continue at the top of the hour. new pictures of the firefight in napa and sonoma county. any new concerns for solano county. the neighborhoods being told to be ready to leave. good morning.
5:57 am
we can see it will be busy on some of the commutes. this is a live look at the commute in san rafael where traffic is moving well.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are ready to go. the smoke is thick. they advised us to get ready to go. and overwhelming fire is growing. new evacuation warnings this morning. we will tell you where firefighters are today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, october 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we are now in the fourth day of the fires. the california chief said the situation will get worse before it gets better. there are now 23 confirmed deaths from the fires. at least 180 are hurt. officials say more than 3500 homes, schools and businesses are damaged or completely destroyed.
6:00 am
the fires have burned 265 square miles, five times bigger than the city of san francisco. this map shows how much of northern california is burning. there are 21 major fires burning in the northern part of the state with very little containment. fire officials admit they are worried because some of those fires are now moving towards each other. if they continue on those pads, they could merge into one huge fire which would be more dangerous and more difficult to control than several smaller fires. >> one fire causing a lot of concern right now is the nuns fire's in the hills above kenwood and outside santa rosa. it has burned 8500 acres and is 2% contained. it has already destroyed many homes. it's linked with other fires to create a half circle around the city of sonoma. fire crews are due to converge at the command center for this fire so they can coordinate their efforts. thousands of people have been


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