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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 12, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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were doing the best we could to make sure there was nobody in there that was unable to get out. >> the hotel next door was packed with guests when it evacuated. we are very concerned, we are surrounded by fire activity. >> it was all burned, there was nothing there. there is nothing to get. >> the fires continue to rage and coming up we will have a live update from officials in napa and sonoma county. >> welcome everyone, we are awaiting a news conference that is set to begin at any moment. this is to update us on the deadly fires burning in napa county as the fires enter their fourth day. devastating wildfires ravaging parts of northern california and mendocino county. mendocino, sonoma and solano
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counties. if there was any positive from this morning it is that the atlas fire did not appear to have grown overnight. maybe just a few thousand acres but there is a lot of concern for folks who live in calistoga. all of them were told to evacuate and the same for downtown sonoma. i have friends in that area who have left their homes and are waiting word for if that fire is progressing. >> my friend tweeted me from sonoma he got out, he packed up his pickup truck with everything and they are gone. he says there is no one left. >> we just heard from cal fire some people are defying the orders to evacuate thinking they will stay and defend their homes but they are putting themselves in danger and they're putting firefighters endanger. -- in danger. so at this point we have to
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understand it is about more than just you. if you are told to get out and get out. >> when that news conference starts we will bring you their live. the cal fire chief says the situation will be getting worse before getting better. there are now 23 confirmed deaths from the fires and 180 people have been injured. more than 3500 buildings we are talking homes schools businesses damaged and destroyed. the fires of burn 265 square miles. combined san francisco and san jose and that is the amount of land.>> the biggest fires are burning moving toward each other and could merge into a huge fire. there are already 8000 firefighters on the lines in mendocino, sonoma, napa and lake counties. crews from nevada, oregon, washington and arizona are
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headed here. >> the big question we have for steve paulson is the wind. are they getting any relief from these offshore winds? >> they got a break last night and early this morning. the gusting has only been up to about 15 miles per hour. let's take a look outside. look at the fires that are ongoing. as far as these go they could merge together. when you have the east or northeast breeze and then you start to get the northwest that could send the fire in other directions compared to sunday night and monday. we have multiple fires with some of them burning toward each other. the smoke is the huge issue with the advisory today unhealthy to a very unhealthy and certainly to the north the breeze has not been that bad but it is out of the north continuing to send smoke from mendocino into napa and sonoma due south over san pablo bay.
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many other areas as well because you can see the wind direction other than north with the threat -- strong discussed at mount diablo. atlas peak right now 21 miles per hour so it is breezy but not so much at the surface mostly at the higher elevations and nothing compared to sunday and monday. humidity at 50% dropping to about 20% but the good news temperatures are in the 70s. the red flag warning is out and that continues until this afternoon. we will have another system coming from the northwest on friday kicking up the wind and after that things will calm down but they will warm up to the 60s and 70s today and today is probably the coolest day. it looks warmer with signs of rain coming. >> the news conference is getting underway in napa county. .
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>> i serve as chair of the board. i would like to welcome all of you to the napa county sheriff's office. this is our first briefing of the day so this is the fourth of the week related to the 2017 napa fire complex. today is thursday, october 12. we are providing updates on the fire in napa county and other health-related information. today is a different day. it is a good day. today, the beginning of day four fire crews are making progress and we are beginning to contain the fire and that is the story for today. that is the good news for napa county. where we are in terms of the fire, i would like to invite chief barry. min. >> good morning, first off the
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good news is the wind event that was predicted through the night into today did not materialize to the level predicted so that give us a better opportunity to have more containment on the fires. we are in red flag conditions with low humidity until late this afternoon and early evening. the wind is predicted to diminish but we do have lowering humidities. we made good progress yesterday and we had some challenges. we still have fire growth on some of the fires in different directions. we have a threat that is continuing in multiple areas into structures and those areas we have issued more mandatory evacuation areas yesterday in the sonoma county area. those fires are still causing problems and we are trying to address that. additional resources continue to come into these incidents which is starting to give us the upper hand allowing us to switch from going from strictly
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structure to protecting lives and getting containment started. we are making sure the fire is out in certain areas but we have to remember the priority is taken care of the lives of the public making sure their property is safe. as more resources come in we will continue to get additional containment on the fires. the numbers will be going up and we hope the weather continues to cooperate and stays mild so we can make good progress. ress. >> good morning, my name is chris child's and the commander of the napa chp office. chp resources are coming in from all over northern california from as far away as reading and as far south as fresno. chp is working diligently to ensure the safety of the roadways and the people of napa.
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speaking of the safety i would like to remind the public that closures are hard closures, we are not allowing people through. we have worked crews in the area and we have people that need to get through so we have power lines down with smoldering polls so we are asking the public to respect the road closures. if you are asked to leave i would like to remind the public to take your small pets or larger pets and ensure you have the medication with you so you can be insured to be safe wherever you are. finally i would like to remind everyone we are working with napa county and the sheriff department as well as the police department and all the google public safety personnel. we are proud to say we work great as a team and finally a reminder we are using social media to get the word out as cell phone service returns in napa county so please use those resources to get updates. thank you. 
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>> john robertson napa county sheriff. first of all i would like to thank our mutual ate -- aid agencies. these resources will give us the ability today to start doing escorts for people with critical needs to go back into some of these closed areas. so we will be starting those as we speak. right now we are starting at 9:00 at the intersection of silverado trail and monticello road in front of the [null] hill parking lot. thank you. >> at this time, we will go into updates on each of the individual fires from our supervisors. i would like to invite supervisor dylan and the mayor
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of calistoga. >> thank you for being here this morning. my name is diane dylan. i am the supervisor for district 3 which is the northern half of the county. i am here to talk about the tubbs fire which originally started adjacent to calistoga and spread into santa rosa and is now most active in the calistoga area which is why i am joined by the mayor. the tubbs fire is over 34,000 acres burned but the most recent activity is northern napa county. it is 10% contained but by no means does that mean we are out of danger with regard to the tubbs fire. the mayor will handle the rest of the tubbs fire report. >> good morning my name is chris canning and the mayor of the city of calistoga. we are under mandatory evacuation for the entire city.
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we have been since yesterday. we are happy to report despite some previous incorrect reporting from the media there is currently no fire activity inside of the city limits of calistoga. there are no structures impacted or anything of that nature. with that said we are facing a serious condition. the fire is becoming closer to the city limits. we have some a credible people in calistoga like our first responders and mutual aid from around the county and the state as well as cal fire and napa county fire. our friends to the south have been fantastic as well as sheriff roberts mentioned the mutual aid support we are getting from law enforcement. this is a mandatory evacuation. your presence in calistoga is not welcome if you are not a first responder. your choice to stay is a distraction to first responders.
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you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. if you're trained to visit calistoga you are not welcome. that is very hard for us to say because we have been known as a very hospitable community but that is not helpful right now. please keep us in your thoughts. to the calistoga residents scattered around, stay strong. thank you. >> hello, my name is ryan gregory i am the county supervisor for district 2. there are two fires working in our district. there is the partrick fire that is at 10,000 acres and 2% containment. the nuns fire is at 14,000 acres and 3% containment. both fires are close to each other so it is likely tomorrow we are talking about one fire
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if they connect. i am heartened by what i saw yesterday. we went to the top where the fire jumped over the road but most of the fire is to the west. i saw a few things that reminded me why it is so important we can't go back in there until it is safe. we saw power poles that burn from the bottom down to a little stub at the bottom. we saw trees on fire and they will fall. this is why it is not safe to go back. until pg&e has done their work. so bear with us as we fight the fire and get people back home. it will take a while. coming up next is our supervisor, thank you. >> i am not the supervisor but i am from the fourth district.
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i want to provide an update on the atlas peak fire. as of this morning we had 43,000 acres burned. 3% containment and we are actively fighting the fire. to all the constituents at district 4 thank you for your patience. there's a lot of devastation out of there but i am happy to report because of the work of our sheriff's department, pg&e, at&t and cal fire we are talking about people going back into their homes. we are saying when can we open the roadblocks and we are having active discussions with more good news to come shortly but it is really a team effort and again i can't underscore the patient's from all the residents of district 4. you have a community standing with you working hard for you. we have some folks at the shelters and that is from napa valley college as well as solano. also folks in the community foundation has established an
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account for donations. unfortunately we have done this before. we have done tragedy with earthquakes and this community comes together in ways we can't even imagine. please visit the website for donations as well. >> i have got some news on the advisory evacuation and this is the area that is a result of the atlas fire. everything east of highway 121 from monticello road, everything east of silverado trail, everything east of the avenue between silverado
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basically following highway 121 coming down and everything east of highway 29 between highway 121 and jamison canyon. also, finally everything north of jamison canyon between highway 12 and the napa solano county line. an advisory evacuation is not a hard time to leave your home. it is mainly a warning to let you know you are in an area that if the conditions change they could change rapidly and you could be having a hard evacuation. what we have done is gotten a couple of suitcases, put them in the car and we are ready to go when the evacuation order does come. all mandatory evacuations are still in place. we have a number of evacuation centers. we have 658 people staying in
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the evacuation centers last night. the crosswalk community church is still one place you can go. the napa valley college gym at 2277 napa alejo highway is still operating. the solano community college library parking lot at 4111 suisun valley road mostly for folks from over the hill from us here. also the american canyon high school at 3000 new old road and that is in the city of american canyon. that opened up with the need for the evacuation of calistoga. we still have animals that are being taken care of. solano county fairgrounds at 900 fairgrounds drive in the alejo they are taking large
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animals and household pets are being taken to the animal shelter. a lot of the evacuation centers have pets that are working with them. the napa valley college gym as well as the crosswalk church are having some pets. finally i want to reiterate for today be safe and be well. visit the safe and well website. this is the best way to get yourself listed as a person who is looking for somebody and somebody who is looking both ways. it is getting people together and so keep doing safe and well. thank you. >> at this time we continue to
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have power outages in napa county. as of wednesday we had 5400 residents without power. we are working closely with cal fire and pg&e. they are on the scene they have deployed a base camp to report they have restored power to approximately 25,000 residents since the beginning of this fire incident. in the coming days they will deploy crews and as i said yesterday they do expect nearly 800 members from a crew team around various service areas including mutual aid gas crews coming from southern california. stay tuned for more information about conductivity. as the information is changing it is favorable at least for the atlas fire and we are vigilant when it comes to calistoga. getting the information to residents is key and we think back the media partners for helping. today at 4:00 pm we will host a
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community meeting that will be streamed online and live on the county facebook page and at the physical location of 2425 jefferson street in napa. that is the napa valley unified school district auditorium. you do not need to come down to the auditorium to be aware of this information. we will put it on facebook and we will stream it with those resources. i trust the local radio station will broadcast it out so there is no need to come down. if it is troublesome we don't want you on the roadways but we do have a venue at 2425 jefferson street. that is today at 4:00 pm. at 6:00 we will have a spanish- speaking meeting at st. john the baptist church located at 960 case street.
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napa county is continuing to share information through our website and through social media on facebook and twitter. by now, i hope if you are in napa county you have loved ones in napa county and you have registered for our information page. text your zip code to the number 888 the number 888777. 94558 has all of the fires including nuns fire and atlas peak. we are coordinating through the media and we thank all of you for being here. we ask the napa county employs to check in with their supervisors. it is absolutely heartening to see the tremendous amount of support and mutual aid we have received.
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i would like to say on behalf of napa county and the board of supervisors we are grateful for the cooperation to the city. you can see behind me all of the mayors are present. we are in this together and we are responding as napa county. that is the entirety of napa. we could not do this without the tremendous support of the state and federal representatives. present with us today to provide support and to carry the message back to sacramento is the lieutenant governor, gavin newsom. i would like to introduce congressman thompson and senator bob god to talk about state and federal aid that is coming our way. >> thank you very much. i am the state senator for this district. i was heartened to be at the fairgrounds this morning for the 7:00 briefing by cal fire. let me tell you we have got a professional team literally 500
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to 1000 firefighters there getting ready and they were ready. we have fire units probably from all 58 counties and most cities that are embedded in the county. i am appreciative as we also have the national guard that is also here in full force. i am appreciative of the lieutenant governor gavin newsom for being here and our leader in the senate yesterday kevin dave lyons flew from los angeles to survey what was going on. we have remained vigilant in moving forward to support everybody. thank you. >> i am mike tomlinson. i want to thicke dilutive in -- the lieutenant governor. i wanted to give an update on
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the resources that are coming into the area. we learned yesterday there are 900 additional firefighters coming to the combined effort of sonoma, napa and wake county along with 123 additional engines coming to respond. this is the number one priority. bill mentioned the mutual aid and there is tremendous mutual aid across the country. from the beginning we have had units from nevada and arizona. yesterday we were told we would be joined shortly by units from washington and oregon and within five minutes after learning this, two washington state units drove down the street so they are engaged and coming. we have mutual aid coming from states as far east as pennsylvania. the department of defense is
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doing inventory along with the state to figure out what resources they can provide and when that is figured out they will be used as needed. there is also international mutual aid. we have folks coming from canada and from australia to help with this fire. in addition to that i want to publicly thank the congressional leaders, senator feinstein is on her way here and she has been on the phone numerous times with me trying to figure out how she can help and that is the same with nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy. both of them have called a number of times so they are fully engaged and we will see a little bit of that effort come to fruition today. the house will pass the emergency supplemental legislation. there will be a $1 billion plus
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in that to help respond to the issues. money will be passed for fema and relief will be given for our disaster and the others that are hurting the people of our country but with a close eye we are looking at california. thank you very much. spoke to the residents of napa county. you have heard that the world loves you and support is on the way. keep cheering for your fire crews and your law enforcement. your roads crews, pg&e and all communications are helping us get back online. we are in this together. we are supported from the top down as is evident today. we will get through this together and we have seen good
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news and we will continue to have better days. at this time we will take questions. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the only thing i can speak to is we have had some damage occur with some of our water facilities. at least one of them for sure and we also have large storage tanks that are for the water. if the pumps are down the water could become an issue. i have not heard about those issues but there is a possibility with the fire affecting so many communities.
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>> [ reporter asking question ] >> from about the moment we get here that is always in the back of our mind. we want people to get back to their properties when it is safe. so you can make sure your property insecure. we are evaluating hourly and we hope we can have something soon with some areas that could be safe to return to but, that is forthcoming. the moment we start to attack the fire immediately we want to get people back in. >> do you have an update of how close the fire is to calistoga and how tired are these firefighters? >> fatigue is a serious factor. safety is our top priority, the safety we are protecting and the safety of our crews.
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we are finding people on the line who have been going to work and staying out day after day. we are getting them in as soon as we can to get rest especially with reinforcements coming. we have people who have been on the fire for three days. they don't want to leave because there is work to do and there are homes to save. we are public service employees so that is what we do. at some point you hit the roadblock and we are pulling them in for safety getting them rested and telling them to reengage after resting. >> which one are you most concerned about today? >> it is hard to say. it is not which fire is which part of which fire. obviously a huge priority is the tubbs fire which is being managed by cal fire in napa valley. that fire is threatening to come back into calistoga so there are a lot of homes in
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there. we have the same thing in napa county with the biggest threat to the east side as that spreads into solano county. sonoma county has fire that is encroaching numerous communities including sonoma city where we had evacuations last night. there were residents burning last night with the wind coming up. it is a matter of what part of what fire do we have concerns about. >> what is being done right now as far as finding a cause for the fire?>> all fires are always investigated and all the fires for this incident are being investigated. i do not know the status and i have not heard any reports on the cause. they will be thoroughly evaluated because this is significant and all things will be rolled out. the causes will come out eventually but for now i am not sure where we are.
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i have not heard a single word about a cause on any issue.>> do you have reports of missing people? >> i would have to refer to the sheriff to talk about missing people. >> yes, we are checking with family and friends. we are exploring missing people. missing persons. unfortunately, people take off and stay with friends. they might leave and go to some place of safety that is far away and unless they are using the websites we have suggested we don't have a way to find them. >> is there a phone number you want people to call when they have located their loved ones? >> they gave a website yes. >> to reiterate the website to register if you are looking for a family member is
9:32 am >> [ reporter asking question ] >> that is one of the numerous fires we have referred to the maps about how we have the presley fire. presley and adobe, those two fires have not combined yet. the other ones are the tubbs fire and the one headed into the north. until they are all contained they are all a problem. the biggest priority is the fires that are impacting residents and people. the major thoroughfares and transmission lines are being prioritized right now. >> we will take one more question.
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>> [ reporter asking question ] >> we have seen a lot of people who want to go check on people that have stayed. also, to retrieve medication and to check on their animals. those are the frequent requests and people have business needs. there are several wineries in the area of evacuation and they need to get generators into those areas. i want to say this includes areas here in the evacuations here. this does not include the city of calistoga. there is no escort going back into calistoga. >> this concludes our press conference for today. stay tuned for a press conference tomorrow at 9:00. >> that is the first big press conference of the day. day four. cal fire came in to
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say we have guys who have been out since sunday night who don't want to leave. they are invested in this because they are the most local firefighters. this all despite help from other states and other countries. for the first time today was a good day. >> something dramatic i heard was the calistoga mayer who said if you are not a first responder don't come to calistoga. we don't want you here and if you defy the orders you are on your own. we talked about first responders saving people who stay but they are not doing that. >> something that they are doing , the sheriff said they have just begun bringing evacuated people from the neighborhoods back into the closed areas. the only other escort except for calistoga.
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their meeting at silverado trail so you can go with an escort maybe if you have medication or somebody to check on to see what is left. >> this is what is important for the firefighters it was life saving first and then it is structure protection but now they can remove some of the firefighters and get them involved. they can bring in the bulldozers and start digging around to knock them down. that is what they get fired up to do. now they can really get to work and contain this. >> the good thing is one of the firefighters said the wind event wasn't quite what they expected which is good. so they got a bit of a break. >> this is sonoma county with their first big press conference of the day outside of the sonoma county sheriff's
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office. that is the sheriff himself. >> this is an active disaster. life safety is the priority so nothing has changed. we had evacuations late into yesterday evening going on. we did not have any evacuations throughout the middle of the night. please stay out of the evacuated areas. the security is very important to us and the resources are very important so we don't want people in those areas. again, we will advertise when they will open the sonoma sheriff's office facebook page. the sonoma sheriff's office county facebook page as well. you can get evacuation updates as well as opening updates. so keep following those sites as we are pushing out information. natural gas has been restored
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to the jail. yesterday we reported natural gas was out so we have that backup which is a big deal. we have over 1000 inmates in the jail so the ability to prepare food is very important. that is a good piece of information from us. i want to talk about missing persons. the total number of reports are up to 900. some of these numbers have been confusing overtime. the reason is, there are duplicates in the missing persons report list. we are constantly trying to weed out the duplicates. as of this morning we have 900 missing persons report. we have found 437 of them safely but just communication issues. people have been evacuated from multiple areas and they are not connecting with their families. 437 are safe. 463 are outstanding.
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14 deceased is the new number today. i want to talk about something that is really sensitive now and it will be hard for the families. we are moving into a recovery phase. what we are doing is we're working the missing persons through their families, through conventional contacts and phones and other addresses. as the case leads us to know further information and we end up with our next step going to their house in the fire zone trying to find them. we are doing targeted searches. we have teams of people going out searching for a specific person based on the missing persons case. that is how the majority of the recoveries have been made so far. the area must be safe for us to get in. it will be a slow process with
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the active fire zones. we are using search and rescue team members. they are law enforcement associated so we are spreading our resources wisely. we have cadaver dogs that can smell the bodies and help us find people. so the next part is the rest of our reality. identification will be hard. so far in the recoveries we have found bodies that were almost completely intact and we have found bodies that were nothing more thanĂ£and bones. one of the ways we can make ids is to medical devices. there have been ids in a pile of ash and bones where there was a piece of metal left from somebody's surgery like a hip replacement with an id number. i am sorry to tell you that but that is what we are faced with in this fire.
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that is why identification can take a long time in some of the cases. what i can tell you is that we will do everything in our power to locate all of the missing people and i promise we will handle the remains with care and get them returned to their loved ones. i will take any questions now. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i am not aware of that at all. as far as i am concerned, the reports and messaging has been fine. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the 1:00 briefing is for the
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whole fire event. i am doing these trying to keep people up today on the sheriff's office. our job is safety evacuation and recovery which is important but i will be back at 1:00 to talk talk about this. t th >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i can't speak to that but i can tell you we are part of the unified command so we are one of the three people running the event. i have people in there doing that and we are all involved. >> did you agree with that decision?>> i cannot tell you because i don't know the facts. any other questions? >> we had a possible report that a pg&e powerline fell down
9:42 am
. >> that is for the fire briefing at 1:00. i don't know what sparked the fire. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the situation is good in the jail. everything is working fine and the gas is back on. i am not aware of anybody having to stay longer. >> how many people are into the recovery phase? >> i am not sure how many could ever dogs we have. there are 30 detectives working the missing persons and we have at least 10 search and rescue people from our agency and 10 from another agency. the current missing persons report is 900. the current number that have been found and safe is 437. outstanding is 463.
9:43 am
>> [ reporter asking question ] >> we have been trying to eliminate the duplicates so the numbers went up and down and up again. we had a confusion over the duplicates so keep that in mind. 900 could go to 950 and we might pull up 50 because of duplicates. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> if they can't go in it is because it is unsafe. there may be some confusion as to where the line is, but the message is if there is police
9:44 am
blocking your street, don't go home. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i don't think i understand the question. the missing persons list name is not being published. we are just working the cases. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> we will notify the families and then release the names. we will release them as they come up. this will take a long time. >> can you give us insight on where these officers are coming from?>> yes, these numbers are estimates. i will tell you that i was at the fire camp last night and i was impressed with the engines people supplies and equipment. i am very impressed with how they run these emergencies.
9:45 am
i am very confident in their work. i will tell you from the law enforcement and the resources there is 436 national guard troops in sonoma county. there is roughly 100 deputy sheriffs from this agency on the street right now and at last count there were 200 plus other law enforcement officers on the street. so it takes another 300 behind them to come out tonight. there are hundreds of the law enforcement from around the bay area. i can't thank them all enough. everybody in the community is coming together. i know that the southern part of the state is prepared to send people. there is no concern about the mutual aid and the amount of resources. i met with the director last night and he offered anything
9:46 am
that we need. the ray of sunshine is the cooperation and the resources coming into the county. >> there have been erroneous reports on social media. has your office been made aware of any of these reports and if so what are they? >> i think those reports are part of our life. we have seen this in many cases as it is part of the information going all over the place. my answer is go to the sonoma county facebook because we are putting out the official reports. when people ask i just say to go here. >> is it causing any problems? >> i am not aware of any problems but i'm sure it has caused confusion. i would be unrealistic if i didn't. >> [ reporter asking question ]
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>> thankfully we have very few calls of that but there were a few people in the evacuation zone last night. >> [ >> reporter asking question ] >> bye-bye -- by my best count we are up to five. five. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i do not know the number. >> i believe they are going out for the first time today.>> [ reporter asking question ]
9:48 am
>> though goal is to patrol everywhere to cover all of those things and frankly the evacuation advisory is being watched as well. >> there are several days before a lot of these neighborhoods are opened.>> i don't have any idea of the day. i am being realistic i wouldn't count on till anything until monday. and i am saying that because we are fighting the fire. we will not let people back in the neighborhoods when things are burning. we are doing targeted searches within our jurisdiction. >> is there one particular neighborhood? >> no. so far it has been spread out. >> i believe so, they were out
9:49 am
here the other day but they were searching doing other stuff. >> is there also chances of people who have burned in their homes? [ reporter asking question ] >> we need to respect the loved ones and the families of the dead so we are not taking pictures of something like that. that is way too sensitive. we have a job to do and that is safety taking pictures will not help us. i'm not going to answer your question anymore. on . >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the whole issue is life safety and getting people out. as the fire tells us where we need to evacuate that is what we will do.
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last night we did not have any evacuations. just yesterday evening. >> are you getting a sense from cal fire you might have to do more evacuations? >> i have no information about that. that will be mentioned at 5:00. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i don't know that because i don't know which one is which one so i am sorry. >> have you been finding more people in structures or outside structures? >> i don't know. thank you. the fire base camp at the fairgrounds. thank you. >> the sheriffs of the sonoma county wrapping up that news conference. talk about two different tones going from napa county where they said today is a good day
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and this one where 14 people have died in the fire and 900 have been reported missing. 437 are deemed safe so that puts the number at 463 people still unaccounted for. the sheriff has said this is moving into recovery phase. they are going to the burn zone when it is safe and looking for specific people at their homes. >> they are reminding everyone if you live in the evacuation zone do not return there because they are not starting escorts into the fire burned areas. a very grim tone. >> governor brown says it is too soon to say but he expects the cost of the fire and to rebuild the homes will be tens of billions of dollars. he did assure californians the government has the resources needed to recover. >> individually there are great tragedies where people have died and people are injured and
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their well-being and homes are deeply affected. that can't be recovered but material things can be. >> governor brown says because the california economy is so large it can absorb even a disaster of this magnitude. >> people from all over are asking how they can help. there is an effort to raise money for wine country and there is a componentry stay being offered at the hotel for napa residents. for more we are joined by katherine hall. thank you for being here. what is the plan you have come up with? >> there are a lot of people in napa county and sonoma county putting together fundraisers and many organizations are doing a great job. what we have done is we have established a matching fund. we did this with the redwood credit union and we chose them because they don't charge a fee which is wonderful.
9:53 am
people who give money know that 100% goes straight to the charities who need it. we are matching dollar for dollar and if people want to donate you can go to our website to donate or you can come to instagram or visit us on facebook. we are ready. the main thing that they need in the fire area is money so that we can get the things we need. >> with that said when this stabilizes are you going to be asking people to visit again so the small businesses can have business to stay in business?>> you bet. we will be operational just as quick as we can. right now we have to move through this destruction.
9:54 am
for us we have employees who don't have a home anymore or who have evacuated. but as soon as we can start bringing in visitors we will do that. >> do you know what sort of damage your property has sustained? >> we know the buildings are okay. the tasting rooms and the wineries are fine. the vineyards we can't even begin to assess because we can't access them. right now this is the busiest season in the valley because we're going through harvest. so there are grapes hanging on the vines that you can't get to because the roads are blocked. we are very concerned about atlas peak. >> we don't have hurricanes here or really tornadoes but we do have earthquakes. we do have fires and in the last three years your community
9:55 am
has had both. i saw what the community did after the earthquake and it was powerful and i expect more of the same of that in napa and sonoma county. >> this tragedy brings out the best of people. it is very heartening just the little acts of kindness with everywhere you turn. the website that i mentioned that we posted last night we have already raised over $30,000. just like that. the generosity is overwhelming. >> it is wonderful to match dollar for dollar so thank you for coming in. if you want to contribute to this fundraising effort we have put more information on our website at look for the story about how to help. as we continue into the fourth day of extensive coverage our thoughts and prayers are with
9:56 am
everyone affected. coverage will continue at noon but for now we leave you with a look at some of the images are cameras have caught over the past few days. >> make no mistake this is a serious critical catastrophic event. >> [ music ] >> we have fires literally all around us. it is horrible. >> i just piled stuff in the car and headed down the dirt road. >> there was a red fireball it
9:57 am
was just a wall of fire that happened quickly. i woke up larry and said we have to get out of here. i would say we left within 15 minutes.
9:58 am
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