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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. signs of hope tonight on the front lines of the northbay wildfires. crews reporting progress for the first time all week today's, weather conditions and additional resources to helping crews to buy time. that evening.>> even as firefighters make progress the death toll continues to go up. 31 people are confirmed dead.
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making these fires among the deadliest in history. more than 300 square miles have burned. six times the size of san francisco. the property damage is occurring. 3500 homes and businesses destroyed. most of them in santa rosa. 25,000 people who have been evacuated. 400 people are still missing. sonoma county sheriff said the rescue efforts have become a search for remains in the disaster zone. >> identification is going to be hard. so far in the recovery we have found bodies that were almost completely intact. we have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones. >> is healthy cal fire map looks in the northbay. two fires along the sonoma -- sonoma and napa county line have merged into one. the tubs fire from calistoga to santa rosa is still 10% contained.
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it has scorch more than 34,000 acres. the atlas fire spanning napa and solano counties is burned more than 43,000 acres. it is only 3% contained. >> live coverage. rob malcolm in calistoga where the entire city is under evacuation orders. bill martin is in the weather center with conditions that help firefighters tonight. the latest on new evacuations and napa county tonight. first to our debra live in the city of sonoma. flames are a couple miles away.>> reporter: we are just a few blocks off the very well known sonoma plaza. on east napa street. this is one of several heavily guarded mandatory checkpoints for evacuation. at this point fire is still close. it is on the ridge east of town. fortunately headway was made today. >> the site so many people are gratified to see.
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poor visibility has hindered the air attack. this was a day of progress on many fronts. many fires. >> conditions today were definitely more beneficial for the crews on the ground.>> reporter: among those task with keeping fire above sonoma from blowing into the valley of some 30,000 people.>> sonoma should feel better tonight.>> they are not out of the woods. the efforts continue and they will for the next week or so.>> reporter: hard work underway in hundreds of trouble spots. carving out buffer lines on moon mountain above sonoma. to eliminate fuels that embers could it night. downtown landmark plaza usually bustling is all but empty. homes closest to the fire under mandatory evacuation. residents who have stayed are taking precautions. pack to go but trying to be optimistic. >> you have everyone fleeing. and then what?
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it is a tough call. we are aware of the damage. this has been running for three days.>> reporter: >> carmen -- 75 years old from apple valley california. she was here vacationing in santa rosa with her family.>> reporter: the death toll climbs. the sheriff identifying 10 of the 17 killed in the first hours of the tubs fire. a number that has risen each day. most have been found in their homes. one victim in a car. >> there have been ids in this case. a pile of ash and bones and a piece of metal left from someone's surgery with an id number. that helped us id the person. i'm sorry to tell you that. that is what we are faced with in this fire as far as identifying and recovering people. >> i feel like mandatory involuntary are almost the
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same.>> reporter: sonoma is like so many towns in limbo. businesses mindful of the devastation to the west.>> i'm nervous if the wind picks up it might take business.>> reporter: throughout the valley -- thank you messages for firefighters. this crew from the sierra national forest racing darkness to get brush cleared. they see no signs on arrival. >> we spied this poster all around downtown. the love in the air is thicker than the smoke. there are some good vibes in the valley of the moon. some positivity as people to the weather and look to the fire crews. and listen for what is going to happen next few days. here in sonoma it is very quiet. that plaza just surprising.
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it is usually bustling with locals and tourists. it was empty. sonoma definitely not as usual. >> now to the situation and napa county. the cal fire station along highway 29. there is still concern tonight.>> reporter: a lot of concern. napa valley continues to be surrounded by fires. some of the people inside the station say they were at the partridge fire last night. we have seen some flames in the hills. we went in a little bit to the area where they have the most concern. there were some fires that started creeping over mountain beater and threatening dry creek west of highway 29 orange flames near oakville were a reminder the danger still looms for napa residents. >> this is the worst.>> reporter: fire chief is one of many battling the fire since
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sunday. still working as fire threat and napa from the west.>> we have significant activity in mountain beater the last couple days. it is working down to dry creek. we are attempting to get fire engines to protect them.>> reporter: reinforcements arrived parking near homes for protection. a welcome relief. a flareup threatened a year by veterans home. -- nearby veterans home. elderly veterans were told to shelter in place. officials held a meeting and napa. cal fire officials rushed to bring extra air support in fire crews pick >> there are many target areas tonight. dry creek. those are priorities. pushing down and populated areas.>> reporter: officials answered questions. napa's fire chief and the cal fire official said the main hotspots thursday night were mountain beater lake berryessa and jamison canyon road to the south. >> we will continue to attack
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these fires throughout the night. these fires and heavier fuels will be a challenge to contain.>> reporter: they had 83 missing persons reports. 25 have been found safe. >> we are still investigating -- missing persons. i'm sure that number will drop down. >> reporter: wine country usually busy with the tourist was empty. some residents allowed to reenter and others on standby for evacuation.>> i think our neighborhood is questionable. this is the largest fire we have seen. who knows what it will do. our house is on the edge of it. we are prepared to evacuate. >> just on edge. we have our whole basically everything packed up. lined up in the hallway. ready to go.>> reporter: with so much smoke somewhere masts. this two-year-old had hashtag napa strong. -- masts. napa strong in spirit on this
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day 4 of this tragedy. right now the temperatures are very cool. there isn't a lot of wind where we are. for those crews we saw out on the lines. they need this. it will allow them to make progress so they can move those resources to other hotspots. and try and get a handle on the fires. about 25 miles north of napa calistoga is still under evacuation orders. we will take you live to the situation there. flames continues to threaten the small city and wine country. in solano county on the east plank of the outlook -- at this fire they are talking about letting people return home. they don't know when. the number of firefighters working the atlas fire has tripled. or personnel plus the improving weather has people cautiously optimistic. >> this morning we saw smoke again. it was nerve-racking. we are feeling better.>>
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reporter: his mother of four is ready to go if need be. her car is packed with family photos a childhood teddy bear and her kids artwork just in case the fire moves closer. some people in the area with the atlas fire started on sunday night or let back into their homes. inventory evacuation orders were lifted for some areas near the silverado country club. talks with one person as he went back home. he says he is grateful his home on burningtree court narrowly avoided the fire. >> you are more empathetic when you almost experienced it yourself. you know what it felt like. i might have lost everything i own. and i'm homeless. that is pretty devastating.>> authorities lifted mandatory evacuation orders with the areas around the cello part and the avenues and napa. -- monticello park. beyond the golden gate.
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the smoke from all the wildfires transformed the sunset into a kaleidoscope of colors. that we have really seen. -- rereleasing. a good day on the fire lines. we are not out of the woods yet. saturday morning. i look at that picture. he said we rarely see. we don't see that. that image says it all. that is smoke. that is not patchy fog or cloud cover. that is smoke from numerous fires in the north bay. i have never seen that. >> i live in oakland. i know you live -- you walk out your house and you think there is a fire burning near you. >> the north bay is even more smoke. the north bay is being hit hard. the rest of the area is bearing witness to the symptoms of the fire which is smoke everywhere. it is indicative of what is going on. red flag warning got dropped this afternoon which is great.
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bad news is another warning goes up tomorrow afternoon. firefighters have really been getting a handle on these things the last couple of days. they will again tomorrow and tonight. the temperature drops. it is cool. humidity will recover. there is going to be a lot of progress made tonight and tomorrow. this is the key. take you through the evening and the day tomorrow. are going to see the winds changing. some of the directional changes. here we go friday morning. friday afternoon. friday about 10 or 11. that is when it starts to go. this red flag warning will be up. the north bay will experience northerly winds up to 35 or 40 miles per hour. and then rapidly they drop off. saturday morning that is the tough spot. that is the thing we have to move through. not the last hurdle. it is definitely a hurdle. we had one last night and
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crushed it. tomorrow night will be a similar hurdle with a little bit higher. may be more wind. red flag warning will go into effect. some areas at high elevations. could go 50 miles per hour. we will talk all about that saturday morning even. we will get into your weather and talk air-quality. that is spectacular the amount of particulate in the atmosphere. similar to beijing. people turning to prayer for comfort from the fires. the mass held in santa rosa for the dozens of people killed in the hundred to are missing and the thousands still waiting for word on the fate of their homes. tegna responding to reports downed power lines might be to blame for the fires. what we have learned from hours of dispatch audio -- pg&e. >> do you think they contributed to the start or exacerbated the fires? >> that is my strong suspicion.
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calistoga remains evacuated. 24 hours after most of the 5000 residents he did orders to leave. calistoga one of the spots cal fire was worried about when this day began. >> authorities are telling us the flames is still outside the city limits. which is great news. rob malcolm is there with the latest on the fire burning close to town. and nearby.>> reporter: what we
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are being told is that those claims are two or three miles outside of city limits. right now that is pretty good news. it is also good news -- there is no fire in town. no structures are threatened. you will see some flames driving further north of highway 29. if you look at this live shut behind me. you can see officials were not taking chances. the streets are empty. businesses are closed. there is not a soul on the street. you might see in oakland police car driving through. opd is patrolling right now. people were told about evacuation orders. there was still some people tonight that chose to stay. >> since the 1800 calistoga has been the most welcoming of places. fires burned off highway 29 that has change. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. your presence and calistoga is not welcome.>> reporter: they
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are being threatened by the tubs fire. the smoke can be seen for miles. burning so close to town 5000 residents were evacuated leaving the community looking like a ghost town. >> it is very surreal. i took a photo just about an hour ago. of lincoln avenue. not a single car or person. it is a little strange.>> reporter: wearing the had of -- and vice mayor he is confident with the firefighting efforts. >> the strike crews are up in the hill. doing the best job they can. fortunately the winds have died down. things are moving slow right now which is why i am here raking leaves.>> reporter: other officials say there is a risk to staying. >> your choice to stay is a distraction to our first responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own.>> reporter: is flames threatened this property some in town say
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it is a risk worth taking. >> once i leave i cannot get back in. that is my main concern. i'm not leaving until it is time to go.>> reporter: while he waits for flames that raced down the hills his concern for the family home built in the 1800s. >> we have sprinklers on the roofs. garden hoses around the outside. i went to my neighbors house as well. i put sprinklers on his roof.>> the memory of what happened to santa rosa is fresh in his mind. he realizes this fire has so far been unpredictable. >> any fire it is the wind. amber start to blow. shortly thereafter it is time to go.>> reporter: his plan -- his plan is in place.>> i ready to go.>> reporter: bekir live. many people have concerns about the winds. the good news is the wind has died down. it is nonexistent.
10:19 pm
as i stand here on lincoln street. also it is very cool right now. this will help the firefighting efforts the next couple days. it will be a long 24 hours for the people that had to leave their empty homes behind. i don't know if you can answer. are they giving any indication when those mandatory evacuations might be lifted? >> reporter: we talked to the vice mayor. he had no idea right now. right now it is a wait and see approach for the next 24-48 hours. petaluma evacuation centers have been set up. the city hasn't been affected by the fires. nearly 3000 homes in nearby santa rosa have been destroyed. more than 400 thousand square feet of commercial space has been lost in santa rosa. many people need help. that is why petaluma is lending
10:20 pm
a hand. >> we actually want to help out. to keep busy.>> even though petaluma has been lucky so far. authorities are recommending people who live there be prepared just in case. pack a bag and make plans. you never know what will happen. people are curious about the origin of the fires. cal fire one speculate. we have been sifting through hours of dispatch calls it might link some fires to high winds downed power lines in blown transformers. candace has pg&e response. >> reporter: attorney frank petrie said like pieces of a puzzle calls outages and maps together aps -- a picture of how the fires might have started. >> could this actually be happening all over again?
10:21 pm
it was a nightmare for me.>> reporter: he is involved in legal cases from the pg&e explosion in the deadly 2015 the fire caused by a pg&e line hitting a cheaper with the northbay fire even though it causes not been determined. transparency and -- is paramount. >> you look at all the pieces. you see there are blown transformers. you see there are lines that are down. very early in the evening.>> reporter: we listen to dispatch audio between fire and law enforcement. after the first fires broke out sunday nights to reveal more than one dozen reports of downed power lines blown transformers and flames. >> is there a point. if the conditions are so bad. it doesn't matter how much you maintain the infrastructure, something like this with bill
10:22 pm
happen? >> it is always possible something like this would still happen. is that what happened here? they know they have an obligation, to identify trees and vegetation that pose a hazard to their power lines. that is their job.>> reporter: pg&e released a statement saying extreme weather conditions impacted equipment. >> it says millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms all contributed to some trees branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the northbay. it it meant -- lines were involved. and perhaps equipment was involved. but tries to redirect people into believing this was because of high winds that were unforeseen. i don't buy that. at this stage.>> reporter: thursday we brought this
10:23 pm
questions to pg&e. there will likely be review of these wildfires by the appropriate agencies. right now we are focused on life safety and service restoration. we are not going to speculate about the causes. will support the review by any relevant agency. >> if it is true that pg&e says there were weakened trees why want those weakened trees identified and removed as is their responsibility? our coverage on the northbay wildfire devastation continues throughout this hour. a touching tribute to a bay area woman was killed in a recent massacre in las vegas. >> we have experienced unimaginable pain.>> the memorial held in the her honor. stomach the cubs and nationals battle it out in a marathon game 5 of the division series. mark is back. he will tell us who will face
10:24 pm
the dodgers. president trump signed an executive order on healthcare that the white house says it begins the process of repealing and replacing obamacare.
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the white house announced major changes to the affordable care act the federal government can no longer pay subsidies to health insurance companies that help low income comfort -- customers for coverage. it is not clear when the payments will stop. officials say it will be immediate. the president signed an executive order today that will allow agencies to design affordable healthcare plans outside of the requirements of obamacare. the presidents action on insurance subsidies will likely face lawsuit by several states. a woman who was among the
10:27 pm
58 people shot and killed in the las vegas attack was laid to rest today in san francisco. thousands of people attended the funeral mass for 50-year- old stacy at joubert. > reporter: it was a funeral mass befitting a san francisco police officer. this summer procession was for the wife of vinny at joubert. the 50-year-old mother of 2 was shot and killed during the las vegas shooting rampage. that claimed the lives of 59 innocent people. with stasis death unfolding publicly the family wanted to say goodbye to her privately. they asked media not to attend. they read a statement on their behalf. >> the passing of stacy a wife a mother and a friend to many has been a tough and trying time for our family.>> reporter: officers from the police department attended the
10:28 pm
mass which was standing room only. >> our officers assisted them when they came to las vegas. looking for her. we had a personal connection.>> reporter: she is described as a go-getter devoted wife him or other who spoke her mind and love to write horses. >> we have experienced unimaginable pain.>> reporter: friends wore orange ribbons her favorite color. a touching moment. this past weekend both her children scored the winning goal at their soccer games. olivia felt a brief pickup at that moment. she remarked her her mom always loved to whistle. >> we wanted to support our brother and say goodbye to stacy in the right way. and let the family know we support them.>> out of this darkness the love and support that surrounds us has brought light that comforts us every
10:29 pm
day. the picture of her with her two kids. still to come continuing coverage of the wildfires. a community comes together in prayer.>> it is nice to be comforted in the spiritual side of things. >> a mass in coffee park in santa rosa for the people who died. the people who are still missing and the people who have been evacuated. a battalion chief loses his home while trying to save others. precious family pictures found in the rubble. returned to the owners who thought they lost everything. the meeting between strangers that is giving other fire victims some hope. ♪ ♪
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we are following the latest on the northern telephone your wildfires tonight. the death toll has risen to 31. up from 23 at this time last night. within 300 square miles have burned since the fires erupted sunday night. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. 25,000 people have been displaced. the city of santa rosa among
10:33 pm
those beginning to count the extent of the damage. the mayor said more than 2800 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of people in santa rosa coffee park neighborhood attended a mass held for the fire victims. they crowded into saint rose catholic church to pray for those affected. nearby cardinal newman high school was nearly destroyed. students say two nights mass is helping the community come together. >> especially in times like this where it is tough to figure out what is going on. it is nice to be comforted on the spiritual side of things. >> they are not sure what school they would like or how they will attend classes going forward.>> former battalion chief of the fremont fire department. you for being with us. from the firefight standpoint we are four days into this. where do you think things stand
10:34 pm
right now? >> when you say four days that is remarkable in terms of how long this has gone. we are at a point it is still critical. we heard the director talk and say we are not out of the woods yet. more crews are here. the weather is helping. we will have fresh firefighters getting to the lines tomorrow. a lot of good things happening. normally that would be enough to say we are in a great progress past. but we have around the corner -- is fire. >> what you are talking about is saturday morning. the winds will kickback of. another red flag warning. how critical will friday night and saturday morning be in terms of where the fire school next? >> they will try to double up. they will put as much effort they can to see if they can get as much containment as possible the next 24 hours before those high winds, pick >> what does the fire map tell you about which areas might be the highest priority for
10:35 pm
firefighters? >> there were three of them. they have evacuated one of the towns calistoga. the atlas fire seems to be the priority. that doesn't mean they are taking resources from the other fires. with they are trying to do is make sure they allocate. we are in better position now than before. some of the other fires we can staff those greater than we had while working on the priority fires.>> they have been working almost nonstop. at what point does fatigue start to kick in? >> it is already there. they are tired. they have been working long days. they are getting very little sleep. there is a point of dedication. that challenge is going to be getting them off that line. they will want to stay and see it through. you want to replace them. you don't want fatigue them to get hurt.>> they are courageous and heroes for going to the danger when everyone else is running away.
10:36 pm
one firefighter received a moderate injury today. he is expected to be okay. >> chp was able to take him to the hospital. all good news there. at least 40 local firefighters have lost their own homes while battling the fires in the north bay. battalion chief with the novato fire department among them. dmitry showed us what is left of his home in the lark field neighborhood of santa rosa. he was out of town when the fire broke out on sunday and never had the chance to get his belongings. everything is now gone including his wife's wedding ring. >> i was here for most of the day yesterday looking for that. it is not the monetary value. it is the emotional connection that we have. these other things can be replaced. >> captain jason beach with the alameda county department lost his home in santa rosa.
10:37 pm
after getting his daughter to safety he went back to evacuate his neighbors. knowing his own home had been destroyed. international association of firefighters set up a fund to help the firefighters who have lost their homes. many are working on the fire lines and have not been able to see the damage or comfort their families. the account has raised over $25,000. other parts of northern california on fire. an update on the firefight in mendocino and lake county. the red flag warning that went away a few hours ago. a new one will be posted. in a few mauer -- hours from now. we will let you know what to expect.
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will we are getting new numbers on the fires burning in mendocino county. the complex of fires north of ukiah have burned more than 34,000 acres. they are 10% contained. up from 5% this afternoon. eight people have died in the county including a 14-year-old boy. 250 homes have burned. to talk to the sheriff today. he set the weather is his biggest concern.>> wins in the last 48 hours have shifted three times. going 180 degrees -- one direction to another. at a very high rates.
10:41 pm
30-40 miles per hour. it certainly is a frustrating situation for both cal fire and the residents and law enforcement to think we are getting the upper hand and have the winds switch.>> tonight crews said the fire is still burning in several directions reddening 1000 homes. he also said most phone service has been lost. making communication extremely difficult. the silver fire is 55% contained. it has burned about 2500 acres in the area of clear lake oaks. he spoke with the sheriff today. about 3000 people have now been allowed to go back home. they are working to lift evacuation orders in the other areas when they are cleaned up and power is restored. a couple from the north bay thought they lost everything. they have been reunited with pictures found in the rubble.>>
10:42 pm
up next how strangers help to bring new hope at a time when they needed it the most. conditions improving for firefighters. more wind in the forecast. what crews can expect in the coming days. ah, dinner.
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take a look at this video from a fire devastated neighborhood in santa rosa. a drone captured the images of that loan u.s. postal worker delivering mail on a street where most of the homes have burned to the ground. the drone operator captured the footage. officials say the carrier was fulfilling the request from some of fire victims who asked him to leave their mail if their mailbox was still standing. santa rosa couple who lost their homes the they had loft -- that they had lost everything. strangers found their pictures among the rebel. those irreplaceable items were returned.>> reporter: i grabbed my dad>> my mom. put back these photos of her parents and children's graduation among the only thing she took a she and her husband were forced to evacuate their home last monday.>> we left i
10:46 pm
had the clothes on my back.>> we are going to be back. there is fire hydrants every three blocks.>> reporter: they did go back to their home in santa rosa. this is what they found like so many others. it was reduced to rubble. >> i did not want to look through anything. it was so devastating.>> reporter: they thought they lost everything. until they got a call -- her home office to and a half miles away from the property.>> my daughter came across the wedding picture. i got goosebumps. because i knew how irreplaceable that is to somebody.>> reporter: she wanted to reunite the photo with its owner. she posted on facebook. it was shared 2000 times. their relative solid. >> it was surreal being able to find them. i wasn't sure i was going to.>> reporter: she and her daughter returned the photo.
10:47 pm
they were filled with gratitude. >> this is the actual ceremony.>> reporter: another woman found more photos down the street. also turning to facebook. now they have priceless memories back. proving a been and the darkness of times when everything appeared lost or destroyed kindness and hope are not.>> this gives hope that there is life. there is life that we forgot we even had. and here it is. it gives you just joy. not only did they get their photos back.>> reporter: they gained new friends. they plan to rebuild in santa rosa. outdoor events this weekend including big football games. could potentially be affected by the smoke. the virgin sports festival of fitness has been canceled. that included a half marathon
10:48 pm
on sunday. the raiders play at sunday. the game is going on as planned. stanford's homecoming game saturday night. there keeping an eye on the situation. kowle has a home game tomorrow night. they say they are monitoring conditions. -- cal. >> it has not reached the threshold that we would make changes. we are continuing to play the game as scheduled.>> according to the daily cow ncaa rules of said athletes should not play outdoors at the air quality index is over 200. berkeley reached an index of 187. i suspect those games will go off. the game on friday they talked about moving to saturday. friday will be better. the raiders will play as well. we have a lot of fire -- we talked about it. dropped a red flag warning. just to get another one going.
10:49 pm
we have a good break today. we lucked out last night with not a lot of wind. it went down graded. which was great for firefighters. yesterday today and tomorrow they are going to have a good opportunity to get on this fire. i will walk you through. here is thursday night. here is friday. not too bad. right around midnight that is the north wind even. it has northeast in and. somewhere around 3 am or 4 am this is it. i would say between two and six that is when we have to watch out. that is where the red flag warning. wins drop off quickly. that is the rough patch. we have had pretty high fire conditions and then a break. that is where we are. we are in a break. the fire conditions will go up
10:50 pm
late friday night into saturday morning. that red flag warning goes into effect tomorrow. afternoon. stronger winds friday night and sunday morning. this is the most important thing we will talk about. friday is your break. they will get on this. they will cut breaks in the fire lines. saturday morning from about one until four or 5 am it is going to be strong winds. 30 of 40 miles per hour. hopefully not. last night it did not happen. hopefully this won't happen either. no patchy fog of the gate. there is a lots of smoke in the atmosphere. it will stay. here is the reason for the winds. low-pressure -- this is classic. below leaves. the high jump in. the isobar skate close. it is like a topographic map.
10:51 pm
the steeper the hill. the steeper the gradient. everything flows downhill. forecast highs tomorrow. today was a good day. yesterday was a good day. tomorrow will be a good day. i'm talking in terms of firefighting. air quality is sketchy. it will be about the same tomorrow. they will play football this weekend. stanford is playing as well. >> it has their homecoming. coming up, rescue turned to recovery in wine country. the latest on the firefight in the north bay. the conditions helping crews tonight. the cubs and nationals game 5 of the playoffs tonight in washington. mark will tell us who came out on top. next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
mark is here with sports. before that it is good to have you back. you live in napa. >> adrenaline up and down.>> you are okay though. >> our house is fine. you go along okay for a little while. you start thinking about the people. hits close to home in my
10:55 pm
family. the thing i noticed today is, a lot of reality sitting in. things are -- there is going to be ups and down. in those calm moments that is when you start thinking about the rebuild. the earthquake in 89. the fire and 91. a couple aftershocks. you can get on with the product -- the process. that is the thing that is not happening for people right now.>> it is still ongoing. >> everything -- every time you think you can relax. last night the power went out. the house smelled like smoke in your smoke detectors are going off. your adrenaline -- sleeping with one eye open.>> we are glad you are okay. and you have your family.>> there are people with a lot
10:56 pm
worse situations.>> that is the thing -- you feel irrelevant talking about sports. as i was watching this game tonight i was thinking poor dusty. dusty baker. every time he gets close. old for 10 an elimination game. michael taylor -- look like he was trying to get dusty off the snide. three run shot for the nats. they have been trailing 1-zero. they look to be in command with a lead. seven rbis. the one brown eye -- they brought him in and relieve trying to do the --. he had two outs. and then it all broke loose. addison russell the big hit. one down the left field line. a two run double. the cubs deficit is now a 5-4 lead. he looked like he would get out of it. he struck out. the passed ball.
10:57 pm
instead of hanging on to it he throws it into right field. another run comes in. 6-4. bases-loaded. 7-4. the nats chip away -- michael taylor again. rbi single. within 98. then -- got picked off. they go to the bottom of the ninth. wade davis will strike out. the great bryce harper. for wade davis 2 1/3 to get the same. the cups now move on to the -- versus the dodgers on saturday. poor dusty baker. something had to give tonight down at the tank for the sharks as they were hosting the sabres. neither one of them with a victory. the sharks opening the season with five home games.
10:58 pm
hurdle taking advantage of a great past kevin labrang. they do take a one-zero lead in the first period. still in the first. -- backhand behind the net for chris tierney. get a better look under replay. that is a beautiful play. sharks lead 2-1. the sabres fight back. to bank-2. sharks of the attack. scoring to make it 3-2. as it turns out something had to give. the sharks taken advantage. their first victory in this young season. 3-2 the final. and they will take it. this one actually turned in to a pretty good game in carolina. philadelphia on hand. the eagles have one of the hottest quarterbacks in football. carson -- great so far.
10:59 pm
zach from danville. touchdown. 18-10 billy. 4th quarter now. 28-16. cam newton will flip it for the former cardinal christian mccaffrey. 28-23 philadelphia. final moments of the game panther still have a chance. 122 left. threatening fourth-down. cam newton will come up short on this -- past intended for mccaffrey. he didn't get it. that is your ballgame. eagles off to a nice start. carolina 4 and 2. that is the sporting life for tonight. there is a lot more news. tonight there are signs of progress on the north bay fire lines. weather conditions are improving. reinforcements from across the
11:00 pm
country are helping to battle the flames. the progress made by firefighters is welcome news. it comes amid vast devastation and unfortunately a rising death toll. officials announced 31 people have died since the wildfires broke out sunday night. making these fires the deadliest in california history. we have team coverage. bill martin is in the weather center with the conditions that are helping firefighters tonight. jana has the latest from napa county. first to our debra live in the city of sonoma. under evacuation orders.>> reporter: this is the second night for evacuations. and checkpoints. advisory and mandatory in parts of sonoma. also agua caliente. it is because of for fires wrapped around


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