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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 14, 2017 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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y. we totally deserved that. totally. good sense of humor. oh, my god, i love her. me, too. don't worry, luke. we're going to win her back. we just got-- luke? do you think maybe we need dates of our own? so bad. the 10:00 news starts now. >> the death toll went up in the fires went up today, it is now at 40. and is expected to go up. >> early this morning, the order came out to evacuate immediately, as winds sent flames just east of the town of sonoma.
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california has never seen anything like this firestorm period >> this is one of the greatest if not the greatest challenge cash tragedy that california has ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable. >> reporter: -- >> we know that it's not over yet, people have to be on guard.>> more families are mourning the lives lost to these wildfires, as we said, at least 40 people are now confirmed dead. 10,000 firefighters are trying to get a hand on the flames, six days after the firestorms began sunday, a red flag warning for the north bay has been expected -- extended through 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> one of the more dramatic examples of the movement was when it came dangerously close to downtown sonoma, and this map, how close the flames are to historic sonoma plaza, all that area shaded in gray. >> this is what it looks like earlier this evening, from sky fox, you can see the square there, pulling off to the side,
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sonoma plaza, packed with shops and restaurants, the smoke in flames are from the nuns fire, came from -- came close, the fears -- it appears that the fire is being stopped. live at and evacuation center it -- at a high school in sonoma county. >> reporter: we are kind of at the fire scene, we have been talking about sonoma county, but we are talking about the city of sonoma, one of the homes destroyed earlier today when the fire came raging into this neighborhood, with more wins in the forecast, there are concerns this could happen again. 74-year-old helmets and his wife sharon are drinking wine by candlelight. outside, their home has been yellow tagged, it is included
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in a mandatory order to evacuate. they have no power, but they are refusing to leave. >> i feel that we have enough experience together that we can make a did -- and intelligent decision if we want to leave or if we want to stay. and we basically, in the morning, we were ready to leave, because the wall of fire was so large, and the glow was so big. >> reporter: they are in the minority, most everyone else has left. sharon says she knows it's against the advice to stay, but she is worried about her house. but your whole life is lost, it is traumatic. if something does happen to this house, i'm fine, that's fine. >> reporter: homes left off of castle road, is still not clear how many homes were destroyed when flames from the nuns fire burnt less than 1000 -- a mile
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from sonoma city center, they are obeying orders to get out. >> we need to get out immediately. i've never seen a community come together like this, i didn't expect it, but the generosity of the community, in time and supplies, is amazing. >> reporter: first responders told people to leave, given that they are putting their lives to risk to help victims. from dramatic body cam video. >> it's not worth staying for property, when your life is at stake. we ask people to cooperate with law enforcement and fire personnel who are asking folks to evacuate, it's for their own safety. >> reporter: back here live along castle road, where things
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continue to smolder. they also are worried about looters, suspicious people and vehicles around the evacuation area, we saw the sheriff department come through, they are patrolling for suspicious vehicles. coming up at 10:30, we will talk to cow fire, and hear what kind of conditions can spell trouble for sonoma this weekend. monte francis, fox 2 news. >> tell us where castle road is? what side of town you are on, and where you think the fire is now? >> reporter: yes, we are northeast of sonoma, just about one mile from downtown, a few blocks from where we are is where they live, they are just on the edge of the evacuation area, we ventured downtown, it seemed a little bit like a ghost town, but we saw some people around, so it looks like people are really obeying these
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orders, both the mandatory ones and the advisory once. be couple -- the couple said that there was another couple who was staying kia not obeying those mandatory evacuation orders, can.>> -- and not obeying.>> the warning has been extended into the north bay. mark, more details on this red flag warning you have, and going into tonight? >> a burst in the winds, it will be picking up, the weather service thinks it will be dry enough to keep the red wagon -- red flag warning in place. it was supposed expired 11:00 tonight, but take a look at some of the winds. most areas were in the 20 to 30 mile-per-hour range, in terms of the wind gusts. mount diablo had 61 -- a 61 gusty. see those arrows moving on through, he we go, with the
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details, updated red flag warning for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. this has been extended with the northerly flow still in place, it's been extended until 8 am. 20 to 25 miles per hour winds. still dry around 10 to 15%. here are some of the current observations, the wind thankfully is not too strong, moisture levels coming up, with sonoma valley 50%, atlas peak, 20%, here are the all important when forecast, a pickup with those wind speeds, as we head into the early morning hours, 5:00 and 6:00, 11 to 17 miles per hour. this is what the fire crews are concerned with, into the afternoon, scale back on the winds, look what happens to the
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afternoon, a shift out of the south, but on the calm side period the strongest burst of winds may be 15 to 25 miles per hour in the morning. between 5 am and 7 am. a challenge to the fire crews. we could talk about some rain in your five day, more and that in a few minutes. crews are making progress on the atlas fire. >> it is in the hills northeast of napa, it produced a huge plume of white smoke, this is what it looked like sky fox -- when sky fox was overhead, winds push the flames towards the lake, more than 50,000 acres have burned here so far. the atlas fire is now 48% contained, that's up from 45% this morning. we are in napa county, where the fires are burning on both sides of the valley, rob? >> reporter: yes, we are behind
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-- beyond the highway, we've been out here throughout much of the day and i'm going to have will zoom in. to the crest of the mountain, you may periodically see a glow from the hills. people have been out here all day, watching these flames from the hills, we are directly between where the atlas fire and the nuns fire is burning. they had gained some headway, it is 15% contained, but many residents here are telling me that it is day by day, and they are still very nervous. as the fire continued to burn top a steady flow of helicopters. locals gathered off of highway 29 marveling at the efforts. >> it's great to see the
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support, earlier it was tough. >> reporter: the white smoke billowing from the hills were a sign that they were gaining ground. >> it felt like a positive turn of events, yesterday we couldn't breathe, you still saw fires and fire trucks everywhere, it feels like it is turning in a positive direction. >> reporter: locals could only remain positive, and cautious, watching from the back of a pickup truck had a reason for being here. but we want to know where it's going, when we need to leave, our trigger point is if we see flames cresting those hills, we want to went down everything and take off. >> reporter: a new wave of evacuations for sonoma and lake county, and more somber news of the lives that were lost.>> is a national disaster, this is an vain. -- insane.
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>> reporter: they don't plan to announce new evacuations, just asking residents to be cautious and vigilant. people we talked to today are packed and ready to go, at a moments notice. fox 2 news on ktvu . we drove by the houses, hundreds of houses that were totally destroyed, and it brings home just what a horrible situation this is, but at a time like this, we all pull together, and all of the resources, the people, the police, the fire, elected officials, neighbors, volunteers, it is a real example of how america pulls together. and how california is pulling together, and the local community. >> governor jerry brown and others toured, all three have
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said that they have never seen anything like this before. >> this is far from over though. >> reporter: a community meeting, several people lost their homes say they barely made it out alive, because they didn't get enough notice to evacuate. janine larson says her partner neighbors repeatedly called 911 to report seeing fire approaching bennett ridge.>> within 20 minutes of being told you don't need to evacuate, she was driving through fire to get out. and we have one road in and out of our property, our entire neighborhood, 120 houses have one road. >> reporter: they said that people had previously had to register on the cell phone, they are not getting the reverse 911 calls. but she says that no one heeded the concerns of residents reporting the fire.>> we believe we have at least one dead neighbor. the miracle is, we have heroes
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that were going door-to-door in the neighborhood pounding, risking their own lives pounding trying to get us out, and make sure we got all the neighbors. >> reporter: governor jerry brown and senators went to these fires. >> i have not seen one fire like this, i think we can see what weather is doing to fire, what weather's wind is doing to fire. in talking with the head of cal fire, he told me that over the phone the fire was moving so fast, that they couldn't run to get in front of it period >> reporter: -- in front of it. >> reporter: they say it is far from over. >> this is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedy that california has ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable. >> reporter: those who have not
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been able to work have a chance to receive federal aid, but they need to register for help by going to the local assistance centers. they can also register online on disaster as far as getting back into the neighborhoods, they encourage people to register, and see where they are allowing people back in to, you have to register, in santa rosa, fox 2 news on ktvu. good news for solano county residents, mandatory evacuations were areas of greene county allowed 90% of evacuees back home. gordon valley rowan -- road and clayton road. they were evacuated when the atlas fire crossed over from napa, the crews were able to
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keep the fire within containment lines overnight. >> it was supposed to stay that's it stayed where it was supposed to stay. we successfully pass the when the test last night, and the fire stayed within its lines.>> people will need to show proof they live in the neighborhood to be allowed back in, and you can expect a large law enforcement presence. the latest numbers on the tubs fire shows it is 50% contained. >> jamie williams from cal fire, jamie what is the biggest threat in terms of homes? >> currently more than 10,000 firefighters are battling 16 large fires that have burned over 214,000 acres. approximately 90,000 people have been evacuated from the fires, and the fires have been extremely destructive, with
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5700 structures having been estimated to have been destroyed. crews are looking for missing people, the death toll has risen to about 40 people. >> is there a concern that the flames are threatening certain areas now? >> i don't have that specific information, but i can tell you that it is extremely important that residents evacuated early, don't wait. if you wait, you put yourself in other firefighters at risk, residents may think that they are safe, but if the fire approaches, and debra start to rain down from the sky, the smoke becomes, causing them to panic, and they become disoriented. then we have to pull firefighters from suppression efforts to rescue the residents. we have to make sure the roadway stays clear, to keep our equipment going from place to place. engines and dozers, we want people to wait that's not wait to evacuate. >> are you getting the sense
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that perhaps are we at the point where we are starting to attorney corner on this fire? we had the cal fire official before you join us saying that the fire stayed within its lines overnight, it seems like that is the first we have heard that. but over the past couple of days, they been working hard to increase the containment on the fires, and they have done just that. >> jamie williams, thank you for your update, appreciated, staggering numbers there, 5000+ structures burned. and a lot of evacuees.>> close to 90,000.>> amazing, the most damaging and deadliest wildfire in california history. you probably noticed the air quality around much of the area increased significantly, we are going to get more now, mark, it is hazy, but not as bad as it has been the past couple of days.
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>> we have been tracking the haze in the smoke, but relatively clear skies, a bit more sunshine and blue skies across the bay area to start off the weekend. we still have some high fire danger out there, a red flag warning for the areas in red, the north bay hills, and east bay hills, until 8 am on sunday. a decrease in wind speed by the afternoon hours, but warmer, 80 to 90 degrees, very dry, minimum humidity levels, but thankfully not a major burst of wind, but we could have winds come up a bit first thing tomorrow morning, between five and 7:00 -- 5:00 and 7:00. it does warrant attention. on the satellite showing you this, a batch of high clouds, but for sunday, sunshine out there, and as i mentioned, that red flag warning set to expire at 8 am tomorrow.
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let's check in on some of those current wind speeds, very nice to show you, calm winds, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, out towards concorde and oakland, winds at about three miles to seven miles per hour. all the smoke we tend to settle overnight, as a result we could have some lower visibility or more haze accumulating when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning. s'more reports outside sfo, we are not talking about any major wind right now, at least at the 10:00 hour. current numbers, -- s'more reports. lots of 60s for oakland, hayward and fremont. here's our live -- some more reports. the winds kind of back off sunday at 5:00, this will be a nice trend for the fire crews as they battle all those fires burning in the north bay.>> thank you, and just to give you
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an idea of how much the air quality has improved significantly, take a look at what this look like yesterday. this is san francisco, an alert this morning, telling people that the north bay fires are bringing ash and smoke to the city. the skies were much clearer today, that could change. especially people with chronic breathing issues, stay indoors if skies get smoking again. thousands of people had little time this morning to get to safety. >> i not done everybody's doors to get them out. and then all the police came and. hundreds of police came in an end evacuated us. >> the order to get out as fire bear down any santa rosa neighborhoods. come here baby! izzie! >> a family coming home expecting the worst find a very bright spot in all the darkness. their dog.
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the wildfire near geyserville has now burned 11,200 acres, and is 15% contained, the pocket fire is burning east of there, they have ordered an evacuation. air drops on the town's edge included one by a 747. new numbers from lake county, where a fire has burned 2200 acres, the sulfur fire, that fire burned 168 structures, most of them were homes. in santa rosa, the call went out early this morning to grab and get out. overnight winds kicked up the fire, sending it racing towards homes. more on the evacuation and what
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firefighters were doing today to save nearby homes. >> reporter: by sunrise, about 3000 people had already fled their homes from skyhawk, oakmont, and the valley neighborhoods. overnight winds propelled the fire towards homes and businesses. >> i got a call from a friend of mine about an hour before they evacuated, and i not done everybody's doors to get about -- get them out, and hundreds of police came in and evacuated everyone from skyhawk. >> reporter: they mounted an aggressive response, attacking the fire near the winery, and challenging weather conditions. >> it is extremely hard for us, getting in front of that is almost impossible. >> reporter: by midmorning, crews had used bulldozers to clear day fire line, to stop the west with her -- westward progression. trying to slow the fires march.
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>> it's going to increase the temperatures, trying to take the heat out of it. you're putting water on it to keep the temperature down to make it more manageable. >> reporter: by midmorning, they seemed to have the upper hand, halting the fires move towards the neighborhood. they dug in and soaked 200 yards of the burned-out area, hoping the fire would not reignite and start its westward march again. >> our goal is containment, get this thing knocked down. >> reporter: they are hoping the windiest parts of this weekend are behind them, and the weather will cooperate to manage the lines around this fire. santa rosa, -- santa rosa. fires have now burned 35,000 acres, and mendocino the lake complex, that containment went
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up tonight, the death toll from the mendocino county fire stands at eight people. this is new video from the fire we just received from somebody driving your the flames, it was burning trees and vegetation right next to the roadway. i would never part ways with might dog, literally. >> thousands of people ran for their lives, engulfed their homes, how one young woman wouldn't leave her best friend behind, but her unconventional method of escaping. how fire crews took a stand to save an historic winery. we are surveying the discretion and the damage near the city of sonoma, where it is a threat to people who live here. captioning brought to you by
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the fire situation north bay is far from over, new evacuations in santa rosa and sonoma, where homes were lost overnight. joining us live from castle road, monty? >> reporter: we are just off of castle road, not far from east seventh, northeast of downtown sonoma. we are near a home that has been destroyed, a burned-out truck, a shed. there has been son containment of the fire -- some containment. the western side is a different story. if the winds pick up, the city of sonoma is vulnerable. we spoke to a cow fire official explained the situation the city of sonoma is facing this weekend. -- a cow fire official.>> cal.
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>> they are going to work on building new containment lines, when you see red, that's an uncontained fire line, if winds increase, and we see the right kind of circumstances lying -- lining up, we can see fires in those areas. >> reporter: in this immediate neighborhood, everyone has been under mandatory evacuation orders, as you get closer to downtown, that's an advisory to evacuate, they are urging everyone that has any of those situations to get out, and i'm going -- and go with your families and loved ones and stay there overnight. ktvu fox 2 news. just up the road from monty, in sonoma, they saved an historic winery, after a fire
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came within just a few yards of the historic winery, founded in 1857, the oldest commercial winery in california. cow fire crews took a stand -- cal, helped to make sure that didn't reach, you can see how close they got to that wall there. monday, some thought that the worst of the fire was over, but flames lapped up at the northeast corner of the town. how fire crews used weiner -- water from the winery to douse flames from the area. >> reporter: it was like a scene out of an action movie.>> we thought it was over. >> reporter: six ktvu plus helicopters. -- six cal fire helicopters,
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crews made water drops in the northeast edges of sonoma, where overnight, wind field flames drove dangerously close to town. >> i have been fighting fire for 20 years, i haven't seen fire quite like this. >> reporter: a few homes swallowed by flames, they are painfully aware that it is coming. >> the emotions of that, battling and make sure that we keep our business still intact. >> reporter: it has scorched 46,000 acres. >> and i looked over, and it was just boom.>> we are not magicians, but we are going to do our very -- very best to protect the community. >> reporter: embers have been
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tossed in the air all directions, hopefully soon it will be over. >> we are engaging with this, we will be here until the job is done. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. a difficult week with a measurable loss for thousands of people, we need to find happy moments when we can.>> izzie! izzie! hi baby, -- baby! >> how is he is bringing joy to the family who lost a lot in the fires. improving weather conditions, but a red flag warning to talk about, we will let you know when that ends, and some rainfall in our five day forecast.
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despite the heartbreak and devastation, there are stories of survival, including one woman who ran for life as the flames consumed her neighborhood. >> she didn't go alone, the amazing story of natasha and bentley. >> reporter: in santa rosa, the bare-bones of a home burned by wildfire.>> you don't even see a resemblance of what it used to be. >> reporter: just one of the many addresses were a deadly wind driven fire chase people out of bed on monday. >> everything was gray, destroyed, it went for miles. >> reporter: one of those stories is about a girl with her dog. and the unconventional method. natasha wallace is studying across town, until nearly 2 in
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the morning, she saw the fire from the freeway, meaning she had the perspective to know everyone needed to evacuate immediately.>> they just ran us out of the area. >> reporter: she shoved bentley, her 4-year-old pitbull in her honda, and drove down the road, this car right beside her crashed and overturned. >> it was coming faster, then i could leap through the traffic. i grabbed my bike. >> reporter: and a sidecar for her 70 pound best friend. >> i grabbed my dog, and i said hey man, this is serious, you need to sit in the back, and he hopped right in. i held the duffel bag like this, and i rode my bike in my arms, just pedaling like that. >> reporter: after she made it down the road, a few miles ahead of the fire, a man in a truck took her and bentley the rest of the way out.>> i want to take him, paul johnson.
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-- think him. >> reporter: -- thank him. >> i don't know how to express it, how grateful i am. >> reporter: she is celebrating life, thursday night, she turned 24. >> it's amazing what people will do for the things they care about most, if you care about your dog, you will do whatever you can. >> they are like members of the family. a santa rosa family has been reunited with the dog they thought they last forever.>> this story has gone viral, the video being watched over and over again, they hiked three miles up to the house, in santa rosa, they were sure that there bernie's dog died, -- bernese. >> izzy!
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izzy! >> oh, my god! >> hey baby! >> incredible, the dog ran off, and they were sure that she did make it, but somehow, izzy survived, and she is dehydrated and tired, but other than that she is in good shape. >> she is probably thinking where were you guys, it was kind of crazy adhere! but a happy ending -- out here! but a happy ending. that wind event, we are concerned tomorrow morning, as he burst of wind comes in, but any win, especially up above, it's not good, for the fire crews. we'll be talking about that, in a little bit, but you probably noticed the big change, improving the visibility with the smoke plume being moved out to the west, that easterly wind, moving offshore, some haze, and the fire behavior
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tonight, but we could have morphed -- more haze for your sunday. red flag warning still in place, talking about this all week long. east bay, north bay, until 8:00 sunday morning, this will be extended, wind could be gusting maybe 20 to 25 miles per hour. very dry all day long. the wind timeline, peaking about 4:00 and 8:00 tomorrow morning, 25 miles per hour, scaling back through the afternoon hours, a nice trend. by 8 pm tomorrow. the forecast model, showing wind speeds and the wind direction, coming out of the east. this caused some problems closer to the town of sonoma earlier this morning. you can pick out closer to 4:00 the numbers going up, sonoma, 17 miles per hour.
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then an overall trend, decreasing trend, the winds will back off gradually, more of a wind coming of the south possibly, tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. on the satellite, showing you this, the storm track is getting its act together to our north, that could be a factor later in the week. but for tomorrow, haze, sunshine, it will be warmer, lots of 80s and the forecast for tomorrow. right now, wind speeds, around three miles per hour to seven miles per hour, and then in san jose, around three miles per hour. temperatures are in your 50s and 60s, toward san francisco, from oakland, calm conditions on the water, not much of a wind out there. the raiders plane tomorrow, some hazy sunshine, northeasterly wind,
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50 miles per hour, temperatures, low 80s, 80 to 83 degrees. in terms of rainfall, look what happens a few days from now, by thursday, a chance for some showers by thursday afternoon, let's keep an eye on these numbers, the forecast model is pretty aggressive, unusual for october, this forecast model, it could change quite a bit, but a favorable change for fire crews. hearing about the possibility of rainfall showing up next week. most 80s will be -- areas will be in the 80s, and some close to 90 degrees, same for monday, and cool things off by tuesday, and typical october weather, the high fire danger, warm days, all the sudden a cold front moving in, and bringing rain clouds as well. it will be interesting later this week. college football saturday around the nation, and
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the dodgers look to get the upper hand in game one of the national league championship series. up next in sports.
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hello everybody, college football saturday and moments, but first, cubs/dodgers, game one of the national league chance jim -- championship series, and yes yelp week, -- albert sends one deep off of kershaw. a to nothing lead, game tied at e-


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