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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i thought i was prepared for this. but pictures do not touch the surface of what this feels like and what it looks like. some people are being let back into fire ravaged neighborhoods to see if their homes are still standing. this as calmer winds are helping firefighters tonight in the north bay. it was a week ago tonight that
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the devastated north bay fires broke out. more than a dozen fires still burning tonight. there is optimism that the worst is now behind us. firecrews say they turned a corner in the last 24 hours as they fight to contain the deadly fires. today evacuation orders were lifted for napa and calastoga. they estimate damage in sonoma county will reach $3 billion. officials say the fires destroyed an estimated 5700 homes and the death toll did not change. it remains at 40. today, the coroner identified four more of the people who died in the fire. 79-year-old sharon ray robinson, 71-year-old daniel martin sutherd and 82-year-old mcreynolds all from santa rosa, also killed 72 lee roger from felony allen. cal fire's map shows where the fires are right now.
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the largest fire, atlas fire and the tubb's fire. 50% contained. the nuns fire is 40% contained. we have live team coverage on north bay wildfires. >> first we go live to santa rosa with more on the e vac weeks allowed to return home to assess the damage. heather, we are in one of the devastated finish hoods, less than half a mile away there are unburned homes, they got the all clear. it is a strange homecoming when so much has changed. >> all my stuff back at my sister's house. >> reporter: this high school teacher comes home to a dusty house that smells like smoke but never looked so good. >> thankful, thankful, fortunate. i know a lot of people lost a lot, lost life, structures, i am fortunate to be back and everything is here. >> we are turning the corner. getting a lot more black line
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out there. >> reporter: containment lines are growing, more boots on the ground. it is all good say fire managers. >> over all things are feeling optimistic for us. we are cautious about that. >> i hope everybody will just have the strength and get through the hard part and start looking towards the spring. >> reporter: this victim shows us blades of grass, sprouting in the ruins of her home for 18 years. this is what she saw leaving a week ago. she wants her neighborhood to heal. >> my daughter made this for us. >> reporter: there are moments like finding these statues her daughter made in tact. >> if that is the only thing i can give her -- [crying] that will be the best that i can give her. i don't have anything else to give her. [crying] >> the tubb's fire is here. it is going to get into the city. >> reporter: the victim next door is the very fire official who gave santa rosa's evacuation order after driving
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into the hills and seeing fire coming. >> there is a piece of me that wondered if that was the right call or if i was overreacting. my gut told me it was not going to stop. we need to get people out of here. >> he helped evacuate people for hours only learning his neighborhood was gone. >> after day three when i realized the uniform that i was wearing was the only uniform i had, the only thing that i had. >> his 9-year-old daughter was away. >> she left here happy, has good memories here, that is good thing to me. >> reporter: even as lights go on, residents are not overlooking all of those left behind. >> normal is not the term. a healing process for sure. we will have to come together, still, as a community and help each other out through this. >> reporter: a telling video shared by the assistant fire marshal. this is not the tubb's fire. an earlier fire last sunday
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night in downtown santa rosa. you can see crews already had their hands full multiple house fires because of the high winds and the lines down and sparks starting fires. by the time they heard that the firestorm was roaring in, they were already behind the game. they were sending out word they needed help. >> did the fire victims say what their plans are? where they will be staying while they get their houses rebuilt? >> reporter: most people at this point are staying with friends and relatives. not a long-term plan, space makes it impossible for the long-term but rentals are tight, they were tight before this fire. it is going to be a challenge and i would imagine people have to leave the immediate area and then with the hope of rebuilding and coming back. everyone i talked to said they love their neighborhood, whatever neighborhood they go
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to, they want to come back, they want their community and their extended family to return. everybody has deep ties. >> everybody wants to stay home even if the home is going to be a different building. >> yes. exactly. >> thank you. despite the loss people are putting out messages of hope, support and gratitude. i took these pictures this weekend of home made signs across santa rosa. this was set up on a corner. the sign thanked police and fire and there were free bottles of water and bags of food for them, too. i saw these signs on highway 101. finally, look at this. a small dose of support written on this white cardboard that was posted on a street sign in a neighborhood not far from fire ravaged coffee park. our evacuation orders in salono county have been lifted and most poem there are returning home. 2500 residents were evacuated from their homes and the
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sheriff's office says 90% of residents listened to that order. people with proof of residency returned in waves this weekend. no one else allowed in the areas evacuated. the officials say no one died when the atlas fire hit there. 10 square miles were burned. calmer winds are helping firecrews gain control. >> more on the conditions and the rain that is on the way. >> firecrews are taking advantage. you can see the fires up in the north bay and a arrow there showing light and variable winds, decreasing winds tonight. the biggest challenge for your monday, warming temperatures and low humidity levels. so, still temperatures in the 80s, close to 90 degrees. very dry. we are seeing a lot of fire activity during the afternoon hours because of the hot and
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dry conditions out there. the winds for the most part tomorrow, around 10:00, 12 miles an hour. current observations out there, you can pick it out. dropping into the 50s and the moisture levels are coming up. that is great news, slowing down the fire activity overnight towards sonoma valley. a calm wind, atlas peak, 70 degrees, humidity, 21%. over the morning hours typically we have been seeing more in the way of wind. nothing too major. 5:00, seeing the valley at 11 miles an hour. into the afternoon hours, scale back on the wind speeds and see a shift in the wind by 4:00 on monday. here is a chance of rain. a bunch of answers over the next few days, look at what happens late thursday and friday. talking about increasing rain chances and possibly up to an inch. friday morning, watching out for the change and the overall weather pattern between now and then. scale back on the heat by midweek and scale back by the
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winds as well. taking a closer look at your monday forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. evacuation orders lifted for calastoga. we go live where people are told to remain vigilant since there are still active fire on mount saint helena to the north. >> reporter: that is right. you drive south of highway 29 you can see them still doing water drops. the interesting thing is here is that the town you see behind me, a lot of traffic, 5,000 residents here, everything is coming back to normal. when the order was issued on wednesday at 2:00 a.m. last week many people headed as far as sacramento, also into the bay area. as they came in today at 2:00 we saw nothing but smiles. >> reporter: facing an uncertain future residents here endured 5 long days.
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finally sunday, a sign that things were returning to normal. >> i can not describe it. i can not tell you how happy we were here. we are back. we are back. we are back. the first stop for many was the grocery store. one of the first stores to open as evacuation orders were lifted. >> it feels amazing to be back. i have to say. when we pulled into town and we saw signs "welcome back" we broke into tears it was sweet. >> reporter: checking in on his bed-and-breakfast and was relieved when he opened the door. >> it is all here. i think the biggest thing i noticed was all of the ash. you know, on the front porch. >> reporter: this b&b teaches cooking classes but before getting tourists back in the kitchen, she had work to do. >> open everything up. there are stronger smell of smoke in the house than there
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was outside. >> reporter: all of this while south on highway 29 smoke still blanketed wine country and the air assaults continued. this town still standing because of the hardworking heroes. >> i don't know where they get the energy but these firefighters today, amazing. they did a wonderful job getting this taken care of. they saved my property. >> we know that the firefighters mounted a major battle to save our town. there is no way we can ever express our gratitude to them. >> reporter: back here live. let's talk about the firefighters. 10,000 working strong. in a week's time we should know if this community will be able to heal and finally start rebuilding. many people i talked to today saying although they are still standing they want to go to the nearby areas and this them recover. >> long-term getting the communities back on their feet they want tourists back, any
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idea when regular folks can return to the area? >> reporter: well, everybody is kind of coming in right now and we did see tourists today. we did not so any yesterday but people are slowly making their way back out. when the doors opened here people kind offed okay, they are open for business we want to help them recover and spend some money. >> all right. thank you. school closures will continue next week for several school districts in the north bay. classes will be canceled all week for santa rosa, geiserville, kenwood, mark west, sonoma valley. santa rosa junior college will be closed. find more information on our web site. coming up, a look at how the fire overwhelmed first responders in the initial hours of the firefight. we got the new video shared by a four crew as it headed right into that enferno.
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residents returning home -- inferno. residents returning home in napa. families see firsthand the devastation left behind
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containment numbers are out today. supervisors see the light at the end of the tunnel. we have a long road ahead of us but the day that we had hoped would come one week later we are here.
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>> after all of the devastation we are one of the lucky ones. we are. a houses to come back to. our work to come back to. >> the hundreds of homes lost in napa county 16 wineries sustained damage and five with a significant or total loss. people begin to return home challenges remain. even without the presence of active fire. >> we spent the day in napa and sees what a woman discovered as she returned home today. >> reporter: exactly one week ago was the last time marlene rosenberg went to sleep in her home. >> a friend of mine called me at 20 minutes to 11:00 or i would know nothing. >> reporter: after that phone call her power went out. she and her husband had to physically push open the garage door to escape. >> this is the pool, solar panels there and a fence and this was -- and the ping-pong table is burned. >> i don't know low it got
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there and left ours alone. >> their neighborhood is guarded by police and military but when she was finally allowed in she was shocked to find her condo standing unscathed. >> it is very mixed emotions. it is relief and then it is -- survivor guilt. >> reporter: her neighbor's homes are gone. it fears it will be more than a year before they can rebuild and move back. there weekend the city of flappa lifted the evacuation. roads are blocked as cal trans and pg&e are clearing debris and restoring power. it will be a few more days before she can sleep in her bed again. today, grateful go -- for what she has and then signing up for the cell phone alert. >> i never use my cell phone. i bought it for an emergency. it is an emergency. i learned to text a lot.
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>> reporter: another challenge facing residents. napa county supervisors say a lot of street signs burned or melted during the fires and all of the signs need to be replaced before residents can move back in. in napa tonight, back to you. to help those who lost everything in the deadly fires, napa is opening a center, building a on napa valley corporate drive, the center opens tomorrow and will be staffed monday-friday and next weekend from 10:00 until 5:00. there people can find federal, state, local disaster assistance resources and financial help. county officials say those concerned about immigration enforcement do not need to worry because they say ice suspended operations at such centers. similar assistance center opened in santa rosa and hundreds of people turned out to get help there. here in the bay area we are
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feeling the effects of the wildfires with the spare the air alert tomorrow. also a look if things are going to remain warm. >> yes. warm weather will stick around. talking about all of the track of the air quality as well. we have haze and the smoke across portions of the bay area. this is the big headline. we no longer have a red flag warning in place. talking about it a lot over the past week for the north bay hills and east bay hills, thankfully, the strong winds worked out. warm temperatures and dry conditions. highs from this afternoon ranging from the 70s near the shoreline, lots of 80s around the bay. the warm weather pattern will continue into your monday forecast as we look at the air quality. looking out towards san francisco bay towards the bay bridge. now, in terms of air quality we have been talking about the air quality scale from 0 to 300 and for tomorrow, we will number this range. moderate to the unhealthy for sensitive groups for the north
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bay and for the inland valleys along the valley as well. the numbers as they go down it implies better air quality. could be trending better for the north bay, inland valleys the number goes up we could track more smoke or haze up in portions of the north bay. some of it could be drifting closer a lot of it depending with fire behavior and fire activity. a lot of 80s. checking in 90 degrees. even though the warning has expired in terms of fire danger t is still up there. we still have the warm dry conditions setting up for tomorrow. this area of high pressure sticks around. now, it will eventually weak en
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later in the week. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, see you then, thank you. some resident his a fire scare this afternoon when they were told to evacuate because of a new brush fire. the fire broke out at 3:00 this afternoon in an area near 7th street. people were evacuated along carmel court. fire officials say throw acres burned and no one was injured. the crews had the fire contained in less than an hour. no word yet on the cause. a fire in the foothills above east san jose damaged two homes. the fire was reported at 1:15 this afternoon. it is near mount hamilton road. in an hour the fire went to three-alarms. no injuries reported. cal fire assisted with fighting the initial brush fire. officials say they are looking for the cause but a resident told us arcing power lines were
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spotted. >> the power went out earlier. when i came out there was a spark by the street. by the time we came out here it was already flaring up. [sirens] >> fire officials say the home sustained significant damage and residents will plead to find temporary shelter for the time being. crews plan to stay out there all night tonight to watch for flair ups. emergency alerts. some evacuees never received a warning about the wildfires. 2 investigates looking at if there was a communication's break down when we come back
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one week ago when the fires broke out. was there a kphraoupbcasion break down during critical moments when emergency officials -- communication break down during critical moments when the emergency officials warned people. >> see figure they would do
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anything differently now. they plan a review to better understand how the response played out. >> a little more than a week ago homes were still standing in the coffee park neighborhood. now, they are nothing more than ash, rubble and a pile of metal. but what is standing is a sign of resilience. two american flags as homeowner return to remember those fantic minutes of fleeing. minutes some say they never got a call, never got a text message, never got a knock at the door. a battle against time. fires shooting like a blowtorch, hitting house after house in santa rosa. >> we were behind before we got started. >> reporter: now, the mayor is focused on helping his neighbors rebuild. 2 investigates is questioning the response playing out one week ago. and those that is a they received little or no warning. >> we had no time. there was -- there was not an
10:25 pm
evacuation that fast. >> all caked the fire department, i see fires, do we need to evacuate. they said no you do not need to evacuate. -- within 20 minutes of being told you do not need to be evacuate she was driving through fire to get out. >> reporter: multiple alert systems were activated. multiple alerts went out. >> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff explained in a town hall that alerts were sent out through the alert systems. the problem is, you can not receive them unless you sign up. only a fraction of people actually did that. >> why not everybody in my community got that call? it was very confusing. 45 minutes our community was on fire. >> reporter: the officials could of sent out an emergency siren-like alert. vibrating and lighting up any cell phone in a certain
10:26 pm
geographical area. a system developed by fema for this sort of thing. lake county used it on sunday in addition to the alerts, homes quickly evacuated and so far no one has died there. >> people that are visiting the areas and people who did not want to be bothered with the every day notifications. >> so, why not send that wide raging alert to 500,000 people in sa stphoepla county? we asked the sheriff. >> i don't know that works here because of our geography and population and our roads. 80 cell towers were destroyed? lines down stopping communication. >> even if everything went perfectly i am not sure everybody would of gotten a notification. >> reporter: now, a review plan to look at the alert systems and the county wide response. >> reporter: what would you say to those people who do not
10:27 pm
feel alerted. >> i could encourage them to sign up but the problem that we are having, world changed. hard lines everyone got called easily. people get rid of their hard line there are consequences for that. >> reporter: the county is getting better. the nixel system got an upgrade just this weekend. you have to sign up to get those alerts. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a looter busted. we will tell you how out of town police helped santa rosa spot a looter outside e we will have the latest on the fires when we come right back
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a week after the fires, firecrews are making progress getting the fires contained. e vacking with as were lifted for the cities of santa rosa. the authorities say the death toll stands at 40. 5700 buildings have been destroyed. >> we are feeling optimistic. turning the corner. getting a lot more black line up there.
10:31 pm
you are seeing the containment levels coming up. >> north bay state senator estimates damage cost in sonoma county alone will reach $3 billion. a berkeley firefighter called to santa rosa during the first hour of the tubb's fire caught it on video. we have a unique perspective on the fire. you talked to the firefighter who shot the video? >> that is right. started recording for training purposes with no expectations, the video is now posted on youtube and so far viewed more than 70,000 times. the firefighters thought they would respond to a large grass fire. they had no idea the level of destruction and were stunned at what they encountered. >> reporter: berkeley fire got the call at 5:00 on monday morning that santa rosa fire department needed help they along with four other engineers from san francisco headed north. what they encountered was more
10:32 pm
than they imagined. >> reporter: what they thought were hills on fire were homes and businesses. the flames coming from all sides. >> look at all of this, man. all kinds of structures burning here. >> are you serious? >> reporter: berkeley firefighter shot the video and add captions. >> for the three of us that were on that fire engine that day on october 9th that was the biggest incident any of us responded to. >> reporter: they were told to stage at the kmart parking lot to find the 100,000 square foot store on fire. not stopping because a building that involved in flames, they say, is already lost. >> is that a gas station there? oh, boy. >> i can feel that heat, kyle. can you feel that? >> oh my god. >> wow. it is blowing out there. >> reporter: firefighters admitting they got uneasy as the fire rapidly spread. then they came a ros a housing subdivision, the coffee park
10:33 pm
neighborhood of santa rosa, burned to the ground, hundreds of homes, gone. >> this is like a bomb went off. >> it is still hard for all of us to wrap our minds around. thousands and thousands of homes were burned within -- i mean, moments. >> reporter: they were searching for something they could save only chimneys and foundations were left. at one point, they worried about falling power lines and ammunition cooking off in the distance from a sporting good store. using chainsaws to cut through fences and gates to gain access, falling back on their training, hosing down what they could as the fire jumped house to house. their focus, breaking its momentum and with the winds shifting, late morning they saved 30 homes. >> absolutely heartbreaking. i mean heartbreaking. those are, you know, people's homes, other than family it is the most important and special
10:34 pm
thing to them. >> everyone a week later it is hard to see that video. one of the homes they could not save actually belonged to a firefighter from their own department and they ended the video by saying they were happy to make a difference but they wish they could of saved more homes. i asked the firefighter why did you post the video? he said raise awareness to get donations to help the neighborhoods recover. >> and also it shows just how firefighters were overwhelm and all of us were completely caught by surprise by how large the fire was when they started driving in and saw the scope of what they were dealing with. >> yes. humanizes it. you don't realize what the firefighters go through and i asked him you know how did you feel? he just said i fell back on my training but in the back of their heads they, too, were shocked and stunned by what they saw. >> yes. bigger than anyone expected. >> yes.
10:35 pm
>> thank you. meantime firefighters are reporting progress. many evacuees are being allowed home. redwood valley fire burned 3500 acres and it is 35% contained. the smaller sulphur fire burned 2,000 acres. it is 75% contained. of those fires, killing 8 people. it destroyed 410 homes. as of this morning 2,000 people were still evacuated. later on in the day hundreds were allowed to return to their properties to see if their homes were still standing. firefighters got a break from the weather overnight. >> today is certainly turning a corner for us. the weather held last flight and cal fire was able to make huge advance on the lines. >> the sheriff posted on facebook residents should avoid moving until after they contacted their insurance company. he said that moving or spreading debris may jeopardize
10:36 pm
elegibility for state-funded cleanup. a man accused of stealing from evacuated home. hillsboro police were on patrol on saturday when they questioned a transient who was acting suspiciously. they found stolen jewelry and cell phones. he also had a gun and drug paraphernalia on him. the authorities say they made 13 looting arrests across sonoma county. still to come, frontlines in the firefight. >> up close perspective as we ride along with crews battling one of the hot spots. the winds moving out but a warm forecast for your monday. we are tracking a storm that will bump up the rain chances later in the week
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sugar loaf ridge state park, the nuns fire, it was throwing off giant flames there as cal fire was taming the blaze. >> you could see it from the
10:40 pm
road. it was a spectacular show. >> thanks to the firefighting effort and calming winds it did not reach the highway and nearby homes and vineyards. a concern for residents returning home is power. >> joining us now on pg&e spokesperson. can you tell us right now how many people in the north bay are without power? >> good evening. law -- thank you for having us, we have 21,000 customers in the fire impacted areas and 17,000 customers remaining without gas service, i am happy to say that we have made progress restoring electric and gas service to our customers impacted by the wildfires. and for those electric customers we are able -- we are happy to say that we are expecting to restore power to those who are able to receive it by late monday evening. >> just to be clear so that
10:41 pm
viewers understand when you say a customer it is house, apartment building or a large company with many employees? >> correct. a customer for us is a single- family home or an apartment an apartment building or a business. >> tell us what is involved in getting all of those customers back on-line. it seems remarkable that you are able to restore so much power by monday when we are talking, you know, the kind of devastation and damage that we have seen. >> yes. these are for our customers who are able to receive their electric or gas service. we have been working with our crews are been working around- the-clock since the event started to make sure that firefighters allow us to get into those areas and make sure it is safe before we do. over the week we have been working with cal fire and other agencies closely going into the
10:42 pm
areas as soon as they are safe and looking at the electric and gas damage and making sure we can get there. >> i in was fountain grove area and i saw several crews there. talk with us about the most challenging thing in trying to restore power. >> the most challenging thing is really just being able to get in there and assess the damage and see what exactly we need to do. we have had crews from around our service area helping us with that as well as mutual aid crews from other parts of the west coast. >> that is another point you are bringing up? you had a lot of help from outside pg&e, who has come in? >> yes. we have had folks from southern california as well as oregon to assist us. they have been great and we have been able to work with them around-the-clock to get
10:43 pm
our customers back up. >> can you talk numbers? how many people are on the ground for pg&e if it is that, contractors, everyone involved to get the power and gas back to service? >> we have about 3,000 people that are helping us and we have set up multiple emergency centers and base camps for our crews in all of the fire areas and that includes napa, sonoma and lake counties and so we positioned crews as well as our mutual aid folks all in those areas. >> is this restoration efforts something that can be done during the overnight hours as well? >> you know, withy do have crews working around-the-clock -- we do have crews working around-the-clock helping out. >> i don't want to point fingers but there are reports there could have been downed power lines that started at least the tubbs fire. can you say anything that can reassure the public that pg&e
10:44 pm
is keeping an eye on the lines if there is a windstorm coming through it will not be an issue? >> right now or focus is on life safety and the well being of the communities affected by the wildfires and responding to their needs. the focus is definitely on safety as well as the service restoration. >> then before we let you know, some of the earlier live slots we saw p tkp-rbgs&e crews in neighborhoods that have been destroyed -- pg&e crews in neighborhoods that have been destroyed. those areas with no homes need power but it will impact nearby area, neighborhood down the street where some of the homes are still stand something. >> yes. once the areas are safe we go into all of the areas to check on our electric and gas infrastructure. that is correct. >> all right, giving us the latest on that and the good
10:45 pm
news is everyone who should have power that has a structure still standing should have power and gas hopefully by monday. that is good news. moving on, air quality continues to be an issue across the bay area. coming up next, we will take a look at today's conditions and what the health officials say you can do to protect yourself. we have the bay area forecast. rain in the forecast. crews can have a relief in battling the fires ah, dinner.
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air quality district a spare the air alert. >> district officials are calling for a spare the air day due to elevated levels of smog. they say that active wildfires and shifting winds can bring more smoke back to the central part of the bay area. bay area got a reprieve from all of the smoke today. >> it is better and the winds helped us a lot. it was cleared out sitting heavy in the area throughout the bay area. that was great yesterday. we are still seeing impacts from the north bay today. we are still seeing unhealthy air in the north bay counties. >> if we get rain later this week it could help clean the air and push all of the pollution to the ground. in the meantime doctors are urging people with brothing
10:49 pm
problems to stay indoors if skies get smokey once again. >> will we get that rain? >> we are seeing it with increasing confidence. thursday might and late thursday night and into friday morning. we still have to wait a few days out there and tracking the smoke as well. and all of that haze and you can see the distribution of the fires up in the north bay. today, for most of the weekend, easterly wind transporting the smoke. it has been to the north bay. that is the case tomorrow. possibility we have a little more haze and smoke drifting to the south. not a lot of that major winds are not a factor here. 10 or 12 miles an hour. the concern is warming temperatures in the 80s to around 90 degrees and dry out there as well with moisture levels down to around 10%
10:50 pm
tomorrow afternoon. here is a satellite it is nice, active jet stream coming to the north and this will be the key as we head into thursday. especially thursday night and friday. some of the energy is moving into northern california. more clouds, cooler temperatures and possibly rain as well. right now we still have a pretty good off shore flow in place. noticing the warm up. we are expecting it for tomorrow as well. the winds coming in out of the north and the east. it will stick around for your monday forecast. checking in on the current numbers right now. we have santa rosa, 58 degrees. 10:00 hour, still 70s out towards fremont. now, as far as the wind speeds, thankfully, they are not strong. a calm wind towards santa rosa. sfo, 5 miles an hour and san jose checking in the south around 5 miles an hour.
10:51 pm
here is the live camera looking at the bay bridge, looking towards san francisco. a possibility here. haze drifting in the area. the main focus of the smoke and the haze will be up in the north bay obviously around the fire zones. first thing tomorrow morning, fair skies, temperatures off to a cool start. 40s and the 50s for your monday morning, here is the deal for tomorrow. probably noticing the warm up for today. going to stick around for tomorrow. hazy sunshine, lots of 80s coming up for your monday. we will begin to cool things off a little bit on tuesday. sharp drop off later in the week. the front moves in from the north. tracking increasing rain chances, we will have to wait a little bit. here are a bunch of answers for monday, tuesday, wednesday, look at what happens later in the day on thursday. rain chances moving in. this is thursday night, then, friday morning, potentially around the fire zones we could have about a quarter of an inch of rainfall by the time friday winds up, 1/10th of an inch in
10:52 pm
the south bay. tomorrow, sunny skies. hazy sunshine. lots of 80s out there. warmest locations around 90 degrees. san jose, 88 degrees. five-day forecast. cooling things off into wednesday. the best bet of rainfall on thursday night and friday. possibly warming things up by the weekend. we will watch out for the rain clouds, could be just what we need a few days away. >> happy to see that. >> all right, thank you. coming up, 11:00 news, north bay fire coverage continues. we will have the latest on the death toll and the acreage burned. up next in sports, kaepernick is reportedly suing nfl owners. suing nfl owners.
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49ers and the raiders. long, long time and the return of carr not enough to stop the raiders from suffering their 4th straight loss. carr just so so today. bounced back on the second possession. here he finds michael crabtree. 23 yards. crabtree tight ropes the
10:56 pm
sidelines and gets in. watch how he reaches the ball out for the touchdown. the raiders taking the lead. 2nd quarter, less than 2 minutes to go. melvin working his way into the end zone. dive over the top from 1 yard out. ties the game at 7 as we looked at the replay. we are reminded of marcus allen. sliding in the end zone. raiders lead at halftime. gordon, taking it in, 6 yards out. carr said we have work to do here. he hands it off to patterson on the end around. he is gone. 46 yards for the touchdown. not the black hole. just end zone fans. does not take the leap. the raiders miss the point. 16-14 raiders. chargers over 4 minutes to go. starting their drive on the 8. rivers, finds hunter henry a couple times. this one, 34 yard pick up. jack has to hope for a missed
10:57 pm
feel goal. nick from 32 yards out. it is the game winner because of the missed extra point. would of tied it otherwise and stent overtime. dropping to -- sent overtime. dropping to last place. you can not come and closer than the 9ers have come this year. the last 5 losses by a grand total of 13 points. so, shanahan subs the rookie quarterback in. midway through the 3rd. going to work. 31 yards strike to his former college teammate in iowa. now, later in the drive. carlos, punches it in from oneiard -- one yard out. 17 at the half. 3rd quarter, cousins, to davis. he coughs it up. jimmy ward scoops it up. returns it all of the way down to the one yard line he shoved out. scoring a touchdown for the
10:58 pm
next play to tie it up at 17. cousins here on the read option keeps it from 7 yards out. 26-16 washington. bethard steps up in the pocket. first touchdown pass of his young career. 45 yards to robinson. 26-24. the 9ers have a chance. 4th and 10. 4th and 20. bethard picked off by fuller. that is it. the 49ers lose another close one. 26-24. they drop 0-6. first time in nfl history the team lost 5 straight games by 3 points or fewer in each game. there is the headliner out of nfl week 6. rodgers breaks his collarbone on his throwing arm on this play vs minnesota. it is barr taking him down after a pass attempt in the first quarter. huntly takes over. packers in trouble.
10:59 pm
they lose this one 23-10. kaepernick has been mum on his inability to sniff a tryout. he filed a grievance against owners for collusion claiming his leadership role and social activism caused him to be black balled from the league. filing means there will be an arbitration hearing on the matter down the road. 29 years ago to the day kirk gib son hit the last post season walk off home run for the dodgers. until tonight. dodgers hosting the cubs, game 2 of the championship series. bottom 9, tied at 1. turner, with 2 on. he ends it right here. 3-run walk off. center field off of john lackey. pitching for the second straight day for the first time in his career. dodgers win it 4-1. take the series lead. now, the series shifts to
11:00 pm
wriggly for game 3 on tuesday night. coming up in half an hour i will be joined for a wrap of sports. now it is time for the 11:00 news. >> thank you. next at 11:00. it was just within minutes that this storm just took this neighborhood. it was just -- it was unreal. it was -- we had no idea the harm's way we were in. residents returning to devastation and recall those horrific moments when a wall of fire destroyed their neighborhood one week ago right now crews are getting relief as the winds die down. >> more than a dozen fires are still burning tonight there is opt phreufpl that -- optimi


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