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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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burned 45,000 acres. it is now 60% contained. of the 40 fire deaths, 22 were in snow ma county. more victims were identified yesterday. they were 82-year-old car men colleen reynolds, sharon gray robinson, 72-year- old lee chadrick roger, and 71-year-old daniel martin stother. lee roger was from grand then. the others lived in san the rosa. i want to show you a cal fire map. this gives you a sense just how close all those major wildfires are. crews say each of the fires present their own conditions. the nuns fire has the lowest containment, just 40% at this point. it is still moving north at a slow pace, driven by some steep slops and some dry brush, but it does sound like the weather is cooperating a bit more. we're going to steve paul son, talking about our
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weather today and what's coming. >> it's very warm, but the winds are tailing off. >> that's good news. >> the worst one was sunday, monday. the one over the weekend brought some gusts up. air quality is getting better. last week it was in levels not seen before up in the north bay. still unhealthy for some, moderate for others. nothing compared to what we saw last week; that's for sure. a few high clouds. it will be warmer today. high pressure, winds out today, and most of tomorrow. could be a few, though,s near 90 degrees. rain looks like it returns late thursday. give me time to update this. there will be okay amounts to the north. santa rosa, calustoga, lake county into mendocino county. not a lot, but quarter to half an inch. far more up in humbold county. that's going be the main focus. won't be until about 4 days. winds are out of the north. not that strong, but still
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offshore. same could be said for atlas peak, 18%. other locations have humidity in 50, 60%. it is a bit of a northerly breeze. 40s 50,s 6 0s. one observation in napa is reporting. you have 37 graden, 57 bodega bay. very warm temps on the coast. there will be a few high clouds. you can see them from the west, southwest. we're waiting for a system from the pacific northwest, gulf of alaska, but that won't be until thursday. 80s for your temps.
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. a smaller fire has burned 2,200 acres. it is 80% contained. damage in both of those counties, the 2 fires have combined to destroy more than 400 homes and at least 4 businesses. firefighters say favorable weather conditions there have allowed crews to get a better handle on those fires. >> we've been very fortunate. we haven't lost schools or major freeway other than some -- we lost one major communications tower, but that is on the mend now.
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>> mentoc,no county's sheriff posted evacuees returning home should avoid moving or touching any of the damaged property until after they have contacted their insurance company. he says moving or spreading debris may actually jeopardize your eligibility for state-funded clean up. time is 5:04. you already know the air we're breathing here in the bay area is not healthy. because of smoke from the fires, we have a smoke advisory for napa, sonoma, and marin counties. for the rest of the bay area, today is a spare the air day. we have more smog, but the wildfires and shifting winds could put more smoke over the region. air quality concerns caused some local school districts to cancel classes late last week, but school districts, including marin, western contra costa county unified and vacaville are reopening today. schools in the fire zones, however, remain closed. they include the biggest school
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district in santa rosa, and other schools that are out this week include geyserville, kenwood, mark west, pinier, olivet union, santa rosa junior college is also closed. classes will resume on wednesday for sonoma state. time is 5:05. happening today, the opening of an stop signs center in napa to help fire victims. the center is at the county health department in building a on napa valley corporate drive. it will be open next weekend from 10 to 5. napa county fire victims can get financial help as well as other services. over the weekend, the evacuation orders were lifted for the city of napa, and yesterday many people returned to their homes for the first time since that fire storm started 8 days ago. marlene rosenberg and her husband rushed out of their retirement home late sunday night as the flames raced toward their complex, and she was
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surprised to see their condo still standing. >> this is the pool. there were solar panels there and a fence, and this -- and the ping-pong table was burned. i don't know how it got there and left ours alone. there's very mixed emotions. it's relief, and then it's survivor guilt. >> many of her neighbors' homes were gutted in the fire, and many of the roads in her neighborhood are still closed as caltran crews work to clear the debris. in santa rosa there was a similar scene. thousands of evacuees went back home to see the damage, and it was emotional. >> i hope that everybody will just have the strength and get through the hard part and start looking towards the spring. >> the evacuation order was lifted after several positive developments in that fire zone. the containment lines are growing. theth wither is getting better. and there are more firefighters on the ground, putting out those hot spots.
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many of the returning evacuees are relieved this nightmare for now is coming to an end. >> thankful. i'm thankful. i'm fortunate. i know a lot of people lost a lot loss of life. i'm fortunate to be back and everything's here. >> overall things are cautious. we're optimistic about that. >> however, an evacuation order is still in effect for some parts of santa rosa. right now it's 5:70. providing some comfort for thousands of people who are evacuated, the efforts by a it can giant to provide some help. >> also governor jerry brown signed several bills into law, and he vetoed others. d others. >> good morning. you can see traffic is off to a nice start in most commutes, like this one.
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the governor signed a bill that makes california the first state to require labels on cleaning products to list all of the ingredients. the bill's author, state senator ricardo laura, said his mother would sometimes feel dizzy and sick, but she never knew if it was because of some ingredients in the products she was using. and the governor vetoed a bill that would have required large companies to report information on the differences in wages between male and female employees. the legislation was designed as a way to force women to be paid fairly. time is 5:11. california state senate leader kevin deleon will challenge senator diane feinstein in next year's election. deleon released a campaign video, emphasizing his humble roots and progressive
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politics. he said he wants to gin the u.s. senate to fight president trump's policies. senator feinstein said she will run for a fifth senate term in the november 2018 election. california attorney general javier bucera has joined with attorneys general from 16 other states in filing a lawsuit to block president trump's plan to end federal subsidies for health insurance. the president announced he is cutting off the payments that help low-income americans pay for health coverage under the affordable care act. the payments will be stopped beginning this week. republican senator suzanne collins is urging president trump to support a bipartisan effort to reinstate the payments. >> very disruptive move that will result in smaller numbers of people being haved that will make it more difficult for low-income people to afford their
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out-of-pocket costs. . ''they have made a fortune. domes must get smart and deal." . time is 5:13. sal is right over there. he's going to take care of you, get you to where you need to go. morning, dave, and pam. we have traffic that is going to be moving along well on most commutes. ly start with the g,lroy commute. a lot of those faraway commutes are beginning to get ramped up. we don't see a lot of slow traffic on 101 northbound as you drive up to san jose. the silicon valley commute still looks very nice. plenty of room for you before the crowd gets there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like all of the sudden, we have slow traffic, which is somewhat unusual for it to be this early. we're going to be looking around to make sure there's nothing reported on
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westbound bay bridge. . let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> no fog out there whatsoever. it will be a warm day today, warmest day of the week by far. temperatures could push upper 80s to near 90 for some. good news is the red flag warning has expired. you'll get teens on the relative humidity. we're already seeing that at the las peak. but the wind is north to northeasters but tailing off. not anything like we saw a week ago or on the weekend as well. the air quality slowly improving, even though it's some unhealthy levels. we're not up there in the pink category, which we were last week, which was off the chart, according to some at the bay area air quality. they had never seen that before. so it is getting better, a little bit. forecast, hazy skies. temperatures will be 40s to start off with, 70s, going for a high of 87. it will be pretty warm. we'll see that tail off quick. high clouds coming from the west, southwest. it will be warm for everybody, including the coast. no fog to deal with. after to, temperatures will
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drop. looks like some rain thursday into friday. heaviest rain will be from lake county, minnesotadocino county northward. i would expect, about late thursday maybe into friday, a 3rd to 2/3rds to the north. after that it's going to tail off. san jose is .70, i'd be surprised. we'll be optimistic for now. still an easterly breeze or northerly breeze. it's not that strong. it's general really light wind there. same can be said, atlas peak, northeast at 10. the humidity 18%. happening in oakland hills, we're still getting a little bit of a north wind for some. it is turning slightly, though, but it's west at the berkeley lab. 24% relative humidity, 25 right above the oakland zoo, and 15% due east at mount d,ablo. offshore in san francisco for many locations, either north or east, which is why temps are in the 60s. there's very mild conditions certainly on the coast
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for many. . botega bay is 67. 48, 1 observation napa. . you can see the offshore direction of the air flow. that's going to start turning, but not today. it won't be until late, probably thursday, friday. a few 80s to near 90 degrees briefly. tomorrow still warm, but not as warm. rain begins to the north and moves in on friday. >> all right, steve. thank you. time now 5:16. today army sergeant bowe bergdahl is expected to plead guilty to charges connecting him to leaving his military post in afghanistan in 2009. he'll be going before a military judge in bragg, north carolina, to enter his plea. reportedly, he'll plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy instead of going on trial. he could get up to five years
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from prison. after he left his post, bergdahl was held hostage by the taliban for five years, then was released in 2014 in a prisoner swap. time is 5:17. today rescue workers in somalia still continuing a desperate search for survivors after the deadliest terror attack in somalia's history. three hundred others were hurt when two truck bombs went off in the heart of the capital city of mogadishu. so far no one has claimed responsibility. those attacks come as the u.s. makes a renewed effort to defeat a somali terrorist group that supports both isis and al chi day. it is 5:17. fighting the wild fires in the wine country from the sky. new video showing you just some of the ways the national guard is giving support now. >> and today is the last day to file taxes. if you receive a tax extension
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in april. the relief the government is giving to people affected by natural disasters. ♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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if you submitted an extension request in april. if you don't pay today, you'll be hit with a monthly failure to file penalty. late filers expected by hurricanes harvey, maria or the north bay wildfires get another extension to pay their taxes. you can now order food through facebook. facebook has launched a new program that allows users to order food for take out or delivery straight from its app or web site. facebook is teaming up with services like, door dash, and
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child now to connect users with their favorite restaurants. facebook has been testing this for the past year, but now it's available to most users. facebook did a little food delivery of its own to fire victims of the north bay. sf reports facebook dropped off 5,000 meals to the napa valley salvation army. the call for meals went out on friday, and facebook asked if it could help out. facebook has committed to continuing to deliver 5,000 meals 3 times a week, as long as it's needed. the next drop off will be on wednesday. it is now 5:22. despite the devastation to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the wine country, one winery owner is still working jim lutz owns l,tz vineyards. it's off dry creek road. it is still in the path of the atlas complex fire in napa county. his home and business just beyond the road closures. he is still working to harvest
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grapes before the fires get closer. >> we're ahead of the game. we're just waiting. it's all coming together. >> now, l,tz said he's determined to not let the fire ruin his crop. he's keeping his spirits up in these tough times. the fire video we've been showing you has been amazing. a learningly firefighter who was called in, recorded what may be some of the most incredible pictures we've seen. ktvu's actunen smith shows them to us now. >> reporter: when berkeley fire got the call that santa rosa fire department needed help, they along with four other engines from san francisco headed north. what they encountered was a lot more than they had imagined. what they thought were initially hills on fire were homes and businesses. the flames coming from all sides. >> look at all p. all kinds of
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stuff. >> are you're use? >> reporter: berkeley firefighter mike sh,ken shot the video and added captions. >> for the three of us who were on that fire engine that day on october 9th, that was the biggest incident any of us had ever responded to. >> reporter: they arrived at a kmart parking lot only to find the store on fire, not stopping because of buildings that involved in flames, they say, is already lost. >> is that a gas station there. >> i can feel the heat. can you feel that? . >> oh my goodness. >> wow, it is blowing out there. >> reporter: firefighters admitting they got off easy as the fire rapidly spread. than they came across a housing subdivision, the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa burned to the ground, hundreds of homes gone. >> this is like a bomb went off. >> it's still a little hard for all of us to sort of
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wrap our minds around, the fact that thousands and thousands of homes are burned, you know, within i mean, moments. >> reporter: they say they were searching for something they could save. at one point, they worried about falling power lines, then thousands of rounds of ammunition cooking off in the difference from a sporting goods store. using chain saws to cut through fences and trees to gain access, falling back on their training, hosing down what they could, as the fire jumped from house to house. their focus, breaking its forward momentum, and with the winds shifting by late morning, they saved 30 homes. >> absolutely heart-breaking. i mean, absolutely heart- breaking. those are, you know, people's homes. their family is probably the most important, most special thing for them. >> reporter: ktvu fox news. time is now 5:25. getting the power back on for many pg&e customers
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affected by the wildfires, pg&e tells us when they can expect to get electricity again. >> i can't describe that. i cannot tell you how happy we were here. we're back. we're back. >> many residents are now being allowed to go back home in the north bay. some new details on areas where evacuation orders have now been lifted. >> good morning. we are off to kind of a slow start on some of these commutes, but san rafael, that traffic looks good on southbound 101 driving to the 580 interchange. >> no more red flag, that's good news. the winds tailing up. we're not done with that off- shore breeze yet. it will be very warm today, but there are big changes later in the week. more on that coming up.
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welcome back. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." it is october 16. this i'm dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with
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always. let's check in with steve. the forecast for the fire fighting a very important aspect. >> after today it will improve. >> okay. >> maybe some rain. >> maybe some rain. still looking for rain. >> thursday night, friday. >> they'll take anything. >> better than the cooler temps and the higher humidity. at least the breeze tails off. it will be north or offshore easterly. and it's going to be warm, no doubt about it. mid-and upper 80s. dry conditions. some of the higher investigations, 10%, relative humidity. 0% later today. winds coming up from the west southwest. it will be warmer today. the first system to come down from the north is usually a little tricky here, because it has to breakthrough a ridge of high pressure. all signs point toward that happening end of the week. i don't think there will be much south of napa. as you move north, santa rosa, cloverdale, clear lake 17, ucaya 3rd.
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. it could go up, go down a bit. we have 4 days to go. i like the theme, and the models are in sync. the air quality is better. still not great, but it is better. last week it was awful. we are seeing improvement in that. still an easterly breeze or northeast. atlas peak, 18%, northeast at 10. there's a northerly or northeast component for just about anybody. 40s, 0s, and 6 0s. if you have an off-shore breeze, it's pretty warm. if you don't, it's very cold. one observation reporting in napa at 47. cloverdal, though, is 58. winds are 42. there's your high clouds coming in from the west, southwest. waiting for a system to dig in from the gulf of alaska. we're still 4 days away. . all right. sal? . >> traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on the commute here on 80
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westbound. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo. highway 37 is getting slow on the way over to marin county. then we have traffic on 80 westbound, which is slow. parts of richmond, san pablo does get better by the time you reach the berkeley area. at the bay bridge, the metering lights went on early. we had a big back up at the toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. >> as we have been telling you earlier, firefighters are making some progress against the wine country wildfires. >> some are going back to see some of the damage for themselves. . >> reporter: we are seeing improving conditions up here as crews try to gain some ground on these fires. they are making quite a bit of progress. not seeing winds like we've seen over the past week or so. some people are going home. you have entire neighborhoods that remain shut down, such as this one here.
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this is on the east end of the city of sonoma itself. we are at a check point here. that's at east napa street and fourth street here. and everyone east of this area all the way up into those foothill, they are still not allowed to return to their homes, because the fire was pretty active in this area over the weekend. this complex of fires that is impacting the sonoma valley includes the nuns fire. it's posing one of the biggest threats now. this fire really flared up over the weekend, especially saturday morning when we had some very strong wind gusts in this area. a number of homes were burned on the east side of sonoma before those winds eventually calmed down and firefighters were able to get a handle on things. while evacuation orders remain in place for certain parts of sonoma itself and some of the surrounding communities, elsewhere people are beginning to return home. in the larkville community just north of santa rosa, evacuees were allowed back into that burn zone
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yesterday. some were lucky enough to find their homes still standing. >> thankful. i'm thankful. i'm fortunate. i know a lot of people lost a lot of loss of life. i'm fortunate to be back, and everything's here. >> reporter: evacuation orders also lifted for the city of calustoga itself, where crews obviously are feeling a bit more confident about that fire not impacting the city of calustoga itself. other communities do remain threatened, and that includes kenwood, along highway 12, also oakmont village, a large retirement community south and east of the city of santa rosa. also here in the city of sonoma where we are this morning. mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for a number of neighborhoods on the east and also the north side of town here as they try to get a handle on the nuns fire, which at last check, was 40% contained. >> and alex, you were up there
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all week and over the weekend as well. how does it feel now? what was it -- how does it look as far as how different it is from that drive up to where you are and then around the area? >> reporter: yeah. in terms of the drive up here this morning, it was pretty quiet. you didn't see a whole lot of people on the road, and it's sort of a quiet feeling here in this neighborhood. it's early in the morning. here in this part of sonoma, it's definitely quiet. it's definitely dark. not sure you can tell down there. the power is still out here in these neighborhoods on the east side of town. not a whole lot of activity, and the good news is -- the really good news is the other mornings when we arrived here in sonoma, the past few mornings, we would see that orange glow over there. a lot of times some active flame over in those hills on the east end of town. it's completely dark up in those hills. that means this fire has really sort of laid down, and is -- we have calmer
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conditions, and crews, in all likelihood, are making a whole lot of headway up there as they try to get more containment. >> and you don't have the mask near you. what's the air like up there. >> reporter: you know, the credibility of smoke is always sort of lingering around here. it's certainly not -- nothing like overwhelming smoke in this area. so we're good. >> better conditions. thank you. >> reporter: certainly. time is now 5:36. time today, pg&e hops to get the power back on for almost every home and business that lost power during the wildfires. three hundred thousands people lost power when the huge wildfires hit napa and sonoma counties. crews have been working around the clock since then to get the lights back on. but more than 22,000 are still without gas or electricity in those two counties this morning. the goal is to have the power back to everybody before the end of this day.
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well many people are returning home for the first time since the fires started, and people who live up in calustoga were let back in yesterday, but they are still being told to remain on high alert with an active fire still miles away from them. the first stop for many people was the grocery store, and people we spoke to say they're just glad to be back home. >> yeah. we're back. we're back. >> it feels amazing to be back. i have to say, when we pulled into town and saw the cops there with signs that said "welcome back," we all broke out into cheers. it was so incredibly sweet. >> they say they are so thankful for the first responders who saved their homes. our time is now 5:37. in santa rosa an overnight curfew still in effect to prevent looting. >> the sonoma county sheriff's office released this image of items found on three suspects they say were up to no good. deputies on patrols said the suspects were acting suspiciously. they said they later found the suspects with items
5:38 am
that include black gloves, knives, hypodermic needles, and zip ties. the suspects are a 21-year-old man from san rafael, a 32-year-old oakland man, and a 26-year-old san francisco woman. they were arrested for outstanding warrants, and several drug violations. in santa rosa, authorities say a suspected looter was arrested saturday. they released these photos of items found on the suspect who who was near an evacuation zone. anthony hadwell was arrested near cleveland avenue and industrial drive just off highway 101. authorities say they found items that may have been stolen from nearby homes, items including a pell let gun, jewelry, cell phone, other valuables. police say hatpool is a trance ingredient. he is facing charges that include felony grand theft during an emergency, possession of a concealed weapon, and possession of drug paraphernalia. it's now 5:38, and police officers from all over
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the bay area are still on high alert. coming up in our next hour, the busy job they have in the evacuation zone. >> also the big concert this coming weekend to give relief for victims of hurricane harvey. the event is bringing together five former u.s. presidents. good morning. on the sonol grade, southbound 680 traffic is busy. but still moving along pretty well heading south. >> the red flag has expired. that's the good news. still an offshore breeze. not as strong over the weekend. warm temps today, but a change looks to be on the way for later in the week.
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the company is based in nevada, hases a started and online fund to help vills. so far that fund has raised $400,000, and the company says it has already paid for three funerals. time now 5:42. preparations are underway in texas for this saturday, and a huge concert to benefit victims of hurricane harvey. former presidents back rack obama, george w bush, bill clinton, george. hadw bush, and jimmy carter will be there from the deep from the heart, the america appeal concert. performances by stars like yolanda adams and lyle lovet. all the proceeds will go to hurricane harvey relief in texas. right now it 5:42.
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want to check in with sal. any problem spots out there, sal? . >> there are a few, pam. but in general, the morning commute is beginning to kind of fill in, if you will. just the normal slow traffic, i think, is going to be what slows you down the most. , for example. if you're driving in from tracy to atmont pass, 205 and highway 80 already slow. highway 4 is slow out if the livermore area. 680 is getting a little slow, but not terribly slow. out of pleasantton heading south toward the sonol grade. this morning this is a look at interstate 880. traffic in both directions is moving along okay. once you get to the bay bridge, the metering lights went on a little early. not sure why, but we do have a lot of people who are up and at úem this morning early on a monday morning. it's 5:03. let's bring steve in on today's forecast. >> can i vent a little bit? . >> yes, sir. >> you know the golf fell exit? . >> yes, sir >> sometimes it takes longer to get through that and over market than it does to get
5:44 am
over the bridge. >> yes. you just have to sit there and then you get off on city street. it's still slow, and make the turn. >> i know you know it. thank you for listening. all right. we have good news today. the red flag is expired, but the humidity is still low. some of the elevations will with be in the teens. this will be the warmest day by far. then the wind will start to tail off. it will be in the 80s for many, even on the coast. a few wins coming from the west, southwest. not a big deal. they'll be drifting across. then the temps will start to take the plunge. not so much on tuesday. they will be cooler tuesday, but wednesday, thursday for sure. looks like right now rain is on the way for late thursday into friday. by far the heaviest amounts will be from about santa rosa, napa, calustoga north. this is the gfs. i buy into it for now. you can see cloverdale, lake port, quarter of an
5:45 am
inch. ucaya. this looks about right based on what i'm seeing so far. let's hope it materializes, because we need it. air quality is better. still not the greatest. at least better than it was last week when it was just awful. we had levels not seen before. it's still high, but nothing like what we saw. northeast, northeast, north, north, northeast. temperatures are in the 40s for many, but there's still that slight off-shore breeze. 40s, 50s, 60s on your temps. there are a few 30s. look at b,dega bay at 67. graden is at 37. incredible difference. kelsea 42, cloverdale. 57. one observation at napa reporting at 47. 41ucaya. 20s and 30s around lake tahoe, truckee at 23. watch the clouds coming in from the west, southwest. we are watching a system to dig in, but not until after midweek, coming from the gulf of alaska. looks like a one and done. we'll take it for now. a few mid-and upper 8 0s.
5:46 am
warm at gilroy. temperatures start to drop off, then they'll cool down. >> sounds good. 5:46 is the time now. halloween spending is expected to hit record highs once again. analysts project we will spend more than $9 billion this year. that's up from 8.4 this will last year on costumes, decorations and, of course, candy. halloween is the eighth most expensive halloween just ahead of saint patrick's day. the top spending halloween is, of course, christmas there's a man in ohio who has halloween decorations that always attracts a crowd. >> are you kidding me? i had to come and see it for myself. love it. >> this is my fourth year living next door to them, and we love it. >> that is an imperial armored
5:47 am
transporter. it's from "empire strikes back." . >> you knew. but you're a "star wars" fans? >> yes, i am. >> every year nick and his wife go above and beyond to decorate their home in ohio. they've got a "star wars" theme this year. they're also putting up a suggestion box so people can suggest ideas for next year. >> yeah, that's the sound of it walking. that would be even creep year if that thing could walk around the neighborhood. take some extra work. 5:47 is the time. a million dollars for fire relief. details on the big donation the raiders are pledging to the area.
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joe fonzi has more from landover, maryland. >> reporter: the 49ers were already on their way to a youth movement this week when they released line backer noar coleman. . >> he's had a good week of practice. i had a feeling going in he'll give us a chance to win.
5:51 am
>> reporter: when asked who his starting quarterback would be next week, kyle shanahan did not hesitate. >> yes, he did. >> reporter: playing time will give the 49er brain trust the ability to evaluate how besser may play a role in the future. >> to get better. we're going to look at this film hard. anytime you get those valuable reps, especially as a rookie, you're going to have some good plays. you're going to have bad plays. it's how you respond to those that gives them a career. >> reporter: though besser came up 2 points shy of a win, reviews from his teammates were good. >> it wasn't like oh my gosh, got a rookie coming in. there he has been composed on the offense, doing a good job. >> reporter: when a team is 0- 6 rumors will continue. shanahan was asked about the chatter that the 49ers may be looking to trade carlos hide. >> no. it's absolutely a hundred percent false. there's nothing true about
5:52 am
that. >> . >> he told me it wasn't true. that's all we can do, is focus on playing football. >> reporter: the 49ers lost 5 games by a combined 13 points. that's never happened in nfl history. they've proven they can be competitive with anybody in the league. they're still waiting to see those efforts result in a win. joe fonzi, ktvu, fox 2 news. for collin kaper nick, filed a grieve vance accusing teams colluding to keep him out of the league. he was the first player to kneel during "the national anthem" last season protesting against racial injustice, police brutality. kaepernick is now a free agent. he's been passed over. kapatchpernick hired attorney mark garagos to represent him. there will be an or, trace hearing about this down the road. the raiders lost to the chargers despite the
5:53 am
return of quarterback derek car. . >> carr hit michael crabtree for the touchdown. then n the 2nd quarter, melvin gordon leaps over the pile to tie the game. the chargers took the lead in the 4th quarter, but not for long. >> he told you that himself? . >> a couple times. >> 2nd down and 2. >> hold on. here he goes. running, touchdown. >> the raiders missed the extra point. the chargers eventually got down the field. nick novac drilled the 32-yard game-winning field goal, look at that, right as time runs out. it's a short week for the raiders. they host the chiefs thursday night. our time is now 5:53. the raiders are pledging a million dollars to help the north bay fire victims. the raiders made the announcement before their game
5:54 am
with the chargers. the donation was announced by former raiders receiver cliff branch, who lost his home in santa rosa in the fire. >> i'm a man who's fortunate whose life was spared, but i did lose my home. as first responders continue to focus their efforts in the communities, professional teams around the bay area have joined forces to donate $450,000 to support the fire relief efforts. today the raiders donated an additional $1 million to help. we now urge you to join the effort. you can help by going online. thank you for your support. >> the raiders' donation was handled by the american red cross, and they're encouraging fans to make a donation online. we are learning some more about the postal worker who without delivering the mail in a burned-out neighborhood in santa rosa. last week we showed you that drone footage of that loan postal worker delivering
5:55 am
mail in the coffee park neighborhood, which was completely leveled by the fire. trevor smith said some of the people who lived there asked them to drop off their mail as if there was a mailbox still standing. >> we don't stop. we just keep doing it. we feel like we have an evaluation to get that mail out. we don't have a right to just stop because there was a tragedy. >> smith has been delivering the mail in the orchard community for eight years. he says he has a personal connection with many who call that area home. now, that drone video was actually taken a couple of days after the fires had moved through the area. cal fire is reminding people not to fly their drones, though, over any active fire sites. a santa rosa family who lost their home in the wildfire has been reunited with their beloved dog. and this video, this story has gone viral, watched over and over again. jack weaver and patrick widen hiked three miles up to the house on wicky bridge
5:56 am
way. weaver's mother was sure that the mother's number niece mountain dog, izzy died in the fire that destroyed their neighborhood, but then she spotted the dog. >> izzy here. izzy, come here, baby. >> oh my god. >> izzy. hey, baby. >> there's izzy. >> the dog ran off just before the family escaped. they were sure izzy didn't make it. somehow izdy survived. she's a little dehydrated, as you can imagine, and tired. but other than that, izzy is in good shape. >> oh what an amazing little miracle and all that. gosh. coming up in our 6:00 hour, there are several new developments over the weekend regarding the wildfires. coming up, we're going to have the latest on the evacuations and the new services available to the fire victims. >> plus a week later, possible relief for thousands of people who were evacuated from their homes.
5:57 am
when power could be restored. >> good morning. we have a big back up at the bay bridge. look at that. quite a backup stretching around the maccarthur maze. we'll get to the bottom of it coming up. >> situations slowly improving. at least the winds are tailing off. temps will be very warm. looks like significant changes thursday into friday. we'll show you that coming up. ng up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's very mixed emotions. it's relief, and than it's survivor guilt. >> some evacuation orders have now been lifted, but the fire fight goes on this morning in the north bay. whack you expect today and when the weather will help firefighters? "mornings on 2" continues. good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. >> i'm dave clark. we're expecting to get updates from cal fire about the latest damage totals from the north bay fires.
6:00 am
so far at least 40 people have been killed. almost 200,000 acres have burned. homes and businesses destroyed. evacuation orders were lifted for the city of calustoga and parts of napa and santa rosa. they're making progress in containing the fires. damage in sonoma county alone could top $3 billion. the largest of the fires is the atlas fire in napa and sonoma counties. it has burned more than 51,000 acres and is 65% contained, and that's up from 56% yesterday morning. the nun fire, which is made up of several fires has burned 48,627 acres. it's now 40% contained. but that's up from 25% yesterday. and the to bees fire in the calustoga area has burned almost 45,000 acres,


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