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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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so far at least 40 people have been killed. almost 200,000 acres have burned. homes and businesses destroyed. evacuation orders were lifted for the city of calustoga and parts of napa and santa rosa. they're making progress in containing the fires. damage in sonoma county alone could top $3 billion. the largest of the fires is the atlas fire in napa and sonoma counties. it has burned more than 51,000 acres and is 65% contained, and that's up from 56% yesterday morning. the nun fire, which is made up of several fires has burned 48,627 acres. it's now 40% contained. but that's up from 25% yesterday. and the to bees fire in the calustoga area has burned almost 45,000 acres, and
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is now 60% contained. >> now up to 40 fire deaths, 22 were in sonoma county. forty more victims were identified yesterday. they were 82 can-year-old colleen reynolds, share roadway robinson, 72-year-old lee chadwick roger and daniel martin sather. lee roger was from glenn ellen. the others lived in santa rosa. we want to show you the cal fire map. you can get a sense how close some of these major fires are to each other. crews say each of the fires present their own conditions. of the 3 largest fires, the nuns fire has the lowest containment. it is at 40%. it is still moving north. it is driven by steep slopes and very dry brush. our time is 6:01. steve is here to talk about how hot it is going to get today. >> alex savage out in sonoma, he has about 87.
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for the first time since he's been covering, he didn't see any orange glow. >> and he's not wearing the mask. >> he's not wearing the mask either. temperatures will be very warm. there's no red flag, there's no wind advisory. we'll focus on the positives. still upper 8 0s to near 90 degrees. high clouds will also come in. it will be warmer today. this is the warmest day of the week without question. we will start to cool off tomorrow, then really drop. looks like late thursday into friday. this is the futurecast. we'll show you when it looks like it's going to arrive. right there, late thursday night to the north. now, as it makes it south, it's doing probably weaken considerably. that is the trend for right now. this will not do anything for areas, i'll say south, peninsula or south bay. we'll ease into this. some of the heaviest looks to be northward. cloverdale. a 3rd of an inch to 3 quarters, and that looks to be right to me. that's based on the gfs, which is usually the wetter
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model. air quality is better. it's better than it was last thursday, friday, saturday. other locations 60 to 70. 40s, 50s, and 60s depending on your wind direction and speed. 80s on your temps today. a few upper 8 0s. here's sal. >> all right, steve. we do have traffic this morning at the bay bridge. it's pretty busy. it is backed up all the way around the maccarthur maze. i want to show you the backup, and the backup is very robust. it goes all the way out to the mains. and this is becoming the new normal as everyone is on the road. there have been no problems reported on the bridge. i don't see stalled vehicles there. 880 is also slow as you drive past certain areas. here at the climb, it looks okay, al bee it crowded. if you're driving on 880 southbound, it begins to slow at 238, driving from
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hayward to union city. after that it looks good. a couple of things going on, but the slow traffic rally hasn't built up in the silicon valley commute just yet. 6:04. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal. as people are allowed to go back into some of the burned areas in the north bay, many other areas are still off limits. >> steve has the latest latest on that. steve was talking how such a big difference is you're not seeing those flames in the distance on the ridges. >> yeah. we don't see anything in the way of active fire from what we can see in the sonoma valley itself. looking east to the hills, those hills have been on fire the last few mornings we have arrived here. and this morning, yeah, it's all dark. it's all quiet. that's the good news. the big story is the winds have let up, the strong winds that have fanned these flames. now crews are able to make a little progress on these fires. but with that being said, you still have mandatory
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evacuation orders in place. so you have entire neighborhoods like this one on the east end of sonoma that's still shut down. the power is out here, and nobody is allowed into this area as that fire fight continues just up the road from here. this complex of fires impacting sonoma itself includes the nuns fire, and it's really sort of poseing the biggest threat at this point. the fire did flare up, especially early on saturday morning when that red flag warning was in effect, and there were some new homes that burned on the east side of sonoma. while evacuation orders remain in place, elsewhere people are beginning to return home in the lark jersey field community just north of santa rosa, evacuees were allowed back into the burn zone yesterday. many, though, came home to find that their homes had been leveled by the fire. that includes a santa rosa firefighter whose home burned while he was helping to evacuate neighbors. >> after day 3, when i realized that the uniform i
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was wearing was the only uniform i had and really the only thing i had, it started to set in. >> reporter: while some evacuation orders have been lifted in places like heelsburg and calastoga, other communities remain threatened by the fire. that includes the east side of sonoma and also the community of kenwood. a retirement community along highway 12 between sonoma and santa rosa. here in the city of sonoma itself, mandatory evacuation orders in place for a number of neighborhoods on the east side of town. this check point we're standing is east napa street and fourth street. anything east of here is shut down as this fire fight continues. this is the area where the n, in,s fire made a pretty good run into the city yesterday. really a pretty dicey situation on saturday morning.
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fire crews were able to get a hand the on things. they did lose some homes, but they were able to get a handle on things, and the winds have since -- as we talk about, have since calmed down. still the concern is the low humidity up here, it's going be dry, and going to be a warm day, eventually once we get the sun coming up. firefighters not out of the woods just yet >> and there was a big concern trying to keep that fire away from downtown sonoma, the city and the square. do you by any chance know, is the power back on there? >> reporter: yeah. in the middle of town, the power is back on. . the city of sonoma, the fire got, if i was to guess, maybe 2 miles or so, 2 to 3 miles from the heart of downtown sonoma, and, yeah, in that area, the power is still on, but a lot of businesses, at least over the weekend when i was driving through there, a lot of the businesses are still shut down. not a lot of places are open. a lot of people chose to just
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sort of leave sonoma. if they had another place to go, they sort of voluntarily left just to be on the safe side. so not a lot of activity in sonoma itself. when you move east from there, a couple miles east to where we are in these neighborhoods on the east side of town up into the foothills, very quiet, and everyone is gone. this is a mandatory evacuation zone. >> yeah. thank you, alex for that update. over the weekend, the evacuation orders were lifted for the city of napa. yesterday many of those people were able to return to their homes for the first time since that fire started eight days ago. marlene rosenberg and her husband had rushed out of their retirement home late sunday night as the flames raced toward their complex, and she was surprised to see their condo was still standing. >> this is the pool. there were solar panels there, and a fence. i don't know how it got there and left ours alone.
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there's very mixed emotions. it's relief, and than it's survivor guilt. >> many of her neighbors' homes were gutted in the fire, and many of the rods in her neighborhood are still closed as caltrans' crews worked to clear the debris. also happening today, napa officials are opening a local stop signs center to help the many victims of the devastating wildfires. the center is located at the county health department in building a on napa valley corporate drive. then, next weekend, also from 10 to 5. . the center will provide some financial help as well as many other services to the people living in napa county. mendocino county, many fire evacuees are now allowed to go back home, back to their neighborhoods. the fire is north of highway 20, west of mendocino national forest. it has burned almost 36,000 acres. it is now 45% contained.
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a smaller fire in nearby lake county burned nearly 2,200 acres. it is 80% contained. the 2 fires combined to destroy more than 400 holes and 4 businesses. firefighters say tim proving weather allowed cruise to get a better hand the on the fires. >> we've been very fortunate. we haven't lost schools or major freeway other than some -- we lost one major communications tower, but that is on the mend now. >> the county sheriff posted on facebook that evacuees going back home don't move or touch any damaged property until after you contact your insurance company. he says moving or spreading debris may jeopardize your eligibility for state- funded clean ups. concerns about poor air quality is a concern through the bay area. there are still remnants of smoke in the air from the fires, and a smoke advisory
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has been issued for napa, sonoma and marin counties. as for the rest of the day, it is a spare the air day. the air quality management district said it is because of the high level of smog. the agency warns that the active wildfires and shifting wind could bring more smoke back over the region. bad air quality caused some school districts to cancel classes late last week. however, school districts, including marin, western contra costa, unified, and vacaville, they're reopening today. schools in the fire zones still closed, however. they include the biggest school district, santa rosa. other schools that are out this week, include geyserville, kenwood, mark west, pinier, olivet union. santa rosa junior college is also closed. classes will resume on wednesday at sonoma state. you can find out all the information on local school districts at our web site,
6:12 am all right. 6:11 is the time now. and in other news, governor brown was busy over the weekend. coming up, the bills that will now become laws and the ones the governor vetoed. >> a big lunch today at the white house with president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. what will they discuss?
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now, he says he want to join the u.s. senate to fight president trump's policies. senator feinsein, who is 84, announced she will run for a 5th term in the november 2018 election. governor jerry brown had until midnight to take action on several bills passed by the legislature. the governor signed a bill that bans state or local governments from releasing personal information to the federal government for creating a data base based on religion. supporters say it's needed to make sure california never takes part in the kind of federal muslim registry president trump called for during his campaign. the governor also signed a bill that makes california the first state to require labels on cleaning products, listing all of the ingredients. the authors of the bill, state senator r,cardo lara, said his mother, a former
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domestic worker would sometimes feel dizzy or sick, but never knew if it was because of some ingredient in the product she was using. the governor vetoed a bill that would have required big companies to report information on the difference in wages between mal and female employees with the same or similar job descriptions. the legislation was designed as a i way to force companies to pay women fairly. the governor says he vetoed the bill because of what he called the measure's am big use wording, saying he feared it would load to more lawsuits, not pay equity. it's 6:16. i want to go back over to sal to take a look at traffic maybe getting become to normal. we had a lot of schools close because of the air quality. >> that's right. looks like traffic is back with -- you know, it's just very slow. in fact, i'm going to read something here right from the -- just from my wire here. santa rosa city bus begins free direct service this morning from three santa rosa
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emergency shelters to the local assistance center. the city will run round trips from the finley center, fairgrounds, lc allen high school, and schedules will be posted at the shelter. so that might help you if you're in santa rosa or on the satelliter. we'll keep reminding you of this. as pam mentioned, it's very slow out there. i want to mention the traffic at the bay bridge. there hasn't been an accident, but it's been very slow trying to get there. at least a 25-minute delay. kind of tough for a monday morning. traffic is going to be slow also on the east shore freeway. this is a look at interstate 880, not stop or go just yet. it's getting more crowded on the way to downtown. and this morning's commute on southbound 880 between hayward and fremont, you're going to see slow traffic there. at 6:17, let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal? you're welcome. we do have a little better air quality today. some good news -- he's some positive signs. the wind will tail off, and the red flag has expired. still going to be very warm, and there's still a
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northeast breeze. we can't get rid of that. not as bad as last week. still some unhealthy areas to moderate. we'll be in the 80s as well. changes big time start on wednesday, carry into thursday, also friday. looks like thursday night on your future cast is our first system from the north comes in. after that looks like it's one and done. there's a lot coming across the pacific in the next 10, 15 days. rainfall will be -- santa rosa, calestoga, north of that. you'll see a quarter inch, cloud coverdale. that will be the heaviest. we'll take what we can get. red flag warning expires. winds 5 to 15, nothing compared to what we saw on the weekend. conditions continue to be dry.
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a low of 42. by noon it will warm up quick, as alex savage talked about. once you get daylight it starts to warm up quick. northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, east, atlas peak, 10, 20% humidity. others are in the 50 to 79% category. that's good. still that off-shore breeze for some, including mount de,blo, where's 17% humidity. berkeley lab is a west wind. . that breeze goes right over oakland into san francisco. look at that. northeast, northeast, north. so some of that smoke continues to move in, although it depends on the day and the amount of smoke in the air. 40s 50s on the temps. some are cool, some are warm. bodega bay. one observation, napa, 47. kensington is 67. so there's your off-shore
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breeze there. 21 truckee, 35reno. homewood is 40. 33 up in northern and south lake tahoe at 25 degrees. truckee very cold. west, southwest. coming up higher clouds. system coming in looks like late thursday. . coming up, with we'll show you what pg&e expects to achieve today. >> also squeeze are returning home, and we are out there with some of the families for the emotional reunion.
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welcome back. happening today, the state treasurer will tell us if he will drop or extend sanctions imposed on wells fargo. last year, the state treasure yourer suspended us business rip with wells fargo for one year. now that year is up. the state treasurer's office will have to decide what's happening next. last year regulators fined
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wells fargo. president trump meets with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the results could determine where the president's stall congressionalheads next. doug lazader from washington. >> reporter: they really need one another right now if republicans are going to get anything done in congress. . they have shaken hands before, and sat at the same table before, but they haven't always been on the same page. president trump who ran as the ultimate washington outsider and mitch mcconnell, a d.c. insider if ever there was one. >> the fact they're in communication is probably a good thing for the republican agenda. the issue to watch is still taxes. if mcconnell can get that tax bill through that will do a lot to remedy this relationship. >> reporter: but getting the president's tax bill through congress will be a slog. the white house wants to lower taxes and simply fie
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the system, but even getting republicans united in that effort is a big undertaking. that in part explains the president's golf partner yesterday, kentucky senator rand paul, often a thorn in the side of republican leaders, and they did talk taxes. . >> reporter: all of which could be a recipe for a government shut down later this year, and the blame game that always seems to go along with it. >> why are you putting that? they have the majority in the house and the senate, and the president's signature. they have the power to keep government open. >> well, that was doug lizader reporting. today's meeting comes as some conservative groups demand mcconnell step down from his leadership role. over the weekend, former white house chief strategist, steve bannon told the crowd he is
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committed to dumping mcconnel. authorities issue an important warning to drone owners as fire crews work to contain the north bay wildfires. they're telling drone owners don't use your drones in active fire areas. air tankers and helicopters often fly at low altitudes, and drones can interfere with the fire fighting efforts from the air. just yesterday, police cited an owner who was flying a drone near the petaluma airport. that was near cal fire was staging air operations. caught in the middle of a fire storm. in our next half hour, incredible video from bay area firefighters. you'll see why even the profession unless were surprised. >> good morning. you could see traffic is getting busier in many commutes. pass look at the richmond san rafael bridge approach, and you'll see traffic already beginning to get slow. >> it's been a warm, windy pattern. looks like it's changing slowly. it will still be warm today. maybe some rain on the way. take a look at chat 
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time now is 6:30. pg&e power hops to restore power to every home and business that lost electricity during the fire. >> and there are a lot.
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300,000 people lost fire power when the fires raced across the counties. crews have been working around the clock since than to get the lights back on. more than 22,000 still have no gas or electricity in those two counties this morning. the goal is to get the power back on to everyone before the end of this day. in the past week we've seen amazing videos that show the devastation of the fires up close. there's now footage recorded by a berkeley firefighter that went with his team to santa rosa last weekend to offer support. >> are. >> look at all this. there's all kinds of stuff burning here. >> are you're use?
6:31 am
. >> oh, no. no. >> there must be -- you can hear the firefighters, still shocked by the fires how quickly they grew. that berkeley group was searching for homes they
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could save. all that was left were chimneys and foundations. they were ed at just how much was burning. it is 6:31. steve paul son is here. he'll tack about how warm it will get today. >> , first of all,, there's going to be case studies done on what happened near calostoga and santa rosa. there are similarities to the fire back in september 2015. 70 miles per hour winds were coming down the hills from calustoga, santa rosa. temperatures were very similar. believe me -- doing that now. >> it's the first time we've seen an urban wildfire. >> we had reports it was jumping the freeway. we're talking concrete jungle area. there will be case studies up. we have a break -- at least there's no red flag warning. . temperatures will be warm to
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hot. . humidity, while it's low, the winds, they're still offshore, but they're not that strong. we'll get a few high clouds. we have a good opportunity for rain late thursday into friday if everything continues to hold. it will start to cool off tomorrow, then really cool off as we head toward the end of the week. some of the projections look to be calustoga north. heavier amounts up in the mendoc,no county. a 3rd to 3 quarters. there will be heavier amounts farther north. we'll take that. a look at northeast, northeast, northeast. so there's your offshore direction. it's just not changing yet. that's still a concern for firefighters. temps in the 40s, 0s, 6 0s. . the air quality is a little better than it was. we're about 3 days away. highs for everybody, coast, bay, inland will be in the low, mid-, upper 8 0s. here's sal. steve, we do have a lot of slow traffic this
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morning on interstate 80 westbound. and if you're driving in, let's say, from hushing lows to berkeley area, you will see a lot of slow traffic. it's kind of early for it to be this slow, frankly. just a lot of people are on the road. looks like a lot of people are back after perhaps a couple days off last week because of bad air quality. carquinez bridge to the mac maze, we have a lot of slow traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be slow. highway 24 is slow through laugh yet. here is the toll plaza picture. it is backed up. interstate 808 hasn't quite filled in yet, but it's already getting crowded. at 6:34, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are still following a developing story at this hour in napa county regarding one of the fires. >> yeah. the flames are moving towards one of the best known winery names in the region: mondhabi waynery in oakville. it's along highway 12 near na
6:35 am
pa river. what do you know about the danger that exists around that winery? >> reporter: well, there's several wineries in this area, but we're going to show you where they are in relation to where this fire is burning. where we are exactly is bella oaks drive, off of highway 29. . this is in the communities of oakville and rutherford. the vineyard you're looking at, i don't believe this is part of the modabhi winery. very close to these foothill that you see burning here in the distance. we're not sure if this is part of the nuns fire. because we were here on friday. we were watching this area along with a lot people in the community. the four had spread to an area called mount saint john. these are the foothill you see burning here. the folks were concerned about the fire. things calmed down over the weekend. now all of the sudden it looks like this fire is
6:36 am
really moving in the north direction. again, this is parallel, this ridge here is more or less parnell to highway 29 in napa counties. this is close to the communities of oak ville and rutherford. we're close to -- cape sellers is closer to this fire than the mcdhabi winery. this is several miles away from the flats, the vineyards. it is coming town the hills. we saw this fire on friday. now, over the last 3 days, it's come closer, crawling down into the foothill. again, these are the foothill around mount saint john. we're not sure if this is part of the nuns fire on the napa county side or a separate spot fire that picked up over the last 24 hours or so. but the nuns fire is certainly -- the northern edge of the nuns fire is where this fire around mount saint john had happened on
6:37 am
friday. we believe this me be an extension of that. i'm trying to get more detailed information about the fire, exact location, where it is headed from cal fire. haven't been able to get through to them this morning. where we are, bella oaks drive and her 29 in n arabspa county, this may be the napa side creeping down along the ridge. this area, all the areas west of highway 29 had been under an advisory evacuation since thursday, i believe,. advisory means it's volunteer tarry, but i'm not sure if the status of that evacuation order is going to be changed now that we see the fire kind of creeping closer. >> steve wanted to talk with
6:38 am
you about something as well. >> that's in between silverado trail and 29. >> we are on the west side. >> do you have any breeze coming down from the east or northeast that you can see or feel? >> reporter: a slight breeze. there's definitely a slight breeze come being way. you can kind of see it with the way the smoke is being pushed. that's kind of the direction we're feeling. a very slight breeze. no gusts or anything really significant. just something very, very subtle. let's show you where highway 29 is, show you we are west of it. it's really dark, very hard to kind of get your bearings in the dark here without lighting up this whole field. that's highway 29 right there. so we are west of highway 29, between oakville and rutherford road. this is bella oak road. as you mentioned cape sellers is actually closer to
6:39 am
this fire from what it appears from our vantage point that mcdhabi is. . >> we're looking at, el are it looks like vineyards behind them, have helped in the four fight. they're well watered and a lot of dirt around them. >> yes. that's what napa county fire chief told me earlier in the week, that the wineries do help them, because it's a natural fire break. so instead of having continuous grass and dead trees and what not to burn, these wineries, the fire will often times come right up to the edge of the vineyard and stop. it is a good thing you have these vineyards as a buffer. but sometimes we have seen cases where the vineyards survive, but then the tasting rooms or the other
6:40 am
buildings, supply areas, these are buildings associated with the wineries, do end up getting burned. >> right. all right. we wish them well out there. thank you, ally. we'll check in with you throughout the morning. our time is 6:40. in solano county, fire evacuation orders have been lifted, and a lot of residents are going home. >> that's 2,500 people evacuated when the fires approached last week over the weekend. they were allowed back in, but they did need to show a proof of residence say in order to return to that area as will probably be the case for a lot of areas. part of the atlas fire went into solano county where about ten square miles were burned. our time is 6:40. local authorities, as you can imagine, are staying very busy in the evacuation zones. coming up, the arrests during the north bay wildfires and a warning for fire victims. >> and a little sports, the raiders franchise quarterback is back, but a mistake in the 4th quarter came back to haunt the team. >> and a rookie quarterback
6:41 am
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. >> reporter: officials are trying to prevent people
6:44 am
from becoming victims twice here. over the weekend, they did arrest a suspected looter from this area. . this is part of the evacuation zone. we do have some photos here for you. now, police released these photos of items found on the suspect, and believe the items were stolen from nearby homes. . all three were arrested for outstanding warrants. and then, during saturday's community meeting in santa rosa, senator pamela harris warns of another threat to fire victims. . wherever you're seeing price gouging, it's crime. report that to the ag's office.
6:45 am
you can go on their web site. >> reporter: the better business bureau also warning fire victims about scammers, offering great deals to fix fire damage. the agency says so-called storm chasers will knock on doors with high pressure sales tactics, asking for cash up front. now, the better business bureau said it's important to get estimates from at least three different contractors before doing any work, and they also want to tell people you should also make sure these contractors are also licensed with the state to do the type of work they said they can do for these fire victims. these officials are trying to stress out there they want people to take care of themselves after already going through one tragedy that they're not victim musicked again. >> good advice. the raid rester pledging $1 million to help with fire victims.
6:46 am
. the donation was announced by cliff branch, who lost his santa rosa home in the fire. >> i'm among the fortunate whose life was spared. professional teams around the bay area have joined forces to donate $450,000 to support the fire relief efforts. . we now urge you to join the effort. you can help by going online. thank you for your support. >> well the raiders' donation is being handled by the american red cross. the raiders' loss to the chargers 17-16. derek carrr.
6:47 am
. he was hit, but was he on the chalk? they confer. touchdown. >> michael crabtree, derek carr hit him for a touchdown. then, in the 2nd quarter, melvin gordon leaped over the pile. they tide the game. the chargers took the lead in the 4th quarter, but not for long. >> he told you that himself? . >> a couple times. >> 2nd down and 2. patterson to rome. hold on, here he goes. weaving, running, touchdown. >> yeah, the raiders missed that extra point, and the chargers eventually got down the field. here's nick novac, drilling a 32-yard game-winning field goal, and then time runs out. this is a short week for the raiders. they'll be hosting the chiefs on thursday night. the 49ers meantime fell to 0-6 on this season. they lost to washington 26-24, but the fans saw some of the future. the 49ers fell into a hole in
6:48 am
the 1st half. kyle shanahan, benched brian hower. and the rookie would lead a scoring drive that was capped with a touchdown. time ran out in the 2nd quarter. than, with about 2 minutes left in the game, b ofettler got the 49ers back in the game. >> and a throw on the run. wide open. aldrick robinson, touchdown 49ers. >> now, the 49ers are within 2 points. they get the ball back. all they need was a field goal to win, but becker was intercepted right there, on 4th and 20. washington wins. the 49ers will host the cowboys this sunday. all right. it's 6:48. that means it's too many to check in for a look what's coming up in our next hour on "mornings on 2." . >> coming up in the next hour, the north bay fire fight has really turned a corner. now some are questioning whether people in the fire
6:49 am
zone got appropriate warning of the impending danger. . >> a mic trick. >> a little americaic adjustment. >> that's okay. every witness in a while, he laze the mic down.
6:50 am
>> reporter: there's a problem. our camera found a crash on 80 westbound as you come up to the pall street. it's been there for awhile. they issued a sig alert. i don't know what changed. i thought it was going to be cleared by now, but they haven't been moving. so i'm trying to figure out what it is. westbound 8o it's right there. let me see if i can get the guys in the control room, can you pull the camera back just a little bit, justice to give us a little perspective? there you go. so he's pulling back. there's the maccarthur maze. the traffic had already been slow on 80. look at al that slow traffic. it really is a slow commute, and it's going to stay that way. again, they just issued a sid alert for that crash. i would give myself extra time if you were you. this is highway 24. what happens there is highway 24 is going to start getting busier. people are going to hear about the crash i just told
6:51 am
you about. then they're going get on highway 24, and this is not looking good at all. now, at the bay bridge, it had been very slow. now, with people not getting through, it might get slightly better because of that crash. we're going to keep an eye on that. going to put a crimp on the east bay commute. at 6:50, let's bring steve in. somebody just tuned in: what did he say? . >> a crash i-80 at the maccarthur maze. we have traffic that was already slow. has become even slower, steve. >> thank you, sal. we get a little break that the howling wind has tailed off. there's still an off-shore breeze certainly in napa county. we're still seeing a northeast wind. it will be a very warm monday. hot for some. 8 0s to near 90 degrees. some of the higher elevations. atlas peak, correct me if i'm wrong, around
6:52 am
626 feet. also the strongest. not that bad. winds are north 5 to 15, but remember, the fire can create its own breeze. high clouds today, warmer, temperatures will be well above average, but that's going to this a real yo-yo effect as we go cooler and possible rain coming late thursday and friday. again, we're still 4 days away. our 1st rain from the north is always tricky on timing and amounts. i'm going with the gfs. it's wetter than the euro. we'll take whatever we can get. cooler, higher humidity. . a quarter to a 3rd for many. it's looking promising, but a lot can change now between thursday and friday. could get wetter. air quality is getting better. not as bad as it was. it will be warmer in napa.
6:53 am
they're looking for 80s. 87 forecast high. a lot of that is wind- dependent. toward santa rosa. humidity anywhere from 15% to 77. so again it just depends on your wind direction and speed. 20% humidity. that's actually gone up a bit. 71 sonoma valley. still a northeast wind at 2. we haven't lost that off-shore breeze. same can be said oakland north. 65 degrees, 64 above the oakland zoo north. mount diablo, 16% relative humidity. offshore for san francisco, north or northeast across the board. 60s on the temps. humidity 40 to 50% approximately. 30s to 6 0s. just all over the place here as far as the temps go. 2 in truckee, 35reno, 40 up in ucaya. we get truckee at 23. homewood is 40. -ly at 39 degrees.
6:54 am
we will get higher clouds coming in. that will add to the sky. the system we're waiting for is 3 days away. looks like it's on its way. this will be the warmest day of the week by far. temperatures tomorrow start to cool off. clouds increase with rain likely thursday night friday. >> thank you, steve. the white house is defending president trump's tax plan. coming up, the differing opinions about the impact it would have on american families. >> and there's a new opportunity to see and smell something many have never experienced before. what we expect to happen later this week.
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welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. sphsm the white house said that president donald trump's tax plan will help middle class families but some tax experts agree, some say that it will add $4,000 a year to the average house hold income, that's a 5% increase, the white house says that the tax cut will encourage investment but those numbers are being met by
6:58 am
skepticism. experts say cutting the corporate tax rate will benefit major companies not the average house hold. 16 states are filing a lawsuit aimed at blocking president donald trump's plan to undercut obamacare, he is stopping payments to the act. a republican senator is urging the president to support a bipartisan effort to reinstate the pements. >> is a very disruptive move that will result in smaller numbers of people being insured and make it more difficult for lower income people to afford their out of pocket costs. >> president donald trump tweeted money coming into insurance companies is over,
6:59 am
they have made a fortune, democrats must get smart and deal. >> today army sergeant bow bernie bowe bergdahl will plead guilty to desert and miss behavior before the enemy, he could get five years in prison, after he left his post he he was held hostage by the taliban for five years before being released in a prisoner swap. any day now one of the world's smelliest flowers is expected to open in berkeley i it's known as the corpse flower, it really smells, this is at the san francisco conservation house of flowers, the one in berkeley is opening
7:00 am
just for the second time. garden officials are urging people to come see it. this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. 7:00 on a monday morning, october 16th. good morning, i am dave clark. we just received some new information about the biggest of the north bay wild fire. the atlas fire grew slightly during the night. containment also went up. the fires have killed at least 40 people and burned 200,000- acres and destroyed 5700 homes and businesses, right now fire crews said they have turned a corner and they are making good progress in containing the fires, mandatory evacuation orders were lifted for calistoga and parse of santa rosa


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