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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the garden officials are encouraging people to come and see it at the botanical house and not just see, but smell the flower. e flower. over all, things are optimistic and we're cautious about that. >> i hope that everyone has the strength to get through the hardest part. >> we're coming together as a community and help each other out there this. >> stories of optimism and hope as they get control of the fire and people begin to return to their neighborhoods. ighborhoods. we start with that breaking news in the heart of napa valley. cal fire has confirmed that the contracted firefighter died west of highway 29 near oakville. this happened after 7:00 a.m. this morning and no information on his name or cause of crash. h.
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that driver was coming down the steep road when lost control. ali is at the scene and will have a live report. people are starting to move in once again and the firefighters are getting a higher percentage contained here. >> and then we have this story. >> it's very dangerous to drive, because if the weight shifts, then it could pull you off the road. they keep them from slushing around too much, but it could be one of those things that hetried to make the turn and it pulled him off the truck. >> we have seen that on i.80 before. let's get to the fires. >> yes, the officials sounded optimistic where they had reached a point of success and the containment is up and one of the largest fires, tubbs in
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regards to acres. they say they have a better mapping for it so that's why there's a difference. e's a difference. >> now to the latest on the three largest fires. atlas is 68% contained and that's up from 3% last night. the nuns fire which is made of up several fires, has burned thousands of acres and now 50% contained and 10% higher than yesterday. and you mentioned that the tubbs fire, 70% contained and higher than last night by 10%. >> more deaths last night.
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they identified 3 people last night all in their 70s. ir 70s. roger was from glen ellen and the others lived in santa rosa. and back to the breaking news, a contracted firefighter killed in a crash just after 7:00 a.m. on oakville road at highway 29 near the napa river and close to a string of well-known wineries. we're at the crash scene now, allie? >> reporter: well, yes, and the person that died was a contract firefighter, he's still part of the fire fighting family that's been together tackling this fire for the past 8 days, so it really hits the firefighters hard when something like this happens. where we are, at oakville grade and just west of highway 29. you can see they have several
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emergency vehicles here to the right of that guardrail is where that truck overturned. it's up sigh down and upside down here -- >> and we'll show you the video from the scene. about 10 minutes before 7:00 a.m., that driver came down and lost control of his vehicle. again, the vehicle went off the road and overturned and ended up upside down. now the fire chief says they don't know he lost control, but 8 days into this intense fire fight, fatigue is one of many factors they will look into. >> everyone is getting tired. there's been no break for them since theyerupted and that's a factor we're aware of and we
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consider it in our daily activities. activities. >> reporter: now the area of the fire that this driver was coming from has been active over the last 24 hours. this is the nuns fire and near st. john. you can see the smoke plumes visible from the highways hereand a winery, and the cake bread sellers are all in that area, however the cal chief says that people shouldn't be too concerned. this fire seems to be burning into a canyon downhill and they're not worried about it spreading closer to the vineyards and closer to highway 29. right now, at oakville, they're starting to investigation and figuring how this crash happened. this deadly crash involving a driver of a water tender vehicle that was coming from
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the front lines of the nuns fire. that driver died. driver died. live in napa, thank you. over the weekend, the evacuation orders were lifted for the city of napa the city of napa and yesterday, many people returned to their homes for the first time since the fires erupted 8 days ago. one couple had rushed out from their retirement home near the country club late saturday nightas the flames raced towards their condo. >> this is the pool, they had solar panels here and the ping pong table. pong table. i don't know how it got from here and then left ours alen. it'salone. it's relief and then some guilt too --
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>> happening now, napa country officials are opening an assistance center. the center is at the local county health department on cooperate drive. it's open from 9:00 a.m. to7:00 p.m.. the center will provide financial help as well as other service. other service --s. they're getting control over the north bay, yet many homes are still threatened. we'll tell you about the fire fight near the town of kenwood. >> and steve has been saying that the rain could actually play a role in the next couple of days. you say that the models are saying this could come true. >> well it's not a big system, heaviest to the north, but a tenth to a quarter inch of rain could fall and that would be
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the best thing. the good news is that the wind events we have had over the lastcouple of days, the last was over the weekend. things have really tails off. the red flag warning is off and it's still warm and dry and hot, 80s to 90s and there's a still a breeze. as that continues, the air quality is improving for some and worse for others. it's not as high as it's been, but it's going up and the inland valleys and concord to livermore, that's gone. but over to san francisco it's getting worse as the north wind brings it back. gill roy has improved, and you can see the wind here. 18% to 2600 feet and northeast there, there's a northeast for
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a lot of locations, so we're not done with that, and it goes backsan francisco. 87 for the high in napa, maybe some, but mostly hot and warmer. it's warmer by a long shot. rain thursday and friday morning and my experience is that the system from the north shows up sooner than later. farther to the north, could be some decent amounts, maybe a third to half an inch of rain and that would be beneficial to all. to all. we get the clouds from the west and we're waiting for a system on thursday. the wind is favorable and then it's cooler after midweek. we should certainly start to
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get much better conditions for the firefighters. >> absolutely. thank you. over the past week here, the fire videos we have shown have been just surreal. >> a berkeley firefighter that was called to fight fires recorded what might be the most eye opening imagines. >> we have the story from the fire lines fire lines >> reporter: when they got the call that the santa rosa needed help, they along with 4 other engines headed north and more than they could have imagined. >> wow. >> they saw hills on fire and homes and businesses, the flames from all sides. rom all sides. >> look at this, all kinds of structures around here on fire. re on fire. >> are you serious? >> berkeley for, mike shot the video and added captions.
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>> so that was the biggest event we have ever responded to. >> they didn't stop here, because the flames were so hot that the building was lost. >> ost. >> is that a gas station. >> i can feel that heat, can you feel that kyle? >> oh my gosh. >> wow, it's blowing out there. out there. >> firefighters admit they got uneasy as it spread. then they came across this subdivision, burned to the ground. >> it's like a bomb went off. >> it's hard to wrap your mind around, that thousands of thousands of homes were burnt to the grounds within minutes. >> at one point, they worried
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about power lines about power lines -- chain saw -- >> using chainsaws to cut through the fences they fell back on their training, hosing down what they could as the fire jumped from house to house. they had to break the momentum and with the winds, they saved 30 homes. >> it's just absolutely heart breaking. you know those are peoples' homes and they're probably the most special and important thing to them. >> to them. >> you can hear it in their voice on the drive in, just how devastating it is. yet still able to save 30 homes. >> some of them have been working like 4 days with nothing more than a 20 minute nap stolen here and there. >> you see them sleeping on the side of the road and the thing about the video is that they
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had to make a decision at some point to let some buildings go. buildings go. so still to come, the latest numbers on containment and the evacuees as they are allowed back. and the different opinion over the impact on tax reform
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taking a peek at stocks, you can see that the dow is on the plus side here, and the s&p is essentially flat and the samefor the nasdaq. well the trump administration says that americans will save thousands of dollars, but not everyone agrees with the plan ees with the plan
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>> a new report shows that the average house hold will get an estimated 4,000-dollar pay bump reporting in tax savings when spread across the board. president trump first boasted of the expected boost in a recent speech for tax reform. >> yourself gonna spend that money. >> and the estimated biggest winners would be the corporations and the businesses and that might put a burden on taxpayers. >> the problem is that you don't have a good sense with how many economic growth will come from this. >> still the white house says that reducing the cooperate tax
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rate would only resort in more money in their pockets. >> if it's passed the reform would kick in four years later. ter. 7 people have been hurt and one person is missing following the explosion of an oil rig in louisiana. it happened last night north of new orleans. five of the people are listed in critical condition. they're still searching for the cause and may be tied to cleaning chemicals about 40 navy ships are taking part in drill. north korea has called this
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joint military exercise a rehearsal for war. the leader from new york will challenge finestein next year in politics. he says he wants to join the senate to fight trump's policies. finestein says she will run for a fifth term. a fifth term. coming up, our fire coverage continues in sonoma. alex has more on the community still being threatened on this monday morning even as crews say they have turned the corner on the fight.
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as we have been reporting, the weather has bee helping firefighters, but the crews are taking a stance in protecting homes. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. this is really at this point
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one of the more concerning areas of the nuns fire where we are, just north of sonoma. we have one of those checkpoints here, closest to glen ellen and then kentwood. here's video from earlier this morning and we saw the active fire in the hills just east of kenwood, right along the adobe road and in that area, there's quite a bit of homes up there being threatened by the fire. e fire. now, the weather though is certainly helping those crews on the ground. very calm conditions in terms of wind, not much to speak of, but we know that this is shaping up to be a very warm day and that's causing quite a bit of concern. the low humidity the causing a
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concern as they try to get the upper hand on this fire. on this fire. and i talked to cal fire and whether they have getting the upper hand. >> do you feel like you're turning the corner on all the fires? >> i could say with the conditions today it feels that way, but it's hard to say with any certainty, depending on the weather and winds, if we have a little wind and spot fires going into different places where there's no crew, it really changes the game. >> reporter: eporter: yeah, and so that's really the concern. concern. whether the winds do pick up in any sort of area, even in the higher elevation, sometimes the gusts can be higher than where we have been, like more flat ground. at ground. the communities of concern are the oakmont and kenwood areas. these are half way from santa
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rosa and sonoma along highway 12 and one portion of the nuns fire is still burning actively. at last check the checking the nuns fire, it's 50% contained here and if the weather holds, we should get more. >> let's hope for a good day there in kenwood. they tweeted that it's topped 2 billion when combined the damage there. mcguire says that the numbers will grow. and so noma opened up over the weekend and it's open from
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9 to 6:00 p.m. every day for the next two weeks at the old press democratic building in santa rosa. >> some people had to evacuate and said they never received any warning to get out. we looked into the issue. the officials say they call the land lines and alerts about the evacuations to cell phone, but the problem is that you have to be signed up to get the alerts and just a small amount of people signed up for them. people have expressed their frustration. >> i see fires and i said, do we have to evacuate? they said no. they said no. within 20 minutes of being told you don't need to evacuate, she
9:25 am
was driving through fire. to get out. >> what would you say to people that don't feel they were alerted? >> well i would encourage them to sign up for the alerts. people all had hard lines and we called everybody in the area easily. so when you get rid of that there's a problem. >> it's a siren-type system and we asked why not send that wireless alert and the sheriff says that it would have causes panic on the road. so do you have land lines at home? >> i do. >> i am old fashioned, you be i think but i'm old school.
9:26 am
>> you're talking about the cop over lines, not the voip. >> we were thinking any case of a earthquake. so sign up for the alerts, it's a good measure for yourself as well. >> coming up, communities coming together as people begin to rush to the fire zones. and one man finds out how his high school was damaged. coming up, what types of help are being offered for victims of the fires. how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters.
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cal fires says that a man hired for fire operations died in a crash a little bit after
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7:00 a.m. this morning on oakville raid road and highway 29 in the oakville area. oakville area. the water tender went off the road into the guardrail and they don't know the cause of the crash, but will look into fatigue playing a role. this deadly crash is casting a toll over the favor of getting the upper hand. they still have a lot of work to do. the containments are up. ents are up. meanwhile, evacuees are being allowed back home. >> before the death of the contractor this morning, 41 people have died linked to the fires. they released the names of the
9:30 am
victims yesterday. 82-year-old, sharon ray, 73 year old. -- many evacuees have been let back home. the fire has burned 36,000 acres so far and the containment is up to 50%. up to 50%. a smaller fire in neighboring lake county has burned 22,000 acres and they combined to destroy more than 400 homes. 400 homes. favorable weather has allowed them to get a better handle on them. >> we haven't lost schools, that sonoma lost. we lost one tower and that's on
9:31 am
the mend now. >> the mendocino sheriff posted that evacuees shouldavoid touching anything unless the insurance company has looked ate. ed ate. at it. -- there's a smoke advisory for some and for the rest of the bay area, it's the spare the air day because of the high- level of smog. the active fires and the shifting wind could bring more smoke over the region. and it was so bad that schools were canceled last week. some are back open today, but some are closed in santa rosa.
9:32 am
others include geyserville and others. others. the junior college is closed, while sonoma state will open on wednesday. a new disaster center is opening here and we look at the help bein offered to firefighters. >> reporter: yeah, we're at the health and human services department. you probably won't see it from the front, so come from the back. and because of privacy concerns, we are now outside. so tell me, what exactly does that center do? >> so typically after anincident like this, people need a hubbub about resources and the small business administrations, so it's the first day we're open here at
9:33 am
the south campusfacility. >> i saw p and g had a booth, what kind of services are offered. if you lost a home or aretemporarily displaced, what kind of things can they come here for? >> we have federal and state and local representation here from a bunch of different agencies. so from mental health to the dmv. if you have lost paperwork, birth certificates, we can do that here. >> so and that too, people that lost everything in a fire, they lost you know proof they owned a house or birth certificate, they can search for it here? >> yeah, that's the beauty of the system here. they can get copies of really important paperwork and when you go through something like
9:34 am
this, mental health resources are significant. there's times when people have questions about what is next and they can get those answers here. >> reporter: and it started at 9 and goes until what? >> 7:00 p.m. and then on friday and saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: thanks so much for talking to us. so it's off of napa corporate drive, you have to go to the back. we were also told you can do the work online by going to disaster to file those claims if you lost your home or need temporary help, there's a lot of questions from renters. there's a place to go back to, we're just not allowed to going
9:35 am
back yet. can we get reimbursed for hotel, and yes they can, but you have to register. so come here or go to disaster >> it's an important step. do you have renters insurance? so many question, what is covered and not, tomorrow we welcome the insurance commissioner to answer these questions and some of yours as well. they play such a great big role in the recovery. >> what i did was look at the insurance policy and say, what do i have? >> right and a lot of people have done that. all 5,000 calistoga residents were allowed back home after they fought back the flames. flames.
9:36 am
facing an uncertain future, the residents endured 5 long days and finally sunday, a sign that things were returning to normal. >> i can't describe it we're back you know. >> reporter: >> reporter: the first stop for many was the store. store. cal mart was one of the first stores store to open. >> when we pulled in town and the signs said welcome back, we all broke down in tears, it was just so sweet. >> reporter: an eager owner, opening the door for the first time. >> and the biggest thing was all the ash on the front porch. >> reporter: she teaches
9:37 am
cooking classes, but she has a lot of work to do. >> open it all up, because there's a stronger smell of smoke inside than out. >> reporter: all this while the smoke is still blanketing the area. this town is still standing because of the hard working heros. >> i don't know how they get the energy and the things they do, these firefighters are amazing. they did a wonderful job, they saved my property. >> we know they mounted a major battle and there's no way we could express that gratitude to them. now to solano county, many residents are able to go home. about 2500 people evacuated and they were allowed last weekend. but needed to show the proof
9:38 am
they live there. about 10 square miles were burned. one vine yard is still open and his home and business are beyond the closure. the 40-year-old vineyard is still open. >> we're ahead of the game and a lot of people are not. we're waiting the harvest and it's all coming together. >> he says he's determined not to let the fire ruin his business. for more of the other headline, here's david clark. the list of women accusing weinstein of raping them is growing. three more women, including british actress anthony is now
9:39 am
saying he raped her. actresses and models are accusing him of rape or unwanted sexual advances. his rep says he denies claims of unwanted sex and is now in therapy. well the former presidents will gather on sat in texas for the deep in one heart, concert. it's at the texas a&m. xas a&m. the proceeds will benefit the relief there in texas. the online retailer zappos has agreed to pay for the shooting victims of the las
9:40 am
vegas massacre. so far $400,000 has been raised and 3 funerals have been paid for. kaepernick accused nfl in a suit for collusion. he protested last season against police brutality and injustice, but since then he's appeared to have been passed over. ed over. his attorney filed a suit and that means there's going to be an arbitration suit down the road. he road. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks. coming up next, he's worked with the giants and the 9ers and now an author on the book of his life in the big-leagues. we talk to him ahead of his book signing in the city by the bay.
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, the stadium will be rocking tonight, they're up two games to one after their thrilling victory. they will take the mound for yankees and it's pretty much a must win. meanwhile the dodgers are two games up against the defending champs. the homer happened on the same day that he hit that famous ball 29 years ago. ned became the manager and
9:44 am
was fired by the dodgers and was the gm there. >> and now he's the senioradviser and author of the "big game" inside the world of the dodgers. >> he's in the bay area tonight for san francisco, but joining us live now in -- studio. >> do you still know people affected by the fires? >> yeah, this was the greatest place i've lived so it's something that hurts me and i think about it every day. >> and you talk about that, because when you were getting ready to leave, you said, i didn't go enough to napa and sonoma and you said you had big
9:45 am
some, i don't know, emotions about leaving? >> yeah, i was 30 years old when i left and i can remember the day i left for the interview. coming back from napa, i went to buy some wine and you get to the tunnel and the alcatraz and to the right the ocean, so i broke down. i'm a blessed man, i'm blesses more than anyone i know. >> some people think it's just sports, but it never fails to amaze me, the first game after a fire, emotions that pour out on the field. >> and after the earthquake in the 70s, you know, i was still a chicago resident and sports does that for people. it gives them a chance to think about what else they have going on. it's huge in the world and
9:46 am
again you think about the reality of life and we just saw that again. >> and i was watching the game and there's the walk off home run and your name popped up and all the players you're responsible. responsible. and kershaw and others, just to name a few, but how much did you learn from bryan saben? >> yeah, he is very important to me with culture and skill building. i look at the things he taught me. still to this day, we used to take long walks in the night. if we won the game we would
9:47 am
walk less, but kind of digesting and making it better. >> i remember the kent trade -- >> yeah, a couple of years before that. >> so do you remember the reaction, people were like besides themselves and you know, you don't trade williams. >> it turned out to be a great trade. >> right and i was the assistant g.m. and it was a monumental deal and so epic. and the next day after that trade, his voicemail filled up. we were at the candle stick park and he was like, look at all these people at my back, but at least we were getting calls. it turned out to be a tremendous deal and jeff kent has made bonds a better player.
9:48 am
>> you say he should be in the hall of fame? >> yeah, absolutely. 3 that won in the series and then all that yankees stretch, he's got his hands and finger prints on that, jeter and others that he developed and drafted. he had a lot to do with many, many, series games and franchises. >> the whole of the g.m., has that changed? >> hanged? >> , well the way that it's changed, i spend most of my time thinking the sigh psychology of the people -- how do you make sure they go into the right direction? but it's changed drastically from years ago. >> what is your best advice for managing people. >> well, know who they are.
9:49 am
everybody is different. you got to spray the room with a fine brush, everybody has different strengths and weakens and hot button, you have tofigure that out. if you talk to all the people in one way and train them all the same, guess what? you're gonna be chasing cats [ laughter ] >> yeah, and you're a professor now. >> yeah, it has been a great experience. it gives me a chance to teach and i have had a path through my life. >> the cubs at the beginning and the giants and then the dodgers thus far. >> in regards to the bat flipping, are you okay with that? >> well, i'm fine with it, it shows passion and you know, you see it with the players and you see it in the great drive, i
9:50 am
don't think it's disrespectful. they can always strike them out. >> who wouldn't want them on their team, right? >> yeah, and you know what it does? it allows the fans to see the play they want to see. and they're saying, why are they arguing and debating, you got the replay and now you know. >> it's called the big chair. nick is the man that wrote it. congratulations. >> thanks for having me. >> that book signing tonight at the pageant. the pageant. larry is with him tonight. we're right back after the break. he break.
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santa rosa high school is collecting donations to get students back to class. the principal told me about the classes and half of them have been destroyed by fire. >> this comes even as his home was lost in the wildfire. >> many homes burn in the fountain grove area, theymanaged to escape and warn others in time. >> what if, that's what is scary to me. >> it was the next day they found out how much was lost to the fire, including the high school where their son was a junior. >> this is hard having lost your home and then finding out
9:54 am
about your school being damaged as well. as well. >> he lost about 20 classrooms, the library and the main office. they're staying with relatives in san jose, they set up a facebook page to fundraise, not for himself, but for his classmates and his school. >> i want to branch out and ask for help from academics and companies and businesses all around the bay area. >> the school officials are working to get online classrooms up and they're in talks with neighbors schools to share space. share space. >> those people are going to have to best understanding on what is at stake. losing a home is terrible and losing that school is terrible
9:55 am
too. >> his mother is proud that amid all the loss, he's helping. >> and being in limbo is harder than working to get something back. >> they put up a gofundme page and the school is working as quickly as possible. but no word when the kids been back in classrooms. n classrooms. >> now marcus's mom says that the sports director was telling people about the fire on the 10:00 p.m. news. >> the urgency in his voice made it clear there was danger. >> it wasn't long before they noticed the red glow and she called her neighbors to wake up and get out as well. >> facebook delivered food over
9:56 am
the weekend to firefighters. they reported that facebookdrops off 5,000 meals. a call for meals went out and facebooked andasked if they could help. the next drop off on wednesday. despite the overwhelming loss, people are putting out messages of hope, support and gratitude. we took these photos this week, of home made signs here, this one was set up on a corner. free bottles of water and food was there as well. another oversign pass and finally another one written on this white card board. te card board. >> it really feels like we're hitting a new phase. a lot of us have questions
9:57 am
about what insurance covers and we're helping those that have been impacted by the fires. we're bringing in the insurancecommissioner tomorrow. what it covers on and what it doesn't and how perhapses to preserve you're home, you don't want to do something in haste, you know, if i would have done x and y, -- >> right, and so that's tomorrow. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here for the noon broadcast.
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