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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there is no break for the firefighters. the fires erupted last sunday evening. the driver of the water transport truck died. fatigue may have been a factor. messages of thanks.>> the firefighters were hit here and they saved the house.>> amid devastation, there is gratitude. a look at the signs of support. 4 on 2, start now. after a week of fear and uncertainty, the fire danger eases in the north bay. crews are gaining on containment and more evacuees are allowed to go home. as we see in the live pictures from sky fox, crews are out working right now to restore power to the neighborhoods affected. officials are cautioning it could take days or weeks to get people back into the heart of hardest hit neighborhoods. i'm heather holmes. >> i am frank mallicoat.
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is it true ?>> we have made great progress on a number of fronts. weather has been cooperating lately. with the winds that we saw a week ago , have died down. hotter temperatures in the where humidity than yesterday. it is better than what it was.>> that is good news. the main focus right now, can you talk about that ? the areas of most concern.>> we are continuing to focus on the oakmont area, just east of santa rosa. that is where we have seen a number of flareups and hotspots. over the past 24 hours. as progress has been made on a number of other fronts, we have been able to lift a number of evacuations this afternoon. a number of the communities along highway 12 corridor in sonoma county, glenn allen,
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boyd hot springs and sonoma. they have returned home. we have listed an evacuation advisory up in middletown and lake county. as the numbers increase, that has allowed us to lift a number of evacuations.>> the weather is finally cooperating. you had a wind situation friday through saturday. it has been calm and you may have rain later on in the week. that is good news.>> the rainfall will be a welcome sight as you mentioned, early saturday morning, the winds picked up . that give us a good run. over the last 24 hours, we have not seen winds as significant as they were. we are making a lot of progress. we are cautiously optimistic that we will continue to see containment on the fires. over the next several days.>> as we look at the live pictures from sky fox, the cerrado country club is the area devastated by the atlas fire.
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we are seeing some homes standing. others were reduced to rubble. i want to talk about resources. we mentioned 11,000 firefighters are still out fighting and trying to contain the remaining fire. i know a lot of people from outside of the state, and outside the country really focused and pulled resources. are you seeing the numbers scaling back ?>> we still have over 11,000 firefighters assigned to the front lines of over a dozen wildfires. as we are making progress on a number of fronts and fires, we are able to start moving the resources around. we are holding a lot of firefighters on the larger fires, like the atlas fire. and the nuns complex fires. we talk about a dozen large fires. we are not talking about the hundreds of fires that we responded to over the past seven days.
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a lot of activities going on beyond these dozen or so fires. hopefully, as we continue to make progress, we will start releasing some of the resources we have to stay focused. we have work to do over the next several days. full containment is expected by the end of the week. >> that is good news. before i let you go, i wanted to talk to you about firefighter fatigue. we did have a fatality today. someone who drives a truck that transports water. he was killed when the vehicle overturned. we heard a campfire representative say that these have been long days. firefighters are tired. he believes fatigue may have been a factor.>> we are still investigating exactly what happened. firefighter safety is always a priority for us. ensuring that our firefighters are safe. we rotate so many crews in and
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out. the reason the firefighter number is high is to allow us the opportunity to give rest to those who about working for the past week.>> thank you to our cal fire spokesperson. weatherwise, we do have rain coming and not a lot of wind.>> danielle was detailing the forecast and a change in the weather pattern. it will only improve as we get into the days ahead. if you remember a week ago, we had a red flag warning in place when the fires started. we have seen to red flag warnings since then. one midweek and one over the weekend. the winds have calmed down. we are looking at rain in the coming days. giving you a look at the current conditions. a variable wind. 8 miles per hour coming in from the northeast. relative humidity is 13
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percent. very dry. santa rosa has a southeasterly breeze. relative humidity is up slightly. i do want to point out the flow is beginning to change. we are starting to see in northwest flow and a south, southwest flow here. areas over the east bay saw the fire smoke come back into the picture earlier today a variable wind will show smoke drifting in different directions. we are not out of the woods. when we talk about smoke, we have been northeast breeze over the weekend. it pushed the smoke out of our way we have moderate to good air quality in some areas. we are not done just yet. as the winds shift, we could see the smoke returned to portions of the bay area. this is what we are looking at. air quality mode does not moderate for most. in the east bay and santa clara valley. it is a bit unhealthy over the northbay. areas over santa rosa is
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fairly. you can see and smell it. it will continue as we get into the evening. for tomorrow, air quality will continue to improve. today is the warmest day of the week. they hazy skies will continue as well. as the system approaches, starting tomorrow, we start this start to see a southeasterly push. it pushes the smoke toward the sacrament ovale. likely to push it away from the the area. we will continue to see a cool down. tomorrow, cooler. wednesday, cooler than that. by thursday, and to friday, rain. we will look at how much and what to expect for the rest of the week, coming up. more and more people are being allowed back into their neighborhood.>> sadly, for evacuees, they are returning to find that they lost everything. paul chambers is live. many returning to a heartbreaking new reality. truck that is so true.
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-->> reporter: you can see the road is closed going up seventh street east. people are still waiting to get in. we can swing around just across the street. people are allowed to return home. they started doing that today. we can look at the video. for a week, the fire burned all around the area. more than 40 debtor 48,000 acres destroyed. the good news is containment has doubled overnight to 50 percent. friday night, cal fire said the area near seventh street was vulnerable, primarily because the fire was on the hill. the next night, their fear came true. if you structural's -- structures and vehicles were destroyed. since then, no other people besides media and first responders were allowed in. it was frustrating to neighbors who today, watched as one part of the street was open.
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while other sections remained closed.>> three houses have been burned. we want to get home. they just opened up the area. i do not know what to say. i would love to get up there. for a change of clothes.>> reporter: as one group waits, others across town have returned home. these are the people that would like to get the road closure to open up so that they can go back home. they have heard good news about what is going on. they want the first-hand opportunity to check for themselves. coming up at 5 pm, we will have more people returning home to unincorporated sonoma. they had a moments notice and ran out. they are happy to come home. they want to make it a good thing to help those in need.>> a little bit of frustration not been able to get back to the house. do you feel optimism up there ? after a tough saturday. the last few days have been
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good.>> reporter: you are correct. just across the roadway, one part is open. one part is closed. they have not said when that part will be open. they said they had an opportunity and officers took them in. the officers went into look at the home. they came back with good news to let them know the home is okay. it is upsetting. you want to look for yourself. they are happy to hear that it is there. they have neighbors who do not have that information. they are remorseful, yet happy.>> paul chambers, live in one country. we are following the fire story. we are hearing more stories of heroism. like one man, who saved his disabled roommate by spending hours and dodging debris.>> tara moriarty was with him when he went back to his house. she joins us live from coffee lane.>> reporter: sunday night
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and ran out of his house with his 25-year-old wheelchair- bound roommate and their cat they made it across the street to coffee park. where they waited for nearly 4 hours to wait out the firestorm. the 59-year-old caregiver says there was little time to get out of the house alive. he grabbed blankets and towels and hose them down with water and put them over the head of heidi, a paraplegic. he wheeled her over to coffee park where he spent 3 1/2 hours dodging burning debris, flying embers and chunks of roots and cars that went sailing by. he suffered first and second degree burns on his face and arms. heidi was okay.>> there are spiritual things here. we were protected by it. what we went through. it is pretty heavy.>> reporter:
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he says he decided to head to the park, because he knew the grass was well watered. he figured it would be safer than trying to push her out of neighborhood in her wheelchair. eventually, paramedics came by and and and went and got them. they do not know if they will rebuild or move to a park. they are waiting on word from the insurance company. there dog did not make it out of the fire. she got spooked and hid. he could not find her. coming up at 5 pm, we will have more on their story. it is nice to see positive stories coming out of so much destruction. tara moriarty, back to you. as mentioned earlier, a contractor was killed today.a water tender driver heading downhill on monday morning, overturned and died on the oakville grade, west of highway 29 in napa county. according to a cal fire spokesmen, the water tender overturned and rolled to an upside down position off the grade. he was not immediately identified. it's unclear if fatigue played a role in the crash, although authorities are investigating if it could be a factor since crews have been working around the clock. there appear to be multiple fire trucks at the scene.
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he was returning to refill his water tender truck. the truck crashed into a guard rail and rolled down the embankment. the identity will be released once they notify the family. fire crews are on their eight day of the firefight.>> everyone is getting tired. there has been no break for the firefighters since the fires erupted last sunday evening. people are getting tired. it is a factor that we are aware of. we consider it in our daily activities.>> chp investigators are going to reconstruct the crash scene to figure out what went wrong. they brought in helicopters to get an overhead view of the crash scene they will check the trucks brakes and look for any other possible mechanical failures. a number of people are missing, but the number is
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decreasing. the sheriff's office has received 1800 missing people reports since the fires began on sunday. as of today, the majority of people have been found. 88 people are still missing.>> we have an area that we want to bring people into. we will search every part of the area first that is what the national guard is doing for us. that is what is taking time to clear the burned areas.>> the sheriff says targeted teams continue to do searches, along with national guard troops. the official death toll from the fires in sonoma county stand at 22. in total, at least 40 people have been killed in fires. a loved one recently died from smoke inhalation at the fire and more on that story coming up at 5 pm. president donald j. trump says the republican party is strong and ready to tackle tax reform head on. the latest from capitol hill, next. officials are working hard to get a hold on the
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redwood valley fire. for the first time, we are seeing this. a closer look at all of the devastation in that area. a live interview with an official, coming up while firefighters push themselves to the limits, communities are giving thanks. in addition to the homemade sign, free bottles of water and bags of food were available.
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firefighters montecito county say they are making -- firefighters in mendocino county are making progress. it is 50 percent contained. sheriff officials said residents are being allowed to return to some of the evacuated area. flames have destroyed more than 400 homes. eight people have died. there is no word on the cause of the fire. we are joined by the mendocino county director. tell us, what is your biggest concern ?>> that is the question of the hour. as you know, we did have 8000 people evacuated. we are just about close to having all the people returning to either their homes or their neighborhood. we have approximately 100
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structures -- 300 homes destroyed. the biggest issue right now is debris cleanup. again, the safety and health of our residents in those areas. we are concerned about our watershed. and from the debris. we are working with the state to try to get the department of toxic substances in here, as quickly as possible. to work with the debris. we sent out public health messages for the people going back into the burned areas. to proceed with caution. were gloves and masks. we still have a health hazard in front of us. we need to do everything that we can to contain it.>> when you mentioned watershed, has any testing been done on the possibility of contamination
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?>> no. not as of this time. we are not thinking that there is any water contamination right now. let me be clear with that. what we are concerned about is the longer the debris stays on the ground and stays in some of these areas, with the rains coming, it is possible that we are threatening the watershed. right now, today, everything looks fine. we are working with the states -- state. we had a meeting with state representatives today to ask that we get as much assistance as quickly as we can.>> we spoke with the sheriff the last couple of days. he said there was a communication problem from the onset. you folks need a more modern ops center. do you agree ? if so, has something been learned ?>> i
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can tell you that the sheriff is on top of the communication system. the redundancy in our system as well. we had a tower that was damaged i the fires. there was no way of stopping not it had nothing to do with staffing or who was available. or if cowper was available or not. there was no way to stop the damage to the tower. what we are looking at -- we are looking at what we can do going forward to assure that we have the most up-to-date communication system. also, the most protection that we can with some of our towers in the outline areas. >> it seems like that is not unique to york county. those in napa and sonoma are taking this moment to
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reevaluate and look at things. i want to get back to the debris removal. that seems like a daunting task. especially when it is in york county and in napa and sonoma and lake counties. are you concerned about having enough resources to help with the debris removal ?>> yes. absolutely. >> it seems get my come down to a fight over resources. >> no. the way that sonoma, napa and mendocino county have approached this fire -- and with the state support, we are approaching the fire as a regional fire. the intent is to work together and assure all parties and all three counties that let me say lake county also all four counties get the resources they need. i do not believe it will be a fight. even if you look at what has happened with the firefighters, when they get containment in
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one area, they moved to another area. the firefighters can move through all four counties. that could happen with the debris cleanup as well. what i am more concerned about is not this region -- we can work together. there are multiple fires throughout the state. all of the events that have occurred throughout the united states, to get fema assistance. we are standing in line.>> i was going to say, the good news is we are talking about recovery. it has been a long time coming. thank you for joining us. in the fight to get back on your feet. up next, after months of tension, president donald j. trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say their relationship is as strong as ever. details on their meeting i capitol hill. two fire
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coverage. a freeway overpass honoring a police officer, firefighters and other first responders who helped save lives and homes this week. several signs of things are now hanging. another way the community is expressing gratitude.
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president donald j. trump saying today that he believes cuba is responsible for the mysterious attacks on u. s. government personnel and have
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and a -- in havana. 22 u. s. workers experienced symptoms. cuba has denied any responsibility. the president did not offer details on whether he believes you carried out the attacks or if he thinks they bear response ability because it took place on cuban soil. president donald j. trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced their relationship is strong and that the republican party is stronger than ever. >> this announcement came as the president was to meet with his cabinet and then sit down with gop leaders for a working lunch. peter do see -- ducey have more.>> reporter: president donald j. trump has pub been publicly critical of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. ever since the senate failed to repeal and replace the affordable care act in july. now and one the president says his relationship with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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and efforts to reform healthcare are back on track.>> the republican party is very, very unified.>> reporter: standing stan -- side by side, president donald j. trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced the relationship is solid.>> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding. has been outstanding. we are working very hard to get the tax cuts.>> reporter: the announcement after months of reported tensions. the president repeatedly voicing and tweeting criticism of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his lack of progress in advancing the gop agenda. >> we have the same agenda.>> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying tax reform tops the gop agenda. healthcare reform is also in the works, despite repeated efforts being killed with no votes. in a cabinet meeting hours earlier, the president announcing progress is being made to roll back obamacare.>> i think we will have a short-
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term fix.>> reporter: republican leaders say this is a critical thing for the party.>> if we cannot deliver on cutting taxes, what good are we to the country ? if we cannot repeal and replace obamacare, then, why have us a. ?>> reporter: the republican party faces a critical test this week. they must pass a budget will to clear the way for tax reform. so that they can pass it in the senate with only republican votes. in washington, peter ducey. a key phase of jury selection began monday in the trial of a mexican national accused of killing a woman on a busy san francisco pier in a case that set off a fierce national debate on immigration. jose ines garcia zarate, who had been deported five times, has acknowledged shooting 32- year-old kate steinle while she walked with her father on the pier crowded with tourists. garcia zarate has said the shooting was accidental and has pleaded not guilty to second- degree murder. earlier this month, lawyers summoned hundreds of potential jurors to court to fill out questionnaires. among other things, they were asked if they could sit through a lengthy trial or had moral qualms about the case. superior court spokeswoman megan filly said 160 jury candidates reported monday for further questioning. media was not granted access to the courtroom due to limited space, filly said. court officials say media will be allowed to rotate into the courtroom at an unspecified date. before the shooting, garcia zarate, 54, had been released from the san francisco jail after the district attorney dropped a minor marijuana charge. zarate was freed despite a request from u.s. immigration and customs enforcement to detain him for further deportation proceedings. the san francisco sheriff, citing the city's policy of limited cooperation with federal immigration officials, ignored the ice request. president donald trump referred
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to steinle's death while campaigning as a reason to toughen immigration policies in the country. trump has since threatened to withhold federal funding to so- called sanctuary cities such as san francisco, several of which have filed lawsuits to prevent the move. attorneys need to find 12 jurors, as well as alternates who can sit through what is expected to be a very lengthy trial. north bay wildfires coverage continues after the break. we will take you to a new resource center that opened hours ago. to help fire victims. all of the damage and wine country is in the billions -- in one country is in the billions. will talk to a financial expert about the tough road ahead.
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the damage estimates from the north bay fire are staggering. officials say the fire could cause more than $3 billion in damage. state senator mark mcgwire tweeted the number is expected to grow. for more now, i am joined by a found natural -- financial advisor. is that a conservative estimate ?>> it might be. it was an estimate that came out this afternoon from the sonoma county economic develop met board. they placed it between nine dollars and $6 billion. i sign estimate earlier today for $1.2 billion just in the santa rosa area. all of the numbers are planarity -- preliminary. the santa rosa chamber of commerce started in 1976 in response to the earthquake. they launched one effort.
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headed up by ben stone. who lost his home. he is working on the other analysis, tried to figure what is going on. $3 billion may be a number that will go up. >> how do they come up with the sort of number ?>> they are professionals that do that. they have algorithms. unfortunately, they have a lot of data from hurricane rv, hurricane irma and hurricane sandy, to see how the impact grows the numbers. it is usually an underestimate.>> let's talk about first steps in getting the rebuilding phase going. from a homeowners perspective, what do they need to know ? what did they do in the situation ? >> it could not happen at a worst time in those counties. our housing market is stressed where do these people go ? you cannot find anything for rent. the first thing they will do, if not rebuilding, is getting utilities. getting power. so that they can reestablish
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your life. for people who have lost everything, i do not know. >> you mentioned your office is in petaluma. you saw number of state farm agents. everyone is making this a priority. because so many homeowners have been impacted trying to help as much as they can. >> one thing i have noticed is the response for the community. the health club i belong to opened up so people could take showers. state farm has occupied the sheraton hotel in petaluma. i cannot get into my office this morning. there are hundreds of people trying to respond. we have first responders from government doing a terrific job. so is private industry so are individuals, opening up their home. my oldest son had friends stay with him. because his friends lost their home. >> as we look at life teachers from skybox, -- sky box, this is near silverado trail. we think about the homes lost.
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we are also talking about wine country. a beautiful area that relies on tourism. what kind of impact do you think this is having on the wine industry ?>> i reached out to an expert. and has short, medium and long- term effects. how is the smoke going to affect the harvest ? the good news is most of the harvest is in. however many areas are tainted by smoke it affects the ability to processed the grapes. another thing is storage. there are a lot of wineries on highway 12 from santa rosa down to sonoma. saint francis, arrowood etc. to some extent, the question is how much of the storage facilities were hit ? because they lost power. they did not have emergency iterators. they long-term effect will be on the vines. if the vines were singed, it is
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not a big deal. if they are gone, it can take three through five years. there are a lot of people whose livelihood and the economy depends on the wine industry. >> so many aspects when you have this catastrophe. thanks for talking with us. the real building, nobody says it will be busy -- easy. a long and tedious process. a new local center opened at the napa health and human services building. evacuees and fire victims can find one-stop shopping for information and assistance from the federal government along with state and local agencies. the file claims for financial aid did help with finding temporary housing and a stop payment on utilities. they can also meet with the small business administration to apply for low interest loans to start rebuilding.>> homeowners and renters can
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borrow at one and three-quarter percent. you can get hundreds and thousands of dollars for your home repairs. renters can get up to $40,000 for personal property. there is no cost to apply for these loans. >> there is a deadline december 11, to apply for the fema grants. local assistance center in napa is open from 9 am until 7 pm, monday through friday on weekends, 10 am until 5 pm. next, medication breakdown. with so many north bay residents did not get an evacuation warning. our 2 investigates team with more. cooler temperatures and better air quality. even rain in the extended forecast. a look at what to expect tomorrow and the rest of the week. firefighters and police wrap up work in one area and moved to another. they are being thanked by the community. we saw this sign and santa rosa near the coffee park neighborhood.
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a small dose of support. the crews appreciate it. i no longer live with
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of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. 2 investigates is looking into a possible can medication breakdown when the fires first broke out last sunday. some people were sent fleeing for their lives without
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warnings.>> brooks jarosz is here with what officials are saying about initial warnings.>> reporter: a week ago we note the fires broke out in santa rosa and people woke up to fire at their door. only minutes to get out. minutes that some say they never got a call or knock on the door to one about. a battle against time. fires shooting like a blowtorch. licking house after house in santa rosa. >> we were behind before we ever got started.>> reporter: the mayor is focused on helping neighbors rebuild. 2 investigates is questioning the response playing out one week ago. and those who say they received little or no warning. >> we had no time. there was not an evacuation. it was that fast.>> we called the fire department and said we see fires. duty to evacuate ? they said no, you do not need to evacuate. within 20 minutes of being told
4:43 pm
we do not have to evacuate, she was driving through fire. to get out.>> multiple alert systems were activated. multiple alert went out. i can tell you that the alerts went out within the first 60 minutes.>> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff said alerts were sent out shortly after the fires began, through the so co- and mental alert systems. you cannot receive them unless you are signed up only a fraction of people actually did that.>> why not everybody in my community ? why didn't they get the call ? it was confusing. within 45 minutes, our community was on fire.>> reporter: officials could have sent out an emergency siren like alert. vibrating and lighting up any cell phone in a geographical area. it is a system developed by fema for this. lake county used it last sunday. in addition to the mix all alert. homes were quickly evacuated. no one has died there.>> for
4:44 pm
those who did not subscribe or people who do not want to be bothered with an every day notification.>> reporter: why not send that wide ranging sell alert to sonoma county ?>> i do not know that that works here because of our geography and our population and roads.>> reporter: fears of a logjam, panic and preventing first responders from battling the flames. and all of this, officials they 80 cell towers were destroyed. lines down, stopping additional can medication.>> even if everything went perfectly, i am not sure everyone would have gotten notification.>> reporter: there is a review plan to look at the alert systems in countywide response.>> reporter: what do you say to the people who did not feel like they were alerted ? >> i encourage them to sign up for both systems. the problem we are having is the world has changed. when everyone had hardlines, we called everyone easily.
4:45 pm
people get rid of hardlines and their consequences.>> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff says the county is getting better at using the systems. officials will assess the communications breakdown. just this weekend, the sheriff mentioned there was a major upgrade to that makes all system to better alert -- upgrade to the mixel system to better alert everyone.>> they got the word out sunday into monday morning ?>> that is what was described to me. having all the people on the roadways happens in first responders cannot arrive. >> that is hard to say to someone who lost her house.>> everyone is taking a closer look at that. let's get to the weather. a week ahead with rain in the forecast.>> yes, thankfully. we are looking at that to come
4:46 pm
on thursday. between now and then, a cooling trend as early as tomorrow. outside our doors, partly cloudy skies. clouds overhead and hayes is back. temperatures for many is warmer. today is expected to be the warmest day for the week. santa rosa, 86. low 80s, san francisco. 76, oakland. low 80s, east bay. low 80s, san jose. as you look at san francisco, the hayes the is back. unhealthy once again for the air. winds, general light . right now, atlas peak reporting eight northwest breeze. relative humidity, 14 percent we have a strong northeast breeze helped to push out the smoke. and pushed it toward the pacific. today, winds are lighter and variable . if you have a wind from the northwest, it is pushing the smoke in this erection.
4:47 pm
that is why portions of the east bay smell stronger today. fog in the air today, as opposed to the weekend. as we get into the days ahead, we will see another switch in the winds . south westerly breeze picks up eventually, we will see rain. today, warm and hazy. as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures will drop. natural breeze is coming back. the low clouds and fog expected to return to the coastline. by thursday, tracking a possibility of rain. let's start with winds. overnight in tomorrow morning, noticed the arrows are coming from the west. that means the cool pacific moist air, which is good for firefighters, also helps us to clean out the air a bit. it will continue in the coming days. for tomorrow, another spare the air day. air quality improves. we will remain moderate for the coast. east bay, santa clara valley
4:48 pm
and over the northbay will be a tough day. the fires continue to burn. giving you a view i rainfall amounts. as we get into thursday, friday time frame, it backs off. a more robust forecast over the weekend. helping we will pick up a quarter inch or less over portions of the north day. as we shift south, not expecting not much for the south bay. the northbay is the important area. giving you a view at morning temperatures. mid 50s for most. antioch, warmer. for the afternoon, temperatures will be on the mild side. low 70s to low 80s for northbay. low 70s, to low 80s for east day. southbay, low 80s. san jose, 82. upper 70s on the peninsula. redwood city, 70. san francisco , 70 extended forecast, temperatures will be all. wednesday, and thursday, you may need an umbrella. as we get into the weekend, we
4:49 pm
will dry out once again. a chance for rain and helping it comes. coming up next, tesla laying off hundreds of the employees. they are helping to higher more. we will explain.
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kelso has fired hundreds of employees. the company said the majority of the firings are in administration and sales, and the dismissals are not expected to affect the model three productions. our fox reporter has more on the harvey weinstein story. >> reporter: british police are now confirming they are investigating three new allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. the victim, as is the custom in britain, has not been named by police. this actress however said she reported to police just last week that weinstein raped her in her london home. meantime, audio has surfaced from a interview three years ago when weinstein denied his
4:53 pm
position of power to harass or assault women. >> the movies are too expensive and everything is too great. the great director told the stories about his day in the movies. we were born way too late for this.>> reporter: tomorrow, the weinstein company board of directors is to meet with the weinstein attorneys to discuss how he was fired. harvey weinstein maintains that it is an illegal firing, and he says he has a clause in his contract to actually sexually harass women as long as he paid a settlement. hollywood is finally turning his back on the harvey weinstein in the wake of the floods of sexual assault accusations.
4:54 pm
weinstein was thrown out over the weekend by the oscars, and they said the era of will for -- willful ignorance in sexual behavior and workplace harassment is over. harvey weinstein remains in arizona where he promises to seek help on what he considers sexual addiction. years after deserting his command post in afghanistan, bold bird all answers charges to desertion and putting his soldiers in danger. details after the break.
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former taliban prisoner army sergeant bowe bergdahl pleaded guilty today to desertion and endangering his comrades. he was captured and held by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post in afghanistan in 2009. the united states one is release with a controversial exchange for five detainees at guantanamo bay. bowe bergdahl says he now understands his actions. some of his comrades were seriously injured and he could face life in prison. in the middle east, iraqi forces allied with united
4:58 pm
states against isis appeared to turn on another ally in the fight.>> they have claimed that they have retaken areas around the northern city of good cook. we have a reporter with the latest. >> reporter: the pentagon is saying this is just a misunderstanding between two united states allies between the iraqis and the kurds. the american coalition to defeat isis includes several groups who have very different aspirations for the reason. the kurdish population voted last month for independence from baghdad. not surprisingly, the shia government is against kurdish independence. they took over the large all wells in or from the kurdish
4:59 pm
and they do not want them to secede. the pentagon is trying to defuse tensions by talking to both sides, but the underlying issue of kurdish independence, which is also opposed by nato member turkey, is not going away anytime soon. containment numbers rise and some evacuation numbers are lifted, and people are going home. but, there was another deadly reminder in the north bay as a driver dies while fighting the nuns fire. >> here's a live look now over down neighborhoods near the silverado country club. the many large homes surrounding the golf course are gone. tonight, we can see crews going through that neighborhood.
5:00 pm
cal fire says one of their contractors was killed today when the driver lost control and went off the road early today in napa county. the crash happened around 6:30 am this morning on the oakville grade about two miles west of highway 29. they are not releasing the identity of the driver until they notify his family. also today, santa rosa memorial hospital is detail their effort to treat fire victims. they received five major fire burn victims during the first four hours. >> they had inhalation injuries and burns over 20% or 30% of their body. in the early morning, we had our worst victim which had 65% of their body burn. >> the barn patients were transferred to local burn sinners. they treated 60 patients who were injured in the


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