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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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cal fire says one of their contractors was killed today when the driver lost control and went off the road early today in napa county. the crash happened around 6:30 am this morning on the oakville grade about two miles west of highway 29. they are not releasing the identity of the driver until they notify his family. also today, santa rosa memorial hospital is detail their effort to treat fire victims. they received five major fire burn victims during the first four hours. >> they had inhalation injuries and burns over 20% or 30% of their body. in the early morning, we had our worst victim which had 65% of their body burn. >> the barn patients were transferred to local burn sinners. they treated 60 patients who were injured in the fire storm.
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did not, 88 people are still listed as missing in sonoma county, and it is expected that some of those people were killed when the fire swept in over the week ago . tens of thousands of evacuees are headed home bow throughout the fire zone. the number of people who are out of their homes is at 40,000 which is down from 100,000 over the weekend. almost 11,000 firefighters remain on the fire line. authorities say they are making good progress on the pocket fire at the top left corner of your screen. they are focusing on the northern section of that fire. officials say they are attacking a section of the tubs fire after it jumped an containment line. that is in the middle of your screen. >> the tubs fire is now 70%
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contained. the nuns fire is holding a 50% and the atlas fire is that 68% contained. the redwood valley fire is that 50% and the pocket fire is that what % contained. >> we have live team covered from the fires in north bay, the latest on the weather condition, and the story of a roommate who saved his friends life.>> we begin with paul chambers who joins us live with the residents who are now being allowed to go back home.>> reporter: we are at ease napa street, and people have mixed emotions. one sign right here says they are not able to go in as the road is close. and then there is another set of people who say they are happy to have a home to go to, but they are remorseful to those who.. -- do not.
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>> i am torn, and i am thankful. i am really grateful, but i have friends who have lost homes. and she has lived in her home for more than a decade >> -- she has lived in her home for more than a decade, and once she heard knew she had to evacuate, she had no other choice but to escape. >> with the dash falling around and our 80-year-old mother lives here, and we were out on monday.>> reporter: they are now cleaning up in trying to get some sense of normality back. >> a lot of us working construction, so hopefully we will be helping them. of course we will be doing some benefits and pitching in what ever way we can.>> reporter: the nuns fire has destroyed more than 48,000 acres. the good news is that the
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containment is at 50%. but cal fire said the area near seventh street was honorable and they had to detour vehicles. >> other folks are still in him mandatory evacuation centers, and they are waiting to see if they can go back in. they know their homes are there, but they may be going back into a charred wasteland. >> they had just opened up this area, and i want to get back home. i don't know what else to say, i would just love to get up there.>> reporter: right now, there is no word on when this part of the street will open. there has been tried a bit of trucks in the area trying to bring power back to the area before they let people he in. we will be out here at six
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clock p.m. to give you more information. i will tell you one good thing and that is that people have been sitting here waiting, and some people say they did not even know some of their neighbors and they now have some new friendships. they are just hoping they can get this reopened so they can go back home. >> that is one silver lining in all of this, but obviously, they just want to go home. thank you paul.>> joining us via skype is the spokesman from cal fire. cal fire lost a driver today earlier when his truck lost control and can you tell me anything about his identity or what happened? >> it is definitely a very sad day as this is the 41st death. the california highway patrol has been brought in, and they are investigating exactly what happened. we know that this individual was assigned to the nuns fire,
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and was driving in napa county. the driver was a private contractor that we was using to bring water to the fire lines. the circumstances still being investigated, but it is still a very sad day. >> daniel, tell us about the big picture and where we stand overall. where are we at on this? >> we are making very good progress despite the fact that the temperature was higher today and we saw lower humidity that what we saw yesterday. the winds has not been as strong as it was on nighty night and saturday morning or seven days ago when the fires broke out. that is really given us an opportunity to continue our efforts. a lot of high numbers now around 50%, 6% or 70% of these fires now. we are optimistic that we are going to make good progress and may have full containment on
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some of these fires by the end of the week. but, there is still plenty of work to be done. >> there is obviously fires across the whole region, but is there a particular area that is the biggest concern and what is the biggest challenge for you at this point?>> right now, we have seen a lot of activity in the oakmont area just east of the city of santa rosa. this fire continues to pose some challenges for us. we evacuated a couple of days ago, so the residents have been removed in case of fire does get closer to the holes. but overall, progress is being made and evacuations have been lifted for a number of the communities along highway 12. later this afternoon around four clock p.m., we were able to live some evacuations in
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napa county. we are continuing to see more and more evacuations lifted as progress is being made. we still have work to be done before we can get the remaining evacuees back on, but that is our goal right now. >> daniel, talk about your resources. are you jumping on this chance now where you had the upper hand particularly in the oakmont area and keeping all of these crews here now, or are you going to start releasing them? >> we are going to keep them as long as we need to to be sure that we have good containment on all of these fires. there is a lot of fires burning across northern california, and we are not talking about the hundreds of fires we responded to in the past seven days that additional crews we brought in from out-of-state have been working hard to ensure we do not have more large and damaging fires. >> some encouraging news here. thank you for that update.
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select let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. good news, but until that rain started to come in, it is still a challenge. >> it has been five months without rain, and we are drive. friday night as everyone was -- dry. friday night is everyone was looking on, it was a rough night. in today's weather, the temperature is a little bit warmer but, you are seeing an onshore flow. that is a good thing as you are bringing in cooler and moist air. the good thing also is that we got rid of the north and northeast winds. that is called. -- gong. -- gone on. based on what the weather is going to do, with a chance of
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some showers in here on thursday night, and that will pretty much do it. maybe a quarter of an inch of rain up there, and that would help immensely. the forecast i want to show you as i want to show you the winds and air quality is a big deal. the winds on tuesday afternoon with this westerly flow will clear out a lot of the smoke which has been just brutal in parts of the bay area. and then, the winds comes up again on wednesday night. the story is that things are steadily getting better here. when we get into this rain on thursday night and friday morning i think we will be in pretty good shape. everything is going the right way. at least for this week. >> thank you bill. some more good news. just in the last 20 minutes, we
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have learned that more mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. this time it is in napa for residents in the circle oaks and wood valley road area. that is in the hills above silverado heading toward atlas feet. there is still road closures in those areas and we were told the best way to get in is by sage canyon road. that is highway 128. people heading back are being told their homes may still be without power. they made it out with their 2-year-old triplets, but their home and everything inside was reduced to ash. coming up at 5:30 pm we will look at this burned-out neighborhood in mendocino county. looters are not welcome here. the crackdown on people who are trying to take advantage of
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please from across the bay area are in the fires on and on the lookout for looters. that some residents are taking matters into their own hands.>> our tribe reporter joins us live in santa rosa with more.>> reporter: well guys, there is not much year left in this coffee park neighborhood. looters have been trying to pray on fire victims.>> this is a california legal code of the mp five. >> reporter: this man says he is not playing any games and he is ready if looters or burglars come to his house. >> really the goal is that it
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is just scary looking. in the event of trouble or the threat of trouble, this thing doesn't really need to be pointed at anything as a look at this will make people go away. >> reporter: people have stolen from homes and firefighters. >> i cannot imagine anything more despicable. we don't want people shooting each other over this. we have police and national guard in the neighborhood. >> reporter: we caught up with officers along the financial. >> any message to looters is that these people have been through enough. you do not need to be going to their stuff or stealing their stuff. they do not need any more devastation. >> resources are taken from other areas that they could be doing some good in if they have to chase looters.
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>> reporter: here in sonoma county, they have made about a dozen arrest for looting and in napa county about five arrest. they are also on the lookout for price counters who hike up services more than 10% during a natural disaster. you can see there are many signs of destruction. it is sad to see all of these homes, like at this corner. just utter destruction. police are on the lookout for anyone who is trying to pray further on the fire victims.>> henry, we know we are going to get people who will ask questions about that gun. i am not going to get hung up on it, but you said he had a submachine gun, is that legal?>> reporter: he tells us this is a legal gun similar to
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that mp-5. he said he is not brandishing it outside, and he will not use it only if someone comes inside of his house. >> what are residents saying about having national guard troops stationed at their neighborhood. what do they think about that is like to live there? >> reporter: julie, a lot of people say they really appreciate the police presence as well as the national guard. you can see them here with their humvees. they have a very stern expression to say only lawful residence need to be here. >> i know a lot of the national guard members out there are actually military police officers. so that is what they are kind used to doing.
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like you henry.>> a smoke advisory is in effect today along with an air quality issue. the highest reading for unhealthy air is in napa, sonoma, and in east bay and south bay are registering unhealthy. >> there is still a lot of smoke in the area. let's go back over the bill as we have lower temperatures and a chance of rain later this week.>> the chances of rain look very good. as far as the smoke, what we are seeing is a westerly component to the wind. so the smoke is going back toward stockton and the areas around it and these areas are having some poor air quality. but, tomorrow morning, the overnight low temperatures will drop, and with the air cools, the air sinks and that smoke will start to sing. so in the morning hours i suspect the air
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quality is going to be pretty bad. the morning is typically when it is the worst. but generally, the tree now is for a flow to be more on sure. the air tomorrow will be coming more and more on sure and that will blow the smoke out of the area and help the firefighters quite a bit. as you can see here, here is tomorrow morning's forecast and you will see some clouds coming up from the south and not a lot of fog along the coast. with that cloud cover, will come a moisture and cooler for there. the general flow will be something like this. and that is real good considering we have not had that over the weekend. is it a lot of rain on thursday night and friday morning? no. but the rain we get will help greatly in the fire zones. at the end of the week, things will change around a lot.
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all of this compared to last week when we had the offshore flow, air sinking, better quality, and so on. this week, mostly starting tomorrow, is like this. that will be very helpful to firefighters and residents who are trying to get back into their home and also for the air quality. certainly better news than last week. i will get into forecast high temperatures of what you can expect for the rest of the week when we come back later. out of the ashes of the northbay fires, we are hearing stories of heroism. >> one of the men in coffee park saved his disabled roommate who spent hours in the park dodging burning debris. >> our reporter is here with this man's story of survival. >> reporter: it was very inspiring to meet this man.
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his face was actually black and still when he saved his wheelchair-bound neighbor from the burning home. >> it is even worse than i thought. and this is the first time that ed has seen what is left of his home. >> the bushes here and be as i walked out. oh my goodness, what do we have here.>> reporter: the 59-year- old is a full-time caregiver for heidi. >> she was not going to go down. everything first into flames. >> reporter: he raptor in wet blankets and towels and brought her across the street to the
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park. for the next three and half hours they dodged flying embers burning shingles and even a car that was hurled by the fire tornadoes. >> this car flew from that street in midair to ride over there. there was at least five times what i thought we was going to die.>> reporter: flames completely surrounded them, but he believed the well watered park would keep them safe.>> we were protected by some stuff and what we went through. >> reporter: the man suffered 2nd degree burns to his arm and his face. he likened this to a war zone. >> i have a lot of vietnam friends, and they never knew what i went through. so, i have some d fracking to
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do myself.>> reporter: they were eventually rescue but sadly, the pet did not make it out of the fire.>> i cannot go there because we all go on automatic and our instincts take over. but i wasn't the hero for my doll, and that is the hard part. >> reporter: sadly, his dog gypsy did not make it. corn does not know what he is going to do next. he said he may revealed. -- revealed. -- rebuild. >> that is tragic. they at least made it, but the whole experience is remarkable. what are they staying until they figure out their more long-
5:24 pm
term plants. -- plans. >> reporter: ed corn is staying for some friends. he went to the russian river brewery yesterday to get some clothes, and really panic that first day when he woke up. this is a man who right now materialistically, has nothing left. should presidential candidates be forced to release their tax returns? coming up the efforts to make those returns public here in california and the robot put up by governor brown.
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and jury selection has resumed today in the trial of a man charged with shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. we were told that 160 jurors reported to the court today, and as many as 1000 potential jurors filled out questionnaires earlier this month. the immigrant has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. he has said he found the gun and it went off accidentally. attorneys the defined 12 jurors as well as alternate to sit through what is expected to be a lengthy trial. governor jerry brown has vetoed a bill that would have forced presidential candidates to disclose or tax returns.
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the governor said he had concerns the bill was unconstitutional. the legislation was clearly aimed at president trump who was the first president in 40 years not to share his tax returns with the public. the bill would have required candidates to disclose their most recent five years of tax returns. so that california is extending sanctions against wells fargo for at least one more year. it was announced this morning they would continue the sanctions even though they did say there was some progress. they were concerned over an alarming number of reports of legal action. wells fargo was fine $180 million over their widespread practice of opening accounts without customer authorization to meet aggressive sales goals. colin kaepernick has now filed a grievance against interval owners and accused them of colluding to keep him
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out of the league. he was one of the first players to kneel in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. he is a free agent now and has been passed over other teams, and file that grievance after the tennessee titans selected brandon weeden. there will be an arbitration hearing on this issue somewhere down the road. a family got out safe including 2-year-old triplets, but their home was incinerated. >> coming up next, we go north to mendocino county where homeowners are finally able to see the damage that the fires calls.>> coming up, the impact experts say this might have on the already strapped bay area housing.
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evacuation orders were lifted or denigrated for many areas of sonoma county. the tubs fire is 70% contained while the nuns fire is up to 50% contained.>> there has been a big turning point in mendocino county as this afternoon all 8000 evacuees were allowed to return home to the property. the redwood valley property has burned more than 30,000 acres and is about 50% contained. at least eight people were
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killed and 436 homes were destroyed in that fire.>> our reporter traveled to that area and spoke with the mother of 2- year-old triplets who lost their home in the fire and how they are coping.>> reporter: redwood valley suffered loss of life and severe damage. this tiny is home to just some 2300 people lost eight residents to the firestone -- firestorm that swept through the area. this couple almost lost their 2- year-old triplets. there uninsured home and all of the contents incinerated. >> i wish we had more time. that way, i could have grabbed everything off of the walls. i actually did not cry yesterday when i first came out until i saw our mattress and where it was.
5:34 pm
it is just springs now, and i was thinking that could have been us. we could have been laying right there and never woke up, and we would have been gone. that was hard.>> reporter: she says she was lucky to be temporarily living with her parents. >> we have a lot to help. there is some people that do not have any up, and i am so table for all of the help that we have.>> reporter: no insurance. no plastic slide. >> they love to go down the plastic slide. that is there favorite thing.>> reporter: the traditional thanks giving dinner here is also gone. christmas is gone. >> there was no warning and no time. >> reporter: a contribution site has been set up for her family.
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one silver lining is that with children and family so young, they will have time to make new memories. east of santa rosa, cal fire is attacking the oakmont fire. that is a new fire that started early saturday. this was the scene early this morning when flames can be seen along a ridge light near the community of kenwood. this fire is threatening a number of homes tonight including many along adobe canyon road. the nuns fire has already ripped through the area last week destroying several homes, but leading others intact. >> we lost three outbuildings behind our house. the firefighters right here and they managed to save the house. that my neighbor lost his place. another neighbor on the other side had the same thing happened.>> crews are stationed along adobe canyon road to
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protect homes at the fire moves closer. >> fire victims who lost their home are now beginning to think about what happens next as our reporter explains finding rental property and rebuilding will not be easy.>> reporter: their homes regarding many are staying with friends are in hotels. but fire victims in the north bay know that cannot last indefinitely. >> i hope that everybody would just have the strength to get through the hard part and start looking toward the spring. >> reporter: with 5700 homes burned, experts say this is already put a -- an additional strain on the housing market. many residents here have no financial cushion to help them. >> there are a lot of farmworkers and others who service that economy who will not had the means to rebuild and who do not have the means to hold them over until housing
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is available again, and they do not have a job now. for example, you may have to build multi family housing. they have not been allowed, but this will produce more units and more affordable units quickly.>> reporter: this man specializes in building affordable units, and he agrees expediting construction is important.>> there's a lot of areas we have been trying to create affordable housing, and sometimes a process can take 10 years to finish everything up. that is not a timeline that will work for someone who has been this place today. >> reporter: he fears that some people will not wait and take their insurance morning -- money and move out of california. >> if i was a senior who has a
5:38 pm
fixed income, then i may have no choice. i will have to find a place to build a home that is less expensive. >> reporter: adding to the problem, morgan says construction cost have never been higher, and he fears there will not be enough reputable contractors to go around. along with housing, another big issue is insurance. coming up tomorrow, the california insurance commissioner will be here live to talk about what five victims need to do to get back -- five victims need to do to get back on their feet. a high profile meeting at the white house and what the president said about tax reform after talking to the senate majority leader. also we will talk about the penalty that was set for bowe bergdahl and his desertion .
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you need to stay away from it. downcall 911. ine, let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ president donald trump and senate leader mitch but donnell had a show of solidarity and said the republicans will get a tax bill across the finish line. trump met with his cabinet before holding a press conference and did express frustration with congress for not hitting the job done. he said he and republican leaders are on the same page on tax reform. >> i really believe that we have a very good chance, and i think mitch feels the same way
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of getting the taxes done. hopefully, we can get it before the end of the year. >> the senate is expected to vote this week on a budget plan. if that measure passes, it would allow republicans to pass a tax plan with 51 votes instead of 60 votes. president donald trump also said that he believes cuba is responsible for mystery attacks on u.s. personnel in havana. people their experience hearing loss, nausea, and concussion. cuba tonight has denied any responsibility, and the president did not offer any details. the death toll of a terrorist attack in his my --'s emollient stays at over 300 tonight. the truck bombing happened in the capital city. a group has not claimed responsibility for that attack, and at least 400 people have
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been injured and officials say they expect the death toll to go higher. a military prosecutor said he has not made any agreement to lower the punishment for an army sergeant for desertion. bowe bergdahl was captured by the tele-down -- taliban, and held for five years. the united states won his release in a controversial exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees. in court today, the general said he understands his actions that endangered his comrades who were seriously injured. thousands of people lost everything in the wildfires. where do they go for help? coming up next is details on a new resource center that opened this morning to help north bay five victims.>> we will let you know what the next couple of days hold as far as our air quality is concern and how
5:44 pm
about that rain? we will tell you when we come back. back.
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a new fire assistant center opened in napa today, and our reporter tells us what kind of services are being provided.>> reporter: for privacy concern, we are staying outside. are victims can find this local assistant here off of napa valley corporate drive.
5:47 pm
you drive through the back and you will find the health and human services. inside, you will find one-stop shopping for information and assistance from the federal government, state, and local agencies. they can file claims for financial needs and get help with financial housing and turn off payments to local utilities. >> if you have questions about how to get your paperwork like birth certificates that you may have lost in the fire, we can help you with that. >> reporter: they are encouraged to meet with fema to receive low interest loans to rebuild. >> you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars for home repairs and renters can get up to $40,000 for romney they have lost in fires.>> reporter: this is important. there is a deadline of
5:48 pm
september 11 for fema grants. the center is open from 9 am to 7 pm on monday through friday. on the weekend, it will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. we are told that people can get reimbursed from hotel stays, and all you have to do is register with the government. you can also go online to disaster >> a dog in sonoma county is being hampered today and being called a fire hero after the owner said he would not evacuate with the family. the property burned, and this dog in all of the goats survived. he believes the dog heard of the goats to a pastor until the -- green pastor until the fire
5:49 pm
past. >> i also read that some deer came into that area because they saw it was a safe place. >> the dog deserves a big steak dinner. this go over to bill now in the weather center. we have air quality that is less than desirable right now. if you look out here right now, this is our twin peaks shot, and usually you can see all the way up into wine country. but right now, you can barely pick out the north tower of the golden gate bridge. the air quality is visibly less than desirable, and it will linger for a couple of days. the general trend is for the flow to come more on sure and blow that out of your. a lot of the smoke has ended up in the central valley because the wind shifted.
5:50 pm
there is an air quality alert for the region around highway five as you move through the valley. high clouds will be looking like this tomorrow morning in san francisco. you can see cloud cover just sort of into tuesday. just not a lot of cloud cover until we basically get into tuesday night. the basic idea is that things are coming on sure. that motion is an onshore direction. moisture and cooler air and cloud cover will come in, and eventually as we get toward thursday a chance for some showers. here is the long-range model as we get you to thursday. this is what we are tracking.
5:51 pm
this is an opportunity to put some rain and showers on the north bay fire. i think they could see a 10th of an inch all the way up to a quarter of an inch. that is our sincere hope. what is happening this week is almost an exact opposite from last week. last week with just bad weather for firefighters. this week it is going the other way. the wind is going the right way to help the firefighters clear out the air quality, and rain is coming in on thursday. this really illustrates and you look at the five-day forecast oh wait, that is the wrong five- day forecast. i will get you the right one up there. this illustrates how quickly the season changes. in the middle of last week we was dating was something totally different from this week. last week, and everybody was exhausted from all of this.>>
5:52 pm
cooler weather and the chance for some rain. yankee built. -- thank you bill. the golden state warriors are going to honor players, coaches, and front office staff in a pregame ceremony, and they will be presented with their championship rings. the commissioner will be on hand also. they encouraged everyone who is going to the game to arrive early. the doors will open it 5:30 pm, and tomorrow night's game will be against the houston rockets. more fallout from the widespread allegations of sexual assault from harvey weinstein. we will have more on this story when we come back.
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the remnants of this hurricane battered island today, and killed three people. another person died when he tried to remove a fallen tree with a chainsaw. people were urged to stay inside, and the impact was felt in london when strong winds turned the sky a reddish yellow. that is from the sahara desert and smoke from fires in
5:56 pm
portugal. in an unprecedented move, the board voted unanimously to begin the process to remove harvey weinstein's membership on disciplinary grounds. the claims have expanded to overseas as more women are speaking out. >> reporter: british police are now confirming they are now confirming three new allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. the victim -- the victim has not been named by police, but this british actress said she reported to police just last week that weinstein raped her in her london home in the late 1980s. meantime, audio has surfaced from a weinstein interview with howard sree ich weinstein denie his position of power to harass or assault women.>> i wish, the
5:57 pm
movies are too expensive, and the risk are two great.>> you cannot walk into the room and pull your pants up. [ laughter ]. >> i have been told story about this directors days in the movies. we were born way too late.>> reporter: tomorrow, the weinstein company board is due to meet with weinstein's attorneys to discuss how he was fired. harvey weinstein maintains it was an illegaland dmz said he has a cause in his contract to actually allow him to sexually harass women provided he pays any settlement issues. this is in negotiations to be sold to a private equity firm. hollywood is finally turning his back on the weinstein theme.
5:58 pm
the academy that runs the oscar threw him out over the weekend and said the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexual predatory behavior is over. harvey weinstein, meantime, remains in arizona where he says he will seek help for what he considers is sexual addiction. elsa has fired hundreds of workers after conducting a series of employee reviews. the move comes after the electric car maker has faced criticism over there first mass- market vehicle. in a statement, tells us says their annual performance reviews often lead to promotions and bonuses as well as dismissals. they say the majority of the firings are in administration not affect model three production. this morning, we tragically
5:59 pm
lost a member of our firefighting community. >> tragedy on the front nine of the north bay as a contract worker died this morning when his water truck veered off of a steep runway -- roadway. this marks the first fatality as thousands of firefighters were to contain the fires. >> authorities say today the water was being used to fight fires in not the county. the name of the driver has not been released pending notification of his family, but they say he was going to get more water when his truck crashed into a guardrail. best gary -- investigators say on the eighth day of this firefight, but he could've played a role, the cause is not currently known.>> we are sad for the loss of life from the
6:00 pm
gentleman that was driving a water tender. he was trying to do the right thing, and unfortunately at this point, we do not know what happened. >> here is a look now from a couple of hours ago at the neighborhood and this widespread destruction. it is estimated that 5700 homes have been destroyed, and the number of people evacuated from homes is down to 40,000 from a high of 100,000. also, the electric company said they are going to try to restore power to all of the people in the fire zones by late today. and 11,000 firefighters remain on the fires today. >> authorities say they are making good progress on the pocket fire at the top of your screen. it is 40% contained. crews are also attacking a section of the tubs fire after it jumped


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