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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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tonight it appears crews are gaining the upper hand on these wildfires. a series of fires across northern california have claimed 41 lives. 102 people are listed as missing. in sonoma and napa counties. 11,000 firefighters are tackling the remaining fires burning and stubborn corners of rough terrain.>> new containment numbers on the major northbay fires. the pocket fire near geyserville 45% contained. the tubs fire in sonoma county 75% contained. the nuns fire in sonoma and napa county 53% contained. the atlas fire napa county is 70% contained. we have live coverage for bill martin is tracking weather conditions. debra's life in santa rosa where a hospital is doing double duty.>> jana is live in rutherford and napa county were fire is burning above world
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renowned vineyards.>> reporter: it is hard to imagine another area of people being led back into the neighborhoods. out here there is asked smoke and fire on that ridge. my colleague took video in the past hour. take a look at this. this is from up close up on that ridge behind the ingle note winery where we are right now. as well as behind the mondavi vineyards. were back there with cal fire crews. at the back of the vineyards. the strategy is they cut a containment line on the back end about a mile from the vineyards. they want to hold the fire there. that seems to be working. we have not seen it come up over the ridge. so far this evening. there are crews on the mountains standing by to watch him make sure it doesn't jump the containment line. certainly there is concern we talked to the cal fire officials earlier today.
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to ask them what their strategy is. going into the night. >> throughout the night we will have resources reinforcing that contingency line. looking at opportunities to go direct on the fire. in the areas it is safe to do so.>> reporter: flames glowed brightly behind napa valley's famous wineries. fire trucks from reno and cal fire lined up -- monitoring the ridge that was burning behind the coat below winery -- at the back of the robert mondavi winery the vineyard rolls were full of fire crews. cal fire said bulldozers finish carving out a containment line a mile or so behind the vineyards. fresh crews arrived to help pick >> my company is from salem oregon.>> reporter: the terrain treacherous. early monday morning the driver of a water tender died of the
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vehicle went off the road and flipped over. -- after the vehicle went off the road and flipped over.>> he was helping to fight the fires. and do the right thing. unfortunately at this point we don't know what happened.>> reporter: the battle ongoing here on napa counties westside. smoke visible monday for mobile -- swirled from the hills into the vineyard. they have been using air support plan to let the fire burn down to their containment line. >> i'm using those helicopters for those water drops directly through the canopy and down to the surface fuels proves to be effective. it's very steep. a lot of small fingers or canyons that come down which make it dangerous to put firefighters directly in that area. the fuels are very dense in that area as well.>> reporter:
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it has receded slightly from even an hour ago. one of the things they are looking for as i mentioned is the fatigue factor. with all of these fire crews. we talked to some who have been out here for a while. they have been on other fires and pooled into this one. they are going to be looking at that throughout the night to make sure nothing happens. and investigating whether it had any tie-ins with that fatality earlier today. >> a local assistant center opened in napa that offers one-stop for people affected by the fires. there is information and assistance available for federal state and local agencies people can file claims for financial aid find temporary housing and stop payments for utilities. can also meet with the small business administration to apply for low interest loans to rebuild pick >> homeowners can borrow at one and three-quarter percent normally. you can get hundreds of
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thousands of dollars for your home repairs. wrenches can get up to $40,000 for personal property they have lost. there is no cost to apply.>> there is a deadline of december 11 to apply for fema grants. the local center at the napa health and human services building is open from 9 am until 7 pm monday through friday. next weekend from 10 am until 5 pm. many people returned home when officials lifted evacuation orders for kenwood lynn allen hot springs and the city of sonoma. paul chambers was with evacuees today as they returned. > reporter: some people were able to return home in sonoma county their mood is mixed. >> i am torn. i'm thankful. i'm really grateful. i also have friends who lost homes.>> reporter: they have lived here for more than a decade. for the last week she has been staying with friends. after the nuns fire threatens
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her neighborhood leading cal fire to evacuate the area. when she heard that news -- she had no other choice than to escape the danger. >> with the ash falling down and the sirens it is frightening. we have a teenager. in my almost 80-year-old mother lives here. we were out on monday.>> reporter: now they are bringing things home to return to a sense of normalcy. in the hopes that she can get back to those who were not as fortunate.>> hopefully we will be helping them. we are also musicians. of course we will do some benefits. and just pitching in in whatever way we can.>> reporter: the nuns fire destroyed more than 48,000 acres. the good news the containment is 50%. friday night cal fire set the area near seventh street was formidable in the next day -- huge structures around castle road were destroyed.
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leading many people with questions while others just want to go home. >> other people are still in mandatory evacuation areas. they are waiting to see if they can go back in. they know their homes are they are. they might be going back to a chart wasteland. >> we would like to get home. they just opened up this area. i don't know what to say. i would love to get up there. just for a change of clothes.>> reporter: there is law enforcement protecting the area of seventh street. it is unclear when it will reopen. they have been utilities trucks working in the area. two of santa rosa's main hospitals remain close. memorial hospital remained open handling the load that has been the reality of santa rosa as the fires broke out. patient numbers have almost
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doubled.>> reporter: 1200 patients here the past week. 400 of them complaining of smoke inhalation alone. the doctors and nurses from the evacuated hospitals have been pitching in. making this in other form of mutual aid pick >> during the firestorm first responders were pulling people out of their homes and yards. some suffering smoke inhalation and burns. memorial hospital sol 60 patient early on. >> we had five major victims in the first probably four hours.>> reporter: they want to burn sentence. doctors expected more burn injuries. a credit the rescues that went on. >> the firefighters were saving 20 or 30 victims per truck in the first couple hours.>> reporter: the most serious patients here a 59-year-old man with a broken neck and spine. he was fleeing his neighborhood and he was hit by a fire engine. >> he could not see.
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here comes a fire truck blinded by the smoke as well pick ran him right over.>> reporter: surveillance video from sutter hospital shows how patients were evacuated as the fire approach. sutter and kaiser were both threatened.>> going into labor during the fire meant santa rosa moms shifted to hospitals other than those they expected. >> she is coming. i was freaking out thinking all these fires are happening.>> reporter: this mother was supposed to give birth at sutter. she ended up at memorial crowded with laboring moms and newborns transferred in. >> trying to stay focused on what was happening. who are bringing a new little baby into our home. it was on my mind will i have a house to bring her home to pick >> one patient lost his home. for him i told him i can relate.>> reporter: this nurse lost her home that night while
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working. she was stoic until a patient expressed sympathy. >> i broke down in front of him actually and just cried and told him i had to be right back. he was so sweet and understanding.>> reporter: the hospital has treated for firefighters. a number they find remarkably low. a staffer -- radiologist who went back to get his dog. he could not see his way out. he burned his foot trying to feel his way down his driveway.>> so many different stories coming out of all of this. even for the women delivering babies. distrustful enough to go through labor. imagine having fires burning around you. -- it is stressful.>> reporter: a woman in labor at kaiser across town had a long slow labor. it is finally getting going. then they tell her we have to stop it. fires were coming. we have to get out of here.
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her reaction was no. she came here and had her baby. everything turned out fine. these baby stories are a bright spot in an otherwise bleak week.>> nice to know everything came out okay. many people ended up dying in the fire were elderly including and 82-year- old woman who gets stuck inside her garage. family members were read carmen mcreynolds had not escaped in time. she was a doctor at kaiser retire to santa rosa. according to relatives she was a strong woman who could take care of herself. is the fire came toward her home she ended up becoming trapped in her car inside her garage.>> feels that she would have to die -- i feel sad she would have to die in terror and pain. i think that is really tragic and heartbreaking.>>
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reporter:>> she probably could not get the garage door open. she was identified by the serial numbers from her hip replacement. you will find more on the north bay wildfire including more on the firefight. plus an interactive map of the damage. and information on assistance for victims. for the stories near the top of our home page. tesla accused of discrimination by three employees at its east bay factory. details on the lawsuit that was filed today. good news for firefighters. the weather completely flip- flops and goes the other way. a chance of rain and the five day forecast. trump comes out to the rose garden to proclaim everything is great between him and mitch mcconnell. then takes questions for another five minutes. i will have that story coming up.
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three men who worked at the tesla factory have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company. there are black men claim they were subjected to racially offensive language and racist graffiti by supervisors and other workers. this is the second lawsuit against tesla that alleges racial antagonism. a spokesman denies the charges and said they never complained while they were employed. san jose city council will consider new rules requiring
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gun owners to lock up their weapons were not at home. it will go further than statewide gun control measures passed by lawmakers last year requiring gun owners to place their firearms in lot boxes left in vehicles and to report theft of guns to replete took -- to police within 48 hours. they will discuss it tomorrow night. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell met with trump at the white house today. among the issues on the agenda was tax reform. something republicans say is a top priority. john roberts has the story.>> reporter: not long ago president trump said he was disappointed with mitch mcconnell. that was after he accused the president of having excessive expectations for what is possible in congress. today it was a cone by yacht moment. >> we have been friends for a long time. we are probably closer than
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ever before. the relationship is very good. we are fighting for the same thing.>> reporter: the show of solidarity came after president trump seemed to agree with his former chief strategist steve bannon. was targeting establishment republicans in primary elections.>> we are not getting the job done. i'm not going to blame myself. they are not getting the job done.>> reporter: standing side- by-side with mcconnell trump said maybe bannon is painting with too broad a brush. he had been at the white house for lunch with the president to go over the fall agenda. tax reform. the present speaker of the house want to get it done this year. -- the president. today mcconnell walked that timetable forward. >> would you be okay if tax reform was not passed until next year? >> i would like to see it be done this year.>> the goal is
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to get it done this calendar year. obama signed obamacare in march of year 2. obama signed dodd frank in july of year 2.>> reporter: the president yielded questions for 45 minutes. making no apologies for cutting obamacare subsidies. >> the insurance companies have made a fortune with obamacare. an absolute fortune. what i did with the cuts at the end -- were talking about hundreds of millions of dollars going into the pockets of insurance companies. i'm very happy with what i did.>> reporter: the proclamation that all is well between him and the senate geordi leader follows similar pronouncements from the secretary of state rex tillerson in the chief of staff john kelly. president trump was refuting his own criticism of the majority leader. instead of shooting down and anonymously sourced news
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report. we are tracking the weather. a big change in weather. cooler and moisture. today the warmest day of the week. tomorrow will be cooler. we trained during the weekend. fire danger. all. there is no red flag warnings. there is an air-quality alert the central valley down to fresno in modesto. the smoke with the westerly flow is ending up there. out to stockton and modesto more snow tomorrow. especially in the -- more smoke tomorrow. tomorrow morning especially in napa and calistoga and sonoma and santa rosa those areas are going to be very dense the first hour. first three hours the sun comes up. as the sun gets up the air will start to mix out. a live camera shot. still very little 1. but for
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firefighters. patchy fog tomorrow. maybe a little bit of patchy fog. forecast highs yellow is 70. oranges 80. this is tomorrow afternoon. you saw the general motion. that is an onshore flow. which can be opposite of last week when everything was coming towards us. here is wednesday afternoon. notice appear here comes thursday. here comes the rain. that will produce rain and sonoma and marin county. maybe as far south as san jose some drizzle. for firefighters it will be huge. that is a nice turn of events. we talked earlier, if we had a week like last week. back to back. it will be a different deal. it is fortunate the weather is turning around. taking care of the people in the north bay and all the areas where there is so much fire and smoke. that will clear the smoke as well.
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onshore winds. it works out. we don't have another three or four days of poor fire weather. >> a lot of people are happy about that. a dog and sonoma county was pampered and called a fire hero by his own is after he saved eight pet goats and some dear. they had a bath and a trim. is 1 1/2-year-old great peer knees is trained to take care of eight pet goats. when it came time to evacuate he said the dog sat down and would not budge. >> i tried to move him at night before. it is not easy. so we opened up all of the gates to the pastor they were in. and told him to keep his goats safe. we will come back.>> he says
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when he returned home he found his house barnes workshop and other buildings were destroyed. but the dog and that those were okay. he believes the dog heard it the goats and the deer to a rocky area in the pastor into the fire past. that is what you call a good dog. navarro bowman has crossed the bridge and is a rater. what he said and the rest of sports coming up next. the conditions in san francisco on this monday night. much clearer today with less smoke. watching the 11 pm news. .
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one flight he now will value hundred dollars learn more by for the
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the astros looked like they were on a roll. may be unstoppable. in baseball you don't just roll through the entire playoffs. the yankees climbed out of the hole against cleveland. they were undaunted by that scenario in the american league championship series. and 3 against the astros. cc doubt in getting gonzalez one of five strikeouts and six scoreless innings. second -- todd frazier -- about 360 feet later it is a three run home run. 3-zero yankees.
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erin judge. tracking and taking extra paces away from --. another look the concentration. this guy is an athlete. cc appreciate the effort. here is judge doing his thing with the stick. he turns on it and launches. 8-zero game. yankees 8-1. the raiders needed linebacker help. navarro bowman heading across the bay to oakland on a one- year $3 million deal. this after spending his nfl career with the 49ers. the three-time first-team all- pro is charged with helping sure of a defense ranked 23rd. first he has to acclimate. >> a little bittersweet. just to get all the farewells and saying goodbye to my
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teammates was one of the hardest things. and trying to explain this to my kids pick that was pretty tough. it was a good experience. just to reminisce about what i have done so far and where i was. ready to start a new chapter. >> i second year in hawaii i was having a conversation. i said it would not be bad if the you came and played for the raiders. maybe one day we can play together. we always talk like that. and then i saw him today. first day we brought up was remember that conversation. so now that it happens it is an amazing thing. he is one of the best linebackers in football. he plays aggressive. he will bring a lot of leadership. >> monday night football is supposed to be loved versus marielle the. marcus back from injury. all tied at 22 with 5 1/2 to go. he had to step up his game.
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marcus steps up in the pocket and launches 53 yards tywand taylor. that gives tennessee a lead. final minute trying to run out the clock. give it to derek henry. give -- keep right on running. 72 yards to the some. and at 7 more. 36-22 the final. that is your sports route. thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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