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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 17, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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progress made overnight in napa and sonoma county. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark . a wildfire is in the santa cruz mountains. there are evacuations as we speak. it's a vegetation fire along the bear creek canyon road in the community of boulder creek in santa cruz county. look at this. look at your screen. the flames taken a short time ago. the fire reportedly started late last night. people in the area which includes deer creek road, rollins road and lost valley road were told they need to leave their homes. relief shelter has been opened at a nearby elementary.a ktvu crew is on the way to the scene
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and will bring you live updates throughout the newscast. more people who were forced to evacuate by the wildfires and napa and sonoma county are being allowed back to their neighborhoods. it is one of several indications that firefighters are beginning to get a handle on these fires. evacuation orders were lifted last night for two neighborhoods in santa rosa. people living in geysers -- geyserville and healdsburg have been told they can return. these fires have claimed the lives of 41 people across four counties. sonoma had more than half of the the terms. 102 people are still unaccounted for and sonoma and napa county. the latest person killed was the driver of the water truck that crashed in napa county yesterday morning. here's the latest on the four major fires. the largest is now the nuns fire. 51,512 acres. containment is at
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53%. this fire is a few hundred acres bigger than the atlas fire south of lake berryessa which is 70% contained. tubbs fire in the calistoga area has burned more than 36,000 acres and is 75% contained. the pocket fire near geyserville has burned more than 12,000 acres and is 45% contained. it's 4:02 am. an important factor in all the fires including this new one in the santa cruz mountains is weather. rosemary orozco is in for steve today. we have some improving weather coming our way in the santa cruz mountains. in the 40s with light wind and humidity at 60%. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will begin to cool. we have a cooldown that starts today and the onshore breeze is coming back. that will ring -- bring pacificare in. it will begin
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to give some bigger relief for the fires ringing relative humidity up. temperatures right now in the 40s through mid 60s. 46 in santa rosa. san francisco, 65. 56 in oakland. livermore, 52 and in san jose 58. temperatures are up by a few degrees from yesterday. as we get into today, partly cloudy skies expected at times as the system sends clouds our way. the system will drop in from the north and begins the possibility for rain as early as thursday. we are looking forward to that but we do begin a cooldown today. variable wind coming in from the north raced over areas like
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oakland, fairfield. napa is reporting an north breeze. that could shift smoke into our area. as we get into the second part of the day, the westerly breeze will turn on and that will help us with air quality. today is better than yesterday. moderate around the region. a bit unhealthy over portions of the north bay. afternoon highs today, 70 at the coast. low 70s to mid to upper 70s around the bay and low 80s inland. the cooldown will continue in the days ahead. the possibility for rain is coming our way. i will detail that and a look at the extended forecast coming up. good morning. right now traffic is off to a nice start when it comes to 580 westbound through the altamont pass. there have been no major issues. driving from livermore into the pleasanton area, no issues.
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and i strive into the castro valley as well. traffic and the fire zones has been okay on major roads. hopper wrote southbound is closed in mendocino. those ramps are closed on 101. northbound 101 traffic is okay from gilroy to san jose. fire crews in the wine country are still dealing with trouble spots. one fire continues to burn and rutherford in the heart of napa valley. the flames are part of the nuns fire. the fire is burning on a ridge behind some of the world- famous vineyards. jana katsuyama reports from highway 29 were crews have been busy overnight. >> reporter: as darkness fell, flames glowed brightly behind some of the most famous wineries. fire trucks from reno and cal fire lined up a bond bee balm lane monitoring the ridge.
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on highway 29 at the back of the iconic robert mondavi winery, vineyard rows were full of fire crews. cal fire said bulldozers carved out a containment line on a ridge and mile behind the vineyard and fresh fire crews arrived. >> my company is from salem, oregon. we have a few crews here to help fight the fire. >> reporter: the terrain along the ridge is treacherous. early monday morning the driver of the water tender died after the vehicle went off the road and flipped over. >> we are sorry for the loss of the gentleman that was driving the water tanker. he was helping to fight the fires and do the right thing and come unfortunately, at this point we don't know what happened. >> reporter: the battle is still ongoing on napa county's west side. smoke was visible monday evening and swirled from the hills into the vineyard.
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cal fire said they been using air support and plan to let the fire burned down to the containment line. >> in this case i'm using the helicopters for water drops directly through the canopy and down to the surface fuel. that proves to be effective. it's very steep and there are some small fingers or canyons that come down which make it dangerous to put firefighters into that area. the fuel is very dense as well. many who were forced to evacuate and sonoma are now back. late yesterday, evacuation orders were lifted for kenwood, glen ellyn, boyes hot springs and the city of sonoma. the orders had been extended to parts of the city of sonoma with the nuns fire burning homes northeast of downtown. cal fire now says the immediate danger for most of the city of
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sonoma is now over. fire crews continue to make progress on the nuns fire. for the evacuees who spent days away from their homes, there are mixed emotions, even for those whose homes survived. >> other folks i know are still in mandatory evacuation areas. they are waiting to see if they can go back in. they know their homes are there but they may be going back into a charred wasteland. there are still some mandatory evacuation orders and road closures this morning. to see a complete list, go to our website, . two of santa rosa's main hospitals had to evacuate but the city's largest medical facility, santa rosa memorial hospital is still open and has been forced to do the work of three hospitals. it's treating 1200 patients, twice the average. santa rosa memorial treated five major burned the rooms in the first four hours of the fire. pregnant women in labor also had to go to memorial to give birth. >> trying to stay focused on
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what was happening and the fact that we were bringing a baby into our home. it was on my mind. will have a house to bring home to? >> one of the nurses continue to work and take care of patients even though she lost her home and the fire. she says patients are helping her cope with her loss. one of the santa rosa hospitals closed because of the fire is scheduled to reopen today. pg&e working around the clock to get the power back on to homes and businesses that lost power. pg&e has been able to restore electricity to almost all the people and napa in sonoma county . by tomorrow, most gas lines should be repaired and service restored. pg&e is telling homeowners do not relight your own pilot light even if you know how to do it. pg&e technicians need to make sure those gas lines are safe and then they will relight the pilot light. we are learning more about
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some of the victims in the wildfires. family members and friends are remembering retired doctor who cannot escape her home on the night the fire started. a plan in san jose for more gun control laws. the proposal that would force gun owners to lock up their weapons when they are not at home. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is off to a nice start if you are driving in san francisco on northbound 101. i'm tracking a cooldown as we get into tuesday and improved air quality as well.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. and new wildfire has forced evacuations along bear creek canyon road in the community of boulder creek in santa cruz county. both cal fire and the santa cruz fire department are responding. we do have a crew headed to the scene and will bring alive update soon. the san jose city council is due to debate proposed new rules to force gun owners to lock up their guns when they are not at home. the ordinance would go further than statewide gun-control measures passed last year. it would require gun owners to put their firearms and locked
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boxes when left in vehicles and report any theft to police within 48 hours. the city council is expected to debate the measure at its meeting this afternoon. today the oakland city council will vote on mayor libby schaaf's nominees for the new police commission. oakland voters approved creating a police oversight commission last november. the commissioners will be able to make recommendations on the police budget, investigate officer-involved shootings and fire the police chief. the mayor's nominees are regina jackson, edwin prather, thomas smith and ondrea dooley as an alternate. a selection committee nominated the other commissioners. jury selection continues in the trial of a man charged with
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shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco. undocumented immigrant josi ynez garcia zarate pled not guilty to second-degree murder. he is said he found the gun and it went off by accident, killing kate steinle. we are told 160 jury members reported to san francisco superior court yesterday. as many as 1000 potential jurors filled out questionnaires earlier this month. for the second time in recent weeks, inmate was mistakenly released from jail. this time it happened at an alameda county jail. the identity has not been released but they say he was supposed to be transferred to san mateo county on an auto burglary charge. due to a technical error, he was let's go. sheriff's officials issued a warrant for his arrest would say he is not -- he is not considered a threat to the public. a previous incident happened in september at the santa clara county jail. the inmate was found a week
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later. three men who work at the tesla factory in fremont have filed a discrimination lawsuit against tesla. their african-american men who claimed they were routinely subject to racially offensive language in racist graffiti by supervisors and other employees. this is the second lawsuit against tesla that alleges racial harassment. a spokesperson denies the charges and said the men never complained while they were employed. the board of supervisors will consider a ban on delivery robots on city sidewalks. several tech companies want to use robots to make deliveries but opponents argue that sidewalks should only be for people. supporters prepare -- compare to a law that prohibits bicycles. several companies have pushed for regulation instead of imposing a ban. it's unclear if the mayor would support the legislation if the board of supervisors approved
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the ordinance today. >> what do you think? >> it seems that it could definitely be dangerous, especially to elderly people. >> it's interesting. let's see what sal sees . >> tot -- stop talking about me, pam. i'm not elderly let. -- i'm not elderly yet. >> i think elderly means well into your 80s. >> older than us, anyway. by the way, dave, may i say -- northbound 101, we start with this commute. if you are driving from gilroy to san jose it looks okay through the morgan hill area. i have been looking at some of the closures in the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 is open so far.
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also looking at the main part of san jose. traffic is moving along well. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. right now traffic is light. we have better weather coming our way this afternoon. this morning, light wind a little variable and a little from the north. in the santa cruz mountains, the flow continues to be from the north. those arrows are pushing toward the pacific. this will hopefully keep that smoke going toward the pacific and not filtering in over portions of the south bay. if we move in closer to boulder creek, we have a variable wind, pushing in from the southwest at times. temperatures are cool in the 40s. relative humidity is in the 60s. with the wind flow coming in this direction, hopefully the smoke will drift toward the south although we are picking up on some wind coming in from this direction which will push it more toward the inland
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communities. over into the north bay, we are monitoring conditions. the wind is coming from the north. atlas peak and napa, southwesterly in fairfield. relative humidity will continue to improve this afternoon. partly cloudy skies to start we have a system optics coast of southern california sending clouds in our direction. into the afternoon, the system will drop out of the north and that will begin to influence our back -- weather. notice the arrows are now pointing toward the east coming from the west. that westerly breeze is a cool breeze and moist breeze. it's coming from the ocean and that will help us with the firefight over portions of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. we still have a spare the air date today with hair quality
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moderate. slightly better than yesterday. with that new fire in the santa cruz mountains, that could impact areas over san jose and portions of the south bay. wind would not come from this direction and push that direction. here are the temperatures. 46, santa rosa. 59, san francisco. afternoon highs today, 70, pacifica. low 80s from the warmer locations. the cool down will continue as we get into wednesday. thursday into friday, a chance for scattered showers will arrive favoring the north bay. a quarter inch to maybe if you 100 is a possibility. we try out for the weekend but that idea of what weather coming our way is such a benefit. >> and now they needed in the santa cruz mountains. will it make it that far south? >> it doesn't look like it's. maybe some drizzle but for the north bay it will lay down all of that smoke and clean out the air. 4:20 am. nba basketball is back tonight.
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the warriors take the hardwood and we hear from kevin durant on his expectations for the upcoming season. the next big thing. we will look at some of the possible reasons why sales of the newest iphones are slumping. when it's time to move to underwear toddlers see things a bit differently thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train pampers easy ups our first and only training underwear with an
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welcome back to mornings on 2. if you purchased cookware at macy's we have a warning to tell you about. macy's is recalling almost
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20,000 sets of the martha stewart collection cake knives and serving set. there have been reports that the handles are breaking off and causing injuries. the sets were sold from january 2014 through july of this year. customers who may want a refund, returned the set to the store where you bought them. facebook is working to build its popularity with younger users. the company announced it's buying the, to be honest, polling app. that lets people ask multiple- choice questions about their friends. since launching, pbh has more than 5 million users who have sent more than 1 billion messages. experts say this is a way to get users who have left facebook for snap checks to come back and give it a try. amazon is looking for another way to expand. they want to start a sportswear line.
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amazon reportedly is getting ready to take on sports apparel giants including nike, lululemon and under armour. amazon is working with the same companies that make clothing for those well-known brands. no details have been released on when the amazon sportswear line will make its debut. apple could be looking to expand into healthcare. a new cnbc reports that apple was in talks to acquire medical clinic startup, crossover health. for the past few years there rumors that applapple branded health kiosks around the country. it's been connected with a variety of high-tech health providers. >>in the report finds last year's iphone 7 is selling faster than the new iphone eight. analyst say the reason could be it's $150 less. also many consumers want to maybe wait for the iphone 10 which comes
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out in a few weeks. preorders for that iphone starts in 10 days. microsoft mixing work with play at its corporate headquarters. the company built treehouses for its employees. this is on the campus in redmond, washington. microsoft employees said they would work outdoors if they could so the company came up with this treehouse idea. they feature all the modern comforts, wi-fi, electricity, there is even a gas fireplace. >> i like treehouses. very fun. 4:26 am. poor air quality has been a big issue in the last week. uc berkeley is being questioned why it allowed the game to be played on night.details are co >> when you go down and take a knee or any other way, you are sitting, essentially, for our great national anthem. >> we will talk about it meeting by the nfl and the players association about the
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kneeling during the national anthem. the penalty president trump is calling for four players who continue to kneel. good morning. we can see traffic is moving along well so far if you are driving on 80 westbound. it's a cool and quiet start. we do have a cool down on the way. i will have a look at temperatures expected for today and how long the trend will continue. are you taking the tissue test?
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yep, and my teeth are yellow. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. feven being the backng half of a unicorn. fortunately, the front half washed his shirt with gain. ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. flames are racing through a hillside in the santa cruz mountains. a new wild fire is burning in the community of boulder creek, causing an evacuation in that area. we have learned this fire
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started as a house fire. we do have a crew heading to the scene and will have an update shortly. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we hate to see another fire. rosemary is here for steve. what's the weather back like in the santa cruz mountains. much improved over what we've seen in recent days. it will get better. let's take a look at where the winds are blowing this morning. they are generally light. relative humidity is up. the flow right now looks to be northwest, northeast at times. i put an arrow here to let you know that boulder creek is right year. a lot of that flow will push that smoke toward the pacific. you may also see a floating in areas toward santa cruz. we are picking up on a southwest breeze at times.


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