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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the started 10:30 pm as a house fire in bear creek canyon on bear creek road. the flames spread to brushes and trees and then took off. so far one house has been destroyed, possibly 100 other homes are in danger. >> intel is hard to see at night in the steep canyons. we have access issues. as you can see behind me this is very steep and rugged terrain. >> people in the area of deer creek road, rons road and lost valley road were forced from their homes. evacuation shelters have opened at a nearby elementary school. there are also road closures in the area to tell you about and we have a news crew heading to the scene.sal will talk about the traffic impact . stay with us. we will have updates on that fire throughout the morning. more people who were forced to evacuate by the wildfires in
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napa and sonoma counties are being allowed back into the neighborhoods. this is one of several indications that firefighters are getting a handle on these fires. evacuation orders were lifted last night for many neighborhoods. two more late last night in santa rosa. people in geyserville and healdsburg have been told they can return. so far these fires have claimed the lives of 41 people across four counties. sonoma had half of the big rooms. 102 people are still listed as missing or unaccounted for in sonoma and napa county. the latest person killed was the driver of a water truck that crashed in napa county yesterday. here is a look at four major fires in the area. the nuns fire is the biggest. 51,512 acres. containment is that 53%. it's a few hundred acres bigger than the atlas fire south of lake berryessa which is 70% contained. the tubbs fire in the calistoga
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area has burned more than 36,000 acres and is now 75% contained. the pocket fire near geyserville has burned 12,000 acres and is 45% contained. the air quality continues to be effective for all of us. let's check in with rosemary orozco who is in for steve with the weather. >> cooler weather and relative humidity is climbing. this is good news as we get into a cooler pattern that could eventually lead to -- lead to a little bit of rain. in the santa cruz mountains we're watching light wind and relative humidity is up. the direction of the flow, hopefully pushing most of that out toward the pacific. we are picking up on a southwesterly breeze. if the wind comes in the southwest that will push you towards areas of the south bay. very light wind and relative
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humidity is up around 65% in some areas. the temperatures are cool. cool with moist air in place and light wind. over areas of the north bay we continue with variable wind from the north. atlas peak and napa, relative humidity, 71%. better weather is coming. a switch in the pattern will come in by the afternoon. as we get into the second part of the day, wind is coming from the west by around noon. southwest over areas of napa and half moon bay reporting and onshore breeze. this will bring fog back to the coastline as early as tonight. temperatures right now, 59, san francisco. low 50s in walnut creek.
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57, san jose. we will look at the afternoon highs for today, the cool down and we will track rain. the roadways are getting more crowded. 580 westbound, we do have some topic -- stop and go traffic. 580 into a five have slowing as you come over the altamont pass. it will be stop and go for a few miles until you get to livermore. after that it looks okay. we are looking at southbound eight addy -- 880. there was a motorcycle accident that has been moved. we are also looking at the santa cruz mountains. we have slowing in the mountains. that is a fire. highway 17 is not affected. the fire is in the mountains.
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traffic northbound is getting through from scotts valley into los gatos. we are also looking at the north bay fires him where all the roads are open but some of the all france remain closed. 101, mendocino both directions. let's go back to the desk. back to breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. a new wildfire has forced evacuations along deer creek canyon road in the community of boulder creek in santa cruz county. here is a live picture. both cal fire and santa cruz fire department are responding. we are checking in. there is our live picture. we have a crew there. we will have updates on the fire. we are hearing that it sounded like it started as a house fire. fire crews and napa and
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sonoma county are dealing with trouble spots. one fire continues to burn and rutherford and the heart of napa valley. there is the map. we want to show you the scene from late last night. the fire is burning near some of the napa valley's most famous wireless. cal fire crews have been up all night to stop the flames from spreading. those firefighters are getting some help from out-of-state. >> my company is from salem, oregon. we have a few crews down here to help fight the fire. >> the fire as part of the nuns fire, one of the three major fires that has burned tens of thousands of acres over the past nine days. many evacuees in sonoma county are back at home. late yesterday evacuation orders were lifted for kenwood, glen ellen, boyes hot springs and the city of sonoma. the evacuation orders have been extended to parts of the city
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of sonoma with the nuns fire burning homes northeast of downtown off east seventh street and castle road. cal fire now says the immediate danger for most of the city of sonoma is over. fire crews continue to make progress on the nuns fire. for evacuees who spent days away from home, there are mixed emotions, even for those whose homes survived the flames. >> other folks i know are still in mandatory evacuation areas. they are waiting to see if they can go back in. they know their homes are there but they may be going back into a charred wasteland. >> there are still some mandatory evacuations and roads closed this morning. for a complete list go to our website, . two of santa rosa's main hospitals had to evacuate but the city's largest medical facility, santa rosa memorial hospital, is still open and has
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been doing the work of three hospitals. it is treating 1200 patients, nearly twice the normal average. santa rosa memorial treated five major burn victims and the first four hours of the fire and women in labor had to go there to have their babies. >> trying to stay focused on what was happening and the fact that we were bringing a baby into our home but it was on my mind -- well i have a house to bring her home to? >> one of the nurses continue to work and take care of patients even though she lost her own home and the fire. she said patients are helping her cope with the loss. one of the santa rosa hospitals that was closed because of the fire, sutter regional, is scheduled to reopen today. pg&e working around the clock to get the power back on to the homes and businesses that lost power during the fires. power has been restored to almost all the people and napa and sonoma county who lost power when the wildfires began. by tomorrow, most gas lines
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should be fixed and service restored. pg&e is telling homeowners do not relight your own pilot lights even if you know how to do it. pg&e needs to first make sure the gas line is save and then they will relight the pilot light. we are learning more about some of the victims of the wildfires. family members and friends are remembering a retired doctor who was not able to get out of her home. a plan in san jose for more gun control laws. the proposal that would force gun owners to lock up their weapons when they are not at home. we can see that traffic is going to be moving along well on most commutes. that includes the approach to san francisco on northbound 101 a cooler day is underway as we get into tuesday. a partly cloudy sky and fog
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will return to the coast eventually and perhaps some rain later in the week.
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welcome back. we have breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. this is a live picture of a new wildfire in santa cruz county, forcing evacuations along deer creek canyon road in boulder creek.
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cal fire in the santa cruz fire department are battling these flames. we are following the latest on what's happening this morning including the path of the fire and the evacuations underway. this afternoon the san jose city council will debate proposed rules to force gun owners to lock up their guns when they are not at home. that would go beyond statewide gun-control rules that were passed last year. it would require gun owners to put their guns in a lockbox when they are any vehicle and report deaths of guns to police within 48 hours. the city council is expected to debate this measure at their meeting this afternoon. he oakland city council is scheduled to vote on the mayor's nominees for the police commission. oakland voters approved creating a police oversight commission in the election last november. the commissioners will be able
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to make recommendations on the budget, investigate officer- involved shootings and fire the police chief. the mayor's nominees are regina jackson, edwin prather, andrea dooley as a confident and thomas smith. a selection committee commented the other commissioners they are mubarak ahmad, jose dorado, ginale harris mike nisperos and maureen benson as an alternate. jury selection continues in the trial of a man charged with shooting and killing kate steinle two years ago. undocumented immigrant josi ynez garcia zarate pled not guilty to second-degree murder. he has said he found the gun and it went off by accident. we're told 160 potential jury members reported yesterday to the superior court. earlier this month as many as 1000 potential jurors filled out questionnaires. for the second time in recent weeks a bay area inmate was first -- mistakenly released.
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this time this was at and alameda county jail. sheriffs officials will not release the identity of the inmate would say he was supposed to be transferred to san mateo county. due to a technical error and miscommunication he was let go. sheriffs officials issued a warrant but he is not considered a threat to the public. the previous incident happened in september at the santa clara county jail. that inmate was found a week later at a golf course. through african-american men who worked at the tesla factory in fremont filed a discrimination lawsuit against tesla. they claim they were subjected theresa lee offensive language in racist graffiti by supervisors and other workers. this is the second lawsuit against tesla claiming racial harassment. a spokesman denied the charges and says the men never complained while they were employed. san francisco's board of supervisors will consider a ban on delivery robots on city
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sidewalks. several tech companies want to use the robots to make deliveries but opponents argue that sidewalks should only be for people. supporters compare this to bands that -- to laws that prohibit bicycles on sidewalks. it's unclear if the mayor will support the legislation. sal is over there watching the early commute. >> it looks okay. we do have a look at northbound 101 driving from gilroy to san jose. we are also looking at the entire area. we do have a fire in the santa cruz mountains we have been talking about. northbound 101 looks okay to morgan hill and san jose. there are no major problems in san jose. if you look at the santa cruz mountains, northbound and southbound 17 are okay. deer creek road at deer creek
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is closed for firefighting at tv. we do have a crew on the scene. commute was 17 remains open. there is some slowing at the summit southbound which is unusual but northbound is moving well. at the bay bridge we do not have a big crowd. usually around 5:30 am the metering lights go on. we have some good weather coming our way. it will help the firefight. we have cooler temperatures and the relative humidity will be coming up. here is a view. we have a trough dropping from the gulf of alaska. this will bring us a cooler pattern. we begin a cool down as early as this afternoon. cooler on wednesday and by thursday, thursday night into friday, we may get some rain. it will stay mainly in the north bay but we may see a little bit of drizzle all over.
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let's talk about the shift in the wind this afternoon. the westerly breeze will come back. that cool pacific air will drive up relative humidity bringing in clean air from the pacific and cooling temperatures down. today is a spare the air day. air quality will be slightly better than yesterday although we do have a new fire burning in the santa cruz mountains that could push smoke toward the santa clara valley this afternoon. right now we are calling for moderate air quality in the east bay, along the coast in the east bay. over portions of the north bay, a bit unhealthy but that westerly breeze will push that smoke toward the central valley. that will help the air quality over and around the bay area. on thursday and friday, we have the possibility for rain. areas all the way down to ukiah, perhaps a third of an inch. a quarter inch or less over portions of the north bay.
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as long as we get enough to bring down the smoke and settle that down to the ground and bring us cleaner air and will also help the firefight. central and south bay, maybe a little drizzle. here is a look at temperatures outside right now. and mostly calm condition with a light breeze. 52, livermore. fairfield in santa rosa in the 40s. around the bay, upper 50s in hayward and san francisco. afternoon highs for today in the low 70s along the coastline. 70 in san francisco. mid to upper 70s around the bay. some of our inland areas could be in the low 80s. in the north bay, 83 in santa rosa. 82, san jose. temperatures are continuing to
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drop as we go through wednesday. thursday and friday look to be the coolest days of the week with mark cloud cover and if you scattered showers, especially in the north bay. as we look at the weekend, we are drying out and temperatures are bumping back up. upper 70s on the coast and inland. >> a little bit of rain, soaking or what? >> a quarter of an inch is enough to have the windshield wipers going. it looks like the north bay will get the most. >> that is a good thing. nba basketball is back tonight. the warriors play tonight. we we hear from kevin durant about what he expects for the new season. the next big thing. i look into some of the possible reasons the newest iphone is not selling as much as expected.
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welcome back. if you purchased cookware at macy's, we have a warning to tell you about. macy's is recalling almost 20,000 sets of the martha stewart collection of cake knives and server set. there have been reports that handles breakoff causing injuries. macy's sold the sets from january 2014 through july of this year. if you want a refund, take it back to the store where it was purchased.
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facebook wants to be more popular with younger users. facebook is buying the, to be honest, polling app. it allows people to ask multiple-choice questions about their friends. since it was launched in august 3, tbh has more than 5 million users who have sent more than 1 billion messages. this is a way to get users who left facebook for snapchat or instagram to come back and give it a trial. amazon is looking for another way to expand. now they want to start its own sportswear line. they are getting ready to take on sports giants like nike, lululemon and under armour. amazon is working with the same companies that make clothing for those well-known brands. no details have been released and when the amazon sportswear line would debut. apple may be ready to expand into healthcare. a new cnbc reports that apple was in talks to buy medical
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clinic startup, crossover health, which provides on-site medical clinics at companies like apple and facebook. for the past three years, there have been rumors that apple wanted to create apple branded health kiosks all over the country. it's been connected with a variety of high-tech health providers recently. there is a report that finds last year's iphones seven is actually selling faster than the new iphone 8. analysts say the reason could be it's about $150 less and the iphone 8 does not offer enough updated features to influence consumers. many customers may be waiting for the iphone x which comes out in a couple of weeks. preorders for that weekend in 10 days. microsoft is mixing work with play at its corporate headquarters. the company just built this, a treehouse. they are on the
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campus and redmond, washington. microsoft employees said it would work outdoors if they could so the company came up with this treehouse idea. it features all the modern comforts including wi-fi, electricity and a gas fireplace. some new evacuations this morning. this time in the santa cruz mountains. we are out there following the firefight and the evacuations. hundreds were asked to leave overnight. >> when you go down and take a knee or any other way, you are sitting, essentially, for our great national anthem. >> a meeting today by the nfl and the players association about kneeling during the national anthem. the penalty president trump wants for those players who continue to kneel. good morning. we still have traffic that is going to be light in some areas like the san mateo bridge. other commutes are beginning to fill in.
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the onshore breezes coming back. that will help coalesced down as we get into the afternoon and bring up relative humidity. a look at what you can expect today is coming up.
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welcome back. we are following another wildfire. here's a live look at the santa cruz mountains area where a
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house fire turned into a mass moving wildfire overnight. we understand it has destroyed one home and is threatening 100 others in the community of boulder creek. this is a live video of the fire. there are mandatory evacuations and road closures. the fire has burned 125 acres so far. >> our crew is out there and we will bring more information later. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. rosemary woke up with us this morning. >> i love hanging out with you guys. happy tuesday. let's talk about that wind. i was looking at the live camera and the trees are not swaying too much. wind is generally light in that area. the wind is still coming from the north and northwest. that will push the smoke down toward areas like the santa
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cruz area. we are hoping it goes toward the pacific and not the south bay. we do have in onshore breeze but it is very light. is not really picking up on the wind speeds. wind is light. cool temperatures and relative humidity is up. as we look at the north bay, not but reporting 44 degrees with 71% humidity. and atlas peak, not so great. the good news and all of this is that the wind will shift. it's been north and northeast for the last few days. it will now turn more from the west this afternoon. here is a look at 1 pm. santa rosa and calistoga and napa reporting a west and southwest breeze. this onshore breeze is going to cool us down and bring back
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cleaner air. relative humidity will come up. here are the temperatures right now. 47, santa rosa. 57, san jose. this afternoon, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s on the coast. 80s inland. air quality will also improve. when we come back i will look at your neighborhood when it comes to air quality and we will look at the extended forecast. good morning. we do have traffic that is getting busier if you were driving around the bay area. let's start with 80 westbound as you drive out to vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. slowing in vallejo. 37 is slow. at the bay bridge there is slowing again. 15-20 minute delay with no major issues coming through. san francisco traffic looks
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good. northbound and southbound 101 are good. people living in the north bay can expect poor air quality again today. is smoke advisory remains in effect this morning along with a spare the air alert for the entire bay area. the highest ratings for unhealthy air are in napa, sonoma and solano county but air quality expert say we can expect a moderate to poor air quality across the region for the next few days. they are not cheering cal's big win over washington state in berkeley. officials at the bay area air quality management district say this victory came on one of the worst days for air pollution ever recorded in the bay area. some fans wore masks during the game. carmen mcreynolds was among the 41 people who died in the north bay wildfires.
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she was a retired doctor who moved to santa rosa. her family said she was very independent and self-reliant. they did not hear from her after the fire started but they hoped she would be okay. her nephew spoke to azenith smith. >> reporter: at 82, carmen mcreynolds planned every detail of her life including arrangements for the end of her life. yet her family was not prepared she would die in the manner in which she did. >> i feel sad that she would have to die in a moment of terror and pain. i think that's really tragic and heartbreaking. >> reporter: her nephew said his aunt did not have a cell phone. unable to reach her on a landline, he grew worried as the scope of the fires became more apparent. >> her house is right here. >> reporter: relentless satellite footage he saw what was once her home and other homes in the fountain grove neighborhood. authorities notified the family saturday that search teams had
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located her remains inside her 1973 mercedes convertible inside the garage. >> she had the will to live and was fighting to do something. that's as far as she could make it. i don't know if she had a flashlight or not but she probably cannot get the garage door open. >> reporter: serial numbers from her hip replacement helped identify carmen mcreynolds. her nephew remembers her as a strong person. >> she was a no-nonsense gal from out west. she liked hank williams. she could shoot a rifle. she would ride a motorcycle. >> reporter: mcreynolds grew up and durango, colorado's . following in her father's footsteps becoming a doctor. she moved to hayward and worked in internal medicine before retiring in 1995. she was divorced and lived with a best friend who died 10 years ago.
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the nephew wishes they could've spent more time with his daughters. >> we have this feeling that when we are in town we are say. apparently we are not safe. i think everyone was caught by surprise of the scale and scope of this urban wildfire. i'm still amazed when i look at the satellite images. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. mail service is slowly getting back to normal in the wine country. four post offices will reopen this morning in sonoma county. the post office and sonoma on broadway, the ron burke post office on eighth street, the boyes hot springs office on the sonoma highway and the el verano post office on bay street. post offices in napa county will also be back in business today. they are the main post offices in st. helena, calistoga, rutherford and oakville. police in petaluma arrested a woman accused of stealing from fire evacuees.
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they tracked down katie lehnhard after getting a tip from the victim of male theft who said that the also cashed a fraudulent check against her bank account. there was also an active arrest warrant against lehnhard. police say she was on probation and had credit cards and check books and heard possession that belonged to fire evacuees. officials say she may have taken those items from vehicles left behind by people fleeing from fire. some of the people and the north bay are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to dealing with looters who may target homes. >> this is a gst 522, a california legal clone of the mp five. >> steve is one wine country homeowner who said he is ready to protect his neighborhood from criminals taking advantage of the fire tragedy. he said he is ready with his submachine gun. if he spots looters are burglars and he feels the site of that weapon is enough to make any criminal think twice.
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>> the goal is that it's really scary looking. we don't bring it outside at the request of the police but in the event of trouble or the threat of trouble, this thing doesn't really needed to be pointed at anyone. looking at it is enough to make folks go away. >> the outrage among local homeowners is evident as you look around the neighborhood. there are signs warning burglars and leaders they will be shocked if they steal from homes. we do continue to follow breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. 125 acres have burned. homes are evacuated and threatened by this fire. we will have an update at the top of the hour. the warriors and their title defense begins tonight. a preview of this evening's game against the rockets as the warriors raise their nba title banner to the rafters. we can see traffic is moving along okay if you were
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on the sunol grade. southbound interstate 680 toward san jose is good. afternoon highs will come down as we see the onshore breeze return. that will also help air quality.
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today, the nfl players association will meet with the lady to discuss players protesting the national anthem. there is not expected to be a vote to change in a wig policies but there is pressure on team owners. last week commissioner roger goodell sent a letter telling owners to order their players to keep their political protests off the field. yesterday president trump suggested that players who kneel should be suspended. >> and the nfl should have suspended some of these players
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for one game. not fire them, suspend them for one game. and if they did it again it could've been two games in three games and then for the season. you would not have people disrespecting our country right now. >> this comes on the heels a former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick suing the nfl for collusion. he kneeled during the national anthem last year as a way to protest against what he calls racial injustice in police brutality against minorities. he is a free agent who's been passed over by nfl teams. the nba regular season starts today. the warriors are getting ready to defend their nba title. for the second year, the warriors start the season as the favorites to win the championship. kevin durant is fired up for his second season with the warriors and continues to appreciate the unselfishness of his teammates. >> i'm at that point, when you are playing at a talented group of guys -- they make you focus
5:43 am
on other things besides yourself. that is an underrated part of the team. the play may come down -- you may need to play defense or screen or switch out. you focus on different things as you get older and as you play on better teams. it makes your game more well- rounded. >> before tonight's game, the warriors will get their championship rings and will also raise the championship banner. the game starts at 7:30 pm but the doors open at 5:30 pm. if you were going tonight, get there early so you do not miss the pregame festivities. >> that is always exciting and fun. let's check in with sal. we are keeping an eye on this fire in the santa cruz mountains. i don't know if it's a trap -- affecting traffic on highway 17. >> that is a big commute area and i will run that down any
5:44 am
moment. we will start on the altamont pass. we do have slow traffic on 580 and 205 which is very slow this morning. you can see traffic is what you would expect. westbound 580 at eden canyon road, there is a crash that is clearing but traffic on the double and grade is slowing. when you get to six 80 westbound 580, it is slow. maybe give yourself an extra 15 minutes. if not, plan on being 15 or 20 minutes behind schedule because of that crash on 580. highway 17 is not affected so far by the fire. however, boulder creek and deer creek road in the santa cruz mountains, you will see that the fire is there. these are pictures on the right. we do have a crew on the way.
5:45 am
right now highway 17 remains open but we will let you know if that changes. let's go to the toll plaza. that is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. we are looking at a cool down this afternoon. this will be the start of a trend that could end up with the possibility of showers. here is a look at a dark start out there. we have an hour and 15 minutes until the official sunrise. temperatures on the cool side for some. 47, santa rosa. 50s and 60s for some areas like san francisco and oakland. low 50s in livermore. 57 in san jose. we are going to have partly cloudy skies. the onshore breeze this afternoon is expected to make a comeback.
5:46 am
right now it's variable from the north and northeast at times. with that onshore breeze coming back, air quality should improve over yesterday. i need to include that yesterday we did not have a new fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. we are calling for moderate air quality over the santa clara valley. if those west winds push strong enough, it could bring smoke drift in. moderate air quality. in the north bay, slightly and healthy to unhealthy depending on where you live. here is a view of will what you can expect into thursday and friday. there is a good possibility for some rain in areas over the north bay. if you 100s to a quarter inch. the further north you go, they will also get some rain.
5:47 am
in the south and central bay, maybe not so much. maybe a little on the coastline in areas like palo alto. it looks like we will get a little bit in the north bay. that could settle down the smoke and bring us cleaner air and also help put out some of that fire. here are the afternoon highs for today. upper 60s and low 70s for daly city and pacifica. mid to upper 70s around the bay. low 80s inland. we will continue to cool down wednesday, thursday and friday. we will also have some wet weather. as we get into the weekend, we dry out and warm up a little bit. it looks great for saturday and sunday. we want to go back to that news out of santa cruz county. here's a live look at the fire that is burning. a new wildfire is forcing evacuations along bear creek canyon road in boulder creek. joining us on the phone from
5:48 am
cal fire is angela byrne hazel. >> good morning. >> we are so sorry to hear this news. can you tell us -- we have heard it started as a house fire and one home has burned but others are threatened. >> correct. the structure that started the fire has burned and the area is evacuated. the fire is about 1 to 25 acres from our best estimate in the dark. >> are you attacking this? i know it's in the dark and we're watching live pictures right now. is the attack happening now or are you waiting for sunlight? >> we have fire crews in their actively working on the fire right now. as soon as the sun comes up, we will be able to hopefully get some air resources into help as well. >> do you feel confident, have
5:49 am
you heard that people were able to evacuate safely from the areas threatened at this point? >> correct. as far as we know everybody got out safely. >> what are the conditions right now as far as wind and humidity is concerned? >> right now there are not any major winds but that could change during the daytime today. we are going to hit it as hard as we can right now and first thing this morning. >> give us an idea of how many homes are in this general area? >> probably about 150 homes which would also include a community that evacuated. >> was community? >> the last embrace. >> this looks like very rugged terrain, is that correct? >> that is correct. very steep and rugged terrain. this has difficult access. >> is a far from highway 17?
5:50 am
that is a huge traffic area. >> writes. it is well away from highway 17. that is the road -- the most impact the rosewood bear creek road and highway 35. >> what would you like to get out to anyone right now? what should we be letting people know were in that area come it may be outside the evacuation zone? >> we expect to contain the fire . it has the potential to go up to 600 acres which would keep it in the canyon area. there is an evacuation center at boulder creek elementary school. keep watching the news. we will have more information about containment and control efforts shortly, maybe in the
5:51 am
next couple of hours. >> is it burning near any homes right now? >> they are actively doing structure protection in the deer creek community. there are a number of homes that are threatened. >> give us an idea -- is the power out of that area? what do you know about roads that are closed? >> i'm not sure about the power but there are several roads that are closed. most of them are off of deer creek road and also in a near area. grizzly rock road. favor ridge road. and we have hawks ridge and bear creek canyon road which is where the fire started. and several roads off of deer creek, dons lane, rons road, those roads are coming off of
5:52 am
bear canyon and deer creek road. >> tell us about staffing. fire crews have all been up and napa and sonoma and solano county and working four days. do you have enough fire crew to fight this fire? >> yes. we are always maintaining our initial tack forces to be ready to attack a fire like this. we also have resources that are just now returning to the unit from some of those fires as those are under control. >> i don't ask this lightly. how do you keep the spirits up of the firefighters on the front lines when you get word that yet another fire has started? >> well, we have been ready for a fire like this. the moisture in the fuel -- the humidity has
5:53 am
been so low. we are all hoping this would not happen but it's something we train for and somewhat expected given the higher risk of a fire this time of year. >> angela with cal fire, thank you for joining us. we just want to let people know that we will be checking in with her and our crew throughout the morning. if you are just joining us. these are live pictures of a fire burning in the santa cruz mountains area. it started as a house fire. they feel confident that everyone evacuated safely. about 150 homes are still threatened and they are doing active home protection in the deer creek area. we will have more when we come back. people who lost their homes in the fires are now starting to think about what happens next. especially with a housing shortage in the bay area.
5:54 am
an estimated 5700 homes burned in the wildfires. funding rental properties and rebuilding will not be easy. retail analysts say the fire will put an added strain on an already strapped bay area housing markets. there are limited rentals available. contractors already have waiting lists for new housing projects. some people may take their insurance money and move out of california. >> if i were a senior on a fixed income come it may be social security, i may have no choice. i need to find a place to live. if i can find a place where i can build a home that is less expensive, i may take that opportunity to go. >> there is another problem. construction costs have never been higher. there are worries there will not be enough reputable contractors to go around. coming up this morning we will be joined by california insurance commissioner dave jones. he will talk about filing an
5:55 am
insurance claim and also avoiding scams when you were trying to rebuild. that is later this morning. we have more stories coming out of the fire zones. a dog in sonoma county is being called a hero by his owners. >> the dog save the lives of eight goats and some dear. the owner brought his dog emma oden and his sister to a dog groomer yesterday giving them a bath and a trim. the great pyrenees dog is trained to take care of eight goats. during the evacuation from the tubbs fire, his owner said oden sat down and would not budge. >> i've tried to move him at night before. it's not easy. we opened up all the gates to the pastor they were in and told him to keep his goats safe and we
5:56 am
would come back. >> and he did. he said when he came home he found his health -- his house, barn and other buildings destroyed. oden and the goats were okay. he believes the dogs herded the goats and deer into a rocky area in the pasture until the fire was over. a special steak dinner is part of that dog's reward. >> i would hope so. coming up, firefighters are battling a new fire in the santa cruz mountains. homes are threatened. they are actively protecting homes right now. we will have more on the evacuations and the road closures next. some relief for north bay fire victims. pg&e is getting the power back on to neighborhoods but when will the gas lines be fixed? good morning. traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on highway 24 west we will tell you more
5:57 am
about the east bay commute. a cooler pattern shaping up for your tuesday. we will look at current conditions and what you can expect this afternoon.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. look at these pictures. a new fire overnight forcing evacuations. we will tell you where the fire is now, and where it's going.mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, october 17. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark . we are following breaking news. a house fire in the santa cruz mountains erupted into a wild fire burning in the boulder creek area of the santa cruz mountains. >> these are evacuations and road closures on the map. you can see the fire affects bear creek road and canyon and highway 35, the deer creek area
6:00 am
is impacted. >> we want to show you video coming in. you can see how intense the flames are this morning. people in the area were told to evacuate. this started around 10:30 pm last night as a house fire at bear creek canyon and deer creek road. it then spread to the brush and the trees and took off. so far one house is been destroyed. a few moments ago, a spokeswoman from cal fire told us 150 other homes are still in danger. the fire has burned 125 acres and could end up burning 600 acres. >> intel is hard to see at night in the steep canyons. we have access issues. behind me you can see steep and rugged terrain. >> people living in the area of deer creek road are severely impacted. homes are threatened. this also affects rons road


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