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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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flames breakout in the santa cruz mountains. >> the idea is to hit it hard with aircraft and hit it with the ground resources at the same time. >> we will have the latest on they are firefight including details about the five people injured as they battle the flames. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i mike mibach. a new wildfire is burning in the santa cruz mountains. so far the bear fire has burned more than 152 acres, 5% contained. five firefighters have been injured. one suffered a broken wrist. all the injuries are considered non-life threatening. cal fire said four structures happy -- have burned and evacuation orders are in place. >> the fire started last night as a house fire on bear canyon road. it escaped containment and the flames spread to brush and
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trees nearby. christien kafton a standing by to give us a look at the efforts to get the fire out. >> reporter: in the last couple of minutes we saw massive flames. you can see that cal fire helicopter bringing water to the scene. crews are working to get containment as quickly as possible. moments ago we saw massive flames on the north east flank of the fire. we can show you what it looks like from above and you can see how big these claims are at how quickly they are moving. in the time we have been sitting here, who watch them creep across to the east. officials say now that four structures have burned. they are also saying this is a very smoky and hazy fire. fire crews are battling from the ground and the air. they have managed to get about 5% containment.
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after sunrise cal fire crews were able to get their first view of the bear fire. at last report it scorched 152 acres of steep and rugged terrain. >> remote, stay pariente. -- steep bahrain -- terrain. we do have those issues. steep terrain, and all sorts of things that go with that. >> reporter: and his reports came in after 10:30 pm monday night. no word on how the fire started but fire crews did not want to take chances and ordered the evacuation of the bear creek canyon area. 100-250 homes and all threatened and roads closed to all but emergency traffic. >> if we come knocking on your door, you better leave. the best thing to do is if you feel any danger at all, go ahead to the evacuation center.
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>> reporter: four structures have been damaged or destroyed. the steep terrain also led to several firefighter injuries. >> we did have five firefighter injuries on the fire. they were all minor. the first injury we had was a smoke inhalation injury. that firefighter has been treated and released back to the fire camp. >> reporter: cal fire says they have enough people to hold the line but are looking for additional resources to quickly contain the bear fire. >> i think we are making good progress. >> reporter: coming above again you can see how dramatic this fire is. at last word we heard there were about 5% contained. if we come to the ground shot. we can show you the hard work underway. hand cruiser here trying to create fire lines and defensible space and working on containment. we have new information that just came in. apparently internet is down
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countywide due to caltrans cutting a wire off highway nine. at this point there is no current eta on when that will be restored. that means the county websites such as santa cruz county sheriff's is down. the office of emergency services is encouraging people to follow information on twitter or facebook. there will also be some phone outages. some phone lines are down to county offices as well. the important information is now coming into our newsroom that a caltrans crew cut a wire off of highway 9. that means the website the county is down. that includes the santa cruz county sheriff's office. we will hopefully get more information about how this fire is progressing. you can see this is a very smoky fire. we are expecting our next update around 1 pm. we will
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find out if they manage to get more than that 5% containment and find out how they are getting that information out to everybody if communication lines are down. we will try to find out how that could impact their ability to communicate with each other. >> sky flocks is flying upper bear creek road in the santa cruz mountains near highway 35, trying to take advantage of the wind. it's not really gusting. it's important that firefighters hit this buyer hard and early. we've seen them do some water drops in the last couple of minutes. there is a 1:00 news briefing. we will extend the news at noon cast to bring that to you live. you can expect that update coming up at 1:00. several evacuation centers have opened for residents. one is at lakeside elementary on black road. another is that the boulder
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creek elementary school on west loman street. because of poor cell phone reception there, officials have opened a third location at the fire station in felton. that is where we find leigh martinez with that part of the story. >> reporter: 100 people evacuated. several people have left after spending the morning. the parking lot is more clear than when we first got here. ybor telling us that those under the advisory optional evacuation orders, some decided to go home. other people under the mandatory advection orders made arrangements with family and decided to leave the area. we were first at the boulder creek elementary school but there is no cell phone reception there. many decided to come to the firehouse in felton. around 11:30 pm monday night, residents in the area of bear creek canyon road started receiving reverse 911 calls from the santa cruz county sheriffs department.
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the emergency alert instructed residents within a four mile radius to evacuate immediately. boulder creek elementary was set up as the first shelter. a mother and her children and dogs say the alert came through at 4 am. she was packed up and ready to go. >> we got the word to evacuate around 4:06 am. without a text and a call from reverse 911. we were already packed because there was a lot of facebook at to be the about sirens. that was starting around 11:00 or midnight. >> reporter: the main shelter was set up inside the firehouse. at times a busy location. these firefighters were the first on the scene. >> the original call came out around 10 pm. we send our water tender up. at that point there was on the initial dispatch around 12-13 and just dispatch originally. then they started flowing in at all hours. >> reporter: 20 people in their pets showed up. evacuees say they feel especially worried after
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watching eight days of fire devastation in the north bay. they knew not to hesitate. >> that's always been a big worry here. the vegetation is so dense. some places are hard to get to. i imagine containment would be difficult. it's always been on my mind that the redwood dust is everywhere. >> we had a meeting last out about getting a disaster plan together, mainly for earthquakes not fire. i just grabbed what i could. i grab my wallet, my cell phone and pets and left. everything is still on. >> reporter: the area the fire is burning is rugged with not many homes but has a lot of oak trees and christmas tree farms. highway 9 was under construction but equipment has been removed to allow for the evacuation. boulder creek elementary will remain open as a shelter.
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they did decide to cancel classes at the elementary school. it will remain open except the reception is spotty. that's why many people have shown up at the firehouse. all morning long, the air quality was pretty good. it was clear. you could see the smoke in the distance but cannot smell that. that has changed. we are starting to smell it strongly and we are seeing ash falling on us. many people have left here. they were under the advisory evacuation order. other people decided there wasn't much they could do here so they decided to make plans with family outside of the area. >> if they need to come back tonight, if the situation is similar, that shelter will remain open? >> reporter: it will remain open. the fire chief said there are no plans to close it at this time. it will be open for everyone
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that needs to flee the area. if they want to come here to get alerts and have cell phone reception -- they had comcast over here making sure that cell reception and wi-fi was strong. it is planning to remain open. we know that porter creek canyon road does have some road closures going uphill. going downhill for the evacuees, they left that open. >> let's take you live over the area that is burning in the santa cruz hills. this is the bear fire from above. smoke is rising. it's not been blown around a lot . containment is at 5% with 150 acres burned. the firefight is happening in two phases. up in the air we have seen water drops happening. we've also seen fire retardant drops, carving outlines where the fire will not be able to go past. >> we saw some video of
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bulldozers being brought in. a lot of equipment is not being used because of the steep terrain. cal fire said that bulldozers are a problem. it's dangerous for people to operate those in that specific terrain. hand crews are great. they do a fantastic job but most important is the air attack and this particular part of the mountains. >> let's bring in meteorologist rosemary orozco. they had to wait nine hours. the fire started at 10 pm and they had to wait until daylight to get that air support. >> thankfully now they can fight that fire from the air. as you mentioned, it's tough if not impossible for firefighters to get in there. the wind is beginning to shift and with that we may have smith -- smoke drift into portions of the south bay. let's look at the graphics. when we started this morning it was a north and northeast breeze. that smoke was not drifting far but it was moving closer to the pacific.
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in the last couple of hours, the wind has shifted and now it's a northwest flow. now that smoke is drifting in this direction. scotts valley, santa cruz. into the second part of the afternoon we are expecting an onshore breeze and that means coming from the west and southwest. the smoke could begin to drift in this direction. cupertino and san jose, morgan hill. smaller communities in here. los gatos you may be seeing and smelling the smoke. it make it worse through the afternoon. let's take a look over portions of the north bay where we have an onshore breeze. atlas peak and napa and santa rosa. relative humidity 30% and higher elevations. it started out drive. this onshore breeze will increase the relative humidity over the next few days. we are looking at the possibility for rain on
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thursday. i want to point to the flow. if you look at the arrows come up right now the air quality in san francisco is really bad. air quality in oakland is bad and we had a fire in one of the middle areas of the highway along 880 and that created more smoke. san francisco and hazy are very smoky at the moment. those clouds are coming from this area. a wave is moving through. this rain is expected to stay to the south. into thursday, things will start to change. this afternoon we are looking at unhealthy air quality for the north bay. right now we see it a bit unhealthy in san francisco and bayside communities. the inner east bay is moderate. santa clara valley is also moderate. if that smoke begins to drift from the santa cruz mountains, that could change this afternoon. it depends on which way the wind is blowing.
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into the second part of the afternoon, the wind does become west and that onshore breeze will push that smoke east which, for the north bay, will be for good news. for the santa cruz mountain area, that means i will push into portions of the south bay. let's talk about the rainfall. this will also help suppress the fire later in the week and lay down all that smoke. to the north of us, north of lake county, a quarter inch to a half inch. maybe 2/10 of an inch a little marcel. into the south bay, this is fairly new. the numbers have come up. it does not look like we are going to get anything in the center on south bay but now we may. right now temperatures in the low 60s that half moon bay.
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we do beginning cooling trend. i will look at afternoon highs expected today and the extended forecast. we do have some better weather coming. more coverage on the fires burning in the north bay after the break.
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in the north bay. containment is up today. a clear sign that fire crews are getting the upper hand on the
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fires that had scorched a couple hundred square miles. more and more evacuees are being loud back home. evacuation orders were lifted for two neighborhoods in santa rosa. people living in geyserville and healdsburg have been told they can return. >> this map shows the four largest fires from left to right. the nuns fire has burned nearly 53,000 acres and a 68% contained. >> some people are going back to neighborhoods but many are finding there is nothing left. by destroyed about 5700 structures. there were 41 deaths so far connected to these fires and 102 are still unaccounted for in sonoma and napa county. the most recent person to die because of the fire was the driver of the water tender truck. the truck crashed yesterday morning and napa while assisting fire operations.
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>> what containment is up, the fires are burning and visible for many vineyards and homes. >> allie rasmus brings us the latest on the firefight and way fire crews say things are improving. >> reporter: cal fire chopper sweep over the napa county venues to fill up their tanks and reservoirs. the fight against the nuns fire continues in the air and on the ground. this display brought all and appreciation from people who live in the area. >> this is not something you see every day. i needed to pull over and check it out to take a video. i commend them. >> reporter: at a staging area off whitehall lane, coffee was brought to firefighters who just came from the front lines. >> they are been out here all night and all week. it's heartbreaking to see everything that's going on. knowing they are away from their families and sacrificing everything to be here for us.
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>> reporter: there has been progress on the nuns fire. containment grew from 53% to 68%. must napa county your mount veeder is where cal fire moved a lot of its resources. all day yesterday the flames were within view of several landmark wineries. today cal fire said the risk of the flames of spreading toward the highway and vineyards is minimal. heavy smoke was visible on the hills along the st. helena highway. firefighters say that fire is burning within their containment lines. >> the situation is improving. our containment lines are being reinforced. the weather conditions have been favorable and our fires in the north bay are looking good. >> reporter: this field is one of three helicopter basis for cal fire. they have 18 helicopters on standby. they lost three that they had to send to santa cruz. they will continue to have choppers here and continue operations until these fires are contained.
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this week marks a critical deadline for republican senators who want with thousands of dollars back into american workers pockets. what is at stake for the gop is coming up.
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looking at the market. the main stock indexes are mixed in afternoon treaty. the dow is still in positive territory.
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up 26 after hitting and retreating from that 23,000 threshold. the nasdaq is in the red. and washington, a bipartisan deal has been reached to extend federal payments to health insurers for the next two years. the plan would restore $100 million in funding for obamacare outreach. in exchange, republicans won congress to give states flexibility to avoid coverage requirements under president obama's health care law. president trump is supporting the deal. early this week he signed an executive order to halt payments for low income americans. the white house said it's tax reform plan would give thousands more dollars to american workers each year if it is past. >> this mark -- this week marks a deadline. if the gop wants to stay on schedule and pass a plan by the end of the year. >> reporter: it's a race against the clock for republican senators to get a
12:25 pm
budget resolution passed before the end of the week. the friday deadline is critical to pass tax reform this year. on fox & friends this morning, the office of management and budget director mick mulvaney. >> if you pass a budget you only need 50 votes in the senate to pass tax reform. if you don't pass a budget, you need 60 votes to pass tax reform. in this environment, there will not be 60 votes for any tax reform package. the budget is a critical part of taxes. >> reporter: the senate majority leader is under pressure to get the job done. one day after touted unified republican party from the rose garden, mitch mcconnell needs to get 50 republican senators on board this week. at stake is thousands of dollars for american workers. the trump administration said the tax reform plan will give the average household $4000 more each year in wages if passed.
12:26 pm
>> i think everybody is in trouble if we don't get tax reform done. we need to show that we could put something across the finish line. the house has passed its version. if the senate passes a resolution this week, the next step is to reconcile the two. the webb county is far from clear. there are four senators that are undecided and one has been out sick. president trump's nominee to be the drugstore is withdrawing following reports he played a role in weakening the federal government's authority to stop companies from distributing opioids. the president made the announcement on twitter saying republican pennsylvania congressman tom marino has informed me that he is withdrawing his name. he praised the representative as a good man and a great congressman. >> what we went through was
12:27 pm
horrible. a santa rosa caretaker who used his own body to shield a paraplegic woman who he cares for opens up about his horrifying three-hour or deal trying to stay alive during last week's firestorm. we continue to monitor the latest on the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. we are getting ready to get an update and 30 minutes. we will bring that to you live.
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in marin county, firefighters are battling a grass fire in the area of spencer and wolfpack ridge. you may be leaving san francisco and going across the golden gate into marin county. you get through the tunnel, as a go northbound on 101 down the waldo grade come spencer is a possible exit. that's where that smoke is coming from near spencer avenue and 101. the other cross street is wolfpack ridge. no information on acreage. fire crews are just arriving trying to knock this out. there have been some small fires along 101 in the last week or
12:31 pm
two in marin county. there was one in san rafael and this one near sausalito. another fire in the far south bay in the santa cruz mountains. it started last night around 10 pm and has burned 150 acres. christien kafton is standing by to give us more on the fire suppression effort underway. we're told this started as a house fire that got away from fire crews. >> reporter: that's what we hear. this initially started as a house fire or structure fire and it quickly spread to wild land. overhead while we talk you will hear helicopters crisscrossing the area. there are five helicopters right now actively working hard to increase containment on this fire. we have a spokesperson in cal fire. i know you will have an update at 1 pm. we wanted to see what we know
12:32 pm
now about containment and how this fire is behaving. >> the fire is growing and i do not have a new number for you. our best estimate was 152 acres. it is backing down off of a big ridge in front of us over here. we are looking at containment down on some of the roads and drainages below. >> as we were watching, it seemed the fire was making a run to the east. that's the direction this fire is growing. or is it growing in all direction? >> it's growing on both flanks right now. >> what does that mean trying to battle this back? does that mean you have to divide your forces are you let it go into less habitable or populated areas? how does that work? >> we are still working on a direct attack on this fire but we do have contingencies in place in case we are not able
12:33 pm
to accomplish that today. >> in terms of some of those contingencies, we talked about evacuations and keeping roads clear. why is that so important. there is a real raisin. it's not just for the safety of the homeowners which is the primary concern. >> yes. there are still resources showing up to the fire and they need access to those roads. that's why we have the road closures. please heed those closures and the evacuation orders. so we do not need to worry about folks coming back into the area and trying to get them out again while we are doing this work. >> reporter: helicopters and tankers and hand crews? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you so much. good luck today. i know you will have a very busy day. thank you for speaking with us.
12:34 pm
that press conference is coming up at 1 pm. you heard it there. at this point there still struggling with that 5% containment number. the buyer has made a run on both flanks. george and i were making -- watching that fire make a run to the east. every view is somewhat obstructed so we could not see it run to the west. that fire did progress quickly along the ridge line. it may be difficult to see with all the smoke but there are homes in that area, presumably those homes, among much like the one we are at, evacuated last hour. at last report there were 150- 200 evacuations in all. the santa cruz county sheriff's office is telling me that they feel like just about everybody got out. we will update people one more time with the information we had for you about the internet
12:35 pm
outage affecting county offices. apparently a major line was cut . first responders are urging people to go to facebook and twitter accounts to get the latest information. the internet outage, that wire that was cut, is hampering some of the communications for the county in terms of their internet access. they are urging people to monitor either news outlets like us and also monitor twitter and facebook to make sure you get the latest information about evacuations that may happen in your area. back to you guys. more on the evacuees. several places have opened for residents in the evacuation area. one is at lakeside elementary. another is that boulder creek elementary school.
12:36 pm
because of spotty cell phone reception, officials decided to open a third location at the fire station. >> let's bring in meteorologist rosemary orozco. there is concern in marin county about another fire and i got word from chp that they have closed 101 in both directions at marin city because of the big response to that fire. we just can't seem to catch a break. mother nature is attempting to make a switch over and help us out but it's not coming soon enough. we will have the onshore breeze into the second part of the afternoon. that will help clear things out when it comes to air quality. temperatures are cooling. relative humidity will eventually come up. this is coming. let's get a look at the satellite view where we do have clouds in place mixed in with that smoke and haze. that has to do with a wave
12:37 pm
moving through. off the coast of southern california we have some rain. if you look closely you can see lightning strikes embedded in there. that is expected to stay south. we will remain with just cloud cover. we are looking at temperatures cooling today. monday was the warmest day of the week. even cooler on wednesday. we bought them out thursday and friday and that will be our best opportunity for rain for portions of the north bay. and maybe a little for the central and south bay. the wind is variable. depending on which way the wind is blowing, we have smoke in all directions. we headed this morning over portions of the east bay and san francisco and portions of oakland. the air quality is poor at the moment. santa rosa, air quality was tough yesterday but today it's moderate. as we get into the afternoon, the onshore breeze is expected to strengthen. it is expected to last into the coming days and that will help
12:38 pm
us. by 5 pm, we are expecting as southwesterly breeze over areas of the north bay, west breeze over san francisco. sometimes it could push south and that's where we are seeing a north wind there. the onshore breeze will help bring up relative humidity, cold temperatures down and will bring us some cool in clean pacific air. we could see if you 100s to a tenth of an inch or snow of rain -- inch of rain. in the north bay. that little bit of rain will help with fire suppression and will help to clean out the air. here are the temperatures right now. low 70s inland. in the north bay, 72, santa rosa. temperatures are down in most places a few degrees. this afternoon, 70 in san francisco. mid to upper 70s around the bay and low 80s inland with an
12:39 pm
onshore seabreeze turning on this afternoon and staying with us through wednesday, thursday and friday. we have a chance for rain that moves out of the area by weekend . beautiful weather for the weekend with temperatures in the upper 60s and upper 70s. we are just waiting for that all to come through. >> not just a drizzle. we need some good rain. i like to clarify. 101 is only shutdown in the southbound direction at marin city as karen's -- as cruise going to that wildfire. there is more good news to share. containment continues to increase in the north bay wildfires. the nuns fire grew about 1300 acres to nearly 53,000 acres. containment went up. containment now stands at 68%. there was no change in the
12:40 pm
tubbs fire except that containment rose from 75% of 282%. the atlas fire is now 77% contained. that is up from 70% last night. another of the hospitals evacuated during the fire is now open. sutter hospital reopened at 7 am. patients and staff were removed from the hospital sunday night and monday morning as the tubbs fire ripped through the nearby neighborhoods. to reopen the hospital had to undergo a thorough cleaning and pass inspections by state health officials. yesterday kaiser hospital reopened. santa rosa's largest medical facility has remained open since the fire started. it was forced to do the work of three hospitals. it is treating 1200 patients. nearly twice the average. the hospital treated five major burn victims in the first four hours of the fires. women in labor had to go to memorial to have their babies. >> trying to stay focused on what was happening.
12:41 pm
it was on my mind of, will have a house to bring her home to? >> one of the nurses at memorial continue to work and take care of patients even though she lost her home in the fire. she said working with the patients is helping her work with her loss. >> there are so many stories of heroism big and stole -- and small. >> tara moriarty introduces us to a man who was burned while saving his roommate. >> it's even worse than i thought. >> reporter: this is the first time ed has seen what's last -- left of his home. >> the bushes here burned me as i walked out. >> reporter: sunday night he barely survived the firestorm that swallowed his neighborhood. >> oh my goodness. what we got here? >> reporter: he is a full-time caregiver for heidi, a paraplegic. >> she was not going to go down. everything burst into flames.
12:42 pm
all the bushes and the trees went white in 12 foot ball of fire. >> reporter: he wept heidi with wet blankets and brought she and her across the street to the park. for the next 3.5 hours, they dodged flying embers, burning shingles and a car rolled by the fire tornado that engulfed the park. >> this car flew from that street, in midair, to there and we were right there. there were at least five times where we were going to die. >> reporter: flames surrounded them but ed believed the well watered park would be say. he kept pushing the wheelchair at one time seeking refuge behind a redwood tree. >> there are spiritual things here. we were protected by a -- some stuff. what we went through was -- it was pretty heavy.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: corn suffered first and 2nd degree burns to his face and arm. heidi escaped unscathed. he likens coffey park to a war zone. >> i have a lot of vietnam veteran friends and never knew what they went through. but i went through it. i have some deep bragging to do myself. >> reporter: paramedics rescued the pair. sadly ed's dog did not make it of the fire. i told him his actions were nothing less than heroic. >> i can't go there because we all go on automatic and we kind of know what to do. our instincts poppin' but i wasn't a hero for my dog. and that's the hard part. >> reporter: with no car, clothes our house, and does not know what he would do next. he and heidi may rebuild right now it's a waiting game with the insurance company. >> this is a very big, spiritual time that we all share. we are all the same with our stuff and without it. >> reporter: in santa rosa, tara moriarty.
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now to a breaking news in marin county where firefighters are battling a grass fire in the area of spencer avenue and rodeo along 101 on the wall to grade. here is a live picture from our traffic camera looking toward the marin headlands. earlier we saw a pillar of black smoke coming over the hills. people were being told to avoid the area. southbound 101 has been shut
12:47 pm
down while firefighters battle this small fire. we are working to learn more about the incident. someone shot some video while driving along 101 of flames on the wall to grade. we have calls in and are trying to get more information about this incident. mail service is slowly getting back to normal and the north bay now that four post offices are open again. they include the post office and sonoma, the bryan burke post office, the boyes hot springs office and the el verano post office. all post offices and napa county are also back in business. the main post office in st. helena, calistoga, rutherford and oakville. pg&e is working to get the power onto homes and businesses that lost electricity. power has been restored to almost all the people in napa and sonoma counties who lost power. by tomorrow, most gas
12:48 pm
lines should be repaired and service restored. pg&e is telling homeowners do not relight your own pilot lights even if you know how. pg&e technicians need to make sure the gas line is safe, then they will relight those pilot lights. and mendocino county, 8000 were allowed to return to their homes. the fire and mendocino county is 60% contained and has burned more than 35,000 acres. >> for many, the homecoming's heart working. tom vacar went to redwood valley and was with some owners have returned to find everything was lost. >> reporter: redwood valley and mendocino county, north of ukiah, suffered loss of life and severe damage. this 2.7 square mile hamlet was home to 2300 people and lost 8 residents to the firestorm that swept through the area and hundreds of homes.
12:49 pm
kira and her husband lost their home in the rush to save themselves and their almost 2- year-old triplets. their uninsured home and all its contents incinerated along with two cars and the motorcycle. >> i still wish i had more time so i could've grabbed everything off of the walls. i actually did not cry yesterday when i first came out until i saw our mattress, where our mattress was. it's just springs now and i was thinking, that could have been us. we could have been laying right there and never woken up. and we would be gone. we would be laying right there. that was hard. >> reporter: she said she was lucky to be temporarily living with her parents and is getting help from her sister and uncle. >> we have a lot of help. there are some people that don't have any help. i'm so thankful for the help we do have. >> reporter: no insurance.
12:50 pm
noah triplett strolla. no plastic slide. >> they love to go down the slide. that was her favorite thing. >> reporter: the halloween costumes are gone. the traditional thanksgiving dinner is also gone. christmas is gone. >> there was no warning, no time. >> reporter: a contribution site has been set up for the family. one silver lining -- with children so young and a family so young, they will have time to make new memories. coming up, the national anthem controversy set to take center stage in new york as the nfl owners and players get ready for the annual fall meeting.
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nfl owners and representatives from the players association are gathering for the annual fall meeting. >> two days of meetings are expected to focus on the national anthem controversy. >> reporter: nfl meetings don't typically generate a lot of media attention but the league is in the spotlight because of player protests during the national anthem and because the
12:54 pm
president of the united states keep talking about it. >> it is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during the national anthem. number one. number two, the people of our country are very angry at the nfl. all you have to do is look at the ratings. >> reporter: the meetings in new york city will address this controversy with players and union reps and owners and executives from all the teams and the league headquarters. air grievances, offering suggestions and solutions to a situation that is driving a wedge between many fans and america's game. much during monday night football, the colts stood during the anthem with their arms locked. one of the titans players stayed in the locker room for the third straight week. if you of his teammates raised their right fists after the and the was bennis. nfl guidelines say every player should stand with their hand over their heart during the national anthem but it's a policy not a rule. in a statement the commissioner said while he believes players should stand he respects their opinions and says everyone
12:55 pm
needs to come together to be a force for good within our two amenities, protect the game and preserve our relationship with fans. the protests have drawn booze for many fans and ratings are down this season. the league said they hope they can find common ground with the players by focusing on social justice causes this season to bring folks together, the teams together in the players together and get everyone to stand during the anthem. rick leventhal, fox news. the nba regular season tips off tonight as the warriors look to go back to back for the second straight year. the warriors begin the season as the odds on favorite to win the nba title. kevin durant was fired up for his second season as he continues to appreciate the unselfishness of the group. >> i'm at that point, especially when you're playing with a talented group of guys. they make you focus on other things beside yourself. that is an underrated part of the team. everybody here -- you may need to play defense or you may need to screen or switch out.
12:56 pm
you focus on different things as you get older and as you play on better teams. it makes your game more well- rounded. >> prior to the game, the warriors will receive their championship rings and will also raise the championship banner. tipoff is at 7:30 pm. doors open around 5:30 pm. fans are encouraged to get there early so they do not miss all the pregame festivities. according to reports, out of respect for the north bay but -- north bay wildfire victims, there will be no para tickets during the pregame ceremonies. we are expecting an update on the sonoma county fire at 1:00. -- a 12:00. you can stream that on the facebook page. a dog is receiving special treatment after saving eight goats. odin is a great pyrenees that refuse to evacuate with the family. the property burned but the owner said odin and the goats survive.
12:57 pm
he believed the dog part of the goods to a rocky area and the pastor until the fire passed. he got a steak dinner as a reward along with a professional grooming. many of fire victims are beginning to think about what happens next, especially with a housing shortage in the bay area. 5700 homes burned but finding rental properties and rebuilding will not be easy. retail analysts say the fires will put an added strain on an already tight area housing market. there are limited, affordable rentals available and contractors have waiting lists for new housing projects. many people may take the entrance money and move out according to some analysts. >> if i were a senior on a fixed income, maybe on social security, i may have no choice. i need to find a place to live. if i can find a place where i can build a home that's less expensive, i may take that opportunity to go. >> another problem, construction costs have never been higher and there are fears
12:58 pm
there will not be enough reputable contractors to go around. the bear fire that broke out in the santa cruz mountains last night, in minutes, there will be a and update from cal fire on the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. we will stay later to bring you their briefing live. the fire started as a house fire on bear canyon road near highway 35. it spread to nearby brush and trees. we sent skyfox flight over the area. you can see from above helicopters are doing water drops and we've also seen a number of red fire retardant drops in the area as well. the fire has burned at least 152 acres at this point. the only information we have is the fire is about 5% contained. five people assigned to fight the fire have been injured trying to put out the flames. one person injured wasn't inmate firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation. a professional firefighter felt on a ravine.
12:59 pm
that firefighter injured his wrist and also has some cuts to his face. >> several evacuation centers have opened for residents in the area. one is at lakeside elementary, and other is at boulder creek elementary school and a third location was opened at the fire station in pelton. >> we have been at those evacuation centers at the fire station. there were many people coming in the early morning hours. those sheltered areas have cleared out. if you need them, they will be open this evening. >> on the phone we have maureen naylor. i want to ask, where are you at and what are you seeing in regards to the bear fire? >> i'm close to where cristina rendon was this morning. we're on highway 35. we are watching an arsenal of helicopters go back and forth.
1:00 pm
you've heard about how tough the rain is. a lot of canopy. when we arrived this road was windy and narrow. >> cal fire will start shortly with a 1 pm update. i will need to switch over and get a microphone. right now it is 5% contained. we would love to see if that number is going up. i was talking to an equestrian rescue agency. they said many people self evacuated. that really help them. i'm going to try to get situated if you want to hold on. we will have this update shortly. >>


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