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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 18, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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a house fire in excelsior just after midnight. firefighters put out the fire but the house suffered lots of damage and the homes on both sides were also damaged. today at nine, an update on the fire continues to burn. and some schools remain closed in the northbay. following the devastation from the fires. but, the alameda county transportation commission talks about the needs to get people off of the roadways and cut down on congestion. welcome to the nine. you can feel the difference in the air, never have i been happier to go back inside and graduate jacket as i left the house this morning. live pictures starting you off and so many people are coming to the santa cruz mountains. here we are, still in the middle of an intense firefight.
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containment no did go up and that's always good news. last night, we really reporting about the bear fire which was 5% contained, this morning it is 10% contained. the change in the weather is what we are looking for. >> we might have some rain, about a 10th of an inch in the santa cruz mountain's. >>it's been a long dry stretch. >>245245,000 acres in the last week and a half, so the weather is much needed, or much welcomed i should say. >> let's talk about the bear fire specifically. some 270 acres burned unfortunately today, and we also learned about another firefighter has been injured. that now brings the total number of firefighters hurt in the bear fire alone 26. >> we have learned that these
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firefighter -- that firefighter was injured. that firefighter has been treated at an area hospital. this area is largely clear right now, and earlier there were more than 100 firefighters here. those firefighters are now out working on those fire lines and we have some video of what that fire actually looks like out there. they are being blamed for some of the injuries that are a result. they are saying that this is a terrain driven fire, not a wind driven fire. the fire actually settle down overnight with a relatively cool weather and relatively high humidity. they been getting calls throughout the night from people in surrounding areas concerned about the fire spreading but they are saying at this point it has not made a run into surrounding areas.
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at this point, the fire is estimated to be about 270 acres and the estimate containment at about 10%. it still in effect for deer creek and parts of bear creek road. they are hoping to put a lid on it before afternoon wind kicks up which could spread the fire possibly into occupied areas. >> it may be small in size but it significant in nature. we don't get these types of fires here that often. so i want everyone to go out today and be cognizant of what the safety officer said. we had some significant injuries out there. so watch your footing, this is steep terrain. and you will see and be cognizant of what you are doing
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>>you can hear that concern and the message for that firefighter going out on the line. number one, beware of the terrain, it's steep and hilly. they want to try to put a lid on this so the fire doesn't spread up into the las cruces area. and and and they are anticipating that those afternoon winds could possibly kick up and spread to the fire. and if they are expecting those helicopters to be out soon. then doing those drops and possibly calling and some of the tanker drops that we saw yesterday as well. >>thank you.
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to the northbay, fire crews are making progress against the biggest wildfires but the death toll has increased to 42, with more than 50 other people reported missing. the fires are now at least 80% contained, and only the nuns fire has grown slightly. the pocket fire near geyser bill is 63% contained, and, many are still reeling. one man has cell phone video. his children and their dog were playing in the front yard and he said they only had minutes to evacuate his family., some schools that were closed, the alexander valley union elementary school district unit and write elementary also plan to reopen. the oak grove school district plans to reopen on monday.
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santa rosa junior college is also scheduled to resume classes on monday. more roads are being reopened, and now the attention is turning to damage and the impact of the valley. fire trucks rolled down the road, still closed to the public tuesday. but the area downhill has reopened for the first time since last week's evacuation. over the course of the entire day, we made excellent progress on all the fires in napa county. >> fire crews from arizona rested in the parking lot of that has collection winery. the hess collection winery and art gallery was saved. winery staff, unable to get back to the winery, held a pop-up
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tasting. >> five engines and 19 guys, and they drove the full -- four- wheel truck right up there and pushed it back. >>throughout napa valley, winemakers will take stock of the damage. >>today we heard from 275 of the members and of the members that we have heard from come 30 have had some type of damage. >> most of the fruit has been harvested. >>to those wineries that were damaged, there is a silver lining. wind from vintages that are already bottled are typically stored at other locations. 90% of the grapes in napa valley had already been
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harvested before the fire and that included the seven young block and chardonnay grapes which have thinner skin and would have been more susceptible to the smoke. they hope that 2017 will still be a good vintage year. people who live and work in the valley want everyone to know that they want -- really need visitors and all of us to return to the area. >>calistoga, about one week ago, the entire town was under mandatory evacuations of 5000 people and they were told to leave because of the encroaching fires. you can see sort of a return to a sense of normalcy, and this is washington and lincoln avenue in downtown calistoga. one week ago this place was virtually a ghost town.
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they talk a little bit about the transformation they have noticed over the last couple of days. they are starting to come alive again, definitely the bakery is the best place in town and people are starting to come back in. >>we are hoping that we get lots of people back soon because that something that we need a. october is a very busy time in the valley, and we are very excited about that. >>it is a similar story and downtown napa with them getting ready to welcome customers in. they've been open all week and downtown napa wasn't as impacted, but the manager at
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the alexis baking company wanted to get out this message for the entire napa valley. >> we are back, we are back and we are functioning, and almost every single business was full speed. we actually have a huge block party coming up on friday and some of the local businesses downtown are participating. we seen lots of trucks going by, we seen some fire truck still in the area, and all up and down this highway, we seen a lot of utility trucks in the area which is another sign of a sense of normalcy. as of last night, they restored power now to 97% of all the customers. and the plan is today to send out crews to restore power to an additional six 6000 customers in the area.
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>>you know we take it for granted that we live close to this area. people come from all over the world to visit. i'm already making plans to go out there and have some fun. >> my children keep asking, when i was going back to train town. property owners are returning to survey what is left of their homes and they be -- are being told not to clean it up themselves. that the us environmental protection agency said it will handle the first phase of the cleanups. then count recycle will move into clear out toxic waste. property owners who did not follow the approved cleanup procedures could jeopardize the ability to obtain financial assistance from fema. >>california us senators are warning about a critical flaw which is in the federal emergency medical system.
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you know my county did not use the system when the wildfires broke down they would have sent out an alert to everyone in the county and it could have clogged roads with people trying to get away from a danger that did not threaten them. officials did use alternate systems but they have to sign up for those and not everyone does. senators feinstein and harris said the emergency warning system has to be fixed to target more specific locations. firefighters are getting control of the situation in the northbay and more and more people are returning to the neighborhoods to find everything is gone. coming up, the struggle so many of them are facing as they tried to find a new place to live. and sesame street launching a new tool to help children.
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take a good look at your screen. the dow jones is once again over the 23,000 works -- marks. the cross that threshold for the first time yesterday morning so the dow is doing well. us and people taking up a very small amount. we continue to develop news back east in maryland. we have just learned about three people have died and the gunman is nowhere to be found. two other people are set to be in critical condition in the shooting in hartford county which is 20 or 30 miles east of alto more. police say it happened at a business called advanced granite solutions, the company that designs, manufactures and installs stone, shops -- stone countertops. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. >>chp officers are
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investigating a a freeway shooting. officers received the call of a shooting between the redwood road and strowbridge avenue. a couple of hours later at 11 o'clock, westbound lanes on 580 and castro valley. the freeway was reopened, and we do know the victim has already been released from the hospital. >>the car california psychological association is helping victims of ongoing wildfires. the group sent out an urgent request for volunteers for people to work with the people in evacuation centers and shelters. wildfires could make a huge emotional impact on victims. they say the toll could be tremendous and haven't a long- term impact on people. >> sesame street is trying to help you children feel safer even on the most distressing
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days. friends at sesame street have launched a new tool called the traumatic experience portal because nearly all half of children in the united states have faced a life-changing trauma. that includes things like wildfires, hurricanes, and there are games, videos, and all of those are designed from -- for children. >>tomorrow we will be joined by psychologist dr. dan peters to talk about how to help children through the trauma. and how to offer help in a sensitive and productive way for all of those who need our help. and you don't want to just say how are you, because i don't think you are doing well.
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that's an important conversation here tomorrow. today's weather is always important especially with the fire going on. we are talking about rain coming in perhaps? >> late tomorrow, 24-36 hours but, there are signs that it is going to make it. it's kind of patchy on the santa cruz coast, and there's our cold front, it will be the first cold front of the season. it took a while to get here and rainfall production still looks pre-good. then a half inch for some with recorders, and then it starts to decrease rapidly as you had southward into parts of sonoma, not by and marin county. this would probably be i would say early, early friday if it materializes. but that will be just what the doctor ordered. there's just a little bit of patchy fog, and, there's many
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favorable conditions. we've had some upper 30s for a while, the breeze is not that strong, and there are a few locations where it's north or northeast but others are west, west southwest, west southwest. temperatures will go up and humidity will go down but, at least they have a a break overnight. there's a lot of low clouds and and, it looks like, google is getting ready -- rid of a feature on its maps application with whites tried to criticism. they are removing the function
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that estimates how many a user could possibly earn by walking a longer route. the calorie count was converted into the number of mini cupcakes a person could burn by walking. the feature ignited backlash on social media, calling it a trigger for those with eating disorders. others accused the company of people trying to shame people into walking. a a new game starting on social media. there is a warning for parents wide children are being encouraged to go missing. and why a parents panic could actually help your child win points. october is right sure month in california and some drivers are being encouraged to try something new. i will speak with a representative from the alameda county transit commission.
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welcome back. the month of october is
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california right sure month and officials are encouraging solo drivers to help ease congestion. ideas include carpooling and and for more on the effort to reduce traffic, we are joined by tests lindel, and i believe -- i have been believing this for a very long time. i we wouldn't have been the sports reporter or the firm reporter, not the traffic reporter. >> we know traffic is a really big problem right now, and improving congestion takes everybody to take a pledge to do something about it. this is roger month in october, and we are doing an educational effort to encourage people to fill a seat. the biggest capacity we have out there right now are empty
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seats, and cars and on buses. >> you can't widen the freeway. so we need to use our freeway more efficiently. like i said, empty seats are out there. we encourage people to do ridesharing which includes carpooling or taking transit, and filling a seat. they can use apps online at ridesharing.511 they can use apps and they can find all sorts of ridesharing apps to do matching and information. >> the reason people drive is because sometimes transit unfortunately doesn't do a good enough job in filling in the gaps. part doesn't run all night, or have to take five buses to get there instead of getting in my car. how can transit policy fill in those gaps to make it, quite frankly, easier for people to use transit? >>there are lots of things
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happening in transit. i think we are trying to do new types of transit investments. we are building right now a brand-new bus rapid transit service which is dedicated lanes for transit. it's easier for people to get on. the upper card is ways for people to easily use transit, so there are lots of ways that people have more access and more options. so we are trying to increase the ability for people to have really good solid transit opportunities. >>everyone has phones. is there a campaign that you are using to somehow get this message across on social media? because that's how you start changing behavior. people will see, this is easy, people will start taking -- talking about it. >>we are doing for roger month this month we are doing a digital campaign effort to share information with people on it, try it just once per month. try it once per week.
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do something, take the pledge to make a difference. to try ridesharing and use all the apps. the exciting thing about our phone is there are apps that can match you with another ride. you can tell someone's seat and another car or fill your own seat. so take the pledge, ellen empty seat, right transit. carpooling can also be for short distances to the bus station for example. >>i guess if you are betting on , people try it and say, it's not that bad. i save money and is a time. is that you are banking on? >> everything person that contest try it can take the pledge. at least once per week taking a pledge you can see it and they can see if it works for them. and they are making a difference. we can affect congestion, we can affect air quality, we can affect our own quality of life.
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>> thank you. our transportation commission, thank you for coming in. coming up, firefighters are working on a new approach when it comes to controlling the fires.
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a developing story and the santa cruz mountains, the bear fire burning there is no 10% contained. the 10% containment is up from 5% last night. and more than 140 homes are now in the path of the bear fire. we now know six firefighters have been hurt and two of the in the hospital. firefighters in the northbay are doing a great job gaining on containment. >>the absence of people who
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evacuated in summit county are now being allowed to return home. >>that is alex savidge reports, people who live in the area are still seeing flames and as you can imagine them notice. >> and understandably so. that than i could find a pay phone and these were backfires that have been intentional. this is not one of the staging areas for higher is between sonoma santa rosa and, that's a 112 get idea of why, is that it makes backfires to burn way to
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successfully with the gunfire. people in the oakland area had just returned home after the looks to the hills and they watch the active weather did husband j smith felt fire. talk about people that can expect the next few days. >> the resident can expect to see much of the same, and we still have our firing operation going on to get rid of some of those unburned fuels. the people don't need to be worried?
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they are not that far away from here they lived, this format evacuated don't need to be confirmed. >>the fire activity going to see, our crews so it is our firing operation that they love the talked about the protests, the containment numbers are way up. and you also get some help from the weather. do you have any sense, you think, looking ahead, when we before the fight come that just depends. we can incorporate sooner than later i know it's not for the residence was evacuated but i would ask for just a little bit more patients, we are looking out there and starting to get a containment of we returning
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those residents your home is one of the has priority. obviously many people have been able to return home. but, 30,000 also be back these are not allowed to their homes. when we get some rain moving in here tomorrow first look a lot and others can go home absolutely. that's my for everyone out here we perceive those containment numbers are going up on the spiders some of the firefighters from across california across the country there to try to line around these areas. that will get more people into their homes a. >>north of our mendocino county hundred and five they own is.
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now they look into longer-term home. they had gone over 100 december they had gone over 100 december 30 back the basics of what as long as needed. the community has embraced us. anything that we ever needed, just call out that we are holding >> lamp of his coming a service available to all anytime you want. they have a sizable amount of good and services. >>yesterday they started adding people go into their houses.
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it would need counseling, food, and coffee. and then when people go in and see you have nothing, they are devastated. so, they can come in here and talk to people, have people watch. the redwood grange here for more than a century is beloved. >> people are coming in and saying that we are so glad this place is alive. this is where i took my first dance class. so grange halls are open for a community hall. >> >>the claim -- lagrange has arranged for internet and computers. for folks so they don't have to
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be -- we discussed running their cars to stay informed and cause there electronics -- charge their electronics. >> people who -- warehouses are standing because there is such a quick -- tight community, it's almost like we have guilt. >> as we were leaving, a mexican-american soccer team drove in two hours from williams to deliver more food, toiletries and close. we now know the name of the driver of a water tanker truck died in a crash on monday on oakville grade. he was a volunteer firefighter from missouri. he was driving a privately owned water tender. he was married and had an 18- year-old daughter. the napa county sheriff's office said the truck that he was driving went through a guardrail and down an
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embankment. the team could have been a factor. hollowing costumes i wanted for children affected by the way they wildfires. the department posted these pictures to twitter saying think they are now collecting costumes in any size. >> people affected by the fires received a visit by stopper. and, we just checked, and so far it has reached $37,000. we have a $1 million goal. and, most of them were home.
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we are now facing an unexpected challenge. >>this family of eight has been crushing at a friends house of the tub fire gutted their santa rosa neighborhood. >> they have three kids themselves so there are lots of people in the house. >> people like them are inches find housing. the problem is, real estate prices and rent was already skyhigh for the fires. >>nothing else has popped forward and even friends of friends. >>they came to this apartment complex today searching. >>i came here today not knowing i was going to rent a place, but she had one the kids look
9:39 am
like a place to play soccer >>this is the street with it. today, stopped at a shelter in the way they were you need one
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thing that will change your life in such a big way. >>a pack and play. >>i'm sure they have it by now, you want to go to the facebook page, you will find more information on the family. sometimes awesome large an
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entire communities are helping. here are some of us have stories we are following. firefighters say they are there just watching for flareups. starting yesterday dry grass in the hills. we are waiting for an eight much burned out there, but last report was it was 75% contained with 116 acres burned. because of the fire is under investigation. when a fire of the felt them
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one way close while is put out the fires. the san jose city council barely improved in a 6-5 the council voted required gun owners to lock up their guns whenever they their home's would include putting a trigger lock on their guns or putting them in a lockbox. the policy does not penalize gun owners who report four hours but, violators could define thousand dollars. a big oil refinery fire lookout in southern california but it appears to be contained. it's the chevron oil refinery. the biggest oil refinery on the west coast. the flames and smoke could be
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seen for about a half hour but, phone was poured on it and those are just some coming up, that he said she said debate president trump. next, the comments that president trump village of two families of fallen soldier and the investigation that the family is now demanding.
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tonight twitter is bowing to make it site safe.
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the company is aiming several policy updates cracking down on his speech of sexual harassment. a disturbing news trend is encouraging children to become the 48 hour to and it invites children to hide from their parents and loved ones for as long as possible. participants when points every time they are mentioned across social media by family members, no doubt, frantically searching for them. this latest challenges similar to the game of 72 which, in 2015, encouraged children to disappear for 72 hours. i would shake your shoulders so hard, i blood is boiling just thinking about that. nfl players and owners will be the second day today to discuss the protest during the national anthem. closed-door meeting comes more than one year after colin kaepernick first took amy with
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the 49ers. -- took a knee. per nfl policy, it says player should stand for the anthem. some people have called for changing that to must stand. there is that there was no discussion on changing the world during yesterday's meeting. we talked about how the owners could come alongside us and we could collectively, collaboratively work together to actually create some change. their commitment to addressing these issues is really admirable, and something of our owners looked at and said, we want to help support you. >> roger goodell is also trying to get a new contract stated. the groundwork for massive
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overhaul of the nation's texas some. the tax plan would reduce the number of tax cuts. the white house is pushing a plan but democratic lawmakers say most middle-class americans don't like what they are hearing about the proposal. if we get tax reform done this year, it will be extraordinary. and that's our objective. >>they don't know the half of it in terms of this plan. >> the could be a deal on capitol hill where republicans agreed to reinstate insurance companies under the affordable care act in exchange for democratic support. a florida congresswoman said president trump said he -- told a widow of a service person, he quote what he signed up for. >>the family greeted the coffin
9:49 am
after getting a call from president trump which is democratic congresswoman that was riddled with insults and sarcasm. >>he said to the wife, i guess. what he was getting into. how insensitive? >> the president of the call after being criticized for not contacting family members and i have always in an ambush during
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a militarized operation. it is still unclear whether the soldiers were separated from the group and why they were traveling in an unarmored vehicle. congresswoman wilson is pushing for an investigation into the english, but there is no word from the pentagon on when or if that will happen. coming up, the warriors kickoff the new season with some new wing, and a banner. jewelry given to ever -- every member of the team which is more special than anyone in major professional sports is wearing.
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the dodgers beat the cubs six-one, and they are now one game away from advancing to the world series. fundraiser. the sea level that comes tonight at wrigley field in chicago.
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gary sanchez truck crushed the go-ahead double that. they with little bit of a celebration it's the work is available the new championship banner >>the organization
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>> heavily the first 10,000 home the weakness to the >> also good to me. the biggest ever. the biggest temperature things across all four major sport it has 36 princess is represent the and 83 of their stones representing the total season. there are also five trophies on the side of the ring to represent each of the five jim went by the warriors. they are names and numbers were also featured on the side of the brain. the shirts the warriors or last night the ceremony will be auctioned off in the money will be given to the north bay wildfire effort. the autographed shirts will be put on the auction block this morning if you would like to dissipate, go to the web links
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section, and and that will be $450,000 for. what exit up another three. nice transition clay thompson have canceled early after a fantastic first quarter. zachary had several the shots with less than six minutes left on the clock. the rockets find a way to come back the final seconds. they traveled to a thought was a shot at. remember who lost the first game last year. christmas time is a good judge of teams.
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>> by the that read, i would never wear. >> . every day, given congratulations warriors. we will be back here at, we hope to see you there. what do you mean what where it? are wasting it. [laughter] that's
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>> live from new york city. it is the wendy williams' show. ♪ >> announcer: now here's wendy. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host. and my new ponytail.


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