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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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injuries and is in surgery.>> and officer struck by a hit-and- run driver. the search for the suspect. open for business.>> it is starting to come alive again.>> traffic is back in wine country as businesses open their doors. fires continue to burn. 4 on 2, starts now. san francisco police officer hit by an suv. a search is on for the driver. from the civic center, there has been a flurry of police activity. welcome to 4 on 2. i am frank somerville .>> the officer hit near the corner of turner. i am alyana gomez. let's go live to the general hospital. with officer was taken. henry lee joins us live. there will be a press conference at any moment. can you tell us ?>> reporter:an
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san francisco police officer on the tenderloin bicycle beat was struck by a suspect's vehicle and was taken to the hospital, police said. the officer is in critical condition. the officer was conducting a firearms investigation and believed the suspect had a gun. the suspect struck the officer in the area of turk and franklin street.the suspect fled the scene and is considered at large. they were investigating a vehicle that had a suspect with a gun inside. the suspect realized they were on to him and he took off and hit them.the officer sustained critical injuries and is undergoing surgery at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. he has undergone surgery. we expect an update from acting police chief, tony kaplan in a few minutes. we see a lot of command officers. a testament to the seriousness of this case. mayor atley -- ed lee and at the hospital. he has significant injuries. they believe it is a lexus suv.
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we will have more on the car being recovered. the suspect is at large. the officer who was hit is undergoing surgery. that is the latest.>> henry, can you share, what is the suspect ?>> reporter: the police will not go into detail. they were investigating a suspect, who they believe had a gun inside the car. the suspect realized the officers were present. he took off in the suv and abandoned it. that is all we know. we do not know the identity. we know the search for the suspect is undergoing -- underway.>> henry lee. we will get more from him as soon as the press conference gets underway. police say they found the car blocks away near the panhandle of golden
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gate park.>> a lexus suv recovered minutes after the initial incident the suspect was nowhere to be found. we will go live to the scene where the car was located.>> reporter: this car is right behind us. officers are processing the car. notice there is front end damage to the right bumper. as well as the driver side mirror. it has been knocked off. a clear indication that there was damage to the car. we were talking to officers on scene and i do believe this was the car that the suspect was driving, when he hit the officer on the bike earlier near turk and vanness. they have been out here for three through four hours. processing the car. you will notice that this is happening on belt street.
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there are other cars parked in front of and in back of the suv. i asked if they are part of the investigation. we are told that they are not. however, they are being watched and fingerprinted in case the suspect may have left his fingerprints behind. earlier, we heard from police officers about the link to the car.>> they observed the suspect and they believe he was in possession of a firearm. it appears he became aware of the officers. and officer assigned to the tenderloin bicycle unit was struck by the vehicle behind me. between finesse and franklin.>> reporter: we understand that as soon as the suspect drove away and ended up here, one of the neighbors reportedly saw the suspect get out of the car take off a bright colored vest at the right in the backseat. and off the front license plate of the suv. and take off running. that is why, at linda vista
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park, there was a lockdown. police searched the park looking for the suspect. there was no sign of him. they gave an all clear around 1:30 pm. as far as we know about the the suspect has not been captured. they are continuing to process the crime scene. they are taking a really close look at the right bumper. with the front end damage. we believe this is the suv that the suspect was driving when he hit the officer. we have more information, we will bring it to you.>> they have not released a disruption of the suspect. you mentioned the neighbor. did she have a description ?>> reporter: unfortunately, he did not. we spoke to a woman, actually. she said she was talking to her neighbor. the neighbor saw him get out wearing a bright colored vest. and take off. unfortunately, no description of what he looks like.>> they
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have a shelter in place in that neighborhood.>> reporter: they did. as we mentioned earlier, it is an buena vista park area. a heavy police presence. they searched for 30 minutes and gave an all clear at 1:30 pm. >> once the press conference gets underway, we will bring it to life. the fires are still burning around the bay area. it is the second date crews from around california and beyond are converging on the bear fire. burning in the santa cruz mountains.>> we got our first up close look at devastation near the front lines near boulder creek. that doubled the containment of the fire. despite a drone stopping airdropped for a time. we have an update from jesse.>> reporter: we are on a vantage point from bear creek road.
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to see that continued environmental impact from the flames, burning miles from where i am standing take a pan. there is a smoky haze over this mountain range. as the fire grows. 271 acres. helicopters carrying buckets of water to release drop points it is a welcome sight. flames are burning to the north, west and east and steep terrain. accessible along roads. much of the land is scorched. flames are still burning outside homes in the 1600 block of gunz road. structures have been destroyed. 150 are threatened. 900 firefighters from around california and beyond are using heavy equipment and hand tools to carve out a fire line. containment is at five percent. water drops of been suspended for about an hour.
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it does not seem like much, but the flights are crucial to gaining the upper hand in the firefight. the problem, a drone operator launched in a no-fly zone. all air jobs were suspended for safety. until the drone was cleared from the area. officials say the loss of an hour of air support is crucial.>> as you can see the trenton picked up about the same time the air operations were canceled. anytime that there is wind, fire spreads. we use the helicopters to stop the spread of the fire.>> reporter: officials say the harm done by the drone flight is irreparable. the drone operator faces citations. also, the santa cruz sheriffs department says the boulder creek man tried to take advantage of his neighbors during this crisis. 54-year-old, marlon coit was arrested for suspicion of looting. he is being held at the county jail. is charged with the burglary
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desert burglary during a state of emergency. his bail is $20,000. will give you an update coming up in the next hour. live in santa cruz county, jesse gary. let's go to mark, were a week ago the weather was not cooperating. and has been our friend the last couple of days. >> trending in the right direction. waiting for raindrops as well. sometimes, we get a powerful storm to wipe out the fire season. that will not be the case. it is a weak system. enough to help us out with the current wildfires. we are looking out toward the santa cruz mountains. current satellite shows winds with a nice breeze. a fog bank offshore. with that, moisture levels go up. you can pick out the fire location. coming in close to give you perspective of boulder creek. out toward lexington hills. showing you the terrain. the biggest challenge for fire crews. trying to get access.
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you have the winds funneling through the valleys. it will be a challenge for the fire crews in this area. thankfully we are not talking about extreme heat. strong winds or lowell moisture levels -- low moisture levels. temperatures in the 70s, wind observations around 6 through 8 miles per hour. the humidity is around 38 through 46 percent. we will expand the view and show you this. you have heard rumors about a storm moving into northern california. to generate rainfall for us. here is the system, up to our north. it will be a big factor as we head into tomorrow night. especially up in the north bay. for the fire zones. take a look at the forecast model. look at santa rosa. over a quarter inch of rainfall. the amounts taper off as you work your way closer to the santa cruz mountains. we are showing you the rainfall in the fire zone. we are starting out with zero. these numbers will be going up.
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especially in the mendocino county. .98, nearly an inch of rain. near the nuns fire and atlas fire. great news with the rainfall. we will add moisture and a lot of moisture to cool things off near the fire. rain on the way. the key headline. forecasted amounts will be a few hundredths of an inch to over an inch along the north coast. it will be the focus area with a moderate to heavy rainfall. a bigger deal moving in thursday evening. we will talk more about the system and bigger changes for the weekend. containment levels continue to rise in the north bay fires. the tops fire is 90 percent contained. the atlas fire is up to 93 percent the nuns fire is up to 83 percent. the 5000 firefighters are on the fire lines, which is down from 11,000 in recent days.
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42 people have died in the fires that started almost 10 days ago. some of the search and recovery efforts are focused on the mountain grove neighborhood. today, search teams were out of sonoma and marin counties searching mountain grove parkway for possible remains.>> we will continue to search around and move on to her next assignment.>> sonoma county sheriff crews are trying to locate 50 people still missing, after the fires broke out. half of those are from the city of santa rosa. the number of homeless people who are living outside of the fire zone. teams are looking for other valuables to return to the owners. a couple who is destined who had their phone destroyed is filing a lawsuit -- a couple whose fire this house was destroyed are suing.a santa rosa couple who lost their home in the tubbs fire sued pg&e co. in san francisco superior court today, claiming the fire was caused by alleged negligence by the utility in maintaining electric lines and pruning trees and vegetation. wayne and jennifer harvell, who lived on mocha lane, lost their
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house completely after they fled the fast-moving fire at about 2:30 a.m. on oct. 9, with only time to grab a couple of things, according to attorney bill robins. robins said he believes the lawsuit is the first to be filed against pg&e in the wake of the north bay fires that began on oct. 8. the suit alleges that the fires were a foreseeable risk in the dry, hot and windy conditions and that pg&e's negligence in fact caused the conflagration. the wine country fires were started when electrical infrastructure owned, operated and maintained by pg&e...came into contact with vegetation inspected and maintained by pg&e, the lawsuit alleges. the suit includes claims of negligence, property destruction, trespass by the fire, private nuisance and violation of state utilities and public-safety laws. it seeks unspecified financial compensation for property loss and emotional harm, plus punitive damages. wayne harvell said in a statement, "this fire has been devastating to our family and to our entire community. some things can be replaced, but it is the things we cannot replace that is so tragic - pictures and videos of our family's memories that we will never be able to see again, the family was in the news last week when the couple's son, iraq veteran brady harvell, 31, went back to the ruins of the house to search for the dog tags from his service in iraq in 2013. have a fires are affecting families psychologically. and how to help your children feel safe again. we sit down with an expert to talk about coping mechanisms.
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some 5700 structures have burned as a result of the wildfires in the north a. a majority of those were homes. tara moriarty has a story of two families facing an uninspected challenge of finding a new place to live.>> reporter: the past nine days have been rocky for this family.>> frustrated trying to find a home.>> reporter: the family of eight has been crushing at a friends house since the tubs family gutted their neighborhood. >> 3 kids and themselves.>> reporter: craigslist has been flooded by families like them, inches to find housing after a week of couch surfing. the problem is real estate prices and rents was already skyhigh before the fire.>> nothing has come forward. nobody has anything.>> reporter: poly m.j. webb who last home coffee park came to this complex searching. >> i came not knowing i would
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rent a place. she had one left.>> reporter: they have been responding to craig's list ads, but with no luck. the kids want a place to play soccer. this is the street where they used to live in the south grove neighborhood. you can see that everything has been destroyed. they are hoping to find a new home that will accommodate all of them and cost $3500 a month in rent.>> we need to find a place to get on our feet.>> reporter: today, they stop at a shelter, giving away essential items.>> we are looking for a pack and play for my son. he keeps falling off the bed. >> reporter: their own bed is what they need. calling works in the medical industry. her husband is an uber driver. unable to work because the family has one car, next to the
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fire. their daughter has one wish. >> to be happy again.>> reporter: in santa rosa, tara moriarty. homes have been destroyed. in the north bay fires, thousands of family lives have been turned upside down. that is something that can be very difficult to move on from. or to know where to begin. more on how victims can learn to cope and move forward. i am joined by the crosses counselor professor at san francisco state university. we just saw their, for nearly 10 days, families have been going through this difficult process. losing loved ones and the loss of their home and memories. how is it psychologically impacting these families ? especially fire victims. >> a lot of people are in shock right now. that is what happens when you are just doing. you are numb. you cannot sleep.
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you are active. the long-term effects are much greater than the short-term effects. even for families -- if you are a college student watching your family member go through that. they feel so helpless. they feel like they cannot do anything.>> what are some of the long-term effects ? >> psychologically, depression is big. the trauma peace starts kicking in where people get triggered. if they see another fire or hear about it in the news, they get triggered quickly.>> similar to ptsd when military veterans return home.>> absolutely as you noticed in the news, it is not just emotional. it is not having a job, and the economic effects.
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the long-term peace of how do i rebuild my life ?>> you're talking about long-term effects. and we see them in children ? a family of 8 in that piece going through this. children return to their home used to be. how do they cope with that ? how do parents talk to their kids and help them get through it ?>> to parents dealing with that, give the child as much space as they need to talk. do not push them. if they are ready to talk, if you cannot talk to them, seek help. some families have stigma in seeking counseling. it is overwhelming and the child need support. i recommend counseling when they are ready to talk, give them the space.>> what about other families ? you have children who have been directly impacted by the fires. along with their family have children who have friends in
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school in the neighborhood who have not been impacted. they may save my friends home is completely gone. and i am seeing fires. how do we feel safe ? what can parents say ?>> it depends on their age. give them the space to talk about it. i would highly recommend not letting the child watch the scenes. they are graphic. it can be traumatic. you need to break it out so they can process and understand. if you notice the child is having nightmares, it may be they are having trouble processing it at night. perhaps, you need to get help. there are warning signs might not be able to sleep. not talking about it.
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some people do not talk about it, especially children. >> a lot of great information out there for parents to speak out. we appreciate you being here to talk about this. san jose city council has approved a new gun-control law. what it requires an local reaction at capitol hill. when 4 on 2 continues.
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finding common ground seems
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to be president donald j. trump's goal as he looks to gain bipartisan support on his tax proposal.>> reporter: the president is pushing for bipartisanship on the hill, as he tries to get tax reform through before the end of the year not everyone is signing on.>> we will go from being one of the highest tax nations in the world, to one of the lowest ones>> reporter: budget talks are front and center. the key phrase this week is tax reform. the president is pushing for a major overhaul of the tax code. which he says is long overdue. >> the vast majority of americans will be able to file their taxes on a single sheet of paper.>> reporter: the white house says the plan is a tax cut for the middle class. wednesday afternoon, the president met with members of both parties from the senate finance committee. hoping to find common ground to keep the plan moving forward. >> is a be a win for the american people. if we can do it on a bipartisan basis, it will be durable and
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something that will be sustainable. like the tax reform of 1986. >> reporter: it is not all smooth sailing. the president is facing major opposition from some democrats. who says the plan does not do enough for middle-class families. and mostly benefits the wealthy. >> the details are gruesome. millions of working families will see their taxes go up. the top one percent would get tax breaks worth an average of $130,000.>> reporter: time is of the essence to get the deals made especially because the president wants a signed tax reform before the end of the year. in washington, caroline sharply. went last night, san jose city council narrowly approved a new gun-control law. it requires that owners to lock up their guns anytime they lose their -- leave their homes violators could be fined $1000 and face up to six months in prison. the new law goes into effect on
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december 1. the medication into what led to them desiccant the investigation into what led to the deadliest -- the investigation into what led to the deadliest shooting in u. s. history continues. senator hatteras treated, the deadly shooting was 16 years ago. conversations on gun violence have faded we cannot --. we cannot accept that. senator feinstein said it has been 16 days. we owe it to them to take action. a woman has died and two others are in critical condition after a house fire in oakland lakeshore neighborhood. crews were called to the home at about 11:20 pm. firefighters say there were six people who lived there, including 2 children. the woman who has died was 67- year-old dora heavily.
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the cause of this fire is under investigation. those fires continue to burn in wine country. there are signs that the region is getting back to work. from calistoga and south to napa. business doors are opening. business owners are excited about moving forward. we will talk to cal fire and get the latest on the north bay fires and the progress being made. coming up next.
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back to breaking news out of san francisco, where an officer was intentionally hit a man wanted for firearm san francisco police officer on the tenderloin bicycle beat was struck by a suspect's vehicle and was taken to the hospital, police said. the officer is in critical condition. let's go to the general hospital where he was taken. officials are said to be holding a press conference. henry, we know you have been waiting. any word ?>> reporter: we were told five minutes ago that it would be around this time. we are expecting an update from the acting police chief, tony chaplin. the police chief is out of town. the latest, is that an officer assigned to the tenderloin task force, was struck and injured by a gun suspect. the suspect hit him with a lexus suv.
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before abandoning the vehicle. the vehicle has been found, the suspect has not. we are hoping to get an update on officer condition. we do know that the suspect learned the officers were on to him and intentionally he hit the officer. we do not know the name of the officer. he is a male. many command staff with the san francisco police and fire are here. as well as sheriff deputies. mayor atley -- ed lee is at the hospital.>> you are checking behind you are they arriving ? will the conference happen soon ? should we come back ?>> reporter: you may want to come back. we do not yet see the active chief. >> henry lee, live in san francisco. hopefully the conference will be soon. we move on.
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let's get an update on the fires burning across the state. particularly in north day.>> let's bring intel fire spokesman. can you talk to us and give us an update on the fires ?>> we continue to make good progress across northern california. the cooler temperatures and higher humidity are helping us out in efforts. many of the fires are getting close to full containment. there was smoke earlier this morning on a couple of the fires. it was due to fire operations. putting fire on the ground in a controlled environment to burn out the fuel. a little rain in the forecast tomorrow. it will help in efforts.>> how about evacuation orders ? could you repopulate today ?>> we have been able to lift a number of evacuations. specifically in napa county. as we continue to look at the areas that were evacuated from the atlas fire. each day we are letting more and more people back into their
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homes. we went from 100,000 people down to 22,000 as of today. we are working hard to get the remaining residents back into their homes. >> earlier, we updated the containment progress and numbers. the tubbs fire was one of the worst fires, given the amount of acreage. that seems to be at 90 percent containment. can you talk to us about the containment efforts that are ongoing ?>> we continue to hold onto thousands of firefighters on all of the fires. working with bulldozers and hand tools. and fire engines with water to ensure that we have good line all the way around the fires. 30 and 40,000 acres. there is a lot of ground to cover. progress is being made. with a little bit of rainfall, that is who will put out the hot spots we are experiencing. are containment numbers are likely to continue to rise. we should have full containment, hopefully, soon.>>
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thank you. the rain is on the way. a lot of progress. now that containment is in the 80 percent to 90 percent range, wineries and businesses in the napa valley are beginning to return to normal. allie rasmus reports .>> reporter: you can see traffic flowing through intersections. bakeries and shops are open and calistoga. a welcome change from a week ago. when the entire town had to evacuate, due to the north bay wildfires. >> it is starting to come alive. the bakery is the best place in town. people are starting to come back.>> we are hoping we get a lot of people back soon. we need it.>> reporter: authorities lifted the evacuation order on sunday. the town's mayor says most are
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gearing up to welcome visitors this weekend. >> we are tourism driven economy. that is how most people make their living. we want to get back to a nuisance of normal.>> reporter: also, in napa county, businesses in downtown napa echoed the same message. >> we are back and functioning. almost everything a business is at full speed. we had a huge block party planned. it will be this weekend and businesses are participating. it will be fabulous. truck just yesterday when we were on the spot -- >> reporter: just yesterday, when we were on the spot, you could see smoke telling. now, it is dissipating. the three major fires that have been burning in napa county for the past week and a half are no longer threatening the community. just outside the town of saint molina -- helena, they made that that is clear.
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we put the sign out yesterday.>> people are little scared. they are not sure if we are open. not sure if they want to come in. we had to put a little extra nudge. we are here. we want to see you.>> reporter: the stuff -- staff says they have personal stories of survival and evacuation and the kindness they have experience in the community. during a stressful 10 days. allie rasmus . next, homeowners facing the tough task of pushing forward, after losing everything in the wildfires. insurance expert -- and insurance expert joins us. our rather desperate our weather pattern is changing. also, high surf and sierra snow. a lot to talk about in the full forecast.
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it appears the suspect became aware of the officers present and fled the scene in the vehicle. as the suspect attended to elude apprehension, he struck an officer on a bicycle. on the block of turk street between venice and franklin. the suspect vehicle fled the scene and officer was transported to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital.
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the officer has been with the department for 4 years i was assigned to tenderloin station. he is out of surgery and in the icu unit the vehicle was located, unoccupied. the suspect was taken into custody on the 500 block of dulles. at a parsley 3:30 pm. this is an active investigation. the department will provide updates as we receive information. i will take a few questions.>> reporter: how is officer doing ?>> he is in icu it speaks for itself.>> reporter: was he ever awake ? could you elaborate ? is he in very critical condition ?>> he is in grave condition in icu. as far as awake or not, i cannot elaborate.>> reporter: [inaudible]>> there are family
4:42 pm
members here and others are coming to the bay area from out of the be area -- state.>> reporter: does he have children ? >> i cannot comment.>> reporter: is his injury to his arms, legs ?>> i will not go into any medical specific information. just to say his condition is critical.>> reporter: for a while, people were told to stay inside. can you give us more details about the arrest ? are people free to move ?>> they are at this point, we are not looking for additional suspects. there is a suspect in custody. any shelter in place that went into effect, they have been cleared.>> reporter: or details about the arrest. was he hiding ?>> i do not have the details. the simple fact is he is in custody. truck -->> reporter: how are
4:43 pm
you handling this ?>> not well. this is a tough day for the city and county of san francisco. the mayor was here and i spoke to the supervisor. i advised her of the situation. everyone is taking it hard. i just spoke with some of the officers from the affected station. everyone is having a tough time with this. i asked the public to keep the officer in their prayers.>> anymore questions ?>> reporter: what can you tell us about the suspect ? we just heard tony chaplin, the acting chief speaking. at a press conference. about the officer that was struck by a hit-and-run driver earlier this afternoon. it happened afternoon. that officer has been with the police for 4 years. assigned to the tenderloin district. he is in icu. he is in critical condition. obviously, a very tough day for san francisco police officers.
4:44 pm
having to deliver this news about one of their own the suspect has been detained on the 500 block of ellis street. a short time ago. we are not releasing details about what the suspect is doing and when he was detained. the suspect is now in custody. the shelter in place order in several neighborhoods is no longer in place. we will have more details later on. we will send it back over to frank for our continuing coverage on the wildfires. the nightmare of losing their home and possessions in the fire is beginning to settle in. so many questions. where do you start the rebuilding process ? how do you file claims ? how do you get assistance ? let's say hi to john marino. public affairs director for aaa. you are also an app that resident.>> i can tell you firsthand, words cannot describe the chaos and
4:45 pm
confusion that comes as a result of this disaster. what we want to say is that our hearts are with all of the people that have been impacted by this disaster. the communities are homes to our employees and team members. and over half 1 million aaa members. we want them to know that we are here and ready to put the full weight of our organization behind the effort to help with recovery.>> let's start for the beginning. i just lost my house. my possessions and my car. where do you start ? >> important to know is it is a process. the first thing to do is start the process. call your insurance company. at aaa, we have stationed our contest -- catastrophe assistance at the fairgrounds to help people file their claims. we are proactively calling all of our insured and the surrounding area. to see if they are okay and to see if they need to file a claim. let's begin the process and we will guide them through.>> is a better to file a claim in person or go online or pick up
4:46 pm
the phone ?>> is better just to start the process. anyway that you can do that is how you go about it.>> for these people, initially, what can aaa and other insurance companies do ? if you have nothing, how does it start ? >> aaa have a large organization. we leverage a lot of our partnerships to help. we have a partnership with hertz rental car. if you lost your car, we offer free rental through hertz to help in transportation. we are also giving $2500 debit cards in addition to any of the housing or hotels we put you up in to help pay for the expenses. we also saw the guest that spoke about the grieving process. we have counselors at our branches to help guide people through the process. >> a lot of us have aaa cards. myself included. your tow trucks have been active>> we are ready to put the full weight of our organization behind the recovery efforts. whether that is helping to
4:47 pm
remove damaged vehicles from the areas, or removing debris, we are ready to help.>> you have gone through this. what advice to give families that are overwhelmed ?>> the important thing to do is to take a breath. relax and stay positive. we are all going to get through this interplay is there to help.>> how long does it take ?>> we are proud that we are averaging 36 hours. the whole process will take a much longer time unfortunately. we are putting all of the effort of our organization to make this as easy of a process as possible. let's go over to mark tamayo. which has shined light on the
4:48 pm
fire. >> the rainbow is making a comeback. it will not totally end of the fire season. it is the headline. by this time tomorrow we could be talking about rainfall up perching the north that neighborhoods. the bulk of the system will be focused on the north coast. they could easily pick up over an inch of rain. a care in the bay area, taking a look at the area, most areas will pick up a few hundredths of an inch. the north bay is picking up .15 to a quarter of an inch. here is the satellite showing you the income season this incoming -- this incoming storm. the cloud cover is nice and adding moisture to the air. the defined frontal band moving into northern california. be watching that by thursday night. especially by the north bay. they could pick up a quarter of
4:49 pm
an inch. temperatures on the cool side. look at san francisco. they felt the chill yesterday 56 degrees now. santa rosa, 67. livermore, 80. san jose, 71. here is the live camera, looking out toward san francisco. all of the hayes -- haze. we should have improving air quality, especially as we head toward friday. overnight lows, lots of 50s. coolest locations into the upper 40s. santa rosa, napa. san francisco, waking up to mostly sunny skies. some drizzle as well. into the afternoon hours, solid overcast. more clouds and you will see rain showers moving into the picture. up to the north -- approaching northern neighborhoods at 3 pm. heads up, if heading to the coast. a swell will build. high surf advisory 6 pm on
4:50 pm
thursday waves with the northwest swell could approach 20 feet. high surf advisory from 6 pm, thursday, all the way to 6 pm, friday. a front. you can see well-defined system will appear in cooler air working its way into the area. we are tracking some showers. especially for tomorrow evening. lingering showers early friday morning. friday is cooler and one of the coolest days of the week. the chance of a shower will last until 5 pm. this is kirk would. taken a few minutes ago. it is hard to imagine snow in the forecast. the winter weather advisory begins at 11 pm thursday. we could be talking about snowfall above 6000 feet. may be 3 through 6 inches. forecast model showing the clouds throughout the morning. and rain up to the north.
4:51 pm
this is thursday evening. here is the main passage of the front. there may be a shower friday morning. mix of sun and clouds and cool and breezy conditions. temperatures tomorrow will have most areas in the 60s. warmest conditions will be in the 70s. friday will be the coolest day of the week. thursday night into early friday morning we will have rain. the weekend will be dry and warm. you may think the system will wipe out fire danger. unfortunately, not the >> next week will have a warm up.>> everyone said thank you. coming up next on 4 on 2. she was one of america's sweethearts. a member of the united states domestics team. she is joining the me too movement . we will have details when we return.
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twitter is introducing some new rules. the san francisco-based company in several policy updates aimed at cracking down on hate speech and sexual harassment. jack dorsey sent out several tweets claiming the company still has work to do to keep its users safe. the new policies are set districts said to help protect women. and people who are subjected to unwanted advances. the sexual harassment media hashtag me too has punted a gold metal -- metal gymnast to come out. she said she was molested by
4:55 pm
the team doctor for seven years. it started which was 13 and ended last year when she retired from the sport. he is now in prison in michigan after pleading guilty to possession of child photography. has been sued by more than 125 women, alleging abuse. 140 women find an la times op-ed yesterday that says there is a pervasive culture of sexual harassment at the state capital. staffers are encouraging each other to share stories of harassment in the workplace in an effort to show how prevalent it is. to ensure that more men stand up in a state that postures itself against a leader in justice and equality, you might assume our experience has been different, reads an open letter from nearly 150 women posted online monday. >> i would love to say it was a one-time incident. sadly, throughout the years, time and time again, i felt victimized by inappropriate behavior. particularly, from men in power.>> the growing number of women joining the movement is proof that these women say that they are not alone.
4:56 pm
there is a website called the we said, that encourages women to share their story and get engaged to bring about change at the capital. continuing coverage on the situation unfolding in san francisco, where and -- a sfp officer has been critically injured.>> that and more after the break.
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♪[ music ] linda macdonald, captioner vitac corporation a san francisco police officer was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident near city hall. police say a driver saw the officer approaching on a bike, then hit him with an suv and took off. good evening, i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. we begin tonight with developing news. san francisco police have arrested a man accused of running over a police officer this afternoon. investigators say it appears the driver intentionally struck that officer with a lexus suv and that officer right now is in critical condition. >> there are several different scenes across the city. the crash happened around 12:30 this afternoon at turk and franklin near city hall. the suspect vehicle was found near golden gate park. the suspect himself was taken in custody a short time later
5:00 pm
on ellis street. ktvu's henry lee is outside san francisco general hospital with more. the suspect was just arrested. >> reporter: we got an update from toney chaplin the acting chief for bill scott who is out of town. he said a four-year veteran of the tenderloin task force is in critical condition. the suspect isunder arrest. the suv was found near fell and central. so many different locations and scenes but they haven't released the identity of the san francisco police officer. he is a four-year veteran assigned as a bike officer to the tenderloin task force. it started at 12:20 when they were investigating a gun suspect. this time the gun suspect in a lexus suv, he realized that


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