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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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ktvu's henry lee is outside san francisco general hospital with more. the suspect was just arrested. >> reporter: we got an update from toney chaplin the acting chief for bill scott who is out of town. he said a four-year veteran of the tenderloin task force is in critical condition. the suspect isunder arrest. the suv was found near fell and central. so many different locations and scenes but they haven't released the identity of the san francisco police officer. he is a four-year veteran assigned as a bike officer to the tenderloin task force. it started at 12:20 when they were investigating a gun suspect. this time the gun suspect in a lexus suv, he realized that the cops were on to him and
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then allegedly rammed the officer, who was on his bike near turk and franklin. the suspect then took off. officers then later found the abandoned suv and later took this man into custody. they have not yet released his name. we did get an updating from acting chief toney chaplin on the officer. >> the suspect fled the scene and the officer was transported here to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the officer has been with the department for 4 years and is assigned to tenderloin station. he is out of surgery and in intensive care. >> reporter: i want to show you some video of this lexus suv. the suspect vehicle found abandoned and as officers are scouring that suv for evidence and whatever they find will possibly be used against the suspect who potentially assault with a deadly weapon
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or attempted murder. latest word the officer is in critical condition after having surgery after being hit by this gun suspect. we don't know the suspect name or the name of the officer but we'll follow the story and come back with updates. >> police didn't have very many details on the status of the officer other than saying he was in surgery. and he is critical. we don't know the nature of the injuries and, you know, critical means life or death, really. >> reporter: right. we saw that video of the lexus suv. it sustained significant front end damage and this officer is now in icu after having surgery with some very significant injuries. >> henry, are other officers showing up there? have you seen people coming to the hospital? >> reporter: yes. we have seen numerous san francisco police cruisers, suvs, unmarked cars. we saw mayor ed lee come here, the fire chief joanne hayes- white has been here multiple command officers from the
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police and fire departments, attesting to the seriousness of what happened to this officer. >> henry lee live at san francisco general hospital. we'll continue our coverage now on ellis street where that suspect was arrested. >> jana katsuyama has the latest. >> reporter: julie and ken, we are at hyde and ellis where they have this blocked off. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see over there where that car -- that sedan is pulling out. that's the area of activity since we arrived here. the address we heard was 555 ellis, which is the four-story yellow building. that is where we have seen most of the officers out here. we got here at 4:20, 4:30, and that was just as officers were getting here to the scene and putting up the yellow crime tape to block off ellis. at that time, we saw a number of officers converge on that side, the north side of --
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south side, rather, of ellis around that building. we did see them take one person out who appeared to be in handcuffs. they kind of kept that person away from our cameras and put him behind a couple of vehicles and they have been there ever since. just in the past five minutes, back here live, you can see just in the past five minutes there have been more officers that have come around that area. as henry told you earlier, the chief confirmed that they did make an arrest of a suspect here at this 500 block of ellis. this is a busy time here. there's a lot of traffic. people should be aware that this is closed off and it sounds like it will be closed off for a while. there is a children's playground. the ellis street playground is directly across the street from where they made the arrest of the suspect. we have been told by officers they are letting families, letting parents in to get their children and escorting them out. but we talked to one person who said he was a music
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teacher and was supposed to be here so there were some children apparently in the area at the time of the arrest. no telling how long they will have this closed off. but we'll stay here and try and get an update and bring that to you if we can later on in the newscast. >> jana, do we know if the person who was arrested was on foot or was that person in a car, and did they surrender without incident? >> reporter: when got here, we didn't see the person inside a car. it appeared like it was towards the building. but again, they kept us far away. as soon as the person came out, we did see him with handcuffs but then they immediately whisked him around behind the law enforcement vehicles. they are not saying exactly who, when. we couldn't tell exactly, you know, details on the suspect. but definitely we did see them bringing somebody out here. >> do you have any descriptions of that person? did you see was it a man? >> reporter: it was hard to tell. it looked like the person had long hair. that was kind of pulled back. so we couldn't tell if it was
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a woman or a man who had long hair pulled back. but certainly, this was something where, um, it appeared to be, um, maybe a man but, you know, it's hard to tell. >> jana, we can see the video. it appeared to be a black man. i couldn't get a good look at his hair. but he appeared to be in custody. but police right now aren't directly saying that this is the man involved in the incident although from all the activity there, it certainly looks that way. >> reporter: absolutely. and, you know, when we got here, we couldn't tell if this was the only person that they had taken into custody or if there were others. certainly it sounds like henry has been out there and has been talking to the chief but at least for this stage right now, um, things seem fairly calm here. it wasn't very tense but they wanted to keep everybody back. given the apparent history that we have been hearing, um, you know, we are looking to
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see if they are getting anything -- any other evidence out of the building or if there was anything found surrounding the suspect. and at least for this point right now, this is as far as they are letting us go. >> jana, i don't know if you can answer this but initially the person who struck the officer, the bicycle officer, do you know why -- henry mentioned a gun. they were looking for a person with a gun. do you know any more about the reason that they were closing in on someone in that lexus suv? > i do not know. and certainly, you know, this is something where you know, this area -- as we have, you know, heard from some people around here, there's a lot of traffic through here. so it isn't exactly clear if there was some connection between the suspect and any of these buildings or if it was just passing by. there have been people going by who say they are staying at the hotel, who are going to the park or the corner store here. so this is an area as many people know in the tenderloin where there is a lot of traffic. and especially at this time of day. >> a lot to sort out as we
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wait to find out more about that suspect and about the officer still in critical condition at san francisco general. we'll be working on this throughout the afternoon into the evening. jana katsuyama, live in san francisco, thank you. now to the wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire broke out late monday night in boulder creek and has grown to more than 270 acres. so far four structures have been destroyed and hundreds more are threatened. six firefighters have been hurt. it's in steep terrain making it a challenge for fire crews to reach. there is progress to report. favorable weather conditions today helped firefighters double the containment. but this fire is just 10% contained. >> south bay reporter jesse gary just returned from inside the fire zone and someone find a drone, jesse, apparently stopped the firefighting efforts, at least the air effort this afternoon? >> reporter: ken, that's right. that brought things to a halt,
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although that only lasted for about an hour. we are standing on a vantage point on bear creek road and you can see behind me, kind of a smoky haze that hangs out over this section of the mountain ridge. the fires are burning about 2 miles from here. there's a slight increase in humidity. you talk about the favorable weather conditions. humidity up a bump and a slight breeze is helping but the biggest weapon in this firefight flies overhead. reporter: >> reporter: cal fire helicopters ferrying buckets of water to release over drop points was a welcome sight around midday. fire officials say the tools allow a two-pronged approach in this firefight. >> we use so many different tools to effectively and efficiently and quickly fight the fires that our aerial aircraft, firefighting resources, are one of the key tools towards those efforts. >> reporter: flames spanning 271 acres are burning to the
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north, west and east in steep terrain accessible along roads no wider than 10 feet. >> nice job, boys. >> reporter: much of the land is burned with flames still burning outside some homes in the 1600 block of dons road. four structures have been destroyed and another 150 are threatened. nearly 900 firefighters from around california and beyond are using heavy equipment and hand tools to carve out a fireline and increase containment now at only 10%. >> we are just trying to get established, like, where the perimeter is and where the lines and r and we get out there and get mopping up and get these lines secure. >> reporter: the crucial water drops have been suspended for about an hour during the morning. the problem? a drone operator launched the device and was flying above the fire zone which is a no- fly zone. >> it's a tight airspace and if we struck it it would damage our equipment or it could crash and spark another wildfire which we obviously
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don't want. >> reporter: all fire air drops were suspended until the drone was cleared from the area. officials say the loss of an hour of air support hurt their efforts. >> you can see the wind started picking up about the same time the air operations were canceled so anytime there's wind, fire has a potential to spread. we use the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to stop the spread of the fire. >> reporter: officials say the harm done by the drone's flight is not irreparable and it pales in comparison to what could happen if the winds start to pick up or the heat starts to rise but it hasn't happened. the drone operator faces citation. more trouble down here. the santa cruz sheriff's department says 54-year-old marlin coy of boulder creek was arrested on suspicion of looting. he is held in the county jail for burglary during a state emergency. his bail is set at $200,000. live in santa cruz county, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. from the firefight to the
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firefighters who were injured in this. ktvu's ann rubin reports. reporter: yeah. we have actually just learned that a 7th firefighter has been injured with burns and currently being evaluated. part of the problem here is accessibility. you can see just how steep the hills are here which means that in many cases, the firefighters are literally climbing with their equipment to reach the fire lines. reporter: out here the terrain is steep, the soil is loose and trees like this one can come down at a moment's notice. >> you have to watch out for the trees because they are hazardous. >> reporter: the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains has all right hurt 6 firefighters, one seriously. he suffered injuries to his face and wrist after falling into a ravine. another firefighter had burns to his hands. >> they are cutting lines and, you know, putting in hose and that's, you know, really hard work on these steep slopes. and so with that comes the risk of, you know, slipping and falling. >> reporter: adding to the
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challenge, many of the crews here are exhausted, having just come from other fires. this u.s. forest service hotshot team spent the last week battling the redwood complex fire near ukiah. >> just devastating to see all the homes and everything that would burn up and everything. so, um, but coming down here, um, we didn't know what -- what to expect. >> reporter: many of the crews have driven through the night to get here. most haven't seen their families or a bed for days. >> california needs some help right now. >> reporter: so they say the focus is on doing the job at hand carefully, knowing that there are 150 homes potentially in this fire's path. now, there are about 900 firefighters currently working to contain this fire. and again, we now have word that a 7th firefighter here has been injured. ken? >> ann rubin, thank you. containment levels continue to rise in the north bay wildfires. the tubbs fire in sonoma
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county is now 91% contained. the atlas fire in napa county is 83% contained. the nuns fire is 80% contained. cal fire said today more than 5,000 firefighters are on the fire lines, which is down from 11,000 from recent days. as you know, at least 42 people have died in the fires that started 10 days ago. today search and recovery efforts focused on the fountain grove neighborhood in santa rosa. we saw teams from sonoma and marin counties combing through the area of fountain grove parkway and rincon ridge circle looking for possible human remains. the sonoma county sheriff says crews are trying to locate 50 people who are still missing after the fires. ♪[ music ] it's believed to be the first lawsuit against pg&e following the deadly north bay fires. why one family accuses the utility company of negligence. >> we have rain back in the forecast at least some showers and that's going to help things quite a bit. when we come back, we'll timeline it for you. introducing fast food's first ever ribeye burger made with 100% ribeye beef, fresh spring mix and provalone cheese on a potato bun.
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introducing fast food's first made with 100% ribeye beef, fresh spring mix and provolone cheese on an artisan potato bun. yep, nailed it come try my new ribeye burgers. only at jack in the box. it is another sign of things getting back to normal of. pg&e says of the 359,000 customers in the north bay who lost power because of the wildfires, 97% now have their power back on. utility trucks were visible throughout napa county again this morning. pg&e officials say they now have permission from cal fire to access more neighborhoods to restore power to an additional 6,000 customers. one santa rosa couple is accusing pg&e of negligence in what's believed to be the first lawsuit against the utility company following the deadly fires that swept across the north bay. the couple filed the lawsuit last night. and today, they spoke out.
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"2 investigates"' candice nguyen has been going through the documents. >> reporter: ken and julie, here's the lawsuit. it is 20 pages accusing pg&e of causing the fires. it alleges negligence, violation of public utilities and health and safety code. the couple is seeking an unspecified amount of money for property and emotional harm. on wednesday, wayne and jennifer harvell of santa rosa stood with their attorney saying the fires were a foreseeable risk in the hot, dry and windy conditions. the harvells lived on mocha lane and lost their home as many other families have in the north bay. shortly after the fire started, "2 investigates" listened to hours of dispatch audio between firefighters and law enforcement. they reveal more than a dozen reports of damaged pg&e equipment, the first few hours flames broke out. a few days after that pg&e said their electric lines were impacted but pointed to extreme winds and weakened trees being the causes. wayne harvell explained why they filed so soon.
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>> 30 years we lived in that house and everything -- 34 we have been married and 30 years we lived in the house and everything is gone. so we would like to find out what happened, if there is some culpability there on pg&e's part, we want to find that out so this never happens again to anybody in the future. >> reporter: responding to the lawsuit, a pg&e spokesman released a statement saying, as the fires continue to burn, we're focus on supporting firefighting efforts to contain the fires and protect life and property. we aren't going to speculate about any of the causes of the fires and will cooperate with the reviews by any relevant regulator or agency." robin says he is preparing similar lawsuits for other fire victims. >> candice, is it too early to start filing a lawsuit like this? because investigators are still trying to figure out what started these fires. >> reporter: that's right. cal fire hasn't determined a cause. the attorneys and the family acknowledge it is early but they are concerned about preservation of evidence and saying that in the higher process of getting this, it
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will take a long time and that's why they did it now. >> they are preparing other potential lawsuits. if it's determined that pg&e is at fault, we could see hundreds or thousands of people joining together to sue pg&e. >> reporter: exactly. you can think about every person who lost home or property. so right now he didn't give a specific number but that's before cause is determined. he is already preparing lawsuits. >> thank you. with the fires in mind, we are watching the humidity, relative humidities increase, which is great news. this is right about now. you see the relative humidity, 62, 53%. when it rains at 95, 100%, something like that. when it's in the fire zone like last week, you're in the teens, 15, 14%. so you see the percents of relative humidity are increasing. tomorrow big bumps up. this is a big help for firefighters. so you see the wind shift, frontal system comes in and it
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basically starts some showers in the north bay and increases our humidity back to the 90, 90% range. the rainfall models, we'll see what happens over time. you will see green coming in. this is the north bay fire zone and somewhere around midnight tomorrow night you're going to see up to a tenth to two-tenths to half inch of rain in the fire zone. so that's great news. for the rest of us, a sprinkle or two certainly possible on the morning commute. rain is on the way. most of it will be north of here. but we still will get some moisture from this weather system here, which is great news. nice looking system. look at the cold air back there, too. it will drop snow up around hood -- there will be snow in the sierra, too. there is a winter weather watch up there. but this will be a snow producer for the northern cascades, mount rainier and baker. just an indication of the changing seasons. that's all this right now. fog back at the coast. big swell coming in. starts showing up tomorrow and it really comes in earnest on friday and saturday. big, too, like 20-foot waves so that's actually worth an
5:22 pm
advisory so you will be hearing about that. mavericks would break to 18, 20-foot waves. 80 degrees right now. 77 in walnut creek. and then outside live, you see nice looking day comparatively. air quality has completely shifted. much better than yesterday because of the relative humidity. when the relative humidity comes in on the winds, the air cleans out. there are the forecast overnight lows. tomorrow a shot for sprinkles and showers in the fire zone. the complete opposite of what we had last week at this time. >> thank you. shootings in two states on the east coast and a suspect has just been arrested. we'll have more on the workplace attack that killed three people this morning.
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two people are in critical condition tonight after an oakland house fire that left another person dead. it happened tuesday night in the lakeshore neighborhood. officials say a 67-year-old woman who died was trapped on an upper floor. she was rescued by firefighters but died later at a hospital. two other adults and two children escaped the fire and were not injured. he cause is under investigation. san jose police are
5:26 pm
investigating a deadly stabbing that happened overnight. police received a report of a pern stabbed at 12:20 this morning. the person was stabbed this morning. officers located the victim. that man was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. police still have not released the victim's name and say no suspects are in custody. the san jose city council narrowly approved a new modified gun control law late last night. it requires gun owners to lock up their guns anytime they leave their homes. it includes putting a trigger lock on guns or putting them into a lock box. the new policy does not penalize gun owners who report a stolen firearm within 24 hours to make sure that stolen guns are still reported. violators could be fined $1,000 and up to 6 months in prisons. the new law starts december 1. just minutes ago police say they arrested the suspect in a maryland office park shooting where three people were killed. investigators say the deadly rampage began when the gunman
5:27 pm
killed three workers and critically wounded two others at a maryland kitchen countertop business where he works. police say the suspect then drove to a car dealership in wilmington, delaware, where he critically wounded another man. investigators say these were not random shootings. still ahead tonight, the north bay doctor who told his family to get out of their home as the firestorm approached. then he jumped into action to save other lives. coming up next, how that doctor used his motorcycle to help save newborn babies from the deadly fire. >> plus, the north bay insurance agent who turned his office into a shelter for people and animals who had to abandon their homes. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months
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containment is growing in the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. right now, the fire is 10% contained up from 5% last night. the fire has burned more than 270 acres. 7 firefighters have been injured battling it. so far four structures have been destroyed and hundreds more are still threatened at this hour. the fire is burning in steep rugged terrain making it a challenge for fire crews to get to. >> there are still 50 people missing in sonoma county after the north bay fires but today authorities expressed hope that many will be found alive. in napa counties, the number of people unaccounted for is down to 5. 42 people lost their lives in the fires.
5:31 pm
today on the "four on 2" cal fire told us that containment efforts are going well with the largest fires, with them more than 80% contained. >> we have continued to make good progress across northern california. the cooler temperatures a little bit higher humidities obviously helping us out. many of the fires getting very close to full containment. now, there was some smoke early this morning on a couple of the fires due to firing operations. that was us putting fire on the ground in a controlled environment to help burn out the fuel but a little bit of rain in the forecast going to continue to help our efforts. we have been able to lift a number of evacuations, specifically down in napa county as we continue to look at areas that were evacuated from the atlas fire. so each day we are letting more and more people back into their homes. we went from about 100,000 people evacuated down to about 22,000 as of today and we are working hard to get the remaining residents back into their homes. >> cal fire said today more
5:32 pm
than 5,000 firefighters are on the fire lines which is down from 11,000 in recent days. with the immediate fire emergency over in many neighborhoods, long process of making insurance claims and rebuilding is beginning. ktvu's tom vacar joins us from santa rosa's findley community center where insurance companies have set up one of many mobile response teams. tom. >> reporter: you know, for lack of a better word, it's a catastrophe camp. what i mean by that is, that insurers come in, in large volumes and try to take care of these claims as quickly as they possibly can so there isn't an issue like the oakland hills fire with a big fight. depending this time around this could be a new beginning or a fight. >> so that's -- then on tuesday night we were able to go back and that's when we got my truck. reporter: nine years ago, petaluma state farm insurance agent miguel afaro converted a former gas station into his
5:33 pm
office. on that first horrible night of the fires, he saw two huge fires in the mountains above his santa rosa home. >> a lot of wind that night. >> reporter: after midnight with the fires closing in, alfaro and most of his neighbors began leaving thinking their neighborhood would burn. >> we realized at that point that things were not good. you can hear the explosions happening at fountain grove so do you the math and it's okay, this thing gets here from napa in three hours, in the next two hours it's going to be here. >> reporter: the alfaros gathered up a prepacked kit full of essential documents and mementos. their kids and their dog and some friends they all went to his petaluma office. >> we camped for the whole week. we were sleeping inside our office with my kids, another neighbor and another friend came by with her three kits. >> reporter: one night 10 people and one dog roomed together in alfaro's insurance office. nonetheless, alfaro was available to his clients and fielded many incoming customer
5:34 pm
calls. >> for me to be 100% for them there, the first thing is i needed to make sure my family is safe. as long as they were close to me and here in a safer place, i knew we were able to deal with anything else that comes our way. >> reporter: as many are learning, insurance claims are complicated, hard to understand, and very bureaucratic, given the huge sums of money involved. but the state of california has put the insurance industry on notice that it expects customers to get what they paid for in a timely manner. >> i think that this is a great opportunity for insurance companies to show how responsive they are to the community's need and the needs of the individual policyholders. i'd hate to have a story about an insurance company that's not there for people at an incredibly vulnerable time. >> reporter: and so it would appear that alfaro's way really is a better way. and by the way, mr. alfaro's house was spared from the
5:35 pm
firestorm. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, how long will those mobile units be there for people? >> reporter: they will be here quite a while. and while the number may decrease over time, there will still be people here throughout the entire recovery. back in the oakland fire, one of the complaints was it was changing from agent to agent to agent. in many cases now, they will assign somebody to this and they will actually be here for months or years on end to actually deal with this. so you're not dealing with a multiplicity of people. and that is a real improvement from the days of the oakland fire and, um, certainly one that is being welcomed by people that are trying to settle their claims because it takes a long time to do this. there's nothing easy about this. >> yeah. a long process. all right, tom vacar at the findley community center in santa rosa tonight. tom, thank you. the same wildfires that destroyed northern california wineries also took a toll on the region's marijuana farms. the fires broke out just as growers were about to begin a critical harvest as recreational marijuana becomes
5:36 pm
legal in a few months in california. the california growers association says at least 31 marijuana farms were destroyed and many more were damaged by flames and smoke. that number is expected to rise once farmers return to their properties. still, the damage is expected to have little effect on the state's overall marijuana economy because there are thousands of growers out there who are not affected. nfl owners gathered to try to reach a compromise on the kneeling protest during the national anthem. today the nfl said it wouldn't change policies that requires players to stand. coming up, rehear from a member of the 49ers who was at that owners meeting. >> plus, attorney general jeff sessions goes in front of congress. the questions he refused to answer when he was asked about russia.
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
.s. attorney general jeff sessions refused to answer some questions today during a senate judiciary hearing on capitol hill this morning. he wouldn't respond to questions about alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election citing the confidentiality of his conversations with president trump. sessions had that same response when california senator dianne feinstein asked him about the president's controversial decision to fire fbi director james comey amid the russian investigation. >> did the president ever mention to you his concern about lifting the cloud on the
5:40 pm
russia investigation? >> senator feinstein, that calls for a communication that i have had with the president and i believe it remains confidential. >> senator feinstein and other members of the committee were clearly frustrated with sessions' response. they wanted to know what role, if any, he played in comey's firing. a second judge has blocked president trump's latest attempt at a travel ban that was supposed to go into effect today. yesterday, a hawaii judge blocked the order then late last night a maryland judge issued a similar ruling. the courts say the order amounts to muslim ban and violates federal law that prohibits discrimination based on nationality. justice department said today it will, quote, appeal in an expedition. manner, continue to find for the implementation of the president's order and exercise our duties to protect the american people. there is more trouble tonight for the weinstein company. this time, it involves the brother of harvey weinstein. bob weinstein is now accused of sexually harassing an
5:41 pm
executive producer at the weinstein studio. according to variety magazine, the producer claims weinstein repeatedly made romantic overtures to her and asked her to join him for private dinners. a representative for bob weinstein denies that he engaged in any inappropriate behavior. this comes after dozens of women have come forward to accuse harvey weinstein of sexual harassment and assault and rape. the sexual harassment social media hashtag me two has prompted a gold medal gymnast to come forward with allegations of her own. mckayla maroney says she was sexually molested by former usa gymnastics team doctor larry naser for seven years. it started when she was 13, she says, and ended last year when she retired from the sport. naser is in prison in michigan after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography. he has been sued by more than 125 women alleging abuse. a two-day owners meeting yet no changes for the nfl's
5:42 pm
national anthem policy. coming up next, the 49er player who went to those meetings in new york. he will talk about what happened coming up next. >> pretty good news on the weather front for air quality. you noticed that today. it's cooler and moister and there's rain in the forecast. it will certainly have a huge impact on the north bay and the santa cruz mountains fire. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni.
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♪ ♪ ♪ the nfl is not changing its national anthem policy to require players to stand during the national anthem.
5:45 pm
this after the final day of nfl league meetings in new york. commissioner goodell said altering the language from should stand to must stand was not discussed during the meeting between team owners, players and their union representatives. but goodell did reiterate that the league and its 32 clubs believe everyone should stand for the national anthem saying, it's an important part of the game. goodell also said the league is listening to players and plans to collaborate with them on issues like criminal justice reform. >> i think we have a great opportunity here with our players to really work together and to try to help and make differences in our community. >> the commissioner says only about half a dozen players are actually protesting and he said he hopes to get that number to zero without changing the rules. one of the players who started "taking a knee" last year is eric reid. he was in new york with the owners this week. joe fonzi is here now with the story. >> reporter: eric part of that dialogue and he talked to the
5:46 pm
media today with the 49ers normal press opportunity. the protest that started last season with colin kaepernick that made the 49ers ground zero for anything that has to do with whether or not players should stand for the national anthem. when attention was first brought to the issues, kaepernick's teammate eric reid was one of the first to join in the protest. reid attended the meetings with the commissioner yesterday and felt the dialogue was productive. >> i think it went well. it was a start. had a lot of good conversation. i think we're on the path toward what colin and i were looking toward with protesting. nfl has agreed to a long-term plan. >> nobody should disrespect the flag and do all that stuff. i think i have made it clear that by talking to the people who do that, that's not their intentions. so that's what's made me understand, um, why they are doing it. um, i definitely hope there comes a point where we don't feel the need to but i know
5:47 pm
myself to respect people's rights and opinions. >> reid was asked if he would continue to kneel on sunday when the 49ers host the cowboys and he said yes. the raiders have a quicker turnaround this week than the 49ers. oakland hosts kansas city tomorrow night in a game that has to be considered a must- win. after entering the season as a team talking about super bowl aspirations oakland has now lost four in a row and has in danger of falling out of the afc west race making the game critical the fact that it's against the chiefs. the division leaders come to town with a 5-1 record. >> it's a division game which, you know, really counts for two. they usually do. you want to go out there and, you know, beat one of the best teams in football. we have them coming to our place on a short week, um, so all the challenges are there. everything, you know, is pushing our back against the wall but one thing i know we're gone in a do is come out, you know, on thursday night and fight but we are definitely excited to have them coming to our place this week. >> sometimes feel like we are in the middle of everything
5:48 pm
going on. >> it does. a lot of stuff going on. did eric reid say today what he would like -- elaborate on what he would like to see happen? >> i think people are disappointed that it's politically hijacked. they had a point to make. you can argue whether this is the place to make it. but all the players who have taken a knee are distressed by the fact that it became about that instead of the original point. he feels like there is dialogue opening up in that regard with the commissioner. >> it's so complicated and twisted around. the idea that you would be forced to stand -- i mean, when you go to school as a little child, i remember there are other kids who didn't do the pledge of allegiance because of religious reasons. if you were requiring players to stand for this and make that some kind of a law or something, it's a slippery slope. >> it would have to be a requirements, something that would have to be collectively bargained as well as with the players association which it has not been but you're right,
5:49 pm
i mean, the first amendment doesn't say you have freedom of speech as long as it's popular with the majority of people. you have freedom of speech and then that could be popular or unpopular and you have the right to express whether you like what i'm doing or not as well and that's what the players are trying to say with this and the 49ers have backed them up officially with what that team policy is about that. >> we have football, we have a baseball play-offs and we have the warriors. we'll talk about the warriors later on in sports. >> thank you. >> fun game last night that just ended a little short. >> not how we would have liked on ring night. >> joe, thank you. >> sure. ♪[ music ] all righty. we have changes coming the opposite of last week when we had the offshore flow wind coming from here to here offshore off the land and now you can even see in the upper atmosphere where this weather system is and even lower atmosphere it's onshore and so that's the difference between red flag warnings, wind advisories -- well, not necessarily wind advisories. air quality issues, the difference in this wind direction. this wind direction here is not going to get you a red
5:50 pm
flag warning. it's not going to get you bad air quality issues. the other will. so it's the exact opposite. so with that said, under you to see the relative humidity increases. that's really mainly for the bear fire and the fires to the north bay. before the showers get here tomorrow night and into friday morning, mostly overnight thursday night. but before they get in hereby the humidity is going to thing up and moisten up and that's the difference. if i had done this same map a week ago, these numbers would be 12, 13, 15. instead they are forecast tomorrow morning to be in the 90 percentile. with that said, you can see the sure where they are coming in. these are the fire zones. how much will they get? not a lot but enough to help the growth and spread and containment of these fires. so up to three-tenths in some players. the story really is then rain on the way for thursday evening. that's into friday morning. then kind of just starts to warm up again next week. these were the highs from today. not bad. it will be cooler tomorrow.
5:51 pm
next couple days. the warmest days was a couple of days ago. temperatures are generally trending down. there's our weather system. come in close, you see some high clouds, fog back along the coast. that fog is going to be around a little bit tomorrow, too, until it mixes out when that front gets here. look at the air quality. when is the last time could you say that? we are fortunate in the bay area to have some of the finest air quality of any urban setting or city in the world because you have 4,000 miles of clean pacific ocean that the air scrubs across before it gets here. and the last week or so, it wasn't that way at all. you get a feel for what it's like somewhere else like beijing or other places where the air quality is not good. tomorrow showers, cool on friday, snow flurries in the mountains and warms up into the weekend. there's the shower activity. there's tomorrow night. then boom, about 11, 12:00. then see ya, gets out of there quickly friday afternoon
5:52 pm
marked by clearing. forecast highs, like that. so it's cooler. and then the five-day forecast like that. so it looks good. i think it's a -- i'm pleasantly happy, surprised, um, and heartened that this weather is turning out this way. because if we had two weeks like last week or even not been so aggressively cooler, we would be in serious trouble. >> giving everybody a break. >> oh, my gosh. >> bill, thank you. the north bay fires are still burning. but there are signs of things getting back to normal in wine country. up and down the napa valley, businesses are starting to re- open. coming up next, business owners say they are ready to move forward.
5:53 pm
how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ you need to stay away from it. downcall 911. ine, let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building.
5:55 pm
call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ now that containment is up around 80 to 90% for the wildfires burning in napa county, wineries and businesses in the napa valley are starting to re-open their doors. as allie rasmus allie rasmus reports, they want to make sure people know they are open. >> reporter: shops are open for business in calistoga. it's a welcome change from a week ago when the town of 5,000 people had to evacuate because of the north bay wildfires. >> they are starting to come alive again, yeah. it's definitely, you know, this is the bakery is, like, the best place in town and people are starting to come back in. >> hoping we get a lot of people back soon because it's
5:56 pm
something we need. october is a very busy time. >> reporter: authorities lifted evacuation orders for calistoga on sunday. the town's mayor says most hotels and businesses are now gearing up to welcome visitors as early as this weekend. >> we are a tourism-driven economy. it's how the majority of the people who have been impacted make their living. so we want to get back to a new sense of normal. >> reporter: also in napa county, several miles south of calistoga, businesses in downtown napa echoed that same message. >> we're back and we're functioning and most every, single business is at full speed. we have a huge block party on friday. a lot of the downtown businesses are participating and it's going to be fun. we're back. >> reporter: just yesterday when we were in this spot along the st. helena highway in oakville, you could see smoke billowing from the nuns fire in the hills behind this iconic napa valley sign. now the smoke is starting to dissipate and the three major fires that have been burning in napa county for the past week and a half are no longer
5:57 pm
threatening the community. just outside the town of st. helena, workers at the martin vineyards made their status clear with a homemade sign. >> we put that out yesterday. we have some tourists that are here but people are a little scared that -- not sure if we're open, not sure if they want to come in. so we have to put a little extra nudge out there, like, hey, we're here! we're open. we want to see you. let's drink some wine together. >> reporter: the staff here says they not only have wine to share, but also some incredible personal stories of survival, evacuations and the kindness they have experienced in this community during a very stressful past 10 days. in napa counties, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. we're learning more about a santa rosa doctor's dangerous mission to save newborn babies from the deadly tubbs fire. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us how dr. scott witt used his motorcycle to help save the
5:58 pm
day. reporter: the rescues have been heroic. dr. scott witt director of sutter regional hospital's neonatal icu never thought he would be pulling off a rescue to save babies. >> i got a call at 2 a.m. basically, saying that there was some fire encroaching on the hospital so we might have to evacuate. >> reporter: dr. witt told his family to leave their fountain grove home as flames lapped at the edges of the hospital. >> i left in my truck but couldn't get very far because the freeway at that time already had flames going across it. >> reporter: so the 45-year- old did what any unassuming physician in charge of evacuating eight preemies might do. he switched his truck for his bmw. motorcycle, that is. >> in california, you can split lanes so i just went down the middle of the lanes and got past everybody. >> reporter: for four miles, he weaved through traffic, rode on the shoulder and slid through gravel. you can see just how close the fire got to the hospital so when dr. witt finally arrived, he and his medical staff loaded the babies know ambulances to be transported
5:59 pm
to a hospital six miles away. it took three hours for several trips. >> incredible. amazing. makes me proud. you know, they are worried about their own family and yet they stayed here. >> reporter: dr. witt's mission wasn't over. he then rode to santa rosa memorial tailing an ambulance closely. >> there were downed pure lines that were live that we had to roll over. >> reporter: he said he felt the babies needed him. >> if my baby was in the hospital, i mean, i'm a little biased but i would totally want them to be in some hands like scott's. >> reporter: the family's home is destroyed but they have each other and things are back to normal at the hospital, where dr. witt is now being called the james dean of neonatal. >> that's not really my personality. it's just more of you got to get done what has to be done. >> reporter: in santa rosa, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[ music ] a san francisco police officer on patrol on a bicycle is in critical condition tonight after being hit by an
6:00 pm
suv. and investigators have tracked down the suspect who is now in custody. that officer underwent surgery late today and is now in intensive care at san francisco general hospital. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. we begin with the developing news out of the city. the suspect was arrested this afternoon in the tenderloin. it appears the driver of this beige lexus suv intentionally ran down the officer who was on a bike. there are several scenes across the city and the officer was struck around 12:30 this afternoon at turk and franklin not far from city hall. the vehicle was located a short time later near golden gate park. and the suspect was taken into custody about 3:30 this afternoon at an apartment building on ellis street. we have live team coverage now from ktuv's henry lee at san francisco general hospital where that injured officer is still in icu. henry. >> reporter: ken, we have


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