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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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popeye's chicken on the menu and plans to reach out to popeye to create a partnership with that fast food restaurant.>> today at nine, i am busy, things i need to do. they have to be done. we're live with the psychologist about trauma following the wildfires and how fast - - for lost in change. we hear from a family suing pg&e for negligence in the north bay fires.>> stephen i will speak to bruce campbell about his career. thursday morning right here, giving you a live look at the san francisco bay, overcast skies. 9:00, the storm is brewing up in the pacific trying to make it way into town. welcome to the nine everyone. kansas city chiefs made it - -
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made it into town. the game tonight. the raiders trying to get a must win for their fans.>> we had 6 to 7 inches of rain last of october. mark was saying that. this month really nothing. it's nice to see the overcast skies. the firefighters and residents were living in the communities continue to burn and want the rain to hit>> we could which - - i wish we could reach out and pull it closer. >> if it rains, he will have our hands full with the commute not just here but everywhere. >> we are continuing to keep you up-to-date on the developing news about the northern california fire that is the least contained this morning. that's the one burning in the santa cruz mountains the air fire, it has burned 320 acres. 4 structures had been destroyed
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including one home and 150 others remain in the line of danger. hundreds of people forced into evacuation centers. fire officials gave some good news for some move it - - to have been evacuated.>>reporter: remember the first day of the fire we heard about 150-200 homes the back - - evacuated. now some welcome news. people who live on skyline boulevard and they are being allowed home and south of bear creek. the evacuation orders lifted. depending that the officials allow you. they still have the order in place. those areas include bear creek canyon road, deer creek road, - - don's road and surrounding areas. fire crews started this morning talking about the progress they made so far. they worked hard and held the
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fire to 300 they worked hard and held the fire to 320 acres 30% containment. they are hoping for the weather. we got a look at some of the progress the crews are making and the obstacles they are facing. one major obstacle is the steep inaccessible terrain. that's why aerial support is so important. the water drops had to be suspended for one hour after someone flew a drone in the area. they don't want to cause - - of spark. residents are being - - experts and responders are urging residents to listen and to stay alert. >> there's still a lot of active fire. we want to remind residents that even though orders had been downgraded, there's still
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a possibility and chance that they are going to have to be reordered or to leave at any time. one final factor in all of this, the weather. some good news and bad news, first bad news, the winds are predicted to come in today. windier now than it was this morning. that can help propel flames and push members. - - members. good news, behind a win, possibility of rain. they are hoping we get a bit of rain, it will help cool down the area and help keep the fire under control. and if they get enough rain to help put some fires out and that will be a welcome sight. they are hoping's - - for the weather to turn. firefighters are making some good progress against northbay wildfires. tubbs, atlas and - - are more
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than 80% contained and the pocket fire is 73% contained up 10% since last night. crews are turning their attention to searching the debrief for some people who are still missing. they have confirmed at least 42 people died that started 11 days ago and 6800 buildings mostly homes had been destroyed. crews are getting more control over the fires burning and mendocino and lake counties. most people were evacuated. they had been allowed to go back home now. they burn through 36,000 acres and 85% contained. the sulfur fire started in lake county is 96% contained in its burned through 2200 acres. now fires expanded overnight and - - - - >> the white house says president trump has no immediate plans to visit california to see devastation caused by the wildfires.
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president tweeted about the california wildfires for the first time yesterday saying, our hearts are with all of said did by the wildfires in california and thinking the first responders and fema. he did travel to houston and puerto rico after the hurricane. governor jerry brown issued an executive order. it includes sonoma, napa, mendocino counties and provisions to suspend planning and zoning requirements and state fees for mobile home parks. it prevents people from price gouging, increasing rents by more than 10%. the order includes hiring more workers for recovery operations. it's been traumatic for thousands of people in napa and sonoma county who lost everything and for many more who had been watching the buyers. it's important for people to recognize the effects of grief and trauma after a disaster. we're joined live by psychologist doctor dan
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peters. let's start with individuals who is - - comes to you who lost their home and everything maybe not insured. what do you say? >> it's a good question. a lot of people don't know what to say and say a lot which may not be helpful. we have to surround ourselves and be present in the face of the trauma. first, listen. a lot of times we think we have to do something but maybe we just need to listen. they want to talk about it and they may be a little dazed. there's grief and trauma and coping. when we do say something it doesn't have to be perfect. i'm so glad you're okay. how are you doing right now?
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a lot of times how are you doing, how is everything? how do you think i'm doing i lost everything. and then when he comes to what can we do, tell us what we can do. that's not that helpful when someone is in shock or grief they don't want to ask word don't know what to ask. ask specifically, can i walk your dog , can i get groceries, can i fill up your car. would you like to stay with us question mark actual examples so they can choose.>> we interviewed a woman who had four children and she was looking for a - - her baby falling off the bed, we were overwhelmed with the response of people saying i have a playpen. i can give you that it's hard to put the burden on the victim to express the need. what about me as a well-meaning friend, i love to cook can i bring you some dinners for next week. can i load up your freezer, is it okay to take that forward? >> a lot of people appreciate it and they don't have the
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words. take the step to help intangible ways. yesterday i was driving and my daughter was in the car, she saw a fire truck , she said daddy, is that firetruck going to santa rosa and she started asking questions, i am not aware that she had been watching the news i thought she didn't care. my wife and i had been talking about it when they pick up on it. for young children we keep it simple. yes it's going over there to help out. it will be okay. young kids who are removed from it we want to make them feel okay. older kids who have sophisticated questions, with the shootings, you want to be real and honest but also not increase fear. we want them to feel secure which is different than what we tell kids who have experienced trauma. what about strength in numbers, when it comes to the victims how important is it to connect and let them know
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they are not alone? there's not just two homes that burned, these are thousands of homes. and to drive home at a point where you need to organize and come together because if there's an insurance meeting you will be together. . they are not isolated by themselves. >> that's a great analogy. people need to not feel alone. they need to be connected. for all of us who know people, we want to stay in touch and connect and let them know we are there and caring and they matter. >> and that they connect with each other. victims coming together to organize. >> i will take you back to last week, in santa rosa on tuesday, people are coming home seeing burned out homes for the first time. a lot of adrenaline and we were going to fix this and a week now, reality is setting in.
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forecast for me a month, six months, it's the normal progression? >> this will take a while and it will be varying for different people. there tends to be a shock and denial. and a stage called heroism. ready to get in there, make it happen. and make changes. humor comes in there and after a while the reality sets in and it could be tough. it could be days you are overwhelmed and the loss hits. what i would say, just know it's not just going to end and going to be okay, when it fades in the background and everyone is going about in their lives, there will be a lot of rebuilding emotionally, mentally and the need to change over time. a month later, or two months later, that's maybe you need to reach out and get extra help.
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>> time is on their side. >> thank you so much. coming up next, san francisco police officer in critical condition after a hit-and-run. we have the latest on his condition and the investigation. >> a 13-year-old boy sat shot and killed. friends and families search for answers.
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taking a peek at the above the 23,000 marks. stop dropping down more than 42 points. >> police officer is at the hospital. officers were trying to stop and question a man. what is the latest?>> he's in critical
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condition, and intensive care. we went through surgery last night and came out okay. he has been in intensive care since then. we have seen more officers present here at the hospital. police are not releasing his name. it was around 12:20 pm when they got a call about an officer down in the area of turk - - between vanness and franklin. police say the officer was the road but at least struck the driver of an suv. the driver was a man they were trying to stop and question about a possible firearm violation. officers observed the suspect in a vehicle they believed was in a possession of a firearm. it appears he became aware of the officer's presence and fled the scene. a few hours after
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the hit-and-run, the police found the vehicle, a cream- colored suv with the front and damaged. the police arrested the man who they believed was the driver. he was arrested in the tenderloin. he did not appear to our - - to resist arrest. police have not yet released the name of the suspect of the man they arrested yesterday. the officer who was seriously injured was told that he had been in the police department for the past 4 years. police are looking for whoever shot and killed a 13-year-old boy. the eighth-grader is oakland's youngest homicide victim. he was too young to die and on seminary avenue on east oakland, a grieving mother gathered and community members came to come - - to console her.>> the thought of losing a
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child making them go crazy. we came and talked to them. spot annabelle andreas ramirez had already be in a the country for a year. tuesday night, he was received a text to meet a friend in the 2600 block of seminary avenue and was shot multiple times. his body found slumped on the bench were candles burned and his picture remains text - - taped to the wall. >> i heard the gunshots and - - we saw the body laying there. we have no - - they don't know why, there's no reason or anything. >> pronounced dead on - - at the scene. they found it senseless.>> grief counselors had been talking to students and teachers came to the vigil tonight and many of the schools still trying to cope. everybody is still in shock. he was young and very quiet, a good kid.
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i don't think anybody expected this to happen. it's unreal. >> the family from guatemala speaks very little english. >> where trying to raise money to help the family. >> please continue to get some answers. i hope that for the next kids i get in my room and the kids after that , i want to make sure they know that you have options. >> community organizers are hoping that the money raised will help the family and they are in dire straits. 30 are no closer to finding the suspect responsible for this crime. coming up next, a lawsuit fight - - filed against pg&e in the wake of the devastating fires. we hear from the couple who said negligence is to blame.
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens,
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to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. welcome back. steve, we're doing the weather. we will talk to breeze - - bruce campbell. he asked me about the traffic. he's worried about getting back to san francisco. >> you said don't you worry. i know people. >> i will give you a personalized traffic report. >> very nice. >> can you give him a personalized weather report ? >> and northeast winds, hot conditions, favorable for a much cooler pattern. some rain looks to be on the way but not until this evening. may take overnight tonight. i think 4th quarter if it arrives on time it could slow down.
9:22 am
partly mostly cloudy mild, southwinds. pattern change, higher humidity cooler. precept continues to come in, i would think it will be scaled back a bit. it will give everybody some measurable rain, the first cold front of the season. we will take it. it really ramped up the low cloud deck from the north from - - calistoga north word, 4/10 of an inch maybe half inch farther north. lesser amounts, if we can get some and boulder creek, that will be good. low clouds, made an appearance finally. the higher humidity and cooler temps. 50s, westwind, 30 to 40 for some high elevations. cloudy and mostly cloudy.
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it will continue to come in and give us some rain tonight and early tomorrow. drizzle already this morning. it will lighten up a bit and morning rain clearing cooler, breezy pattern and good air quality. warmer weather kicks in sunday and monday. a congresswoman who said president trump made insensitive remarks during a phone call to the widow of a soldier is calling for an investigation into the circum- dances of the death. frederica wilson said she was in the car with the widow of army sergeant ladavid johnson on tuesday they were on their way to the airport to meet the coffin. president trump told johnson's wife quote he knew what he was signing up for" the president denies her account of the phone call. i did not say what the congresswoman said, i did not say at all she knows it and she's not now not saying it. i did not say what she said. and i would like her to make the segment again.>> johnson's family ask questions about his
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death and he was killed along with three other soldiers by isis linked militants in an ambush during an anti-terror operation. why were they not protected? how were they able to - - able to be overrun by terrorist? when they are there to train the army. they did not go there to fight this is mr. trump's benghazi and all of this about the widow is a cover-up. the pentagon says it is conducting a review into the attack. president trump pushing congress to act on tax reform. he met with the both parties yesterday. he's looking for support for his tax reform proposal. most republicans are on board but it will be hard to win support from democrats who say it does not do enough for middle-class families and mostly help the wealthy. the senate will vote on a
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budget resolution. academy award winner morgan freeman is set to play colin powell in an upcoming movie about the retired four-star general life. it is called powell, it will be focused on his time during the george w. bush administration and lead up to the iraqi war. he pushed for military action the to remove iraqi dictator saddam hussein from power citing evidence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq. that evidence was later discredited and power criticized his decision to invade iraq. disney on ice playing at the center. one of the stars who is from the city of santa rosa. ahead of his bay area performances. ces.
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we all know the big one is coming in the bay area today, it's about the pairing - - preparedness. we are live underway and the google campus and we will talk to emergency officials about the great way you can be ready.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible
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and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. firefighters slowed the growth of the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. it started on monday night and burnt 320 acres. the bear fire is 30% contained. that is up from 15 last night. fire officials say the crews continue to make progress and some people evacuated might be allowed to return home today. seven firefighters have been hurt and two are in the hospital. investigators are working to figure out what started the fire. firefighters in the north they making progress. the tubbs fire 92% contained.
9:29 am
the atlas fire 85% and the - - 82%. they are small but important increases in the amount of control they are gaining. they have a line around all of the fires. the pocket fire burning near geyserville is 73% contained an 10% increase from last night. sonoma county officials are holding meetings to discuss getting people safely back. the first meeting starts at 1:00 this afternoon at the sonoma veterans memorial building. the second meeting is tonight at the santa rosa high school gym. that starts at 6:00. both are expected to last two hours and include information about cleaning up property and some things that are burned and quite dangerous. scott alonso with the - - spoke with us with some common things in the burned homes that are relatively safe before the
9:30 am
firebird now are very dangerous. - - fire, but now are very dangerous, as best as the top concerns. cleaning materials from households. electronics such as tv. refrigerators, larger scale appliances. all those items can contain toxic materials specially if they have been burnt and you are trying to touch them or move them, without the proper equipment or expertise can release toxins into the air and harm you and your children and your family. today's meeting will include how to find a licensed contractor to remove the item safely as well as the ash from the fire which can be toxic because of what has burned. a family is suing pg&e claiming the company's negligence caused the north bay fires, we have more on the lawsuit and pg&e response. they don't explain to you
9:31 am
how devastating it is and they come back to your house. wayne and jennifer - - say when they bought their home 30 years ago, it was just a lot. >> we are back to a lot on the map. everything of any value to us personally was in the home. >> if there's some responsibility - - by pg&e, we need to find out. >> the harvell's brought a lawsuit against pg&e. the attorney said it's likely of multiple from other victims. the lawsuit alleges that it was due to their negligence in maintaining their lines and surrounding vegetation. cal fire are yet to determine the cause. they were concerned about waiting too long to file. we are concerned about typical things in major litigation, preservation of evidence. we are also concerned about the
9:32 am
time it takes to go through the procedural process to be able to start discovery. >> 2 investigates went through audio recorded the first hours of the north bay fires. they revealed dozens of reports of downed lines flowing transformers and flames. pg&e says its equipment was impacted but pointed to the extreme winds and weekend trees. they did not see any lines down as they escape their homes. i have no idea where the fire was because you can barely breathe or see. when asked about the lawsuit, pg&e e responded in part as the first continue to burn, we're focused on supporting firefighting efforts to come they - - contain the fire and protect life and property. we're not going to speculate about the causes of the fire and will cooperate with the reviews for any relevant
9:33 am
agencies. >> it happened to our neighbors and there will be more stepping forward. in regard to the concern about preservation of evidence, last friday, state regulators told pg&e to preserve all evidence of failed pools, conductors and any equipment possibly connected to the fires. people all over including those who do not live here anymore had been impact by the fires. the new production of disney on ice is playing at the snp center and one of the skaters is from santa rosa. he joins us live, welcome. let's talk about the visit what was your reaction when you went back and you traveled around santa rosa? >> it was a bit surreal that i've been hearing about it, my family evacuated for a week. they could not go to school. it was a lot for me. i did not know what to expect. i saw the pictures but it's not
9:34 am
like seeing it live. it's kind of a relief to be here and give santa rosa my love and support. >> the timing of your tour lines up for you to be here you could have been anywhere in the world but you have been everywhere in the world in far- flung locations. >> it's been nice. it lined up pretty good. >> when you are on the ice, your heart and mind as heavy, you have to bring out the show must go on. i you able to bring it when you are on stage? >> skating has been that skate for me and if i am sad or upset and angry i go on ice and i forget it. i perform i become the character theirs. it's - - i made a connection with them and bringing their childhood stories to life. maybe they never got a
9:35 am
chance to go to disneyland or disney world and this is there one chance. you bring that. >> definitely. we have an eclectic - - it's something for everyone. we have one of the oldest - - all the way to frozen. the kids go nuts. there's something for everyone. >> i am 100 years old. back when i was little, you have princesses who needed a preteens to rescue them and other moms and friends little girls - - they have gotten with the times and much more modern image of a princess. >> it's all about the character, showing how it's important to follow your heart and to you don't need a prince and you don't need anything but. that's our motto. >> what about traveling around, - - they change, is that affect
9:36 am
you when you go? is it the first thing you look at we're going to - - because this is type of ice. >> it does change, even the ice change every week, depending on the building sometimes we call them headers and 10 or at six. we have to either scale down the program or push them out. it depends on the building. >> how much do you rehearse? >> we usually have a day to rehearse. and we get together and they go over the program. . >> now that you're back at home, is there one treat luxury something you want to do that you can do here in the bay area? >> probably the food. san francisco has the best food. i had been taking my friends around to the places and one luxury is just getting to show them what i grew up with and what i love. >> i like that you happen to
9:37 am
be in skating, it was your sister in the ice first and your brothers skate free, and look at you now.>> he will have fun. i like it. >> you miss the competition? >> yeah. it's a different kind of aspect of skating generally performing and being competitive. right now i do it because i love it and to connect to the audience and i am not being judged. i've fallen they don't hate me.>> disney on ice on the website, look for it and you can find it on the mobile app, thank you for coming in. we appreciate you taking the time to come in. wishing your family the best. an hour away from the start of the world's largest earthquake drill. millions of people will drop, cover and hold on during the great california shake out.
9:38 am
joining us from the city - - google headquarters. the committee to prepare? >>reporter: a couple things. want to talk about how to stay safe when the shaking starts and you have a large earthquake we are inside the simulator, it is parked on the campus. i am here with a couple friends from google. some employees who are taking part in the shakeout. when the shaking starts, you drop, cover and hold on. how did you do? >> it startling. . >> have you been through anything like that? >> not this big. >> that is a 7.0 earthquake the whole idea is the simulator so the folks get an idea of what to do when the shaking starts, drop, cover and hold on.
9:39 am
thank you very much. my new friends from google. i want to bring in daniel, with the city of san francisco, you are part of a team to make sure that san franciscans are ready for the next big one. what do you do to prepare them? >> we want to honor the messaging, we want to present it in a different way. a lot of messaging they get 10 to be in the fear side you should be afraid and do this, this is america, we want to celebrate and have experiences. was a better experience than having a block party. we created a neighbor fast. getting together have a barbecue and meeting each other. gently slip in preparedness information so it's part of the community and integrating. they look at it as if mine neighborhood is getting ready, should i? >> whether it's an earthquake
9:40 am
or a large wildfire like what we saw in the north bay, people who know their neighbors are more likely to help. >> in a disaster.>> is one of the best in the world, we are known for having a great firefighter and police department. when you have an event that strikes the area, 8.3 million people, the neighbors will be the front line of support. not just four minutes but for days. we saw a lot of heroic acts of neighbors. thank you very much for talking with us. you can see they have the big shaker in the google campus this morning. it's part of the great california shake out, 35,000 employees in the mountain view campus will be dropping, covering and holding on at 10:19 am this morning. schoolchildren, people in
9:41 am
businesses, colleges and university will be taking part in the large scale drill. the big one is coming and it's a matter of being prepared and being ready. coming up next, controversy at a restaurant in long beach, the accusation that one of the menu items taste very similar at a popular chain >> you know him from the evil dead movies, actor bruce campbell is here.
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bringing in steve because he is a big fan of our next guest, you know him from movies like evil dead and tv show burn notice. he is in the - - bay area for a book signing bruce campbell joins us live this morning. this is a follow-up. >> it is a sequel. the publishers were uncomfortable of me calling it a sequel. it is a book about movies, it is funny. >> it is 15 years after the first book came out and a lot of other weird happened. let us do another one. >> 15 years from now will be the panel confession of a b- movie at her. >> was there a clan you want to give a shout out to. >> clan campbell.>> we club the mcdonald's to death in their sleep. >> comedy i like it. >> the evil dead is what you
9:45 am
are known for. it is a cult status. when you started doing that, you had any idea how this was going to catch on? >> we did not think we would finish the first movie. it took 4 years. it was not an overnight success. it was a multi-decade fungus. it did not go away.>> evil dead, evil dead 2 an army of darkness. cult status had the highest? >> minus army of darkness. >> the talking skeletons. the first one is unrated and the second one is in between, if you are squeamish, start with army of darkness and go backwards and stop if it is uncomfortable. >> - - you got renewed for season three. >> we come back on the air february 20 - - 25th. when it comes to evil dead, is there something in the street people say to you, and
9:46 am
expression? >> groovy. give me some sugar, baby. one of the carrot there is pickup lines which would never pick - - work in the real situation. >> let us talk about your bedroom. it is in michigan. tremendous michigan connection. >> it is amazing. these are the crews that did avatar and lord of the rings. we shoot in auckland new zealand. they are great craftsmen and they had to do the bedroom. >> that was alice cooper. does a detroit connection. we made up a brand of beer. soda like schlitz called shams. >> looks like stroh's.>> your proud of being a b-movie at her. you worked with a lot of people, you have been in spiderman movie.
9:47 am
>> i have small parts in big movies. and big parts in small movies. which is fun. good to mix it up. >> in the book - - you had a job at the bureau of land management. >> not too exciting. >> the guy who i wrote the book with, really, you will have a chapter with the bureau of land management really you are putting that in your manual? >> they are your neighbors. >> if you can get 17 people to look at the property - - >> when management we are seeing that in the fires of wine country, what are the factors that allow fires to expand. i have been sitting in my property for 15 years. you want the fire to lay down. you cannot stop fire, it is supposed to have it. it is supposed to be a good thing when you are ready for it. >> you had some fires here,
9:48 am
and i saw some coming through here yesterday. >> - - season three put an end to it? >> doubtful. >> you have a shotgun, an evil book and a chainsaw. that is all you need.>> it is heavy or light? >> both. >> if i have to upgrade the blade, it has a battery and it is much heavier. if i do not have to do anything they have a lovely shell and it is not that.>> tonight you have a book signing, you can see bruce tonight at 7:00 in san francisco signing his book. hail to the chin. answering question about the book on vanness avenue. 7:00. >> we will be shaking hands, and kissing hands. >> just for you. i want you to look at this.
9:49 am
that is the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are a driver, you have to be - - i do not know if you can use the carpool, take the left lanes. >> two people in the carpool lane. you are not bad. >> thanks for clearing that up for me. >> we will be back after this.
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>> we are 12 days away from halloween. if you do not have a perfect costume, we have some ideas. we complied the list of the top costumes for the, they include wonder woman, harley queen, a cloud, unicorn and a rabbit wonder woman was a top search in the bay area. i was not paying attention, it is three in the carpool lane in the bay bridge. whatever i said was wrong. it is free. i have known that for years.>> a restaurant honor is in hot water over using popeye's chicken without telling her customers about it. >> at the sweet dixie restaurant ringing in popeye's chicken - - chicken. they were serving that to customers in the menu item called pops chicken and waffle. the owner admits using it, saying it is a necessity for
9:53 am
the dish. >> we take the food and use it as an ingredient in our dish. so i make the biscuit, the coleslaw, the tomato jam and i need a fried chicken for the dish. i do not fry chicken here. >> she will continue to sell the chicken on her menu and plans to reach out to popeye's to create a partnership with the fast food company. commissioner emerged from the meeting yesterday and said all players should stand for the national anthem. the league will not require them to do so. nfl owners in new york for the annual fall meeting say they will be no rules forcing players to stand during the national anthem even though roger goodell says he thinks they should.>> we believe the player should stand for the national anthem, that is an important part of our game . and we believe in that. >> dozens of players sat and take the knee and stay off the field which they say to protest
9:54 am
against social injustice and police brutality. the manual does not require players to stand but does suggest that during the national anthem, players in the field and bench should stand and face the fly, hold the helmets on the left hand and refrain from talking. colin kaepernick was the first to knee - - take the knee last season and he is now off the team. he claims they are colluding against him to keep them out of the league >> he has newfound respect for kaepernick. >> was courageous and now we have to go from protest to progress. >> trump kept the issue in the - - total disrespect for our great country. a majority surveyed said they do not support the practice which have drawn boos from crowds and television ratings are down 8% this year after a decline last season with a anthem controversy getting much of the blame. the commissioner said it is addressing the underlying
9:55 am
concern. we are not afraid of tough conversations. that is what we had yesterday. to make sure we understand one another. only six or seven players are protesting and the goal is to get the number down to zero without changing the rules. we have some football in the bay area tonight, the readers will be taking on alex smith and the kansas city chiefs. they are coming off a 17-16 loss to the chargers which means they will face the division chiefs without 2-4 record. oakland has had a short week of practice. the head coach said he made the best of it. >> we recognize how close it is what fine line it is in the leak and the right to get on the right side of the line. we believe we got a lot of strongmen in the locker room
9:56 am
and keep battling and look better this year. we need a big win and to start stacking them. kickoff is at 5:25 pm at the coliseum and there could be traffic. it is the debut of the - - where she from? the 49ers released him recently. the linebacker will be up to speed to play. you will see him because they need help. we are rolling out the three flavors, snickers tied with twix for my favorite ever. it wants to. up with - - you can grab and express so flavors snickers, maybe spicy, good to the fired up version and you can decide a salty and sweet bar. they will appear nationwide beginning in june of next year. this is what they agree is junk food and will have a true seasoned chef in our show tomorrow. one i know you know,
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aisha curry. joining us in the studio. she is right - - we will talk to her about her love for cooking and her cooking empire, her new restaurant and rumors of videogame and talk about basketball maybe and she will show up - - show us how to whip up something in the kitchen. right here tomorrow. there would on the road. >> we will see you at noon. never ending pasta bowl is back at olive garden. starting at $9.99. come in for over 100 combinations of pastas, sauces and toppings. with everyone's favorite, chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only for a limited time, at olive garden.
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