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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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nature or negligence? the exact cause of the northbay fire unknown. some questions that the lawsuit against pg&e is premature. the legal expert weighs in on the case. holding out hope. >> it is critical his condition. it did affect the brain and the spinal.>> more details about the officers condition after he was critically injured in a hit and run accident. you are looking at a picture of the officer critically injured during a hit and run yesterday. he has been with the department for 5 years. the 32-year-old was on his bicycle when police say he was mold down by a man wanted for gun possession.>> he underwent
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surgery in right now is in intensive care at san francisco general. live at the hospital with more on the officers condition.>> reporter: as you mentioned the officer remains in intensive care. we understand his family is by his side. support continues to come in from bay area agencies all offering their support to him and his family. we will show you a picture of him. he is pictured with his wife. he has been with the police department for five years. police tell us he actually chose to be assigned to the tenderloin police station last year. he was on a bicycle be yesterday when he was hit by a fleeing suspect in an suv. he went immediately into surgery. the 32-year-old remains in critical condition. his family is by his side. the mayor stop by the hospital to offer support.>> it is
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critical his condition. because it did affect the brain and the next spinal. also, all the family is coming in. i am praying for them. they really deserve our prayers right now.>> reporter: in his five years with the department he has been recognized numerous times for his outstanding police work. he received the purple heart award in 2015 after he was injured on the job. he also recently started law school. he teaches jujitsu. and he also is a volunteer in the tenderloin district. support continues to pour in for this officer. we also understand his family is by his side. we don't have any word on whether or not he has children. we don't -- we know he is married. his wife is by his side in the hospital. very critical injuries. other officers stopped by and
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they are concerned. he is well liked and respected in the department. they are pulling for him and sending prayers his way. earlier today tara sat down with the suspect for a jailhouse interview. he told her yesterday -- told her he suffers from ptsd. she will have the full interview coming up in our 5 pm hour. in sonoma county a community meeting just concluded. residents received information about when they can go home how
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the massive amounts of damage will be cleaned up and how they can get the help they need.>> tom was at the meeting and have some of those answers. he joins us with more. >> reporter: when you pull into sonoma this is what you will see in front of the famous building. the love shown to the first responders people who have just been thrilled with the kinds of service they have seen the dedication from their public servants and people who came literally for many other states to help. as to the meeting, a little bit of a different story. there are still neighborhoods close. there are still some roads close. what happened is a residence put questions to officials who have to answer them.>> we will get into the meat which is getting you the information you need.>> reporter: 200 people showed up to get the latest ask questions and collect necessary forms to begin recovery. with sonoma county fire 80%
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contained. officials expressed concerned about when everyone can finally go home. >> we had a close call with a 16 foot wide tree that almost struck two firefighters yesterday. these are the situations where we do not want to allow the public back into these dangerous areas. >> we know it is a frustrating experience. you're not getting the answers you need. you're not getting back to your home if you have been in and evacuation area. we ask that you dig deep to that last moment of patient you have.>> officers are showing a tremendous amount of empathy to the people we serve. i'm proud of the men and women who do that every day. we will love to get them -- get them back out to patrol.>> reporter: residents found the meeting useful. the help they got filling out forms the invaluable. >> i believe it has been helpful. people want to know what is
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going on. if they are in the thick of it they don't know what is going on around them. >> reporter: they made a headline where they announced it would clean up the thousands of lots were homes burned to the ground provided the homeowners provide written permission. government contractors can clean up quickly and completely since privately hired contractors to be few and far between. >> once we have authorization we can mobilize our state and federal forces to come in and begin the process of returning a safe and clean side back to them for rebuilding and recovery.>> reporter: the federal department of housing and urban development announced it will impose a three month moratorium on foreclosures on fha homes. assist in forbearance and loan modifications. several types of mortgage insurance available. and assist those who lost homes or apartments to find alternative housing. that will be a tall order.
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it will be a long process. the wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire is 300 -- 330 acres. for structures have been destroyed. 300 more are threatened. some of the families who have been evacuated are being allowed to return home.>> finally after three full days of fire here in the santa cruz mountains some good news. some of the evacuation orders are being lifted. some residents are allowed back home. fire crews started this morning's briefing talking about the progress they have made so far. they have been working hard. >> we just picked up where you guys left off. starting up here and division alpha, the fire is back down to -- holding on those roads but the only fire was in the alpha
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bravo -- it held up on that deer creek road. it will stay there. but mac all of that is good news for evacuated residents.>> reporter: skyline boulevard area are allowed back home. area south of bear creek road also seeing the evacuations lifted. areas under evacuation order still there creek canyon road. deer creek road. dons road and surrounding areas. cal fire says residents although they might be allowed home still need to be on high alert. >> there is still active fire. we want to remind residents even though evacuation orders have been downgraded there is still a possibility and chance under certain circumstances they will have to be reordered were in a new area order to leave at any time.>> reporter: the weather brings good news and bad news. there is the possibility of some rain in the forecast which would help firefighting efforts. the bad news that could mean
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some 1 before those rains. -- wind. it could help propel the fire load inverse. firefighters are hoping for the best out of the weather. storm that rain is going to start coming down in a couple hours. i saw a report from santa rosa. nothing showing up just yet. enough moisture to generate a few scattered showers. we are expecting more heading into the evening. a big change in the short term forecast. rainfall expectations 1/10 of an inch to maybe a quarter of an inch. cooler forecast to friday. the sierra they have a winter weather advisory with snow levels coming down to 6000 feet. santa cruz mountains look at the cloud cover. a lot of moisture. we are not talking about low
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humidity. you can see the fire zone out to 17 to the west of 17. current conditions are great. you can see 69% relative humidity. wins around 3-5 miles per hour. the system tonight there is a breeze which will be a concern. the bigger factor will be the clouds and the eventual rainfall working back into the bay area. the rainfall to the north to eureka and kate mendocino. as i mentioned, it is not being picked up on the radar right now. light rain reported in portions of sonoma county towards santa rosa. enough moisture is not being picked up by the radar. enough to wet the roadways. those amounts of rain -- about 1/10 of an inch in san jose. nearly 1/4 of an inch in santa rosa. san francisco 1/10 of an inch but this is more than a few sprinkles. the bulk of it moves in later
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on tonight. especially after 9 pm into the early portion hours of friday. the rainfall forecast around the fire zone's -- you can see the numbers showing up. if we take this into friday the numbers will be adding up. this will be great news for the fire crews battling the fires. you can see the numbers adding up. right now we have some clouds. layered cloud cover this evening heading into thursday evening. here is the forecast model. 9 pm the main focus will be up in the north bay. 11 pm moving through the heart of the bay area. quickly moving to the south early tomorrow morning. friday a slight chance of a shower until 6 am. the rest of the day partly cloudy skies in cooler conditions. tomorrow the coolest day of the week. warming by the weekend. we will have more on that. cal fire released an updated map that shows in detail which homes were damaged and were burned down. and which ones are still
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standing. the red means the homes were destroyed. yellow means the home was damaged. it gives you an idea of the scope and how big this was. we will start in southern sonoma county. some of the homes were either damaged or completely gone. working our way up lynn ellen highway 12 through kenwood and south to run a park in santa rosa. as you might recall most of the homes were in coffee park and fountain grove. a little to the north of santa rosa. look at the enormity of that. you can just see complete neighborhoods completely devastated. some of the yellow you can see where the homes that were just damage. for the most part these neighborhoods are completely gone. as you go north you can see some of this. you can zoom in and see the actual homes themselves. this home right here is no longer there.
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just incredible. is a great tool to get a better idea just how big these fires were. as you can see, how much work they have to rebuild and including some entire neighborhoods especially to the north and northeast part of santa rosa. to high school football players from contra costa county arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. -- 2. white nationalist richard spencer holds a raleigh. we have details coming up next.
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all all call you will
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oakland decided on a new fire chief. the mayor announced the employment of darren white who is serving as the interim chief. he is an oakland native with 30 years of service which includes 20 years with the oakland fire department. he will assume his new duties immediately. they will hold a ceremonial swear in tomorrow at 1 pm. the wife of a sheriff's deputy might be going to trial for dui in a crash that killed a three- year-old. she agreed to waive her hearing. that means she could go straight to trial on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving under the influence. she was under the influence of prescription medication last year she crashed into a car on the shoulder of 680 in san ramon. the car had run out of gas.
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the impact killed-year-old elijah done and injured his mother.. she waived her right to a preliminary hearing this morning. she waived her rights to have the evidence presented against her and a judge independently evaluating the evidence. >> reporter:>> she could go to trial in this case. to high school students arrested after a sexual assault investigation into east bay. the students were arrested last night. the suspects to football players at the lasalle and ygnacio high school were arrested on suspicion of rape. the victim is a student at concordes condo a high school. the alleged assault happened a week ago. uc berkeley police investigating a sexual assault in a dorm room. the victim was assaulted saturday at a hall under ran avenue. the victim met the suspect at a fraternity party. investigators are looking for witnesses.
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so far they do not have a description of the attacker. stemming fbi nationwide sting of six contract workers led to 120 arrest across the country. the sweep started a week ago and locally authorities say four pimps were other -- were arrested. 12 men were cited for soliciting prostitutes. police rescued two victims of sexual trafficking including a 17-year-old. those victims are getting help from the victim services program and other agencies. affordable housing advocates voicing opposition to a controversial developer. the oakland planning police and listen to critics and supporters of haber and jacobson construction. they have come under criticism for ignoring request for repairs. to build new residential buildings. what is going on is they want to convert the people of oakland to a different class of people. this kind of project is to --
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designed to do that. we need to fight it. >> supporters other developers also spoke. they said the company is building badly needed housing for the bay area. while offering affordable rents. scrutiny of regulations for live work properties come after the city promised to better address housing issues for artists in low income people following last year's warehouse fire. the white house chief of staff says he is brokenhearted over the controversy after four u.s. soldiers were killed in niger. will
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john kelly defendant mr. john over how the president had a car -- mr. trump over how he handled a call to the family. the controversy has grown. and touched off an investigation into that mission that claimed the lives of 4 soldiers. >> is started with the deaths of four u.s. soldiers. president trump's call to the families. it has grown into an investigation of the broader u.s. mission in africa.>> it stuns me a member of congress would have listened to the conversation. that was sacred. >> reporter: john kelly speaking out in defense of president trump's call to the widow of a fallen american soldier. he has been criticized by congresswoman fredreka wilson said he was disrespectful.>> that's not let this last thing
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that is held sacred. this try to somehow keep that sacred.>> reporter: congress is pushing to learn more about the mission.>> have you been briefed? >> reporter: john mccain tells fox he wants answers in the attack that killed 4 and wounded 2 servicemembers two weeks ago.>> today defense secretary james madison said a full investigation is underway the pentagon. >> anytime we commit our troops anywhere it is based on answering a simple first question. is the well-being of the american people sufficiently enhance by putting the troops there? >> reporter: senators want to know why armed services committees have not been briefed.>> at today's white house briefing general kelly
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was quick to point out investigation does not mean wrongdoing. this is about finding answers. the senate will vote on a controversial resolution -- tax reform plan. the president met yesterday with members of both parties to the senate finance committee hoping to gain support for his tax proposal. most republicans are on board. it will be hard to get support from democrats. it doesn't do enough for middle- class families and will mostly help the wealthy. the vote would allow republicans to pass tax reform legislation without democratic support. trump is no longer supporting a bipartisan health plan. the alexander murray proposal would restore reimbursements to insurance companies for obamacare discounts. those payments were cut off by the president last week. leaving lawmakers to wonder where he stands on the issues of the subsidies.
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press secretary told reporters some changes could one him over. >> we want to something that doesn't just fill out insurance companies but provides relief for all americans. this bill doesn't address that fact.>> the proposals co-author patty murray said the president is proving to be an erratic trading partner as he kicks policy issues to congress and sends conflicting signals about what he really wants. a speech by richard spencer drew a crowd of protesters at the university of florida. the event was mostly peaceful. 3000 signed up for a rally on the campus. hundreds of police officers and bullet proof vest were called. spencer who was called -- appeared in charlottesville in august. that gathering led to a rally -- in riots in a fatality.
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hecklers veered spencer throughout his speech. >> we are stronger than you and you all know it. that is why you are gaining us here like some kind of mob. in order to prevent me from saying something.>> at least one person was taken into custody. the university did not invite him to speak with -- but was obligated to allow the events. is spent more than $500,000 on security. states helping out other states. how wineries are stepping in to help those who lost everything in the north bay fires. the lawsuit against pg&e -- do they have a case? we will break it down with the legal analyst after the break.
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will go
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santa rosa family is suing pg&e claiming their negligence caused the fires. candace talk to the family and their attorney about the lawsuit and their big concern about it. >> reporter: >> i cannot explain how devastating it is to come back to your house of 30 years to a pile of ash.>> reporter: when they bought their santa rosa home 30 years ago it was just a lot. >> we are back to a -- everything of any value to us
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was in that home.>> there is some responsibility -- by pg&e we need to find out.>> reporter: they fought -- they filed a lawsuit against pg&e. it is likely the first of multiple from other fire victims. the lawsuit alleges the fire was caused the utility companies negligence in maintaining electric lines and surrounding vegetation. cal fire has yet to determine the cause. robin said they were concerned about waiting too long to file. >> we are concerned about the typical things we are always concerned about in major litigation. preservation of evidence. we are also concerned about the time it takes to go through the procedural process to start discovery.>> reporter: to investigates one two hours of dispatch audio recorded the first few hours the north bay
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fire started. they revealed dozens of reports of downed lines blown transformers in flames. pg&e said it's equipment was impacted appointed to extreme winds and weakened trees. the family said they did not see any lines down as they escape their home. >> i have no idea where the fire was. you could barely read or see. >> reporter: when asked about the lawsuit pg&e responded in part is the fires continue to burn we are focused on supporting firefighting efforts to contain the fires and protect life and property. we are not going to speculate about the cause of the fire and will cooperate with the reviews relevant agencies. >> it happened to a lot of our neighbors. i'm sure more of them will step forward.>> reporter: last friday state regulators told pg&e to preserve all evidence of failed poles conductors and any equipment connected to the
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fires. that is the topic -- we are joined by legal analyst michael cardoza. do you think they have a case? >> i don't know. this seems to me right now to be more marketing on this lawyers parts then actual lori arena. -- lawyering. i'm not saying there is not much they are. we just don't know. when i hear him say we have to preserve the evidence. pg&e has to preserve the evidence. they know right now they have a legal obligation to do that. they know that they might be sued. why pull the trigger so quickly? he is hoping he will get other clients out of the santa rosa area and he will be the lead attorney on this. right now it is about money. i think it is too soon. >> without a known cause you
4:33 pm
think it is premature. a lot of people have been responding sharing those sentiments. the attorney as you mentioned -- mentioned concerns about waiting too long to file. citing the lengthy process for discovery. what does that mean? >> ohlone. one word. baloney. you file the lawsuit. when you know. not on speculating that pg&e might have started the story. let's get the experts reports. let's take a look at them. that's that the evidence. -- let's go full tilt. litigation takes a while especially when you fight with the corporation. i guarantee they will have a lot of big law firms. there will be a lot of discovery battles. it is a bunch of baloney the discovery takes a long time. it does. to get the facts on your side and you know the facts before you step into this. he may well be right. in my mind more marketing than anything else. he is hoping the people out in
4:34 pm
santa rosa will come to him. look what i am doing. >> what you think about -- we went through hours of audio hours after the fires started. showing there were downed power lines. there were different fires. blown transformers. one might assume for that might indicate some kind of connection with pg&e. the argument is do we know whether that happened? that they were caused by mother nature? >> we don't know right now. there is a case. i know a lot of the lawyers know the palsgraf case. this is a palsgraf nightmare. you have high winds. you have a fire that started. nobody knows the cause of it. does pg&e have a duty to maintain the lines for the
4:35 pm
unexpected 60 mile-per-hour winds? there will be arguments about this. right now we simply do not know. >> too many unanswered questions.>> will their history come into play if it goes to trial? >> i would think most jurors in this area will know about pg&e history. they will be instructed by the judge. certainly the attorneys that represent pg&e they have to put those thoughts aside in judging this case. and judge this case just on the merits of this case. not that they had an issue in daly city. when i hear people say, i know the victims in my heart goes out to them. i hear people say we are doing this because we want pg&e to straighten out park pg&e -- if there are issues they are straightening up behind all of this fire. when i hear people say that it
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sounds like a lawyer put those words in their mouth. i understand what they are saying. this lawsuit is not going to make pg&e stand up and do those type of things. they will either do it on their own or a judge might order it. right now like i said -- let's see what happens.>> california's world-famous wine country hit hard by the fires are getting help from outside the region. they are doing what they can to help from offering jobs to displaced workers to raising money for the recovery effort.>> reporter: you cannot beat the view here. you also cannot beat the spirit of come battery. workers say it has been so difficult to watch what is happening in california and know people in the wine industry are being so badly affected. up to 10 workers will be brought on to help with the harvest for the next few weeks. work in the cellar receiving
4:37 pm
and processing fruit helping the lab testing for ph and acidity. and with the fermentation process. during their temporary stay the winery will be able to provide food and housing for these extra workers. they can start now. this is the busiest time of the year. production is happening around the clock. the staff are using word of mouth and social media to spread the news. they reached out to the red cross in santa rosa directly. along with the effect it wineries. there is no shortage of them. >> there has been up to 22 wineries that lost portions of their facilities or vineyards. it could be thousands of workers that are without jobs.>> reporter: there is a fundraising event this sunday. bringing together dozens of wineries from oregon. it is open to the public. money that is raised will go directly to affected wineries and employees in california.
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weather pattern changing quite a bit. we have some more rain showers in northern california. raiders getting set to play this evening. we will let you know that the rain will be a factor. we will talk about changes for the weekend. will
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we are taking a live look right now at the bay bridge.
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a beautiful shot. pretty cloudy. may be some rain is coming. north bay got a little bit. the main system up to the north. santa rosa reporting light rain. we were talking about the raiders forecast. by the fourth quarter they could have rain showers for that game. getting very close. last week we were talking about the horrible smoke in the air. this is what we need. we need a front to clean things out. rainfall between one 10th of an inch to one third of an inch. late tonight into early tomorrow morning. this is the sky cast around midnight. late thursday night and friday morning events for the hearts of the bay area. happening sooner for the north bay. rainfall expectations one 10th of an inch to one third of an inch. coastal hills to get a half an inch. here is the steady rain band to the north. this is working its way into
4:42 pm
northern california. have enough moisture to send the cloud cover. a few light showers and portions of the north bay already. today -- the winter outlook for precipitation for 2017 and 2018. you can see the overall trend. dry your chances overall weather pattern to the south and went to the north. higher chance in southern california of a drier weather pattern. equal chances -- for the rest of california. including the bay area. that is long-term. short-term for tonight we are decided about the clouds and rain showers. looking out to the bay. lots of overcast. a breeze -- wins are 10-20 miles per hour. overnight low starting out friday morning in the 40s and 50s. if you're heading to the coast. high surf advisory a system is producing rain showers for tonight. also producing a swell. waves could be approaching 20
4:43 pm
feet heading into friday. here is the system coming on board for tonight. cloud cover is a signature of cool air. we will notice the cooldown tomorrow. the main event tonight and tomorrow morning. for the friday for the most part it should be dry. a pop up shower at 5 am or 6 am. we are back to a warm or hot weather pattern into early next week monday and tuesday. early next week we could have fire warnings for parts of northern california southern california in the bay area. we are also talking about snow and the cra. a winter weather advisory begins tonight until 11 am friday. snowfall could be 3 to 6 inches. 6000 feet. tonight the main focus is the rainfall up in the north bay. a chance elsewhere. by 11 pm the system moving to the south. 1 am the south bay. the chance of a shower tomorrow
4:44 pm
morning. a few clouds. throughout the afternoon a slight chance of a shower. we scale back on the clouds and bring in cooler temperatures. mainly in the 60s. keeping it cool for the coast with readings in the upper 50s. san jose 65. san mateo 63. remember the unhealthy air quality we had. that is going to be mixed out. the system will be like a squeegee in the atmosphere. the weekend that we will warm back up. tuesday, 90 degrees around the bay in the area in the 80s. high your fire danger. we want to keep you here. we have some news we are getting from some tweets. some surfers in ocean beach saw a fully clothed man in distress. there is an active search going on. >> just trying to look to the
4:45 pm
waters to see if they see anyone in distress. we heard a man was seen and the water. he might be in distress. looking for someone in the water. we don't have a lot of details.>> a very good source. you know that area. do we have a high surf? >> the swell is increasing in the northwest. that is creating hazardous conditions. there is a lot of energy directed to the coastline. some strong currents as well. we are watching out it is causing issues with dangerous conditions. the swell is building into tomorrow. >> it is easy to get pool.>> on a day when nothing is happening the rip tides are dangerous. when you add swell to the mix -- this is the first wintertime swell we are picking up in northern california. that is creating hazardous conditions. waves could get up above 10 feet. >> it looks like a rescue boat
4:46 pm
out there. they are looking for someone in distress. the surf you mentioned on a normal day -- >> 50s. water temperature has cooled off over the past few weeks. i feel it when you walk in. you feel about the shocking chill when you go in the water. you can see what is happening right now. it looks like they are stationed.>> they have quite a few apparatus out there. fire department and paramedics. people are looking out into the water as they look for what was a fully closed man in distress off the coast of ocean beach. they are asking people to avoid the area as they continue the search. will bring you more information and to the 5 pm hour. a look at the stories we are working on for 5 pm. including the latest on the san
4:47 pm
francisco police officer that was gravely injured yesterday.>> we have an interview with the man who was driving the suv that hit and injured that san francisco police officer. hear what he has to say when asked if he saw the officer and whether he intentionally tried to run him down. good news for people in the santa cruz mountains. tonight we talk with happy homeowners get the all clear to return home after a fire scare the santa cruz mountains. we will see you at 5 pm. for parents -- we will show you how people on bart trains -- one of silicon valley's largest companies practice in the earthquake drill.
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the bay area makes a pitch for amazon second headquarters to be built here. today is the deadline to submit bids for consideration. they are promising to invest $5 billion and create 50,000 new jobs over the next 15 years. at the new location. the bay area bid 160 pages long includes plans to build 45,000 housing units. and also includes a number of local and state tax credits and other incentives. it includes sites in seven cisco oakland fremont concorde in richmond. >> today millions across the state department in a large- scale earthquake drill called the great california shakeup. how people prepared for a disaster on trains schools and even one of the silicon valley's largest companies.>> reporter: at exactly 10:19 am more than 30,000 employees
4:51 pm
dropped to the ground until cover across the mountain view campus. this carefully coordinated exercise was part of the great california shakeup. >> we are pretending there is an earthquake.>> reporter: at -- elementary school the mayor joined in his students duct under their desk waiting for the all clear. in hayward these kids were brought onto the schoolyard practicing what to do when the big one hits the bay area. seismologist say the biggest concern here is a major quake along the hayward fault. the hayward fault is the most urbanized fault in the u.s.>> we have not had a major earthquake during the time in the world. what would an earthquake do to our communities and also our interconnectedness.? not just to the phones but to our water systems, our roads. our communication lines. all of that. we are calling this new
4:52 pm
scenario haywire.>> reporter: all bart trains immediately slowed down to 26 miles per hour. precautionary move in the event an earthquake damages the tracks.>> we are inside an earthquake simulator. it is parked on the google campus. i am here with some of my friends from google.>> reporter: employees got to experience the intense shaking that comes along with a 7.0 quake. thanks to this realistic simulator. >> reporter: we want to celebrate and have experiences. part -- he is part of a team promoting disaster preparedness through neighborhood block parties.>> when you have an event that strikes the entire bay area but we know the neighbors will be the front line of support. not just for minutes but for
4:53 pm
days.>> reporter: the most important thing you can do to be ready for a large earthquake is to have an emergency kit packed and ready to go. there are a lot of things you can have in it. the most important a flashlight, and also you want to have food and water. plenty of it. at least enough to last for two weeks but google maps is helping explore more than just your neighborhood planet earth. you can explore images of other planets and other space objects. photos from nasa and the european space agency. it includes moons scattered across the galaxy as well as venus and the former planet photo. it wants to make exploring space as easy as finding out what areas on earth look like. homeland security chief warning there is a new terror threat on the horizon. we have details after the break.
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a huge plume of black smoke arose from a suicide bombing in afghanistan. authorities say the bomber along with taliban gunmen attacked an afghan police headquarters on tuesday. at least 12 people were killed there. this was part of a targeted series of at least four taliban assaults on police and army sights. 74 people have been killed,
4:57 pm
scores wounded in the country, including a number of civilians. as isis loses ground in syria and iraq, a new unprecedented threat is looming now. >> fox news correspondent garrett tenney has more from washington. reporter: isis is losings losing and now they are spreading to the u.s. elaine duke is warming they are planning to carry out another major attack on the scale of 9/11. duke's comments at the u.s. embassy in london were echoed by the head of britain's domestic intelligence agency who says the threat is unprecedented and needs to be met with cooperation between the u.s. and allies overseas. >> our partner agencies are bringing the full weight of our growing capabilities to counter this new intensity of threat. >> reporter: duke says isis and other groups are using smaller attacks to raise money and keep their members engaged
4:58 pm
but they are also targeting aircraft and domestic infrastructure looking for an opportunity to inflict mass civilian casualties. >> make no mistake about it. the intent still remains, the capability remains. >> reporter: the u.s. and uk are making a major push this week for social media firms to do more to tackle the militants online but lawmakers here at home say more needs to be done in the short term to disrupt ongoing terror plots. and they are calling for greater collaboration with foreign intelligence services, starting now. >> we must collaborate to make sure we have good data. >> reporter: this threat means those restrictions on laptops and checked luggage will continue because duke says laptop explosives are the biggest risk to aircraft being targeted by extremists. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. we now know the name of the san francisco police
4:59 pm
officer who was hit and critically injured while on patrol on his bicycle yesterday afternoon. good evening. investigators think the officer was hit on purpose but the suspect told ktvu that jailhouse interview it was an accident. the 32-year-old officer remains in critical condition. his family is by his side at the hospital. at san francisco general hospital, that's where all of this is taking place and that's where ktvu's cristina rendon is live now. cristina, we're expecting an update from police very soon. >> weaver. we are expecting an update from the police chief in about 15 minutes. the officer is in intensive care with grave injuries. video from this morning was a
5:00 pm
police escort where the family was taken into san francisco general. they have been by his bedside ever since. the officer has been married with the san francisco police department for five years and the department says he chose to be assigned to the tenderloin police station last year. he was on a bicycle beat when he was hit by an suv near turk and van ness and the 32-year- old was rushed into emergency surgery and is in critical condition. his colleagues are offering support. . >> we're praying he recovers. >> his condition is critical because it affected the brain and the neck, spinal, also, um, all the


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