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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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widow of one of four fallen soldiers. lauren blanchard is live in washington with details on the investigation just launched by the pentagon following the deaths of those soldiers. lauren. >> reporter: it standard with the deaths of these four u.s. soldiers and president trump's calls to their families. know it's an investigation into the broader u.s. mission in after cats. >> it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. that was sacred. reporter: white house chief of staff john kelly speaking out today in defense of president trump's call to the widow of a fallen american soldier. he has been criticized by representative frederica wilson who claims he was disrespectful. >> let's not let that last thing that's held sacred, let's somehow keep that sacred. >> reporter: this comes as congress is pushing to learn more about the mission in niger. >> do you think that you know enough about the death of the four soldiers in niger? >> of course not. >> have you been briefed? >> nope.
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>> reporter: armed service committee committee chairman senator john mccain tells fox he wants answers in the attack that killed four and wounded two u.s. service members two weeks ago. >> what steps will you take for the community -- >> a subpoena. >> reporter: today defense secretary james mattis says a full investigation is under way in the pentagon. >> anytime we commit our troops anywhere, it's based on answering a simple first question: is the well-being of the american people sufficiently enhanced by putting our troops there? >> reporter: senators are demanding hearings and why congressional armed services committees haven't been briefed. >> the delay as much as the nondisclosure is a cause for very grave concern. >> reporter: at today's white house briefing the chief of staff john kelly pointed out that an investigation does not indicate exactly that there was wrongdoing.
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it's more about finding answers. ken? >> lauren, there are questions about these congressional investigations and the hearings. are you getting the sense that that's the direction all of this is going to? >> reporter: that's what a number of representatives and senators are calling for. we heard senator john mccain saying that he wants some sort of investigation. so likely, this will go forward and a number of other branches are getting involved. the fbi also getting involved, of course they are not taking the lead on it although they could. but it -- it -- it looks like this is just the beginning of this investigation. >> thank you. president trump says he is no longer backing a bipartisan healthcare plan in the senate. the alexander murray proposal would give reimbursements to insurance companies for obamacare discounts. those payments were cut off by the president last week. but press secretary sarah sanders says some tweaking could win him over. >> we want something that doesn't just bail out the insurance companies but
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actually provides relief for all americans. and this bill doesn't address that fact. >> a dozen republican senators sponsored the bill and senate minority leader charles schumer says all 48 democrats support the measure. we are getting first looks at the wall along the u.s./mexico border. u.s. customs released images of eight prototype designs near the san diego port of entry. they are between 18 to 30 feet high. the president has said mexico will pay for building the wall which some say will cost about $22 billion and take more than three years to complete. alameda county sheriff's deputies are searching for a carjacking suspect after a man tried to stop someone from stealing his truck this morning and then got run over by his own vehicle. ktvu's henry lee reports. >> it all happened on via del sol in san lorenzo at 5:30 a.m. the 46-year-old victim went outside to warm up his pickup truck before going back inside.
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>> came out, a suspect jumped into his truck. he tried to stop the suspect from stealing his truck. during that encounter, the suspect in our victim's vehicle ran our victim over. >> reporter: a woman told us she came across the horrific scene while dropping off her daughter at a daycare. >> it impacted him and he fell to the ground. it wasn't until i got closer to get him to respond to me that he started to bleed from his head and, you know, spitting up blood. he was trying to breathe. >> reporter: residents of the normally quiet neighborhood are stunned. they say the victim is a construction worker with two sons. his family was at his bedside at a local hospital. >> hard working guy, family guy, grew up here. my wife just told me that he and my oldest daughter are the same age. so that's how long i've known him. >> this is a really quiet area, not a lot of crime happens over here. yeah, we get people that break into cars and steal stuff. but something like this, it's really scary. >> you just hit a person, you're a human being, why would you just run off?
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there's an animal near my car and i freak out and i stop. i can't imagine hitting someone and driving off like it's okay. >> i think our victim had good intentions to try to stop a person from stealing the car. and unfortunately, the suspect was intent on getting away and causing harm. >> reporter: at this point, the sheriff's office is not releasing a photo or description of the victim's truck. they are working some leads but they are asking the public for any surveillance video or tips for them to come forward. live in san leandro, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[ music ] a warning tonight from america's homeland security chief. details on what he is calling the new and unprecedented terror threat on the horizon.
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uv secretary of state rex tillerson is criticizing china's leader ship saying they are provoking neighbors in asia at the expense of the united states and its allies. in an interview, the secretary of state says that the u.s. is expecting to see changes from china including its relations with north korea. he said the u.s. will never have a close relationship with china as it does with its allies. >> we're going to have important relationships with china. we'll never have the same relationship with china, a nondemocratic society, that we can have with a major democracy. >> the president is expected to discuss the country's policies with the chinese government when he travels there in two weeks. as isis loses ground in
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syria and iraq, u.s. terror experts say a new threat may be looming! fox news' garrett tenney reports from washington with the warning from u.s. homeland security. reporter: isis is nearly defeated in the middle east after losing mostle and raqqa. now their fighters are spreading out heading to europe, the uk and u.s. acting homeland security secretary says the extremist are planning to carry out another major attack on the scale of 9/11. duke's comments at the u.s. embassy in london were echoed by the head of britain's domestic intelligence agency who says the threat is unprecedented and needs to be met with cooperation between the u.s. and allies overseas. >> our partner agencies are bringing the full weight of our growing capabilities to counter this new intensity of threat. >> reporter: duke says isis and other groups are using smaller attacks to raise money and keep their members engaged but they are also targeting aircraft and domestic infrastructure looking for an opportunity to inflict mass civilian casualties. >> make no mistake about it. the intent still remains, the
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capability remains. >> reporter: the u.s. and uk are making a major push this week for social media firms to do more to tackle the militants online but lawmakers here at home say more needs to be done in the short term to disrupt ongoing terror plots. and they are calling for greater collaboration with foreign intelligence services, starting now. >> we must collaborate to make sure we have good data. >> reporter: this threat means those restrictions on laptops and checked luggage will continue because duke says laptop explosives are the biggest risk to aircraft being targeted by extremists. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. still to come, learning how to move forward. the meeting today bringing together community members on sonoma on how to heal following the devastating north bay wildfires.
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>> i'm tracking the rain that's out there now. raindrops on some of the lenses on our cameras. also, you see a little drizzle here on the bay bridge. details what you can expect for friday coming up.
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a community meeting in sonoma county for victims of the north bay wildfires. residents received new information about when they can go home, how the damage will be cleaned up and how they can get the help they need so desperately. tom vacar was at that meeting and had some answers. >> we are going to get you the information you need. >> reporter: about 200 people showed up at the sonoma memorial building to get the
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latest, ask questions and collect forms to begin recoveries. with sonoma county fires now 80% contained, officials expressed concern about when everyone can finally go home. >> we have a close call with a 16-foot-wide tree that almost struck two firefighters yesterday. so these are the situations where we do not want to allow the public back into these dangerous areas. >> i know this has been a frustrating experience. i know that you're not getting the answers you need. you're not getting back to your homes if you have been in an evacuation area. what i would ask, um, and i beg is that you just dig down deep to that last little bit of patience you have. >> our officers are showing a tremendous amount of empathy for the people we serve. i'm proud of the women and men that do that every day. we would love nothing more than to get our officers off post and back on patrol where that's however critical primary mission. >> reporter: residents found the meeting very useful and the help they got filling out
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forms invaluable. >> i believe it's been helpful, sure. people want to know what's going on particularly if they are not in the thick of it. if they are, they don't know what's going on around them. >> reporter: the california office of emergency services made a headline today when it announced it would clean up the thousands of lots where homes burned to the ground provided the homeowners provide written permission. then government contractors can clean up quickly and completely since privately hired contractors will be few and far between. >> so once we have authorization from the residents, we'll be able to mobilize our state and federal forces to come in and begin that process of returning a safe clean site back to them for that critical rebuilding and recovery. >> reporter: sonoma residents continue their thank yous to the first responders the housing and urban development announced a series of benefits including a moratorium for 90 days on foreclosures,
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assistance with mortgage insurance, and even assistance with trying to find another place to live if you lost your home. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. california winery workers displaced by the fires are getting some help from outside the state. in oregon, willamette valley vineyards is offering tare jobs to workers affected by the fires. they will provide food and housing as the workers help with the harvest over the next few weeks. and this weekend, a group of wineries is planning a fundraiser called oregon cares. proceeds will go directly to northern california wineries and employees affected by the fires. we are getting a few sprinkles out there at the raider game now. real light stuff. the rain shows up after 10, 11:00 tonight in the central bay. but it's wet out there. that's helping firefighters quite a bit and it's also really fixed our air quality quite a bit. anywhere from 1/10 to .3".
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maybe a half inch would be great, too. but the fire zones will see up to three-tenths inch almost for sure which is good. you see that the totals as we go into tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning. you see it's not a lot of rain. but for october? eh, it's a lot of rain and it's coming at a good time. it's the exact opposite weather pattern from what we had last week when we had all the extreme fire danger. now we have a low pressure center center dropping rain in eureka. maybe an inch of rain up here. a winter weather watch for the lake tahoe area. maybe three to four inches of snow at the higher elevations tonight into tomorrow morning. radar is picking up the rain up here. i have the doppler in davis and one in mount umunum in the santa cruz mountains spinning. there is precipitation falling out but these two radars by the time they get over us are a little higher so this rain is falling out or this sprinkle activity is falling out under the radar. when the bigger rain gets in
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here, it will show up on the radar, the heavy stuff. looks wet in san francisco. the model does about this about 11:00 tonight. that's rain. you know? it will be wet on the roads when you're traveling around. then by midnight it's into the south bay. then gone. in your morning commute, it looks dry. it will be a little wet on the roads, maybe a little valley fog believe it or not. we get the wet ground and cool -- so look for patchy valley fog up there by black point in those areas and then it clears out quickly on friday. so the story, which is often the story with this time of year when the low goes through, you get the showers. but the high jumps right in behind it. and when the high jumps in, it fills, winds go offshore, temperatures go up. that's why next week we are looking at an opportunity for a high fire danger. again probably a red flag warning early next week but this rain increasing the fuel moisture will help quite a bit. highs for tomorrow and the
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five-day forecast. i'm happy because i think cal fire folks are taking a little bit of a break, you know, two days ago it was a whole different set of deals and now here we are looking at some rain and an opportunity for people to kind of breathe a little easier on those fire lines which is great. >> next week though 90 on tuesday, things will heat up again? >> yeah. i think we'll see a red flag warning next week with winds. but again, you're dealing with a moistened environments now which will help a ton even a quarter inch of rain increasing the fuel moisture. >> thank you. google's parent company is leading a large investment in a popular ridesharing company. alphabet is investing $1 billion in lyft. after that, lyft is now valued at $11 billion. the spinoff "waymo" partnered with lift this year to test self-driving cars. the bay area's making paetsch for amazon's second headquarters tore built here.
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today was the deadline for cities to submit bits. amazon is promising to invest five billion dollars and create 50,000 new jobs over 15 years at the new location. >> that bid for the bay area is 150 pages long and includes plans to build 45,000 housing units over the coming years. also includes a number of local and state tax credits as well as other incentives. it includes potential sites in san francisco, oakland, fremont, concord and richmond. coming up tonight, cowboys running back ezekiel elliott will be on the field sunday against the 49ers. mark will have an interview with him coming up next in sports. jack: why am i sitting here at jack: to invite all my friends tain the industry to try this.? jack: fast food's first ever ribeye burger. jack: made with 100% ribeye beef, grilled onions, a red wine glaze and creamy havarti cheese. jack: ahh, here comes the competition now. jack: and of course, since they work for my competitors, i've obscured their identities jack: except for this guy.
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jack: he is so screwed. jack: try my new havarti & grilled onion and all-american ribeye burgers.
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all right. mark is here now with sports. looks like the dodgers are going to the world series. >> yeah. it's not over. but it's over. if you know what i mean. it's the 5th inning. dodgers are leading the cubs 9-1. >> wow. >> and those of you who have followed the chicago cubs over the years i guess can resign yourself to being the lovable loser again. man, they just laid an egg today with this season on the line in front of the fans at wrigley field. from the very beginning, 1st inning against jose quintana, cody bellinger, that sensational dodger rookie into
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the right field corner. he has himself a double and rbi. and it is quickly 1-0 as taylor scores from first with a head first dive. and we pick it up in the 3rd inning. now dodgers are up 2-0. five runs as they ko quintana. big hit, hernandez, over and out! with the bases loaded. he is pretty excited. he circles the bases. grand slam home run off the reliever rendon. you see some of the cub faces there. they are done. clayton kershaw, by the way, is the man protecting that lead. maybe the best pitcher in all of baseball. there you have it. 9-1. the 49ers this sunday going to be hard pressed to get that first victory. they are 0-6. but a pretty good dallas cowboy team coming to town. there will be plenty of cowboy fans out there and they will
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see after all their star running back ezekiel elliott on-again, off-again suspension. he has been allowed to play. this all stems from an off season domestic violence charge. a judge tuesday blocked the nfl's six-game suspension. so he will be allowed to play against the 49ers. and he would also like to repair his image. >> when you get accused of something of that magnitude, you know, you kind of get labeled as an abuser and that's just not me. that's not how i want to be seen. it's not what i want to represent my family. and so i mean it's just important for me to fight. >> it will be a continuing story all year to see whether or not he will be allowed to play the rest of the season. but he will play sunday. meanwhile, draymond green probably won't play tomorrow but the news is good for the golden state warriors. you remember on opening night not only did they lose the
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game, but on this particular play draymond came up lumping badly. he hurt his left knee and he had an mri yesterday. the results, negative. no structural damage. that's great news for all warriors fans. you know how much this guy means to the team. but he is as we say doubtsful against new orleans tomorrow. so all in all, pretty good news for draymond green and the golden state warriors. a little fun with this story here. did you hear who made an appearance at opening night? none other than fake klay and in klay thompson. look at this guy. he dressed like klay thompson, wore number 11, entertained some fans out in the parking lot at the oracle prior to game. then he made his entrance into the stadium. [ laughter ] >> just like klay. and, um, steph curry got a kick out of him. he weighed a little more than the real klay thompson but
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looked like him and he also amused head coach steve kerr. [ laughter ] >> fake klay. >> i thought it was a perfect metaphor for our conditioning level as a team. [ laughter ] >> i turned around, it was like -- klay, what -- you have a few extra burgers last night? what happened? [ laughter ] >> it was great. i love that guy. >> oh, man. a good story all the way around putting a shine on an otherwise sad night that they lost. andy reed in town tonight the coach of the kansas city chiefs up against the raiders tonight. take a look at this video that surfaced of him when he was 13 years old. 1971 in the punt pass and kick. look how big he was and he is 13 compared to the other kids. they had to put him in a real nfl uniform. >> thanks for joining us.
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