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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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come in and fall apart. this one did not. milpitas, clayton and point reyes at 0.35. the city picked up .35. san jose, just shy of a quarter inch. sfo picked up 0.21. there were some bigger amounts. near st. helena, three quarters of an inch. mount diablo picked up three quarters. santa rosa, 0.21. our system has moved through here. there is some energy in the sierra. a mix of rain and snow at higher elevations. some cold and unstable air will move in to the north. that will stay around cloverdale and lake county and northward. some of that could sneak down a little. over all we are getting clearing in the cool air will work its way in. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. upper 40s and low 50s.
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50, blackhawk. look at the west wind. this will eventually turn more northwest. up in the sierra, some areas have snow and some have rain. it there will be a winter weather advisory until 11 am. overall we are almost on the driver side. the rain will end and look for a partly sunny day. highs in the 60s for everyone. good morning. right now traffic is moving pretty well around the bay area. we start in solano county. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. this is a nice drive. it continues to be good on 37 heading over to marin county. if you were driving on 80 westbound, this is a nice drive out to the macarthur maze. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza but there is some traffic on side lanes.
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two high school football players in the east bay were arrested after a sexual assault investigation. as rob roth reports, student at de la salle and ygnacio valley high school's in concord were arrested on wednesday, suspected of rape. >> reporter: a female student from carondelet high school told authorities earlier this week she had been sexually assaulted last month but two students. she said it happened in an unincorporated area of walnut creek. the contra costa county sheriffs department issued a statement saying -- detectives immediately launched an investigation and confirmed the allegations. two male juvenile suspects were arrested wednesday evening and booked into juvenile hall in martinez. while de la salle confirms one of the students arrested is from the school, the bay area news group is reporting the
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second student attends nearby ygnacio valley high school and both are high school football players. the principal at tronda land set an email to parents saying in part, our student reached out to personal counselors this week to report this incident and we medially contacted local police and provide support services for her and her family. many parents are upset including this mother. >> we work hard and pay a lot of money for the situation? no. i just have one child. my daughter. it's gary. >> reporter: de la salle notified its parents stating both schools had a joint assembly. both schools then gathered students to engage them in a discussion around appropriate behavior come expectations and confidentiality and the real consequences for engaging in inappropriate behavior, including irresponsible and hurtful social media use. this is not the first
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allegation of sexual assault at de la salle. last year a freshman football player was arrested and later convicted of raping a carondelet student. the latest report comes less than a year later. investigators are asking anyone who may have any information about this case to call the contra costa county sheriffs department. a long time oakland firefighter officially takes over control of the department today. 49-year-old darren white will be sworn in as oakland fire chief at the city hall ceremony at 1:00. he has 30 years of fire service including 20 with the oakland fire department. the mayor said the city conducted a national search to find a leader who is accessible, honest and transparent. a woman in santa rosa was determined to thank the sheriff's deputy who sheltered her and others in a parking lot as the tubbs fire raged around them. >> thank you.
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>> you are very welcome. >> that was a hug she waited 11 days to give. it was then that jennifer arrington took this video escaping the tubbs fire. deputy mark aldridge and others were on the hill evacuating people with the fire surrounding them. aldridge stopped and waved fleeing cars onto the pavement at a former restaurant. aldridge had everyone cluster their cars together and stay inside. he admitted he was more scared than he let them see but he did not want anyone to panic. >> some of them tried. there were a couple people that did not want to be here. you could see it in their face. i said stay here. there is no other way to go. literally there is no other place to go. >> there were young mothers. she was throwing up a hunter car. she thought she was going to see her baby burn. i would hug her. >> arrington said over those long hours, deputy aldridge's
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demeanor was remarkable. he checked on everybody going from car to car in giving kids treats. as for what he did, the deputy said he is no hero. he just did what he had to do. schools in sonoma county are beginning to schedule their reopening dates. school districts opening monday are bellevue, bennet valley, oak grove, roseland and sonoma valley. opening on tuesday will be kenwood, rincon valley and another 13 schools. some will not resume classes until a week from today. they need extensive cleanup. the reopening dates for another 11 campuses will not be determined until monday. now to the wildfire and mendocino county were five more people who died in the fires of been identified. they were steve stelter. his body was found outside his home. the remains of his girlfriend,
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danica stands oh were inside the home. the home was burned to the ground. two more victims were jane gardner and her caregiver, elizabeth forster. they died in the home they shared. the remains of margaret stephenson were found inside her home which also burned. eight people were killed in the mendocino county fire. u.s. senators from oregon, washington state and idaho are responding to the california fire emergency with new legislation. they introduced a bill yesterday to help western states try to prevent catastrophic wildfires. the measure would speed up environmental reviews and spend more than $100 million to than some of the forest and in -- in fire prone areas. the bill passed by the house includes almost $577 million to fight wildfires. a federal judge rejected a request from former arizona
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sheriff joe arpaio to erase a criminal contempt conviction from his record. the judge said a presidential pardon my president trump did not change the fact of the case. apartment was the sheriff of maricopa county in arizona for more than 20 years and was spared a jail sentence when president trump pardoned him after he was convicted of criminal content. arpaio was accused of violating a court order and a 2007 racial profiling case by continuing patrols that targeted immigrants. a group that represents sex workers is challenging a 145- year-old california law that criminalizes prostitution. the group asked a federal appeals court to overturn the law. they claim the 1872 law violates due process and the right to freeze the beach. the court seemed receptive to give the group more time to support their case.
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one judge asked the california attorney general's office why it's illegal to sell something that is legal to give away but the state argues prostitution is only legal in some parts of nevada and it should be up to california legislature to make changes in the law. a law that aims to in short rape test kits will be preserved for 20 years. the governor signed that law. it's meant to get victims more time to come forward. the kids hold forensic evidence but a loophole in the old law allowed some kids to be destroyed after two years. the new law said the kids must be preserved for 20 years and provide other protections for victims. >> it will ensure that they have access to free contraception and it will ensure that their rape kits, that are very invasive and difficult for rape survivors to agree to, that they cannot be destroyed in a short amount of time. >> the new law also requires victims to give a standardized card that outlines their rights and the resources available to them.
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a commuter shuttle service is temporarily shut down in san francisco after failing safety inspections. chariot is an app service owned by ford motor company and allows commuters to heal a 14 person band that can take them to work from their home. the chp says some of the shuttles' drivers did not have valid class b drivers licenses which are required to drive a bus. the chp plans to reinspect the service today. these recent developments come after complaints from some residents about vans blocking driveways. also city officials are concerned about the company stealing business from public transit. there is a push to change the name of the stockton metropolitan airport and include san francisco in the name. a committee and san joaquin county believes that will help attract business and increase awareness. supporters believe it would build a connection with the bay
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area for marketing purposes. the county board of supervisors will consider the proposal next week. another vote to change the name of san francisco's justin herman plaza will take place because of a tie vote by the city's recreation and parks commission. the commission vote yesterday was 3-3. the issue will come up next month for another vote. if approved, the plaza will temporarily be known as embarcadero plaza while the city debates a new name. justin herman, who led the san francisco redevelopment authority in the 1960s, was linked to controversial projects that displaced thousands of african americans and japanese residents in the western addition. dozens took to the streets of downtown san jose yesterday to protest the planned google make a complex. we will tell you what their main concern is. good morning. we see it is a nice start to the morning commute.
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it's a little wet from overnight rain but so far traffic is cooperating. some very impressive rainfall totals. the breeze has also kicked in from the northwest. that will help the air-quality.
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welcome back. uc berkeley turned a long- standing relationship into a formal partnership yesterday. they signed a memorandum of understanding that allowed for cross registration among students and faculty. there's also discussion about a possible double degree program that would allow students to get degrees from both schools. there's a new study that finds the amount of time the children under eight years old spend on mobile devices has tripled over the past four years.
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this report was by the nonprofit group common sense media. they found the children under eight now spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes per day of screen time. of that, 48 minutes every day is spent on mobile devices. that is up from 15 minutes per day in 2013. more than 100 service industry workers and community activists took to the streets of san jose yesterday. they are concerned a proposed google make a campus will cause gentrification and displace longtime residents. the group was made up of cafeteria workers and community organizers and others. they march from the cesar chavez plaza to city hall. they feared google coming to san jose will force out the working class. >> i'm here today because bringing 20,000 people into san jose means more traffic. they're going to raise the rent
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. everything will go up. >> in june, city leaders announced that google's plan to develop a transit oriented complex on the side of the old the works. the mixed-use development would be 6 million square feet. san jose officials say the city has been planning for high density growth for decades and is looking at building a 12,000 -- building 12,000 housing units to accommodate the expansion. several cities are counting on strength in numbers as they submit a joint for amazon's second headquarters. san francisco, oakland, fremont, kochman -- concord and richmond submitted a proposal yesterday. the cities are hoping to convince amazon to build a $5 million hq to campus in the bay area. among the incentives are tax breaks and plans for 45,000 housing units. the company said the campus
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would create 50,000 jobs over the next 15 years. starting today, pokemon go app is rolling out new characters in time for halloween. users will be able to capture new ghost-type pokimon. find potus candy and spot pikachu in a halloween costume. pokemon go became a viral phenomenon after launching in july 2016. this is the second year the creator will host a pokimon go halloween event. we saw a welcome sight last night in the form of rain. it was a nice site, particularly in the fire zones. these pictures are from santa rosa. this is badly needed after the devastating fires over the last two weeks. a high surf advisory is in effect this morning along the bay area beaches. dangerous waves up to 20 feet high are expected to pound the coast. the national weather service issued the advisory with the
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warning, don't turn your back to the ocean. the largest waves will arrive between -- will arrive every 30 minutes potentially surprising some beachgoers. you think it looks pretty normal and predictable and then all the sudden there will be a big wave. sal is over there watching our commutes. some of the roads are still wet this morning. they are wet but we do not have any major problems. traffic is moving along pretty well. we can go to 580 westbound. we did have slowing in a construction zone. 580 just after 205. it's not as slow as it normally is but it's there. traffic is okay from livermore to pleasanton. we had an earlier accident near 580, six 80 westbound that is now gone. bart is also doing well.
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we had some minor things that may have affected the system but they turned out to be nothing. this is a look at the commute on 880 north- and southbound. traffic is moving along nicely. the westbound bay bridge also looks good. so far it is quiet on this friday. >> is a going to rain this morning? >> no. the roads are slick. it was the first rain of the season. >> but it will not rain anymore. >> i think you are right. most of it is done. the still some in the sierra and northward. some of the rain totals are on the screen. san francisco, almost a third of an inch. mill valley, .23. san jose, a quarter inch. sfo, a quarter inch. the heaviest rain was in st. helena and mount diablo. three quarters of an inch.
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kenwood picked up a half inch. then loman, .38. i've seen a quarter inch around boulder creek as well. most locations were around 0.2 or 0.23 in santa rosa. the system has gone through. it held together and made it all the way south and continues to march south into the valley. and also into the sierra nevada where they are getting some rain and snow. we will get a combination of sun and clouds. there will be some energy moving into the north on the mendocino coast. some cloud cover will continue to zip by. if you see some clouds, you will know why. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. a couple of upper 40s on the peninsula. was altos hail, 50. menlo park, 49. we have a north east breeze and
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that will give us air-quality today. in the sierra, a winter weather advisory until 11 am. 32 in truckee. 40s and 50s even up to redding. the winter weather advisory will go until 11 am. maybe some scattered shower activity will move in from the northwest in areas to the north. cloud cover will give us partly cloudy skies. the rain ends. it will be cooler. showers to the north. breezy at times. warmer weather kicks and sunday, monday and tuesday. after that i think it will break down. 60s for everyone today. overall, cold tomorrow morning. breezy, sunshine and warmer temperatures through sunday and early next week. >> pam does not want it to cold. >> you know what? i'm getting ready for sweater
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weather. 4:51 am. there is more talk of banning large personal electronics from checked bags. we will talk about the dangers they pose for passengers.
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welcome back. the federal government is urging airlines all over the world to ban large personal
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electronic devices like a laptop from checked luggage. u.s. officials save these devices could cause a fire or explosion when stored under the cabin. the faa is citing several tests showing the potential dangers of overheated, rechargeable lithium batteries. those incidents could disable a plane's fire suppression system and allow the fire to go unnoticed leading to a plane blowing up. united nations agency that sets global aviation standards is considering the ban. a new crime-fighting tool could hit streets soon. future police cars may be able to track down criminals. it's a new dashcam designed to use artificial intelligence introduced this week and it could help authorities locate suspects, spot weapons and identify vehicles before the officer does. the technology sets the table for the law enforcement officials to utilize video data.
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departments across the country have expressed interest in using artificial intelligence to cut down on crime. google's parent company, alphabets, is investing $1 billion in the ridesharing service, lyft. lyft is smaller and is valued less than uber but experts believe the investment could help lyft close the gap. right now lyft is available to 95% of the u.s. population. that's up from 54% at the beginning of this year. target is making these to better compete with walmart and amazon. they are investing $7 billion in the company over the next three years. they plan to expand same day delivery, remodel older stores and open small format stores in urban areas. it does expect stores to act as a point of distribution for pickup and delivery. target plans to roll out curbside pickup for online
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grocery customers. walmart currently has 1000 stores that offer that service and plans to double that figure next year. we will bring you the latest on the fires. in the recovery that is underway. new information on an officer critically injured in a hit-and-run. the suspect speaks out exclusively to us at ktvu. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. it could be windy out there on some commutes. impressive rain totals for the first system from the north. some of the totals coming in were really good and marin county. mount tam, almost 3/4 of an inch. berkeley, almost a third.
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good morning. we have new information about the san francisco bicycle police officer critically injured after a car driven by a suspect slammed into him. as -- the senate passed a $4 trillion budget bill. what it may mean for tax reform. mornings on 2 continues.
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good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. is that sfo? yes, it is. it might be a little wet on the runway. >> you can see the tram in the background moving along. >> a nice, welcome sight. drizzle overnight. and actually some decent numbers. not just drizzle. thank you for joining us. friday, october 20. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. that rain was really good. that is mostly united, what we see there. really good rain. some areas had upwards of three quarters of an inch, almost an inch. mount tam, almost 9/10 of an inch. cloverdale and berkeley, a third of an inch.


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