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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. is that sfo? yes, it is. it might be a little wet on the runway. >> you can see the tram in the background moving along. >> a nice, welcome sight. drizzle overnight. and actually some decent numbers. not just drizzle. thank you for joining us. friday, october 20. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. that rain was really good. that is mostly united, what we see there. really good rain. some areas had upwards of three quarters of an inch, almost an inch. mount tam, almost 9/10 of an inch. cloverdale and berkeley, a third of an inch. oakland, san ramon and was
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altos had a quarter of an inch. milpitas, a third of an inch. sfo, a third of an inch. mill valley, one observation said 0.23. and other said 0.40. san jose 0.22. the heaviest amounts were at st. helena, willits and mount diablo. three quarters of an inch. kenwood, a half inch of rain. santa rosa, multiple reports of anywhere from 0.21 or higher. the system has gone by but it's producing some shower activity to the north. it will continue as the cooler and unstable air moves in. most of the should be north of lake county. you will see some clouds coming in at the bottom of the system.
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40s and 50s for the temperatures. in the santa cruz mountains, a lot of low 50s. also around cupertino and saratoga. wind west, northwest. you see that under stronach to the the could pop up in areas to the north. for us, we are on the dry side. 60s and 70s on the temps today. >> yesterday you put the vibe out there for a friday-lite -- >> so far it's okay. we do have a commute that is going to be okay. let's go to the altamont pass. i want to mention, and steve and i worked together closely, chp is saying there could be gusty wind in the altimont pass and on the venetian bridge. give yourself a little bit more time if you were driving through those areas especially if you drive a high profile vehicle. you can see traffic is a little slow livermore to pleasanton.
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no major problems all the way to castro valley. the commute on interstate 880 looks good in both directions as you drive past the coliseum. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, traffic is light. it could be a little windy on some commutes and also wet from the overnight rain. we now know the name of the san francisco officer who was run down by a suspect in an suv and is now in critical condition with a severe head injury. he is a 32-year-old elia lewin- tankel. a five year lease department veteran. well-respected and recognized for outstanding police work several times. as jana katsuyama reports, family and friends are closely watching him at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. >> reporter: police chief william scot emerged from the zuckerberg san francisco
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general hospital were 32-year- old officer elia lewin-tankel is in intensive care. >> as he continues on his road to recovery, it's important and uplifting to remember that elia is a fighter in every sense of the word. in this fight is not over. >> reporter: the officer was injured in wednesday's hit-and- run incident when a suspect try to flee. the chief said the officer's family is staying positive. he read a statement by the wife. >> if elia was writing this he would want to say that he is like every other cop working in san francisco. he goes to work every day to protect and serve his community. he does this with heart and passion. >> reporter: the officer chose to be assigned to the tenderloin police station last year. it well-liked, dedicated officer who received a purple heart from the department in 2015. >> he put his life in danger to help others.
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he exemplifies what the san francisco police department is about. >> reporter: police say he started law school and had a passion for the martial arts. he taught other officers and trained at eight jujitsu in japantown. >> we are in complete shock. >> reporter: the head instructor and friends say the only learned thursday morning it was elia who was hit. >> he is tough. he needs to stay tough and make it through. >> he has a tough heart and grits. i know he loves this so much. i hope that he has a speedy recovery so he can come back and start training again. >> reporter: the road to recovery for this brown belt is likely to be difficult. >> it's absolutely critical to his condition. it did affect the brain and the neck and spinal. also, the family is coming in. i am praying for them and i think they deserve our prayers right now. >> this is not the end of elia's story.
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please send him positive energy and love. >> tara moriarty had a jailhouse interview with the man accused of running down officer lewin-tankel. marquise johnson told tara he did not know the officer was hurt until after he was arrested. >> you hitting the police officer on the bicycle, that was not intentional? >> no. >> it was an accident? >> yes. >> and you did not see him? >> i did not. >> do you have anything to say to the family because he's in the hospital right now? >> my heart goes out to him and i extend my condolences and apologies. i don't know what else to say. >> he is facing 13 charges including assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. johnson reportedly is homeless and told ktvu he suffers from ptsd that he thinks is a
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result of a 2014 excessive use of force incident with police. on our website,, we have more of that jailhouse interview. the alameda county sheriff's office is questioning two people connected with the deadly carjacking and san lorenzo. yesterday morning james figaro a junior started his truck outside of his home and then went back inside. when he came back out, a man jumped into the truck. when figaro will try to stop him, the man ran him over. >> i think our victim had good intention to try to stop a person from stealing the car and unfortunately the suspect was intent on getting away and causing harm. >> two people were taken into custody for questioning after the lead deputies on a chase. the police are hoping someone in the neighborhood they have captured the incident on their home surveillance cameras. if you have any information, call the sheriff's department.
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now to the wildfires across the state. some people who evacuated in the santa cruz mountains are being allowed back into their neighborhoods. a stream of cars we entered one neighborhood yesterday. firefighters say cooler temperatures and higher humidity have allowed fire crews to get the upper hand. it has burned about 320 acres and is 35% contained. >> i have been living with the possibility that everything could have gone up in smoke. it's a very grateful feeling. >> the fire destroyed four homes and buildings and continues to threaten 300 other homes. in the north bay, some evacuees will be allowed back into their neighborhoods to check out their properties later today. the coffey park neighborhood along with the orchard park and journeys and mobile home parks will have controlled entry beginning at 10:00 this morning.
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firefighters are getting close to fully containing the tubbs fire, 92% contained. the north bay fires combined destroyed 6900 homes and caused at least $1 billion damage to insured properties. about 15,000 people are still evacuated. that is down from a high of 100,000 last weekend. today marked the 26th anniversary of the oakland hills fire. it killed 25 and destroyed more than 3000 homes and businesses. that fire began on saturday, october 19 but the flareup began the next morning because of the wind. people who lost their homes and the fire say that recovery was a long learning process. they did learn about interns, politics, neighborhood unity and community activism. coming up, an emotional message of thank you. wait
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until you see the reunion between a woman and the sheriff's deputies who brought her and 35 other people to safety the night of the fires. >> reporter: a vote in the senate last night. it will lay the groundwork for the president's tax reform plan. we will have more on what comes next just ahead.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. republicans in congress
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celebrating after the senate last night pasty multitrillion dollar budget bill laying the groundwork for the president's tax reform plan. doug luzader has details. >> reporter: republicans seem more confident that they can get tax reform done not just by the end of the year but maybe as early as thanksgiving. >> the yes is 51. vino is 49. >> reporter: the vote could not have been much closer but senate republicans got it done. passing a resolution that paves the way for tax reform. >> we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to replace a feeling tax code that holds americans back with one that actually works for them. >> reporter: the $4 trillion budget bill is a guideline but in the byzantine rules of the senate, it's at the table for
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republicans to add their tax reform plan and pass with a simple majority vote leaving democrats on the sidelines unable to filibuster. president trump celebrating on twitter after a rare legislative win. great news on the 2018 budget. senate majority leader mcconnell. first step toward delivering massive tax cuts for the american people. the president envisions a simplified tax system with lower rates and fewer tax brackets although the details are still scarce. across the aisle, anger over the budget itself and what's to come. >> it is a horrific budget bill and extremely cruel bill and the most unfair budget ever presented in the modern history of our country. >> reporter: republican ranks held on this about last night but that was the easy part. now they have to move forward with the actual tax reform plan and that's going to be difficult. doug luzader, fox news. the white house chief of staff retired general john kelly is defending president trump office controversial phone call to the widow of an american soldier who was killed during a mission to the african
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nation of niger. >> it stuns me that a member of congress would elicit -- would have listened to that conversation. that was sacred. >> he criticized the democratic congresswoman who heard the phone call and accused him of being disrespectful. kelly's son was killed in afghanistan in 2010. during a surprise briefing with reporters he said he advised president trump on what to say to the widow and that he is "brokenhearted about the congresswoman's comments." the cia director mike pompeo says north korea is a few months from perfecting its nuclear weapons. he told a national security forum in washington that from a policy perspective, the u.s. should behave as if north korea has achieved its objective of being able to strike the u.s. he said the u.s. wants to revolve the conflict with north korea without military action but added president trump is
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prepared to use force if necessary. 5:16 am. we want to check in with sal. i know there were some problems overnight and hopefully they have cleared up. >> it's wet out there. some people have been slipping and sliding around out there. there have been a few crashes. nothing major. we do not have any major slowdowns. let's start with the gilroy commute. it looks good so far from gilroy to morgan hill. it's also windy. we seen some wind advisories for the ultimate pass and the phoenicia bridge. it could be windy where you are. all in all, i would like to say that i'm optimistic about this commute early on we've not had a lot of crashes causing significant slowdowns. this is 280 in san jose. traffic is moving along well.
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when you get to the bay bridge, we do have traffic moving well. usually at 5:30 am we will see what kind of day we will have. if the turn the metering lights on at 5:30 am you will start seeing a backup. our rain is mostly ended. is still a little to the south and a little to the north. rain totals were impressive. there's still some scattered shower act to the up north. isolated thundershowers maybe a little later and further north. there goes our system. it went all the way out to the valley and produced light rain around fremont and san jose. they're still a little holding on in higher elevations. we have many rain totals to choose from. berkeley, one third of an inch. loss altos, a quarter inch. one third of an inch for milpitas. just shy of that in san
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francisco. st. helena, three quarters. mount diablo, three quarters. kenwood, a half inch. ben logan, 0.38. santa rosa, anywhere from 0.21 to zero point ben logan, 0.38. santa rosa, anywhere from 0.21 to 0.50. some cloud cover was zip down out of the jet stream. upper 40s and 50s for the temperatures. 43, kelseyville. 45, windsor. the cold air is moving in and we will see a few more 40s in the next hour or two. west or northwest will be the direction of the wind. that will give us great air quality. this year is still dealing with wind and snow. that will wind down about 9:00. the advisory will go until 11 am. the colder and unstable air is
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moving into the north and that brings the possibility for isolated thundershowers. we will have a partly sunny, partly cloudy day. 60s on the temperatures. high pressure will stick around for weeks and months but rain will stick around for a day. sunny and warmer on sunday and into early next week. the bay area cities making a sales pitch to become amazons second headquarters. details about a joint bid submitted by five bay area cities. the chiefs and raiders played last night in primetime. we have the highlights.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the raiders beat the chiefs 31-30. it was a wild game at home in the coliseum. >> he's going to toss it back -- and it is caught by cooper for the touchdown! >> derek carr and the offense firing on all cylinders early with that flea figure 2 amari cooper. he then hit cooper again for this 45 yard touchdown. in the second, derek carr ran up the middle. marcus peters tackled him with elite eight and there was a scuffle. marshawn lynch ran in off the bench and even pushed an official. lynch was kicked out of the
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game. let's jump ahead to the fourth quarter. the raiders were trailing with 23 seconds left in the game. >> crabtree is back in the game. third and 10. it's caught! what a catch! incredible! >> derek carr through it up for jared cook. it was ruled a touchdown on the field but after further review they said he was down at the half yard line. the raiders had several shots to score. there were also several penalties on both teams finally the raiders made it into the end zone. >> one more time to the side -- touchdown! >> michael crabtree caught the game tying touchdown. then giorgio tavecchio comes in for the extra point. they win the game. the raiders improve their
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record to 3-4. a lot of football insiders are expecting that marshawn lynch will be find or suspended for making contact with that official last night. scott ries has more on this from the oakland coliseum. >> reporter: it's a good thing the raiders won this game because it makes the marshawn lynch sideshow that much more benign. lynch was ejected in the second quarter for leaving the sideline , coming onto the field and making contact with dave official. he left the stadium before halftime leaving his coach and teammates to answer questions. >> i was disappointed he ran out because i knew we had a 15 yard penalty and we would be in good shape. i did not get a chance to have a conversation about it. i told him he can't leave the bench like that and that was about it. >> when marshawn lynch came out there -- that was his cousin. long did that thing to his cousin a few years ago. he was protecting his cousin.
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they are like brothers. he needs to learn. he will learn from this and move forward. >> marshawn lynch not want to face the media and the best of times. add to that the fact that the raiders are off for the next four games and it could be some time before we get an explanation for what went down at the coliseum. giants fans may not like it but the dodgers are going to the world series. >> the place is full of dodgers. that's a drive to right-center field. hernandez sends one deep and that ball is gone! it's a grand slam! >> hernandez hit three home runs last night including a grand slam. the dodgers beat the cups 11-1. they have won the national league championship series. the champagne was flowing in the clubhouse. they celebrated with this victory shower. the last time the dodgers went to the world series was 1988.
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they beat the oakland as -- the oakland 80s. a group of dodgers fans that carried away with that celebration. they were on a street corner, block traffic. i see someone with a tube down there setting off fireworks. crowd firing pepper spray pellets. we have not heard of any injuries or arrests. a commuter shuttle service in san francisco has been temporarily shut down. we will tell you what the chp says it found during inspections. good morning. you can see that the commute is going to be okay on the golden gate bridge heading south as you head into san francisco. the front has gone through. there is some instability around around san jose and in the north with snow in the
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sierra. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is a pam cook day. it's friday, october 20. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook and i do like this day. let's check in with steve. is it a little bit of rain and gone now? >> the main front is gone but
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the still a little bit out there. we are just about done. there is still some cold and unstable air moving in to the north. maybe northern sonoma. cloverdale could get some activity. cloud cover continues to rotate in on a fast jet stream. there goes our system. in the last few images, cloud cover is moving in and around san jose. some scattered and light rain. not much. clayton and point reyes picked up a little rain. pacifica, 0.28. san jose, 0.22 and sfo picked up 0.21. the heavy rain wasn't mount diablo. three quarters of an inch. ben lomond picked up over a third of an inch. in santa rosa, anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch. cooler today. 64. concord, 66. kentfield , 64.
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san jose, 65. there goes our system. 60s and 40s for the temperatures. i expect these to come down a little bit as we get that cool air coming in. when from the west, northwest. there will be a northwest breezes today. winter weather advisory for snow and oseguera until 11. you can see cloud cover zipping in on the bottom of the system. that could enhance the cloud cover. 60s for the temperatures today. >> you set the bar around 5:30 am, sal. so far it's not too bad. we will look at some of these commutes. is not going to be completely liked but i think we will like what we see. this is the east shore freeway and the vacaville to fairfield
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commute into vallejo. we call this the solano super commute. traffic is moving along well. there is some slowing on 37 as you drive away from the vallejo area toward sonoma and marin county. we are looking at traffic on the cortines and benicia bridge. that may be affected by the wind. from the cockiness bridge to the macarthur maze, a 15 minute drive. the metering lights have been turned on. the backup is not that deep. two high school football players in the east bay have been arrested on sexual assault charges. >> they are accused of assaulting a teenage girl. christien kafton is in concord. tell us with the authorities and school officials are saying. >> reporter: good morning. first we will show you the proximity of these schools. this is de la salle. two student, one from de la salle and the other from ygnacio
5:33 am
valley high school have been arrested and accused of raping a student who attends carondelet. the all school high school across the street from de la salle. the female student from carondelet told authorities this week she had been assaulted late last month by two students. she said that happened in walnut creek. the contra costa county sheriffs department issued a statement redding detectives immediately launched an investigation and confirmed the allegations. two male juvenile suspects were arrested wednesday evening and booked into juvenile hall in martinez. while de la salle confirms one of the students is from that's cool, the bay area news group is reporting the second student attends ygnacio valley high school and both are football players. carondelet and de la salle has sent notices to students and families notifying them of the incident and the arrest. this is not the first allegation of sexual assault at de la salle. last year a freshman football player was arrested and convicted of raping a carondelet student.
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investigators are asking anyone with additional information about this incident to contact them. >> thank you. we will be updating that story throughout the morning. a long time oakland firefighter officially took control of the department. 49- year-old darren white will be sworn in as oakland fire chief at city hall at 1:00. he has served 30 years in fire service including 20 with the oakland fire department. the mayor said the city conducted a national search to find a leader who is accessible, honest and transparent. a woman from santa rosa was determined to thank the and protect her and others in a parking lot as the tubbs fire was raging around them. >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. >> she was waiting 11 days to
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give that hug. it was then that jennifer arrington was shooting this video as they were escaping the tubbs fire. deputy mark aldridge and others were all over the hill evacuating people with fire around them. aldridge stopped and waited fleeing cars onto the pavement at a former restaurant. aldridge had everyone gather and cluster their cars together to stay inside. he admits he was more scared than he was letting them see but did not want anyone to panic and bolt. >> some of them tried. there were a couple people that did not want to be here. you can tell. you can see it in their face. i said stay here. there was literally no other place to go. >> there were young mothers. one had a four-month-old baby. she was throwing up behind her car and she thought she would see her baby burn. i hugged her. >> she said over those five hours, deputy airrington's demeanor was remarkable. he checked on everyone going from car to car giving kids
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treats. the deputy said he is no hero. he just did what he had to do. schools in sonoma county are beginning to schedule their reopening dates. school districts opening monday our bellevue, bennet valley, oak grove, roseland and sonoma valley. opening on tuesday is kenwood and rincon valley. another 13 schools in sonoma county will not resume classes until a week from today because they have more extensive cleanup. the reopening dates for another 11 campuses will not be determined until monday. now to the wired fire and mendocino county were five more people who died in the fire were identified. they were steve smelzer, his body was found outside his home. the remains of his girlfriend, janet costanza were inside the home the house had burned to the ground. two more victims were jane gardner and her caregiver, elizabeth foster. they died inside the home they
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shared. the remains of margaret stephenson were found inside her home that had turned. eight people were killed in the mendocino county fire. u.s. senators from oregon, washington and idaho are responding to the fire emergency with new legislation. the introduced a bipartisan bill to help western states try to prevent catastrophic wildfires. the measure would speed up environmental reviews and spend more than $100 million to thin some of the forest and the fire prone areas. the bill passed by the house includes almost $577 million to fight fires. a federal judge rejected a request from former arizona sheriff joe arpaio to erase a criminal contempt conviction from his record. the judge said a presidential pardon by prompt did not change the facts of the case. arpaio was the sheriff of maricopa county in arizona for
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20 years and was spared a jail sentence when he was part of my president trump after being convicted of criminal contempt. the sheriff was accused of violating a court order in the 2007 racial profiling case by continuing patrols that targeted immigrants. a group that represents sex workers is challenging a 145- year-old california law that criminalizes prostitution. the group asked a san francisco federal appeals court to overturn the law. they claim the 1872 law violates due process and the right to free speech. the appellate court seemed receptive to give the group more time to support their case. one judge asked the california attorney general's office why it's illegal to sell something that is legal to give away for free. a new law is designed to protect victims of rape. the law was signed by governor brown and says rape kits must
5:39 am
be preserved for at least 20 years. it's meant to give people more time to come forward. the kids hold forensic evidence but a loophole in the old law allowed some kids to be destroyed after two years. >> it will ensure they have access to free contraception and will ensure their rape kits , that are very invasive and difficult for rape survivors to agreed to, that they cannot be destroyed in a short amount of time. >> the new law also requires that victims must be given a standardized card of information that outlines their rights and resources available to them. a commuter shuttle service temporarily shut down its service in san francisco after failing safety inspections. the company is chariot, a service owned by ford motor company that allows commuters to hail a 14 person band that can take them to work from their home. the chp says some of the shuttles' drivers did not have valid class b drivers licenses which you need to drive a bus. chp plans to reinspect the
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service later today. the recent developments come after complaints from some residents about vans walking driveways. city officials are worried about the company stealing business from public transit. there is a push to change the name of the stockton metropolitan airport to include san francisco in the new name. a committee and san joaquin county believes it will help attract business and increase awareness of the airport. supporters believe it would build a connection with the bay area for recruiting purposes. the county board of supervisors will consider the proposal next week. repair cost at the oroville dam are rising but state officials say the work is running ahead of schedule. they expect the cost to top $500 million for repairing two spillways. the original estimate was $275 million. the project has required more excavation and concrete than expected. the spillways failed last february leading to massive
5:41 am
evacuations. disaster was narrowly averted. the contractors expect to finish the work the end of the month given the cement a month to cure and be ready for use in december. another vote to change the name of justin herman plaza is now needed after a tie vote yesterday by the recreation and park commission. the vote was 3-3. there will be another vote next month. if the changes approved, the plaza will be known as embarcadero plaza while the city debates a minute name. justin herman, who led the san francisco redevelopment authorities in the 1960s was linked to projects that displaced thousands of african- american and japanese residents in the western addition. coming up, protecting your credit cards. we will show you what mastercard is doing to protect consumers by getting rid of an
5:42 am
old tradition. dozens took to the streets of downtown san jose yesterday to protest a planned google make him complex. we will tell you what the main concern is.
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uc berkeley and mills college in oakland turned a long-standing relationship into a formal partnership. they sign a memorandum of understanding that allows for cross registration among students and collaboration with faculty. there is a discussion about a possible double degree program that would allow students to get degrees from both schools. there is a study that says the amount of time that children under the age of eight spend on mobile devices has tripled in the past four years. the report by the nonprofit group common sense media found the children under eight years old now spend an average of two
5:45 am
hours and 19 minutes per day of screen time. of that, 48 minutes per day is spent on mobile devices. that is up from 15 minutes back in 2013. more than 100 service industry workers and community activists marched in downtown san jose yesterday. they are concerned a proposed google make a campus will cost gentrification and displace longtime residents. there were cafeteria workers and community organizers among marchers. they marched to city hall. they fear that google coming to san jose will force out the working class. >> i'm here today because ringing 20,000 people into san jose means traffic. a lot more traffic. they will raise the rent and everything will go up. >> in june, city leaders announced google's plan to develop a transit oriented complex on the side of the old
5:46 am
moving ahead. it's a mixed-use development site. it would be at least 6 million square feet. san jose officials say the city has been planning for high density growth for decades and are considering building a 12,000 housing units in downtown alone to accommodate the expansion. several cities are counting on strength in numbers as they submit a joint for amazon's new second headquarters. san francisco, oakland, fremont, concord and richmond submitted a joint proposal yesterday. the cities are hoping to convince amazon to build a $5 billion second campus in the bay area. among the incentives are tax breaks and plans for 45,000 housing units. the company said the campus will create 50,000 jobs over the next 15 years. starting today pokemon go will unveil new characters in time for halloween. users will be able to capture new ghost-type pokimon, find
5:47 am
bonus candy used to make pokimon stronger and spot pikachu in a halloween costume. pokemon go became a viral phenomenon after it launched in july 2016. this is the second year pokimon go creator will host a pokimon go halloween event. we saw a welcome sight. the first rain of the season. it was especially needed in the fire zones in the wine country and the santa cruz mountains. this is video from santa rosa where the wet weather was badly needed after the fires over the last two weeks. there is a surf advisory in effect this morning along beaches. dangerous waves up to 20 feet are expected to pound the coast. the national weather service issued the weather advisor with a warning to not turn your back to the ocean. this the year is getting the first significant snowfall of the season and some very
5:48 am
high wind. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory. people driving on the mountain passes are being warned about potentially slippery roads, travel delays and chain requirements. 4-8 inches is expected at elevations above 8000 feet and the northern see your. wind could be up to 100 miles per hour at the highest peaks. are you ready to think about skiing? >> i have my pass and i'm ready to go. sal is ready. you are watching the toll plaza. we are seeing traffic getting slow. there is some wind out there you might want to watch out for on the benicia bridge and the altamont pass. let's go to the altamont pass. we did have some slowing on 580 and 205 as you drive into the area. there have been no major problems after that from livermore into dublin and it stays that way. slow traffic on 238 and 880 south near hayward.
5:49 am
new problems on interstate 880 into downtown oakland. we are looking at a quite commute getting up to the bay bridge. when you get there there is a stalled vehicle at the toll plaza. i don't think it's causing a huge delay but it's right there. traffic is going to be a little slow as you drive through. we still have a little bit of activity to the north and south. the front has gone through, still producing snow and occasional wind in the sierra nevada. isolated showers. a few thunderstorms are possible from cloverdale, maybe healdsburg and north and calistoga north into mendocino and lake county. isolated. cloud cover is enhanced coming in mainly on the peninsula and south bay. there is the front that went through. it held together and is still holding together. there's some activity down around san jose. it will be light but we will see if it picks up again.
5:50 am
that will continue to march quickly through. rainfall totals were very good. mount tam, two thirds. i did see more than that not far away. cloverdale, 40 4/100. a quarter of an inch or more in many locations. the heaviest rain was near st. helena, willits, mount diablo and kenwood all with a half inch of rain. ben lomond, 0.38. around boulder creek i saw a similar amount. santa rosa is about a quarter of an inch. some areas had more than that. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. a northwesterly breeze should kick in. 30 miles per hour gusts on the lake and at 8700 feet mcing 65 miles per hour. the winter weather advisory will go until 11:00. windy and colder up there as well. things will start to taper off toward noon.
5:51 am
the system is rotating and sending in some cloud cover. 60s and breezy today with better air quality. some of the coolest temperatures we've seen. all signs point toward high pressure building and after a chilly saturday morning. it will then be warmer on sunday monday and tuesday. 5:51 am. more talk of a ban of large personal electronic devices from checked bags. the danger they pose for passengers is next.
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welcome back. the federal government is urging airlines to ban large personal electronic devices like a laptop from checked luggage. u.s. officials say those devices could cause a fire or explosion when stored under the plain. the faa is citing several tests showing the potential dangers of overheated, rechargeable lithium ion batteries. those incidents could disable a plane's fire suppression system and let the fire go unnoticed leading to an explosion. united nations agency that says worldwide aviation standards is considering that dan. a new crime-fighting tool could hit the streets. future police cars may be able to track criminals. a new dashcam, designed to use artificial intelligence was introduced this week and could help officers locate suspects,
5:55 am
spot weapons and identify vehicles before the officer does. the technology sets the table for new law enforcement officials to better utilize video data. departments across the country have expressed interest in artificial intelligence to fight crime. general motors has agreed to pay $120 million to settle claims filed by 49 states and dc regarding faulty ignition switches. the switches caused engines to stall and prevent airbags from deploying in emergency situations. the malfunction has been linked to 124 deaths and more than 200 injuries. gm recalled 2.6 million calls in february 2014. the automaker has paid about $2.5 billion in penalties and settlements. gm is vowing to continue making improvements to ensure the safety of its cars. target is making moves to compete with amazon and
5:56 am
walmart. the company is investing $7 billion over the next three years to expand same-day delivery, remodel old locations and open small format stores in urban areas. they expect small format stores to act as a point of distribution for pickup and delivery services. they plan to roll out curbside pickup for online grocery customers. walmart has 1000 stores offering that service and plan to double that amount next year. we are coming up on our 6:00 hour. the senate is one step closer to tax reform. the latest developments in washington and the reason many republicans from california oppose the current plan. a man accused of running down a san francisco police officer speaks from behind bars. you will hear his side of the story and we have the latest on the condition of that officer.
5:57 am
5:58 am
good morning. relief for the firefighters. the bay area had rain overnight. we have the latest for you from the fire lines.
5:59 am
>> i've been picked up 10 different times. >> we are hearing from the man accused of running down a san francisco police officer. his exclusive jailhouse interview and the latest on the injured officer. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, october 20. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is over here and he will tell you if we are through with the rain. >> we are mostly done with it. the system held together well. rain north to south and we're still getting some isolated rain. there will be some unstable air moving into the north. watch the cloud cover sweeping in from the west and northwest. cloudy skies to the peninsula and south bay and parts of the east bay. clearing to the north but we do have some isolated showers. that's toward mendocino and lake county. no other napa county.
6:00 am
isolated shower activity. mainly east of san jose as well. the rain was a big bonus. clayton, a third of an inch. san francisco just shy of a third of an inch. temperatures will be cooler today. san jose, 65. 40s and 50s currently for the temperatures. the breeze will predominantly be west and northwest. very windy at lake tahoe. some winter weather advisories will go until 11:00 i though -- although i think things will be over before then. great air-quality. 60s for the temperatures today. traffic is getting a


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