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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> the steps being made to get big insurance companies to foot the bill for more adduction services. > a deadly fire storm ravaged their neighborhood and homes. they finally return today. residents getting escorted into the community to see what might be left. welcome this friday afternoon. >> we'll get to our fire coverage in a moment. we have breaking news now out of oakland. a young girl a victim of a
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hit-and-run in oakland around 1:30 on east #159 street. live where the suspect was taken into custody. police called to a nearby intersection where they found a young girl seriously injured. witnesses say she was hit by a car near an elementary school and dragged a few feet. she was rushed to the hospital at this hour in critical condition. police believe the driver kept going. crashed on foothill boulevard. she was arrested. we'll precinct you a live report in 15 minutes. many got a first and up close look at the true magnitude of their losses as they returned home. >> their emotional stories, tom? >> reporter: i'll tell you something. they had to see it to believe it. and what they saw turned out to
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be horrific. >> reporter: today 12 days after the fire santa rosa coffee park residents were cleared to go and see their neighborhood. >> just to come here is just devastating. it's awful. i feel for everybody. everybody that has to go through this. this is just not -- this is not normal. >> today we're ready to dig through both homes. right now we're going to go through our house and start sifting. insurance will cover the new toaster and coffee pot but that doesn't help with grandma's collectibles and others mementos. >> for corey the coming or deal was preceded by a past or deal. >> we went to my parents house. the next day they needed to be evacuated. wednesday we were gone from that. and went to renkin valley and had to be evacuated from there.
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>> reporter: corey says he means to stay and rebuild. >> of course. i love my neighbors and my neighborhood. >> reporter: evacuees from the scorched earth known as journey's end were also allowed in. entry provided only for those who produced proper credentials. >> thank you. love you guys. >> reporter: others without a good reason were simply turned away. >> we're trying to keep the looking people out. they don't need to be in there during this period of time. you have to give people the space to process what happened in their life. >> reporter: so the sifting and the digging and hoping continues. and; of course, if you don't have a reason to be here you have no reason to come here. because there are lots of national guard and police officers from here and all over northern california making sure that these folks have the space that they need in order to deal
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with the grief and the problems that they have ahead of them. coming up we'll see more of what's going on in another plays as well as this one place as well as this one. tom, i know you've been out there what time while people have been digging, did you get to see any great moments were people were able to find something they may have lost? anything rare stories out there? >> reporter: yeah. one lady, actually, found a very large diamond ring that she had been looking for and was sifting around and found that. and she showed it to us. and other folks found other kinds of things like coins or other mementos that didn't melt down. you know, a lot of coin collection and jewelry that will not necessarily melt down. and so they're finding those kinds of things but it's few and far between because of most of this stuff reached such
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temperatures. one of the things that you see often are the melted aluminum wheels of cars down on the ground. fire was intense and very, very hot. >> horrific scene behind you with the cars. and just the whole neighborhood demolished. >> tom, nice work. up in the north bay. >> today cal fire said it's almost finished damage assess seszmentes. in the amount of destruction keeps growing. 8400 homes were destroyed in the fires. that started two weeks ago. california insurance commissioner says preliminary estimates insured losses in these fires is $1 bill. other experted peg it as $3 billion or more. suffice to it say these are big numbers. very early. and given a number of the challenges that people are having with getting into areas,
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and also given the enormous scope of the fooir fires i anticipate thatly rise significantly. >> some estimate the cost at fighting the fire at $10 million a day at the height of the disaster. cardinal newman a co-ed catholic cool student with more than 600 students. it was badly damages. with more of the classrooms destroyed, main office, library, soccer and baseball fields. they plan to resume classes next week. >> obviously we will be making use of the internet. wre putting some content online. and through the generosity of other churches in the area using their sites also to hold physical classes. >> there are also plans to put portable classrooms on the campus to hold more classes. >> the cardinal newman football team will play its rival. a game that father brown says everyone is looking forward to. >> that is going to be a huge game for the community.
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it's special and dear to our hearts. particular hi the fact that we are able to get to a game so quickly and our students are so willing to participant and to play and it brings a sense of normalcy and something that everybody likes. >> the cardinal newman football coach went into the school after the fire to find and retrieve some of their equipment. the team has been practicing for the past week. >> coming up we'll is it down with state superintendent to talk about how the fires impacted the schools. in the south in the santa cruise mountains call fire reports steady progress prosz. overnight rain has given ground efforts a boost. there was also trouble in the fire line after these three people were arrested after shots were fired. >> jessie gary is live with more on that in efforts to gain full containment. did the shooting interfere with the fire fighting operation at
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all? >> reporter: call fire officials say there was no direct impact on the overall fire fighting operations. deputies with the santa cruz county sheriff's office did have to rush to hartman creek road. at 5:30 in the afternoon three men who owned property at that block noticed a pair sitting in a car parked out front. accusing the two people for casing the property and preparing to steal marijuana at the site. but three were arrested after one of the three grabbed a shotgun and fired several blast at the car occupied by the two victims. the tires were blown out. the pair of people inside were not injured. jason dixon and nicole papoo were arrested for being inside a closed disaster area due to fire fighting operation. >>s the safety of the fire
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fighters is a concern and wanting to keep them safe and that's why we had to come in and try to figure out what was going on there. >> reporter: these five people from that case were booked into the county jail. fire fighters say they've gained the upper hand in this fire fight and have begun removing personnel. containment is up to 40% and growing. rains overnight have helped and not produced a risk of mud slides. coming up in the next hour one congresswoman says may have been heaven sent. live ktvu knocks news. >> jessie. i think we all agree with that congressman. live for us thanks. we had that rain yesterday which is much needed. probably not enough. we've got the weekend ahead. >> yes and that little bit did
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feel good out there. did a lot to suppress the fires and cleaned out the air. a win-win for everybody. we had one advisory in place and we'll talk about that. high surf advisory until 6:00. a northwest swell creating dangerous waves. peaking to 25 in some areas. that will expire at 6:00. let's look at the cloud cover. as far as rain and wet weather. little bit of moisture. still within some of that moisture. really not hitting the ground. maybe the higher elevations picking up drizzle. we'll continue to clear out as we get into the evening hours. here with rein the sierra where we started with a winter weather advisory. some winter travel going on. that expired at 11:00. you can see a little bit here. as far as rain fall amounts. the north edge of lake county picked up half an inch. even more than that. here's what we saw over areas of
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assistant rosa. san francisco almost .30. almost or more than.70. not bad at all. the late county lake port clear clak area and kent field .27. some good rain. now we're drying it out in time for your weekend. currently the temperatures are cooling out there. brisk. it feels good in most areas. areas like half moon day san francisco, 59 degrees. low 60s around the area as we get going tomorrow morning. patchy fog with rezidal moisture in place. we're cooler this afternoon than yesterday. a tad warmer over santa rosa. we'll have a look @ temperatures for tomorrow morning and the rest of your bai bay area weekend in a bit. sfwl more on our breaking news
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out of oakland. young girl seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash. >> this happened around 1:30 this afternoon at the 800 block of east 15th street. henry lee is there at the scene now. you just spoke with the police about the crash. what are they telling you? >> reporter: this is an active scene. look at the yellow tape. oom i'm at the corner of 8th avenue and east 15th street. at 1:30 a girl was hit by a toyota came ray ri. the driver did not stop at first. the driver headed back west a few blocks to 94 and foothill area that's where sky fox is over head at this moment. we see images of a toyota camery the suspect apparently abandoned after hitting a parked car. the woman behind the wheel ran on foot and somehow ended near the corner of 9th avenue and international boulevard not far from the original crash second base and that's where she was
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arrested. at this hour we do not know the exact age of the girl other than she was seriously injured, taken to the local hospital. the name of the suspect behind the wheel has not been released. we know this was a hit-and-run, the suspect a woman is now in custody. we do not know her name or age and the girl's condition is not updated. she's in serious condition. look behind me. traffic units, motorcycle officers with the oakland police department are diagramming the scene. they are at the second scene where sky fox is over head. that's where that toyota camery was abandoned. multiple scenes. a woman arrested at #9 -- 9th international. they will try to diagram all three scenes and make sure everyone issing correctly in place for the traffic report and potential criminal investigation. latest in oakland.
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ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. thank you. the man accused of running over an sfpd officer during a police chase appeared in court for the first time. 54-year-old maurice johnson did not enter a plea but he did tell us in a jailhouse interview yesterday, he will mostly like -- likely enter a not guilty plea. he hit officer eelen lulen while the officer was on patrol. officer tankle is fighting for his life. johnson is expected to appear in court again on november 7. two high school football players in the east bay have been arrested after a sexual assault investigation. earlier today we learned the district attorney general district attorney office filed sexual assault charges against both students. christian captain has the latest
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and how the details came to light. >> reporter: students at two of the schools involved are trying to process the troubling elements of the story. you can see the proximity of the school. two male students have been arrested. accused of raping a student who attended another school. an all girls high school. the female student told authorities this week that she had been sexually assaulted late last month by two male students in an unincorporated area of walnut creek. if t sheriff's office issued a statement saying the detective launched an investigation and confirmed the allegations. two male juvenile suspects were arrested and booked at a juvenile haul. one is from dela sal. the other half a mile from where we are now. day la sal recease leasted a
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statement. although we got comment on the incident. we demand respect for all persons. we take the safety of all students seriously. this is not the first allegation of sexual assault at delasalle. last year a football student was convicted of raping a student. dparts are asking anybody who has information about the incident to come forward and fwro provide the information to authorities. u.s. army corps of engineers gets an ominous update on puerto rico when they predict the area will be functioning normally once again. >> president trump push to fight the opioid epidemic may be complicated by the effort to repeal and replace obamacare.
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>> as the president prepares to declare, his commission on combatting drug addiction is holding the first meeting today. garrett tenny has more. >> reporter: president trump is inches closer to designating the opioid epidemic a national emergency. the president's commission on combatting addiction is meet tath white house discussing health related issues. and why it's not covered by big insurance company. >> if we had 46,000 americans
4:20 pm
being killed in some other way i think the reaction would be significantly difrpt>> reporter: the drive to get more services covered snandz contrast for efforts to repeal obamacare making secondary services like rehab optional and more expensive. critics say it's part of the a system that re-washington, d.c. doctors prescribing opioids. >> lack of session not a reason why things happen. an agenda is the reason. we were intent vised to push or more expose more population to prescriptions. >> reporter: a by spartsen -- bipartisan group is working on a deal. if not clear whether those plans would cover addiction services but lawmaker acknowledge need for a short term fix. >> we need a short term geement so people don't get hurt between now and the time we repeal and
4:21 pm
replace obamacare. >> reporter: officials tell us the president will make the announcement at next week. republicans are celebrating senate passenger of a $4 trillion budgets blueprint laying grouped work for a tax. passing a tax measure with a simple majority blocking democrats from a filibuster. expected to go before the house next week. there are already signs a compromise may be a difficult tax. some from california say they oppose moves such as eliminating deduction for state and local taxes. the president said he hopes the measure will pass before the end of the year. >> it's tax reform also i call it tax cuts. the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country. >> white house has proposed
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three tax brackets of 10, 25, and 35%. the house speaker paul ryan said the republicans plan to add a fourth tax bracket for high income earners. officials in puerto rico say it could take up to a year before power is fully restored on the island. 80% of the island is still without power today. and ahead of the u.s. army corps of engineers said it could take a yier before the entire island has power. puerto rico needs tens of thousands of new power line poles and power grid. the u.s. army corps of engineers says it plans to restore power to nearly 50% by december. >> i hope i am wrong and we go faster. i don't think it's smart to give false hope. >> the senate is expected to vote on a multi billion bill on monday that would bring more aid to areas impacted by recent disasters. back home a record setting
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>> if you have taken peek at your 401k lately you're loving the trend. all three are up double digits for the year especially the nasdaq up 23% all this after
4:26 pm
record setting week. i'm joined by george je chshgs eti. >> we've been on a grayy train up 23,000 this week. are you surprised? >> it's been a great year. i'm sure your portfolio is doing well nip the dow was trading at 20,000. fast forward to today it's over 23,000. that's a huge increase. and the s and p500 is not far behind. 50% year to date and if you're diversified they're in the -- >> a little bit will help. i don't want to be the grim reaper. 30 years ago two days ago, was the anniversary of black monday when the market dropped 22% out of nowhere. could that happen? could we have a correction? >> 30 years ago on wednesday it
4:27 pm
brings forward that possible because the market has done so well for us and we've all benefitted from that. to be quite honest, i don't think so. i think we're on far good next quarter. we'll see how it goes at the beginning of next year. our fundamentals are strong. we just hat has had the earning support out. 10% for the s and p have reporting that the earnings are meeting or exceeding. this since the beginning of the year. those are fundamentals. if the large companies start suffering in terms of sales, then you could see a market pull back. we're not seeing that. >> are you bullish now>> extremely. we should take advantage of this. ? if you look at some of these stocks, you eventually got to take profit. >> eventually you will. if you're diversified and rebalancing your portfolio. look at the fundamentals. look at the employment reports. low unemployment. and that means more people are working and spending money.
4:28 pm
i just happen to come back fl new york on wednesday. and i saw all the construction going on in manhattan. i couldn't get into a restaurant unless i had an appointment. and san fra is the same. we with -- we are seeing people spend money. >> those numbers that you're looking at are incredible. >> if we can bring this home a little bit. we've had the fires. it's been almost two weeks. a lot of people left with absolutely nothing. they might need to break into retirement accounts. whatted a viesz voois do you have advice do you have for them>> we've seen this occur, we saw this happen in houston and florida with the floods. it's a teaching moment for all of us. we should really be gathering all of our stuff all of our documentation. a marriage certificate. adoption papers, bank accounts. could you get that, frank you go
4:29 pm
into your house with two minutes. most of us could not. we should take this as a teaching moment. for those who have been devastated by this and don't have their paper work and trying to account for things. hopefully they have a savings account. if not they may have to break into their 401k. the last thing we want to do but we have to take care of the immediate mead problem. >> all right, george, good to have you back. >> back to you. >> coming up. twhoots come for students of student with schools destroyed. troyed. ♪single key piano
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>> hundreds of students affected by the fwhooirt fires are working to figure out what comes next. this is students who have been out of school returning to class soon. what is done to help them? for more i'm joined by state superintendent tom and thanks for being with us. >> let's talk a bit. that's what past forward? >> getting back to normal. the teachers and administrators are working. trying to get portable classrooms from around the state to be borrowed and leased. we have 400,000 students out for almost a fut fuel week during height of the evacuations and the air quality risks and
4:33 pm
quality threat. we are down to 100 schools closed and 55,000 students still out. we have -- we want things to return to normal as much as we can. their education is on the line and they need to be focused on school. we are providing counsellors. can you lend some counsellors to help. we brought in food from the nutrition services division of my department and transportation bus drivers. we're going to senior rest homes and evacuating them. it's been great there's heroic efforts. warm and generous and heart felt reaching out neighbor to neighbor and the fire fighters and law enforcement have done a noble job. >> an amazing job. and we've seen the community step up. and a lot of these student don't haves a place to call home to go to. that will be a tough process and you're talking about getting them back to that sense of normalcy. what is that like in the
4:34 pm
classroom>> the teachers are working hard now dhieng. they're having the students talk about it and write about it. the students are -- at one school i was talking to today, that's what thing you miss most you lost in the fire. they made the list and the word got out and one student lost his amp and electrical guitar. one is gave him one. a girl lost her ukulele and someone got her one. the community is pulling behind the families. many students will be in a whole new environment. we don't know where they're all going. again, with over 8,000 homes lost, many of them have students that will be relocated somewhere else. it will be a hard transition. our teachers are up for it and ready to hoep help. >> i know over crowding and large class sizes have always been a gripe. i don't think parents will complain about that in pilares especially in the north bay
4:35 pm
dealing with these circumstances. what is that going look like with the schools damaged and that will be a long process to rebuild. >> we're working on the fema claims so there's physical damage that needs to be -- we're also working on federal money to help with the recovery including the counseling. we're glad the voters did vote for $9 billion for school construction and modern sags. i asked for the state allocation board to help and have a special meeting topic on this. i sit on that board and we're going to focus on this. it exsaser fwats over crowding in our schools. >> last question for you. i know you've been a big proponent for after school programs. you came out over the summer with your opposition against president trump federal budget
4:36 pm
dwouts after school programs. whether where are we in the process of maintaining those programs when kids have a place to go. especially i think 80% are on free and reduced meals? >> absolutely. they need a safe place to study, socialize, learn. from 3:00 to 6:00. crime often triples if you don't have after school programs because students are in the street without positive things to do. we're totally opposing the president's eliminating the funding. we're asking for their help in saving these programs. we serve over a million children in these programs. they're lifesavers. >> thank you for coming. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> frank? it's been called a game changer for cancer patients. we'll speak with a stanford doctor about a medicaled a
4:37 pm
stlans could save thousands of lives. lives. >> the clouds clearing and warm up is on the way. we'll check in on your current conditions. and show you what you can expect for the rest of the week. the we
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
>> it's being touted as a game changer in
4:40 pm
cancer treatment. a new jean therapy for adults. for more i'm joined by dr. david. welcome. >> thank you, frank. a pleasure to be here. >> reporter: good to have you with us. stanford one of the first sites approved for this new geen therapy. >> this is the movement from chemo therapy into harnessing the patient ayes's immune system to fight the cancer and use a living therapy that goes forward for years. we believe this will cure patients' can serss. this is the first step for blood cancers but we want to extend this in the future to all cancers. this is a game changer. providing hope to thousands in the bay area. >> i guess. can you explain in layman's terms. how does it work.
4:41 pm
>> i'll try. the patient's own immune cells fraen their blood system. in a laboratory in a controlled environment, are infected with a virus that packages a special molecule. they are calling this therapy kimerik receptive therapy. it's invating the cell and the dna material is transmitted into the patient's own cells. that dna material will produce a scepter and bind to the these cells for the patient's cancer and the immune cells that are now modified will grow. they will multiply and they'll mrif rate in the patient's bot body as long as the tumor is present it will respond as an antigen and provide lifelong therapy. >> chemo therapy has draw backs. is this an alternative to that
4:42 pm
or a supplement that might lead to more success? >> the product that is fda approve for the afwreszive alarming cell lymphoma are patients who have proven themselves refractory. the chemo is not having affected. in the future we will see this therapy come forward and hopefully spare patients chemo. >> are you using it and what kind of reaction are you getting from families those that have can ver that have new -- cancer with new hope? >> it provides hope to many patients. roughly a third of the patients with this will ultimately have refractory chemo therapy disease. at stanford we participated in the trials that brought this. we've been involved since the beginning. we're doing our own additional work and research to advance to
4:43 pm
more than one target. we va a phase one study that is looking at the same lymphoma and blood kearns as additional target. this is an exciting time. >> hope is a big word when it comes to cancer. is stanford only place this is being done? >> the therapies have been developed at the national cancer institute vo spread to other institutes like our own. here on the west coast the only place [ indiscernible ] will be available and stan knorred the bay area and [ indiscernible ]>> this is going to rule [ indiscernible ]>> i want to thank you for your time.
4:44 pm
congratulations. some great news. because everyone knows someone that's been touched by cancer. all the best and thanks again. >> thank you. lest get your forecast. we have a big weekend. >> we have much needed rain in the overnight hours. today was a good day. it felted like fall. things start to warm up. a view here across san francisco as we look across the bay. partly cloudy skies in place. moisture remains. patchy fog because of it. it doesn't look like a lot at this point. temperatures now in the low 6z. upper 50s in san francisco. temperatures for most cooler than where we were yesterday even with the sunshine we're getting this afternoon. this will continue to clear out and dry out as we get into the evening hours. and into sunday. here's a look at the syria where
4:45 pm
we talked about the -- sierra where we talked about the winter werd weather advisory. at some point we had snow levels at 5,000 feet breeze picked thup afternoon. we had the westerly wind. oakland reporting 2 is. napa reporting 13. brisk into the second part of your day. as far as the cloud cover we'll continue to watch it pull out of the area. tomorrow moisture in place. going to be cool. pick up patchy fog in the morning hours. along the valley locations. as we get into the afternoon notice we remain clear. temperatures will come up. we'll be on the mild to cool side. a look t the temperatures now. upper 50s half moon bay. san francisco low 60s heyward. low 60s in areas around walnut creek. overnight lows tomorrow.
4:46 pm
41 degrees for assistant rosa. inner east bay. low 40s. closer to the coast. 48 degrees for pacifica. in the afternoon. 61 for pacifica. mid to upper 60s around the and by warmer locations low 70s in areas like antioch. as far as south bay locations. the beginning of warming trend as we get into the extend forecast. notice on the back end of the weekend. a notable warm up. temperatures at the 60s at the coast. upper 70s inland. monday into tuesday temperatures continuing to climb. if you can believe it by tuesday perhaps back into the near 90 degree area for our inland communities. 80s around the bay. upper 70s at the coast. beach weather coming back to the bay area. >> pushing november. >> the final days of october. and we know how it goes. >> call game tomorrow at 7:00
4:47 pm
berkeley will be? >> nice but cool. >> sun setting before 6:30 these days. >> thanks. >> coming up next on the 4 on 2. uplifting story. a boy who lost everything in the fires. now getting some of his sports memorabilia back from a major league baseball club.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> google's parent company alphabet is investing $1 bill in the ride sharing service lyft. analyst believe the new investment could help lyft close the gap. it's available to 59% of the u.s. population.
4:50 pm
up from just 54% at the start of the year. a 9-year-old oakland a's fan who's whose collection of memorabilia was destroyed in the fire. as president saw the letter and invited him to the little league field where he presented him with ball caps, shirts, baseballs, baseball cards thandz new glove. stoefrper bruce max well and manager came out for the event. lauren said he was overwhelmed by the attention and the items for his new collection. >> i was going around and around. this is so much stuff. i'm so happy because my grandma encouraged me to write a letter. >> the a's president invited him to throw out a first pitch at a game next year and gave him
4:51 pm
season ticket. >>s i used to [ indiscernible ] to talk about her recent success as a chef. >> i started cooking when i was 12. i fell in love with it. nobody offered information that you could make a career. i figured it out for myself. and i feel like passion drives success. it fuels success. >> she's also the wife of warriors star steph curry. international smoke was originally a six-month pop up restaurant and she told us she was nervous that it will now be a full-fledged restaurant. >> there's also a lot of stigma. i'm excited to prove people wrong. the pop up was a success. we were only supposed to go for a couple of months and we end up going almost six months. >> this is a full blown out. it opens november 14. a new study says that the amount of time that children
4:52 pm
under the age of 8 spend on mobile device has more than tripled in the past four years. the report by the nonprofit group common sense media two children two hours and 19 mains day of screen time. of that 48 minutes on mobile device. that's up from 15 minutes per day in 2013. if you're looking to get out of the house this weekend. there are several events in the area. rose marry has the details on the festivals and a chowder contest in this edition of the weekend watch. >> reporter: the weekend is upon us. here's what is happening. in the north bay. corner stone harvest pumpkin patch fest va in sa gnome na this weekend with -- sonoma . festivities include live music. lawn games and food. ? san francisco enjoy the 2017
4:53 pm
festival and street fair. with 100 vendors and life music. head towards fisherman's war of. this will have several restaurants battling it out to see whose chowed ser best. >> get a taste of armenia. going on this saturday and sunday. complete with music, daps and children's entertainment. that is held at the church. in the east bay you'll find top street dancers going toe to toe in jackland square. >> in sports. niners are home. sharks on the road.
4:54 pm
that is your weekend watch. kend watch.
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4:56 pm
president trump met with the secretary-general of the united nations for the first
4:57 pm
time today. the president and secretary- general discussed the partnership between the u.s. and united nations. president trump said the u.n. has potential that has not been used. the president and his secretary-general has disagreed on various issues in the past including climate change and relations with north korea and iran. tensions with north korea are escalating ahead of president trump's first official visit to asia in just two weeks. fox news' senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has more from london. >> reporter: there's a flurry of diplomatic activity in tokyo and seoul. top u.s. officials meeting with their korean and japanese counterparts coordinating strategies to confront north korea ahead of president trump's visit to asia next month. >> we have to be prepared for all contingencies. all options are on the table. >> reporter: the trump administration says the goal is to keep the pressure on north korea and there are signs the strategy could be working. on friday, the north sent a
4:58 pm
letter to the australian government asking it to break ties with the u.s. australia's foreign minister says it's a response to the diplomatic isolation facing the north. that isolation is also causing pyongyang to accelerate its development of nuclear weapons. >> they are close enough now in their capabilities that from a u.s. policy perspective, we ought to behave as if we are on the cusp of them achieving that objective. >> reporter: the u.s. military continues beefing up its presence in the region. the navy's biggest warship in asia, the reagan, now patrolling the waters east of the korean peninsula and conducting drills with the south korean navy in a show of force. >> we continue to build the capabilities to defend korea and to work together in doing so. >> reporter: the president's 12-day asia visit starts on november 3rd. it will include stops in china, japan and south carolina. greg palkot, fox news.
4:59 pm
a little girl critically injured in a hit-and-run accident in oakland. tonight, there are two crime scenes just blocks from each other. good evening, i'm frank mallicoat. frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. we start with that breaking news in oakland. skyfox was over the scene where a car used in a hit-and- run was parked in the middle of the street. the driver of that red car apparently hit a young girl a few blocks from the scene and then drove away. the collision caused critical injuries. that car is on the 400 block of foothill boulevard just blocks from lake merritt. this all started around 1:30 this afternoon when that young girl was hit on the 800 block of east 15th street. that's near franklin elementary school. ktvu's henry lee has been talking with police and joins us with more on what happened. reporter: we are at fifth avenue and foothill boulevard
5:00 pm
east of lake merritt. still an active scene. you see this toyota camry left abandoned in the middle of the street and just to the left, you see a mustang. that's where the camry sheared off the back of the mustang after -- minutes after the driver, a woman according to police, hit a little girl a few blocks to the east near the 800 block of east 15th street. the woman didn't stop and said coming here to the fifth avenue and foothill boulevard area where she crashed that camry into the mustang. but that's not all. she then fled out of the camry on foot. we believe she hitched a ride with someone and ended up near the corner of ninth avenue and international boulevard further east. that's not too far from the original crash scene. now, we do know that that's where oakland police arrested the suspect. her name is not yet released. we do know that the woman was allegedly behind the wheel of that toyota camry when she hit that little girl on the 800 block of east 15th street, fled west


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