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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hospital. the trial begins today for the man accused of killing kate steinle and san francisco two years ago. details of what we can expect from the case that's attracting national attention and san francisco status as a sanctuary city. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's monday, october 23. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather . >> warmer. warmer and warmer. there's not much in the way of anything except high pressure and that will soon temperatures well above average. it looks like tuesday will be the warmest day. it will not take long to start warming up today even though the days are much shorter. we will have an off shore breeze. 70s and 80s and upper 80s. most of these are the higher peaks.
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haven't found anything close to this at the surface. 21 miles per hour at mount tam up to 61 miles per hour at mount diablo. it will be really warm to hot in southern california. 40s, 50s and 60s for us. cupertino, 65. low 50s around morgan hill, saint maarten in gilroy. boulder creek and felton in the low 50s. for most it's an offshore breeze. a little bit of offshore breeze in san jose. east wind at livermore. oakland has a northerly breeze. lots of energy but it's going up as high pressure builds in. sunny for all and warmer. clear near the coast. fog is going down the coast but i don't think it will make an impact. 70s for a few, 80s for many. santa rosa county, 90. good morning.
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we don't have a lot this morning. as we move into the 5:00 hour we are not tracking any major crashes around the bay area. now is a good time to head out the door. first, let's talk about the tracy super commute. you can see we do have some slowing westbound 580 coming out of the tracy area. it frees up quite a bit coming through the livermore valley. no problems getting into the interior bay area this morning. let's take a look at -- where are we going right now? there we go. 280 in san jose. you can see there's not too many cars right now traveling on that stretch of free hate -- freeway. here's a live look at 880. it's moving well in both directions past oracle arena. an easy commute into downtown oakland right now through the
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east bay. we are still following the latest on an overnight freeway shooting in san bruno on interstate 380. leigh martinez is near the shooting scene and you say a victim described as an uber driver may be the most seriously hurt. >> reporter: that's right. chp confirms they believe that the's vehicle was a rideshare, possibly uber. and the driver had picked up two passengers from sfo and was driving on westbound 380. those lanes have been reopened. the driver was hit but the passengers were uninjured. at 11:10 pm sunday night, chp got phone calls about a shooting and collision on westbound 380 in san bruno east of the el camino exit. officers arrived to find a driver who they believe was with uber inside his car with a gunshot wound.
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>> we located a vehicle that was stopped behind me in the center divide. a black toyota corolla with several bulletholes. there were three parties in the vehicle. unfortunately, the driver was struck. we believe he suffered non-life- threatening injuries. he was taken to san francisco general for treatment. the other two in there were not injured. >> reporter: a second vehicle was found further up on three 80 westbound near the transition to 280 north. that vehicle had rear end damage. a third car had front end damage and bulletholes in the front window and rearview mirror. those drivers were also taken to the hospital. last night the crime scene stretched one mile, three 80 westbound from el camino real exit to the transition to 280 northbound. that was completely blocked. they did reopen the highway at
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4 am this morning. there are no closures this morning. this scene is still under investigation. we know that chp said they are interviewing not just the uber driver but the others riding as passengers as well. today, opening statements are set to begin in the trial of the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle and san francisco. six men and six women will decide the fate of jose ines garcia-zarate . three of those jurors are immigrants. he is charged with killing kate steinle while she was with her father on san francisco's pier 14 in july 2015. defense attorney said the shooting was accidental. prosecutors say garcia-zarate was recklessly shooting at people. the case has feel the national debate over sanctuary cities.
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cal fire says by wednesday the fires in napa in sonoma county should be fully contained. the tubbs fire, which began of calistoga, is 94% contained. the atlas fire, which burned across napa in sonoma county, 93% contained. the nuns fire, which started north of glen ellen is 90% contained. and the pocket fire in geyserville is 87% contained. when the sun is up today expect to get updated numbers. those fires killed 42 people and destroyed almost 8000 buildings and burned more than 250 square miles. starting today, many schools in the fire zones are encouraging students to come back to classes. across napa county, public schools will have classes this morning. napa valley unified well have counselors available if needed and free meals will be provided for students directly affect did by the fires. also regular school activities including football games are back on schedule.
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napa valley college and santa rosa junior college will reopen at santa rosa and petaluma campuses. the red cross is opening a center for people in sonoma county affected by the fires. they will offer meetings with caseworkers and help assess needs related to the fires and provide recovery information and referrals to other agencies. some people will also be given tools to help with the cleanup. fire victims are asked to bring some sort of proof including a drivers license or utility bill showing they lived in the area hit by the fire. the center is at the red cross office and the santa rosa airport from 9 am until 7 pm through next sunday. evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend for several more santa rosa neighborhood two weeks after those fires. >> these air-conditioners are about 20 years old. i was going to have to replace them anyway. >> bruce francisco lives in the
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fountain grove neighborhood. he was at home two weeks ago when the flames raced towards his home. he and his wife grabbed their dog but left everything else behind. yesterday he spent all day searching through the rubble of his home, trying to find the ring he gave his wife 20 years ago. >> i wish we had grabbed it before we left. is that the jewelry box? with the jewelry and it also. i hope the jewelry didn't just melt. >> he is among the many fire victims in santa rosa wondering how long it will take to rebuild their devastated neighborhoods. >> such a big question there. negotiating with north korea. former president jimmy carter says he is willing to negotiate peace on behalf of the white house.
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>> reporter: president trump trying to nudge gop lawmakers for tax reform and offering a warning in the process. i'm doug luzader in washington. will have more on that just ahead. we are tracking a nice commute around the bay area early this monday morning. we will tell you what the ride looks like from the east bay in san francisco. we will tell you about the south bay commute as well. sunny and warmer weather today. there are some good gusts mainly in the east san jose foothills. we are looking for a quiet but warmer day.
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welcome back. house republicans hope to pass a budget bill this week so they can focus on tax reform. doug luzader joining us live from washington. president trump says he wants tax reform legislation on his desk i the end of the year. >> reporter: good morning. it's theoretically possible that could happen. it's an aggressive timeline although there are some republicans that think they could get this done by thanksgiving. they have a lot of details to work out before that happens. president trump heading to his golf club this weekend but behind the scenes he was lobbying on the phone with house republicans pushing a clear message -- pass tax reform or get a rebuke from boaters in the election. sitting down with maria bartiromo he made his timeline clear once again. >> i want to get it by the end
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of year but i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. >> we want the best tax package that can pass. >> reporter: the budget director said that the administration is open to negotiations even if a plan includes a tax bracket for high income earners. the president's daughter heads to pennsylvania today for a townhall meeting on tax reform. after the senate passed a budget bill last week to lay the groundwork for a tax deal, gop leaders seem more confident they can deliver. but it would happen despite conservative republicans concerned about the impact on deficits and democrats are bracing to oppose it. >> right now there's a lot of what i would call trickle-down economics being discussed by the republicans. that simply has not worked overtime. >> reporter: democrats are going to oppose this tooth and nail but the problem for republicans maybe other republicans. conservative gop members of
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congress who are concerned about the impact this tax reform will have on the budget deficit. >> before you go, it seems that republicans have not passed much legislation since president trump took office. what makes this effort on tax reform different? >> reporter: well, i guess the white house hopes the fact that this one may actually pass. we will see. there really has not been a single major legislative achievement for the white house and they want to show some thing for this year. they are pending a lot of hopes on getting this tax reform bill done by the end of the year. >> thank you. the debate over health care also continues on capitol hill. 18 states including california sued the trump administration because it stopped payment on subsidies that help low income americans pay for health insurance under the affordable care act. california attorney general says those payments are required by law. >> we went in asking for the
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court to give us an emergency ruling to stop what the trump administration did last week because it was supposed to come under the trump administration, take immediately under their order. we can't afford to have that uncertainty. >> on the csr, the president will be okay with making the payments if you get something for people in exchange. something that actually helps people. >> there is bipartisan legislation in congress to restore the healthcare subsidies. at first president trump said he would support the alexander murray plan but later he appeared to backtrack on that support. let's get you to where you need to go on this monday morning. and for sal, we have alex. good morning. wherever you are heading this morning, you should be able to get there with relative ease. we have a good commute everywhere that i'm looking on the map. a few small crashes, nothing that will slow you down too much.
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especially in the south bay. here is the gilroy super commute. that is a nice ride northbound on one-to-one out from gilroy through morgan hill and all the way up into san jose. further into san jose, all the freeways are moving along nicely this morning. let's take you further north and show you what the ride looks like along the east shore freeway. i am watching more traffic beginning to build in the westbound direction through albany and berkeley heading toward the maze and eventually folks are heading toward the toll plaza and into san francisco. we are not showing any crashes or major slowdowns as of right now. here's the golden gate bridge. we have four lanes in the southbound direction. all the traffic is moving along nicely from marin into san francisco. steve is here. it's going to be a hot one
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today and even hotter in the coming days. >> at least tuesday. that is correct. the days are much shorter and the nights are much longer so it does not stick and stay but it will be well above normal. tuesday looks to be the hottest day. 90s for some. it depends -- a lot of this is wind-driven. wednesday looks warm but not as warm as tuesday. southern california, tomorrow, look at los angeles, near 100 degrees and san diego at 95. monterey almost 90. that's too hot. we do have some good gusts here. mount tam is up to 24 now. mount diablo so far is the strongest at 61. the strongest gusts -- i don't think this is right. this is near mission peak. above 1003. west and southwest but everything around them is
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northeast. this is at 3000 feet, rose peak. and also above milpitas, around 2000 feet. its old northeast. at least the humidity is not in the teens. it is an offshore breeze. the fog is going down the coast for some but it will not make any impact. 50s for the temperatures. 40s for a few. kensington, 61. oakland, 62. tiburon, 61. san francisco, upper 50s. the breeze is all over the place. northwest. southeast. east, southeast. north. i think eventually north. west and southwest. eventually that will move northeasterly. it is in the oakland hills a little bit. other locations do not have as much of an offshore breeze. it will be generally north and northeast. 32, truckee's.
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atmospheric river was taking aim at the pacific northwest but that has lifted to the north. 71 in los angeles already. mornings are out for either high fire danger or excessive heat warnings which goes through tuesday. there is your dome of high pressure which has built well to the north. sunny for all. clear at the coast. well above normal temperatures. 70s, 80s and near 90. the sonoma county airport runs a little cooler. a lot of 80s including san francisco. santa cruz, 89 degrees which would be warmer than morgan hill and gilroy. i don't see much change until the weekend when it's a little cooler. there is no sign of any rain. police in cloverdale in the sonoma county shot and killed a suspect in prowler early saturday morning. police rushed to a neighborhood there cloverdale boulevard off of highway 101. the caller said someone was sneaking around in the backyard and had some kind of weapon.
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police say the suspect came at officers with a weapon. police shot the person who later died at the hospital. investigators have not told us anything about the suspect or the weapon. if you have any information, call police in petaluma. they are handling the investigation. livermore police are expected to give us an update later today about a shooting saturday night involving one of their officers. this happened near the residence inn on airway boulevard. an officer on patrol saw what was described as a suspicious vehicle with a woman inside. it turned out that car was stolen last thursday. other police were called to the scene and the woman refused to get out of the car. the -- she started the car and drove it into two patrol cars. an officer shot the woman. she was taken to the hospital but her injuries are not considered serious. no officers were hurt. evacuation orders have been
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lifted for most areas in the north bay devastated by the wildfires including neighborhoods in glen ellen. some people went back to find out whether their homes burned to the ground or possibly survived. this is what is left of one home that sat on a hill overlooking the sonoma valley. it used to be a 3000 square foot home. the family who lived there says as the nuns fire through their area, the evacuated grabbing important documents and medications but let everything else stay behind. >> what makes this loss more devastating than just the loss of all of our family heirlooms in our things in the place where my family lived but they've lost everything from my brother. now they have to start over completely. >> last night 30 miles away and novato, a fundraiser for the wildfire relief was held. many people who were there did not know fire victims but said they wanted to do something to help out. a homicide investigation in
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fremont. we will bring you the latest as a man was found with a gunshot wound inside a hotel lobby. getting the news from facebook. the new program the company is testing that puts newspaper headlines in your feet. -- in your feed
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welcome back. a massive recall for frozen
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vegetables because of listeria has several stores pulling products off the shelves. 20 brands from the company, man's packing has been pulled off shelves in the united states and canada. the recalled products were distributed with best if used by dates from october 11 through october 20. the affected stores including walmart, trader joe's, safeway and albertson's. the symptoms of listeria infection include fever, severe headache, nausea and stomach pain. more layoffs for the parent company of snapchat. the business insider says 18 employees from the recruiting division have been laid off. a dozen others for marketing also lost their jobs last month. the company's stock has dropped almost 40% since the snap ipo in march. next year the social media network is looking to slow down their hiring as a way to control costs. the latest job numbers show a troubling trend in the bay
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area. 4700 jobs were lost in september making it the worst unemployment month locally since february 2010. financial expert tell the bay area news group we are now any slowdown. the east bay lost 2600 jobs last month. san francisco, san mateo, lost 1700 jobs and select the carrier valley lost 17 jobs. it was the 17th straight month of job cuts. a bay area lust 2400 jobs in august. economists say one problem is companies are having a hard time filling job openings because prospective employees don't want to move here because of the high cost of living. facebook will soon start testing new publishing features. it will allow publishers to sign up new subscribers to the instant articles program. the company is taking part includes the washington post, the economist, the los angeles
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times and the telegraph in the uk. users will get access to a limited number of articles per month and have the option to subscribe through the publisher's websites. for now the future will only be tested on android devices. a silicon valley startup is about to unveil technology that lets shoppers skip the retail checkout process. it's called standard cognition. it resembles the concept of amazon's go store that launched last year. with this technology, ceiling mounted cameras track shoppers and the items they pick up. computer vision software identifies the items so the shopper can be charged by way of an app on the way out. shedding new light on one of the most infamous days in american history. find out when thousands of documents are due to be released to the public about the assassination of john f. kennedy.
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we have a nice commute around the bay area no matter where you are heading this morning. i think you will like what you encounter. we have some pockets of slowing including this area in the east bay. no slowing down the temperatures. they will warm up and be above average. 70s, 80s and upper 80s.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday, october 23 . i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for watching up with us this morning. it's pink monday. we did it by accident. steve looks like he has pink in his tie as well. >> you guys usually coordinate. >> after 10 years of working together, we do it by accident. we do have a warm week ahead. today and tomorrow looked to be the warmest. there is no sign of any rain. santa rosa, i use the downtown temperature, upper 80s to near 90. san francisco, 82. concord , i split the difference between the water treatment plant and buchanan. they will be warmer at 87. san jose, up tend to 85. the average is just shy of 70.
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88 is the record from 1965. southern california starting today and into tuesday, upper 90s to near 100. san diego, 95 tomorrow. 95! >> that is hot for october. >> monterey baby in the upper 80s to near 90. good gust. mount tam, 24. mount diablo, 61. everything is going up and over this week. high pressure will win out. 40s, 50s and 60s. cloverdale, 61. 61, san rafael. 58, bodega bay. there is an offshore breeze for almost everybody. not so much at the surface. higher elevations, 2000-3000 feet will find a northeast breezes. everything builds northward. high pressure likes the west coast. sunny for all, clear the coast with well above normal
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temperatures. 70s, 80s for almost everyone. >> we have been all over the map in october. >> we had that brief cool down last week. >> now back to more heat. the commute around the bay area is a nice one so far on this monday morning. in the north bay, the solano super commute -- you can see you have a nice ride westbound on 80. if you're coming out of fairfield or vacaville, you will not see any issues. an earlier crash in cordelia is cleared out of the way. one pocket of slowing as you come through vallejo toward the carquinez bridge. in san francisco here's a live look at highway 101 into the downtown area. that is a good commute. no issues on 101 from the peninsula into the city.
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highway 24, it's starting to get slow. traffic is building westbound through lafayette out of walnut creek. we are not showing any crashes on this stretch of roadway. this morning two children are in the hospital in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash in vallejo. the mother of the children was pushing them in a stroller across turner parkway last night. police say a car on turner parkway hit them. the two-year-old boy and his three-year-old sister were thrown from the stroller. the mother was not hurt. witnesses say the car did not stop and say it looked like a white acura tl. anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact vallejo police. three people are in custody, accused in a deadly shooting at a hotel in fremont. this happened saturday night at the extended stay america on farwell drive. a 911 call said a man who had
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been shot was in the lobby. police arrived minutes later. >> multiple officers responded. they located the victim. they confirmed the victim did have a gunshot wound and they begin immediate medical attention on the them. the victim was transported to a local trauma center. unfortunately the victim did end up succumbing to his injuries. >> investigators believe the victim was shot inside a hotel room. there is no word about a possible motive. police say the evick from new the three suspects who were arrested last night. dozens of protesters were handcuffed and escorted out of the poultry processing facility in oakland. about 200 demonstrators offered the factory yesterday afternoon demanding the release of the animals. during the sit-in demonstrators cited the california animal cruelty law and asked the city to seize the animals and shut down the facility. demonstrators say secret camera
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footage show animals in crowded cages being denied food and water. police are warning parents and students in san ramon. investigators released two sketches of a man who's been exposing himself to students as they walk home from school. witnesses described him as a man in his late 20s or early 30s with dark hair, buckteeth and a scar on his right cheek. san ramon police believe he's tied to at least two indecent exposure incidents. one near delridge middle school and another near doherty valley high school. a 17-year-old was arrested in switzerland accused of attacking several people with an ax. police say he attacked several people and took off any stolen car. the teenager attacked more people at a gas station. police shot the teenager and arrested him at the gas station. hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets
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of barcelona over the weekend any massive show of support for independence. california's elected leaders during the demonstration. the government of spain wants to remove catalonia's separatist leaders and has called for new elections. the central government has threatened to use constitutional powers to take control of the region. former president jimmy carter says he would be willing to go to north korea on a diplomatic mission over president trump. the former president has traveled to north korea in the past to meet with north korea's leaders. he told the new york times he is afraid because of the current situation. tensions have escalated between north korea and many other countries including the united states. mr. carter called north korea's leader, kim jung-un, and predict double and he says he believes north korea has advanced nuclear weapons that could destroy the korean peninsula, japan and possibly parts of the u.s. west coast.
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prompt's biggest owners are gathering this week to talk about raising money for future elections. politico reports the group is focusing on the 2018 and 2020 elections. the meeting is expected to include two dozen wealthy trump backers plotting a path toward the 2018 midterm races. donald trump junior is scheduled to give remarks at the session. oil tycoon t. boone pickens will host a strategy section for the america first action super pac tomorrow at his ranch in texas. this week the public may get a first look at top-secret documents about the assassination of president john f. kennedy. 25 years ago, congress set a deadline to release all the files by october 26 of this year which is this thursday. president trump said on twitter he will allow the release of the classified information. experts who have studied john f. kennedy's assassination do not anticipate any major revelations in the documents.
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but some historians and conspiracy theorists speculate there could be a cia personality study of lee harvey oswald and top-secret congressional testimony of former cia officers. the air force could bring back nearly 1000 retired pilots whether they want to come back or not. president trump signed an executive order on friday that would recall the pilots as a way to tackle the air force's pilot shortage. now the air force needs 1500 more pilots. under previous executive order, 25 pilots could be recalled. this one temporarily removes that limit for up to three years. the sentencing hearing begins for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. he pled guilty last week to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. he said he left to attract attention to problems in his unit. but he says he became lost and
5:40 am
was captured and held by the taliban for five years. he did not work out a deal in exchange for his guilty plea. now he faces a possible life sentence for endangering his fellow soldiers who search for him. over the weekend, five former u.s. president came together to help the victims of the recent devastating hurricanes. >> former president barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton, george hw bush and jimmy carter participated in a benefit concert saturday night to raise money for hurricane relief. >> all of us on the stage her tonight could not be prouder of the response of americans. when they see their names -- their neighbors and their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. >> i am also here to urge you to give to this fine fund and i
5:41 am
want to thank all the volunteers. >> that event was held at texas a&m university and was titled, deep from the heart. the one america appeal. the event has raised at least $31 million. >> we can make america still a greater volunteer nation. >> if we just do what we ought to do in prove that the heart of america, without regard to race or religion or political party, is greater than our problems. >> president george hw bush did not address the crowd but smiled and waved from the stage. president trump did not attend the event but did deliver a taped message to the crowd. >> as a nation we mourn for those who died and we pray for those who lost their homes or
5:42 am
their livelihoods. together, we will recover. we will rebuild. and we will come back stronger and better than ever before. >> country music singer, lee greenwood, emceed the event which featured a surprise performance from lady gaga among many others. >> a big night in texas. police in san bruno are investigating a freeway shooting that happened late last night. one person is in the hospital after several cars were hit with bullets on a busy part of the freeway. more drivers are eligible for guaranteed parking space at some part stations. we will tell you where and what the bart riders need to do to get those spots. the commute around the bay area so far looks pretty good. we are seeing some slowing including the commute from the east bay into san francisco.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. some people in florida are trying to take advantage of help offered to hurricane irma victims. people have placed ads on craigslist to sell their florida food assistance cards. those cards are designed to help people buy food after the storm but instead of using the cards for food, some people are trying to sell them for cash. people in need of food assistance say it's not right for people to use it for something else. >> it makes me feel a little angry. you have people that really need food. >> investigators are now actively watching sites like craigslist. the people who are caught could be on the hook to pay back that money.
5:46 am
they could also be disqualified from public assistance programs forever. the city of new york is trying to ease traffic by cutting down on the number of curbside deliveries. the test begin in january and last for six months and affects parts of midtown manhattan, queens and brooklyn. during the six-month period, curbside deliveries will not be a lot from 7 am through 10 am and 4 pm through 7 pm. the city is developing other plans to reduce traffic at major intersections. guess what? apart is expanding its program that rewards carpool drivers with coveted parking spots at some stations. beginning this morning, commuters that use the scoop app to carpool to bart will be guaranteed parking spots at the concord and pleasant hill bart stations. drivers placed placards from scoop on their dashboards. they are then allowed to park in the permit only area. bart police with scoop to see if the driver did carpool that day. the program is already in effect in the san bruno, millbrae and dublin pleasanton
5:47 am
bart stations. 5:46 am. let's check in with alex savidge who is in for sal. we have been doing pretty good but i have a new problem that just popped up, unfortunately, and east bay. this will impact the morning commute for quite a few folks. let's go to the maps and show you where this crash is.@westbound 580 and pleasanton and it's an accident that is just before the 680 interchange and it's blocking three left lanes in the westbound direction. as we know that it's not good. we already have heavy traffic coming through the livermore valley into the interior bay alley -- bay area. a crash westbound 580 just before 680 blocking the three left lanes. i will keep track of the situation and let you know when chp is able to get that cleared out of the way. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. their you can see traffic is
5:48 am
building. the metering light just kicked on a short time ago. there are no major slowdowns. finally let's go to the south bay. this is 280 into downtown san jose. no issues in this area. a good ride across the south bay. you brought up game 1 of the world series tomorrow. be very warm. it will be near 100. we will look at that coming up. it's clear. it will start to warm up quickly. there are some lows in the 40s, 50s and 60s. the outlook for us and southern california on tuesday, los angeles will be near 100 and san diego will be at 95. monterey, almost 90. only areca is okay. is going to be -- tuesday looks
5:49 am
to be the warmest day by far. today will be warm. we were pretty cool on saturday morning but each day we're bumping up about 5 degrees on these lows. for some it's more than that. santa rosa, this was downtown. near 90 for them today. san francisco, 82. concord, 87. san jose, 85. the record high today in san francisco is 88. the record high tomorrow is 90. i don't think they will see that but it will be above average. average is usually close to 70. the low is near 53. 59 tonight. the strongest gust i could find was at mount diablo, 61 miles per hour. mission peak in fremont, east of allen rock, looks to be the strongest gust i could find. 30-45, except for mount diablo.
5:50 am
fall down the coast but it will be clear. 40s, 50s and 60s currently. if you have an easterly breeze, it could be mild. martinez, 60. walnut creek, 61. blackhawk, 62. in livermore, 64. el cerrito, 63. american canyon, 52. west, southwest wended sfo. easterly breeze coming in from the valley. it's not very strong. davis has a northeast at eight dig. 30 in to. 40s and 50s for others. 70s in southern california. high pressure is building. los angeles, 71. they have excessive heat warnings today and tuesday for areas near the coast and also a fire warning.
5:51 am
you can see the signature high pressure. it's going way up and over. as it does it will be sunny for all. i don't think fog will play into the forecast. clear at the coast and above normal temperatures. we should be in the upper 60s and low to mid 70s. temperatures are showing signs of warming up more on tuesday. high pressure said, i'm going to hang out in california. >> i will say growing up in san diego, often our halloween costumes were based on trying to stay cool. it was hot. >> october. the santa anna. >> it can be pretty warm. two climbers, they are the fastest to climb yosemite's famous el capitan. >> they summited the peak in two hours, 19 minutes on saturday. here are some of the pictures and videos. and also some of their previous attempts. this time they left food, water
5:52 am
and most of their safety gear on the ground below to stay as lightweight as possible for the climb. >> in interview they said you have to take some risks to complete that 2900 foot climb at a record pace. him! >> i can't imagine doing it at any pace. i like to stand at the bottom and look at the beauty. >> bravo to them. 5:52 am. the 49ers had another tough loss yesterday. the cowboys blew them out but we will tell you more about the halftime special moment honoring 49ers great, dwight clark.
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get ready. the world series kicks off. game 1 between the los angeles dodgers and houston astros features both team's aces. you can watch the game right here with us. 5:55 am. it's official. justin timberlake is headlining the super bowl halftime show this year. he will perform at super bowl lii in minnesota on february 4. it will be his third time performing on the super bowl halftime stage. remember in 2004 at super bowl party eight, he was with janet jackson.
5:56 am
you know the famous wardrobe malfunction. this third performance will give him the distinction of having the most super bowl performances by an individual entertainer. >> i do remember that. after five straight cloths losses, the 49ers suffered their worst loss in two years. the cowboys running back ezekiel elliott could not be stopped. he scored two touchdowns in the first seven minutes of the game. the quarterback, dak prescott, threw for three touchdowns including a screen pass to elliott and turn that into a 72 yard touchdown. as for the 49er offense, c.j. beathard started his first game but cannot get much done. the team caused three fumbles and did not score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. the cowboys 140-10. the 49ers travel to philadelphia to play the eagles on sunday. legends from the 1981 championship team were at levi's stadium yesterday,
5:57 am
honoring the fan favorite, dwight clark. he is battling als. more than 30 of his former teammates were flown in to be part of that event. many wiped away tears as dwight spoke to the crowd. the former 49er greats all wore shorts with his number, 87. he was diagnosed with als last year. it's a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerves and muscles. >> i'd like to thank the york family for putting this date together. these are unique days, having all the players flown back in here so i can see them one more time, passing out these t-shirts . it's a big day and i'm very appreciative.
5:58 am
>> and he is very much loved. dwight clark told the crowd, i need your prayers and your thoughts. he is most famous for this -- one of the most famous catches  in nfl history. that game-winning touchdown catch at the back of the end zone against the cowboys in the 1981 nfc championship game. it later became known simply as, the catch. it will always be known as that. >> it never gets old, either. those great highlights. coming up, and uber driver is shot on the freeway after leaving sfo. coming up, we will tell you what happened to the driver in the passengers riding in the backseat. president trump has a warning. he is trying to expedite tax reform. we will bring you the latest on that from washington when we come back.
5:59 am
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear.
6:00 am
but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) >> an uber driver and his passengers were victims of a freeway shooting last night. for the latest details coming up. >> overturned her normal, the wine country, the latest on the fires that are still burning as students head back to school. mornings on 2 continues.


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