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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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computer in 2015. he says it wasn't intentional. the prosecution says his intent doesn't matter. he is responsible for her death. the father of kate steinle took the stand and he wasn't up there very long. back he was probably up there five minutes or less. >> reporter: her father took the stand today. he was quite stoic. he told of the day of the event happening. he went to meet kate and they walked along. 14. it took selfies. he heard a bang and instinctively grabbed her and she was unresponsive. he asked someone to call 911. he said he lifted up the back of her blouse and saw a wound, his testimony lasted five minutes. earlier, each attorney made opening statements. the prosecutor, diana garcia held up the weapon the killed
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kate steinle and said she is dead because of jose zarate pointing the gun at her and pulling the trigger. she said he put the gun in a bag and walked away. jose zarate was arrested one hour later. immigration wanted to deport him but the san francisco arabs office desk the san francisco office -- and weeks later that happened. >> when it's all summed up and said and done there is going to be a baseline question that the jury is going to answer. the question is, whether the defendant intended to fire that can. we have a charge of murder. that is what we believe the evidence will show. >> >> reporter: the gun was stolen earlier out of the car. it belonged to arranger of the federal bureau of land management. the defense argued that jose zarate didn't steal the gun but
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found it on the peer and that it discharged accidentally and that he never intended to harm anyone. >> we are talking about a gun with a history of accidental discharge. it does not have a safety on it. it is marketed that way. >> reporter: now, just a point that needs to be made. this is a murder trial, it has nothing to do with immigration or sanctuary cities whether to build a wall or not. it's strictly a case about a murder and intent to commit murder. the trial is supposed to last about six weeks. >> is heart wrenching testimony when her father took the stand. what was it like in the courtroom when he was speaking? back -- >> reporter: i think everyone was surprised. it was very quiet. he had it advocate with him. sitting next to him, as he went on, his voice broke a couple of
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times as he tried to get through the story. he was very stoic. the defense did not ask them any questions. there was no cross examination. that is why his testimony lasted for such a short period of time. >> thank you. now to lake county where a man is in custody after a shooting rampage that left two people dead and three injured including a chp officer. it happened around 11:30 am in clearlake oaks north of the city of clearlake. >> authorities say they are processing as many as eight crime scenes including several homes, two gas stations, and a winery to figure out a motive for these deadly shootings. the suspect has been identified as alan ashmore. investigators say they believe he fired into several homes in clearlake oaks. two men were killed there.
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he then shot a woman on the same street who was wounded. in the meantime we have learned that the chp officer who was shot was wearing body armor and the bullets that the trait that protective gear. the officer was hurt but we are told the inter-seat dust the injuries are not life- threatening. >> boom, boom. >> that was one of the suspects who said he heard what was going on. the california highway patrol is investigating another freeway shooting. in the meantime chp says the officer was wearing body armor and he was hurt, but we are told he will recover. thank you. >> the california highway patrol is investigating another freeway shooting. this time in san bruno left in uber driver with a gunshot wound to the neck. and really is at the chp office in san francisco with more on what happened.
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>> reporter: this is now the third bay area shooting involving an uber driver. just the past two weeks. investigators and uber say there is no connection. the latest shooting happened after 11 pm sunday night on westbound 380 east of el camino real . it happened moments after a woman driving for uber picked up a couple of sfo. when officers arrived they found the woman shot inside the toyota corolla. >> one victim with a gunshot wound to the neck. >> reporter: investigators believe the driver or passengers were the -- they believe they were not the target. it's unclear who the shooter was aiming for. >> we believe the uber driver and passengers were innocent party caught in the crossfire and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> >> reporter: a second car was hit by bullets. woman driving that car said she was driving when she heard things hit her car.
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she tried to stay on the road but lost control. a third car also crashed but was not identified. chp has not released any description of the shooter or suspect vehicle. >> we have investigators talking to not just the driver. when we can, the two passengers we are interviewing them for what they may have seen. this is the third shooting this month in which uber vehicles were involved. on saturday night of the hill feis the driver was shot during an attempted robbery in the pacific 19 neighborhood. earlier this month two passengers and in uber driver hurt on it 8020 third avenue in oakland. according to uber the incidences are not related. the company said it's cooperating with law enforcement. in a statement, the red said these incidents are deeply concerning and we have reached out to the riders and drivers involved to check on their well- being and offer support. anyone with information in any of these shootings call police. today skyfox a few over the
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burn area left behind by the northbay firestorm. this is what it looks like two weeks later. from the air you can see smoke rising and napa county. in santa rosa's coffee park neighborhood you can see one woman taking pictures of the rubble hundreds of homes once stood in the area. >> pg&e cures -- pg&e crews were seen out and some are returning to their neighborhoods. students and staff in the napa unified school district returned to school today. >> classes started at napa high school. district officials say the focus was on helping students get back into a routine. students told us about some therapeutic exercises they did in class to help start discussion. >> we had this yarn ball and we took a piece of the yarn and pass it around and talked about things that happened during
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these two weeks. got to keep a little bracelet at the end. >> there's created the wide impact. the school has a role and we want to figure out what to do. >> napa unified school district has 31 campuses in about 18,000 students. officials say each campus has at least one if not multiple counselors on hand. a santa rosa high school that suffered major damage from the fire is getting ready to play's first football game since the disaster. flames destroyed much of the campus the cardinal newman high school. many students lost their homes. at 7:30 pm the schools football team is set to face off. in rohnert park. all residents evacuated by the bear -- bear fire have been allowed to return home. cal fire listed the remaining evacuate -- lifted the remaining evacuation orders. it has been burning for more
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than a week. fire has blackened 400+ acres and is almost 80% contained. flames have destroyed for structures. are still no word on a cause but there are investigators who have not ruled out the possibility of arson. coming up at 5:30 pm, the search for the driver slammed into a stroller seriously injuring two toddlers. new information about the ambush the left for u.s. servicemembers dead in africa. plus -- >> honoring an officer who died in the line of duty in the bay area. 150 years ago. the push by police to make sure he is not forgotten. unseasonably warm weather filled in the bay. will check on current conditions and talk about how much warmer it will be for the bay area tuesday.
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the public it dashed make it a look at documents from the assassination of jfk. congress had a deadline to release all files by october 26 of this year. president trump announced on twitter that he is going to allow the release of the classified material. experts who have studied entities assassination did not anticipate revelations in the documents. some historians and conspiracy theorists speculate there could be a cia personality study of lee harvey oswald and top- secret congressional testimony from former ca officers. -- ca officers. structs trump is working to get his agenda back on track after criticism continues over his
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call to a goldstar widow. >> he presented eight of honor well planning a trip to congress. with only 28 working days in this congressional your, resident trump is hoping to use this week to move the items in his agenda forward. however criticisms from last week are spilling over into today. president trump awarding the medal of honor to retired army captain mike rose. the 71-year-old is accredited with saving the lives of 60 wounded personnel as a combat medic during the vietnam war. spoke to mike and all the servicemembers who fought in the battle, you have earned the eternal gratitude of the entire nation. >> serving as an opportunity to refocus his agenda. even as criticism continues over his handling of a
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condolence call to a goldstar widow. >> it wasn't his intent to denigrate a war widow. i think we can hardly say that anything has come out of his -- that it's been a miss stumble that he doesn't double down again. >> the president continued to tweet about the disputed call even this morning. is defense coming after an interview aired with johnson's without saying she was hurt by some of the things the president said. afternoon the president shifted his attention to other matters. putting in knowledge and singapore's help during hurricane harvey in sending helicopters. >> on behalf of all americans i want to thank the prime minister and people of singapore for their support which has been tremendous. >> tomorrow president trump will be on capitol hill to meet with senate republicans as they try to hash out the fall agenda. the american red cross opened a client service center
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at a santa rosa office to assist residents impacted by the pocket fire, tubbs fire, and nuns fire's. it will run through this sunday. we spoke with officials and victims. >> reporter: this is the red cross moving out from the food and immediate shelter and water kind of phase into a more permanent phase with the help set up rooms and things like that. but the reality of the situation is, the tragedies are almost uncountable. in one of those tragedies we actually found friendship. >> i could use that for a possible emergency. >> you can use it for anything you want. >> reporter: two weeks ago gail from coffee park and lucy from kentucky didn't even though each other. >> the tunnel was them. to see that light at the end was very dim.
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>> it's going to be all right. >> a volunteer for the red cross met her at the sonoma county fairgrounds shelter were after the fire she helped her with necessities and even an extra hard-to-find pillow to help her prop up for hurting back. >> these red cross workers and city of santa rosa have been amazing. fema, everybody pulling this together, the healthy food, cleanliness and outpouring of love reaching out to all of these people that are so devastated. >> reporter: today by happenstance miles away at the new red cross disaster center, they were paired up again to process disaster relief papers. >> i think a lot of times i get more out of this than they do. it gives me, spiritually and physically. >> as soon as i get a life
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organized i want to give back and do volunteering myself. >> reporter: ms. hale may temporarily have to move back to atlanta in order to get her life back into order. but she says she and lucy have already gotten together about talking about a reunion back east. all of this out of happenstance. let's go to rosemary orozco. breezy in some areas of the bay. >> the winds warmed us up quite a bit. 10 or 20 degrees over yesterday. it doesn't feel like one month into fall. again caught temperatures nearing 90. even a little hotter tomorrow. as we look toward the possibility of breaking a few records. a view of the golden gate bridge, it's beautiful. unseasonably warm for sure. take a look at these current temperatures. 86 in santa rosa.
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san francisco 77. oakland 79. low 80s for livermore and upper 80s in san jose. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. you can see over areas of the south bay of san jose, the north bay up by seven. the inner east bay, 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. concorde and livermore, partly scout -- partly cloudy skies. winds will continue to die down as we get into tonight. this morning the winds were picking up and quite gusty in the hills. here's a look at the current conditions. napa with the west breeze at seven miles per hour. fairfield from the east at 10 miles per hour. variable winds. the flow caught with the arrows got north north east. the wind is going to bring the dry weather, the sunny weather and the warm weather as we get into tuesday. a cool morning tomorrow.
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thankfully, with a longer nighttime hours we have some nice recovery and overnight temperatures range at 50. tomorrow is expected to be warmer than today. upper 70s at the coast to upper 80s. upper -- inland cities upper 90s. tomorrow morning 61 in san francisco. upper 50s around the bay. the inland communities to the north, mid-50s expected in san jose. afternoon high tomorrow mid-80s sausalito. 94 in santa rosa. east bay, 86 in oakland. low 90s in brentwood. south bay locations, morgan hill 93. santa cruz, 92. the afternoon high. 84 for san francisco. a warm day in half moon bay. 85 is the forecast hi. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures drop off by midweek wednesday. we remain warm.
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80s around the bay. upper 80s inland. the bay area weekend, some beautiful weather. the extended forecast has us dry through halloween. >> warm and dry. >> any rain rex >> originally it look like we may get some by the first week of november, now has scaled back. i'm thankful we got the rain on thursday. >> thinks rosemary. the first officer ever killed in the line of duty in alameda county is being remembered today. >> richard richardson is an oakland police officer and died 150 years ago. a group of retired officers learned about his story and learned his final resting place mountain view cemetery in oakland had no headstone. so today the group put a new stone on his grave. they described how richardson died trying to arrest a squatter. it happened when the city of
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oakland had 1500 residents and three officers. >> is was not supposed to be at high risk of in. as a result, officer richardson jumped on his horse and responded without backup from city hall. officer richardson had no way of knowing he would be attempting to arrest we later learned to be a very violent individual. unfortunately, officer richardson was shot and killed when he entered the residence. >> the alameda county heroes brave project was formed to recognize the gravesite and those of other officers who are in unmarked graves. still to come, more and more vegetables are being recalled due to possible contamination. we will run through the list of we come back.
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president trump has been under fire since the death of for service members. some are calling for an investigation. for u.s. troops killed by isis linked to islamic militants in nigar earlier this month. the circumstances behind the ambush are unclear. lawmakers from both parties are calling on the long dashed on the white house to provide answers. >> we get different stories. some stories say the stories -- the soldiers engaged in the battle. others said they attacked us.
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we have to find out what happened. >> it began after a meeting between an american special ops team and tribal elders went longer than expected. the pentagon investigation remains classified. we have learned the troops under fire could not communicate with french air support overhead who didn't fire because they couldn't determine friend from foe. the white house is calling on critics to back off and let the investigation run its course. >> more information. we owe the families of the fallen more information. that's what the investigation is designed to identify. >> calls are growing on capitol hill for a separate congressional investigation. some experts say lawmakers should've known the extent of use involvement in nigar and the extended area. >> it's representative of a larger u.s. government attitude towards africa which is, we don't know and we don't care.
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>> fox news has learned there is no drone overhead during the attack. top officials have complained of a shortage of drones for anti-terror operations. to toddlers critically injured by a hit-and-run driver. coming up, the latest on what happened in the search to find the driver. wildfires in the northcote flooding in the south bay, evacuation orders can save lives. the new system in san jose to get warnings out even in the middle of the night.
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's a nightmare for a mother in vallejo. she was pushing her toddlers in a stroller when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver. now the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: witnesses saw the aftermath of the accident. the crumpled stroller in the street. >> when i came down from toys "r" us i saw police and a double stroller pushed in the middle of the intersection over the rocks and i was wondering what happened. hoping no kids were in there. >> >> reporter: there were two kids. they were being pushed by their mother when they were struck by a car. both children were thrown from the stroller and injured. >> when officers arrived they were numerous citizens trying to render first aid to the children. they had been hit and were in the roadway. the vehicle fled the scene. >> reporter: officers believe
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it was a white sedan. now they are trying desperately to track it down. there hoping surveillance cameras from nearby will help. >> it's a commercial area. there are several cameras and we have to determine did they have a view of the street. those things are being determined today. >> reporter: authorities suspect the family was crossing from the shopping center to the neighborhood. they have been pushing for a crop -- the neighborhood has been pushing for a crosswalk. >> it's dangerous for pedestrians. especially those who want to go to the shopping center. there is no marked crosswalk. they have to risk their life across four lanes of traffic. >> reporter: the mother was not physically hurt. both children have been airlifted to the hospital. >> we were able to get them to the hospital quickly. their best chance of survival is to get there quickly and that did happen. we can just hope and pray at this point.
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>> reporter: it was a busy time at the shopping center. investigators are still hoping witnesses will come forward. anyone with information is asked to contact vallejo police. police are asking for help from the public as a search for the driver who hit and injured three people on bicycles. police say they are looking for the driver of an older model white or silver ford escape. authorities say the car was involved in two separate hit- and-run incidences on diablo road. a woman on her bike was hit first and later two men were struck. all three are expected to fully recover from injuries. the man who police say ran over and killed a carjacking victim has been arrested. officials took victor martinez alvarez of oakland into custody. he is accused of killing 46- year-old james figaro junior. on thursday the victim went
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outside his home to warm it up before going inside. when he returned the suspect was inside the truck. police say victim try to stop the suspect but was run over. the victim died a short time later. alvarez is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. three people are in custody accused of the deadly shooting at a hotel in fremont. it happened late saturday night at the extended stay america hotel. fremont police received a 911 call sangamon had been shot and was in the lobby. officers were on the scene and its later but unfortunately it was too late to save him. investigators believe the 40- year-old victim was shot inside a hotel room. so far there is no word of a possible motive. police say the victim knew the three suspects who were arrested last night. new at 5 pm, city leaders in san jose are testing a new
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alert system designed to alert residence any time of day or night. this comes after the santa clara water district was feeling -- was a criticized for failing to let residents know. >> reporter: eight months after san jose's rocksprings neighborhood was inundated with chest deep water, this resident still has repairs the finish. before he can return home. >> it's almost completely done. i still have door trim and part of the floor. >> reporter: he and have -- he and hundreds of others were forced when the cody creek overran its banks. historic rainfall and a release from the anderson dam controlling factors. any people say the city did not notify them until the fire department began evacuating people by boat. >> it's locked and loaded and ready to go. >> reporter: the city received several long-range devices, this can broadcast warning
5:34 pm
messages up to one mile away. using an omnidirectional speaker atop a 30 foot mast. a smaller unidirectional speaker can be mounted on a vehicle driven around the neighborhood announcing evacuation orders up to 500 feet. >> automatic, loud enough. any time or day or night so the public can hear the announcement at the same time as sending out the other device. it's one of many things and tools we have to notify the public. >> victims advocates say it lamenting the system which was purchased before the flood is a step on the path to better public safety. >> i think there have been lessons learned. we will see this winter if we are going to get a lot of rain, whether the system is going to be in place to protect people. >> he says it had a test run last week when he took her to santa rosa to help broadcast important information to the evacuees returning home. another demonstration this weekend and at winter fair resource meeting in downtown
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san jose. construction crews are scrabbling to repair damage into levies statewide from flooding last tuesday. there are about 14,000 miles of levees across california. officials with the department of water resources they the states new reverie -- levee repair plan will only cover about 10%. the rest will be left to local and county jurisdictions to address on their own. the levy and flood protection program is 100 years old and researchers have been alerting state lawmakers to update the system since 1986. >> we need to spend quite a bit of money bringing these levies up to standards that would be acceptable to reduce the flood risk from being one of the most vulnerable communities in the nation to what it is, what it should be. >> a bond measure on the march
5:36 pm
ballot caught money from the general fund and local funds are expected to pay for a portion of the states new levy and flood protection program. critics are skeptical the voters will approve more taxes. they fear lawmakers will only redirect funds to fill other gaps in budget. a magic a massive recall in packaged vegetables. store brands from walmart, target, trader joe's and albertson's have been affected. mann packing is voluntarily recalling the product after inspectors found bacterial contamination. the company says no illnesses have been reported. the original recall only listed those under the mann packing brand. it was revised to include all brands made in the same facility at the same time. we have a list on
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coming up, the statement by president trump on the campaign trail that may have some influence on the military criminal case. a travel warning, not for americans heading abroad but for visitors coming to the us. a very emotional day at levi's stadium. dwight clark was there. it was his first major public appearance since he announced he has als. >> these are unique days. having all the players flown back in so i can see them. one more time. passing out t-shirts -- it's a big day.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do.
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they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) a travel warning for people traveling to the united states. some countries around the world are issuing those warnings because of damaged infrastructure following natural disasters like hurricanes in florida and texas. they also point to potential for violence in the united states following the las vegas mass shooting. citing the prevalence of guns owned by americans. canada and the uk have put out warnings. statements made by president trump may have an effect on the sentencing of army sergeant bergdahl who was held captive in afghanistan after leaving his post. during his campaign for the white house candidate trump said he should've been executed. bergdahl is facing life in prison and will learn his fate
5:41 pm
in the coming days. >> he could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. his fate rest in the hands of a military judge. as his sentencing hearing got underway in north carolina, the defense argued that statements on the case by president trump could affect his right to a partial sentence. -- in partial sentence. he pled guilty last week to desertion. the judge may consider the physical torture he faced during his five years as a prisoner of the taliban. in 2014 the obama administration negotiated his release as part of a prisoner swap in exchange for five taliban fighters being held at guantanamo bay. bergdahl told a british journalist, his time in america has been worse than his ordeal as a hostage. in the story published in the times of london he explained,
5:42 pm
at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. here it could be the guy i pass in the corridor was going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. court is in recess until wednesday. the proceedings in his sentencing hearing could extend into next week. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson made unannounced trip to iraq and afghanistan today. he stopped in iraq hours after visiting afghanistan for talks with the afghan president and other senior officials to outline the trump administrations new south asia policy. he also underscored the ongoing u.s. commitment to stabilize that war-torn country. in washington dc it was a day of remembrance to honor 241 it was servicemembers including 220 marines killed in a terrorist attack in lebanon 23 -- a suicide bomber drove a truck filled with explosives into a marine command center in
5:43 pm
beirut. today that they was marked with a ceremony and a call to remember the sacrifice of the victims of that attack. vice president mike pence made a promise to the families of the fallen. >> we will honor their service and sacrifice and strive every day to be worthy of it. terrorists are believed to be responsible for the attack. the u.s. and france were on a peacekeeping mission in lebanon in the midst of the civil war. another suicide bombing, that same day, killed nearly 60 french soldiers. still to come, the u.s. military is doing something it hasn't done since the end of the cold war. a touching half time to meet at levi's stadium. all the 49er greats were there to honor former receiver dwight clark. a 2900 climb in less than 2.5 hours up el capitan. what they were forced to leave
5:44 pm
on the ground to make the climb in time. record-breaking heat felt around the area. we will check in on the areas -- temperatures this afternoon and how long the trend will last coming up. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪
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planning el capitan in less than 2.5 hours, it has happened. two climbers are now the fastest to ever climb yosemite's famous el capitan. they summitted the peak in two
5:47 pm
hours 19 minutes on saturday. you are looking at pictures and videos from the climb and some of their previous attempts. this time they left food, water and most safety gear on the ground so they could stay as lightweight as possible for the client. in an interview yesterday they said you have to take risks to complete the 2900 climb at a record pace. a touching tribute at the 49ers game yesterday honoring dwight clark who was part of one of the greatest plays ever. the catch. clark now is battling als. more than 30 teammates were flown in to be part of the event. our sports reporter shows us the emotional afternoon at levi's stadium. >> looking call looking cop throwing in the end zone. >> he will always be remembered as part of the most iconic play in 49ers history. white park left us with a never memory yesterday. a man fighting a disease and struggling at times with the strength to think his fans,
5:48 pm
family and teammates. >> i have the honor of introducing someone today who really doesn't need any introduction. he is very well known to all you 49er fans. and to you cowboys fans as well. >> who more appropriate than joe montana to facilitate halftime ceremonies rex i love you man. --? >> i love you man. >> here's my great friend dwight clark. >> hello. my 49er faithful. i think you will know i'm going through a little thing right now. i need your prayers and thoughts and i appreciate those you have given me. i would like to think the york
5:49 pm
family for putting the state together. these are unique days. having all the players flown back in here so i could see them. one more time. passing out the t-shirts, it's a big day and i am very appreciative that jed did that for me. there is a guy who is been my friend since 1979. he made this team into a family. and 40 years later, he is still taking care of me. he has called all over the world trying to find the best remedy for als. he sent me to japan, to get
5:50 pm
medicine there. i could never think the family enough for what they do. >> it would've been symbolic for the 49ers to get their first win of the year in dallas. on the day the team paid to read to dwight clark. that didn't happen. but it might have made us think about how insignificant a final score of football game is on a day like this. in santa clara ktvu fox 2. you can listen to the entire speech on our youtube channel. a day for flip-flops and t- shirts. it was very warm. anywhere from 10-20 degrees warmer.
5:51 pm
take a look at some of the afternoon highs. broke a couple of records. the two confirmed, 91 degrees in hayward. 87 in concord. take a look at pacifica, 85. upper 80s san jose. antioch at 91 degrees. as we get into the bay area tuesday, just as warm and maybe hotter as temperatures are expected to peak in tuesday. a view from above, partly cloudy skies cop mostly clear for the afternoon and evening hours. we have a ridge of high pressure over the west coast that is going to continue for the next couple of days. we see the storm track push farther north, a little rain and snow reported over oregon and washington. giving you a view of the winds, they are quite breezy. the north northeast wind helps drive the temperatures up early on. right now we have a variable win, hayward from the west.
5:52 pm
alto northwest. west san jose. east in livermore. the winds will calm down as we get into the overnight hours. here's a look at the variable wind. as we get into tuesday, here's tomorrow morning, noticed most of those arrows pointing northeast. the dry air will remain in place , for your afternoon tomorrow we go 80s for portions of the coast. upper 80s for the bayside communities. low 90s for the inland cities. santa rosa it looks like one of the warmer spots. let's take a look at the current condition. 86 in santa rosa. 72 in san francisco. mid-80s around the bay and the inner east bay, 83. the peninsula 88. very warm in many spots. 86 in danville. tomorrow morning, temperatures will be cool before we take off once again.
5:53 pm
upper 50s to start in oakland. 52 for the north bay of santa rosa. afternoon highs, mid-80s sausalito. 90 for petaluma and sonoma and santa rosa. mid-80s for areas around alameda. warmer than that for pleasanton. south bay, 92 saratoga. 82 sarah cruz. upper 80s in the forecast for redwood city. another beach decor into the 80s over at pacifica and half moon bay. here's a look at the extended forecast. a bit of a cooldown, but gradual. it takes us to the weekend before we are back into the low 80s. 70s around the bay. >> a beautiful forecast. >> snow in the sierra, the rain, and this is 90 degrees. >> i bet the snow is melting fast. >> thank you. is a move that has not been
5:54 pm
seen since the end of the cold war in 1991. americas nuclear armed dbs -- b- 52 bombers are said to go on 24 hour alert. will mean for the u.s. air force.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in the philippines meeting with 10 of his counterparts from the asia- pacific region on the ongoing threat posed by north korea.
5:57 pm
he met with the defense ministers from south korea and japan. japan's defense minister said north korea's capabilities have grown to what he called an unprecedented critical and eminent level. president trump is scheduled to visit china and for other countries during his first official visit to asia next month. because of the rising tensions with north korea, u.s. is getting ready to put nuclear bombers on 24 hour alert. >> the order hasn't been given but preparations are being made just in case. >> reporter: the air force is taking steps to make sure the u.s. b-52 bombers are ready to go at a moments notice. that according to the air force chief of staff. general david goldfein has told defense one, national security website, that the u.s. is currently renovating the air force base in louisiana to make sure the infrastructure is ready
5:58 pm
, should there be in order for the 24-hour readiness. there hasn't been such an order for that since 1991. well, president trump was speaking on foxbusiness news this weekend and he said he hopes china will put the pressure on north korea to change course, the u.s. is ready to do what it takes. >> we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared, like you wouldn't believe. you would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are. >> on the diplomatic front former president mccarter said he is ready to go to north korea . he went to north korea in 1994 under the clinton administration. he has told general mcmaster a close friend, trump's national security advisor that he is prepared to go. in an interview with the new york times, jimmy carter said so far the word from a trump administration has been, thanks, but no thanks. a shortage in the sky.
5:59 pm
president trump signed an executive order that allows the air force to recall for active duty up to 1000 retired pilots for up to three years. previously the air force was able to rehire up to 25 retired officers for critical aviation related positions. the new action could ease a fighter pilot sure which -- shortage. a man is in custody after a shooting in lake county that left two people dead. the shooting also injured a chp officer and two other people. a string of shootings today across lake county. police are blaming it on one man. we begin with that developing news. it all began at about 11:30 am in clearlake oaks. that is north of the city of clearlake.
6:00 pm
now we have learned so far. >> authorities say they are processing as many as eight different crime scenes including several homes, two gas stations and a winery. trying to figure out a motive the deadly shootings. the homicide suspect has been identified as this man, alan ashmore. investigators say they believe he initially fired into several homes on the street called anchor village in clearlake oaks. two men were killed at different locations. they say the suspect then shot and wounded a woman on the same street. deputies say the suspect then went to a local gas station where he shot another person who happened to have a concealed weapon. that person returned fire striking his vehicle. and there he went to another gas station he shot at more people. no one was hurt there. authorities say at some point he went to a winery and fired at employees as well. >> he is known to people in the area. don't know whether the shootings were random or targeted or a combination. >> following leads


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