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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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now we have learned so far. >> authorities say they are processing as many as eight different crime scenes including several homes, two gas stations and a winery. trying to figure out a motive the deadly shootings. the homicide suspect has been identified as this man, alan ashmore. investigators say they believe he initially fired into several homes on the street called anchor village in clearlake oaks. two men were killed at different locations. they say the suspect then shot and wounded a woman on the same street. deputies say the suspect then went to a local gas station where he shot another person who happened to have a concealed weapon. that person returned fire striking his vehicle. and there he went to another gas station he shot at more people. no one was hurt there. authorities say at some point he went to a winery and fired at employees as well. >> he is known to people in the area. don't know whether the shootings were random or targeted or a combination. >> following leads from
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witnesses the police were able to track down the suspects suv. he led deputies on a four mile chase but eventually surrendered and he was stopped by a police roadblock. several weapons were recovered from his vehicle. authorities have not released the names of the people who were killed and wounded. ktvu has learned the chp officer who was shot was wearing body officer -- body armor and bullets and not a trait the gear. -- -- penetrate the gear. two weeks after the delete fires first started, crews are working to put out flames. cal fire says they hope to reach a full containment on the major fires by wednesday. the estimated damage is in the billions of dollars. 8400 homes and businesses were destroyed and 42 people were killed. many northbay schools resumed classes today including the napa unified school district.
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it has 31 campuses at 18,000 students. district spokesperson says each school has at least one if not several counselors on hand to help any students or staff members who feel the need to talk. in santa rosa the american red cross opened a client service center to help residents impacted by the pocket fire, tubbs fire and nuns fire. it will go through sunday. >> use that for possible emergency. >> you can use it for anything. >> reporter: two weeks ago gail from coffee park and lucy from kentucky didn't know each other. >> the tunnel was very dim. to see that light at the end of the tunnel was very dim. >> it's going to be all right. volunteer for the red cross met ms. hale at the shelter were
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after the fire she helped her with necessities and an extra hard-to-find pillow to help prop up hurting back. >> these red cross workers and the city of santa rosa has been amazing. with fema, everybody pulling together with the healthy foods and cleanliness and outpouring of love. reaching out to all of these people who are so devastated. >> today by happenstance, whiles away at the new red cross disaster center, ms. hale was paired with her again to process disaster relief papers. >> a lot of times i get more out of this than they do. the people i help. to get it spiritually, physically and mentally. >> as soon as i get my life organized, i want to give back and volunteering myself.
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>> ms. hale may temporarily have to move back to georgia to get her life in order, but that's okay because she and her new friend are making a plan to have a reunion in kentucky, two states away. president trump has been under fire from lawmakers on capitol hill since the death of former u.s. servicemembers in nigar earlier this month. the circumstances behind the ambush is still unclear. lawmakers from both parties are calling for a congressional investigation. this is the administration faces new questions about whether the troops were properly armed and whether they have enough support. >> more information, more importantly, we owe the families of the fallen or information. that's what the investigation is a diet test designed to identify -- designed to identify. >> it began after a meeting went longer than expected between tribal elders. as criticism continues president trump is hard at work
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trying to bring his agenda back into focus. he is planning his first trip to congress. today he also presented a matter of honor at the white house. we go live to the nation's capital with the details. >> reporter: good evening. with only 28 congressional working days left this year, president trump is hoping to use this week to push key items of his agenda forward. however, criticism from last week is still going on today. president trump warding the medal of honor to a retired army captain. the 71-year-old is credited with saving the lives of 60 wounded personnel as a combat medic during the vietnam war. >> to mike and all the servicemembers who fought in the battle, you have earned the eternal gratitude of the entire american nation. >> the ceremony serving as an opportunity for the president to refocus his agenda.
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even as criticism continues over his handling of a condolence call to a goldstar widow. >> it certainly wasn't his intent to anyway denigrate a war widow. >> i think hardly we can say anything that has come out has been a miss stumble that he doesn't double down on. we see it time and time again. >> reporter: still the president continue to tweet about the disputed call even this morning. after interview aired with the widow saying she was hurt by some of the things the president said. but by afternoon called the president shifted his attention to other matters. including acknowledging singapore's help during hurricane harvey in sending helicopters. >> on behalf of all americans want to think the prime minister and people of singapore for their support which has been tremendous. >> reporter: tomorrow president trump is expected to head to capitol hill where he will be meeting with senate republicans as they were to hash out the fall agenda. >> what else do we know about
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that meeting and efforts to get the tax reform pan -- plan past? >> last week when the senate approved the budget, now we know that is going to head to the house inside. they have to prep the bill, vote on it in the house, house speaker paul ryan is saying he wants to move this and get it approved by christmas. tax reforms in place by christmas. some of the more conservative actions -- factions saying they wanted by thanksgiving. a lot going on at the capital. you can expect the president to be pushing very hard to get his tax reform in place sooner than later. a lawsuit filed by 19 states to force president trump to pay insurance subsidies under obamacare went before a federal judge in san francisco today. the states, led by california,
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argue that cutting off subsidy payments is against the law. the subsidies help low income americans pay for health insurance. the states want the judge to order the trump administration to make those payments while the case is heard. >> we went in asking for the court to give us an emergency ruling to stop with the trump administration did last week, or little more than a week ago because it was supposed to, under the trump administration take effect immediately under their order and we can't afford to have that kind of answer to do. >> the president argues the payments should be authorized i congress. there is bipartisan legislation to restore the subsidy. initially trump said he would support the plan later he appeared to backtrack on support. lawmakers in sacramento -- here to kick off -- the proposal was halted last legislative session by the assembly speaker from being "woefully incomplete." the healthcare discussions through hundreds of members of the nurses association to the
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capitol steps. the group is pushing for a government run healthcare program and say it's needed more than ever amid uncertainty in washington. >> they can have as many meetings as they want, it won't provide the healthcare we need. people are dying. people are deciding not to have medication because they can't afford it. you are going to the emergency room because they can't afford it. >> inside the capital lawmakers met with a panel of healthcare experts. they say they don't know what the outcome of the informational hearings will be. they plan to use it to review their options. coming up, after more than two years, the trial of the illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle 114 in san francisco, it finally got underway this morning. her father was the first person to take the stand. evacuation orders can make all the difference in saving a life. details on the new system in the south bay to warn people of
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potentially disastrous situations. the afternoon high sword above 90 degrees some locations with hotter weather and store. will check in current conditions. -- we will check on current conditions.
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a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. it has been two years since kate steinle was shot in the back while walking with her father on pier 14 in san
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francisco. she died in his arms. today the illegal immigrant accused of killing her and on trial. >> many were surprised that her father became the first witness to take the stand. >> on the first day of this murder trial that has drawn international attention, the father of homicide victim trent 39 was the opening witness. -- kate steinle . he describes walking with his daughter 114. he heard a loud noise and "instinctively looked over at kate and grabbed her and held her as she said help me. " he said he lifted the back of her blouse and saw a wound. his testimony lasted about five minutes. earlier in opening statements skeeter diana garcia held up the weapon that killed kate steinle and said "tran39 is dead because jose zarate pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger." >> when it's all summed up and
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said and done, there's going to be a baseline question that the jury school to answer. the question is, whether the defendant intended to fire that gun. we have a charge against him of murder and that's what we believe the evidence will show. >> the gun was stolen out of the car belonging to arranger by the bureau of land management. the defense is arguing that jose zarate found the gun on the pier and then it went off accidentally and he never meant to harm anyone. ultimately this case is not about sanctuary cities immigration policy whether or not to build a wall. it is strictly murder case and it's expected to last seven weeks. officials are urging california residents to be prepared for the possibility of flooding this winter. construction crews are scrabbling to repair damage to
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levies caused by last winter's record rainfall. there are 14,000 miles of levees across california. officials with department of water resources say the states new levee repair plan only covers 10%. the rest will be left to local and county jurisdictions to address on their own. california's levee and flood protection program is 100 years old. researchers have been alerting state lawmakers to update the system since 1986. >> we need to spend quite a bit of money. bringing these levies up to a standard that would be acceptable. to reduce the flood risk from being one of the most walkable communities in the nation to what it is, what it should be. >> a bond measure on the march ballot, money for the general fund and local funds are expected to pay for a portion of the states new levee and
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flood protection program. city leaders in san jose are testing a new alert system designed to alert residents following the coyote creek flooding last winter. now, how this new system works. >> reporter: eight months after the rocksprings neighborhood was inundated with chest deep water, this resident still has repairs to finish before he can finally return home. >> it's almost completely done. i have some trim for the door, part of the four. >> reporter: he and hundreds of others were forced from three city neighborhoods in february and the coyote creek overran its bank. historic rainfall and release from the anderson dam were a controlling factor. the many people say the city didn't notify them until the fire department began evacuations by boat. >> it's ready to go. >> reporter: the city just received several long-range acoustic devices. this one can broadcast warning messages up to one mile away.
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using an omnidirectional speaker atop a 30 foot mast. a smaller unidirectional speaker can be mounted on a vehicle driven around. announcing evacuation orders 500 feet in distance. >> we can make an announcement anytime of day or night so the public can hear the announcement at the same time is sending out the other devices. it's one of many things, one of many tools we have to notify the public. >> victims advocates say implementing the system, which was purchased before the great flood, is a step to better safety. >> there have been lessons learned. we will see this winter if we are going to get a lot of rain, whether the system will be in place to protect people. >> the test run last week, in santa rosa broadcasting important information to evacuees returning home. there is another demonstration
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this weekend and a winter fair resource meeting in downtown san jose. in case -- the case of the summer felt around the bay area. 90 degrees in some areas. take a look at this view. we are just a few minutes away from the official sunset. it's almost an orange sherbet color. gorgeous. san francisco 77. low 80s in oakland. livermore 79. san jose 83. for most, much warmer than yesterday. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. we are up by 15 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. santa rosa up by seven. san jose up by 12. bay area tuesday, another day of wall-to-wall sunshine. we will get back to near the record heat, we broke a couple records today. hayward as well as concord.
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the afternoon highs could be a tad warmer as we get into tuesday. this is a look at the temperatures expected as we start the day. nifty nine pacifica. low 60s san francisco. mid-50s for the inner east bay of concord. low 60s for santa rosa. for the afternoon, a lot of 80s and low 90s. san francisco upper 80s. hayward 90. in the north bay of santa rosa, the afternoon high of 92 in san jose. just an idea of what we can expect. if you don't like the heat, we have a cooling trend on wednesday. i will have a look at that extended forecast coming up. new developments in a deadly east bay carjacking the victim was run over by his own vehicle. the arrest made today in that case. the nba dishes out it's punishment. details later in sports. >> sentencing under way for
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sergeant bergdahl. of next, how he is comparing the taliban to his u.s. military trial.
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a sentencing hearing for her doll held captive after he walked away from his post in afghanistan. the hearing is being held in north carolina. 's lawyers maintain negative statements about the case made by donald trump while running
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for president could affect her dolls right to an impartial sentence. he pleaded guilty to desertion and endangering his comrades. in interview published, bergdahl said his time back in the us has been worse than his ordeal as a hostage. he was quoted as saying, at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. here it could be the guy i pass in the corridor who is going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. the sensing hearing is set to resume wednesday. the tsa is teaming up with the nfl to help travelers get to the airport faster. fans of the 49ers and new york jets can sign up for the tsa precheck program at respective stadiums layer tailgating. the program is expected to expand to other stadiums in the coming weeks. applying for prius a -- tsa precheck is $85. it offers expedited lanes at airport checkpoints, allowing
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passengers to allow shoes, jackets and belts, and maintain possession of important carry- on items. a new feature that will let publishers sign up new subscribers through an instant article program. testing is set to start for selectmen -- a select number of polishers. facebook will be trying out a framework that allows 10 free articles for publisher each month. as well as a model where publishers pick specific articles to put behind a pay wall. for now it will only be tested on android the voices. a massive recall over wisteria fears. store brands from walmart, target, trader joe's and albertson's have been affected. mann packing ron terrell he recalled the products last week after inspectors found material infected -- material --
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material in a sampling. no illnesses have been reported. the original recall only with those under the mann packing brand-name. it was later revised to all brands made in the same facility at the same time. have a list of the stores that sell the products and the sell by dates on our website another freeway shooting. details on the uber driver injured moments after picking up passengers from sfo.
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for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ a suspect has been identified in a shooting rampage near clear lake this morning. it left two men dead, and two other men when it and a chp officer would it as well. investigators say 61-year-old -- the 61-year-old fired in the several homes, killing two men. they say he then shot a woman on the street before driving to another location and firing off shots as well. he was arrested at eight lease robot, and a sheriff has not revealed a motive for the shooting. opening statements began today in the trial of the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle more
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than two years ago. the case set off eight national immigration debate your flashers presidential race. a prosecutor claim today that jose ines garcia zarate shot kate steinle on purpose . the public defendant representing garcia zarate said he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt and it discharged when he unwrapped it. another community meeting was held today in santa rosa as people begin a long road to recovery. officials outline the process for cleaning up the debris that was left behind. the first phase begins this week, and will focus on household hazardous waste and debris including asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, air conditioners and refrigerators. you are walking fox to news at 6:30 pm. there was another freeway shooting this time in san bruno . police say that an uber i
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just picked up two passengers when he was shot in the neck . >> police are still looking for a suspect in a motive. >> reporter: the lady shooting happened just after 11:00 pmo sunday night in san bruno. it happened moments after a woman driving for uber picked up a couple. when officers arrived, they found a woman shot . investigators say do not -- they do not believe the uber driver or the passengers were the intended targets. >> what we do believe is that the uber driver and the passengers were an innocent party caught in a crossfire and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.>> reporter: a second car driven by a honda accord was hit by bullets. the woman said she tried to stay on the road, but ended up crashing. a third car also crashed, but was guided by


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