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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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high school football players are back on the field two weeks after the campus suffered major damage in the north bay firestorm. >> my house is gone. everything is gone. >> after a disaster, familiar activities can offer comfort. good evening. i'm frank summerville. two weeks after the north bay firestorm ravaged their santa rosa campus, cardinal newman high school is back on the
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football field. ktvu 's debra dooley on ms. live tonight. >> reporter: coaches, players, families all agree that this game was not about win or lose after the chaos of the past two weeks. just stepping onto the field is a victory. >> i think it is huge for us as a team to get back together.>> reporter: monday night football, sonoma county style. cardinal newman and rancho ketanji are north bay rivals. the nonleague matchup was less about competition than character. half of cardinal newman's campus was destroyed by the tubbs fire and it had barely cooled when football players started practicing again. >> there were a lot of hugs and a lot of emotion.>> at first it was on the back burner. the one thing that we all have left.
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>> this player saw his house burned. he is among nine players who lost homes. his regular jersey burned up so he is wearing another number.>> it has not been fun having the past two weeks off without games . we are out here tonight so i am super pumped. >> reporter: the game began with a moment of silence for lives lost. then, special recognition for first responders and their role saving people and property. newman's coach said it is all about overcoming. he says he took his cues from his students who did not hesitate forging ahead with their season. >> in talking to the kids whose houses burned down, they said they wanted to get going. that is what we did. we are excited to be here tonight. >> it is important to those players and to the school as a whole. it feels like we can do this. we are still a school.
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>> reporter: it was a night for community healing as well. 90 cardinal newman families lost their homes.'s parents were feeling the support as they waited for their sons.>> to have it be not about the fire is nice. >> reporter: a close team brought even closer. >> my house burned down. unfortunately, i lost my house but my family is safe. that is all that matters. it is fun to get back playing football. it is a good distraction. >> the football field is actually on scorched. it is the baseball diamond in the dugout said will need rebuilding come spring. the theme for this year is one school undivided. the fire is going to put that
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to the test. this game is about to end. cardinal newman will go down with defeat at the rivals meet again on november 4. >> what about classes at the school?>> reporter: there are classes at the campus. they have been having online classwork up until now. starting tomorrow, they will farm the 600 students out to different schools around sonoma county by grade. they will all be separate until sometime after the first of the year when they hope to be able to reunite. officials outline the process for cleaning up the debris left behind by the north bay fires during a community meeting today in santa rosa. the first phase in the cleanup process begins this week. it is focused on household hazardous waste and debris occluding asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, burned-out vehicles, air conditioners and refrigerators.
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>> at the end of the day, we can return to you a safe and environmentally clean site for your family to rebuild. our goal that we are pushing hard on is to have that work completed by early 2018. >> hundreds of people attended the meeting and now have a better idea of how the cleanup will be handled for the rebuilding process. on, we have posted a link to the official website created by sonoma county. word of another air canada jet having a problem landing at sfo. the cockpit crew did not follow the towers instructions. the airbus 800 320 was not approached last night. the tower told the pilots to go around and make another approach because controllers were not sure if the proceeding plane have clear the runway. an
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airport spokesperson says the air canada crew did not respond to the towers instructions so a supervisor in the tower than fleshed the red light at the cockpit which is another way of warning a pilot they should not land. the judge proceeded anyway and landed without incident. the air canada crew later told the tower that they had radio problems. all of this comes after a near disaster last summer when an air canada jet him within 60 feet of several other planes. the crew of that judge mistakenly try to land on a taxiway instead of a runway. store my testimony has begun in the murder trial of illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle. has been more than two years now since the shooting sparked a national debate. the first witness called today was finally -- was steinle's father. >> reporter: the prosecution and defense delivered their opening statements and then kate's father described that moment that his daughter was shot. >> kate steinle's mother and
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brother arrived at the hall of justice. after opening statements, the first witness was gym steinle, kate's father. for five minutes, he gave emotional testimony about walking with his daughter on peer 14 when she was hit by a single bullet july 1, 2015. she collapsed in his arms. he said i instinctively looked over at kate. i grabbed her and held her. she said helped me. >> this case is about the steinle family and the incredible resolve they have shown through this process. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged the suspect, josi in as garcia with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. the jury will be asked to evaluate the intent according to david levine. >> did he intend to shoot the gun to pull the trigger? was it a matter of being reckless with the gun? that is going to be the focus of the case.>> reporter: diana
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garcia show the gun to the jury and set a ballistics expert will testify it can only be fired by pulling the trigger. kate steinle is dead because josi garcia pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. defense attorney matt gonzalez says the 40 caliber handgun accidentally went off in the fatal bullet ricocheted the for hitting steinle.>> this bullet struck 78 feet away from catherine steinle. >> we are talking about a gun with a history of accidental discharges. it does not have a safety on it. it is marketed that way. they make a model with a safety. this is not one. >> the defense says video evidence shows the man leaning over seconds before the shooting. the defense says they have information about how the gun got onto the pier after being stolen four days earlier from a bureau of land management agents car. trial has drawn national attention because zarate is an
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undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times and was recently in jail. professor levine says politics should have no part in deciding this case. >> what the judge wants to do is hammer into the jurors mines that you are not supposed to be paying attention to these broader issues. >> cameras are not being allowed in the courtroom. the defense says they have not decided whether zarate will take the stand. a spokesman for the steinle family told me they will not be making comments during the trial which is expected to last six weeks. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff briefed reporters on the deaths of four u.s. special forces soldiers. they were all killed in the west african nation of niger nearly 3 weeks ago. general joseph dunford said the men died in a difficult firefight as u.s. forces were supporting a french mission to
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defeat the islamic state and other extremists. lorin blanchard is in washington tonight where a lot of questions remain about the deaths of the four men.>> this is after the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff spoke at length with reporters today trying to clear up the timeline of what happened in niger but admits there is still a lot more the military needs to learn.>> we owe you more information. we owe the families of the fallen more information. >> reporter: on october 4, a group of 12 american soldiers and 30 nigerian forces were attacked by presumed isis fighters while traveling 80 miles outside the capital resulting in the deaths of four americans. questions remain if the u.s. had enough intel and equipment for the mission, if there was a planning failure and why it took so long to recover the body of one of the soldiers. according to general dunford, the bodies of three american soldiers were recovered hours
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after the attack. the body of sergeant la david johnson was not recovered until a full two days later. >> once we found out that sergeant johnson was missing, we brought the full weight of the was government to bear. >> reporter: the widow of sergeant johnson says when the president called, she says she felt his respected by the commander-in-chief. >> i was very upset and hurt. >> reporter: the whole ordeal has become a controversy for the trump white house because of the lack of answers for the families of the soldiers and americans. >> i don't think there is a big scandal but we need to get the information.>> reporter: members of congress have been threatening subpoenas for more information. we are learning the senate armed services committee will receive a closed-door briefing on thursday. arizona senator john mccain insisted today that he was not talking about president trump
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when he spoke about the way wealthy americans avoided service during the vietnam war. in an interview yesterday, senator mccain said sons in well-to-do families were able to find a doctor to disqualify them from going to war because of something trivial like a bone spur. president donald trump received five deferments during the vietnam era and one of them was for bone spurs. mccain not only served as a navy pilot but was also shot down and was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years. a look at the effects of police body cameras. details from an extensive new study involving 2000 police officers. we have a very hot weather over the bay area this afternoon. we will check in on the current conditions and lineup the highs for tomorrow. growing concerns over a
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jack: he is so screwed. jack: try my new havarti & grilled onion and all-american ribeye burgers. new details on a massive recall of vegetable product is sold across the country. those stores are now pulling a variety of packaged vegetable products over a possible listeria contamination. >> the concern is focused on a packing factory in salinas.
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>> reporter: safeway is in california is among the many distributors pulling products. customers i spoke to tonight had not heard about the recall and did not know about the health risks. here at the safeway in santa clara, growing concerns over a massive recall. many packaged vegetables have been recalled due to potential contaminations of listeria. consumers should discard the product or return it for a full refund.>> it is also -- always a concern. i like to eat a lot of fresh produce. >> the recalled product ranges from broccoli to salad mixes. public health officials have not reported any illnesses associated with the product. the salinas-based company initiated the voluntary recall out of an abundance of caution based on a single positive sample taken in canada.
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>> if there is listeria present, they should not be selling the product. >> i have an elderly mother. i would not want her to eat something that would make her sick. i definitely would prefer not to get sick from something i paid for. >> the company is recalling 100 products sold at retailers from walmart to trader joe's. whole foods in san francisco and in the east bay are also pulling products. the original recall listed only products under the main brand and it has now been revised to include other brands. >> i think it happens every couple of years. it is not as alarming. it is definitely important to be aware it is happening. >> health officials warn listeria is a bacteria that can cause serious and at times deadly infections in young children, elderly and those with weakened immune systems.
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healthy individuals may suffer symptoms including fever, abdominal pain and nausea. >> nobody wants to get sick and have stomach problems. i think they should be taking better care of what they are doing with the vegetables. >> the company set up a hotline. i called it in the recording states the health and safety of its customers are its highest priority. the company is working with health officials. anyone who is concerned about these recalled products should contact their doctor. on, you will find a full list of the products being recycled. -- recalled. lawmakers in sacramento held hearings at the state capital to address universal health coverage in california. the proposal was shelved during the last legislative session by the assembly speaker for being willfully and complete. today's discussions attracted hundreds of members of the california nurses association. those pushing for the
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government run healthcare program say it is needed now more than ever amid uncertainty in washington. >> they can have as many needs as they want but it won't provide the health care we need. >> people are dying right now. people are deciding not to have medication because they can't afford it.>> inside the capital, lawmakers met with a panel of healthcare experts. they say they don't know what the outcome of the informational hearings will be. they plan to use the legislative recess to review all options. a federal judge in san francisco is expected to rule tomorrow or wednesday on a request by california and other states to block the trump administration's plan to cut off insurance subsidies under obamacare. the district judge suggested he is not likely to order an injunction. he said he does not see how the administration's move would immediately harm consumers. the judge said that california and other states anticipated the subsidies would end and found a way to make sure
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consumers would not pay more for insurance. after reaching into the upper 80s this afternoon, temperatures have come down. we still have a mild one out there in many spots. san francisco, 74 degrees. san jose, 73. temperatures are up by a whole lot from 24 hours ago. 10 degrees warmer in oakland right now. up by 13 degrees in mountain view. as we get into tomorrow, more of the same is expected. a southeast breeze coming in from the northeast. the flow will remain north northeast and that will keep us drive. temperatures are up as we look at another round of hot weather inland and the possibility of breaking some records as well. this afternoon, hayward in concord broke records.
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we could see that again with temperatures in the upper 70s to upper 80s along the coastline. some of our warmer conditions reaching into the low 90s. tomorrow morning, temperatures will range from the upper 60s to the low 70s. when i come back, i will have a look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow. we begin to cool down as we get into the bay area wednesday. a federal watchdog group says climate change is costing u.s. taxpayers billions of dollars every year. according to a government accountability report that was released today, those causes -- costs could go even higher as devastating storms, floods, wildfires and droughts become more frequent. the federal government has spent more than $350 billion over the last decade on disaster assistance programs and losses from flood and crop insurance. that figure does not include
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this year's toll from hurricanes and wildfires which are expected to be among the most costly in the nation's history. on fire on a bay area freeway.>> that an uber driver and the passengers were an innocent party caught in the crossfire. >> the latest on a shooting that injured an an uber driver who had just picked up her passengers. one of the warriors rookies puts a mark on dallas. new developments in a carjacking turned deadly in the east bay as police make an arrest.
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the man who carjacked a truk in san lorenzo -- truck in san lorenzo and kill the owner of the vehicle has been
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arrested. officials took victor martinez alvarez of oakland into custody. he is accused of killing 46- year-old james figaro junior. on thursday morning, figaro junior went out to warm up his truck before going back inside his home. when he returned, the suspect was inside the truck. police say figaro junior tried to stop him but the driver ran him over and took off. figaro junior died at a hospital. alvarez will be arraigned tomorrow. chp is looking for a suspect who opened fire on interstate 380 in san bruno and wounded an an uber driver. the driver had just picked up to people at sfo when she was shot in the neck. >> reporter: the latest shooting happened just after 11 pm on sunday night east of el camino real. it happen moments after a woman driving for uber mac -- uber picked up a couple. when officers arrived, they found the woman shot inside a toyota corolla. investigators don't believe the an uber driver or her
10:25 pm
passengers were the intended target. it is not clear who the shooter was aiming for.>> we believe that the an uber driver and her passengers were an innocent party caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: a second car, a honda accord was hit by bullets. the woman driving the honda told me she was driving when she heard things hitting her car. she said she tried to stay on the road but ended up losing control and crashing. a third car also crashed. the chp has not released any description of the shooter or suspect vehicle. >> we have our investigators talking to the driver and the two passengers that were in there. >> reporter: this is the third shooting this month in which uber vehicles were involved. in saturday night, an off-duty an uber driver was shot during an attempted lot -- attempted robbery. earlier this month, two passengers and an an uber driver were hurt in a shooting
10:26 pm
on interstate in a shooting on interstate 880 in oakland. according to uber, the three incidents are not related to each other. the company says it is cooperating with the law enforcement. in a statement, who were said the incidents are deeply concerning and have reached out to the riders and drivers involved to check on their well-being and offer support. >> anyone with information is asked to call police or the chp. coming up, a big study looks at the impact of police body cameras. new research on police body cameras texas apprising find about their effectiveness. i will explain in a live report coming up. the latest from lake county after a gunman goes on a deadly shooting rampage. >> the search tonight for a hit and run driver who struck two toddlers and then left the scene.
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they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ the most expensive study to date on the effects of police body cameras and the results may surprise you. >> researchers conducted an 18 month study of 2000 police officers and found the cameras did little to affect their behavior. ktvu's monte francis joins us live from oakland police headquarters. >> reporter: this new study
10:30 pm
does not call into question the overall value of police body cameras but it does say if they were meant to stop police abuses or change police behavior , we should probably change our expectations. >> reporter: one police in north carolina shot and killed a black man named keith scott last year, police released body camera footage to support their argument that the shooting was justified. officers had those cameras because of a nationwide outcry that followed a number of high- profile killings of black men by police. michael brown in ferguson misery in 2014. freddie gray in baltimore the following year. walter scott who was shot in the back as he ran from a white police officer in south carolina. 95% of police departments nationwide now use body cameras including most departments here in the bay area. during simmering is a professor at uc berkeley and author of
10:31 pm
the book when police kill. >> there are substantial indications that the presence or absence of the camera does make a difference. >> reporter: a new study suggests the difference may not be a change in an officers behavior. the study compared 1000 officers on the washington, dc police force with the body cameras to 1000 officers without cameras. during an 18 month period, there was little difference in police behavior when it came to use of force. civilian complaints or in the number of charging decisions made by prosecutors. professors simmering says there is evidence to show a difference in prosecutions of officers when the shootings are deadly. >> our indications are there and none of the studies have directly addressed this. it increases by a factor of six criminal prosecutions. >> reporter: local civil rights leaders see other benefits from body cameras. george holland
10:32 pm
senior, president of the oakland chapter of the naacp says the cameras provide a needed sense of accountability.>> any tool that we can use to level the field, we need to use them. >> reporter: the professor says the police force is well-trained in the study of a different department may yield different results. >> what we don't know about is how it affects behavior at the deep end. that is what has been motivating body cameras to go on police in the first place. >> reporter: proponents of the camera's dashcamera's site other benefits such as better training. they can also be used to exonerate a police officer who was wrongfully accused of abuse. there is still a lot we don't know but another big study on police body cameras is due out next month. inspected the study address why the cameras did not have an
10:33 pm
affect on the officers behavior? >> not directly. there are some hypotheses about that. one is that the officers forget that the cameras are there because they are wearing them so often. another is that the fight or flight thing happens and it can also make an officer forget the camera is there. >> if you would like to read the study we have posted a link on our website, . authorities in lake county say two people were shot to death in their homes by a gunman who then went to several other locations and opened fire. the shooting rampage began at 11:30 am in clearlake oaks north of the city of clear lake . investigators say they believe 61-year-old alan ashmore fired into houses on a street in clearlake oaks. two men died at different locations. investigators say the suspect also shot and wounded a woman on the same street before driving off and shooting at
10:34 pm
people at two nearby gas stations. surveillance video shows the gunman coming through the convenience store door, hitting a vendor who was leaving the suspect then fires his rifle at the man and misses. the round exit -- exits the storefront window, hitting an employees car. the gunman ends up at they second convenience store further down the road. district manager asked for a lighter as he held the gun at his face. >> he was grabbing cigarettes off the top shelf. he turned to look at them and he was turned towards me. i was looking down the barrel of a gun. >> the suspect led deputies on a 4 mile chase. he surrendered when he was stopped a police roadblock. a chp officer who was shot and injured was wearing body armor. police in vallejo are
10:35 pm
searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck two young children and then took off. ktvu's and ruben tells us a two- year-old boy and his three-year- old sister were thrown from their stroller on impact. >> reporter: witnesses saw the aftermath of the accidents along turner parkway. the crumpled stroller in the street. >> when i came down from toys "r" us, i saw police and a double stroller in the middle of the intersection. i was wondering what happened. >> there were a two-year-old boy and three-year-old girl. they were being pushed by their mother when they were struck by a car. both children were thrown from the stroller and critically injured. >> when the officers arrived, there were numerous citizens that were trying to render first aid. the vehicle immediately fled the scene. >> reporter: officers believe it was a white sedan possibly an acura tl. they are hoping surveillance cameras from nearby businesses will help
10:36 pm
them track it down. >> there are several cameras that we have to determine how operable they are. did they have a view of the street? those things are being determined today.>> authorities expect -- suspect the family was trying to cross between the shopping center and the neighborhood. >> it is very dangerous for any pedestrians in the area, especially pedestrians i want to go to the shopping center. there are no marked crosswalks. they have to risk their life to cross four lanes of traffic. >> reporter: the mother in the case was not physically hurt. both children have been airlifted to the hospital. >> we were able to get them out of here and to a hospital rather quickly. their best chance of survival is to get there quickly and backed it happen. we can just hope and pray at this point. >> it was a busy time at the shopping center. investigators are hoping more witnesses will come forward. police are asking anyone with
10:37 pm
information to give them a call. we received these pictures from investigators tonight. they say this is the car they are looking for. it is an acura the early 2000's. the pictures are from a surveillance camera near the crash scene. the car has front end damage and it appears to have no license plate. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. she was at the center of a sec scandal involving several bay area -- sex scandal involving several police -- bay area police agencies. the warmer trend will continue as we head through the week. a retired army medic receives the nation's highest military honors.
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the former teen prostitute at the center of a law enforcement secs scandal -- sex scandal drop her case today. earlier this month, a judge dismissed a criminal case against ricardo perez, citing a lack of suspicion evidence. the woman at the center of the case is now 19 years old. jasmine has already won a
10:41 pm
nearly $1 million settlement against the city of oakland. she also filed a lawsuit against the richmond police department in august alleging misconduct by officers there. the state senate is hiring two independent firms to look into allegations of sexual harassment and assault. last week, 140 women signed a letter in the la times addressing what they call a pervasive culture of harassment at the state capital. senate president kevin de lesn says a law firm will look into the allegations and a human resources company will review senate practices and policies. de lesn said he applause the courage of the women who came forward, saying everyone deserves a workplace free of fear, harassment and sexual misbehavior. it took 47 years but today, retired army medic captain gary michael rose received the nation's highest military honor . president donald trump awarded the medal of honor to the now 70-year-old as his
10:42 pm
grandchildren looked on. in september 1970, captain rose was on a top-secret mission deep into enemy territory in laos when his will unit -- when his unit was attacked. for four days he ran into enemy fire to treat the wounded.>> i guess it is the training that i had. this was my unit. these were my guys. by god, they were not going to expire on my watch. >> the mission remained classified for nearly 30 years. so did rosa's actions. the men in his unit never give up righting for the honor. they say they'll their lives to captain rose. still to come, a fallen officer remembered 150 years after being killed in the line of duty. >> the ceremony for him today
10:43 pm
at his final resting place in the east bay. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week. we have your complete bay area forecast when we come back.
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10:45 pm
10:46 pm
a touching ceremony in the east bay today to honor a fallen officer 150 years after he was killed in the line of duty. richard richardson was one of oakland's three police officers back in 1867 and he was the first officer ever killed on duty in alameda county. >> he is buried at mountain view cemetery in oakland but his final resting place had no headstone. that changed today after a group of retired officers learned his story. >> most gracious god, we gather here today to honor the 86 piece officers of alameda county who have given their lives in service to their community. in particular, we remember on
10:47 pm
the 150th anniversary of his death, oakland police officer richard richardson. we dedicate and consecrate this new grave marker. officer richardson was the first law enforcement officer in alameda county to be killed in the line of duty. we give thanks for officer richardson's service and sacrifice to our community. >> this is one of the oldest parts of the cemetery. the cemetery was formed in 1864. our officer was killed in 1867. >> officer richardson made the ultimate sacrifice exactly 150 years ago today. it goes without saying that the law enforcement profession has undergone monumental changes during the last 150 years. the unpredictability and the inherit dangers associated with all those who have taken the oath to protect and serve has remained constant.
10:48 pm
>> that piece was put together for us by photojournalist jacob unger. our chief meteorologist is often i. rosemary is filling in. >> what a spectacular day to day. >> it was fairly warm today. it was one of the days that we have mid 80s in pacifica in mid 80s in livermore. we don't get that during the summertime. everybody with this heat up will continue. hopefully you were looking for one last blast of summer because that is exactly what we received. pacifica came in at 85 degrees. hayward broke a record at 91. concord hit 87. low 90s in antioch. one month into fall. it felt really warm. for many it felt like summer. temperatures are still in the 70s and areas over hayworth.
10:49 pm
relatively mild for some. fairfield is cooling off quite a bit. but is in the upper 50s. most folks are in the 60s. we have clear skies. we may wake up with a few patches of fog tomorrow. we are looking at a new repeat with mostly clear skies from the coast around the bay and inland. the storm track pushed to the north around the weekend. we had a little bit of activity going on but it has lifted even further north. there is no rain in the forecast until about halloween. the rest of october will be a dry one. the winds are generally light. it will be a northeasterly breeze as we get into the overnight hours. the breeze is dry and it warms us up. that is exactly what we had earlier today. our temperatures really took a hike early on. we were warm for the entire day. here is a look for what is
10:50 pm
expected tomorrow. upper 80s for our inland cities. low 90s for the hotter locations inland. temperatures tomorrow morning are off to a pretty good start. upper 50s in upland. afternoon highs for tomorrow, 85 in south toledo. 94 expected for santa rosa. another jump coming our way. 86 in oakland. san jose will go to 92. 92 for santa cruz. 88 in redwood city. low 80s expected in and around san francisco. temperatures will cool off as we get into wednesday. a little bit more on thursday and then into the bay area weekend. upper 70s around the bay, low 80s inland. definitely more mild. coming up, a warning tonight
10:51 pm
from health officials. details on a massive touchable recall as it expands to grocery stores across the bay area. the warriors take out their frustrations on the mavericks in dallas tonight. mark will have all of the highlights coming up.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
the warriors are looking
10:54 pm
more like themselves. >> they are rolling into it. >> the way their talent level has developed, it is one of those things. dallas could play their best game of the year. the warriors could play their worst. there are some teams out there that don't belong on the same floor. the mavericks happened to be one of them. >> there were eight assists but none prettier than that one right there to kevin durant. the slam dunk, 25 points for kd. you may have been hearing that he is playing some defense to another blocked shot. he gets rolling the other way. carry gets to clay with a high percentage shot. 21 points for clay on the night. the mavericks the warriors. it
10:55 pm
denies a steel. dallas gets the ball, 3rd quarter they really take off. watch curry with the absolute circus shot. it goes down again. no foul call. he had 29 tonight. this time, clay will play defense. he will do what the warriors do so well. the perfect moment on the weak side. andre iguodala with the slam dunk. here has arrived the most fun point of the evening. the rookie, jordan bell blocks a shot. it comes. a rookie, his first game of his career, throwing it off the back. do you see the reaction from kevin durant and steph curry? they can't believe he has the nerve to do it.>> he throws it off the back were to himself. a slam dunk. it is only his fourth game. that is one of those things
10:56 pm
that maybe you earn your stripes before you do. >> 133-103. the sharks are really hard to tell what you get out of them but we have a glimpse of what they could be out on the road. this is the third game. logan couture with five goals in his last four games. a little example of this handiwork. brent burns with the assist. here is a new name, tim heed's. he is a 26-year-old rookie defenseman. that is his first nhl goal. the sharks are in control out on the road at madison square garden against the rangers.
10:57 pm
it turns into a breakaway and hits the poll. he's got it. the sharks roll 4-1. they are now 4-4 on the season. >> monday night football gives and example of what they quarterback can me to 18. take a look at carson wentz tonight. it was a 17-10 philly lead. this appears at the pocket. we have a perfect pass in the end zone for one of the four touchdown throws. he can do it with his wheels. whence disappears and reappears on the move. he had 63 yards rushing. that particular great rush right there. that is houdini. aguilar with 10 yards. whence with 263 yards passing. the eagles r6-1. that is the
10:58 pm
quarterback the 49ers will be facing next sunday in philadelphia. the 49ers are off to a rough start. they are 0-7. 40-10 in the 49ers are now 0-7. it will be a day remembered for the honoring of the great dwight clark. all of the great luminaries from the 49ers gone by were on hand to help honor dc. he made a very moving speech and there was in kyle shanahan's mind a correlation between this year's team and that team way back when.>> i was talking about how i don't think they just got to that. i think they went through a lot
10:59 pm
of stuff in the two years prior. they had to grind out some hard work and find out the type of people that coach wash -- walsh wanted on the team. i made some comparisons to that with what we are going through right now. >> time will tell. we must check this out. this is in thailand. you don't see this very often. a shootout. watch the goalie. he is celebrating causey blocked the shot on goal. the ball passes back in to the match. he celebrated a little bit too early. watch it again. a beautiful shot with a block by the goalie. he comes out. he is deliriously happy. the ball is still alive and the kicker won in the shoot out. that is worth checking out.
11:00 pm
it is 11 pm. it is time now for more news. >> we have to follow the bouncing ball. coming up next, a massive nationwide recall of packaged vegetables expands two dozen -- dozens of expands -- expands to dozens of stores. from frozen veggies to party trays, the list of products being pulled is long. >> all of this to listeria contamination traced back to a packing plant in salinas. we have coverage now fromásmith who was in a safeway store in santa clarita. >> many customers i spoke to had not heard about this recall or the health risks. safeway is in california is among the many distributors pulling products. here at the


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