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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 24, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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the showdown continues between president donald j. trump and senator corker. as another senator bows out of politics. intentional or accidental killing ?>> i think this was an accident waiting to happen. that object was there. anyone who tinkers with it could have caused an accident like this. >> day 2 in the family murder trial. while the defense tries to portray it as an accident. the prosecution calls on a witness who watched it unfold. 4 on 2 starts now.>> the 2 of the myrdal√£murder trial of katie stanley. the woman who witnessed the shooting takes the stand. welcome to 4 on 2. on molly m gomez.>> and i am ken wayne. the jury heard from a tourist
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who said she was on. 14 when stanley was shot in 2014. she was sitting next to the suspect. he was watching people walk by it was laughing to himself. he made her feel uncomfortable moments later, she heard a bang and a scream. the defense attorney says he has psychological issues but that is not the defense.>> i think it would be wrong to pretend that there are not also mental state and mental health issues at play. i am trying to honestly present that. without improperly taking advantage of that. i'm trying to tell the truth, but also address the facts of the case.>> the suspect is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. his attorney says it was accidental. the trial is expected to last 6 weeks. tara moriarty is in the
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courtroom. will have a report on 5 pm on traffic plus. record- breaking temperatures throughout the bay area. >> for the north bay, still reeling from the firestorms, it is raising fire concerns. tom vacar is live. how are people handling the heat and fire worries ?>> reporter: my weather app says where i am standing it is 91 degrees. i believe it. in the son --'s in it is hot. that has great concern for firefighters. santa rosa has already lost five percent of the entire housing stock. anymore fires can cost more. a lot of dead trees and new droid outgrowth makes fire danger in northern california sharply increasing once again. the rain that helped cut down
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the wildfires a few days ago his history.>> as far as now, with a couple of days of heat and the wind, it is gone. it is not doing us any good. our concern is this is the driest time of year. the fuels are dried out. they are ready to burn. if we have wind or a fire start, it is a heightened sense of awareness. with the heat that we are having.>> reporter: the mcavoy santa rosa home was spared. they are well aware of the danger that is present under the conditions.>> we live where fire is prominent. everyone i knew in the fire industry, after the drought and the rains last year all showed extreme concern.>> it is concerning. sonoma county has vast open field that are flammable. active large amount of water we had earlier this year. so much has grown in and dried out.>> reporter: when you get
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record heat and winds , you can expect other mass destruction wildfires.>> this can happen. what will change ? i do not know. it will be talked about. it is an unprecedented event. it is a reality. it is an eye-opener.>> reporter: the simple fact is many scientists believe we are in for more extreme weather events the further we go with the issue of climate change hanging in the balance. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we will send it over to meteorologist rosemary orozco .>> hot and dry. that time of the year when half moon bay could be hotter in antioch. that is what happened this afternoon. let's take a look at the numbers. half moon bay, 93. we lost the reading for what.
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if you look at concorde, upper 80s and low 90s. beating inland temperatures. the national weather service reports 92. 89, san francisco. no 80s in oakland. when the offshore breeze was howling through the hills, oakland reached 88. likely to shatter several records this afternoon. we will have to wait for the official call from national weather service in the next hour. here is a look at the peninsula, widespread 90s. 92, san mateo. inner east bay, 85 degrees. low 90s, danville. upper 80s, lafayette. the winds, in the hills is an issue for portions of the north bay, east bay and over the coastal range. half moon bay, temperatures up by 20 degrees. from the 24 hours ago piture. the rest of us are up.
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san francisco up by eight degrees. santa rosa up by five degrees . temperatures peaking this afternoon. a gradual cool down begins tomorrow. more details on the whether we are experiencing today and what to expect for the days ahead, coming up. fire crews are getting the upper hand on the north bay fires. some firefighters from out of town are now able to head home. 22 members of the strike team with the santa clara fire department returned home today. crews are downsizing the resources that were sent to napa and sonoma counties to fight the nuns and tubbs fire that fires. the strike team is headed back to campbell after 15 days.>> fire season is every summer. we travel around the state every summer. i think the difference this time around is a lot of us have grown up in the bay area. either through the fire service or through our families. we probably know someone who was directly impacted by the fires in the north bay.>> we
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appreciate all of the first responders for their hard work. crews arrived back at the training center in campbell around 2 pm. more political upheaval in washington dc today.sen. jeff flake, an arizona republican, announced tuesday he would not run for re- election in 2018, condemning in a speech aimed at president donald trump the flagrant disregard of truth and decency that is undermining american democracy. in a speech on the floor of the senate, flake said, there are times we must risk our careers. now is such a time. flake, who has criticized the path that the republican party has taken under trump, said the impulse to threaten and scapegoat threatens to turn america and the gop into a fearful, backward looking people and a fearful, backward looking party. flake didn't mention trump by name, but clearly was directing his remarks at the president and his administration. flake is a conservative who favors limited government and free markets. a political career does not mean much if we are complicit in undermining these values, after bucking trump in a state the president won, flake is bottoming out in polls. republicans may be left with a hard-core conservative challenger that might win the primary but lose in the general election. >> it is clear to me we have given up on our principles in exchange for anger and resentment. >> he has been an outspoken critic of president donald j. trump and did not endorse him as a candidate. he also faced a serious challenge to his senate seat from kelly ward, who has gotten praise from the president. his apprising of the came shortly after president donald j. trump visited capitol hill for a working lunch with republican senators. bob corker was among them.
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president donald j. trump started his date with a series of tweets critical of corker, calling the senator incompetent. senator corker has called the white house and adult day care center. he says the president is defacing the nation.>> that is not the question. he conducts himself and goes to such a low level.>> i do not have an observation about that.>> senate mitch mccullough -- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said there is great cohesion among republicans to get a tax bill passed before the end of the year. bart is trying to evict two homeless camps. >> it is not going smoothly in one area. henry lee joins us live from the newsroom with the latest.>> a federal judge today temporarily blocked bart from evicting a homeless camp. bart issued 72 hour eviction
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notices at two locations. there are two homeless camps near martin luther king junior way and stanford avenue. near the oakland city limits. the here their camp is on the west side of the bart tracks. that incumbent is named after the eight-foot steel footed sign saying here and there. saturday, bart police evicted 24 hour notices at this camp and at the second camp near 63rd street and mlk. several homeless people filed a temporary restraining order. today, a federal judge william alsop issued an order blocking bart from evicting only the here their camp for one week. after the next hearing the long- term status of both camps is unclear. people living there say it is unfair the bart want to kick them out .>> we are occupying it because we have nowhere else to go. we have nothing to do. there is a lot of other places that might be more suitable. we are here now. we need to be dealt with.>>
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that man lives at the here their camp. residents have complained more about the other camp where a woman died from undetermined causes. just last week, there was a hammer attack. there are two preschools near the location. we also spoke to the berkeley mayor. her thoughts are coming up at 5 pm. live in the newsroom, henry lee.>> did the federal judge have a reason for not enforcing and kicking out the homeless ?>> i think he was persuaded by comments from homeless advocates and their attorneys that say this is an organized camp. the here there camp is called a model camp. the judge will hear further argument next week. bart is barred from taking them out.>> henry lee, live in the newsroom. coming up, gubernatorial candidate in san francisco. there was not too much disagreement. see where they differ.
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tourism in puerto rico start in september. it is practically nonexistent in the wake of hurricane maria. a third of the hotels are still closed. restaurants and shops are without power. beaches are closed for swimming due to the possible water contamination. the territory usually sees more than 5 million visitors a year who spent close to 4 billion
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years. going to wall street. the dell sword 157 points to set a new record -- sword 157 points to set a new record. the market got a boost due to mcdonald's and general motors. where more than a year away from the 2018 governors race. canada's are wasting no time. the four leading democrat contenders spent the afternoon in san francisco , explaining to voters where they stand on the big issues.>> heather holmes was at the city debate at the city club. there was little disagreement.>> reporter: when it comes to addressing the housing crisis, immigration, education, climate change and the major issues, all of the candidates expressed common views. when it comes to single-payer healthcare and bringing it california, that is where we saw opinions differ. state treasurer, john chiang, former mayor, antonio bill
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garza, and delaine eastin and gavin newsom all shared the club . it was a civil debate and a few slight jabs exchanged. mainly from antonio villaraigosa. these candidates expressing common views. on the issue of single-payer healthcare, two of the candidates are more aggressively pursuing the current state bill that is under consideration. the other two are a little bit more cautious.>> why do i support single-payer ? it is the most cost-effective way to deliver universal healthcare to all the uninsured. and also do it in a more affordable manner.>> it is penny wise and pound foolish for is not to approach this with a full heart and i like an eagle. that means we do have to figure out additional resources to do this. >> i know pie-in-the-sky does
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not put food on the table. we will have to make the tough choices and put a plan together so that we can transition. >> i support single-payer. i would look at what services we would provide. scale up and see what revenues we have. we cannot cover everything.>> reporter: as you heard, a little more measured approach from antonio villaraigosa. as well as john chiang. that was the issue where we saw the sharpest contrast. coming up, on ktvu news at 5 pm. they responded to the question , do they think the state should be more involved in helping cities address the homeless issue ? i will have that coming up a little later at 5 pm. >> it will be interesting to hear that. the interesting thing and you mentioned it earlier, as it looked like delaine eastin had the crowd on her side.>> reporter: she has this folksy funny demeanor. she got the most applause from the audience. she seemed to be the one that
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most of the people in the crowd related to. to purchase things in a practical way. everything circles back to her tenure as the school superintendent chief. she is big on education. we will have to see if that issue is enough to pull her up in the polls. right now, she is far behind. >> a long way to go. heather holmes, live in the city. tonight, another air canada airline investigation. 2 investigations underway and what we know about what went wrong. ktvu fox2, complete bay area coverage.
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the federal aviation administration is investigating an incident at san francisco international airport over the weekend when an air canada >> it with a communication problem between the pilot and air control. maureen, you spoke to a longtime pilot and he said it could've been disastrous.>> reporter: he did say that. he also said while it is separate from the other air canada incident, it was equally close. tonight, with the faa and air canada are investigating. an average of error candidate -- 12 air canada flights fly in everyday. you're about to hear audio
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recording.>> air canada 781 go around.>> reporter: the flight was coming from montrial and was cleared to land. wind tower control with not sure another plane would clear the runway and time, he later instructed the crew not to land the plane. air canada 781, go around.>> reporter: six times the air traffic controller requested the plane go around. the faa says they then used a backup mode of medicating flashing a red light from the tower. seen in this example from youtube. the plane still landed in 9:26 pm.>> they called six times to go around. it could've been disastrous.>> reporter: air canada released a statement. after receiving proper clearance to land it did so. upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft. however, the message was not received by the crew. the faa says the crew told the tower they had a radio problem.>> for someone who is
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experienced in san francisco, i do not hear anything on the frequency for more than 30 seconds, there is something wrong.>> reporter: and retired united airlines pilot with 53 years in aviation says it was an unintentional medications impasse. something went wrong. frequency was switched or radios were switched. that i know. they did not do it deliberately.>> reporter: he said it is unrelated to another incident three months ago. when a plane nearly missed crashing into several others at san francisco , when the pilot mistook a taxi way for the runway. the vancouver residents fly the national airline all the time. it is concerning, but with so many flights, things will happen. >> i still feel safe. this is the first time i've heard of something like this happening.>> reporter: the faa says a radar replay shows previous arrivals did in fact
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clear the runway when the flight landed. let's check in on the temperatures nearing records.>> 90s across the bay area. from half moon bay into areas of oakland earlier today. temperatures have cooled off some over the east bay shoreline. we are looking at hot weather inland. 92, santa rosa. perhaps tying a record. if it continues to climb in the next hour. giving you a view at storm tracker 2, where there is no rain in sight over california, oregon or washington. storm track as well to the north. at this point, dry weather for the remainder of october. at least halloween will be dry for the trick-or-treaters. giving you a look at the wind. variable for most. breezy hills continuing. 25 through 30 miles per hour. it is the offshore breeze that
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is driving the temperatures up. yesterday and continuing at this hour, we have had oakland hit upper 80s and near 90 degrees earlier today. a westerly breeze moved in and pushed temperatures back down. take a look at berkeley. and offshore breeze and 94. half moon bay, 93. an anomaly when you have half moon bay at 93 and livermore at 89 low 90s in napa. san jose may set a new record is a get into the second part of our afternoon. by 5 pm. the national weather service will make the call. tomorrow, a cooldown begins. temperatures will creep slowly as you get into wednesday, thursday, friday and into the weekend. nice weather in store. for tomorrow, later winds . mostly sunny skies. a little bit of fog will creep toward the coastline. upper 50s in pacifico. mid 50s
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expected for concorde. a relatively mild start. into the afternoon, temperatures in the are calming down 86 expected for kentfield. 88, novato. east bayshore, low 80s for oakland. near 90 for brentwood. south bay locations, 90 for san jose. 86, santa cruz. a warm one. temperatures coming down. 86, redwood city. 81, san francisco . near 80, pacifica and half moon bay. the cooldown will continue into thursday. a bit better on friday. into the bay area weekend, upper 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. upper 70s to near 80 for inland communities. back to the pleasant fall like weather. it will take a few
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days. >> it is strange to see 93 at half moon bay and cooler in contra costa county.>> they enter -- are enjoying the weather. the dodgers and the astros will feel some heat.not only is it going to be hot, tuesday is likely going to set a record for the hottest day for the first pitch of any world series game in history. that's according to the national weather service and the farmer's almanac. the current forecast is that it will reach 100 degrees in los angeles on tuesday night, cooling to just 97 degrees on wednesday for game 2. finishing touches are put on to the world series logo on the field at dodgers stadium before world series oct. 23, 2017, in los angeles. the hottest it's ever been on oct. 24 in recorded history is 99 degrees set in 1909. the los angeles dodgers are playing the houston astros. further north, the bay area is also going to be pretty warm -- in fact, 20 degrees above normal, according to ktvu meteorologist steve paulson. santa rosa should reach 94 degrees, santa cruz should reach 92 degrees and san jose, livermore and concord should reach 90. the dodgers say they have had many 100 degree days during the regular season. they are well prepared to deal with this world series heatwave. it is supposed to be around 100 degrees in about half an hour.>> that is excruciating, especially in october. people are paying a lot of
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money to sit in the hundred degree heat. >> that is where the beer is cold. to get you through it. >> thanks a much for joining us on ktvu. switch over to ktvu plus. coming up, officials are working to protect fire victims, as they look for temporary housing. how they are trying to relax housing -- find housing. coverage of the 2017 world series between the dodgers and the astros begins next, right here on ktvu. here is a live view of dodgers stadium . it is supposed to be close to 100 degrees at game time. coming up next. ol the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort
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to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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>> we are fox sports. ‚ô™ >> this is the day we've been waiting for. a day where two paths cross on the journey to greatness. there were no shortcuts to get here. >> the houston astros win! the wait is over, that dodgers are going back to the


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