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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> these witnesses really paint a picture of what the evidence is in this case and why we are charged with murder. >> the murder trial underway in san francisco. working to move forward. >> i am so uncertain about tomorrow that i have just been trying to focus on today because today right now is all i have. >> over 100 people living in shelters, wondering when they will have a place to live once again t. 4 on 2 starts now. sgl. high school football players remain on suspension after being accused of sexually harassing several girls outside the locker room. welcome to 4 on 2. >> we will get to that story in just a moment. but first we are following developing news for you in mall pee dis. and the campus was put on lockdown twice today after a student brought a gun to school. sky fox flew over the campus
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shortly after the first lockdown was ordered around noon today. the student was quickly taken into custody and the pistol recovered. a second lockdown was ordered a few hours later, following a false report of another gun on campus. we have a crew at malpidas high and will update you at 5:00. and junior varsity football players. >> the female students were so crude, so vulgar the school felt they needed to take action, not only by suspending the players. ralph was at the high school today and joins us in the news room about what happened. >> the jr. varsity football game against deer valley high was supposed to start in about an hour, but the stands are empty, because the principals say a group of jv players sexually harassed a group of female students. >> some of the vulgar
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statements and comments that were made to their classmates, female students were so rude and disgusting and profane that i just was appalled by their blair behavior. >> that is why the principal pus spended nem for a week and decided with the coaches to cancel thursday's game against deer valley high. ktvu spoke with one of the female students who says she was there and it all began when one of her friends broke up with one of the jv football players. then a group of players begin shouting at the girl and her friends. >> and then the jv players started shouting rude stuff at us and calling my friend names that shounltd have been said and my friend asked what was the problem and they didn't say anything. and they kept saying if she walked other there, she was
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going to get slapped, get hit. >> this is just days after they had an assembly about sexual harassment and finding positive ways to treat each other. >> we need to learn and discuss these important issues and then to see that behavior was very disappointing. >> the cancellation applies only to the jr. varsity game. the varsity football game against deer valley will go on as scheduled. heather and frank. >> all right. rob in our news room. thanks and friks, the stolen gun used in the death of kate steinly was used in the murder trial of jose. it belonged to a land management ranger. he receive testified he left it in a backpack in his suv. it was stolen a week before steinley was killed. they are not presenting any evidence he stole it.
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but they are asking him why he left it behind and whether it's against blm policies. they repeatedly upheld objections by the prosecutor. and the devastating fires, the mayors of napa and american canyon road the wine train to return back to wine country. all part of the push to promote the reopening of businesses following the wild fires. >> the message is it is business as usual, even though it might be unusual, for the reason why it's business as usual, we are ready and no reason people should be canceling plans. >> the napa chamber of commerce emphasized most of the napa valley was not damaged by the fires. four wineries havereported they are still closed due to damage. >> over 400 people still remain in shelters and are wondering just when and where they will
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find a place to live. dena smith and her family lost their apartment. they are now staying at the sonoma county fairgrounds. they don't know how long this shelter will remain open. her husband is a disabled veteran and she worries about how she will care for her family if this shelter closes. >> . >> the american red cross is going to close down at any time. and we were at a meeting where they told us we will give you 2 24-hour notice. i don't know what i am going to do with my family. i don't know what i will do with my kids. i'm so uncertain about tomorrow, i'm just trying to focus on today because today is all i have. >> the first baptist church is cooking three meals 7 days a week for those affected by the fires. more of the same, i guess, mark?
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>> yeah, widespread 80s, some neighborhoods approaches 90s. we have kind of been looping the same forecast. yesterday and today, still not too much change out there. overall warm to hot forecast out there. we will cool things off as we head toward the weekend, but not a significant dropoff until early next week. here is a satellite. you can see the main storm tracking well to our north. warming up the area and you can see a fog bank trying to move closer to our coastlines. not here, but as you can pick out a little on shore believed bleeds. you can see the north bay 20 miles to the east, say ocean beach striks, about 43 miles, santa cruz and could be bumping up to portions of our coastline. what that means for you, going to cool things off a bit for the coast tomorrow.
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temperatures right now, 85 in san francisco, santa rosa 92, san jose 88 sand 90 degrees in concord. our live camera looking out toward san francisco. still fog conditions for this evening. overnight lows, maybe some patchy fog. that will be a change as we head into our friday. that will be the first of several changes that will take us into the weekend. here is our forecast model. put this into motion. if this does happen, that fog does head toward our coast, it could be locally dense and impact your visibility. the beaches upper 60s, close to 70 degrees, will be cool there and widespread 80s across a good portion of the area. these temperatures coming down a few degrees, we are going to go upper 70s for tomorrow and some neighbors closer to half
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moon bay and 80s for san jose. we will talk about the weekend outlook and eventually a pattern change. we will have all that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds o good, mark. the san francisco 49ers, several police unions from across the country joining forces all in the name of gun safety. theircollective stance aims to accelerate gun control legislation and informing the public. jesse is live in our san jose studio with more. jesse. >> reporter: franks the 49ers and members of various unions say taking this stand does not put them at odds with the second amendment. they hope to create better safety and better relation schip between the police and the people they are sworn to preserve. >> a different kind of police pro session. nearly a dozen members of various association across the
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country joined with the red and gold in hopes of creating safer communities. >> i think we can bring law enforcement and the communities closer to together and i'm proud we are starting that effort. >> he led the way as one by one they signed a pledge for house resolution 399. it would ban the sale of gun bump stocks. it allows them to shoot as an automatic. >> common sense laws should be put in place to protect police officers and the citizens we save. >> gunman stephen paddock used some bump stocks to spray bullets on a growed of conner goers. killed 58 people and wounded hundreds, including police officers. >> as a country we need to make progress on making this a more understanding and safer country. it will take all of us to leave our comfort zones. >> police officers, men app
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women serving in blue across the country are good guys. we need the support of everyone. >> police officers are joining with the nfl at a time when many players still kneel during the national anthem. that has been criticized as disrespectful to the police and military. he says it is a potential pivot point away from discord and unity. >> we need to try to make our country better and what the 49ers are doing is a testment to that. stepping up to the plate and making an effort to make the community bet evidence. >> reed said he does not see these issues linked, but a greater understanding of one of them can can help lead to an understanding of the other wurn. calls for the team to put up a half a million of seed money. that will be used to fund the
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production of public service announcements for the passage of house resolution 3999. the idea is they want to put these psa's as they are call and have them air here in the bay area, so you will see a public service announcement urging passage of house resolution 3999. they want to spread this to other cities across the united states on football sunday, using nfl sunday as the platform for that. we are live in the san jose studio. we will head back to you in oakland. >> all right. we will take it. a big development in the battle against the deadliness drug pry sis. the president taking new steps to combat opioid abuse. caroline has more now from washington. >> the president and first lady taking on a cause that's close to their heart and millions of
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americans suffering from addiction. >> job addiction can take your friends, neighbors or your family. >> president trump declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency, it's the next step which last year claimed 64,000 lives, more than the number of americans killed in vietnam. >> ending the epidemic will requirer communities and private organizations. >> today's differs fa what he previously promised. this means it comes without new funding but does allow existing money to be redirected to deal with the crisis. >> what i would say is show me the money. the president has sent a budget that cuts medicaid, which is the major funder of how we address opioids. >> the declaration expands access to programs which help drug abusers, including military veterans and those hit in hardest areas and also
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taking aim at pharmaceutical companies. >> we are requiring that a specific opioid, which is truly evil, be taken off the market immediately. >> president trump also touting his plans for a wall between the u.s. and mexico, saying 90% of illegal drugs enter there country through the southern border. in washington, caroline shiv ery, fox news. >> and a recent study that could expose a harsh reality in san francisco's public schools. >> coming up, meeting and hearing from the public on a plan to try to punish those who are fare evaders. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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the board will take up the issue of fare evasion. as we have been reporting barts say the number of fare cheaters are on the rise. they will require riders to require valid proof of payment, as well as a separate ordinance preventing fare evasion by minors. it costs bart between 15 and 25 million a year. it is starting that meeting later than usual at 5:00 to allow more members of the public to weigh in. and joining me now is nick. very nice to meet you. thank you for being here today. this meeting taking place in
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about 40 minutes from now. you are going to be here. what is the outcome. >> we adopt an ordinance which is very clear that if you haven't paid your ticket, you are not allowed to ride bart. >> and this will be something that those who are adults caught not paying the fare and those who are kids caught not paying the fare could be subject to penalties. >> the way it works is the cop has to see you jumping over the gates to give you a ticket. obviously we have a lot of gates, we have a big system and the cops can't catch everyone. with the new system we are going to adopt tonight, anywhere in the system if you don't have a valid ticket you are going to get a fine. >> but it still means a bart cop needs to say show me the fare. >> yes. >> if you can't, then you will be subject to penalties. >> what if i have a clipper card. how am i supposed to prove i paid for fare.
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>> we are giving all our officers special clipper card machines. it will say whether you paid. >> oak. talk to me about the penalties for adults and minors. >> if you are an adult it's $75, if you are a minor, $55. because that's a lot of money for folks and we don't want to leave them with fines that they can't afford to pay, we also have an option for community service. >> some people at home may think, 75, 50 something for not paying your bart fare, that may seem a little overreach. >> i think it's -- we are losing, as you said in the intro, 25 million in fares, that's money that could be used to hire extra cleaners or hiring more cops to make it safer and buying train cars to make our system less crowded and it's just not fair the folks are paying a lot of money. bart is an expensive system and
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other folks are paying. it will encourage everybody to pay their fair share. >> and you do expect the bart board to do this. how quickly will this ordinance be adopt and enacted. >> it is going into effect january. and you will have a one month grace period. oso if you get caught in january, you will get a warning. >> what about those who are fare evaders? is it young people or older people or is it a section of bart. >> it's difficult to tell because they are fare evading so we don't have research on them. what we are going to do is our broader plan is deploying cameras to be able to collect anonymous information on who is actually fare evading and getting regular reports back on who our police department is catching fare evading, so that we can make sure we are doing the right thing and we are not discriminating against anybody.
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>> and let's say there is someone who is a repeat offender. is there a potential for that person to be banned. >> it will be very expensive if you are a repeat offender, so we don't think there will be a lot of repeat offenders. there is a lot of evidence to show in other systems around the country, if you do your enforcement properly and do what we call station hardening, so make it difficult to fare evade in the first place, we will cut down on fare evasion. we will never get it down to zero, there will always be a super athletic kid that can jump high or run very fast. we just can't have 25 million going out the door. >> certain a substantial loss for the transit agency. thank you again for coming in today and we will follow the outcome of that meeting coming up on our later forecast. developing news in southern
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california, wild fires erupted in cleveland national forest and spread 100 acres. that's east of los angeles. the gusty santa ana winds that plugged there early this week, they seemed to have vanished. but temperatures very warm. this fire spread over 100 acres. we will keep an eye on it and give you updates as they become available. stay with us. we will be right back. i no longer live with
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a new study finds low income black and latino students fare worse in public schools than many other california school districts. according to the study just 16% of the low income are proficient at math and 10% of the low income black students are. >> and majority are not graduating high school in four years with requirements that they need to attend a state university. with more on this, we are joined by senator scott. tell me your reaction to this report. >> it's dpeszing, but -- depressing, but i think it will motivate all of us to work harder to make sure these kids
4:25 pm
have access to the best education as possible. we have always known we have had a gap between our low income latino and african american students and white and asian students. but this report show that is that gap is even greater than we thought. and it also shows that san francisco compares very poorly to other comparable school districts around the state for thesen communities, and -- these communities. so we need more focused resources on these kids to help them and help their families and we need to make sure we are really lifting them up. >> is that the next step? what about funds to do that kind of thing. >> well, california right now is one of the worst funded education systems among the 50 states. we are in the 40s out of 50 states and our urban districts are struggling, including san francisco. so that is part of it, focused resources on these kids.
4:26 pm
also we need to do better in some ways. san francisco's school assignment system i think puts low income fallies at a disadvantage because the amount of focus that you need to get our kid into the school you want to get them into, if you are trying to just put food on the table and figure out how you are paying rent next month, it's going to be hard to have that level of focus. so we need to make sure that these kids are getting the schools that they need and the support that they need. and this data is step one, showing that the problem is even worse than we thought. and now we need to really come up with a plan to get rid of this disparity. >> senator, you mentioned the school assignment in san francisco. do you think perhaps it's time to make some changes. >> yeah, the school assignment system, even though some changes have been made and it's less problematic as it was 2 years ago, it is still very problematic.
4:27 pm
you can ask any family that's gone through san francisco assignment system, it is incredibly frustrating and difficult and time-consuming and at times arbitrary. and it's not desegregating the school. the whole purpose was to desegregate the school and i'm in our schools regularly. i have been for years, and they are still quite segregated. so we need a new school assignment system. >> and it must have been quite an eye-opener. i have the study in my hand. fresno, long beach all have better scores with minority children. that's got to be tough for you to swallow. >> yeah, it is. data is one of its objectives. it's an eye-opener in san francisco we are failing our low income african american and latino children. this district does a really good job educating a lot of kids.
4:28 pm
but we need to do a really good job educating every child. so the district knows how to educate kids. we just need to look for how we address the needs of these low income kids because we are creating all these 21st century jobs in san francisco and the bay area. we want our own kids to access them. >> yeah. as you mentioned, an eye opening. thanks for being here, scott weaner. >> in a courtroom insan francisco we are going to break down what's going on as we sit down with michael cardoza. stay with us.
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. the gun used in the death of kate was used in the trial of jose, it belonged to a ranger who testified he left the gun in the front seat of his suv. his defense attorney questioned the ranger about why he left a fully loaded weapon behind and if it was against policies. michael car doe sa, good to have you. trying to assign responsibility for the gun? >> matt's doing a good job defending him. terrific job defending him, but
4:32 pm
much like a magic trick. look over there when what's really going on is over here. now, even if the federal agent was negligent, so what in that sense. he will be punished for what he did and i assume he has been intraagency. but in this trial matt gonzalez is trying to say, see, it's his fault because he left the gun. come on. come on. he did it. it was wrong. does that excuse what he did? it is not. >> and is it far reaching. >> of course. if you want to throw that thing in front of a jury, hoping someone will latch on to it. is that a defense? no. i'm sure this jury is smart enough to say, no, we got to how it got there, but what does that have to do with what happened? so i think they will ignore it. >> they say the bullet
4:33 pm
ricocheted, hit ms. steinly and killed her. how do they prove that. >> well, you bring experts in. that's why i said from the get go it's a battle of experts. you have this gun that was taken out of the agent's car that was used on the war f. the big issue is did he, the defendant, pull the trigger or did it accidentally go off. there will be expert that is will come on for the prosecution saying that particular weapon has a 10- pound pull. in other words e to pull the trigger, you have to do 10 pounds of pulling to make that gunfire. that gun does have a hair trigger if the gun is [bleep]ed at the time. so you have to believe it was [bleep]ed and he picked it up and oh, my god, throws it in the bay. but he has told three different stories, one of which i was shooting at a seal. so take your choice. which story are you going to
4:34 pm
believe of his, if any. >> and if you accidentally shot the gun, why would you throw it in the bay? >> that could be explained. you get panicky. i can absolutely see matt gonzalez saying i got panicky and into the bay it goes. that's explainable. but did he pull the trigger or did it misfire? and i know the da is saying -- and i'm not sure i'm clicking on all cylinders on this one, because she is saying he is guilty of second degree murder because he pointed it at kate steinley and pulled the trigger. if that happened, it could be fist degree murder. but that's not charged. even if he pointed it to the ground and said gee, i wonder if this thing works and it shootings into the grounded on ricochets, he's guilty of second degree murder.
4:35 pm
it is wantonly in disregard of human rights. oh, there is a party going on. i will take a shot in there. i don't mean to kill anybody, but you do something so dangerous, if he pointed it at the gun and pulled the trigger, i think he's guilty of second degree murder. . >> will this go long maybe? how much longer. >> i doubt he is going to take the stand. i would guess another two weeks. >> a lot of experts. >> oh, a lot of experts. that will be this trial. it will be the battle of the experts. >> all right. we will leave it there. throw it over to you, heather. take it away. the republican house has passed its budget for 2018, now paving the way for the tax haul. >> it was a close call for republicans on capitol hill with the house narrowly approving the gone budget.
4:36 pm
now a bigger battle, the effort to reform the tax code, which president trump has said will translate to big savings for the middle class. >> so much time and money is wasted complying with this tax code, only to be rewarded bid having a big chunk of their income claimed by the government. it's unsustainable. >> democrats are saying just the opposite, standing firmly against it and taxing a give away to the richest americans. >> it's a losing of the middle class. >> the narrow margin of victory could translate to a difficult road away to the republicans. but despite both parties who object to the plan for reductions in state and local taxes. if it does make it through the house, it will need only 50 votes to pass through the senate, which is unlikely
4:37 pm
support. >> i need to sit down -- i can't wait to sit down to see if we have a pathway for it. >> it is expected to be introduced on november 1st and house leaders say they will be pushing for a final vote before the end of the year. in washington, fox news. michigan star rated restaurants -- or mitch lynne restaurants, and a bakery making the cut. coming up. >> and another warm, hot day across a good portion of the bay area, even 80s in san francisco as you take a look here. in your forecast bigger changes beyond. we will talk more about that coming up.
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president trump has the decided to block the release of some of the john f. kennedy files that were supposed to be released today. he approved 29 of 3,000 to go public, but the white house said it had no choice to hold some back because of national security concerns. they will be posted on the national archives website. the law said all of the files were to be released by today's date. >> the government was forced to do it in 1992. why?
4:41 pm
because oliver stone, his film jfk was a giant box office hit and stone of course proposed all kinds of wild conspiracy theories >> following kennedy's murder in 1963, the commission concluded that lee harvey oswald was the sole asass sin. they were guessing it was by the mafia. >> up north, holiday of course overshadowed by everything else the fire victims are dealing with. >> reporting from santa rosa on a big effort trying to save the holiday for kids. >> what do you like about halloween. >> you give out candy. >> 6-year-old ania a witch and freddie a knight >> we had really nice costumes,
4:42 pm
but now they get to be something else. >> they lost everything in the fire. but not their enthusiasm for halloween. >> every year we go big. we have fun and like handing out candy and be part of the festivities. >> but several neighbors aren't like everybody else's. >> we used to go trick or treating over there too. >> full of monsters and princesses. >> everything would be lit up, decorations, kids coming here and there. >> reporter: those who grew up with it loved it. >> we just had neighbors. we had fun over here. there was, you know, still like people got their garage set up for like trick or treat. >> reporter: there is no fixing the neighborhoods in time, but santa rosa police do have a solution for costumes. the department has collected thousands of them, donated in just over a week. >> some star wars stuff. you name it, it's probably in here. >> it began with one officer
4:43 pm
whose fianci put word out on facebook and soon costumes fill filled their porch. >> this is one of my favorite holiday. it's a close second to christmas for kids. >> the campaign went into overdrive. >> party city sent us like 500 or more. 35 boxes showed up with kids costumes, anything any kid wants, i guarantee you we have it. >> plus treat buckets and goodie bags all free for families affected bid the fires. >> firemen and swat police, first responder costumes. >> those may be more popular than ever, after what kids have been through leaving and then losing their homes. >> it will never erase those memories of it, but for a moment of time it will bring them back to a different reality than the one they are living in right now. >> we have to start new traditions until we can get back into our field.
4:44 pm
>> this family, costumes in hand is grateful. >> amazing, people we haven't talked to in years, everybody is helping. it's so heartwarming. >> dad is one of nine santa rosa police officers who lost their homes to fire. >> doing what we can do and not letting the fire impact us and change ours life. >> members outside, kidsed on halloween. >> a lot being pushed out to the north bay. looking at the forecast, no umbrellas this year. >> you better deliver. >> looks like a dry weather pattern. last year a different story. we had rain moving into portions of the area. this year it looks like it will be dry. we had 80s and 90s. still it's going to be a warm forecast up in santa rosa, 88 degrees, san jose in the mid-
4:45 pm
80s, see what's happening in the pacific. you can see the clouds and the upper level wind circulation. what's interesting here is big circulation here. that's pushing up storm way up to our north and as a result we are locked in this dry pattern and warm pattern. you will see changes developing for sure as we measured this out earlier, the coastline, about 25 miles away from ocean beach and 40 miles away from santa cruz, topping 50 miles. that fog bank will go closer to our coastline tonight and early friday morning. look at that 85 in san francisco. it has been -- seems like one of the warmest weeks of the year. not talking about the extreme heat in august and september, but still a warm week out there all weeklong. right now 85, santa rosa 92 and san jose in the upper 88
4:46 pm
degrees, here is our camera toward the city. no fog to speak of just yet, but we could have a couple passes near the golden gate bridge. as we show you, san francisco will be cooler tomorrow, topping off around 77 degrees. here is the forecast model. put this into motion and this would be different. tomorrowmorning possibly some patchy fog returning coast side. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning and increase sunshine into the afternoon. coastal spots will cool things off in the upper 60s to low 70s, around the bay, widespread 80s, that orange contour out there in a good portion of the bay area. tomorrow still lots of 80s and cool things off over the weekend especially sunday to monday. eventually we could talk about rainfall in the overall change in the weather pattern. right now it looks dry yoond
4:47 pm
the weekend -- beyond the weekend, looking at monday a few clouds, tuesday and wednesday. maybe a week from tomorrow the forecast model suggesting rain pattern. still a ways out. something to be watching, at least for tomorrow. lots of 80s, san jose a forecast high in the mid-80s, so we are trending down, but it is still a warm forecast as we wrap up the workweek and coast upper 60s, close to 70 and downtown from time to time in the upper 70s. here is your 5-day forecast, your biggest change is sunday with temperatures in the 70s to around 80 degrees and tuesday, the halloween outlook, it should be dry and cooler out there as well. >> 79 on halloween, wow. >> maybe a week from tomorrow may be needing some umbrellas. frank summerville joins us to look at some of the stories we are working on for fox tv
4:48 pm
news at 5:00. and one company open for business. >> sure is. the wine country fires almost completely contained. now they need tourists to come back. now we show how napa valley is open for business. >> and another gun issue at a local school. >> not once, but twice, bay area high school on lockdown after a student brought a gun to school. plus we just learned an east bay father has been arrested after a third grader brought a gun to school yesterday. >> a busy 5:00 coming up. we will see you and heather coming up shortly. >> meantime, big admission on twitter today. it says it overstated how many users it has. we will take a look at how investigators are looking at that revised user count. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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. >> san francisco bay's twitter revealed for the past years it's orr stated its user base. the user totals included third party associated with a platform it no longer owned. as a result it lowered its previously reported numbers by 1 million to 2 million users. investors appeared to shake off the disclosure sending twitter shares higher to close at 20 bucks a share. also today the social media company said it could turn its first ever profit next quarter. and a high percentage of baby food and infant formula is positive for arsenic. the clean label tested a number of major brands and showed arsenic. it was found in 80% of the formulas.
4:52 pm
some products had six times acceptable levels. the studies also found roughly 60% claiming to be bpa free tested positive for that industrial chemical. the governor brand says it's unnecessarily alarm. and "we want to assure the public that our health of the public is our prior to". >> you can check to see what's in the baby formula that you use under links on our web page. >> and french tasting menu is the newest five star and all others return to their three star rating and restaurant at meadow wood and in losgatos. while the big wild fires were
4:53 pm
tearing across wine country. i'm sure there are many in michigan also, which i said earlier. sorry, michigan. and president trump says there will be no change to 401(k). but some are considering lower the cap to contributions. >> and currently the maximum precap is $18,000 a year. reportedly republicans are discussing capping those at $2,400 a year. lowering the count could help offset revenues on tax cuts >> we have been asking do you contribute to your 401(k)? two-thirds responded yes, they do. 19% no, they don't. 16% say they don't have the option. check out our facebook or twitter pages and weigh in. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. tighter new security americans went into effect today for all international air travelers entering the united states. the new rules apply to americans and foreigners and affects the roughly 2100 flights coming into the u.s. from around the world each day. under the you see in screening process, passengers -- the new screening process, passengers
4:57 pm
could be subjected to security interviews by airline employees and face more detailed inspections of carry- ons and their electronic devices. >> i just want to get my ticket and go in. i don't want to wait on people interviewing me like that. >> we need heightened security. i'm all for it. >> the changes come at the end of a 120-day deadline for airlines to meet new security regulations. they also replace earlier rules that ban travelers from eight muslim countries from bringing their laptops into the plane's cabin. some border walls prototypes are up. william lajeunesse reports from san diego. reporter: so this is san diego and over here is mexico. any 12-year-old can climb that fence. what the president want to do
4:58 pm
is replace some of this old primary fence or build some additional secondary fence. only twice as high and as long as his budget will allow. out of the 350 miles of fencing along the u.s. border, most of it looks like this. vietnam era easily cut through patched up and down the border which is why we need a new wall. compare that to this, four feet thick of solid concrete. you come around front here, there's no way to get a toe hold so how do you scale it? >> one lesson we have learned over time here is that when you put up physical barriers or fencing, the areas where you don't have fencing instantly becomes a vulnerability. >> we can deter somebody, if somebody can make a psychological decision on that, hey, i am not going to cross, that is a measure of success. >> reporter: now, the beauty of in design, agents can see through it, water can pass under it, it's great for canyons in arizona.
4:59 pm
they are filled with concrete. but could a smuggler use a hydraulic jack to pop these out? critics say apprehension are going down, you don't need a fence. >> i would disagree with that. the wall and the fencing is one piece of something that's critical in border security. it's not "the" in and of itself but it is a critical part. >> reporter: so those prototypes that you saw, those are now completed. now, the testing begins. can you go under, over or through those walls and how long might it take? the testing phase lasts one to two months. then the border patrol will select a design and where it may go. in san diego, william la jeunnesse, fox news. ♪[ music ] linda macdonald, captioner vitac corporation. a student brings a gun to a bay area high school prompting officials there to put that campus on lockdown not once but twice. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. that student brought the gun and ammunition to milpitas high school. ktvu's maureen naylor is at
5:00 pm
the high school with the latest from the lockdowns. reporter: the first lock happened at milpitas high school. a 14-year-old student brought a semiautomatic handgun and ammo to campus. the second report, no gun was found. it all started around 12:05 when a school resource officer called police to report to them that there was a student on campus with a gun. skyfox 2 was overhead the school shortly after. milpitas police say officers arrived within minutes and soon after found the teenager in a bathroom with the weapons. >> officers found the student in the bathroom with a handgun on his person and he was taken into custody. he was cooperative and didn't resist arrest and he is talking to our detectives now. >> reporter: milpitas high school was then placed on lockdown for 30 minutes along with a nearby element


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