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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> that was ken. but i do like a jazzy morning, a jazzy friday. >> that's how we do it. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, october 27. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. >> there is some fog on the coast. that is some deep jazz right there. we do have fog on the coast and its right there. i don't think it makes a push inland. if it doesn't make him over the golden gate but that's about it. there is still a slight offshore breeze. it's a sign of things to, but this ridge is reluctant to break down. this still a slight northerly breeze up in the hills. i don't think inland areas will get any benefits. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. 48, half moon bay. 50s and 60s for others.
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the fog is moving up and down the coast, trying to fill in on the santa cruz coastline. eventually it will make it. but only around highway 1. over the weekend this high will break down and a low will begin to bump into it. that will help kick it out of here. 60s for a few. 80s for most. >> did you enjoy that, steve? that is not smooth jazz. good morning. if you were driving on 80 westbound through solano county, we are off to a good start. we can look at the road sensors for vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. the long commute is doing very well. on highway 37 out of vallejo toward sonoma and marin county, no problem. no problems on the carquinez bridge and no problem down to the macarthur maze. this is a
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look at 80 westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be a little crowded in some of the cash lanes. this happens when they do a shift change. it won't last for too long. once you make it onto the bridge and get into san francisco, 101 at the split looks good. we're learning there may be a new development involving the wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the santa cruz sentinel reports the sheriff's department will announce an arrest related to the start of that fire. the paper said the announcement will come late this morning. officials tell the paper they cannot reveal details until then. the fire started 11 days ago as a house fire in boulder creek apron 391 acres and cal fire declared it fully contained. pg&e reportedly wants its customers to pay the bills in
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cases where the utility company is responsible for disasters like the north california wildfires. east bay times reports pg&e executives have been pushing state regulators for permission to charge ratepayers when it's power lines caused wildfires. right now the company and its shareholders are responsible for damages and other costs. pg&e stock is suffering after reports that their lines may have caused some of the fires in the north bay. turning to the wildfires. vacation rental service airbnb is helping victims who lost their homes find temporary housing. about 1000 airbnb hosts have signed up to house displaced fire victims. the temporary housing is all over the bay area from sonoma county to san francisco and in the east bay. the program was extended to the middle of november. the fires destroyed 6800 structures including 2900 homes.
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13 schools are scheduled to reopen today in santa rosa after the wildfires force them to remain closed. another 11 schools will open on monday. classes for students at cardinal newman high school which was damaged in the fires resumed this week. counselors will be available at some schools for students who are dealing with stress and trauma. cal fire expects to fully contained the four biggest north bay fires today. officials in the wine country are trying to revive the local economy. tom vacar went on the popular wine train yesterday. >> reporter: five napa valley mayors, two napa valley supervises and state senator bill dodd and but the media into the critical need for tourism to return sooner rather than later. this is usually
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the busiest time of the year. >> it's important to the local economy, the cities and the county's and they are very much open for business. >> the book over workforce are not wealthy people. it's important that we get the word out. we had to shut the train down for a week. >> reporter: the napa valley wine train carried 65 paying passengers, short of its 370 passenger capacity per trip. the central pullman cars travel along the railway lead during the california gold rush making up to two runs per day. >> they called last week and they were shut down. i called again and they said they were open. this is our anniversary today. >> reporter: the two main reasons people aren't coming, one, concerns about the quality of the air and, two, whether the napa valley has been totally destroyed. >> as you can see today the air quality is great and has been and will be. the valley of the floor, which is what visitors experience, is completely intact.
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>> i think you gain if you come now. you're likely to get into the restaurant you could normally knock into into october. you will get into hotels that you cannot get into. the wineries are the same. >> reporter: that is true from napa in the south to calistoga in the north. >> we are known as a hospitality community since the late 1800s. the same for the rest of the napa valley. >> reporter: agricultural areas are subject to ups and downs but it's the people that have no intention of leaving ever. >> we are planted in napa. we are happy to be in napa, to be on the vineyards that my kids have grown up with. >> reporter: there is a reason people come from all over the planet to visit this slice of paradise. oakland police and the fbi say they know who is
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responsible for fighting a stray bullet that killed a musician two years ago. that person will never be prosecuted for the crime. emiliano nevarez had just finished a performance with his band near 14th street in oakland when he was hit by a stray bullet. investigators said they identified the suspect as dejour jamerson but they say he died last year. >> we don't have someone we can prosecute. that person is deceased now because he was running from cops on another case unrelated to this. however, it is something we hope will bring comfort to the family that we did not forget nor will we forget. >> the victim's mother said she's grateful to oakland police and the fbi for solving the case. she said she's glad the person responsible is off the streets and is grateful to have some closure. police in berkeley are searching for a man who reportedly knocked someone down with his car during a road rage incident.
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on october 19, police say the man was driving on ashby avenue and a white mercedes when the passenger from another car started yelling at him saying he was driving erratically. the driver of the mercedes stopped his car, got out, and started punching the passenger through an open window. the drivers and the passengers started arguing outside their vehicles. that's when the suspect got back into his car and pulled forward, knocking the victim over. the suspect then drove away. police say they victim suffered minor injuries and will be okay but they want help in tracking down the driver. menlo park police are searching for the man who robbed a pharmacy yesterday morning. here is surveillance footage from the cvs on el camino real capture just after 9 am. police say this man demanded two bottles of xanax while displaying a handgun in his waistband. he was last seen in the shopping center parking lot wearing light blue denim pants, a tan trenchcoat any back pack.
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if you recognize that person, please contact menlo park police. supporters of a longshot plan to break up california into three separate states is set to start collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot. the plan is being paid for by tech billionaire, tim draper, who prefer similar proposal in 2014 to break up california into six sections. critics say the latest plan would only cause chaos. >> creating three new governments, three new legislators, three new governors and then having to disrupt what we have's estate. the prison system in higher education system. diversity is what makes california great and this would ruin that. >> this plan calls for breaking up the state into northern california, which would include bay area counties, and southern california which would begin in fresno and cover most of the southern part of the state.
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the third area would be called new california. it would include the los angeles area. even if voters approve it, this three california plant would need congress's permission to move forward. bart is cracking down on fare cheats. the board of directors approved an ordinance that requires writers to provide a valid proof of payment when asked. more than 400,000 people ride bart. the fares help the transit agency bring in roughly $575 billion per year. but bart said that figure should be an estimated $25 million more because of people not paying for tickets. beginning january 1, bart officers will start using card readers. >> they will be next to fair gates or go onto trains to check everybody in a particular area of the system. >> if someone is caught evading, adults will pay a
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citation of $75 per juveniles will pay $50 for minors and those who can't afford the fine, they will have an option for community service. in a few weeks the san jose city council will vote on a rent control measure. one group said its research shows a growing gap between rents and wages. that's pushing many san jose families to a breaking point. the group showed off its findings during a rally yesterday at san jose city hall. the report is adding fuel to the rent control debate in san jose. >> the gap between what it takes to afford the average apartment in san jose versus what renters are making a san jose has grown by three times. >> we recognize there is an issue with a shortage of housing and the shortage of housing has exacerbated the supply and demand issue which has driven the market rate up. >> the san jose city council meet november 14 to consider a
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measure that would tie rent increases to the rate of inflation. a park ranger's stolen gun was used to kill kate steinle on a san francisco pier. coming up, the testimony of the ranger in the trial against the accused gunman. a preview of game 3 of the world series. it will be at the astros' home turf in texas.
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the world series continues tonight in houston with game 3. the dodgers and astros are tied in this best-of-seven series. historically the winner of game 3 any deadlocked a series has gone on to win the championship 64% of the time. yu darvish will pitch for los angeles.
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lance mccullers will start for houston. you can watch game 3 of the world series tonight right here with us on ktvu fox 2. at 4 pm he can watch local news followed immediately by pregame coverage of the world series. if you still want more local news, flip over to ktvu plus at 4:30 pm. the warriors are back in action tonight against the wizards. steph curry, klay thompson face a difficult challenge when they face one of the best backcourt and delete. john wall averaging 23 points and 10 assists per game. he also plays a solid defense. the warriors are coming off an exciting win but will be without shaun livingston. the game tips off at 7:30 pm. the raiders have a tough game on the road this sunday. they will go across the country to play the buffalo bills. this game starts at 10:00 pacific time. the raiders are feeling better
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about themselves after beating the division leading kansas city chiefs last thursday on that last play of the game. the resurging buffalo bills are 4-2. they are a three-point favorite to beat the raiders. the 49ers will need to travel across the country for an early game sunday morning against the philadelphia eagles. the winless 49ers are looking for their first win of the season. oddsmakers aren't giving them much of a chance. the 49ers were thumped by the cowboys last week, 40-10. the 49ers are a 13 point underdog to the eagles. one interesting note. the eagles are in need of a left tackle. there's been talk they may be interested in a long time 49ers tackle, joe sally. you can watch the action here on ktvu fox 2. the game against the eagles starts at 10 am.
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stanford escaped corvallis and beat oregon state last week 15-14 with less than three minutes left in the fourth. oregon state had an -- they had a costly fumble. that was recovered by the cardinals in beaver territory. the stanford quarterback got the team down the field. that set up the winning score with less than 30 seconds on the clock. >> three yards away from the wind. under center, jumpball, right side -- touchdown! >> it looked like basketball but that's how he caught a. -- caught it. stanford goes on to win. they improve their record to 6- 2. next week the cardinals play washington state. the cal bears hit the road.
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they play colorado tomorrow in boulder. cal is coming off a heartbreaking loss against arizona. the game starts at 11 am. let's check in with sal with a look at traffic. we do have a look at traffic over the altamont pass. it's getting more crowded. we can go to it right now. traffic is going to be slow on 580 and 205 as you come up to the altamont pass. it is typical that it would get crowded. we are hoping that today we will have less of a crowd than we normally do as you drive through the area. traffic continues to look really good. this is the golden gate bridge. you can see there is some dense fog here in southern marin. this is technically already san francisco but southern marin as well. you can see you will need to drive through this. i think many people are happy
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to see the fog after these hot days in october. let's take a look at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along well. at the bay bridge toll plaza we see some crowding in the outside lanes. i see it on both spans, both sides on the golden gate. it has arrived. it's very shallow but it's a sign of things to come. if your inland, it's going to take another day or two before the fall begins to move in. the coast in much of the city has been very warm since september 1. san jose has been very warm. 91 yesterday. that was a record high breaking the old mark of 89. you can see the low cloud deck is starting to fill in. it's very shallow. the only immediate impact will be on the water's it or close to it. there is a slight offshore breeze in some inland areas but
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there is a westerly breeze near the coast and pay. 50s and 60s on the temps. low clouds are making a march down to southern california. not in the santa cruz yet but they could make it soon. there is that westwind at sfo. out to the valley there is an easterly direction. it will take another 24 hours before some inland areas get it. high pressure will eventually erode. that's not going to happen overnight. by sunday and monday i think we will get in on that. sunny and warm except on the coast. 60s, close to 90 for some as temperatures are in the summertime pattern. the cooling has begun for a few on the coast. that will continue for everyone over the weekend. it's finally here. halloween weekend.
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begins tonight and the rush is on to find the perfect costume ahead of the parties that will happen this weekend. we checked out a local spirit of halloween store and business is booming. the manager said sales started picking up earlier this week as people are looking for a last- minute costing. popular ones include police officers, firefighters and the commander-in-chief. >> i don't really know. it's very hard. >> that trump comb-over looked pretty good. >> he did not even need the wake. other popular costumes include superheros including wonder woman. we want to see you and your halloween costume. take a selfie and send it to us on instagram or twitter. you can also post pictures on our facebook page. we will show some of those on tuesday morning pick those
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appropriate for television and get creative. the most creative ones were probably be selected. starting next week driving will get more expensive and cost you more money. the increase at the gas pump starts next week.
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welcome back.
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the university of california president janet napolitano said in news center to study free speech will be open. it will be based at the university center in washington dc. over the past couple of months there have been many heated debates and violent protests at uc berkeley and other schools over what free speech really means to students. >> a 56-year-old man is being investigated for driving his car through a crowd of protesters. this happened yesterday in orange county near the office of california state representative ed royce. about 200 people gathered to support daca. the man was arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon. we do not know his name. no injuries were reported. california's gas tax height is set to go into effect next week.
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the state looks to raise billions of dollars for transportation projects. starting wednesday, the tax on gas will jump by $0.12 per gallon. the increase was part of the bill signed into law in april. it will also increase vehicle license fees starting january 1. the bill is expected to raise about five it will also increase vehicle license fees starting january 1. the bill is expected to raise about $5 million per year to fund projects ranging from fixing potholes to reducing congestion on major highways. hayward city hall will be closed for several hours today for an emergency simulation in response training. the training starts at 8 am and will continue until 1 pm. city officials say the training will involve a lot of police and fire officers. the city plans to have public information officers outside the building. they will keep an eye on social media, looking at the response to reports and answer any questions that are needed. tickets go on sale for a
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star-studded concert to raise money for the wildfire victims. we will tell you how much you can expect to pay. so far so good for the morning commute on a friday. i'm looking at the san mateo bridge. it's not too bad on the way over to the peninsula. some fog has made it back to the coast and over the golden gate bridge. a little cooler for some but inland, it will take another day.
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we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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good morning. titer security expect at a local high school after a student brought a gun and ammunition to school. and idea for temporary housing for families that lost their homes in the wildfires. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, october 27. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your friday weather. some fog showed up. >> a lot on the golden gate bridge. >> it's a sign of things to come , finally. it's been a long stretch of warmer weather. it slowly eroding but it will take another day for some away from the coast.
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by the coast and in parts of the city and over the golden gate, there is some areas of fog that is filling in very shallow. 40s for some. 50s for others. some 60s. a wide range of temperatures on the peninsula. 52, a los altos. 47, half moon bay. the fog is close but has not made it into santa cruz. west at sfo. north at oakland. things are changing a little bit on the coast and bake but inland there is an offshore breeze which means we will be in the upper 80s for some. we will cool off over the weekend. is still pretty quiet. i would not say there's too much to worry about. however there is slowing on the altamont pass. i want to show you what the road sensors show. it is slow before and after the trace triangle onto a five and 580.


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