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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the violent altercation and who is in jail this morning. bay area authorities want to make sure your kids have a safe and fun halloween. we will show you what's happening today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on october 31. it's halloween. i'm pam cook. >> happy halloween. i like the colors. >> i have my pumpkin scarf. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is talking about halloween weather. >> mostly clear but cooler. pamela, you always think about the colors. the guys just want to get out of the house. >> it has some candy corn. dave and i will work on that. we do have some low clouds and some clearing. if you have the clearing it's cool. if you 30s and lots of 40s.
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if you are under the cloud deck, there are some 50s. [ music playing ] nothing spooky tonight. it will cool off really quickly after 8:00. low clouds favoring area south of san francisco. it will be a little warmer to the north because there is a slight northeasterly breeze. rain develops friday into sunday. it looks like two systems. one friday and another on sunday. there is a little fog to the north. person marin county and sonoma county but solano and napa, it looks like it got chewed up quick. that's because of the airflow. that is providing cool temperatures. low and mid 40s. 40, fairfield. brentwood, 47. 56, palo alto. san jose, 57. on the peninsula, low to mid 50s. 55, sentiment to you.
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moss beach and half moon bay, 53. win for the north, slight north and west. there is a slight northerly component with high pressure building to the north. low clouds give way to sunshine. temperatures will bump up a few degrees. morning clouds. more sun today. 50s for if you. 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. i am looking at a crowded bay bridge toll plaza. i want to remind you that today if you are thinking about your commute, perhaps about the afternoon and you want to get home for trick-or-treating or the world series, that is not an original idea. let's look at the commute, westbound bay bridge. a big backup. i think many people will be trying to get early and leave early. people usually try to leave around 3:00 instead of 4:00 or
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5:00. be aware. it's going to be a tough one this evening. unless things radically change. i'm hoping i'm wrong. maybe it will be easy but it hasn't been in all my years of doing this. this is westbound 92 at the high rise. moderately heavy out to 101. this is a look at interstate 880 in front of oracle arena. traffic is moving well. this is a look at 880 southbound passed 92. it looks good heading out toward fremont. san francisco police arrested a man who witnesses say try to shoplift at a safeway store and then stabbed the people who try to stop him. >> christien kafton is live in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: we are at this safeway on seventh avenue in san francisco's richmond district. the doors are open and we are seeing customers go inside. employees have been coming and
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going this morning following a violent and bloody night inside. according to police, this started around 12:30 am. the suspect was reportedly inside the store and witnesses say he was shoplifting or attempting to shoplift. an employee tried to stop him and that's when the suspect set his dog in the employee. the dog bit the worker several times on his legs and backside. the suspect also pulled a weapon and began stopping -- stabbing the safeway worker. other employees rushed in and the suspect tried to stab them as well and then took all. the victim was taken to a hospital with what are serious, life-threatening injuries. police did catch the suspect and arrested him. that man will be booked into jail this morning. his name and photo should be available later this morning. as we come back to our live picture, we are planning on going inside to try to speak with a manager to get more insight on how all of this may
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have happened. one more note, we did have a chance to speak with some of the employees this morning. they point out the proximity to golden gate park which is a block behind us. they say this incident may have had something to do with someone who may have been from the park. we are waiting to hear more from police later this morning including getting the photo and name of the suspect. jurors in the kate steinle murder case heard from a crime scene investigator who says the bullet that killed her bounced off the concrete before it hit her. tara moriarty reports the jury has to decide if kate steinle was targeted or if her shooting was an accident. >> reporter: kate steinle's parents and jurors heard testimony from sfp it is csi team who using diagrams pinpointed jose ines garcia- zarate's location on the pier
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when kate steinle was shot. investigators believe zarate was sitting in a chair when the gun fired. the bullet ricochets off the ground of the pier and strikes kate steinle. evans said he believes zarate pointed the gun at steinle because he was an inexperienced shooter, he aimed to low. >> i think fundamentally what is at stake is that they are struggling to make sense of physical evidence that shows a ricochet from a very far distance. >> reporter: evans testified there was no evidence of a rag or t-shirt on the pier, countering the defense's argument that zarate found the gun wrapped in clothing and as he was unwrapping it, it misfired. >> whatever it was wrapped in, it was thrown over the pier with the gun. >> reporter: another witness, interest, taking photos, said after the gun shot rang out, she saw the defendant toss an object which plopped into the water.
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the object, police said, was the gun. >> why did he toss the gun in the water? that looks guilty. that looks like destroying evidence. >> i think it's totally consistent with what he said to police was that the thing was fine on its own and that he through it. re/max zarate is on trial for second-degree murder. analysts say it will be after the jury to decide whether or not he intentionally fire the weapon. this week ballistics and firearms experts will testify to explain if and how the gun could've gone off accidentally. many experts say that is what this case will come down to. four state lawmakers want to make sure that utility companies, not their customers, pay the costs when disasters are caused by the company's negligence. these lawmakers will introduce a bill that would block utility companies from passing along the cost to their customers. this comes as investigators try
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to figure out if pg&e power lines may be partially to blame for starting the north bay wildfires. san diego gas and electric has asked state regulators to let its customers pay some of the costs associated with legal settlement in several wildfires from 10 years ago. the lawmakers said they will roll out their proposal when the state legislature gets back to work in january. it could take five years or more to recover from the wildfires. the first order of business is housing and cleanup. county officials say even before the fires, sonoma county had a 2% vacancy rate. now thousands more need someplace to live including the contractors and construction workers there to help rebuild. before that, crews need to clean up toxins from the burned- out properties. >> there are people who are ready to start pounding nails on a new house right now. i understand that. i would be the same way if i had lost my house. but we need to go through probably three months, at least, iv cleanup before
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anybody can start rebuilding. >> there is also concern about the forecasted rain this week and any toxic runoff. contractors hired to work in the area will need to take a 40 hour course to learn how to safely remove toxic debris such as asbestos before any of the work can be done. you know today is halloween . later today trick-or- treaters will be out and about in your neighborhood wearing costumes and looking for candy. >> alex savidge is live in alameda with more ways to keep our little one safe. >> reporter: absolutely. we all know halloween can be a dangerous time of year, especially for kids. they are often dressed in dark costumes and running around at night, walking down dark streets. one option is to trick-or-treat
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earlier in the day. we are on webster street in alameda where the businesses along this street will be passing out candy to kids starting at noon today. that is a good option. do your trick-or-treating what it's still light out. according to aaa, children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any other day of the year. a good idea is to bring a flashlight along with you when you go trick-or-treating. another trick is to put reflective tape on your kids' costumes and candy bags. also tonight, parole agents will take part in what is known as operation blue. they will be checking in on convicted child molesters who are not allowed to attract kids to their homes in any way. that means know halloween decorations can be up. no candy, no toys. they are not allowed to have their out side lights on. as we know back out here live on webster street and alameda, many business districts throughout the bay area do these special events. early trick-or-treating for the kids. that is a good option so
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you do not need to walk around in the dark. a much safer option. one of the tips we talked about, bring a flashlight, not just to keep you safe but also so you can do some special effects. >> that is good. >> just an idea. >> i like it. you can't do that as effectively with fight -- with lights from the phone. >> very good, alex. >> nice, alex. bart has a plan to crackdown on fare teeters but how much will it cost? how much bart will spend in order to save millions of dollars. governor brown clears the way to make california the first sanctuary state. but voters may have the final say. if you have low clouds it's
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probably in the 50s. if you don't it's in the 40s or 30s. more sunshine today and what is in store with rain later in the week.
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welcome back. the investigation of the deadly shooting last night in antioch continues this morning. one man is dead. just after 8 pm, police rushed to a neighborhood near contra loma boulevard and at peppertree way
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, they found a man on the ground who was later pronounced dead. right now we do not have any other details. if you have any information, please call police. a sacramento area lawmaker has a plan that will cut the crime rate in california. assemblyman jim cooper wants to expand the list of violent crimes that would make prison inmates and eligible for early release. the list includes human trafficking of a child, raping an unconscious person and assaulting a police officer. cooper also wants to reinstate dna collection for offenders convicted of some drug and petty theft charges. and he wants to require the state parole board to consider in inmates entire criminal history instead of just the most recent conviction. if approved, the proposal could end up on the november 2018 ballot. we know how much it will cost bart to crackdown on commuters who cheat and try to ride for free. hiring the fare inspectors will
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cost $750,000 per year. the extra equipment they need will cost about $50,000. last week the board of directors approved an ordinance requiring riders to show proof that they paid their fare. the fare inspectors will work in teams of two and will go from person to person in the areas they work and will record every encounter on body cameras. let's check in with sal with a look a traffic this morning. be safe when you are driving around tonight. also a reminder that today many people will try to leave work early because they want to get home for trick-or-treat. if you absolutely have to be there tonight, plan ahead. don't leave at the last minute. you are likely to find big traffic jams. this happens every year. i would rather not say how long i have been doing this but long enough.
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southbound 101 through san rafael, traffic is moving along pretty well. there are no major issues. this is a look at the macarthur maze. it's about 20 minutes to get here from the carquinez bridge. then you start the timer all over again to wait another 20 minutes to get onto the bridge at the toll plaza. once you're on the bridge, it's okay. the san mateo bridge is getting easy crossing to the peninsula. this is a look at interstate 880 at oracle. traffic is moving along pretty well. the dumbarton bridge, it looks pretty good from newark over to east palo alto. mostly clear to the north. mostly cloudy to the south. temperatures are good 10 degrees difference. with clear skies upper 30s and some 40s. clear tonight and cooling quickly. warmer this afternoon but temperatures drop fast after 8:00.
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san francisco, 60 m-53. the averages 67 and 52. 83 with a record high from 1966. the record low was 43 in 1935. kenwood, 36. sonoma, 38. for some if you have clear skies it's rather chilly or cold. partly sunny this week. chilly nights. cloudy late thursday with rain on the way friday with another system coming in on sunday. these could change. there will be a lot on friday. mainly late friday early saturday. if the sierra nevada and up toward shafter -- shasta get 1- 2 plus, that will be a lot of snow. snow starts around 6000 or 6500 feet. by sunday night and monday, around 4000 feet. 2-4 feet could fall above lake
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level. some low clouds on parts of the peninsula in the south bay and down to santa cruz. in the north, santa rosa says cloudy but napa says clear. there is a northeast breezes which is chewing up the fog. mount diablo, northeast with gusts at 25. 40, fairfield. napa, 49. livermore, 47. san jose, 57. we will go from north to south and you can see where the cool temperatures are. american canyon, 42. when you go toward the santa cruz mountains, low 50s and mid 50s for morgan hill and gilroy and campbell and saratoga. 27, truckee. 56, monterey. the system will dig down here and show itself on thursday. will it happened to this low? if it does then rainfall rates will go up. one forecast model does pick up
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on it. this will drop in at the end of the weekend into the weekend. chilly this morning but more sun this afternoon. if you're on the san mateo coast , i think you will be held in check and temperatures there will stay in the 50s or 60s. a lot of 60s on the peninsula. warmer up and napa. turning cloudy on thursday. rain on friday. >> grab a sweater or jacket. >> if you're in the north, yes. >> do you buy candy you like to eat or you don't like to eat? >> i eat it anyway. >> i don't buy it. >> it's tough to have it sitting there. >> i looked at it but i did not buy it. >> don't go to steve's house. there are some questions about that story of the two women lost at sea for five months. we will tell you what was found on their boat that now has some
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people doubting about what actually happened. later, restoring precious memories. we will show you what's being done to save jewelry from the santa rosa fire victims. ♪
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. opponents of california's
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sanctuary state measure have taken steps to overturn the law. officials have cleared the referendum on senate bill 54 together signatures. opponents say the sanctuary state law helps to undermine the federal government and protect criminals. they have until january to collect more than 360,000 signatures. if they do, the referendum will appear on the ballot next year. there is a new effort to let prisoners vote. an effort that's moving ahead. supporters have started collecting signatures. it would eliminate restrictions on registering to vote. the proposal would let california prisoners and parolees vote. california estimates the prison cost will go up by $1 million to provide prisoners with the ballots. if supporters get enough signatures, you will see the measure on the 2018 ballot. the north bay fires damaged a lot of businesses including some that cannot just pick up
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and move. >> tractors. we lost all the tools and equipments. vehicles. >> irrigation, power, everything is gone. >> sonoma and napa county is known all over the world four winds but other agricultural businesses are affected as well. sonoma county officials held a meeting, reassuring ranchers, farmers and cannabis growers were trying to figure out how they will recover after they were burned out of their homes and their livelihoods. early estimates put the losses at close to $1 billion just for the wineries alone. >> a lot of grapevines were damaged and we won't really know until the spring weather some of those need to be replanted. >> there are questions about the quality of the wine produced from grapes that had been harvested and also what was left on the vines. marijuana growers are caught in
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a double bind. they are not eligible for federal aid and many put everything they had into this first crop of cannabis because recreational marijuana becomes legal in california january 1. many saw their new ventures go up in smoke. there are also concerns about the agricultural workers were burned out of their homes and now do not have a place to live. people are starting to question the story behind the two women lost at sea for months. a coast guard spokesman said the women had an emergency position indicating radio beacon on board but never turned it on. the women say they chose not to activate the device because they never feared for their lives. they initially reported their selling equipment and engine failed and said they were close to giving up when the u.s. navy rescued them. the women also say they encountered a tropical storm on the first night at sea but the national weather service records show no organized
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storms in that area. >> what does your gut tell you? >> i don't know. there are new developments in the investigation into how russia influenced last year's presidential election. coming up, what facebook is telling lawmakers and how many people were exposed to pages linked to russia. drivers across california can expect to pay more the pump starting tomorrow. the new gas tax goes into effect. we will talk about the law and how much money it should raise over the next decade.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress
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that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 31. halloween. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. we are talking about game 6 of the world series. that is tonight in los angeles. the dodgers need to win for the series to continue. they trail theá3-2. houston is trying to win the world series for the first time ever. first pitch is at 5:20 pm. if you would rather watch news we will have that on ktvu plus.
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>> we have you covered. if you woke up this morning thinking about hitting the road to watch the game tonight, it will cost you. ticket prices on seatgeek start at just over $400 per ticket. if you want seats next to the dodgers' dugout, those tickets will cost more than $7000 each. >> and if you're not going to the game, you don't want to watch the game or you don't care for news because it will be out trick-or-treating, what what the weather be like? >> cooler. game one was 105 degrees. it will be about 65 tonight. a 40 degree drop. >> what a change. >> it will be cool here but it will be mostly clear. rain is on the way for later in the week. cooling off quickly tonight. some locations are already seeing 30s and 40s. it looks a little warmer today. some fog to the south. a
6:32 am
little to the north. 50s, 60s, upper 60s and if you 70s. san jose is overcast. the record is 85. 2015. the rain is on the way. it develops on friday. if you go through sunday. projections are for low clouds to persist. right now and northeast breezes is taking care of the clouds to the north. 40s in the north, 50s on the peninsula and south. walnut creek, 43. blackhawk, 40 is. panola, 45. for some it's very chilly. the system will dig in but not until late thursday. until then the fog will burn off sooner in the south. a little warmer with upper 60s
6:33 am
and low 70s for some. 50s and 60s on the coast and pay. we do have slow traffic on many commutes including the bay bridge. let's start with a look at the toll plaza. 20-25 minute wait at the toll plaza. once you're on the bridge it looks okay. and getting to the bay bridge is a separate time. this is a look at the bridge as you drive toward treasure island. and on the other side of treasure island. it is a moderate commutes. i do see some congestion, which is not unusual. could there be something up there? i don't know. it's a little crowded. i don't see anything reported. let's take a look at the commute in oakland, north- and southbound 880 in front of
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oracle. it looks good. south band begins to slow at 238 and hang down to union city. no problems in the south bay. northbound 85, 101 and 280 are getting an early commute but so far so good. you may have seen a lot of road repairs for the last couple of months. that is because earlier this year state lawmakers approved a gas tax hike to pay for road repairs. allie rasmus is in orinda . the gas tax hike starts tomorrow. >> reporter: yes. at this station in orinda you can see one gallon of premium gas costs about $3.52. you can at about $0.12 to that starting tomorrow. this is part of a plan passed by the legislature and the governor this year with a goal of raising $50 billion over the next 10 years for things like road improvement and road maintenance. not just local roads but also state highways.
6:35 am
a portion of that money is coming from an increase in gas tax. that's what drivers will notice tomorrow. drivers will pay an extra $0.12 per gallon for gas. this will be the first time in 23 years the gas tax has gone up in california we spoke to drivers this morning to see what they had to say. >> i'm okay with it. if it's fixing roads. >> i'm not in favor of the gas tax. i feel like it's something that was pulled over on us. the money is already there and should be used properly. >> i don't think it's broken down properly. it's very vague and i think that as taxpayers we have the right for more information on a. >> reporter: the new law includes higher vehicle registration fees based on the value of your car. of that $52 billion that should be raised, about half will go toward state highways and state roadways. the other half will go to every
6:36 am
city and county across the state to make repairs to local roads. the new york times reports 126 million facebook users may have been reached by ads purchased by the russians during the election. that is more than half of facebook's monthly users in the u.s. all show russian agents uploaded more than 1000 videos to youtube showing you the far reach of russia to cause division within the u.s. lawmakers in washington are eager to know what is the next move for investigators looking into ties between the trump campaign and russia. this comes after three people were charged in the ongoing pro. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: the white house continues to insist that many of these developments have nothing to do with the campaign or the president. that may be true but investigators are building their case step-by-step.
6:37 am
a former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, may have gotten most of the attention yesterday as he headed into the fbi to turn himself in. he and one time associate, rick gates, both pled not guilty to multiple charges of money laundering and failures to register as foreign agents for their work in the ukraine. while those charges against him are serious, they would appear to be unrelated to last year's presidential campaign. >> this is dominoes. he knocked on the first domino in that knocked down the second. ultimately what mueller is aiming for is the big domino in the oval office. >> reporter: while special counsel bob mueller continues his investigation, the bigger issue could be this man, george papadopoulos, a former trump campaign advisor. he has admitted to lying to the fbi over meetings he had and attempts to, among other things, arrange a meeting between candidate trump and russian president vladimir putin. white house play down his role. >> it was extremely limited.
6:38 am
it was a volunteer position, and, again, no activity was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard. remain even if papadopoulos did not do anything illegal in his discussions with russians, he appears to of been cooperating with investigators for weeks. >> that signals that he has probably been wearing a wire or tape-recording his conversations with anybody that was involved in the campaign for president trump that he knew or had any connections with. >> reporter: it's not clear what if any new information has been gleaned from the cooperation of papadopoulos but the president has long maintained that there was no collusion. back at home, police in east palo alto one help to find a high school student who disappeared last week. 17-year-old johnny padula was last seen leaving his job at the stanford shopping center last thursday evening. he's a student at sarah high
6:39 am
school in san mateo. his mother had been called about a disciplinary problem on thursday. the school said they are praying for his safe return. the police do not believe he is a victim of foul play but they are asking anybody who knows where he is to call the school or the police. some people are finding wedding rings and other jewelry in the rubble of their homes after the north bay fires. some items can't be salvaged but many can. rob roth found a store in santa rosa that is restoring jewelry for the fire but comes for free. >> inside this jewelry store in downtown santa rosa -- >> amazing. thank you so much. >> reporter: a woman who lost almost everything in the firestorm is getting back the one thing she was able to salvage, a ring given to her 20 years ago by her godmother, now
6:40 am
perfectly restored. >> now i have a ring to pass on. >> reporter: this is what the ring look like when it was found in the rubble. charred pieces seemed seared on. this is what the 14 karat gold diamond ring looks like now after mark alan jewelers spent hours restoring it. >> reporter: >> much broader than, i was not sure what the metal was. >> reporter: courtney said she felt lucky finding the ring among the charred wreckage. >> it's amazing after your whole house is in ashes and in 20 minutes you find a ring. it was in the pile of ashes. it was to me almost like a sign of hope. >> reporter: mark alan jewelers has been able to put the shine back on about 20 pieces of jewelry that survived the fire. the store is not charging the victims for the service. >> this is the one little thing we can do. i'm thrilled to help. >> reporter: mark alan jewelers
6:41 am
said it will try to restore any peace that any fire victim brings in at no cost because, they say, it's the right thing to do. the restoration process includes a lot of painstaking shaving and grinding to get the debris off and a soaking in an acid bath. >> when i get back to him, it looks almost brand-new. the reaction makes all the time worth it. >> i really appreciate it. >> reporter: for those who lost so much, stories of people helping in big and small ways means the world. >> they are giving what they can and helping how they can. i appreciate it and i know other people do as well. >> what a nice story. and it's incredible the work that they did to restore the jewelry. that is a nice moment. one of the country's top employers has thousands of jobs to fill. amazon is hoping to fill vacancies at some of the whole
6:42 am
foods stores. coming up we will tell you what's happening later this week. the 49ers have a quarterback after pulling off a big trade with the patriots. we will tell you more about the team's new quarterback and what is next for the 49ers' front office.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. checking in on stocks. no big moves right now. here's a live look at the dell. up 3 points.
6:45 am
we do have a lot of the names reporting earnings this morning and this week. protesters marched last night in oakland against a shipping terminal for coal . the city council rejected a proposal last year. the developer is preparing for another attempt that will begin at the start of next year. the developer, who is credited with restoring the fox theater, is suing the city after it banned the storage and handling of the fossil fuel last year. city leaders said it would not allow the company, terminal logistics solutions, to transport coal from utah to oakland because it could harm people along the way. last night roughly 200 showed up in the trestle glen neighborhood marching to the developers home to tell him what they think about the project. >> i've worked with kids who are a lot younger who have asthma and they will be greatly
6:46 am
impacted, more than i. i need to advocate for them as well. >> and 2013, the developer promised to bring thousands of jobs as part of a bulk shipping terminal on a 20 acre parcel on the old oakland army base. city leaders said cole was never mentioned. we did reach out to the developer but have not received a response. a group of homeless people in berkeley are suing the city and bart. their lawsuit claims berkeley does not have enough resources to house the homeless population. it also said the homeless group has been forced out of several berkeley locations at least 12 times. the lawsuit says many members of the group are disabled. that bart and berkeley violated the americans with disabilities act and says that berkeley and bart illegally seized property at the homeless camp and violated their first amendment rights. so far there's been no comment from the city of berkeley or
6:47 am
from bart. whole foods is hiring 6000 new workers. they are holding a national hiring day on thursday. interviews will be held for full and part-time jobs and seasonal and permanent positions. the company will conduct interviews and offer jobs. several area stores will be hiring for the holidays. let's check in with gasia mikaelian and see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. when i join you , i know you have heard about wine and cheese. wine and chocolate, what about wine and cannabis? >> i have heard pot -- people talking about this. >> you are part of a trend. a major american wine company behind some of the big names in napa and sonoma has acquired a stake in a medicinal marijuana provider. what the deal could mean and
6:48 am
what it does not mean. if you love going out to eat, we have some of the best choices in the country right here at home. what the new michelin guide has to say about the current restaurant scene and how many three star ratings are to be found in the bay area and how that news is being received in new york. these stories and more when i see you in just minutes. the warriors bounce back after a loss and blew out the los angeles clippers, 141-113. >> the warriors had a 16 point lead. steph curry had rivers behind them -- a second opportunity -- >> you miss one and go again. steph curry had 31 points and 31 minutes. the team had their 11th straight win against the clippers. we also have highlights from my new hero, rookie jordan bell. >> a shot at the pocket, jordan
6:49 am
bell, the right-hand spike! >> don't hurt them, jordan! that monster done. the warriors one. now they go to san antonio to play the spurs on thursday night. the 49ers have a new quarterback. they completed a trade. they traded a second round draft pick to get jimmy garoppolo from the patriots. he will turn 26 on thursday. he has been tom brady's backup since 2014. garoppolo is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. the 49ers are expected to try to sign him to a new deal or take him as their franchise player. it's not clear when he will play his first game with the 49ers but it's not expected to be this sunday when the 49ers played the arizona cardinals. the 49ers cut quarterback brian hoyer.
6:50 am
he started the first six games of the season but was benched and replaced by quarterback cj beathard. hoyer 3' 4" touchdowns and could not lead the team to a win. he is 32 and spent his first three seasons in new england. some say he may even sign again with the patriots to be tom brady's backup. sal, it's going to be busy. people getting home for trick- or-treating and there's a baseball game. >> some game is on tonight. by the way, unfortunately on  the bay bridge, we have a report of a crash involving a motorcyclist. this is westbound just before treasure island. it may be in the tunnel or it could be just before it. i do see some flashing lights. it's right over here. look at the slow traffic on the bridge. the bridge traffic itself is at a standstill because of this
6:51 am
crash. the bay bridge commute, which had been okay, is going to be very slow getting into san francisco. we did look at the other side and traffic is completely free- flowing on the other side of the tunnel. it's either in the tunnel or before the tunnel, not after the tunnel. at the toll plaza they have turn the metering lights on extra slow and you will see these cars. they will not move very much. here comes oakland fire. they are heading out to the bridge and that motorcycle accident. this is a big deal for the bay bridge. think about heading down the nimitz freeway, 880, and using the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge does have some slow traffic but i would still use it. the dumbarton bridge is not too bad either. those are your alternate routes. a big crash on the bay bridge.
6:52 am
we will stay on top of it. for some it's already clear and it will be sunny and warmer. for others, there is a good cloud deck. it is favoring the cloud deck more toward the peninsula and south bay although there is a little toward sonoma county. the low clouds will burn off mostly clear tonight but cooling fast. [ music playing ] 5:00, no problem. if you're still out at 10:00 it will still be chilly. north of san francisco, at the coast looks mostly sunny. south of that, mostly cloudy. around the bay, that will burn off. some areas to the south, it may take a while. under clear skies for most. a few 30s including kenwood and sonoma. novato and lakeport, 42. 60, 53 for the city. the average is 67 and 53. the record is 83.
6:53 am
high pressure continues to win in the north and that is giving us a slight northerly breeze. it's not that strong but rain is on the way. cooling will continue into the weekend. these amounts were probably change by friday. the main message here isn't so much the rain but the snow in the sierra. no advisories yet but friday through monday i think there will be a bunch. snow will start off around 6000 , 6500 feet. by sunday night and monday, it could be down around 4000 feet. 2-4 feet is possible i love -- above lake levels. we do have low clouds. they are favoring areas from san francisco over. north of that it's patchy. 41, lakeport. 40, fairfield. el cerrito, 48. low 50s for some. 49 in tiburon.
6:54 am
25, truckee. for us, if this moisture gets tagged into the system, rainfall amounts will go up. clouds and then sun. some areas will get the sun sooner because there's not as much fog. a little warmer. 50s, 60s, 70s. mainly upper 60s and low 70s. on the coast, a little cooler. 50s and 60s. not much change on wednesday. increasing clouds on thursday with rain on friday. new developments in the murder investigation of a father and discovery bay. what your surveillance camera captured and how it could lead to an arrest. a fall out continues for actor kevin spacey. more on the future of his career and what critics are saying.
6:55 am
we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do
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for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. >> yeah. the police are busy still looking for the people responsible for the weekend fatal shooting of a man in discovery bay. >> witnesses say 48-year-old bradley machugh had just confronted speeding drivers in his neighborhood. contra costa county sheriffs investigators are hoping that surveillance video and tips will lead to an arrest in the shooting. the father of two sons was gunned down early sunday
6:58 am
morning on wild drive. >> he typically just kept an eye on the neighborhood because of all of the young kids in the area. we're right across the street from a park. he wanted to make sure that people were safe. that was primarily the thing. he got along with everyone. it infuriates me. totally senseless over words. it is ridiculous. >> sheriffs investigators are looking for a matt gray ford mustang possibly a 2008 model and a red mitsubishi eclipse with a spoiler and loud exhaust. each car was packed with young men, one female. all in their teens or early 20s. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. actress rose mcgowan is wanted for felony drug possession. they found traces of drugs in
6:59 am
belongings left behind at the airport back in january. police say they have been trying to contact her ever since. she has been in the headlines lately. she accused harvey weinstein of raping her back in 1997. her response to that arrest warrant, she tweeted out, quote, are they trying to silence me? well, harvey weinstein has been banned for life by the producers guild of america. the decision to ban the movie mogul was expected after weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment in many cases. instead of dressing its charges, weinstein chose to give up the membership. kevin spacey is still facing intense criticism following accusations that he made sexual advances towards a teenage boy 30 years ago. now, in a statement, kevin spacey apologized and called it drunken behavior.
7:00 am
netflix, the studio that produces spacey's hit tv house of cards says the sixth season will be its last one. >> netflix said this they are very concerned for their cast members. they had executives flown to the set today in baltimore. and they were talking to all of the cast and crew about this. >> now, netflix says this was always going to be the last season. and that the recent news did not play a role. in his statement, he also came out as a gay man. critics, many in the lgbt community, blasted spacey for coming out in the same statement that he apologized for his behavior. attacked by a dog and stabbed by a suspected shoplifter. coming up, what police say happened inside a san francisco grocery store. plus, we're


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