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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 31, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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bay area bicyclist does not realize he is shot. questions surrounding the mysterious attack. why it took doctors to realize he was hit with a bullet. the 49ers take a risk.>> it wears on you. nobody wants to be zero -- zero dij-8. the team puts its hopes on a new quarterback. cast with turning things around. 4 on 2 starts now. a man in a rented pickup truck mowed down pedestrians and bicyclists along a busy bike path near the world trade center memorial tuesday, welcome to 4 on 2 on heather holmes.>> i'm ken wayne.killing at least eight and injuring 11 others in what the mayor called a particularly cowardly act of terror. the 29-year-old driver was shot in the abdomen by police and taken into custody after jumping out of the truck with what turned out to be a fake gun in each hand and shouting allahu akbar! officials said. >> it happened in lower manhattan.witnesses described a scene of panic and blood, with
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people screaming in fear and the path strewn with mangled bicycles and bodies that were soon covered over with tarps. the attack closed streets across the western edge of manhattan along the hudson river and sent officers rushing to the neighborhood as people prepared for halloween festivities, including the annual parade through greenwich village. the driver's identity was not immediately released. new york gov. andrew cuomo called it a lone wolf attack and said there was no evidence to suggest it was part of a wider plot. our cristina rendon own is live in the newsroom. the suspect is in the hospital.>> within the last few moments 2 law-enforcement officials are identifying the 29-year-old man. because he is alive, he may be able to provide clues as to what prompted this attack. right now the new york governor is calling him a lone wolf. we know eight people are dead. and 11 people are hurt. as you mentioned it unfolded at 3:05 pm eastern time on a popular bike path in lower manhattan. he was in a rented home depot truck. purposely driving onto a bike path striking pedestrians for several locks.'s actions looked
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intentional. authorities say he crashed into a school bus, injuring two adults and two children. after that crash, he got out of the truck with two guns which prompted a police officer to shoot him. he is in the hospital recovering. officials say the two guns were paintball guns. witnesses heard him.a law enforcement official who was not authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity said witnesses told police the attacker yelled, allahu akbar! god is great in arabic, as he got out of the truck. >> a lots of females screamed and thought it was halloween. it was an eerie scream. there was one female that i saw she must have seen it happen. >> it was an act of terror a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians. aimed at people going about
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their lives. who had no idea what was going to hit them.>> there is no evidence to some the suggest a wider plot or scheme. >> we understand he was in a rented truck from home depot in jersey city. just west of new york city across the hudson river. the attack happened a few blocks of the world trade center site and memorial. and near a community college and high school. president donald j. trump has been briefed on the attack. on twitter, president donald trump called it another attack by a very sick and deranged person and declared, not in the u.s.a. cities around the globe have been on alert against attacks by extremists in vehicles. the islamic state has been encouraging its followers to mow down people, and england, france and germany have all seen deadly vehicle attacks in recent months and years. police said the vehicle, a rented home depot truck, entered the bike path at about 3 p.m. cities are being vigilant. we are following the development and will have another update coming up at 5 pm in our newsroom, cristina
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rendon . fema coordinator mark navarro is near the scene of the attack. i spoke with him on the phone a short time ago. he described what he saw from a firehouse in lower manhattan.>> they are sweeping the area. they are treating victims and have transported some of them. as far as what has taken place beyond what we see from the command post, i am not quite sure. there are resources arriving. >> code 3 is lights and sirens.>> yes, but in a different direction of the actual scene itself.>> he went on to say subway traffic and streets are closed. it is a nightmare. we will continue to monitor the situation closely. will have more on the attack. including a life report from new york city. full coverage tonight on 5 pm.
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developing officer- involved shooting with a stabbing suspect has shut down the intersection of east weddell drive and fair oaks avenue tuesday afternoon, according to the sunnyvale department of public safety. public safety officials said they responded to a report of a stabbing in the 500 block of east weddell drive around 1 p.m. when they arrived at the scene, they encountered a suspect and shots were fired. public safety officials did not immediately say whether the suspect was shot, but they said no suspects are outstanding and the case is still under investigation. residents are advised to avoid the area. a man was shot while riding his bicycle near the capitol light rail station in san jose early tuesday morning according to the santa clara county sheriff department. the san jose fire department received a 911 medical call at 1:17 a.m. and discovered a conscious male adult with a facial injury. medical personnel determined that the man had been shot. no other information was made available. henry lee is on the scene. truck this capital station behind me is back open -->>
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reporter: the capital station hymie is back open. this all happened just after 1 am. at the capital station in san jose. the victim is described as a middle aged man. he was riding his bike nearby when he was hit in the head with an object. someone used a pay phone and called 911. the victim was conscious impairment it -- when paramedics took him to the hospital. doctors checked him out and learned he had been shot. that led their account -- santa clara county sheriff's office to launch an investigation. members of the members -- transit control took the bike away as evidence. investigators are not sure of a motive. they do not know where the crime scene is and whether the victim was targeted or not. bpa set up an investigation. the station reopened at 11:45 am. one with information is asked
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to call santa clara sheriff's office.>> we saw the investigators near the scene. did they find any evidence of a shooting ? a bullet casing or anything like that. >> reporter: it is unclear where he was shot. there were evidence markers in and around the station. the spokesman said they are not sure at the victim was at the station or somewhere else in the neighborhood and came here. were some i called 911 at this point, the scene is not clear. henry lee, thank you. people who live in a homeless camp near berkeley should learn soon whether they can stay. they gave a 72 answer -- they were given a 72 hour notice to leave 10 days ago. activists want a temporary restraining order pending today's hearing. residents argued the eviction was violating their due process
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rights. bart says they are transporting -- trance passing. the judge indicating he is likely to deny a request for them to stay. it is not clear how soon the ruling will be released. a safeway employee who tried to stop a shoplifter in san francisco and was attacked , is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. police arrested a man named michael shortly after the incident. you are looking at a mug shot from a previous arrest back in 2016. witnesses said michael stopped first attacked the employee. and that he himself began stabbing the worker as well. police say the employee was taken to the hospital with serious life-threatening injuries. michael is facing several charges including attempted murder. we are continuing our coverage in new york. dan bowen is live near the scene of the attack in lower manhattan. where are you and what is going
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on ? >> reporter: we are north of where this happened near chambers street on the west side highway. there is a big police presence. fbi agents are here. the investigation is ongoing. he was shot in the abdomen as -- and is in the hospital. authorities are hoping to talk to him about his motivation or if he was working by himself. new york governor, andrew cuomo has said it is a lone wolf situation. we are also getting new information that the individual may have rented his home depot truck to plow down the pedestrians near the west side highway. at a home depot in jersey city. across the hudson river in new jersey. it seems like his original vehicle may have been found at a home depot in passaic, new jersey. that means he may have rented
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one vehicle and got to jersey city and rented a separate vehicle to avoid detection. the mayor has called it a cowardly act of terrorism. new york city is always a potential target for terrorism. it will not deter new yorkers>> can you talk about the mood. this is where people like to get enjoyment on a bike trail near the hudson river. people feel safe in this area. they can take the time. what is the mood like in new york city just like this happening there is a big halloween parade that happens in greenwich village every year. the parade is still going to happen this evening and will
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have -- happened with an increase in police presence. with the large dump trucks that will be parked along the roadway. in the tribeca area in lower manhattan, it is an area where there are a lot of families and family-friendly apartment buildings. there are lots of families and children out. dressed up for halloween. they walk by this intersection tried to forget that this never happened.>> thank you so much. coming up, officials from silicon valley were presented on capitol hill. details on the investigators between social media sites and potential russian interference. in last year's election. the state gas tax kicks in tomorrow. where the extra revenue is expected to go. why some people are skeptical about the money making any difference.
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days after apple started taking preorders for the 10th edition of its smart phone, the man seems to be high. at least 50 million units have been sold. apple shares reached an all- time high. users may have to wait for the phones. analyst do not see the supply catching up to the april or may of next year. california drivers will be paying going to be a bump at the pump starting wednesday. the tax hike, part of a bill signed into law by governor brown in april, will raise crumbling highways and roads and put thousands of people to work. >>motorists will pay at 12 cents more per gallon as the statewide gas tax takes effect. the tax goes up to 19.5 cents per gallon by 2020. in january, drivers will pay a
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new vehicle registration fee ranging from $25 to $175 depending on value of their vehicles. that money will also be used for transportation projects. the fees and taxes will all rise annually with inflation in perpetuity, raising an estimated $52 billion over the next 10 years. >> reporter: here at this shell station, a gallon of regular is going for $2.09. without the carwash. come tomorrow, all numbers are set to go up when the new gas tax increase goes into effect. beginning november 1, tomorrow, filling up all be more painful. because the new california excise tax on gasoline will rise since a gallon -- $.12 a gallon. you pay an average of $10 a month more. some did not seem to mind at the station and others did.>> it is ridiculous we are tax already. >> taxes pay for infrastructure, police fire and military. we need to pay her taxes.>> reporter: the senate bill pushed through by jerry brown the tax increase was expected
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to bring in an estimated $5 billion a year. money to improve state highways and local roadways, including pothole repairs the pro-area business council says the tax is worth the money. >> we are paying for a better state of the roads. repairing our bridges making sure they are safe. and traffic reduction. they are important aspects of our economy and quality of life.>> reporter: critics say and unfairly hurt low-income people more and truckers do not like the increase in diesel fuel. people getting up today say they are glad they did not wait until tomorrow.>> california, every thing goes up. taxon bubblegum will soon go.>> people will switch to electric cars. that is a better solution.>> reporter: it is likely drivers will not see the full increase all at once.
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has gas stations can now switch from the summer blend to the winter blend, which tends to be cheaper.>> thank you so much rob. in washington, congress held the first of three areas on the links between social media sites and russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.>> we can all agree the russians did in fact interfere and meddle in the 2016 elections. your observations on the arkansas -- consistent with our reports is that correct ?>> that is correct senator. >> lawyers for facebook, twitter and google appeared before the senate judiciary subcommittee today. silicon valley and giants acknowledge that russian link accounts used their platforms, starting in 2015. senator dianne feinstein asked an attorney for twitter about deceptive tweets regarding voting by text.>> why was this
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false content allowed to remain in place ?>> my understanding is once we had reports from users we began to remove it as voter suppression. the interesting thing was that we saw the complete counter narrative around them. the twitter community coming together to seize on them to let everyone know that they were fake. >> the hearing comes after paul manafort and an associate were indicted on felony charges. and a former trump campaign advisor, george papadopoulos admitted to lying to the fbi over his contacts with russia. it has been more than three weeks since wildfires destroyed parts of the north bay. many workers in napa county who were living paycheck to paycheck are now desperate to get back to work.>> tom vacar joins us with information about those finally getting help.>> reporter: many of the service employees aren't very modest wages. that means every dollar counts.
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very few of the dollars, very few have been coming from tourists. thousands of low-income and hourly workers in the retail businesses are getting financial aid from the napa county community foundation, grape growers and many individual donors. >> the fire has hit them hard. it is asked -- as if a hand came from the sky and turned off our economy. >> i bite most of the food for my daughterãup for my daughter and grandsons. i just want to play my part.>> reporter: this day is a godsend for those who work or cannot eat and lose their shelter.>> and this fire, we have distributed $3.5 million. 3 million has been earmarked for this program, emergency
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financial assistance program.>> they do not know what to expect there in just the nervous. to see if we can help them. think god all of my cases and coworker cases end up with smiles on their faces. they get help with the support thing. the rent.>> my daughter got help with the rent because she works in the driver for the church. we are both very affected by the fires.>> this is a story of a whole community coming together it is everybody.>> reporter: folks here are already thinking about preparing for the next fires with more and better fire breaks beyond the vineyards. such as wildlife trials and assisting first responders. >> we are having conversations about programming and how we can educate on best practices and providing water to aircrews
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that helps put fires out and hard to defend areas.>> reporter: only one thing is missing. >> i think we are in full recovery mode. we are spending a lot of time and effort notifying people in the bay area and nationally. come back to napa>> reporter: a particularly ethical part is that the last three weeks were supposed to be the peak of tourism season in wine country. it did not work out that way tom vacar, ktvu . the season has not been anything to celebrate. perhaps there is a season for 49 the 49ers. they have a new cornerback. -- quarterback.
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during a winless season, new ray of hope. the new quarterback for the 49ers is jimmy low -- jimmy garoppolo.>> he was introduced.>> reporter: i was just figuring out how to spell it. i got some practice today. there is no question about the fact that the 49ers have had
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all sorts of moving parts when it comes to the position that everyone considers the most important one in nfl. they started with brian and then cj got the call. it is fair to say that mcgraw below was not that anyone's radar -- jimmy garoppolo was not on anyone's radar. erect a couple of hours ago. the first time he had been here is a member of the team. the patriots are hereãwere here as visitors last year. he got a look at the facility and got acquainted. he will be number 10. he had to come across the country and got in town today. he was not on the radar. he was in terms of familiarity with the head coach kyle shanahan. he scouted him and college. he was from eastern illinois. jimmy broke just about every record tony romo set.
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the coach liked him in the draft. he now has him on the roster. was he in the general manager considered jimmy the quarterback of the future. lynch talking about how important a second draft round pick is. they did give up and over to to get him. lynch explained why he was willing to do that.>> kyle has a specific feel for what he wants out of the quarterback. jimmy checks all the boxes. his film is impressive. you don't have to be a quarter back savant to see it. you have to love the pedigree and where he came from. we have a lot of respect for him. with an opportunity to sit back and learn from one of the greatest. if not the greatest.>> there talk about tom brady and the conversation. lynch and shanahan talked about jimmy as a cornerback of the future.'s future is clouded right now. jimmy was the backup behind
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brady. soon to be a free agent at the end of the season. in he was in line for a lot of money that the patriots would probably not give him as a backup. he was asked taking about an extension ? to make you a 49er long-term.>> we will see what happens i'm thrilled to be here. i just got here this morning i could not be happier we go to get week by week.>> reporter: a couple of things to think about. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together
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and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ >> home to the world series, the nfl, college football, the daytona 500, the ufc and the fifa world cup. the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports! >> the world series road has been traveled many times before but we've never seen a journey quite like this. the emotions. >> two great teams. >> the passion. >> first the astros wouldn't quit. now the dodgers won't quit. >>


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