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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. overnight people gathered for a vigil in texas. the town where 26 people were killed in a place they considered safe and sacred, their church. mike pence is scheduled to visit tomorrow. 26 people were killed monday. a man started shooting inside their church. investigators still trying to put together what happened on sunday. >> carolyn is live from there with the very latest and what are we learning now about the weapon that kelly used in the attack? >> reporter: sure. one of the big questions that we were talking about yesterday was how did he get his hands legally on a gun? he was convicted by the air force back in 2014 for domestic violence, beating his wife and his stepson so badly it cracked
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his skull. . it appear that the air force, had they followed rules would have entered that information. if it was in there when he went into a local sports store in texas to buy guns he would have been flagged. he wouldn't have been able to do that. many questions for the military this morning. >> what can you tell us about the visit by the vice president? >> reporter: he will be here tomorrow. he will talk to some of the victims. he will talk to the governor. he just wants to get his hands around this and give comfort to these folks. you spoke about the vigils. there is a large one tomorrow night at one of the local high schools. we have seen smaller ones. folks will grab hands. there is a donation. people are praying. the big question is this happened inside a church. would it keep the people of texas away from their churches
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and that's not so. they are continuing to pray here. >> and i think that what makes this even -- different and maybe even more heart breaking is we are hearing more about the victims and most of them are from two families and many small children. what are they doing to help the families? >> reporter: terrible. one family alone so 26 families, half of them children, eight of them all from one family. the pastor, the guest pastor was walking up the aisle about to give the sermon. he was shot. his wife was shot in the pews. their pregnant daughter-in-law was shot. three of her children, that same couple's grown son and his 18-month-old child were shot. that 18-month-old was the youngest victim. 72 is the oldest. they are having donations just down the street there is a table where you can bring food, clothing because you have to think about the dead. those 26 people but also 20
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people, many of them children were in the hospital. 15 of them still in the hospital. some of them in severe pain, some severe condition. they will need help in these long recovery process. >> caroline, thank you so much for that update. let's get you to where you need to go this morning. steve is right here with our weather. >> cold out there this morning. very cold. >> very cold. >> a lot of 30s in there to the north and some to the santa cruz mountain. 20s up in lake county. lake port. over on the coast there is a easterly breeze and half moon bay sitting in the low 50s. 67, it'll be sunny with higher clouds starting to work into the north later this afternoon. 20s, 30s. lot of 40s. sunnyvale now 39 degrees. it's not just in the north. take a closer look at a few
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more just a second. we are in between a really funneling in of moisture to the south. our system coming in for tomorrow afternoon, evening, for the late tomorrow and into thursday. its clear. clear, off shore direction. slight easterly breeze means for some by the coast it's really warm. a lot of -- down in southern california. if you are going to 37 wood side. look at half moon bay, moss beach and mont era. mid50s. that's because of the off shore breeze. minus ten compared to yesterday. 13 fairfield and santa rosa down 12. clear but for a few high clouds. southern california. mostly cloudy. 60s on the temperatures. 4:34 and we start it off wellw. restill doing well. we are okay. right now the commute looks good. visibility is good as you said. the clear weather.
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let's go to 80 westbound from vacaville, fairfield, vallejo. it's not a bad drive. continuing out to highway 37 if you are going on 37 over to marin. it should be a nice drive for you and beside that the bridge traffic looks good getting to the other side. this is a look at the bay bridge. a lot of people coming to the bay bridge. traffic moving along nicely into san francisco. it's 4:35. let's go back to the desk. time is 4:35. a group of east bay homeowners putting up a 25,000-dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of three burglar suspects. there were a string of burglaries in the blackhawk neighborhood. the latest one happened friday night about 7:30. three suspects apparently went into a home. they took personal property and valuables. the description of the suspects matches the ones in an earlier burglary. police in berkeley released
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photographs of a woman wanted for assaulting people during a rally at civic center park last summer. these photographs show her with the mask she wore during the demonstration. investigators hope that someone will be able to identity her now and then come forward with her name and her possible location. the assaults happened during an anti hate rally. there were hundreds of protesters who had gathered last august 26th. you may hear a lot of people complain about their commute last night. 300 people were on a ferry boat that left the terminal at 5:15 last night and headed for vallejo. the trip usually takes an hour. last night it took nearly five hours. the boat started having issues about 20 minutes after leaving the dock. engineers couldn't fix it and a tug boat had to be called into help get the ferry to vallejo. >> we didn't get any notices. we wait for 45 minutes and then he finally sent in a boat to
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tow us out and he said it would be another hour and then we waited for an hour and then another hour to get here. we have been on that boat for like four hours and 45 minutes. >> passengers said the delay was not the only problem. they say they couldn't buy food on board and the bathrooms were closed because the toilets were apparently backing up. we contacted the ferry about the problem but haven't had a response. the chp released a new video after a stranded hiker was rescued. look at this video. the man slipped and fell late sunday night. he was at the bottom of a 300- foot cliff. a paramedic was lowered from a helicopter. the hiker was pulled to safety. the man's legs were injured but he is expected to make a full recovery. according to the wall
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street journal insurance companies for wealthy homeowners hired private firefighters to protect their properties during the fires up in the wine country. the private firefighters were sent to threatened properties to clear away brush near the homes and set up sprinkler systems. cal fire said that they often coordinate with the crews hired by insurance companies. people living in the coffee park area are expected to find out more information about the recovery and clean up of their neighborhood after the wildfires. the meeting set for 5:00 p.m. at the luther burbank center. the army corp. of engineers started cleaning of thousands of properties destroyed in the neighborhood. this after the epa cleared out hazardous materials including propane paint and other household toxic materials. property owners have until next monday to approve on the clean ups or hire their own private
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contractors. authorities say they hope to have all of the home sites cleared by early next year. some tax relief may be on the way to thousands who lost authority homes in sonoma. the county assessor said is he working quickly to reduce the property taxes for owners whose homes were damaged or destroyed. the assessor said he hopes the new lower tax bills will be out before the end of december. after the wildfires a lot of people have been criticizing the emergency alert system. officials say that system will get a upgrade. this past week the fcc ruled that all wireless carriers will be required to target areas where cell phones would get emergency alerts on their cell phones. that was a problem during the north bay wildfires. all the people with land lines got the alerts. many people criticized the plan which is run by the government saying could lead some to ignore life saving warnings because of alert fatigue.
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right now only about a third of the united states uses emergency alerts on their cell phones. today there will be a big job fair to help those who lost their jobs because of the wildfires. from one until seven tonight employers will be offering special opportunities to help victims rebuild their life. more than 200 companies are set to be there including the postal service, and several law enforcement agencies. it's taking place at the resort and casino in roanoke park. tomorrow is one month since the wildfire started. we will have a special coverage throughout the day. we will be live in santa rosa, napa. we will speak to city and business leaders and law enforcement to see how that recovery is going. we will have more on how people can continue to support the area as well and again that's tomorrow here on ktvu. still ahead a 17-year-old
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boy was shot and killed yesterday as he was leaving school with friends in concord. a shernell is underway this morning for the gunman who took his life. >> and could kapernick find a new team to play for? one team hasn't ruled out the possibility of hiring him. . >> and right now you are getting through the commute with very little delay. northbound 280 looks good. up highway 17. >> and our weather looks good but it's cold out there. 30 santa cruz mountains. a lot from fairfield, napa, nevado north. discover caress...
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...with floral fusion oil. for caressable soft skin... ...indulge in the rich lather... ...and delicate scent. pamper yourself. [background music] get caressably soft skin. with caress. . welcome back. it's 4:43. a big surge in people signing up for the affordable care act during the first few days.
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one official said more than 200,000 americans selected a health plan on the first day of enrollment. more than double the number of people who signed up the first day last year. you can still sign up for health coverage through covered california through december 15th. in order to get coverage by the beginning of 2018. there is talk of a new treatment for arthritis pain. it's a synthetic form of cannabis. it's a clear gel. it's still being tested in medical trials but the results promising. doctors have tested on 450 patients in the united states and it has helped their pain. caffeine could help people with kidney disease live a little longer. researchers studied 2300 americans and found people who drink the most caffeine tended to live longer than those who
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didn't. coffee is the world's most popular hot drinkt. has been linked by other studies to longer life. we have reports every week about coffee is good, it's bad, everything in moderation. >> i think sal and i will live a long time. >> i was just going to say, you and i at the very least we have that going for us. >> i don't think it's the more you drink the longer you live. you may --. >> no? >> you may want to rethink that. >> we will hang onto that. >> you will. okay. >> good morning. you may want to grab that cup of coffee. put it in the to go mug. we have slow traffic on 580 and we may have some -- grant line road. that's not on the freeway but a lot of people use one of the side roads there. it's a little slow. if you are starting in
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livermore you should be okay from livermore to pleasant on and over to castro valley. this is a look now at the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic is moving along well with no major issues getting in to san francisco. now 4:46. let's bring steve in. he has been known to drink a little coffee. >> a little. i have to have one at 2:30 in the morning. after nine i don't touch it. >> there you go. we have some really cold temperatures and some very mild temperatures. that is not a typo at half moon bay. it's 56 degrees. lake port in the 20s. ciabatta rosa, nevada, fairfield, sunnyvale. the city is at 50. what's going on? mont era. moss beach. half moon bay. all mid50s. because they have the off shore breeze. the land, sea breeze and you can see is it right there. northeast at half moon bay. north at oakland. sfo has a little south.
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san carlos not reporting. active southern branch of the jet stream. phoenix. our system for tomorrow is on its way coming in from the north. in between its clear. it'll stay clear. could be a few high clouds north later today. that's the air flow direction. you can see why it's coming in off the land. wipes anything out. there is no fog to talk about. there is not much rain associated that. morgan hill and gillroy in the 30s. scotts valley, santa clara. it's colder compared to yesterday. fairfield, minus13. concord minus ten and minus8sfo. they are were five degrees cool eras well. northeast of fairfield. north at vacaville. north at the napa airport. north northwest davis. 30s up in arcadia.
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sacramento. 19 up in truckee. around lake tahoe 17. 20s and 30s tahoe city. clear but for a few high clouds later in to the north. that moisture will be active for them. you need something -- spin in the atmosphere to get some rain. it's a lot of cloud cover. our system starts to arrive tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, evening to the north and everybody late wednesday into early thursday. this again looks to be more of a santa rosa, we will get some rain out of it. that system will be late sunday into monday. a lot of these continue to spin north. anything dipping farther south. impressive system making it to southern california. we will see a long way to go for that. 66 pacifica. its going to be some very warm temperatures. pacifica, half moon bay. getting that off shore breeze. clouds start to increase tomorrow. tomorrow, afternoon evening to the north. rain will start. for everybody late wednesday into thursday. a unsettled pattern friday,
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saturday. increasing cloud sunday. sunday evening rain returns. >> where you going to bump up the heat? >> i'm not. >> the house. temperature wise. >> grab the blanket. >> there you go. >> all right. kapernick, guess who is talking about him? texans head coach bill o'brien said his team has discussed the free agent quarterback. yesterday he was asked if he wants the team to sign the former 49ers quarterback. they lost watson to a knee injury. his replacement didn't play well on sunday. he said that the team considers all players and he offered his opinion to the general manager. >> look. ben like i have -- you know i have studied him from when he was coming out of college when we scrimmaged against them and in professional football. we did it last year. we went off to san francisco.
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very known him for a long time. these things discussed basically every day. it's not just one guy. kapernick is -- a good player. hasn't played in a while. you know these things discussed every day and they will continue to be discussed. >> last month kapernick filed a grievance. other nfl player who haven 't about protesting police brutality and other social issues during the national anthem have asked for a formal mediation session with the nfl and they invited kapernick to attend. two bay area college students say they are fed up with one part of social media. the program they have created to help prevent the spread of fake news. mother nature
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and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless. . it's 4:53. a big event at at&t park. alicia keyes preforming. this benefits ucsf children's hospital. >> nice. >> i know. >> classic. if the past the concert preformers have included u2 and the fo fighters. also pam's favorite. the series has helped raise more than $46 million for the
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hospital. it's the second day of dream force 2017. the cities biggest convention of the year. thousands of visitors expected to attend. it brings in major speakers. michelle obama is due to speak today this is the 15th one. it's hosted by the biggest technology employer sales force. >> it's to talk about technology and how to lev era ge it with in the organization. i also think taking back the opportunity to impact kind of our community with the technology. >> taking a lot of ideas of how different ideas and companies have put in things and how they have -- used sales force to make their business better. >> some of the other scheduled speakers of the four day conference include former
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president george w bush's twin daughters. also ashton kutcher and one of the stars of the empire. two students at berkeley say they are they have been motivated to create a program to identity twitter accounts run by bots. amber lee talked to them about how it works. >> reporter: in their rented home in berkeley, ash and rojan found a way to identity misleading links and stories on twitter. their goal is to improve the nation's climate. >> it's one of the things that keeps us awake at night. one reason why we have spent the last eight weeks working on this. >> they said they noticed many automated accounts or bots that were putting out misinformation, fake news. >> it's a bigger rats nest than we thought it was.
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>> reporter: the two say they became concerned when they saw suspected russian bot accounts and wanted to help others identity it. >> the possibility that a foreign actor could influence the way that americans think so scary. >> reporter: signs of bot accounts include a short history but a long list of followers, constant retweets, little or no original content. >> this is a huge deal. it compromises the security of our own social media or opinions. >> reporter: they created a formula to let twitter users install a blue bot check button to help determine if a tweet is from a human account and not an automated account or one that's been hacked. the students say they reacho you to twitter twice by e-mail. we feel this is a problem that has led to the political discourse threatening the peace and harmony with in the nation. we want to extend our help in
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any way that's needed. the students say they have not received a response from twitter. >> we want to give people the tools to nurse when they are seeing propaganda. when they are talking to a bot. >> reporter: we contacted twitter. there was no response but it's policy says you may not pretend to be individuals, groups or organizations in a man ethat's intended to or does mislead confused or deceive. >> it needs to be fixed. . >> reporter: if you want to check for botts go to bot check. they are working on an i-phone app that can do the same thingt. will be available in two weeks. in berkeley. amber lee. some new details about the gunman in the texas church shooting. details of a possible motive and the mistake that allowed him to buy a gun. >> the president calling for peaceful solution to the north korea nuclear threat. he is in south korea working with leaders there to try to
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end the crisis. . >> good morning. you can see traffic on the bridge looks good getting in. still have a little bit of construction work eastbound. not causing a big delay. westbound traffic is getting more crowded. . >> there is a chill in the morning air with some 20s to the north. a lot of 30s. we will look at those. see what's in store for the rain. i love you, basement guest bathroom.
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. we are learning more about the man who went on the deadly shooting rampage at a shoot in texas on sunday. we are hearing more about the very young victims who were injured and killed and what the people in the town are doing to cope with that tragedy. >> two escaped inpaints are on the loose this morning after breaking free in palo alto. new details on how they got away. . welcome back. >> it's tuesday morning. november 7 pght. i'm pam cook. >> you whispered that one. >> very quiet. >> i'm dave clark. it's also cold. >> it is cold. >> cold tuesday morning. steve is here in his office. >> cold for us. >> yeah. >> well you mean


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