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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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big-name bands and a packed house at at&t park. for a concert to raise money for fire victims. rock hip-hop blues and time for healing. good evening everyone. the event is called band together bay area. 40,000 people are a part of the effort. amber is live at at&t part. -- part.>> reporter: this five hour long concert has only an hour to go. the final act took to the stage. metallica. i can hear them from here. the people we spoke with say there is they are experiencing a wide range of emotions.>>
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oaklands own rafael sadik the artist many know as a founding member of tony tony tony opened the band together concert. those were prime spots enjoy the show included first responders volunteers and survivors.>> this is my parents home in coffee parked. the most devastating thing ever.>> reporter: they lost their home in santa rosa during the fire.>> sad times and good times. every thanksgiving we have had their.>> reporter: this night -- recover and rebuild.>> just to have a nice night out and enjoy being with the family.>> reporter: many people attending say they are here to see dave matthews. they paid anywhere from $49- $149. vip tickets were several hundred dollars each.>> it is a great honor to stand together and work together to help
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people out. i am grateful to be in this great place in great state doing it for a good thing.>> reporter: 100% of proceeds will go to the tipping point emergency relief fund. the founder of the san francisco nonprofit says $15 million has been raised from ticket sales and sponsors. the money will help survivors and dire need.>> immigrants that have lost their rental units and had no renters insurance. the thousands that are homeless.>> reporter: it on at first responders and survivors. 5500 were given complementary tickets.>> recognition -- something like this is amazing. we are happy they are doing something for the community.>> the brotherhood throughout san francisco and the bay area has brought us together. it made me want to be here even more.>> reporter: one single mom is schoolteacher from santa rosa who survived with her children says she is grateful.>> we have gained more
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than we lost the mac our time together as a family in the hotel room. the laughter and the jokes. we are paying attention to what is important.>> reporter: during the show the names of the people who lost their lives in the fires were displayed on 2 large-screen >> the families i spoke with say the first responders who saved their lives will forever have a special place in their hearts. pg&e suggesting someone else's electrical wiring might have set off the northern california wildfires. utility filed legal papers today stating the tops fire might have been caused by electrical equipment that was owned by what they call a third party. they did not elaborate. the legal filing is part of their response to several fire
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related lawsuits. utility made a point of saying there will be a distinct cause for each of the different fires. police in campbell looking for 17 -- seven teenage boys suspected of breaking into homes. they ransacked two homes last week. jesse is in the campbell neighborhood where people there are frustrated.>> reporter: police investigators say they don't believe they are dealing with a very sophisticated of criminals or knowledgeable group. the homes they targeted in this neighborhood are on dead end streets with one way in or out. the crimes caught on video surveillance.>> reporter: campbell police put the surveillance video on youtube. recorded by cameras from multiple properties on or near el patio court. is show seven teenagers or adults casually walking and jogging down the street >> after allegedly burglarizing two homes.>> to look like they were trick-or-treating. there were four on one side of the street and three on the
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other.>> reporter: neighbor say this type of crime is increasing in regularity. the unidentified 7 broke into 2 side-by-side homes 10 am october 30. most enter through garage side doors while the remainder stayed outside his lookout > once inside they did a good job ransacking the interior and taking personal items.>> reporter: this burglary crew is unsophisticated. using a paperback to haul away their heists while filing -- failing to recognize they were in a neighborhood with dead in streets.>> 10 years ago it was very quiet. this is a dead end. the past year this is starting to happen more.>> reporter: some neighbors have posted signs and have cameras in view. others plan to rethink the safety of their homes.>> it is a sign of the times.>> reporter: as for john he has
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posted a warning to anyone thinking about burglarizing his house.>> you have to protect yourself and your family. it is that it has come to this.>> reporter: campbell police detectives want you to take a look at this video. if you recognize those young adults give them a call. you can do that anonymously. all of them face charges related to the 2 burglary > is this crime happening more often as the neighbors were suggesting?>> reporter: i don't want to underplay the burglaries are a problem in the south bay. there was one in my neighborhood in the sign in the same timeframe. that is a problem. the research the stats and found that there are much more pressing crimes the face residents in the south bay. theft vehicle break-ins -- much more prevalent. before you go to bed check your car. make sure it is locked and there is nothing on the seats. those other problems that are hitting residents hard in the
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south bay. san mateo county prosecutors charge a 71-year- old man in the 1976 killing of a 19-year-old woman in daly city. it challenges a theory is single person committed a string of cold case homicides on the peninsula known as the gypsy hill killing >> the suspect was already in a state mental hospital as a sexually violent predator. yesterday's prosecutors charged him and the killing of the leased land. she was one of five killed on the peninsula within the first few months of 1976. in 2015 -- was charged with killing two other women in the gypsy hills case. former democratic national chairwoman donna brazil was in san francisco talking about her book. it created a sensation last week with the suggestion the 2016 presidential primary was rigged in clinton's favor. jana in the city where donna brazil spoke tonight.>>
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reporter: donna brazil spoke for an hour to a sold-out crowd. she controverted that issue about the primary being rigged. she answered tough questions about her book which as you said created quite a bit of controversy.>> reporter: this book is a warning about what we should be doing to prepare for in the future.>> reporter: she told the crowd in san francisco the russian hacking made her fear for american democracy.>> this is some superduper hacking. >> reporter: her book is an insider's account of her time is chair of the democratic national committee.>> i wanted to write this story because i believe it is a warning to all americans that we have to protect our democracy. but mac she told the crowd about her meeting with the fbi after agents confirmed the dnc email had been hacked by russians.>> they corrupted our data.
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what you did not know is that they got into our voter file > reporter: her book has raised controversy over her criticism of hillary clinton.>> in exchange for relieving the dnc of his death the clinton campaign would run certain parts of the dnc. my reaction was like -- >> no candidate should run the dnc before winning the primary. she tried to be fair.>> i found no evidence that the primary was rigged.>> reporter: on accusations she gave hillary clinton questions in advance she says she gave no questions. just topics to both clinton and sanders campaign > cnn and did not give me any questions.>> reporter: audience members appreciated her candler. some said it is making them think about what the democratic party can do differently the next election.>> she talks truth. when she talks about -- she
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says with great passion.>> i have loved donna for many years. i respect her. but she pulled a faux pas in the selection. i'm not sure i have forgiven it -- forgiven her for it.>> i'm happy she rolled the book. in order to get better you have to be introspective.>> reporter: as for winning future elections she said the democratic party needs to ensure everybody has a level playing field in the primary >> that they go to local grassroots campaign in all 50 states and keep young people engaged. even during the off cycle. nonelection period. she says the country needs to get serious about cybersecurity before the next election. san francisco billionaire tom stier plans to double the spending on his campaign calling for the impeachment of
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president trump. he announced he will commit another $10 million to the campaign. and released two new commercial >> he began airing the ad thing the president is a clear and present danger. 2 million people have signed his petition calling for the president impeachment 4 there is word he is considering running for the senate himself. fire victims under insured and at risk of being taken advantage of. investigation shows is there is a pattern and how to know if you have enough coverage. raindrops right now. they root tomorrow morning -- regrouped tomorrow morning. speckles and showers. to more famous men accused of sexual misconduct. the new allegations involved a senate candidate and a comedian.
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there is another blockbuster sexual assault allegation. against the key republican senate candidate in alabama. roy moore accused of initiating sexual conduct -- contact with the underage girl. become a month before special election >> than the past hour trump said that the allegations are true, rory more needs to step aside. garrett is in washington tonight with more.>> reporter: these new allegations of sexual harassment or rocking capitol hill despite roy moore not being in office.
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alabama special election is back in the spotlight. with a little over a month to go before voters pick a replacement for jeff sessions. the front runner republican roy moore is facing allegations of sexual misconduct with minors.>> the allegations are disgusting. and deeply troubling. if they are true he should step aside immediately.>> reporter: those allegations claim that more a former judge pursuit several teenage girls more than 30 years ago. one of the women claims she was 14 when he kissed her took her clothes off and touched her inappropriately. both republicans and democrats are calling for the 70-year-old to step aside.>> this is devastating nasty story. if the revelations -- if that is true i don't believe it would be any place for him and the senate. those stories are appalling.
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just appalling.>> his campaign is denying the allegations calling it the definition of fake news. the candidate responded in suites writing the obama clinton machines liberal media lapdogs launch the most vicious round of attacks against me i have faced.>> reporter: up until now polls showed him leading by double digits. if he ends up winning the race it is possible the senate could ultimately decide to expel him if the allegations are found to be true. in hollywood another famous entertainer has been accused of sexual misconduct. five woman came forward accusing louis ck of harassment. all of the women were up and coming comedians. louis ck's latest film was set to premiere tonight in new york. it was canceled because of the controversy. a representative says he will issue a written statement sometime in the next few
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days. the port of oakland expected to announce a multimillion dollar expansion project tomorrow. commissioners voted to approve the project at a meeting tonight. the agreement allows the port to develop a logistic facility on property that was in army depot. official said the building would be the largest distribution facility at any west coast port. it is promising to hire local workers. a final vote will happen november 30. police in lafayette trying to put the brakes on dangerous driving. it is used as a shortcut to highway 24 or 680 during commute hours. drivers often speed along that narrow road creating a safety problem.>> reporter: residents say it is not uncommon to see drivers rolling through stop signs on relief valley road. are using the straightaway is a racetrack. then this happened. >> recently somebody drove through a fence.>> reporter:
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out of control driver slammed into this fence twice. neighbors complained and the police responded with increase enforcement. >> we have done over 100 50 traffic stop > reporter: that was over a two-week period. police chief said relief valley road is seeing a two-pronged problem. safety is the main concern with speed violators. drivers have been caught going around school buses that are letting off children. commuters is the other issue. >> you have all of the commuters coming from the north end of the county that have to get to 24. three ways you do it. doesn't hill road. 680 or relief valley road. they have to come down one of those 3.>> reporter: he let us ride along to watch his officers in action.>> in less than an hour the drivers was stopped for running the stop sign. that violation will cost $250.
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speeding over 15 miles per hour will cost you your license. there is a better way to get people to slow down. >> one of the things we recommended was to paint the speed limit along the roadway.>> reporter: adding a couple more stop signs. the city will decide on monday and results could be seen as early as two weeks. urgent meeting was held this week to discuss those options. another one which was the painted crosswalks with the students are getting off the school buses as an added safety feature. i spoke with the city manager and they say money is not an issue. they can implement the changes as soon as they get the green light on monday. last night at this time it was raining significantly. some of the accumulations. the north bay over three inches. santa cruz mountains to an a
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half. the rest of us from and and jeff rain in santa rosa and san rafael to 1/10 of an inch or a quarter of an inch in fremont. it was heaviest in the north. more rain totals. it was a nice system. santa rosa got over an inch of rain. under a quarter of an inch -- the showers will keep going tomorrow morning. most of the showers are done. there is a secondary wave that will slide in tomorrow morning. that will have an impact on the morning commute. showers to the north right now. not much around here. a little bit of patchy fog in the morning hours., temperatures in the 50s. currently it is partly cloudy and mostly cloudy in san francisco. centers in the middle 50s. the model does this in the morning. 8 am -- not a game changes. something you might want to consider. scattered showers a day him. it drives through around 9 am.
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in the morning a chance for sprinkles. not a lot. see you back here with the rest of the forecast into the weekend. a fix for your iphone. the update for a autocorrect problem in the other problem that still hasn't been resolved. a matchup in the nba leaves people wondering what is wrong with the cavaliers. the slow start for lebron james and company later in sports. a sister act. the bush twins taking their show on the road with a new book about adventures in the white house. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪
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a look into the white house from two sisters who know in the well. there was barbara engine not. debra is live and san rafael with the twins made asian -- made a stop under book tour.>>
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reporter: they are 35 years old. they came here to dominica university in the most liberal of cities. and charmed everyone.>> reporter: >> there are hard parts about being the president children. there is no god but. met they shared how in high school they try talking their father out of running for president. arguing it would ruin their lives. among those laughing at the memories. their lives opened up instead.>> the good far outweighed the bad. we feel so lucky to have each other. we have had this -- this wild and wonderful life.>> reporter: it is titled sisters first. everyone received a signed
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copy. this is a tail end of a 16 city tour in two weeks. these two called each other sissy don't show they are tired. >> we have not gotten an argument on this entire tour. >> >> reporter: jenna is married with two little girls. after teaching she is on tv a morning show correspondent. barber runs a nonprofit she cofounded. which sends young scholars to impoverished neighborhoods to improve medical care. the credit each other is life partners. stronger and braver together.>> you want to share our stories that are personal. it is just about loving each other.>> reporter: the book is full of and adults. they were seven on their grandfather became president. 21 their father did. barbara attending yale. >> there is a strong chance i am the only person on campus that further for my father.>>
10:25 pm
is steer clear of politics for the most part. both women expressed dismay at the current divisive climate. they admitted it did hurt when their father was a target of criticism and even ridicule. it did not fit with the man they know.>> we could -- the people we love who others might have some headline characteristics of them. we have had a chance to fill them out.>> reporter: 43 is a dad who love to text. they wake up to greetings from him most morning >> he is heavy on the emojis. the more the better. they hope their book is uplifting to women whether they are sisters are not.>> they are charming young lady >> in references to trump -- any references to trump? > reporter: not directly. barber brought up hers -- barbara brought up her father
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speech in new york last month. he alluded to the direction the country is going. expressing concerns and disagreeing with some of his philosophies and positions. she said those views are once he has always held. he would've said those same things as president. apple said one problem with the new iphone has been fixed. there is another problem with a calculator that has not been solved. apple announced it has a fix for a bug that would not allow some users to type the letter i. the autocorrect feature with changes to the capital a and a question mark. they said there is no fix for the copulated button. he calls the symbols to be ignored when calculations are answered and -- in rapid succession. twitter set the verification process is broken after they gave the checkmark to the organizer of a far right raleigh. they phase a backlash after jason kessler tweeted he had
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been verified. kessler helped organize the rally in charlottesville virginia last summer that ended in the death of a counterprotest to. twitter said the system has been paused following a public outcry. new cars for bay area veterans. and their families. the show of appreciation this veterans day for their service and sacrifice. victims of disaster now finding out they are under insured just when they need it the most.>> is a huge problem. it shows up after disasters.>> allegations of deceptive practices and how to know if you have enough coverage. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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break up your breakfast routine with your choice of two grilled pockets filled with either ham or sausage. both made with freshly cracked eggs and two melty cheeses. all jam packed into a warm, grilled flour tortilla.
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so give your tired old breakfast a wake-up call. try jack's breakfast pockets for just two bucks. but you'd better hurry, because if you snooze, you'll lose out on this deal. come try jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. do you feel you might be under insured? >> there is a good possibility.>> i feel i might be under insured.>> a painful surprise for north bay fire victims. unaware they were under insured until their homes are destroyed. a big problem after the oakland hills fire. and the wildfires in san diego county. insurance companies charged with deceitful advertising. we look into whether that is a problem now.>> reporter: we found it is a problem.
10:31 pm
to what extent is still unclear. given recent history with insurance companies this time around they will be keeping a close eye.>> reporter: in an instant thousands of north bay residents lost their homes.>> one of the hardest things in this process.>> reporter: and what will be a longer process, some will learn in a way they will lose them again.>> homeowners being uninsured is meant is that a problem? >> it is a huge problem.>> reporter: executive director of united policyholders. and insurance -- nonprofit the surveys victims of several other major california disasters. we obtain that data. the 2015 lake county volley fire 53% of victims told volunteers their homes were under insured. beautifier 65%. san bruno explosion 80%.
10:32 pm
in the 2007 san diego wildfires united policyholders said 56% of victims reported their insurance policies did not cover the full cost of replacing their house. she puts a lot of that responsibility on insurers.>> they know how much it costs to put homes back because they are paying claims all the time.>> do you think they are being deceptive? >> absolutely. to use replacement value. we will put you back where you were in their advertising. the fine print and their policies that are written by the lawyers say something else.>> reporter: in november the organization cohosted a workshop in santa rosa where church pews and aisles overflowed with the north bay fire victims. overwhelmed and confused.>> do you feel you might be under insured? >> there is a good possibility.>> i feel i might
10:33 pm
be under insured.>> reporter: do you expect a significant number of uninsured victims coming out of these fires? >> it is too early to say.>> reporter: dave jones who in october announced insured losses from the wine country fires topped $3.3 billion. the industry sued him after he adopted regulations requiring insurers to provide complete estimates to homeowners wondering how much it cost to replace their homes.>> insurers were leaving out portions of the estimate and giving people a lower replacement cost estimate and people had less insurance than they needed. one possibility is they wanted to make a sale.>> people never know they are under insured. it doesn't matter. the only time he comes up as a problem is when everything is gone and you need every dollar from your policy.>> reporter:
10:34 pm
like the victims of copy part were some 5000 homesites stood now level. to get answers from the industry we went to sacramento to speak with the association of california insurance companies. the same association the suit commissioner jones.>> why should the public trustees insurance policies -- companies if they sought they sued the commissioner for those? >> that it was just about the authority. there are critics that save these is insurance advertisements are deceptive. can you respond to that? >> insurers are trying to sell a product. insurers prepare for this. they have written their policies and they are going to make good on the policies they have written with their customers.>> reporter: to make sure victims are not victimized again groups like hers will be watching.>> i am fully expecting to see the north bay wildfire survivors have the
10:35 pm
same under insurance statistics as we saw after the san diego fires in the oakland fire is.>> reporter: a big question people have is how do you know if your home is under insured? it takes a little math but it is simple. take how much your home is insured for. divided by the square footage of your home. that will tell you how much each square foot is insured for. if it is below $200 they say it this chances are you are under insured you should talk to your insurance company.>> that is an interesting calculation. who is responsible to make sure your insurance needs are covered? >> it is the policy owner and the homeowner will decide whether you want -- how much you want to pay. there insurance companies are required to give you a complete estimate. they are required to do that because they are the ones who
10:36 pm
know how much it cost to rebuild a house.>> the rebuilding of the contents inside another story.>> you have to ask the questions and read the small print. just called 510 874-0222. you can email us -- a warning from a consumer group. the assertion that some of those popular bridge spinners have dangerously high levels of lead. we are tracking the chances of showers for the morning commute. look at the weekend as well. a new phase in the trial of kate steinle's accuse keller is the defense rests his case. -- killer. that adjusts on both sides semi-to your ideal comfort,y bed your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1499.
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. the defense of josi garcia -- he is the mexican immigrant on trial for the shooting death of kate steinle on peer 14 two years ago. the final witness was an expert in spanish-language interpretation. she raised questions about the accuracy of the police interrogation of garcia. rescued his content he intentionally fired the gun. defense attorneys say it was an accident. closing arguments will begin november 20. the jury will decide if garcia
10:40 pm
is guilty of second-degree murder. warning about those popular bridge spinners. after a consumer group found high levels of lead. the education fund said it contacted the bull's-eye toy company that makes the spinner and target stores where the spinners are sold. no action was taken. the company say the consumer product safety commission has declared fidget spinners are not technically children's products and therefore are not subject to legal limits for lead. there are also that concerns in the oakland school >> they started to -- testing the water. previous test revealed lead contamination at several campuses now east bay mud is learning its own test as part of a state program. water testing teams took sample from several schools -- all of which are in oakland. if
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you're looking for something to do this weekend there are plenty of activities. from science to art to honoring the nation's veterans. rosemary has it all in her we can watch. heading into veterans we can. it is a great time to take advantage of free entrance to national parks. saturday and sunday. in the south bay honor our military at the 97th annual wednesday parade and memorial ceremony. on saturday. it begins around noon at highway 87 in santa clara street. the north bay a veterans parade in petaluma on saturday. it will begin at wanted part with music at noon. the parade starts at 1 pm. san francisco you can join in the celebration of our military on sunday at the veterans parade starting on the -- at north point street. head over to at&t park for the discovery day free science festival extravaganza. saturday from 10 am until 4 pm.
10:42 pm
you can enjoy science with more than 150 hands on exhibits. peninsula the san mateo harvest festival rings thousands of arts and crafts live music performances the food and more to the san mateo event center friday through sunday. east they the 2017 light parade in street party happening on sunday. it starts at 3 pm. stick around for the light parade at 5:30 pm. a chance to take photos with santa after the parade in >> still to come a tug-of- war over tax reform. the key points of a new senate plan. a big thank you for the families of to veterans as they get newly refurbished cars. bill martin is tracking a chance for lingering showers during your morning commute. your complete forecast. st.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations
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that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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president trump has arrived in vietnam as he starts to wind down his 12 day trip to asia. air force one touchdown about an hour ago. he is in vietnam to attend the
10:46 pm
asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. there is word president trump and russian president vladimir putin will not hold a formal meeting on the sidelines of the summit. press secretary sarah sanders say they are scheduling conflicts. republicans push their tax reform legislation through a key committee. the house ways and means committee voted along party lines to send the complex tax measure to the full house. publicans and say the nearly $6 trillion measure to benefit the middle class. democrats say wealthy americans are the ones who will be helped. publicans release their own the plan. it would delay cutting the corporate tax rate from 35%-20% until 2019. the senate bill includes seven tax brackets. repeals the state and local tax deductions >> fewer families will pay for it. it maintains provision to allow
10:47 pm
individuals to write off the right off medical expenses that exceed a certain amount of income. is says the stage for a tug-of- war be -- between the house and senate over competing priorities. to bay area veterans were giving newly refurbished cars today. reliable transportation can be one of the keys to a better quality of life.>> reporter: to veterans and their families who have given much to their country received a to open of appreciation thursday. it was a big hole -- it was a big token. in a ceremony they each received newly refurbished cars. blake smith and his wife and kids now have a 2015 subaru impreza.>> it is a great moment for me and my family.>> reporter: it is part of the keys to progress program sponsored by progressive insurance where restored cars
10:48 pm
are presented to veterans in need. >> the 2015 sonata went to the wife of dustin mcbride as mike deployed overseas with the national guard. he lost his home to a fire last year. his wife has a safe car to drive. >> we are trying to get them to a place where they can take care of their family and not have to worry about their vehicle breaking down.>> reporter: they are donated 100 cars to veterans throughout the u.s. making it 500 cars they have given away in the past five years. the many hours of labor to restore the cars are donated by an auto body shop. for this former marine -- who lost his hearing in one ear getting a car means he can easily attend classes in computer sciences while looking for a new job. >> i normally don't like
10:49 pm
accepting appreciation. there is nothing else i can say except i am so appreciative.>> reporter: in walnut creek -- as we talked about some showers back at the forecast. we had the heavy rain last night. we are in the situation where we have scattered showers coming our way overnight. the model plays out like this. tonight 700 -- seven -- 4 am it starts going. santa rosa in the north bay. temperatures on friday -- the rain on friday gets up to a 10th of an inch in the morning. is slows down and get to 1300 >> a light rain even at best. it is enough in the morning to slow things down on the morning commute. especially in the north bay. scattered showers north and the area. heaviest rain last night. tomorrow morning it will be
10:50 pm
minuscule in comparison. just enough to glaze the roadways. current temperatures are mild middle 50s. we have a nice night for the most part. the concert at the ballpark went off well from what we are hearing. the weather was perfect. they are still out there. showers tomorrow morning. it slips down to the central bay 8 am. it is a non-event. enough to maybe if you're riding your bike to work might change your plans. it is minimal. lunch time it is a distant memory. friday night and into saturday. saturday is the valley fog from the wet ground. was the patchy fog around here saturday morning. sunday afternoon. sunday looks good. sunday night -- this is sunday morning. sunday night this week system
10:51 pm
comes in. it is so much of the system we will see tomorrow morning. they are not events. they will wet the roadways. forecast highs tomorrow not a bad looking day. upper 60s. we were doing fire danger three weeks ago. now we are talking about ski resorts opening and rain.>> we got the rain last night and not tonight with the concert.>> absolutely. coming up a look at the bay area housing crisis in the communities where $500,000 won't cut it anymore. russell wilson makes one of the best plays of the season. was it enough for the seahawks to beat the cardinals? next in sports. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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marcus here. thursday night football. and entertaining game. wheaties about how lame thursday night football matchups can be. tonight a good one. seattle seahawks fans won't be happy. both of these teams the 49ers have to deal with on a regular
10:55 pm
basis. they are on the way down. cardone -- cardinals just about a complete rebuild. lane gabbard lost 18 challenge and had to dress up like the tooth fairy and run around the field before the game. 2nd quarter we have -- adrian peterson 157 yards rushing against the niners on sunday. tonight 21 yards and 29 carries. getting tackled and nailed for a safety. richard sherman going down. he tore his achilles tendon. it is officially ruptured. he is out for the year. he never missed a game. russell wilson taking care of him. 4th quarter 15-10 seattle. russell wilderness -- he did this kind of stuff. this capability to say the least. baldwin down the sidelines 54 yards to the two yard line.
10:56 pm
the seahawks ready to take care of that on the very next play. wilson up top for six foot seven and jimmy graham and second touchdown of the night. seattle -- 22-16. they are 6-3. entertaining game but trouble for seattle. 49ers -- if it were me i would not put jimmy and therefore a while particularly with the offense of line and the lack of weapons as far as receiving core. i'm in the minority. everybody it seems wants to see number 10 in action. he has been practicing learning the playbook. it has been two weeks since he joined to him. he is one bad played for cj -- away from going in there. the coach well aware of the curiosity surrounding their new prize quarterback.>> i know everyone is very excited and wants to see him play including myself and our coaches and
10:57 pm
players. >> i have not had a chance to meet her yet. it is always a good thing to hear.>> you have to give the coach credit for continuing with a sense of humor. keep the wife happy. warriors off. a couple teams the warriors will be seen -- seeing plenty of in the future. the beard and lebron james going at it as the cavaliers and rockets in houston. james harden with a layup. 35 points. 13 assist. 11 rebounds. triple-double for him. abroad said he has never been in better shape. 33 points. he did turn the ball over nine times. hardin drives and mrs. the beard will make sure it gets to
10:58 pm
clint capela who will put it down 117-113 the final. houston 9-3. the cavaliers off to a slow start. 5-7. the warriors in action. philly into the oracle on sunday. one of the many reasons. steve kerr is always in a good mood because he is coaching such a talented team. he always entertains. even his pre-and post game press conferences. yesterday he had to announce that kevin durant would be out of the game with a thigh contusion. in this day and age there would have to be time left for the assembled media to begin doing the social media thing.>> everybody ready to tweet? >> -- will start. let me know when you guys are done.
10:59 pm
>> being around sports there are several coaches that could take a page from his book. not take themselves so seriously. a couple names come to mind. you can probably name on one hand with a -- what went right for the san francisco giants. brandon crawford winning the golden gloves the other day. buster posey with a high five to a youngster. he is your silver slugger winner. that is the prestigious award that goes to the best hitter at each position. buster hits with 320. he had 34 doubles. that is a national total. 12 homers for buster posey. the fourth time in his career he has been the silver slugger winner. that is the sporting life.
11:00 pm
buster posey the one good bright spot. it is 11 pm. time for more news. coming up next,>> a concert for a cause. the big name entertainers coming together in san francisco to help the north bay recover from last month wildfires. sold out concert is wrapping up now at at&t park. metallica dave matthews john mayer -- and rancid all took the stage. hello again everyone. >> organizers say 100% of ticket sales will go to helping the victims of the wildfires. amber is outside the park. it was packed tonight with 40,000 people.>> reporter: that is righ


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