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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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buster posey the one good bright spot. it is 11 pm. time for more news. coming up next,>> a concert for a cause. the big name entertainers coming together in san francisco to help the north bay recover from last month wildfires. sold out concert is wrapping up now at at&t park. metallica dave matthews john mayer -- and rancid all took the stage. hello again everyone. >> organizers say 100% of ticket sales will go to helping the victims of the wildfires. amber is outside the park. it was packed tonight with 40,000 people.>> reporter: that is right. i could hear the music wanting
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-- winding down. italic a is the final act. people are leaving. fire survivor say it has been an emotional night.>> reporter: oaklands own rafael sadik the grammy artist many know as a founding member of tony tony tony opened the band together concert. those were prime spots enjoyed the show included first responders volunteers and survivors.>> this is my parents home in coffee part. the most devastating things ever.>> reporter: they lost their childhood home during the fire.>> sad times and good times. everything is giving.>> reporter: a respite for the -- from the struggle to rebuild.>> just to have a nice night out. and enjoy being with the family.>> reporter: many people attending say they are here to see dave matthews.
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they paid from $49-$149. vip tickets ran several hundred dollars each.>> it is a great honor to be here.>> reporter: 100% of the proceeds will go to the tipping point emergency relief fund. the founder of the san francisco nonprofit says $15 million has been raised from ticket sales and sponsors. the money will help survivors in dire need.>> immigrants that have lost their rental units and had no insurance. the thousands that are homeless.>> reporter: it on at first responders and survivors. 6500 were given complementary tickets.>> recognition is difficult at times >> we are very happy they are doing something for the community.>> reporter: one single mom who survived with her children says she is grateful.>> we have gained more than we have lost.
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coming together as a family in the hotel room. the laughter and the jokes. paying attention to what is important now.>> reporter: during the show the names of the people who lost their lives in the fires were displayed on 2 large-screen >> survivor say the first responders who save their lives will forever have a special place in their hearts. several other concerts are lined up. it is inspiring to see an outpouring. the california public utilities commission took steps to protect people impacted by the fires. during their meeting the state approved a series of consumer protection >> utility companies that provide power water or for service won't be allowed to charge deposits to establish service for customers whose homes were destroyed. the resolutions approved also are utilities from disconnecting service for fire victims cannot make payments.
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>> some people will have to move for a five times until they find a permanent residence again. this will make sure they are not required to pay the deposit for a five times. they won't have to pay deposits any time at all. this resolution provides real relief and real cost savings to people who need it the most. people who lost everything in the wildfires.>> utility reform network -- he pushed for the protection >> the rest of us will probably have to pay more but the new rules will likely benefit tens of thousands of people. new accusations of sexual misconduct against a high profile politician. a woman accusing roy more of initiating sexual contact with her when she was a teenager.
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she told the washington post he had a sexual encounter with her in 1979 when she was 14 and he was 32. president trump said if the allegations are true he needs to step aside. garrett has the latest.>> reporter: these new allegations of sexual harassment a rocking capitol hill despite roy moore not being an office. alabama's election is back in the spotlight. with a little over a month to go before voters pick a replacement for jeff sessions. the front runner roy moore is facing allegations of sexual misconduct with minors.>> the allegations are disgusting. and deeply troubling. if they are true he should step aside.>> reporter: those allegations claim a former judge pursued several teenage girls more than 30 years ago. one of the woman claims she was 14 when he kissed her took her clothes off and touched her inappropriately. both republicans and democrats
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are calling for the 70-year-old candidate to step aside.>> this is a devastating nasty story. if the resolution is mike if that is true -- there would not be a place for him and the senate. >> those stories are appalling. just appalling.>> reporter: he is denying the allegations calling it the definition of fake news. he responded in a series of tweets writing in part the obama clinton machines liberal media lapdogs launch the most vicious attacks against me i have faced. he has a double-digit lead in the number of recent polls. if he wins the election it is still possible they could decline to seat him or they could expel him. in hollywood five women came forward accusing comedian louis ck of sexual misconduct. the new york times reports all five were up-and-coming
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comedians. louis ck's latest film was set to premiere tonight in new york. it was canceled amid the controversy. a late-night tv appearance was also canceled. so far he has not commented. to the south bay where police and campbell are asking for the public's help identifying seven teenagers tried to to residential burglary >> video shows them on el patio court on the morning of october 30. it shows them casually walking and jogging down the sidewalk after allegedly burglarizing to homes.>> the method of entry was forced through the side garage door. once inside both homes they did a good job ransacking the interior and taking personal items.>> campbell police want to hear from anyone who recognizes the teenagers seen in the video. san jose police investigating a shooting outside a cisco building.
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we were over the scene this afternoon. a yellow tarp covering a body outside the front entrance of the building. the person died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. cisco released a statement saying a said incident occurred today. the safety and security of our employees is our top priority. the person accused in a shooting of a concorde high school student this week has been charged with murder. 20-year-old christiana -- of concorde shot and killed lawrence jansen near olympic high school monday afternoon. no charges are being filed against the second suspect. 18-year-old brian --. three juveniles were also detained. the suspects targeted the 17- year-old. no word on a motive. a football coach at santa rosa junior college facing murder charges after a car crash that killed a student. logo -- is suspected of driving
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under the influence. he was near petaluma sunday when his car crossed the double yellow line. he collided head on with a car driven by paulette keep up. the 21-year-old woman from oakland was pronounced dead at the scene. the other drivers were involved in the crash but were not seriously injured. the suspect has a previous drunk driving conviction. how the suspect in sunday's church massacre in texas was able to legally by gun >> the air force launched an investigation into how devon kelly purchased the assault rifle he used to kill 26 people and injured 20 others. questions come following reports of his criminal past including he beat his ex-wife and stepson. the military is trying to figure out why his criminal records were not turned over to the fbi which would have prevented him from buying guns.>> since sunday night the air force inspector general has
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talked to 100 people involved in the case. we are looking at all of our databases. if we have problems that we find we will fix them.>> the fbi is looking for evidence on kelly's phone. the agency has not updated the status of his progress. apple tells us he had an iphone but the fbi has not asked for help in unlocking it. tax reform clears a hurdle in the house is the senate unveils their own plan. details from capitol hill on the progress made today. what can you by for half $1 million in silicon valley. we will show you coming up. checking raindrops from friday morning. we will look at the weekend. see you back here.
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president trump arrived in hanoi. the next-to-last up on his trip to asia. he is in vietnam to attend the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. it was talking would meet with vladimir putin. the white house now says there is a scheduling conflict and it will not happen be back after visiting vietnam the president will wrap up his trip with a visit to manila in the philippines. senate republicans outlined their plan for overhauling the tax code. the senate bill difference -- differs from the house bill. the senate bill would preserve popular tax breaks for mortgage
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interest medical expenses. democrats say both bills benefit top earners over the middle-class.>> like the house bill it will favor the big wealthy corporations. wealthy individuals and do harm or nothing much for the middle- class.>> the senate plan would also delay cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% until 2019. a major departure from trump's insistence on immediate tax cuts that he feels are necessary to spur the economy. immigration deal is shaping up. republican lawmakers say they are drafting a compromise bill to keep 800,000 dreamers and the u.s. maker say the push to grant deportation protection could easily pass the house with several republicans willing to back democrats on a bill. getting house speaker paul ryan on board is a big hurdle for
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the nearly 2 dozen lawmakers working on the legislation be back he says the dream as losses stand on its own and not be lumped in as part of the larger government funding bill.>> it should be considered separately. discussions are underway with our members about how the daca solution should occur. i don't think we should put artificial deadlines in front of the one we have. but not the program provided protection for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants illegally brought into the country as children.>> is september trump ordered and into the program by march of next year unless congress could present him with legislation to resolve the status of the dreamers. donna brazil spoke in san francisco tonight about her new tell-all book. it is her account of her time as the dnc chairwoman during the 2016 election. is sparked controversy by suggesting the clinton campaign unfairly controlled the dnc
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before it one the nomination. audience member said her commentary is making them think about what immigrants can do differently the next election.>> i have loved donna brazil for many years. i really respect her. she pulled a full pot in this election. i'm not sure i have forgiven her for it.>> brazil added in order for democrats to get future elections they need to give everyone an equal chance and get serious about cybersecurity. buying eight home has become more difficult over the past two years. -- buying a home. used -- you can still find a home for sale for half $1 million but the numbers are decreasing.>> reporter: if you have the traditional american dream of owning a home in silicon valley your options in the 500.$500,000 range are dwindling.>> if you do find one it will need a lot of work.>>
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reporter: homebuyers used to be able to find a house for 500 thousand dollars in e san jose. it is not 2015 anymore.>> you will find listings in the 600 >> it has gone up.>> reporter: is 1400 square foot home on the market for $690,000. more than twice the amount is sold for in 2000.>> in my 31 years of being a broker supply and demand more than any other single issue has affected the prices of property throughout the 30+ years.>> reporter: san mateo county has zero listings in the $500,000 range. santa clara county has 3. alameda county has 96. contra costa has 282. including this 1200 square foot home listed at 490 not -- $499,000.
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one of three listings in santa clara in the $500,000 range. it is listed at $527,000. one-bedroom and one bath. 440 square feet. it needs major repairs. less than 500 square feet central san jose and on the market for slightly more than half $1 million. in santa clara county last month the median price of a single-family home sold was $1,220,000 up 17% from a year ago.>> if you're going to be on this side of the bay -- under $500,000 you are looking for a condo or townhouse. we have some rain last night about this time. you heard it on the rooftops. most of it came down around 11 pm or midnight. this morning scattered showers. more rain coming into tomorrow morning. very light rain.
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the north bay numbers over three inches in some areas. an inch of rain in the napa valley. and central bay a quarter inch -- some areas a half inch. san jose 700s of an inch. a wide variety of rainfall a chelation >> we have a break now. valley fog in the morning. some shower activity. this area will slip south. that is where it is raining right now. it will move into our area. we will see eight or nine 10 am light showers for the central bay. looking outside you can see oakland. you can see the flags. 6 am tomorrow -- it is not a strong system. a little blip -- a little
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disturbance. is lies through at 9 am. between 7 am and santa rosa and 9 am it makes its way to the fremont area. and then it moves out. that is friday lunch time. friday afternoon it clears out. saturday morning looks good except for valley fog. more falklands -- sunday looks good. sunday night we get this. the weekend looks pretty good. the days will be dry except for the valley fog in the early hours. sunday night unsettled weather comes down our way. and easy forecast to understand. last night was real rain. tomorrow morning nuisance rain. >> it rained pretty good last night.>> nothing like that. the weekend looks great.
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disney and marvel produce is equal to and man will film in san francisco. according to the chronicle aunts man appears to be shooting in the potrero heels neighborhood starting tomorrow and will continue through wednesday. the superhero movie features actors paul rudd and michael douglas. the production is also slated to shoot from scenes in chinatown. if you want to take part rich cain casting is seeking extras to play the role of locals tourists and more. still to come buster posey honored by baseball. the harlem globetrotters are at it again. the unusual world record that one of the players said today. a story that is trending on it is an unlikely friendship between two animals in minnesota. the siberian husky and a duck are best friends. the owner say they sleep
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together eat together and even take walks down the road together. they are inseparable and bring a lot of smiles to the neighborhood. orhood.
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good game tonight on thursday night football.
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tough news for richard sherman.>> adrian peterson ran wild against the 49ers this past sunday. not enough time to recuperate. they shut him down. and attending game. the nfc west -- a couple teams might be heading down at their level. a rebuilt could be on the way. blaine gabbert the former 49er quarterback lost a that. is -- lost a bet. 2nd quarter -- adrian peterson 157 yards against the 49ers. 21 carries. 29 yards. getting ganged up -- 3rd quarter richard sherman. number 25. he goes down in a heap. he mounts it right here. tore my achilles. it is ruptured. he never missed a game before. consoled by russell wilson. he will be out for the year. seahawks russell wilson looking
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like fran target -- he covered 35 yards. before finally hitting stanford man doug baldwin down the sideline. hightailing it to the two yard line. it would not take long for russell wilson to conclude that drive. the very next play jimmy graham six foot seven inches worth. he had a couple touchdown passes. the seahawks -- they are 6-3. very much alive. not a lot went right for the san francisco giants this past season. the man behind the plate -- had a good season. very solid. buster posey is your silver slugger one or for the national. the award goes at each position for the best hitter in both leagues. the managers decide the award. he hits 20.
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he doesn't hit for much power anymore -- 320. he did lead for catchers with 34 doubles. fourth time in his career. he has gotten the silver slugger award. tonight we have time to check this out. harlem globetrotters in the area in january. they were in salt lake city tonight. a record set earlier today. highest upwards shot ever made. it is thunder law. 50 feet. 11 inches. going up. we have seen them shoot down word. the old record shattered -- was only 32 feet. that looks a lot harder than it probably even is. 50 feet 11 inches. hit it with one hand granting style. >> i wonder how many times it took him to do that.>> just one
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and done.>> those guys are incredible.>> they will be in the bay area in january. always worthwhile. thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you again tomorrow. good night. . okay.
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