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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 12, 2017 7:00am-8:30am PST

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this is mourning on 2, weekend. thank you for waking up with us >> have you had your coffee yet? >> know. i thought you were bringing the sun.>> happy sunday. we will get to your set your forecast that amount -- forecast soon. a big rig accident. we will have a live report coming up shortly. a couple of problems on highway 24. this is the camera that looks into lafayette. there are two spots where we are seeing problems. we will have more on that.
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where he also have a fatal collision in the south day. it is been one week since the deadly church shooting in baptist. they will reopen today as a memorial. we will have more on what is being planned later today. veterans celebrations continue. in san francisco they are going to have a parade in just a few hours. >> affair is always a great event. let's head over to rosemary first. i think it is a bundle of mourning for parade. a little bit of fog out there and it is kind of. partly cloudy skies. temperature similar to yesterday. a near repeat. here is a look across the bay. we are looking toward the east where we have cloud cover. you can see it here. there are a few areas of hearing. the golden gate bridge is kind
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of clear. we are down to about a quarter of a mile of visibility. you will find this through sonoma and then on highway 101 all the way into and around petaluma. for communities right in here, even around the canyon. we are starting in the mid-40s to mid- fifties. 52 in san francisco. chilly start in livermore. south bay is 48 degrees. the temperature has slipped a little bit from where we started yesterday. afternoon highs for today will be 62 in san francisco, 64 40 one. the temperatures won't change a whole lot for monday. the big change will be wet weather that is coming back.
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happening right now, a major traffic incident on highway 24 w. bound in lafayette. traffic is low because of a crash involving a number of cars. this was about six a.m. , about an hour ago. this could take some time to clear this up. to trucks are on the way to the scene. the two left lanes are closed. the traffic looks fairly light because it is early. take note if you are heading that way. another problem in burke. alley is joining us live with moral that -- more on that. we are on east bound 80 on berkeley. there is a big rig that crashed at about 5 am.
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two lanes of eastbound 80 are shut down because of this crash. a safeway delivery truck has hit those barrels. he lost control of the vehicle. this punctured his gas tank. the truck kept going. it made impact over here and it went all the way over to where you see the truck. the safeway delivery truck, the driver is okay. we saw him standing outside of his vehicle. we don't know what happened and what caused him to lose control. it is a tough situation now because when the gas tank was punctured is skilled -- spilled fuel. they need to contain that fuel spill. there has not been any impact
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to wildlife or marine life. the challenge now is getting the truck off the road. the rear axle is completely broken. that truck has about 30 six thousand pounds of food in it. in order to tow it, they brought in a couple of tow trucks. this one has a stabilizer. there is another tow truck in front of it. they are trying to figure out the best way to get this off the road without spilling the contents and additional fuel in the vehicle. according to the sergeant, these right lanes of eastbound 80 are going to be closed for the next couple of hours. he estimated closer to noon by the time they get this open. that is because of the difficult and challenging situation in getting that truck off the road after this crash. we are lucky this is not a
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normal commute day. on a sunday, that is a big backup.>> okay. thank you. oakland police report several sideshows happened. elise had expected activity after seeing notices on social media about a large gathering on social media. they were keeping on -- and i on freeways. people living in north oak and say sideshow activity is common. they say the problem is disturbing even when there are not a lot of drivers involved.>> sometimes it is 1 car sometimes it is to cars. sometimes we will just here to motion when we are sleeping.>> we do focus on spectators and participants. they are both creating a safety
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issue. 200 cars were found around international boulevard. they have not said if there were injuries or arrests. presentation high school is an all girl catholic high school. to students reported two separate incidents last week. one incident happened five years ago. the other happened in september of last year. right now the school is not releasing any more details but will share the results of the investigation. this is three weeks after an article about to incident that happened at the same school in 1990. chp is searching for two suspects that shot other people
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on travis boulevard. highway patrol is asking for witnesses to come forward. does >> reporter: traffic slowed to a crawl saturday morning after someone in a gray suv opened fire on a white toyota camera just before 9 am.>> the suv fired a round into the camry striking the driver. the passenger inside the camry was not injured. >> reporter: the highway patrol says it is too early to say if this was targeted or random. there is no apparent threat to the pair general public. -- general public. >> just to think that my son could be riding with friends and get shot, that is tragic.
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>> this is a family community. you feel safe until something like this happens. it is very unfortunate. following a rash of freeway shooting, people who live in fear -- fairfield hope this is just an isolated incident. >> >> reporter: the victim is expected to survive. investigators were at the hospital after the shooting interviewing him. there's no word on a motive or any arrest. >> back to you. donald trump is at the aussie him son it -- summit. he wore filipino attire.
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he shook hands with the president there and his common- law wife. he has been criticized for a feud with president obama. drug dealers were executed, many without trial. before his arrival, protesters clashed with police. >> you can see they have water cannons to try to diss verse the ground. protesters carried signs that read down with imperialism. donald trump was in the philippines to talk about unfair trade treaties. donald trump is in the headlines for making comments about leaders.
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he was asked about conversations with these leaders. donald trump said it is time to move forward and address issues such as syria, the you that the ukraine -- the ukraine and other important issues. i believe that putin really feels strongly that he did not metal in our elections. what he believes is what he believes. >> why would he install me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat? >> i try so hard to be his friend. maybe someday that will happen. donald trump told reporters that strange things happen. while this may never occur, it
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is certainly a possibility. bart writers can expect delays -- riders can expect delays. there is a scheduled he knits over the weekend. there could be up to 40 minute delays. that begins at about 2 pm this afternoon. you can experience long waiting times. the work is scheduled to begin finished before the commute tomorrow. the outpouring of support in texas for victims of the deadly church shooting. key events in the north they. wildfire recovery events up next. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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hopefully your sunday is footloose and fancy free. we start out with partly sunny skies. partly cloudy conditions this afternoon and we will be in the 60s. i am tracking rain coming up>> okay. more rain is in the forecast. we don't know how that will complicate the road to recovery for fire vic evans. santa rosa officials are concerned that damage or destroyed dorm drains could include just increase sinkholes . >> there will be a grand reopening after fire. admission will be free.
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snoopy and charlie brown will be making an appearance. there will be a photo booth and free picture frame. the museum will be open from 10 am to 5 p.m. tomorrow is the deadline for residents to sign up for government program to remove fire debris from their properties. only houses are eligible. you can apply. it is free of charge or you can hire a private contractor. they want to reduce -- remove hazardous waste. you can learn how to apply for that program by attending a resource fair on maple avenue. so for more than 3000 homeowners have signed up. fire fighters bring joint to
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children who lost everything in the fires. the marin county fire for -- fire fighters delivered 500 40 bicycles two children in santa rosa. these have been donated. firefighters and volunteers have built or refurbished those bikes. my children got new bicycles and helmets and water bottles. >> the community support, we are speechless. we have bikes coming in from oakland and throughout marin. it has been overwhelming. it has been awesome.>> firefighters are still collecting bicycles. there is that they want to bring a hope of said normals -- a sense of normalcy to the children. >> it is a been about one month ago. >> how are we looking for whether? >> it has a little cloud and
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ash cloudy and cool. monday, the rain is back we are looking at a good, dry afternoon if you are going to be out for the parade for veterans day the vitti's. you could also take advantage of national free parks weekend. it will be dry. you may need a jacket. we will be in and out of the clouds. temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 60s. the next system moves in monday. dry on tuesday. right now it looks like another storm moving in wednesday. let's see what we are expecting for today first. this afternoon partly cloudy. tonight we begin to transition. today is going to be a dry day. in the evening though notice the line of rain over northern california. it is over lake county and's approaching sonoma county.
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overnight, it will continue to move into the bay area. tomorrow morning could be a soggy commute. we could easily have drizzle along the coastline. be aware of that for your morning drive. it looks mainly dry but we could have showers. here's your lunch hour, it hangs around. here is the drive home for you. a wet one. in the evening, it takes until about 11 pm and it is still in the east bay. it's not going to be a huge storm but it will give us some wetness and it will linger all day. right now, we have dry conditions. you will find a fairly widespread fog. temperature-wise, bid 40s for the inner east bay.
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around the bay we have 52 in san francisco, the north bay, 48. a bit of a chilly start. the afternoon highs are not so bad. napa will be 64 degrees. closer to the water, 62 in san francisco. in the south bay we have a high of 65 expect it. 67 degrees for santa cruz. rain develops and lingers all the way through monday. dry on tuesday. another storm on wednesday. the snow level will drop to 6500 feet. carrier chains if you don't have snow tires.>> okay. thank you. we want to give you an update on the traffic situation right now. >> that big rig accident has traffic down to two lanes.
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that is around the bay. you can see the mess it is causing at this hour. we are there and we will have a live report coming up. if you are planning your morning, check out this tweet she says they say it will be about five hours before all lanes are open. this big rig has 30 six thousand pounds of food inside. this is going to be a long morning out there. it is sunday. usually not a ton of traffic. just enough to cause problems. >> goodness it's sunday. several children are in the hospital this morning after an accident at a trampoline park. this was in san diego. >> we have new details about the injuries and accidents. the 49ers try to snag a win. this could be the best chance
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for them to get a win. more on that coming up. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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if there was ever a winnable game, it is today. the winless 49ers host the giants. could this be the week that the 49ers get there first victory? >> we will find out tonight.
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bedford will start today. he got sacked five times last week. the backup is still waiting in the wings. here is the coach on whether the new guy gets laying time today.>> i know everyone is excited and was to see him play , that includes me and even my wife. i have to explain myself to you and my wife. >> he is going to get all the reps from the starting quarterback>> here's our programming today. sports weekend is coming up at eight 30. then we have minnesota against washed/washington. then we will have the news and the point after at 5 pm. we will have mornings on 2 from
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9 to 10 a.m. the sharks beat five that vancouver all five times they met last year. look at this pup. it is shot to , tour. that gives the sharks at to nothing lead they would score three more times. the sharks have five wins in six games. they are in third place in this division. >> what about the warriors. they knocked off philadelphia. big man left her -- led the way. that would be mr. durrant. he put in 29 for the doves. a soft touch. they tied it up.
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he will plant and pump. he gets three more. he fired 29. no issue with the leg. we finish at 22. another freefall. there goes. though warriors beat philly 135- 114. it is the first event since the shooting at a music festival last month. >> how security is for the run today. a big rig crash. what we know about the crash and cleanup coming up. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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if you are on the highways, we have a bit of a mess. this is a big rig down on highway 80. there will be traffic issues. this could last for quite a while. we will have more on that. first, welcome back. let's get a look at your weather. rosemary is watching that sky. it was chilly yesterday. today it's kind of nice. it feels like fall.>> we are partly sunny but mostly cloudy at this hour. this afternoon we will have more sunshine. this is one spot where we see blue skies. it is at the golden gate bridge. that is a beautiful start. as we get into the afternoon, these clouds will part ways. it will be partly cloudy for most of the day. we will transition to a wet pattern by tonight. that will not impact your sunday.
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we have fog once again. visibility is good for central bank and south bay. as we get into the north bay, more of the same from yesterday. we had visibility issues and we haven't once again. this visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile. that is going to be what that is for about the next three hours. then it thickens once again. and make away, it might only be temporary. 47 in napa. if you have log and 40, that is a chilly start. >> mid 40s for walmart dust walnut creek. napa is up by one degree. maybe a little bit of a cooler start and maybe you won't even
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notice. we are going into the load to mid 60s for the afternoon. it will be a relatively cool day. lie about lunchtime, low 60s. the sun will set after 5 pm. partly cloudy skies. dry conditions for sunday. that will change when the wet weather comes back. we will look at your extended forecast coming up. happening now, several lanes of the freeway are shut down. it will stay that way or hours. >> there was a series big rig accident we're live at the scene with much more. >> i guess it will be a while x >> yes. the two right lanes of 80 before university avenue are shut down to traffic. you can see the backup. this is where the crash happened. this was a big rig traveling
7:33 am
eastbound. the driver lost control of the vehicle. the driver hit those barrels that you see at the end. he then hit the guard rail and that punctured the fuel tank and it spilled about 40 gallons of fuel on the freeway. the truck skidded along the guard rail to where we are. the truck is still on the road. you can see these barrels that were pulverized by the impact of this crash. you can see tires here as well. the truck has 30 six thousand pounds of food. they're in the process of getting it off the road. it has a full load so it has been a challenge for them. that is why they think it could take several hours to remove the truck off the freeway. there are some traffic lights to even the flow. another
7:34 am
challenge was that the fuel spilled into the roadway. they were trying to work with the fire department to contain the fuel spill. this is right next to the marina. >> it is contained as far as we know and no wildlife has been affect. we are working with the fired hartman to make sure that when we move the vehicle there is no contamination. >> that is the good news for the berkeley marina. the bad news is that this has created a backup. you can see the view. it has been like this since about 5 am. the challenge for the tow truck operators is figuring out how
7:35 am
to get this truck off the road. the impact first the fuel tank and probably the axle. the sergeant was saying that they might have you cut off the real debt rear axle to move it. the driver of the truck is fine. there were no other vehicles involved. it is going to take several hours so to get this truck off the road. it has a full load, 30 six thousand pounds of food.>> it is deceiving. you can see the tow truck. is it holding it up right because it is so damaged? >> yes. that tow truck came out here and put a stabilizer to prevent the cab of the truck from tipping over. that is, the rear axles are not providing any support.
7:36 am
>> they can't just close up the cab and pull it off the road. the axles are not functioning. they are thinking about cutting off the axles. i don't know what the status -- status is. there are a lot of people trying to figure out what to do next.>> might they have to bring another truck and unload that to lighten that one up and get it out of there? >> that would take some time? >> they were talking about that. i'm going to check with them and see what the latest up date is.>> it is an engineering question now >> math is not my area of expertise but i will find out i'm glad no one was hurt then -- there. happening today, it has been one week since that deadly church shooting.
7:37 am
they will reopen to the public today as a memorial. hundreds are expected to come and worship with the survivors. in the past few days, residents have been working to restore the church. two victims were buried today. many were there to pay respects and call for change.>> we need to make sure that we are looking after each other. we have to ensure that everybody is in a place where we can look up to one another and not that somebody fall through the cracks.>> church groups came to the memorial to pay their respects. the choir sang several's songs. the governor of texas is calling on today for day of prayer. >> las vegas had a major concert last night. this is the first one since the deadly
7:38 am
shooting. >> the google dolls took the stage last night. 40,000 runners also are expected to take two las vegas boulevard for the rock 'n roll run. >> christmas has arrived. >> we will give you your first look at the tree in rockefeller center.>> find out how many bulbs it takes to light that up. >> were going to have a parade to celebrate our veterans. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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happy sunday. we have a pretty day in store. a little bit of talk to start the day. it will be just as cool as yesterday. this afternoon, 60s. rain on monday. i will have more on that coming up. the annual salute to veterans parade happened today. this is always a great event. today's artists up it will include bands and historic vehicles. the parade gets underway at 11 am. there are many streets being shut down early in preparation. it is important to note. festivities will go on until one
7:42 am
p.m. expect major delays. many roads are closed around the parade route. many bus lines are being rerouted. everything will resume normal -- resume normal operations once the parade is over.>> okay golden state moyers deaf and curry wrote a heart felt message. the noise. he said kneeling during the national anthem is not districts full -- disrespectful. he said that silence is no longer an option. colin kaepernick spent
7:43 am
veterans day at the civil war museum in washington dc. he posted this vid that video. he said i wanted to pay homage and acknowledge our fallen heroes. the day i am thinking of that's. a state senator is being investigated for sexual harassment. tony mendoza invited a young woman to his home and hotel room to work in his office as an academic fellow. mendoza fired aides who reported him for inappropriate behavior's office says they were fired for job performance. he denies harassment and says he has zero tolerance for sexual harassment. amanda is in jail for selling judge --
7:44 am
drugs near a school. he was selling meth from his home which is located near a charter school. police found drugs and weapons during a raid. he is remaining in jail. 21 children were injured when a platform collapsed last night at an indoor gym. dozens of kids ran up the stairs at the same time. they were told to come up and get pizza. the wooden platform collapsed. for children suffered some major injuries. some children were at the gym for kids night out event. others were there for a birthday party. dogs are almost ready for adoption after being rescued in orange county.
7:45 am
animal control seized those dogs this week. the dogs were living in filth and many were kept in crates. they are being cared for at a shelter in westminster. the shelter plans to bust start accepting applications for anyone who would like to adopt these dogs. new pictures of a very expensive car crash in washington state. here are the pictures. this is the lamborghini that crashed into a guardrail. the troopers say the driver had rented the vehicle and lost control in those wet conditions. fact that cost nearly $200,000 if you buy it new. >> i hope you got the extra insurance. >> while. -- ouch that could be
7:46 am
expensive. >>
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i love this.>> our producer wrote in their, holy cow, there are walls.>> we have seen a lot
7:49 am
of dirt a long time. it is easy to forget that that work is going on. >> >> we are still a couple years away. >> that is all bittersweet for me.>> >> i can't wait until the giants are playing and so are the warriors.>> and you're not there? >> know. i will be there. >> it will be grounded. >> will be on team coverage. yes. >> that's how we do it. >> i think we are doing pretty good today. if yesterday was okay, we'll have more the same. we have some cool weather
7:50 am
out there again this morning. the temperatures range from the mid 40s to the 50's. that is a beautiful shot right there. let's take a peek across san francisco. we have a possibility of rain coming our way. it will not impact your sunday. first, we have a view from up above. everybody is dealing with cloud cover. we have some clearing. it looks like sausalito might be the only spot with sunshine. some of that cloud cover is very thin. you are feeling the sun this morning. we do have rain coming our way by tonight. the north a first and then monday it will continue to slide across the bay. we are calling for mild weather today. it will do a couple things. it will show you the amount of rain we are expecting and it
7:51 am
will give you a little bit of a timeframe. here's a look at sunday night at 10 pm. it is just entering sonoma county. santa rosa might pick up some drizzle. sunday will be dry. overnight it begins to slide a little bit we might start off monday morning dry. there may be some drizzle. the monday morning drive looks fairly drive -- dry. >> then in the afternoon and evening, everybody will get less than a half an inch. the further south you go, a little bit more. that is for monday. here is today. 52 degrees right now. 49 in hayward. mid 40s for the inner bay. along the peninsula, a few more
7:52 am
numbers for you there. 42 degrees for woodside. the afternoon highs will be in the low to mid 60s. san francisco will be 62 and in the south bay, mid to upper 60s. 67 degrees expected for gilroy. here's a look at your extended forecast. rain on monday, dry on tuesday. another storm on wednesday. the wednesday, thursday storm will be cooler. if you are going to the niner game you will have -- >> partly cloudy skies and warmer skies. >> all right. >> if you have been waiting to see that christmas tree grow up, just a couple more weeks.
7:53 am
this morning, new york city is in the christmas spirit. >> they have a ton -- 10 ton norway spruce from college pennsylvania. it is 80 years old. it will be decorated with 50,000 life and it will be lit the day after thanksgiving. >> check out the small in utah. a christmas village inspired by harry potter is open in utah. it includes interactive experiences. there is harry potter merchandise for spare -- sale. this will be open through january. >> this might be a little bit
7:54 am
popular.>> okay. some trouble in paradise. >> disneyland had to shut down an area after lung infections were reported. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about. when i came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california.
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san jose bases a rent control battle. the city council will consider a proposal. right now the increases are at 5%. this covers 140,000 units. advocate what the law to apply to duplexes as well. that would add 11,000 units into the program. buying a starter home might be pricey.
7:57 am
a new program may help. the community development financial institution is launching a new program to help moderate middle income earners make down payments on houses. in is the home buyer empowerment loan program. the program will be bankrolled with $2 million. money will be targeted at those looking to buy homes up to $800,000 through the bay area. the c eo of that elon musk says production is behind schedule. an analyst says the mock three that he tested had widespread issues with fit and finish.
7:58 am
he said the average buyer may not notice them. tesla has not officially responded to the report. disney makes changes after people contracted legionnaires' disease. a health agency says it has a dozen cases. nine people had been to the park in sept timber. employees also got sick. one person had an additional health issue and died. a spokeswoman says to watercooler towers were treated with chemicals and have been shut down as investigations continue. we have a major traffic act that it that we will continue to copper. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. back.
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ this is mornings on 2
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weekend. it is 80 in -- this is 80 in berkeley. this will be a long morning if there is no way for you to avoid that area, which you probably should. eastbound 80. that is a mess. you can serpentine through the streets of berkeley. juergen have a lot of issues there.>> i'm sure bayshore is already backed up. they do have a plan in place for next step. welcome. a busy morning. we have your weather in a moment. looks like a nice sunday. here are some headlines we are watching for you. it has been one week since a church shooting in texas. >> that church will open later today as a memorial.>> veterans celebrations continue.
8:02 am
a big parade gets underway in just a few hours. more on what you can expect an information on street closures if you are trying to get there or avoid the area.>> it is tough going on area roads. this is interstate 80, a low lying camera. to get a good idea of some issues. this is down to two lanes of traffic. >> this truck has 30 six thousand pounds of food. we have been monitoring the progress. we will find out what is going to happen next. >> it is gray out there. the question is, is it going to stay dry? like oh yes. it will be dry. you may need a jacket. you don't need the umbrella just yet
8:03 am
by tonight and into tomorrow we will see wet weather. it will stick around for monday. how about this, a beautiful start for the golden gate bridge. we have blue sky mixed in with cloud cover. visibility is going to be an issue or some. here is a view from storm tracker to work --.. here is some clearing. some of these are high clouds. you get filtered sunshine with that and the pretty sunrises and sunsets. not everybody is covered in gray. we have visibility low in the north bay. through santa rosa and down around american canyon it is
8:04 am
hazardous. here is a view of temperatures. we have a chilly start in the north day. 47 to start your morning. around the bay upper 40s to low 50s. the south day is at 49. it's about where we were yesterday. afternoon high will be similar. we will start to see changes as early as tonight. we will take a look at your extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. we are following some crashes blocking traffic. one person was killed in a collision in san jose. we got off the phone with the chp. at least two vehicles were involved in that crash. right now there is only one north family of 101 that is open. >> in east bay there is a crash
8:05 am
on interstate 80. >> it has a big rig accident. a safeway truck is filled with food there. do they have a plan to get that truck out of their works>> yes. the plan is to have another safeway truck come onto the freeway and offload the 30 six thousand pounds of products still inside that is the wrecked truck. then they will be able to tow the truck that you see that crashed off the freeway. in the meantime, they are waiting to see when this other truck will arrive. you can see the tow truck on the left has a stabilizer over the. the impact of the crash disabled the rear axle. the only thing keeping back cab from tipping is that stabilizer
8:06 am
that you see. this crash happened just after five a.m. it was a single vehicle. the safeway truck is really vehicle involved. the driver was not injured. he had some barrels. he lost control. you can see, it has pulverized those barrels. there is plastic all up and down the freeway. the truck hit the guard rail and barrels and then skid before coming to a stop. that impact rock dust ruptured the gas tank on the truck. that you'll spilled. they were trying to contain the fuel because this is right next to the berkeley marina. here's what the officer had to
8:07 am
say this morning about that effort.>> right now it is contained. no wildlife has been affected. we are working with the fire department to make sure that once we move the vehicle, there is no contamination. >> as you can imagine, about three hours after the crash, this is the traffic impact the two right lanes of eastbound 80 just before university are shut down because of this crash. it is slow going. there have been traffic breaks. the latest update that we heard from chp is that the plan is to offload the 30 six thousand pounds of food and product off that safeway truck went to another one. they are now waiting for the other truck to arrive. everyone is in a holding pattern here. no one was hurt and the driver
8:08 am
is out along the side with other truck drivers as they come up with a plan to toe this out of the way. it could be another hour or two before the truck is off the road.>> i imagine it is a flexible kind of thing. >> it depends on when that other truck arrives. it depends on how big that truck is, they don't know if they can get everything off of this truck. there are a lot of moving parts here. >> thank you. several sideshows occurred overnight.
8:09 am
a spokeswoman for the oakland police department said today that extra officers from oakland and other bay area law enforcement agencies will be on duty this weekend to try to prevent sideshow activity that's being promoted on social media platforms. officer johnna watson said officers from oakland's traffic division and other specialized units will be posted in various locations "to deter sideshow participants and anyone who's thinking of observing illegal and dangerous sideshow activity." watson said the social media postings mention sideshow activity in "multiple cities" in the bay area but she declined to say whether oakland is one of the cities that were been mentioned. she said extra officers from the california highway patrol and other local police agencies will join oakland in having extra officers on duty and the agencies will all share information. watson said, "we want to discourage people from participating in or observing" sideshows. she said sideshows, in which car drivers and motorcyclists speed, perform stunts and engage in reckless driving, "are inherently dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and even to deaths." watson said sideshow participants could face arrest, citations, and the possibility that their vehicles could be towed and impounded for up to 30 days. >> about 200 cars were on international boulevard. they have not said whether there were any injuries or wrecks overnight. two teachers have been put on leave for inappropriate savior.
8:10 am
presentation high school is a catholic school in san jose. two students and one former student reported incidents last night. one happen more than five years ago. the other happen in sept member of last year. the school -- september of last year. the school will share the results once the investigation has concluded. a community coming together after tragedy. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
8:11 am
8:12 am
it is sunday. that means football. this might be the breakthrough game. you never know. >> could be. >> the giants are not so good either. if ever there was a game, this could be it. let's check in with joe on the phone. what do you think? is this the night? >> they are running out of chances, aren't they?
8:13 am
what you said, additionally, the giants gave up 51 points in their last game. scoring points has not been easy for the 49ers. the other thing that people forget is that the other bad team is looking at you just like you are looking at them.>> so based are thinking they may get their second wind -- when -- win >> obviously you don't want to go an entire season without winning one game. just for morale, they need to win. >> you have a new coach, new
8:14 am
coaching staff, they are asking you to buy into new concepts. you need some validation at some point that this is worthwhile and that is the biggest challenge. in a locker room that is so depleted, back in the time that you mentioned, they were five games that were lost by less than five points. back in that stretch, you could make that point. now, you have guys on the field because of injuries. they had no plan for those guys. they are desperate to find bodies. too many people are hurt. you are hoping that this bears
8:15 am
no resemblance to any other time that you will be coaching this organization. at some point, let's get a win for these guys. >> let's get one.>> to feel people breathing down your neck? >> >> if they found out anything about him, it is that he is tough. they would like to say okay we would not like you to get hurt so much. >> he was sacked five times. that is too much for a quarterback. the 49ers would obviously like to see a lot of him. i think they will probably stick with the plan which is after the by week they would give him two
8:16 am
weeks to continue to go along with that verbiage on the offense.>> we need to give him a fighting chance. you don't want him to get killed. >> why when a game some people say. the giants might be up for that first round pick. what you say to those people that just say just they'll on the season so you can get draft picks. >> yes. there are always teams that i don't know if that's a good idea you don't just say let's tank it. >> if you have the number 2 overall or number 3 overall, you have a lot of leverage. i'm not sure that mentality will work. >> all right. who do you predict? >> we are going to hold you to
8:17 am
it. >> if i'm wrong, what happens? >> nothing. >> we will just remind you that you were wrong. donald trump do you remember i used to work college? wayne used to say always pick the pick that everybody thinks will never happen. >> so the niners win? >> sure. why not? >> all right. that is a diplomatic way to sidestep. >> it is my routine answer. >> i know. >> if i knew that, i would not be a sportscaster. >> i would have all this money sit around from all this inside information i had. >> i leave the predicting to the weather guys.
8:18 am
>> all right. all right. here's our programming for the day. we have box nfl sunday with minnesota against washington. that is followed by the news and the point after at 5 pm. it will be a busy day. we will be done here in just a little bit but we will continue. >> rosemary, joe said you make the predictions.>> niners or giants? >> i think he was talking about whether but i want to put her on the spot. we have a good day for
8:19 am
football. it has a nice day outdoor if you want to take advantage of national parks weekend, veterans day parade or the weekend parade is going on in san francisco. we have a pretty start. partly out of skies. some areas are covered in gray. we have log and visibility issues once again. today, a lot like yesterday. then we see wet changes, our way tonight into tomorrow. today will be partly cloudy. for the afternoon we will be in the 60s the next system moves in on monday, dry on tuesday. another storm on wednesday. dry for sunday and then the rain moves in tonight. here's a look at futurecast. as we get into tonight, the rain begins to move into the county then it kind of remains
8:20 am
over portions of the the best the north bay. for most of that rain, it looks like a teddy light rain. by lunchtime, it is not going to be to bad but it could be wet for lunchtime. most of us will see the rain. remaining -- assuming it remains on track, until 11:00 tomorrow night, we are stealing with -- till dealing with rain -- still dealing with rain. we will track that for you. outside, 53 degrees right now. upper 40s in santa rosa. we are dealing with visibility along 12, 29 and 101. visibility is down to a quarter-
8:21 am
mile in some areas. 47 degrees right now in alamo and 50 in antioch. 62 in berkeley today. into the south day, a mild one. 65 in san jose. at levi's see that stadium, 67 degrees. the extended forecast has temperatures dropping off. no levels will remain high at 6500 feet. tuesday as the dry day, wednesday another storm moves in. okay. enjoy your sunday. >> thank you. several key events in the recovery effort.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
president trump is in the philippines right now. this is the final stop of his tour of asia. he went straight to the summit. he joined leaders in wearing the filipino formal attire. he shook hands with the president and his common-law wife. leader has been criticized for feud with obama. drug dealers were executed without trial. before that arrival protesters clashed with police. >> officers used a water cannon
8:25 am
to disperse the crowd. police had to carry batons and shields. protesters carried signs that said down with u.s.. with more rain in the forecast there are concerns about how this winter will complicate the road to recovery for fire victims. today they will talk about the impact of rain this winter. the charge schultz museum will hold a grand reopening. all families get some good news. admission is free. snoopy and charlie brown will be making an appearance. there will be picture frames
8:26 am
and a photo booth. museum will be open from 10 am to 5 pm. today marks one week since the deadly shooting in texas. >> hundreds are expected to come worship with members of the church. residents have been working to restore the church where more than two dozen people were killed. two victims were buried yesterday. today should be a day of prayer. last night was the first major outdoor concert since the deadly shootings. >>[ music ] >> the google dolls played at the fairgrounds. this morning, 40,000 runners are going to take to las vegas
8:27 am
boulevard for a marathon. barriers have been placed in the area to protect runners. it is a busy day here. the weekend show comes up next and then there is a pregame show. that is followed by the first of two football games. we have minnesota at washington and then the niners and the giants. after that a special addition of the news and sports rap. >> for us, we are going to take a 30 minute break and then we will continue. we hope you join us to follow the top stories. this major crash on 80 they are waiting for a truck. >> i think it may be there.
8:28 am
>> it is offloading 30 six thousand pounds of food. >> as you can see, this is slow going. we will have your weather forecast as well. donald trump we surely will. we will see you at 9:00.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are in week 10. these two teams have one win combined. when they meet today, somebody has to win.>> i don't want to take all the shots. >> it is the war of attrition. the 49ers are losing that war. we may see jimmy g sooner than later. the margin of error is in for the raiders. they have this week off before their home game in mexico city. why this is a good time for by.>> this is mercedes-benz sports weekend. >>[


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