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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 13, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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plus, the burn areas are alert, authorities are concerned about the potential for flooding, landslides and sink holes. sink holes. and then tonight and later tonight. golden gate bridge and third of an inch north of that. some snow and wind and maybe above the 85-foot level.
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again, it's a hit and miss. we will pick up the system and it's going drop south 4th:00 to 8:00 to 10:00. going up to the lake county and parts of sanoma county. you can see that in fremont and there's not a loot, but a little bit too. once this system begins to go through, it just gives us the light rain. the heavier rain is on the way. that's going give us a mostly cloudy day and light rain picking up this afternoon and tonight. the evening commute will be a bare more than the morning commute. here is the man -- he is looking at his screen. that makes us nervous. >> yeah when you do this for a living you say everything looks fine, but then something pops up. right now we're looking at the latest when i know it comes to road sensor s and the data
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that we get from the east shore freeway. it says 41 minutes. that just went up from 40 minutes. things change by the moment. average speed is 28 miles an hour. now, we did have an aearlier accident on the carquinez bridge, so we have slow traffic as well. this is a look at the bay bridge. this is pretty busy. now, from moving on to the bridge, not being congested to very congested. there's an accident nearby. it's right about -- right there. traffic is going to be busy as well. there was a crash at dakoto road. we have a traffic on 880. now, we did have a new injury accident reported on highway 17 northbound. that one just about south bound 17 just before highway 9. if you're
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going to the counter commute direction, you may see slow traffic there. authorities are warning people that live in santa rosa burn areas to be ready to evacuate. they reported a series of rainstorms is moving in. >> that could cats flooding, land slides and sink holes. tell us more about these concerns. >> reporter: are right. new worries here in the burn zones. the destructive tubs fire took out homes, but the fire destroyed a number of underground drainpipes. it's unsure how many were damaged. with all of the rain moving in, the water is going to pool under ground and lead to sink holes. that's what happened here in this neighborhood in the found tarn grove area and the hill east of santa rosa 250 feet of pipe was destroyed here along
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the newberry court. that triggered a large sink hole on friday. that's since been repaired, but there are other pipes that have burned and a number of other spots where the workers are investigating the damage to pipes. now, beyond the damage, of course you have charred hillside and no vegetation. that means that authorities are worried about the potential for land slides, flooding and then the sink holes. for that reason, people in the burn areas are being told to stay alert here during the sir lees of storms move nothing to the area and they're being told to be ready to evacuate this area. right now in this part, we're getting a light drizzle. as steve talked about, it's expected to pick up later on this week. >> alex, thank you. >> thanks. time now is 7:04. today is
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a deadline if you live in sanoma kuhnties to remove fire debris from properties for free. this is only for houses or related buildings that you were destroyed or heavily damaged by the wildfires. residence can apply to the army corp. of engineers for the free debris removal. because of the safety concerns, there's a purse to quickly remove the waste. the deadline is 5:00 p.m. today to sub is mitt the -- sub is mitt the application. >> the army corp. is also at work. they were out at coffee park. property ordinary reasons can hire their own contractors to clear the sights. because of the concern over the waste, the contractors met the certification. after it's removed, the soil will be sent to a state lab to test for
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toxins. warns it's cleared by the state, the owner can rebuild. the time is 7:06. the 49ers cost the first win of the season over the giants. >> it's what we learned about goodwin and what he went through that has everybody talking. ktvu christian is atlee have i stadium. tell us what happened to him and his family. >> reporter: yeah, a touchdown of joy. this is a moment that we're waiting for. we learned it was a moment of unspeakable tragedy for goodwin and the family as they mourn the loss of his son. lee have i stadium was there for the 83-yard touchdown. goodwin sank to his knees and began to pray surrounded by his teammates. this was a moment of
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joichlt it was only after the game that we learned that levy's left after the game to be with his family. he posted the trudge ai can news saying that his son was born at 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning, and that he and his wife lost him due to complications and posting it with a heart breaking photo of his son's tiny hand. through it all, he said that he has been blessed with a wife that's resilient. at this point, he is asking for prayers for his family as they recover from this tragedy. our thoughts and prayers are with goodwin and his family and the entire 49ers organizationle following the tragic -- organization following the tragic news. >> new this morning, two athletes with ties to the bay area were honored this morning with the men of the year.
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collin kaepernick was named gq's citizen of the year. he is being honored for making a peaceful and public protest by kneeling during the national anthem. gq magazine said that cost him his job. kaepernick told the magazine that he intends to remain silent on the protest and being black balled by the game that he loves. now, the gq champion of the year is kevin durrant. after winning his first championship, he was named the finals mvp. gq is honoring late night host stephen colbert as the bad ombra of the year.
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the raiders are kmg off the by week and going to play the new england patriots in mexico city. they're focused on the high altitude. the stadium is more than 7,000 feet above sea level. they just played the denver broncos yesterday, and they will stay in the area this week to practice at the air force academy that's also 7,000 feet above sea level. the raiders are break ground on the stadium in las vegas this week. they approved an agreement that's going allow the contractor to begin the work. that paves the way for today's ground breaking stadium. the stadium is expected to open by the 2020 season. the time is 7:09. one more witness on the stand in san francisco. up next, the murder trial for joe hay and killing
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kate steinle is going to make changes. the final recruit on the army's shift in the mental health policy. it's slow out there as you would expect on many commutes. this is a look at the richmond bridge. you can see it's slowing down. mostly cloudy and some light ravenlt there's more on the way for this afternoon and evening. we will look at that and see what's in store for the rest of the week. it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. welcome back. it's 7:12. centered 200 miles north of baghdad along 400 people were killed and thousands more hurt. we do not know the extent of the cars but we know there are several areas with no power.
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rescue teams are searching and looking for survivors. they say that the quake struck 14 miles under the surface. that's considered shallow. it may increase the amount of damage. the army is going to consider expecting recruits that have a ahistory of mental health problems. a new report says that's because the army is having a hard time finding enough recruits. they need 80 thousand new soldiers next fall. you can seek waivers to join. this is after the army changed policies last year to recruit more that failed marijuana drug tests. they also increased the sign up bonuses to get more people to in list. considering tax reform again this week. there's new proposed changes to 401k contributions. they want to change the refax catch up. right now people over
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the age of 50 can contribute an extra $6,000 a year to their 401k. the senator is increasing the koch limit to $9,000 a year. those contributions would be taxed when they're made. time is 7:14. it's been a week since the time change. there were more people on the streets than there were before. >> yeah, do you remember how we started the fall commute pat ordinary reason and we said that people are not going stand for this. they're all going to go to work at the same time. it's spread out now. some get on the road early and some late. the commute is now longer on both ends. >> there's no slow time. >> no. >> there's no get out early. >> yeah, we're looking at a bunch of commutes that are spreading out. when an accident happens and then that
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complicates things. this is a look at westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maize. it's a 40-minute drive. last week we were doing 60 minutes. these are going start to even out. they're going to go on longer as people get sick of sitting in the car for an hour and a half. this is a look at a 20-minute commute driving through. people do make adjustments, and even public transit numbers tend to change in the month of november. this is a look at traffic in oakland. you can see the traffic is moving along okay. the bridge is moderately heavy. we have a tipple cal monday commute going on here as we pull back the peninsula is getting filled in. you know what caught my attention? south bound and 280. it's backed up all the way to san bruno that's now typical. 7:15. let's go back to the desk. >> yeah i was just talking in
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the news room for crying out loud. >> hello, steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have a forecast here and one to the north and one to the south. there are breaks go the south ask even though dollar radar returns. there's break in the sun. it's cloudy to the north, and at last the system. that's going to arrive later on this afternoon to the night. not a lot of rain, and there's a few hundreds and the golden gate bridge and .05 to the north. it's a quarter of an inch and some snow and wind but mainly above 6500 feet. by this afternoon and this evening and in to tonight, that's when the rainfall rates are going to pick up. we have two systems for sure. there might be one with and the forecast models are all over the place. for what it's worth, the model builds in a massive bridge where as the other forecast is like i don't know about that. there's light rain today and then a break on tuesday. wednesday's system looks like the best system so
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far because it's tapping in the moisture. we will see, but that's the way that it looks now. ahead of that, we see there's a lot of moisture move nothing to the north. so far it's going to the north and not the south so. the rain is picking up. santa rosa says light rain. that's the line. you can see south of that there's plenty of breaks. over time it's going to start to fill in. even though there are radar returns, it's very light. mofette has light rain. 50s on the 10s and temperatures will increase south to south east in the front direction. that's going to be with us. southern california is a lot of cloud cover. not a lot going avenolith it's just what it is. tropical clouds coming in. it's cloudy down there if if you're going out there. we have 50s for everybody here due to the cloud cover. no advisory for the snow. it's way above the lake level. there's a wind advisory kicking in at 8:00.
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it goes to 10:00 tonight. there's a winter storm wacth where we have two days to deal with that. there's the light precip and down to the mountains. not much. most of it going to move south later tonight. the rainfall is to the north. to the southwest amounts and then on wednesday and thursday that looks like a descent system. keep an eye on that. there's two amounts to some. sunday gain we will see and gfs says yes. 60s on the temperatures and low to mid and then upper 60s and sunshine in the morning. we will cloud it up and then we're going take it to tonight and then going to the next rain. >> thank you. the time is 7:18. president trump is in the philippines this morning with thousands of protestors filled the streets after he wrapped up the extensive trip to asia. this was a screen as riot police used
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water cannons to push back the protestors. some carried antitrump signs. manila was put on look down while the world leader and trump attended a meeting there. >> the united states is moving ahead on an economic basis. >> the president returns to washington on wednesday. he is promising some announcements. alabama senator roy moore is going file lawsuits. he is being pressured to quit the campaign, but last night he told supporters that the al agagss are false and called them a december operate attempt to stop the campaign. the former judge questioned while the allegations were revealed to close to the election despite the decades in
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light. >> if he comes out and says, yes he did this, i would have him step down. i have not heard him say that. i am here tonight to hear if he says that. >> the story quoted four woman by name and the woman that alleged the contact at age 14 and had two other dozen sources. voters go to the polls on december 12th. time is 7:20. a new study that reveals how far electric cars are when it comes to efficiency.
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pam is back in the studio on what is affecting the markets. >> yeah, stocks are down. when the opening bell rang this morning, they said that the corporate tax rates cut will most likely be delayed until 2019. right now, there's a little bit of a mixed review. the s&p is just now turning up a tiny bit. it was down most of the morning. nasdaq slipping slightly. united airlines resuming flights in and out of india. on friday, they suspended all of the flights because of the dangerously bad air pollution.
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new delhi has a public warning. united says that they will continue to monitor the air quality. buying 40 boeing 747 airliners. the $15 billion order could help secure hundreds of u.s. jobs. they plan to start delivering them in 2022. one of the investment firms bought land for $80 million to be built in to a future start city. it's going to have roads for self-driving cars. eventually there's 80,000 units and 400 acres set aside for public schools and 4,000 acres for commercial space. the city is going to be called belmont. tesla is going to unveil the electric sem later on this week. they tweeted that it's going to
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happen on thursday night. it's going to be during a live webcast. you can see there's a little peek of what the truck will look like. the unveiling was going to happen last month was was delayed because of the model three. cell phones are on christmas lists. the one that you buy could be determined by your age. they find that most adults prefer the samsung galaxy 8. however, most teenagers like the new iphones. it retails $650. the iphone 8, 8 plus start at $700 to $800. the 10 starts at $1,000. it's a pretty private christmas list for a teenager. >> everyone in my house wants a new phone. >> i want today ask you the
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mother of teenagers, is it surprising that they have higher taste than adults? >> no. >> thank you, pam. testing for toxins. why researchers are concerned with the north bay firefighters and how the study can help the future fire crews. a peninsula city weighs in on the debate of gun sales capturing the attention of the rifle association. why they can decide whether to place a more or the whom on a gun shop. we're looking at slow traffic in san francisco on south bound 101. you can see that it's a little bit slow heading out of the city. a lot of cloud cover from san francisco northwest to the south. we will get the rain out of this. it may take a while. there's some breaks in the cloud cover.
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7:29 on a monday morning. >> i am dave clark. we're talking of monday weather. steve is going to tell you everything that you need to know. >> well, there's two forecast. there's some breaks there, and we're getting a lot of breaks. there's more on the way that's starting to thicken up north of the sonoma county. after that, about 15 to 45 and mill valley a
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quarter of an inch. now, i have seen 17 to 19 about a quarter of an inch depending on the location and elevation. you can see the cloud cover and where it is. it's not to the south, ask we're getting the breaks there. not until later on this afternoon and maybe in to tonight after the 8:00 hour for some. it's on the way, and there's a lot of moisture coming in from the south southwest. the front is producing the rain up in the county. you can see the line forming here. no doubt about it from marine county north ward is where the heavier cloud cover is. there's a little bit of light rain in the mountain view. 50s in the temperatures. they're not going to change much expect for a few light showers here. most of the activity is later on. this system is on the way for tonight and late tonight and early tomorrow. we have 60s on the temperatures. 7:30, so the morning commute is good. the
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evening commute maybe a different story. you mean weather wise? >> yeah. >> right now it's okay. we do not have a lot of rain. that changes everything so you're spot on with that. let's go out and look at the richmond bridge approach. it's dry and the traffic is moderate. it's been slow on the east shore as well. this is a look at the east shore time. once you get there, there's another 20 minutes to tack on and waiting to get on to the bridge itself. this is a look at 880. it's beginning to slow down a bit to oakland. the bridge in the dunbar bridges are busy all the way across the peninsula. we do have traffic that's slow there as well. we have 680 continuing to be slow and it's stop and go all the way south. it's 7:31. let's go back to the desk. the san carlos city
7:32 am
counsel is going to decide on a specific business. >> yeah, they have one gun store and another one is due to open soon. ktvu is there where tonight city counsel is going to debate that. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning . as we mention, the people that oppose the opening of a new gun store says that the town already has a gun store. that shop is located less than a mile way from this one. turners outdoors man advertises for hunting and fishing. the sign also say it is that this store is supposed to open this month on november 17th. that maybe on hold. they're going to decide whether to place a hold on gunshots in time in order to make new zoning laws and regulations. a report on the
7:33 am
issue says that public safety is one of the reasons that that's recommended that. last year the existing gun shop had burglars break in and steal firearms. it was across the bay area last year and in some cases they rammed the car as in store fronts and ran off with hundreds of weapons. >> they will have hundreds of guns. the potential is hire for something to happen. that's concerning to me as a sxrez as a mom and friend of our neighbors. >> reporter: now, the debate here has gotten the attention of the national rifle association and the legislative action. they specifically mentioned the city counsel here and they encourage the members to attend. they called the idea a last minute attack from the city of san carlos after saying that they invested resources for
7:34 am
months and responsibly worked with the city and police chief here in town to open the store. it's a california chain. they have 20 stores around the state. they recently opened another one. this was going to the second north california location. we reached out for comment this morning and waiting to hear back from the them. back to you guys. >> thank you. now, the question of the day is this. do you support opening another gun store here in the bay area. let us know what you think by voting on the facebook page or twitter page. time is 7:34. today the prosecution in the san francisco murder trial of the man accused of killing kate will have one more witness. it's going to be a rebuttal witness to the defense claiming that the gun
7:35 am
that he was holding went off by accident. however, prosecutors say he internally fired the gun that killed kate. closing arguments are set to begin a week from today. an overnight stand off has ended peacefully. a woman surrounded just after 3:30 this morning. it started on holly drive. people living on the 3300-block were not allowed to return home during the time. they're now back in the homes and there's no reports of anyone being injured. police have yet to release the name and have have not said what started the stand off. time is 7:35. police investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash on saturday morning. it happened near hazelwood drive shortly after midnight on saturday morning. 44-year-old teresa gonzales was crossing the street after
7:36 am
enjoying a night of music and drinks. she was hit and killed as she crossed the street. the uber driver provided some information. her friends are hoping that someone can help the police track down the hit-and-run driver. >> someone trying to hide the fact that they were going to have a dui. now, it's homicide. >> she was many more she was more than a sister. she was my mother and my best friends. it's unbelievable. i don't know what to do without her. >> police are now out there looking for a 1998 to 2000 black toyota or lexus sedan. they're also look at video from cameras at the nearby quick stop gas station. it's 736 tim tichlt a
7:37 am
richmond man was arrested at the bart station over the weekend. the police detained 49-year-old mark stewart just after 10:00 on saturday morning. police say that he he then gave them a false name, resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer. tomorrow researchers will begin to study and see if firefighter weres that responded to the north wildfires were exposed to toxic smoke. the cancer prevention foundation is donating $100,000 to help to pay for the study. the foundation president say that it's important to find out what potential toxins the firefighters may have been exposed too. that's going make it possible to come up with better ways to protect the fire crew in the future. >> we became concerned.
7:38 am
we have to do something about this. cannot just release the men and woman that fought the fire bax to the fire house. >> he says that they're exposed to all of the toxins in the air. he say that is the toxins stay in the body for a long time. he tells us that some of those in the north bay fires are already reporting fires. >> we have talked to a couple of the firefighters there. a lot of them say that they felt sick for two or three days after getting back. that gives you an idea that this was not a normal fire but something really serious. >> crews that were on the screen for the first few days will be the heist priority. they will continue to do more testing if they get more funding. the north bay recovering from the fires and more benefit concerts lined up to help the
7:39 am
fire victims. for the love of sonoma has already sold out. it's this saturday the 18thth at sonoma state. on the same day spear head is going headline for the love of napa. and san francisco pop rock band phren will perform on december 1st at the napa valley opra house. now the shows were organized by bottle rock in napa. last thursday's bay area benefit concert featured big names like dave matthews and oakland raper g easy. we know that show brought in $17 million for those affected by last months devastated fire. that brings the raise for the emergency relief fund to $23 million. 100% of the sales
7:40 am
and donations will be used to help those low income areas rebuild from the last month's fire. we're following a student that was killed in concord. what we can learn when the shooter makes the first appearance. up next, a very passionate statement in front of international leader. we're seeing traffic that's pretty busy out there. as a matter of fact, if you're driving in san francisco it's slow leaving the city on 101. well, from this line south there's some sun. from this line north there's cloud cover and some rain in there. we will look at that and then part in the east bay and there's breaks in the clouds. it will not last. this is the new comfort food.
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a new study by stanford resempers show a climate trend. frohsele fuel hold steady despite the growth in the global economy. so far this year carbon emissions are up. they say that china is using 3% more coal and oil. president trump has aaninetiesed that the u.s. will withdrawal from the parent climate afford in 2020. if that happens, u.s. admissions could start to increase again. time is 7:43. a major summit continues today in germany. the governor jerry brown is one of the key speakers. >> never forget that we're doing more than anybody else. you see the bear, that's the symbol of
7:44 am
the aggressive action that we're taking. yes, i agree with you. we're going go further than that, but we're going to go further with a greater policy. yes, i agree all the way with california and the plans. >> governor brown is among the leader called "america's pledge." also speaking on the climate claim was former governor. >> i think that so many people are having problems with cancer and asthma. those are the issues that we have to talk about. >> he delivered that keynote address on health and climate. president trump has been criticized with pulling the u.s. out of the climate accord. let's check traffic this busy monday morning.
7:45 am
>> right now the commute at the toll plaza is typical. we're seeing some loosening up here in the fast track lanes. that's a sign that thing the are going to get better. you heard steve say that we're in for some wet commute. that's going to change. if you're driving your car to work, you may want to put that in your plane. 880 has filled in considerably. just after 238, you're going to see the long line of traffic. then 680 continues to be slow. we look at the commute, and all of the freeways are filled in trying to get to the valley. that's nothing unshiley. for the most part it's just slow traffic. 7:45 and let's bring steve in. they had a bumper of oakland
7:46 am
and the sun was out. i have only been here since 74. you think that i would know that. >> that's the first mistake that you have made in a long time. >> since this morning. thank you, sir. let's get to it here. we have some breaks this the cloud and then cloud cover and rain in the north. light morning rain. there's not much. there's been a couple of hundreds and that's lightening up. the golden gate bridge south later on this afternoon to the south is 35. north bay a quarter to an inch. some snow above the 6500-foot level. you can see where the line is drawn. that's going fill in. for the morning if you're north, some light rain. most locations are light. by tonight it's going pick up and maybe after 8:00 hour. plenty going on in the pacific to thursday. now, today's system and a lot of cloud cover coming in to the
7:47 am
south southwest. we have light rain and then brake on tuesday. it's heavier rain and then the gulf of alaska is going to tap in. we're going get the wide spread rainfall. it looks like it, and you can see up to lake county and some of the rain is picking up a little bit. some of the rainfall is where the moisture is. that's going north ward and then the cloud cover along with the front is going work the way to the south. there's plenty of breaks and some sun. if you want to do something, the best opportunity is a little bit of rain or drizzle in the mountains. 50s on the temperatures and they have not changed much all morning long. there's an easterly breeze in the front direction. that's with us most of the day. the front is not going make it. we have a lot of cloud cover and not much else. near las vegas and then for us it's 50s. for many it does not matter where it is and then warming up in truckee and then
7:48 am
the advance of that. you do not have to worry of the snow. we have a wind advisory that starts at 8:00 and goes to 10:00 tonight. for us and some light rain in the south, we get the breaks here in the morning. that is on the way as it's tunnelling in here. you can see that going out of the gulf of alaska. that's going give us the better opportunity for rain on thursday. the rainfall is not that much. mainly north of the golden gate again. there could be some higher terrain. the system is looking good. i think there's more than that especially if it taps in the moisture. sunday's system is not in sync on that. take that with a grain of salt. we have the temperatures to the knot and then more opportunity for rain. it's going to take a while to get to the south. until then, there's a mild side. up to 60 and 70s near the valley. looks like a break on friday and saturday. >> okay. thanks.
7:49 am
time is 7:48. a new study compares the green house admission of gas powered cars compared to electric cars. the university of michigan stays even electric cars give off green house gas admissions because the batteries have to be charged by electricity generated at power plants. they found that for gas powered cars to generate fewer admissions in the car, the fuel efficiency has to be 55 miles a gallon. right now the most fuel gas you powered cars in america get 35 miles per gallon. well, a los angeles company is you powering it's trucks with electricity from cables like what rail vehicles use. the goal is to improve the air quality. this is happening in carson by a company in germany.
7:50 am
they say that they're being used in europe, so they should work in southern california, too. >> i think it's an innovative project pa attentionally. we're -- potentially. >> is this doable for all of southern california? >> we're trying that find that out. >> now, this cost $14 million. air quality managers say that the goal is to get to a sir sr. row admission platform by the year 2035. students that work on the san francisco city college campus are getting a raise. the college says that it's going start to pay 1300 work study students the minimum wage of $14 an hour. right now the student employees make $10.74 an hour. community colleges are not required to follow the city minimum wage, but the administrators say that the cost of living in the bay area is so
7:51 am
high, the students need to be paid a higher minimum wage. time is 7:50. collin kaepernick back in the spotlight. the title that he has been given by gq magazine. plus, ikea is expanding and bring hundreds of jobs to the canyon. when they plan to start hiring. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering)
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering)
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welcome back. san jose is facing a rate control battle. tomorrow the city counsel is going have a proposal for rent control departments to the consumer price index. right now the cap increases to 5%, but the rate of inflation for consumer products has been well below that. the law covers 140,000 units. they also want to law to apply to duplexes. that's going to add 11 thousand home toss the program. buying a starter home in the silicon valley is not easy. a new program may help. housing in silicon valley is launching a program to help moderate and middle income people to make the down payments. it's going to be backed with $2 million of the housing trust owned on the restricted funds. for now, money is targeted to those that want to buy homes for up to
7:55 am
$800,000 throughout the santa clara county, east and menlo park. we will be talking to san jose mayor and he is going to talk about the key issues facing millions in the area. a customer fulfillment center for ikea. it's going create about 200 jobs and expected to open by early meks year. they need the warehouses as it continues to expand the delivery services online. the company is going to hold a hiring event in the upcoming months. the time is 7:55. uber has agreed to a deal to sale a big stake of the company to japan. now, under the deal soft bank is expected to make an initial
7:56 am
investment of $1 billion and then would continue to buy shares mounting up to 14% of uber. right now they're worth about $68.5 billion. if soft bank cannot hit the 14% threshold, it can walk away from the deal. plans are now underway to branch in counties that's going to connect with major rails running cost to cost. small rail owns 25 miles of track. now they're considering of buying the use of tracks to an amtrak station. smart train officials are talking about the cost. bart is debating on how much to charge. on thursday the bart board of directors is going to i was dus can price of fairs from traveling to and from the pittsburgh station and near hill crest avenue. the meeting is going take place at the bart's
7:57 am
headquarters. the new stations are set to open in may. being told to get ready and prepare to evacuate. new concern for those living in the areas that were burned by the north bay wildfires. also, starting to take shape. what we're learning of the new home of the raiders in las vegas. the south bay commute is filling in. it's a live look at 280 at the 880 interchange. north of the golden gate, there's cloud and sun breaks for sure. this system is going make the way down here for rain. it may take a while to get to the south bay.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. new concerns of burns in the santa rosa area for flooding and sink holes. how the fires damaged infrastructure in the area. there was a moment of joy for the 49ers and then moments of tragedy. we will have the details behind the heart breaking touchdown run. this is ktvu morns on 2. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday november 13th. >> let's help you get out the door day. it's a day for a jacket and umbrella. >> certainly north. there's a little bit of sun to the south. good morning. >> thank you. >> we do have partly cloudy skies. that's where the rain is right now. overall we're looking for breaks in the clouds. to the north it's a
8:01 am
different story. by tonight that's going to get down here. golden gate bridge south the a third of an inch north. some snow and wind and then 700 feet. there's the cloud cover. to the south there's been some light rain cover. that's over with for now. to the north there's going to be light rain and then picking up tonight by 8:00 or 10:00. there's plenty of south in the south southwest. you can see the rain up to the clover dale and then lake county. not a lot and then more so south where there are breaks. the system is going to slide south. the temperatures are there all morning long and then the airport because of a south breeze. overall the light precip in the mountains. plenty of cloud cover and the streerng system seems to be on tap. 60s on the temperatures today under mostly cloudy skies. it's been good so far. >> yeah, it's been goodish.
8:02 am
we do have a crash in the counter commute direction in the valley. that's the thing that really surprises people. normally driving this way coming up this way, you don't have slow traffic with that. with the accident in hashing lees you do now. you're going see slow traffic. highway 4 is not as slow as i thought it was going to be. that sums it up. when you goat the bay bridge, that's backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. you see the slow traffic on the bridge. 8:02 and back to the dist. thank you. with rain in the forecast, there could be evacuations in some of the cities burn areas. >> that rain could cause flooding, land slides and sink holes.
8:03 am
ktvu is in santa rosa. alex. >> reporter: yeah , well good morning to you. it turns out that the tubs fire damaged or destroyed a number of storm drains here in the fountain grove neighborhood. when you get the rain starting to fall, you have the water pooling under ground. that's going be what happened here a couple of days ago at the end of the newberry court. there was a large sink hole that was just repaired yesterday by work crews. this was about 250 feet of underground pipe that was destroyed. that led to a large sink hole in the area a. now, city officials say that there's more than 20 other locations similar to this one where the storm drains have been damaged or destroyed as a result of the fires. now, authorities are worried for the potential of flooding. with that being said,
8:04 am
they went door to door just yesterday warning people to be on alert and be ready to evacuate because of the potential for problems relate today to the up coming rainstorms. i want to bring it back out live. i am joined by the deputy fire marshal. thanks for joining us this morning. the rain is just beginning to fall right now. that's the first in the series of storms here. what are the biggest concerns for those living in the burn zone snuz. >> well, the concerns -- burn zones? >> well, we have upwards to 13 to 15 closed caption television crews from city, county and state agencies going out and using video cameras to go under ground and see where the pipes are burned away. >> reporter: so they're putting cameras under ground to see where they have issues with the pipes. how much pipe do you have to inspect and get a look
8:05 am
at here? >> there's hundreds of miles. we're focussing on where the critical needs are and where the homes are still standing and busy roads. we're using a process from the highest priority to the lowest priority. that's where we're at. we have 23 sites that we have identified that are a concern of ours. this was the highest priority and the first one that we repaired. the others are a monitor phase where we're working to get them fixed. they're not critical needs right now. >> okay. obviously we have seen the devastation in some of the neighborhoods here and fountain grove that's been destroyed. there are homes and people are living in the neighborhoods here. the people that are here, what do they need to keep an eye out for to try to minimize the potential for flooding and for land slides? >> well, we're publicizing this because we want people to know what the risks are in the hillside community. this is the last thing that we want to deal
8:06 am
with. we're not here to just put the fire out and leave but the long haul. we want people to know what is happening. we have a lot of people and crews doing work. this area is occupied. we recognize that. there's eyes and we're encouraging them to if there's any signs of mud slides, land slides, please do not hesitate to report. if you're concerned, report us immediately. >> reporter: they need to be the eyes and ears? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: there's a great concern is of flooding, land slides and also the sink holes because of all of the damage that was done to these undergrounded storm drains as a result of the fires. >> alex, thank you. today is an important deadline to remove fire debris from property for free. this is only for homes destroyed or heavily damaged by
8:07 am
the fires. residence can apply to the army corp. of engineer toss the free debris removal. the deadline is today. because of the safety concerns, there's a push for the waste and toxic debereavement the deadline is at 5:00 to submit the application. the raiders are going to break ground on the new stadium in las vegas. we have a look at the future home of the raiders and the fans. >> reporter: well the general public is not invited to the ground breaking. you can see that white tent over there. that's where the ground breaking is going to take place. if you look behind there, there's a bunch of construction vehicles in place. they have been here for the last month and a hawaii the reason is that they're getting the land prepped the for the construction. they have to get the utilities in here. they have to clear away all of the brush and all of the plants that are sehrt of growing here so that they can do that.
8:08 am
if you take a look over, there's a green tarp that's laying out in the mild of the land. that's where the playing field is going to be. that does look like a playing field. they put it there to give an idea of where the playing field is going to be located. the issue is that there's parking. everybody wants to tailgate and this does not look like a lot of parking for a 65000 seat staid cranley. who knows if they're going relocate in the process. the good news is that anybody that's visiting has a pretty easy commute to get over to the stadium during the game, but they're going have to see how to cross the highway to do it. the highway was one of the sticking points over here. there were a couple of different areas where the stadium was being looked at or towns for the stadium. it's running along the main area here. the good news is that everybody can see the updates on
8:09 am
the stadiums for advantage points. it's going take three years to prelate. they're not going be in vegas until 2020. we will keep you updated on the stadium. well, rookie quarterback lead the 49er toss the first victory by beating the giants. >> he is still going. going down to the 49ers. >> they have a 47-yard touchdown that gave the 49ers a lead and then that's the first play and then tucking it away and then going 11 yards. the next game is going to be november 26th against the seahawk after the win the fans begin to hear what the wide receiver was doing during the game. christian has the heart breaking details from
8:10 am
levi stadium. >> reporter: the touchdown was a moment of joy for the 49ers and fans. it was only that we learned it was a tragedy for goodwin and the family as they were mourning the loss of his son. >> wide open and goodwin is gone. a 49er touchdown. >> reporter: the stadium was on fire as goodwin imagined to complete and make the 89-yard touchdown. he sank to his knees and prayed surrounded by the teammates. it was a moment of joy for the 49ers and fans. it was only after the game that we learned that goodwin left following the game to be with his family. he posted the news saying that his son was born premature at 4:00 on sunday morning, and that he and his wife lost him with complications. he posted a
8:11 am
picture of his son's tiny hands. through it all, he said that he has a wife that's resilient and he is asking for prayers as they recover from this tragedy. time is 8:11. controversy of a gun store in san carlos. plus, we continue to follow the latest of a high school student shot and killed in concord. what we can learn today when the shooter makes his first appearance in court. it's still busy for this monday morning's commute. well, some partly sunny for some mostly cloudy rain to the north. everybody is going talk about that and what is in store for the rest of the week.
8:12 am
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8:13 am
( ♪ ) to the next generation of greats. from high school stars, to college athletes and fans. we're excited to meet you. to college athletes and fans. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:14 am
an earthquake that hit near iraq and iran has killed 400 people. along with the 400 killed, thousands were injured. we do know there are several areas without power and rescue teams are searching villages look for survivors. the u.s. gs say that is the quake was shallow and may increase the amount of damage.
8:15 am
new at 8:00, the man accused of shooting and killing a concord high school student is expected in court. prosecutors say that he he shot 17-year-old lawrence jenison three times near olympic high school last monday. concord police say that they targeted him but not said what the motive for the shooting was. a richmond man was arrested over the weekend after failing to pay for a bart ride. this they obtained mark stewart just after 10:00 on saturday morning for fare ovation. as we reported, the police are now cracking down on the fair avadeers. how much toxic exposure firefighters are experiencing. they're testing 200
8:16 am
firefighters. the cancer prevention foundation is donated money for this. they say that it's important to find out what potential toxins they were exposed too. that's going to make it possible to come up with ways to prevent that in the future. >> we became concerned. cannot release the men and woman that fought them back to the fire house and not do a follow up. >> he says that crews were exposed to all kinds of toxins in the air. they say that stays in the body for a long time. >> we talked to a couple of firefighters that were still there. a lot of them said that they were feeling sick for two or three days after getting bavenlth this was not a normal fire but something serious. >> crews that were on the scene the first few days will be the
8:17 am
heist of priority. 8:16 and monday morning traffic. >> yeah, you know, right now we have a lot of slow traffic. things seem to be settling down just a little bit on the 80 westbound. it's 51 minutes and last week it was 20 minutes heavier. maybe we're getting a little bit spread out on the morning commute. it's still a quiet commute and there's plenty of room going on. remember there's a lighter than usual day. this is seeming busy. this is a look at 880 northbound drivinging in to the arena area and up to downtown oakland. things are beginning to get better. now, steve has been saying that this afternoon's commute maybe affect bid the weather. it could be much slower this afternoon as we look at the slow traffic on the peninsula, that's filed in. driving out to livermoor, that's
8:18 am
getting better. let's now bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. partly cloudy to the north. there's not a lot to the s. once gain the moisture is confined north. that's the theme here. we're getting some breaks even though that we have had some light rain. most of the rain is going pick up in the 40-hour at 8:00 or 10:00 and by the time it gets south. there's plenty going on on thursday. after that, there's a days agreement on what is taking shape. there's another system on sunday. a dry forecast on tuesday and heavier rain on wednesday. that's the best opportunity for something other than a couple of hundreds. a lot of moisture going to us. that's the low. every one of these systems is to the northwest and there's a lot of amounts of rain. for us, you can see the rain picking up in parts of the county and then going south of that and there's
8:19 am
a definite dividing line of the clouds and mostly sunny to apartly sunny skies. we have 60 for the southeast breeze. we have a point 08 for the drizzle and then i saw a .05. there's plenty going on with this system and then looks like they want to tap in to that. if that's the carriages we can increase the rainfall rates. we can deal with that on tuesday and wednesday. for today, there's a third to an which covering to the north. there's indications that after thursday and friday and saturday, there maybe another system on sunday. there's not an agreement for that. for the next couple of days the 60s and low and mid-to the north. we maybe near 70s for the added sunshine. for some, we will get the rain tonight and then gain on wednesday night and thursday morning. we have brake on friday and saturday and sunday is the day in question right now. >> thank you steve.
8:20 am
still to come, president trump making the final stop in asia. more on the protestors that lined the streets of manila. what if there was only one emoji? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
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people across the state of texas showed their support for the small community. the ceremony was led by the pastor whose 14-year-old daughter was among those killed in the shooting. president trump is in manila as thousands protested and filled the streets after ropeing up his trip to asia. that was the scene as the police used the water canyons to push the protestors back. manila was in a state of lock down while the president and other world were leader attended an economic summit there. >> as the world knows since the election it's been moving ahead. >> the president returns to washington tomorrow. wednesday he is promising major
8:24 am
announcements with north korea and trade. new at 8:00, president trump has picked up former top executive to be his health and human services secretary. they made the announcement this morning. if confirmed, he will over see a million dollar department, medical research, third in drug safety and public health. just a short time ago alabama candidate roy moore was asked to step aside. this comes after moore said that he is going to file a lawsuit. moore is being pressured to quit his campaign for senate. he told the supporters that the allegations are false and it's an attempt to stop the campaign. they questioned why the allegations were revealed so close to the election. >> now, if roy comes out and say
8:25 am
that is yes, he dwight this and admits to this, i will have him step down. i would be the first to have him step down. i have not heard him say that. >> the story quoted four woman by name. it also had two dozen sources. voters go to the poll in december. collin kaepernick was named gq's citizen of the year. he is being honored for making a peaceful and public protest of plus blualty. the magazine says that it cost him his job and made him a lightening rod and powerful symbol. just a short time ago, kaepernick tweeted and saying that he was honored to be recognized as citizen of the year. gq's champion of the year
8:26 am
was kevin durrant. he was also named the finals mvp. they're also honoring late night host stephen colbert and actress kale gadot as wonder woman of the year. she will not make a sequel unless the producer is not involved with the movie. why witnesses say that a shooting may have started over a parking dispute. weighing in on the debate of firearms attracting the fire attention. why the city is saying that they could decide to put a moratorium on new gun shops. good morning. we can see that traffic is an issue on some of the bay area roads and the approach to the richmond bridge. a lot of cloud cover to the north. the system is going to bring rain. we will have more on that and what looks to be a
8:27 am
good system on wednesday and thursday. thursday. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together
8:28 am
and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
8:29 am
thankful that you're with you us. >> good morning, everyone. had a little bit of drizzle on the way to work. there was no big precipitation. >> a little bit later, guys. a look at the rain totals and last year we were out of the gate and way off the chart here. there was only one system here. we're running behind. santa rosa this time had 7.66. this year was two and a third.
8:30 am
this year only 8400. san jose has only had a half inch of rain. last year we were between 100 and 200% of normal. as you know, it was a bad year. there's a system on the way with more to the north. again, it will not stop raining in the pacific northwest. going south of that and that's not been as active as it was. this is going go south, and we see the rain up in lakeport and then there's some rain. northern snow county and lake county and northern napa and not much yet. this system is going to slowly slide south. it's kind of mild here for some. it's 58 in belmont and then going to the southside and then also south bay and then to the clear valley.
8:31 am
look for cloudy to mostly cloudy. 8:31 and we're still busy out there, steve. we're looking at the east bay commutes and for example the highway 24 is going to be slowing here. highway 4 has been lighter than usual. at the bay bridge we have a back up here. if you are wondering if the commute is normal, i would say yes. normally slow in many areas including the bridges and the cause ways. we do have a little improvement, but not much. the sagged bound is slow and so the commute times have come and widened out. by this time, we start to see the improvement. not yet. as you can see all of the freeways are get nothing the west valley and silicon valley. they're going to be slow. 8:31 and let's go back to the desk.
8:32 am
whether to put a 45-day moratorium on a gun shop. >> the push came from a number of concerns from the community members. >> reporter: yes, they're advertising themselves for hunting and fishing. you can see that by the photos that they have posted. one of the pictures shows a line of firearms on one of the walls. tonight the city of san carlos is going to see if they're going to have to wait another 45 days to open. a moratorium is the issue being talked about. concerned citizen say that they already have a gun shop located less than a mile away. that store had a problem with some guns stolen and a break-in last year. it was a string of burglaries last year in some cases the themes rammed the cars
8:33 am
in store fronts and made off with hundreds of weapons. now the city attorney in a report recommends an approval on the opening of this new shop. they say they can use the time to put zoning laws and regulations in place specifically for gun shops. the people here say that they would be okay with the gun shop opening if there were restrictions on the type of weapons that they sold. >> if they sold just hunting rifles and pistols and sporting stuff and that kind of thing, i would be for that. >> as long as they do the right background checks, fine. if not, you don't need, like, if you are hunting you don't need different weapons. >> reporter: now the moratorium debate has the attention of the national rifle association. they specifically mentioned tonight's city counsel meeting
8:34 am
scheduled for 7:00. they encourage the members to attend and voice the opposition. they called it a last minute attack from the city of san carlos after saying that they worked responsibly with the city and police chief for months to get the store ready to asmt now it's a chain here in california. they have about 20 stories. looking at the website, they're located in southern california. they recently opened one up, and we have reached out to representatives from the outdoors man for the comment. we're waiting to hear back from them. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> the question of the day is do you support opening another gun store in the bay area? 68% of you say no. let us know by voting on the facebook page or twitter. san jose police say that an
8:35 am
overnight stand off that started over parking has ended quietly. they were called just before 6:00 last night and one block of holly drive was cornered off after a woman barricaded herself in a home. more than nine hours later the woman surrounded to the police, and people were able to return to the home. police have not released the name. she is facing charges of brandishing a weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm. she brought out a gun to report neighbors. no reports of any injuries. a crash happening on saturday morning shortly after midnight on saturday morning. a 44-year-old woman was crossing the street after leaving the brentwood bowl. she called uber for a ride home and was hit and killed after crossing the road to get to her ride. that's her on the right.
8:36 am
the car that hit her drove off, were but the uber driver provided information. they're looking for a 1998 to 2000 black lexus sedan with damage to the front end or hood. expecting a detour to skyline road. that's undergoing repairs. that's going to be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. between bear creek road. the daytime closures are expected to last until later on this month. considering the tax reform once gain this week. there could be change toss the 401k. let's talk to pam cook about this. >> investors are concerned that the tax reform bill is not going done any time soon. the corporate tax rate that's been delayed until 2019. now, all of that took the stocks down when the opening bell rang this morning. they're all recovering
8:37 am
now. matel is surging. boeing is doing very well after landing a deal. there's the numbers right now. as a mentioned all three indexes are down off the top. the dow is up 8 points. the s&p and nasdaq are also up a little bit as well. the senate is going to consider the tax reform once gain this week. utah senator is proposing a change to the pretax patch up contribution. right now people over the age of 50 can contribute an extra $6,000 a year pretax today the 4081k in addition to the $18,000 limit. hatch is proposing to increase the limit to $9,000 a year, but the whole catch up amount is
8:38 am
taxed when it's made. uber has agreed to a deal to sale a major stake of the company to soft bank. under the deal, soft bank is expected to make an investment of $1 billion and would then continue to buy shares amounting to 14% of the company. right now uber were worth $68.5 billion. if soft bank cannot make the threshold, it can walk away from the deal. today, curry's new restaurant is going to open in san francisco, international smoke is curry and seth. the 80 seat dining room on the tower focussing on bar-b-que food. they start in a pop up restaurant. they have written several cook books and had her on recently. i tried to corn bread recipe. i have been thinking about that ever since.
8:39 am
i am not a corn bread person. >> yeah i am not either. >> this was nice to see the success. >> you talked about the pop up and the big deal. >> yeah, that's tough in san francisco. >> okay. all right. thank you, pam. housing prices, are they pushing people out of the bay area? we're going talk live with the mayor about what is being done to create more affordable house nothing the city. good morning. you can see that we still have quit a bit of slow traffic. we have slowing as you go down to central san rafel. we will look at this system and seeing what is in store for later on this week.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
home prices continue to skyrocket. >> the mayor joining us live from the san jose studio. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, catherine. pleasure to be with you. >> which do you support and why?
8:43 am
>> i do not support changing the the rule currently. this is the third time that we have had a change in the rent control ordnance. when you're in a housing crisis or any crisis, you create a plan and execute against that. i came out with a plan several weeks ago and focussing on building units. many of them are affordable here in the downtown area and then we have people relying on less expensive transportation as well. going back to this piece is not a way that we're going make process. it's a nice thing to have a set percentage so that renters know what the rights are. landlords know what to expect as well. everyone is clear on the rights and cpi and not people do not know it. it's one year to the text and that's not very helpful when you want to insure that there's clear expectations. >> do you think that renters are
8:44 am
being taken advantage of? >> no doubt. there are a lot of good landlords out there that are doing well. the larger forces that work here are supply and demand. as long as we have not addressed the core issues, we're going to have great challenges and with every city in california. you have to focus on building more affordable housing. it can not be a question of who do we plan one side or the other. that's not going to go forward. >> i remember 2012 and then the measure b was passed and 70% of the voters. sounds like you're putting the final pieces in place to reverse a lot of the huge things that we saw you from the public cities and agencies there? >> yeah, it's taken us several years. we have a lot to resolve. we have resolved the last of the litigation.
8:45 am
the good news with them approving, we're seeing a lot of rebuilding. we're going to have large academy classes coming in. it's great to see the morale and the department rising and the workforce across the city. >> why should a relatively few number get so much and the vase majority of the people are working with no guarantee to what comes with them at the end of the working days? >> there's no question that we have got a very serious problem and a very large unfunded liability. the state has it's own problems. i think that we have been far more trans important right here in san jose. we have been far more proactive like addressing that. talking about it some and we're saving $42 million this year and then that's over the 30 years of
8:46 am
this plan. we're going save the money and we're going see that the pensions and retiree benefits are going to be a challenge for us. we're going pay them off over time. >> we saw the police officers taking off over the past few years. i know that you said about hiring another hundred. are you happy with that and getting more in the city other than the hundred? >> well, the good news is that we're seeing the officers coming back from other departments. they realize that this is again an employer of choice. that's a great sign for the city. our academies are full. we can not fill them up anymore. we're going add them as fast as we can. we have done grate job of providing the department. so i think that we're heading the right direction. this is going take a few years to get the department where it might be. we're going in the right
8:47 am
direction with the speed. >> in the few seconds that we have left, how is it going throughout the year as we're entering the raining season? >> well, we have been working with the water district and we're -- they're improving the walls and burns that are needed to be improved for the raining season. we're moving a lot of the dead trees and fallen trees that were causing thele challenges. we know that we have a bigger challenge on the hand. that is going to take hundreds of millions of dollar for the funding. we have to push to get that fixed. >> well, wishing you a great week. always enjoy you joining us live from the san jose studio. things are spread out this morning. as we look at the county, i'm going show you
8:48 am
something unusual. highway 4 is completely cleared out. go ahead and drive there. look at the east bay commute. the traffic is slow in concord and richmond. highway 24 is just a little bit slow to la fayette. when you get to the bay bridge, you can see that it's moderate. you're going see traffic that's slow getting in to downtown oakland. let's bring in steve. this afternoon we may get the tough commutes because of the wet weather. >> yeah, later on this evening. that's correct. there was some rain and then that's a little bit to the north and then not a lot. it was dry and then a better timeline and then the system continues to move in a lot of cloud cover. we're north of the golden combat and then some partly sunny in there and then the breeze is equalling the mild conditions. after the 6:00 hour, the rain is going pick up and go south. there's not a lot to the south and then a little bit more to the north. it's north of the golden gate and then i know there's some areas with a half inch of rain. i know it's going to pick up later
8:49 am
on this evening. snow is not a big issue. maybe the wind. we have a couple of systems today and tonight. another one is on wednesday. that looks like the best bet for were the heavier rain on wednesday and thursday. a lot of moisture coming up from the south southwest. we have a lot of cold air, and then they all start to move east. they do not go far enough south. some of the coldest air is why we have not had a lot of rain. we will take what we can get. there's not a lot here unless it's north and you have had the big descent rain. some of the rain up, and it's going pick up. you can see the cloud cover going south. it's on the way. it's going to give us a you you cloudy day. the rain is going to move south. it's 59 in the bay and then we're getting the upper 50s and then 60s over by berkley and then martinez and then the breeze is a mild part earn for some here when the
8:50 am
front arrives. that's not until later. in the much else and then la and san diego and phoenix they do not have the rained. snow is not an issue unless it's above 7,000 feet. the breeze is picking up and then the mountains is about done. the system is going to work the way towards us. if it's not cloudy yet, it will. it's a little warmer to the south and then mild conditions with the southeast breeze. the rain is on the way tonight and then on scombendz thursday, that looks good. >> yeah, we appreciate it. trouble at one of the happiest places on earth. disneyland is sinking after several people became sick.
8:51 am
8:52 am
the man of cuesed of killing kate stelin is going to call one
8:53 am
more witness in the case. the prosecutors say that he fired the gun that was fired and killed her. as the north bay continues to recover, there are a few more benefit concerts. there's a concert at sonoma state on the 18th and then spear head is going to headline for the love of napa at the winery in oakville and then tron is going perform on the 21st at the napa valley wine house. thursday's band together bay area featured big names like thattal ka and dave mathers and raper g easy. we know that the show brought in $17 million for
8:54 am
those affected. that raises the amount raised to $23 million. the tickets and donations will be used to help the areas rebuild after the fires. disney shut down two you towers after 12 people have confirmed case of nudge near's of leg nears disease. it's away from areas where the guests are allowed. the number of cases of leg nears disease has been on the increase, but they cannot say why. major climate change continues in germany. what the governor had to say at this year's summit.
8:55 am
one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. major climate change continues in germany. what the governor had to say at this year's summit. [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ledge ner ledge neargionnaire
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legionnaire legionnaire ss' legionnaires disease legionnaires disease' disease
8:57 am
legionnaires disease a trend and fossil fuel admission held steady from 2014 to 2016 despite the growth in the global economy. so far this year the admissions are up. china is using 3% more coal and oil and gas. contrasts are on the decline. president trump say that is the u.s. will withdrawal in 2020f. that happens, the u.s. admissions cooled start to increase gain. one of the keynote spokes in germany is governor brown. >> don't forget that we're doing more than anybody else. this is the symbol of the aggressive climate action that we're taking. yes, i agree with you. we are going to go further than that.
8:58 am
we're going to go further with the intelligent aggressive policy. yes, i agree. all the way with california and the climate pledge. >> governor brown was among the leader from the united states to reduce green house admissions under a group called "american's pledge". also speaking was former california governor arnold. >> i think that so many people are, you know, having problems with cancer and kids with asthma and all that stuff. those are the issues that we're going talk about. >> former gov ner delivered the keynote -- former governor delivered the keynote address. a new study compares to overall green house gas admissions to cars to electric
8:59 am
cars. the transportation say that is even electric cars bring off the admission because the batteries have to be generated. they found that for the gas powered cars and then the fuel efficiency has to be 55 files a gallon. they get about 35 miles a gallon. the smart phone in sonoma county have only been running for a few months. they're going connect with ray major rails. they have track and then now it's considering buying the use of tracks to an amtrak station. smart train officials are debating the coves the planned expansion. thursday the bart board of director s is going discuss a price of traveling to and from the pittsburgh station near the railroad avenue. the meeting is going to take place
9:00 am
in oakland. the public is invited and the stations are set to open up in may. today at 9:00, we're live as the suspect in the deadly shooting of a teenager makes his first court appearance. and the california society wants your opinion on what should be done with the san francisco mint. plus, a look inside of a new mew seism mew seism in washington d.c. >> sometimes it's just nice to sit out and take a breathe every now and then. the days are flying by as we give you a look at the san francisco bay. there's the bay bridge and then we see this. >> yeah, taking that in. >> yeah, i forgotten


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