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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 30, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it hangs from a bracket on your ceiling. it started in eastern and central europe. today at 9:00 we talk to a civil rights attorney as more al gigs against matt lauer are reported. and we are live with the ceo of a san francisco company auctioning off rental properties to the highest bidder. >> plus, we will preview the jack london square christmas tree lighting with my favorite, the tap dancing christmas trees, and one of the charities taking part. all right, on this cool looking thursday morning we start to say good-bye to the month of november, because in just about 15 hours we're going to say hello to december. a live look at the great city of san francisco, the city by the bay. i should say the most expensive city in the cub, one of them. we keep reading up on this on-
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line bidding company. >> on the apartment. >> the ceo is coming in. it's basically lake ebay for apartments. are you guys into this? do you like the idea? >> i don't think i am. >> a bidding war for apartments? >> i think it can only be good for people with a lot of money. >> i would think that the ceo of the company knows this criticism and has some answers. >> he does. he actually says puts the bidder in control. how many times have you tried on a $1,000 wedding dress, and you like it, but you say, would the her, i'm going to try on the $10,000 dress. so you try on that one, and you never had any intention of buying it. >> i'm intrigued. >> but the rental market is so bad right now. >> horrible. >> some criticism is a company like this makes it worse.
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but does it really make it worse? >> he'll answer the question. a busy newscast. we want to bring in mark tamayo to give us a fake of what we are supposed to see coming up. >> by saturday we will have more clouds, maybe a few scattered light showers but it will not be a washout. today, you saw that live camera, it is beautiful out there for your thursday. temperatures than will warm up into the 60s. so kind of useful temperature pattern. 62 to 65 to 66 degrees. satellite showing clouds up to our north. those clouds will gradually work their way into the bay area. a little bit tomorrow. so tomorrow i think we're going to have a few more clouds with partly cloudy skies. closer here. by saturday, that green on the radar could be approaching the bay area, especially up toward the north basement current numbers, it was a cold start this morning. we are recovering right now. we have walnut creek 47, san jose 51, san francisco 53 degrees. as you can see here with our
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forecast model, more sunshine today. then into your friday we will go with partly cloudy skies. look what happens saturday. here's the change. definitely more clouds and the possibility of a few scattered showers. highest chance will be up in the north bay. maybe a few sprinkles or light shower down towards san francisco and oakland. the clouds will gradually move out bisaturday night. enjoy today. lots of sit, lots of sunshine. forecast high in san jose actually flirting with the 70- degree mark. 68 in half man bay. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, changes coming our way with cooler temperatures, a little bit of a drop-off in the numbers. bisaturday we'll bring in the chance of a shower. we were talking about this earlier. as we start december there's no real sign of any major storm or potent storm or the storm door opening. it's not showing up yet. >> mark, thank you. matt lauer, the former nbc today show host, issue is ago statement after he was fired yesterday because of sexual
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harassment complaints. lawyer wrote he is truly sorry and added, quote, i realize the depth of the damn and disappointment i have left behind at home and nbc. i am blessed to be surrounded by the people i love. he went on to say, it's been humbling to take a look at his flaws and that repairing the damage done is now his full- time job. lawyer's final appearance on the today show was tuesday. on monday night a network her employee and her attorney met with executives to talk about inappropriate behavior. since then at least three more women have come forward to describe their encounters with lauer. one woman said lauer had assaulted her in his office back in 2001. she said that she did not report it because she feared losing her job. and then variety is reporting that lauer gave another woman a sex toy. and the show business publication reports lauer
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exposed himself to at woman and then chastised her for not responding. the creator of a prairie home companion, garrison keillor, is talking about why he says he was fired from minnesota public radio. he says he put his hand on a woman's back as he was consoling her. he says her shirt was open. he says he verbally apologize her and he says he and the woman remained friends until he heard from her lawyer. music and film producer russell demint is stepping down. this morning simmons released a statement saying while her memory of that evening is very different from mine it is now clear to me her feelings of fear and intimidation are real. he says he is removing himself from the businesses because he doesn't want to be a
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distraction and will focus on personal growth. we're just hearing that michigan congressman john conyers who has been accused of sexual harassment has been admitted to a detroit hospital for stress related illness. and for the first time house minority leader nancy pelosi is now calling for congressman conyers to resign, saying the accusations against him are, quote, serious, disappointing, and very credible, end quote. the 88-year-old conyers is the longest serving member of the house. he has denied the allegations. >> the allegations of sexual misconduct by members of congress prompted the house to pass new rules requiring anti- sexual harassment training for all members. it requires lawmakers, their staff and interns to complete a training program on workplace rights and responsibilities. the senate adopted a similar resolution earlier this month. the california civil rights group defends people who have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. happy to be joined by the group's managing attorney.
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we welcome you here. >> thanks for having me here. >> with all of these reports, mostly perhaps matt lauer's, it's happening at lightning speed, where i've heard from others that this used to take years. >> sexual harassment victims generally are concerned, because there is a stigma associated with making complaints of sexual harassment. they're seen as being overly sensitive, troublemakers, and they are normally concerned about their careers. here we have a new movement. it is a very different environment when it comes to public figures and celebrities. there is a sense of empowerment. >> do you think that our daughters -- 25 daughters -- by the time they get to the workplace, will it be a better workplace because of what's happening today in 2017? >> well, this is where the real concern lies. this is where we're also concerned. right now it's one thing for
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media or a celebrity or a public figure to be accused of public harassment. the information spread quickly. many people become aware of it, and many people can react. and, you know, have their voice be heard. less so the stigma is attached with the fear when there are other people. people aren't going to be saying, you are beg overly sensitive if there are over 70 complaints. it's very different in the day- to-day work place for regular employees who are not dealing with the public. >> the guy in the cubicle next to you is not famous, what you're saying is that the repercussions won't be as bad for him or her. >> i'm saying the company may not have such a big incentive to act immediately and quickly because there's no pressure. there's not the same pressure as having the media's attention and having all these other victims come up. >> what did you think of the way nbc reacted so swiftly?
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there wasn't that internal investigation, there wasn't -- >> he's off the air for six months. >> a suspension. there was, what just happened? 24 hours later, he's gone. >> it's a breath of fresh air. i thirveghtd's great. it's great to see, especially for us who usually deal with sexual harassment complaints where companies take forever. usually their response is the allegations are inconclusive. here i think nbc knew based on their interview they suspected there are going to be more that this was not a single incident. i think their response was good. >> let me ask you this through a follow-up. as an attorney, and we start to learn more about matt lauer and nbc, but there agencies been some chatter out there about how long nbc execs knew about mr. lauer's alleged activity of sexual harassment. saying that, if that hold up true, can nbc be liable if they knew what was going on and kept lauer on air over the years?
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>> absolutely. notice is one of the key items that holds a company liable for misconduct. companies have a legal obligation. as soon as they find out about harassing conduct, they have an immediate obligation to stop the harassing conduct and to protect workers. >> as a lawyer you would have to subpoena the e-mails, and would you have to find proof that nbc knew. so would you say to women or anyone who feels harassed, to document the complaint for that reason? >> oh, absolutely. but a lot of times the women don't think it is going to happen to them. no woman believes she is going to be sexually harassed. when this happens, a lot of times it's hard, because all women react differently. >> you hear a lot of i was shocked, i was shamed, could i have done something to invite this sort of advance. if i can ask you, at a very individual level, i think workplaces everywhere are now dealing with this new -- i used to joke with you one way. now, i don't know if i can say that any more, right? where is that line between
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creepy and criminal? >> well, i mean, you know, we're seeing it also in the rhetoric of the new alleged harassers. they're also saying, i'm sorry, i thought i was beg friendly. >> i'm a hugger. senator al franken says, i'm a hiring. you now realize that wept always -- is there a dark line, or is that a gray area? >> i think people should feel comfortable at work. and i think there is absolutely no need to engage in any behavior that might be possibly even in the slightest event perceived as inappropriate. of course, it's different if you have been friends with someone for 20 years and you have a completely different relationship, perhaps, if you know they feel comfortable. but generally i think the key should be for everybody to treat their co work wears respect and dignity. if there's even a slight hint that the treatment might be perceived as harassing, absolutely. >> not in congress, do you think there's a different standard by the people elect by
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the people of the united states? do you think that will start to change? >> we hope. i can't really guess at this point. but again, that kind of goes to my initial concern other than within the public figure, celebrity fear, i'm not really sure how muchesque this is going to have on the real day to day employer and work environment, and hopefully with enough pressure and the movement, essentially gaining more and more momentum as we speak, hopefully they will act swifter and take some lessons. >> the california civil rights law group, a good discussion. we're glad you are here. >> thanks for having me. >> still to come, the conversation will continue. at 9:40 we're going to talk live with the variety reporter who had the exclusive on the additional women making accusations against matt lauer. >> several elementary schools in the south bay are at risk of closing.
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take a look at your screen. it's a number you have not seen before when it comes to the dow jones. it crossed that 24,000 mark this morning, and here we are at 255 points gained already in the session, the dow up more than one full percent. s & p also very strong, nasdaq, both of those indexes gaining almost one full percent. >> october 23,000. august, 22,000. >> up 6,000 points since president trump took office. >> he's tweeting about that. >> yes. >> exact. in international news, north korea has now released video it says is fritz missile launch. they say this launch proves every u.s. city is now within
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its reach. president trump is encouraging all nations to cut diplomatic ties with pyongyang. there are talks underway. the pentagon says the talks have been scheduled for a long time and are supposed to focus on how china and the united states would manage a large emergency on the korean peninsula. president trump tweeted earlier this morning the chinese envoy who just returned from north korea seems to have had no impact on little rocket man, hard to believe his people and the military put up with living in such horrible conditions. russia and china condemned the launch. for more on some of the other headlines we have been work on let's go to dave clark. >> sam, thank you. here are some of the top stories. some parents in the south bay pretty worried about the futures of their schools continues. district in san jose closely looking at eight elementary schools that may shut down as many as five of them.
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parents are worried about where the students will be transferred to. next monday they will have a chance to talk to school district officials in a public meeting. surge pricing may be coming soon to every san francisco park meter. the mta is considering a plan for next year where hourly parking rates would be based on demand and says surge pricing would make more parking spaces available because drivers may decide to park for shorter periods of time or take public transportation to avoid parking at all. the mta plans to vote on this next tuesday. today is day six of jury deliberations in san francisco in the kate steinle murder case. during the trial moss cute torse told the jury that the defendant intentionally shot and killed steinle. the jury is deciding between
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manslaughter, first-degree murder, second-degree murksd or no crime at all. nine students sued the school district because they were suspended in connection with a social media post. the students claim their free speech was violated. yesterday the judge ruled the school district was within its rights to discipline the students because of the turmoil caused by the social media posts. those are just some of are your morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, gasia, i'll sent back to you. now to a potential pilot problem for american airlines. a computer given has left thousands of american airline flights without pilots for the next month. >> reporter: blame it on a computer glitch. roughly 15,000 american airlines flights have no pilot assigned to them between the christmas holiday and the new
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year. a surprise to travelers at sfo. >> that's very hectic and very unfortunate for all of us. >> reporter: the shortage was caused by an error in the system pilots use toe bid for tame off. the glitch granted more time- off between december 17th and december 31st. an american airlines captain told yahoo finance the pilots were given the option to drop trips during the christmas holiday so most of them did. >> i think they will have to resolve. this i think they will figure it out. i'm pretty confident about. this. >> reporter: a spokesperson for american tells ktvu the airline has reserve pilots to help cover flight schemes in december and it is offering pilots 150% of their hourly rate to pick up open trips. part of the statement reads, we are working diligently to address the issue and expect to avoid cancellations this
9:20 am
holiday season. travelers hope the airline keeps its word. >> just knowing that these days the airlines are not as good as they should be on their promises, i can't really tell if they would be. >> reporter: the apa has filed a grievance saying management did not consult with the union and created the solution in  violation of the pilots' contract. american airlines says it will work with the apa to take care of pilots and ensure customers get where they need to go over the holidays. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we're talking about this story as it is unfolding. would you give up your vacation for time and a half pay? we check out the poll results and find 32% of you say yes. 68% of you say no. >> no way. you have to pay me more. >> gabriel m tweets, not for time and a half, but double
9:21 am
time, yes. >> frederick says yes, spent more of my career with more accrued vacation time than allowed to take. it would be refreshing. >> and lori says no, time with my family is priceless. >> i like it but think of all that could you buy with that juicy time and a half. >> time and a half may not be enough but everyone has a price. >> double? triple? >> time with your family, at least for me, is priceless. time and a half, probably not. now, if i was back to the single days, i didn't have a family, then probably i would be more flexible. but now that i'm a family of four, we've got the door, we're moving vacations, probably not. not even if you go double. >> good for you. >> it's nice that you mentioned the dog. >> charlie has to be happy. we're going to keep talking about. this keep sending us your tweets. we'll revisit the issue coming up at 9:30. coming up next on mornings on two, bidding on places to rent. up next we talk live to the ceo of a san francisco-based company putting a new spin on
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photo time! let's show them how deep my new ikea sofa goes! whoa, whoa! i told you to put plastic slip covers! it's fine! i will just slip it off and throw it into the wash. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. is everyone looking? make the dream yours. no one's looking!
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welcome back. earlier this week we told you about a new website that has renters bidding on places to live. would-be renters submit what they would pay for a security deposit and monthly rent. for more on this idea we are joined by the company's ceo. let's get right to your critics that say you're making the rental market even worse than it is right now. >> not true. >> tell us why that's not true. >> right now if you want an apartment in a high cost area you have multiple appear play cans, so you go with under the table bidding wars. is it good? absolutely not. you have no idea what is offering what. what usually comes sue overpay for your property because you think that somebody else offered more money, so you have to offer even more money.
9:25 am
>> you shoot too high. >> exactly. what we do is we put absolute transparency into the process where people can see exactly what's happening, how they see it. there was an article published by wall street journal about a year ago or so. and so the journalist actually spoke to our landlords who use our platform. a really interesting fact. one of the landlords, she said that she had 15 applications, 15. a huge number. >> i just keep thinking of the application fees. >> on our platform it's free of charge. and so she actually pick and choosed the one who offered her asking price because the applicant was more qualified. so that applicant knew he was much more qualified. >> even if i bid the highest doesn't guarantee. >> exactly. it gives you fuller
9:26 am
transparency. if i have five people applying, you are in your 30s, excellent job, salary, no pets, and there are students applying for the property. five people want to live in the same place, they just graduated from college, probably they like party, so the landlord probably will prefer you. so why do you need to overpay and offer more money? because you are much more qualified. >> okay, i see. >> so knowing this situation, who else is competing against you -- >> they're discriminating against the college students. >> we don't. it's just full transparency. >> it's the whole package. >> anytime anyone mentions bidding, we were talking about it before we knew. bidding sounds like a horrible idea, but you have to realize that people are already doing it under the table. >> exactly. >> what you are describing sounds really similar to what we did to bay our home several, several years ago in which we submitted a bid that was overasking, and the owner came
9:27 am
back and said you are one of three buyers. i felt like a chump for overbidding myself but i had a feeling above which i would not allow myself to go. is that the key here? essentially the buy hear to set his or her own price and not budge? >> you are right. the people have psychological feelings when they rent properties. the idea, you're not supposed to go at once up to your ceiling. what's happening with the under the table bidding wars is that people usually offer the ceiling price, which they have, like a family budget. what we offer with our people, hold on, let's not jump into this game, let's not play by the rules of outdated under the table bidding games. you're not supposed to offer at once your maximum budget price. look around. look at who is applying. maybe you're a much better candidate. maybe you need to ask exactly the same money. >> so this model probably won't
9:28 am
work in a mark that is not inflated, like san francisco, new york. >> we are nationwide. 5,000 cities across the united states. everyone loves us, everyone uses us. the point is that in other mark, which is not as hot as manhattan or san frances, it works the other way around. tenants can actually go in and say, hey, this property is on the market for two weeks. i know this. nobody else is applying for this property, so i will ask for a discount, and people would ask for a discount in rental price or maybe security deposit. so it's a win-win. >> because i'm so busy, i just want to fill that spot, so i will take your 1800 instead of the magic 2,000. >> for the landlord, it is better to get the tenant right away than to wait for two more weeks. >> you've had a lot of growth. congratulations on the company. >> i want to mention one very quick thing about how we save even more money to the tenants. on december 5th we're do
9:29 am
account our first initial coin offering, ico. essential we will do the crowd funding of security deposits, and our goal istown lock half a trillion dollars, which is blocked in rental security deposits. >> it's a lot of money. >> absolutely. >> alex, i was thinking that i didn't like it. now i may be coming around slowly. it's a good discussion either way. ceo of rentberry, thanks for joining us. >> we'll be back after the break. sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. as we have been reporting, american airlines is looking for pilots for thousands of flights after a scheduling glitch left the airline without enough captains and co pilots to fly planes over the next month. the airline is now offering time and a half for pilots who gave up their vacation and helped fill the gap. would you give up vacation time for time and a half?
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32% say yes, 68% say no. a gentleman by the name of luis flores says, miss the holidays with my family, then get taxed extra by uncle sam? hashtag no thank you. >> aaron says the same thing, no, almost all gains would go to taxes. >> and erik says heck no, and i will clean it up a little, maybe triple, quadruple. this saturday marks a year since the devastating ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 32 people in oakland. we recently spoke with the parents of a woman who died in the fire. she lived in south san francisco and was her third '84 at san francisco state university learning how to help developmentally disabled children. she and her boyfriend were attending the dance party at the ghost ship warehouse when
9:33 am
the fire started. her parents say they think about her every day and about what happened to her. >> i just try to make it day by day. i try not to think about it, but it's impossible. i just miss my daughter. >> it still feels like just a few days. my heart still feels broken. >> the gregories asked artist mel waters to paint a mural of michaela and alex in the mission district. they say it is a place family and friends can come visit. join us for a special report on the ghost ship warehouse fire. it will be on saturday, 6:30 on ktvu plus. a man who suffered severe burns in the north bay fires has died. the death toll is now 44. 41-year-old michael lived in santa rosa and was being
9:34 am
treated after suffering burns on 80% of his body. friends say he was an engineer who just recently moved to santa rosa from san jose. a santa rosa family that lost nearly everything in the tubbs fire has something to celebrate. the miraculous return of thomas the cat. >> i got him, and he was like my first animal. realizing that he was gone was terrible. >> when they were forced out of their fountain grove home by fast moving flames, they grabbed thomas and very little else, but he was frightened and claude his way out of lerkz ah's arms. the family was devastated. they were convinced that thomas had dade after finding a gray and white cat the first time they returned. then they received an e-mail from a park rangers who was trapping lost cats. he checked the microchip and found out this cat had a family. >> the idea that they're out there, and these people are
9:35 am
grieving, they've lost everything to wring that little beacon back to them to see how happy they are, it's overwhelming. >> it's a miracle. it's life changing. it really changed the whole dynamic of our recovery. after seven weeks away from his family, thomas was tired, thinner, and very hungry, but he still has selled back in with his family like they were never apart. families are being honored -- are honoring mark ruffalo for their efforts. hello, rob. >> reporter: good morning. pretty incredible. quite an honor for this oakland entrepreneur who has been a leader in clean energy and the recognition coming from a hollywood actor, mark ruffalo who is himself an advocate for
9:36 am
clean energy. take a look over my shoulder and look at this. this is the -- by the 100% campaign. emily didn't see this coming. she's the co founder of oakland- based powerhouse. this is a co working space and seed fund that invests in intelligent energy for entrepreneurs. it's an incubator. she was also recently induct into the alameda county women's hall of fame. quite an honor to be recognized by the 100% campaign launched by actor mark ruffalo. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> it feels amazing. mostly just to be with the people who are here, surrounding me, my mom and my team, advisors and mentors and leaders in the industry to be here with me to see this, it's really special. >> reporter: that was emily
9:37 am
kerr. she is the ceo and cofounder of powerhouse. she is one of three area women who will be honored by these billboards throughout the city for their dedication and also in their efforts to lead the way in clean energy. and the program is honoring people. sal, you've had plenty of billboards, but how do yours match up with this? >> that one is impressive. i know exactly where that is near the 7-eleven and the whole foods. thank you very much. tomorrow is the first day of the los angeles auto show. we're expecting to see more electric cars as well as different ways to shop. i'm joined live from the floor by carl, executive publisher of autotrader and kelley blue book. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, sal. >> one of the things that i love about auto shows is that it has a little something for everyone. i'm a car guy. you're standing in front of an
9:38 am
suv. that's a volvo. so they have a lot of suvs at the show, right? >> they have a lot. this is the new xc-40, their entry luxury car in the very hot entry luxury compact category. and you had mentioned a new way to bye cars. i think that's the most exciting thing. you can purchase this in a whole different way, where as normally you would have to go to the dealer and negotiate a price and figure out your financing and your insurance. with volvo you can go on-line, and you can order this car, and sign up for the care by volvo subscription service and pay wean $600 and 700 a month and your car payment, insurance, and your service is covered, plus 24-hour roadside assistance. so it's like netflix or amazon prime for personal transportation. >> it look like ordering an iphone. you could pick it all out and
9:39 am
will be sent to you. what about technology and electric cars? this last year or so, we've seen electric cars come up and have as much power as conventional cars. you see a lot of that on the floor there? >> we do. chevrolet bolt was the first one that competed -- that presented an alternative. you could go 200 to 300 miles on a charge like a normal car. and now we are seeing things like the bmw roadster which is a convertible version of the i8 coupe. both are very powerful cars because they provide internal combustion with an electric motor. they can do 0 to 60 in between 4.2 and 4.4 seconds. yet they still live up to the ultimate driving machine tag line for bmw while being very fuel efficient. >> bmw always has a big footprint in these shows.
9:40 am
how long, carl, before the bmw that is sitting there at the auto show becomes the bmw that you start seeing around town? i remember when the x-5 was introduced it took a little while before i started seeing it out there. >> we're seeing the growth inelectric vehicle sales. g n started over 20 years ago and now it is starting to happen. it is starting to move. the sales are growing. they have been at 1% or less for years. we are going to see them move in the next two to five years and will you start to see these cars on a regular basis. it won't be these specialized cars that are a very small percentage. >> real quick carl because we have to go, is there a spot in the auto show that you keep going back to? i know when i go to shows i see everything, but then i keep going back to my favorite. what is your favorite?
9:41 am
>> i'm a past ford gt owner. there is a new ford gt at the show. i still keep gazing at that. i love that new ford gt. >> carl broker from the auto show, thank you. we will be right back after this. this.
9:42 am
9:43 am
as we have been reporting there are now more allegations against matt lauer as he issues an apology for his behavior. >> those allegations were reported yesterday exclusively in variety magazine by elizabeth wagmeister who is also a host on page six.
9:44 am
>> thank you for joining us. you had been working on a story about matt lauer and these accusations for months, and nbc knew. that do you think nbc took action to get ahead of your story? >> you know, i don't want to speculate on whether or not our reporting had anything to do with the swift action that nbc took against matt lauer. but you are right, what i will say is they absolutely did know that we had a story in the works. we had the story in the works for two months. we heard that they knew for a few weeks. they did know that we were talking to victims, and that freaked them out. what really, though, caused his firing to happen so quickly is that a current employee at nbc went to hr this week on monday night, and she brought her claims to them, and they did an vehicles and her claims were so severe, apparently, that he was then fired pretty much 24 hours
9:45 am
later. so the combination of nbc knowing that there were stories in the works and wanting to get ahead of it and also this employee complaining is what we believe is what caused him to be fired. >> elizabeth, real quick. the woman who came forward on monday night, was she involved in they story you were working on, or is this a new case? >> you know, i'm not able to say that, unfortunately, just out of respect to the sources and the women that we spoke to. but what i will say is in our story we did speak to three women who all chose to speak to us anonymously because they didn't want their name out there, partly because matt lauer is so powerful, and i even called them back wednesday morning -- excuse me, yes, yesterday morning, wednesday, when he was fired, and i called them back and i said, look, he's been fired. do you want to good on the record now, and they still said no. they just proved how much power he really had over there. >> elizabeth, since the harvey weinstein allegations came out and this has been a huge story, people are saying this is just
9:46 am
the tip of the iceberg, that more stories are coming out. can i ask you if you are working on more stories about this topic? >> yes, we are. first of all, we are continuing to report on matt lauer. we've had more women reach out to us, and as we continue our reporting, we will be vetting their stories, because we are doing this for the women, and it's important to get their very important stories out there. but, yes, you're right, we are constantly hearing more names, and, of course, at this point's speculation. we need to really vet them. we need to look into them. with matt lauer our investigation took two months. i know harvey weinstein, he was expertly exposed by the "new york times." i have to give them credit. they were working on the story for almost a year so these things take time. but, yes there are many more names floating out there that we're looking into pretty aggressively. >> how long do you think nbc
9:47 am
knew about matt lauer's behavior? do you think maybe those executives could be held libel? >> nbc has said in their statement that they are only aware of one claim that was brought to them on monday by that woman who is a current employee, but we heard differently. the women and a lot of our sources, we spoke to dozens of people, they told us that the women who matt lauer engaged inappropriately with, they did speak subpoena about it. now, what i think nbc may be referring to, an official written age complaint. so maybe there wasn't a paper trail. maybe there wasn't, you know, on february 12th of this year, matt lauer did this to so and so but these women did tell us that they did speak up to people in management positions, and nothing came of it. also, i mean, you know as well as i know, and as well as all of your viewers know, that there were tabloid rumors following matt lauer for years regarding his marriage and
9:48 am
possible infidelity. that is completely different than sexual harassment and sexual assault, but still, when there are rumors and reports out there of that matter, would you think that executives may look into it. >> okay, elizabeth wagmeister of variety, thank you for joining us. coming up, jack london's tree lighting ceremony is tomorrow. we will talk with one of the charities involved on how you can give back while you ring in the holiday season.
9:49 am
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tomorrow oakland will light its 55-foot tall christmas tree. our own gasia mikaelian will be there to emcee the event. >> ktvu is a proud sponsor of one warm coat. it started 25 years ago. you can donate a new or gently used coat at several bay area drop-off locations. you can donate at bay street in emeryville, in san jose and at walnut creek on ice. >> other local organizations will be on hand tomorrow night including the alameda county food bank. for more on what they need we are joined by michael with the food bank. thanks for coming in. we appreciate it where. are you guys at right now in the season in regards to what do you need for folks out there who need you? >> the holiday season is really the most critical time for food banks in terms of us getting
9:52 am
supported. it's one of the busiest times of the year for us in terms of serving our clients but food banks like ours are going to receive about 5% of our annual funding. we need to take advantage of this time of year as best as possible because that dictates how we're able to serve our community well into the new year. >> have you seen an uptick in the people using the food bank this year compared to last year? >> yes. just anecdotally we work with 200 agencies. soup kitchens and food pantries. we hear from them that the lines are longer. beyond that, we also see more people turning to us for other services like cal fresh, which is the california name for the federal food program. the holidays is sort of the natural time that people think about but really where those times of year are the big gaps where children are out of school. if low-income families are relying on school meals, if they can't do that, they have to turn to us. >> someone watching at home, if
9:53 am
they want to help, i know that financial donations are probably the best way but can people also donate items? >> yes, financial donations are the best thing. we can turn every dollar donated into $6 worth of food. we're very efficient. food items are great. there's actually going to be a food drive at the tree lighting. >> what kind of stuff do you need? >> healthy nonperishable items. the best thing you can provide, high quality protein items like peanut butter, canned meats like canned tuna and can chicken. anything that's healthy that would you go to the grocery store and purchase your there is 70. that's what we need for our clients. >> and clients including college students i heard, too, more and more. >> more and more. >> michael, thank you. stay tuned for tomorrow's light- up for the holidays. we'll have coverage from our very own gasia mikaelian, then at 7:00 we're going to bring you the tree lighting live as it happens.
9:54 am
>> besides santa, gasia will be joined by one of her favorite acts, the tap dancing christmas trees. let's send it over to gasia now. >> thank you so much. i welcome the tap dancing christmas trees. you guys are going to be performing to kick off the event this coming friday evening. >> yes, we are. >> tell me what number you are going to do. >> we're doing rockin' around the christmas tree, which is a collage by the rockettes. >> you as a group, it is pure joy. it is exuberance. a lot of people make fun of me bick do love you guys so much. what do you think it is about you that makes you so special? >> we refer to as being a little zany, but i think it's that we're bringing the spirit
9:55 am
out to all the people. we do a lot of parades, a lot of private parties, a lot of tree lighting events. first of all it's the christmas music and the spirit that we do and just the all-out energy that we have towards christmas and presenting that. >> you were up in napa a couple of weekends ago. my little sister sent me a video of you guys and i just about died bick didn't know that she knew about my love for you. it's a very special site. how many of you are going to be performing friday? >> seven of us. >> good. >> but in parades there's 45 of us. >> i've seen it. >> we won't fit on that stage. >> i have a question. i think like beauty queens, there's a rule, no gown, no crown. when it comes to you, if you are not wearing this, can you still wear this? is it all or nothing? >> oh, no. no, this is all one thing. we appear like this and we disappear like this. >> buck wouldn't even let intuse the green room to get a drink of water. you're very -- is it sort of
9:56 am
preserving the image? >> we wouldn't see mickey mouse with his head off. >> you wouldn't. >> it's part of the image. >> and i bet you see a lot of people that light up when you take it away. >> oh, yes, of course. as we light up. >> you do light up. i'm going to step out, because i did not practice for this routine. we're thankful to be graced by your presence and some of your dancing. take it away. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. tap dancing christmas trees. let's start the music. hit it, ladies! [ music ] ♪ we need a little christmas right this very minute yes we need a little crimes right this very minute need a little christmas now ♪ [ music ] ♪ need a little
9:57 am
christmas now ♪
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