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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and here's a live look at 101 in san francisco. the headlights there are heading towards downtown san francisco and the bay bridge. that is very heavy. that's the commute direction. but the other direction looks heavy, going towards 280 and potentially the airport. speaking of the airport, the today is expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday period at sfo. and one of the biggest reasons that travel experts are expecting one of the busiest u.s. travel weekends ever is an improving economy nationwide. ktvu's tom vacar has been surveying bay area airports and joins us now from oakland international airport with a live report. >> reporter: it's been ebb and flow now a lull but most of the security area has been well filled. and that's the situation here. but that's not true everywhere. the fact, we could still have a record christmas week even
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with the hangover from atlanta airport's power failure. reporter: sfo is having what's expected to be its busiest day with a projected 169,000 passengers. that's just about the populations of berkeley, emeryville, albany and el cerrito combined. people going overseas accounted for today's big day. china-bound oscar's original flight was canceled for mechanical reasons. he says he was lucky to get another flight without delay. >> my flight back to china and i couldn't catch that flight so here i am with another airplane and i'm going back for, like, four hours later. >> reporter: but lines were very long, even before sunrise. many were not expecting such a crush. >> no, not at all. usually it's -- it's a breeze at san francisco airport. they got us moving now, so we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: the long process of security clearance has presented yet another holiday
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hurdle. >> it snaked all the way to the back. i don't know, how many people would you say? 1,000 people waiting in line? i don't know. >> reporter: here at oakland airport, this is truly the calm before the storm of passengers expected this evening. and tomorrow's veritable blizzard of passengers projected to be oakland's busiest day of the year. >> i wasn't expecting quiet and calm and empty baggage carriers so this is really remarkable, the calm before the storm. >> reporter: they would have happily waded through throngs of travelers because they were about to get the biggest christmas presents of all. >> i'm excited to see our new grandchild who is going to be five months old in a couple of days. and excited to have my daughter come and her husband. >> reporter: suddenly, a new family member was here in the flesh and getting ready to meet the grandparents and take on the new world. but the new dad was nonetheless grateful for an easy trip from phoenix. >> oh, yeah.
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definitely. definitely excited. we came early. we don't have to worry about the big rush. >> reporter: now, over the holiday season, three-quarters of a million passengers will use oakland airport, with san jose airport also expecting record traffic along, of course, with sfo. what we see is a slow build- up, but by late tonight, maybe 7:30, 8:00, this is going to be a busy place and i guarantee you by tomorrow it's going to be a mob scene. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we want to show you a map now and here's a look at some of the other hot spots around the bay area at this hour. you can see all those areas highlighted in red, that means there's heavy traffic and it's slow going in the area. over there the yellow, that means construction or an accident indicated there with those yellow flashing icons. so a lot of red over the bay bridge on highway 101. maybe just areas to avoid at this hour. more than 97 million americans are going to be on the roads and driving to their
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destinations over the christmas holiday. that means about 9 in every 10 people who plan on traveling this year will be driving instead of potentially flying or other modes of transportation. aaa expects tonight to be the busiest on the roads. the chp begins its holiday crackdown and maximum enforcement period tomorrow night at 6 p.m. to make sure you stay safe on the roads. we're looking for everything, people cell phones, texting, calling, drunk drivers, speeders and people making those unsafe lane changes following too closely. we're also looking for disabled motorists. we want to make sure people are able to get to their destinations in time for the holidays. >> over the thanksgiving holiday, the chp says 76 people were killed in crashes. the chp also made more than 1,000 dui arrests, a 17% increase compared to last year. an arrest in a mail bombing case that injured the
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wife of an alameda police officer. ross gordon laverty was charged in federal court today with mailing an explosive device with the intent to injure or kill. authorities say he sent the package to the officer's home on alameda's bay farm island last month. the officer was at work at the time so his wife opened up the package and suffered hearing loss and minor burns when it exploded. investigators believe the suspect may be responsible for a similar explosive device that was mailed to an east palo alto home in october. investigators are still trying to piece together what caused a crash on 880 today that left one person dead. the chp said a fedex truck collided with another vehicle around 3 a.m. near the oakland coliseum. investigators say the driver of the vehicle was an off-duty u.p.s. driver and was killed in the crash. the fedex driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with law enforcement.
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>> we are going over the evidence, interviewing witnesses, involved parties. this is a very complex investigation and as such, we don't have a lot of answers at this time. >> all four lanes of southbound 880 were closed for five hours this morning, creating a major traffic jam for commuters and travelers trying to make their way to the oakland airport. shut down averted, at least temporarily. the senate today passed a stop- gap spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. the house passed it earlier today so it now heads to the president's desk. caroline shively is in washington, dc for us tonight with more on this. caroline, what does this mean? >> reporter: this means the government is going to stay open past midnight tomorrow night, frank. without it the federal government would have run out of money. it funds the government for four weeks from tomorrow. we call it the congressional kick the can game. they will be going through all of this again when the money runs out in january, on the 19th. it keeps funding the government at current levels. it has a little extra in
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there. it gives money for the pentagon, veterans. it also funds the chip program. that ran out in october. they have been operating piecemeal since then. that gives medical care to almost 9 million low income children across the country. folks in the senate tonight with a little tired. they wanted to pass something permanently but with christmas looming and this winter break, this was all they could get done, this temporary fix. >> so as you mentioned, this is essentially kicking the can down the road. at what point here do you think that they are going to come together and pass a permanent solution? >> reporter: they need to do something. john cornyn, the senator, said it's like groundhog day up here. they just push it down the road each time for a couple of weeks. last time it was for two weeks. in the coming months, they pledge to get something together to permanently fund the government. it's hard for the government to run not knowing when they will run out of money. >> what was it like on capitol hill today after the vote? >> reporter: they were running. we call it a congressional jail break! within literally 5 minutes of the house voting it, they were running down the stairs.
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they were supposed to get out last week. and they're still here. you know, another thing i should mention about the importance of this passing was the president can't sign the tax reform bill until this got through because without it, entitlement cuts would automatically kick into effect. so now the president can sign this tomorrow, this congressional continuing resolution and then likely tomorrow he will be able to sign the tax reform bill. >> obviously, congress has a lot of work ahead. what about daca? >> reporter: daca, they are going to take that up in january. it's going to be a rough january, pretty contentious. hole that be voting on "dreamers," daca, defense, and the money that runs out and the reauthorization. this temporarily reauthorizes a domestic spy program aimed at targeting terrorists. so a lot happening in january. can they get it all done? i don't know. tax reform is the first big thing they did this entire session. >> caroline shively in the nation's capital tonight. thank you. the white house says it's a very good chance that president trump will sign the
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republican tax bill into law tomorrow. congress added language to its temporary spending bill to make sure that the tax measure wouldn't trigger automatic spending cuts. the tax bill offers permanent tax cuts for businesses and smaller temporary cuts for individuals. today democrats repeated their claim that the gop tax bill won't help the middle class. >> who got the help? just like the republican tax bill, the answer is already clear. those at the top. massive corporations that care more about boosting profits than treating their workers fairly. >> the bill could add $1 trillion or more to the deficit. republicans say economic growth will make up for that. the gop is also counting on savings from the elimination of the obamacare individual mandate to help with the projected deficit from the tax reform bill. santa clara county investigators say they have arrested three men in an undercover sex trafficking
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sting. authorities released photos of two of the suspects. both are 18. the third suspect is a 22-year- old. they say monday night the three solicited an undercover officer for sex. two suspects went to the meeting place armed with a stun gun planning a robbery. 19 johns were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. boulders put down where homeless people once slept in san francisco to make it more difficult to set up camps again. ktvu's rob roth found out the homeless say these boulders won't work. >> reporter: here along cesar chavez street and potrero avenue under the highway 101 maze of overpasses, san francisco's public works department installed dozens of boulders scattered about three different caltrans-owned open spaces, areas that until recently were makeshift campgrounds to dozens of homeless people. >> it will be more difficult
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to carry all this stuff that they were carrying in before. it won't give them a large footprint. >> reporter: the cost of the boulder, $8,700. >> we spend that much in a week just doing the clean-up there because of health hazard and safety reasons. >> i think the boulders are useless. it's a waste of taxpayer money. >> reporter: this man has been homeless for two years. he moved across the street after the boulders were put in. he says it's not enough to keep the homeless from moving back. >> this is not where they should put their efforts, in rocks. they should help the homeless get into homes instead of sleeping under a freeway or something like that. open up more homes. >> reporter: advocates for the homeless say this is not the way to solve such a complex problem. >> folks are just going to be tucked away in a different part of that area under the freeway. it's probably less safe, closer to the streets where they can be hit by a car.
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>> reporter: the city isn't sure if the new landscape will deter homeless camps. the boulders only cover a fraction of the spaces. but the city says it's a low- cost plan worth trying. >> we're trying this out. we'll see what happens. and you find out what works and what doesn't and make adjustments. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. >> reporter: the city says this is the only area in san francisco where they're thinking of trying this program out. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a crime of opportunity. ♪[ music ] >> packages stolen from the front porches of bay area homes. coming up, how a bay area police department is now setting a trap for package thieves. >> also, security guard for the raiders 9 to 5, santa on his time off. coming up next, meet the man who loves his job as black santa. >> then we are tracking the cold. it is cold out there. chilly today. but cold, cold tomorrow morning and a freeze warning for much of the bay area with
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a frost advisory for the coast and the bay. that's unusual. see you back here.
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fire crews in southern california are battling another wind driven brush fire this time in riverside. the fire started around 11 a.m. near the downtown area threatening between 300 to 400 homes. mappedder to evacuations are under way now. crews have managed to hold this fire to about 50 acres so far. they are concerned strong winds could send embers and spark new spot fires. officials say the flames have already caused minor damage to two structures. some good news in santa
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barbara county where residents who were forced to leave their homes because of the thomas fire were allowed to return today. there is still a remote area in ventura county that's under evacuation. the thomas fire has burned more than 272,000 acres and destroyed more than 770 homes. so far, the fire is 60% contained with full containment expected on january 7th. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. so there are concerns tonight near riverside where the new fire broke out? are those winds going to get stronger? >> they should be growing, yes. it's santa ana winds down there and they will have strong wind gusts down there, unfavorable to firefighters to say the least. it's cold. the conditions nothing like two weeks ago. but definitely something to be watched. these are the airports around
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the country. today is a busy day. green is a good sign, lots of clear air to get where you're going into tonight and even into tomorrow morning. so these good news for travelers. across the country, there's the cold air. this is tomorrow's forecast high. so when you land in sioux falls, it's 21 degrees. and 20 in minneapolis. so it's cool but not bad. check out the carolinas. you're in the upper 50s, atlanta almost 60. for us big chill tonight. that's a freeze warning in effect in the blue. well, there's a purple, too, but the blue color is a freeze warning for the entire bay area and then if you are not in a freeze warning, san francisco, pacifica, bodega bay, you're under a frost advisory. so it's the coldest night of the year most likely of the season thus far. and you're going to notice it. the clouds that are impressive but ineffective, no cloud cover for us and no rain for
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us. we had our little bout with wetness yesterday. and little is the keyword there. three potential for cold overnight lows and hard freeze. if you got tender plants, um, and, in fact, i'm going to do it, and i very rarely do, i cover my stuff up. but i'm going to cover some plants tonight because it will be cold, um, and even in places like oakland, you're going to get -- you're going to get -- you know, kind of up away from the water, up, um, up fruitvale there, you're going to get temperatures down to 33 degrees. so if you have any plants that are sensitive, be ready for it. tonight's the night. cold one. forecast for tomorrow morning, these are the current numbers. overnight lows tonight, though, the forecast for the morning, going to be just like they were today. and cooler. so these were today's temperatures. we had frost everywhere. did you have frost on your car
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frank? >> no, it's in the garage. [ laughter ] i don't know. >> there was frost. >> it was a winter wonderland. >> you don't park in the garage? >> yes, on the grass. but i wasn't up that early. my husband told me. [ laughter ] >> i was this is of casa haener. no way they could be out on the street. >> tomorrow morning, these were the highs -- the lows this morning. tomorrow morning, it's going to be way colder. temperatures are going to be really down there. so be ready for it. when we come back, we'll have the forecast. >> look at that shot. >> isn't that beautiful? >> okay. bill, thank you. he calls it an honor being able to play santa and also honor the man who did it for nearly 20 years before him. but this santa says this time is the way to bring races together. ktvu's paul chambers introduces us to the man spreading holiday cheer at fairyland in oakland. reporter: it's that time of the year when we like to see santa. >> merry christmas!
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>> reporter: and here at children's fairyland in oakland it's no different. children flock around the man in the red suit. >> yeah! >> came to have a good time, makes it all worthwhile. i could do this every day all year round. >> reporter: when this santa isn't dressed, he looks more like this. eric martin is in his first full year as santa, a role that belonged to a man named ron. for 18 years, he was a much loved black santa but earlier this year, he died. and martin took his place. >> it's a blessing and just wonderful to be able to honor ron and really fairyland in this wonderful way. >> reporter: although he is a new black santa. >> i had to stop and shed a tear because it hit me like the power of santa claus. >> all right! ha ha! all right! [ laughter ] >> reporter: he sees things a little differently. for him, playing santa is a way to bring difference races and backgrounds together. >> just give 'em a different perspective that santa just not all one way or one color that he transcends that. >> reporter: he hopes those who see him don't focus on the color of his skin but for the
5:21 pm
message and the power that santa brings. >> santa claus whether he was white or whatever, he is santa. i never have seen a black or asian santas or spanish santa. it's just a role. >> reporter: a role he takes pride in. for nine days he dons the red suit. as we found out, getting into it isn't easy. martin -- i mean, santa -- even needs a little help. but once he is dressed and ready, that's when the real magic happens. >> a tot about 3 or 4 years old old, like yes, are you real? i'm like, yeah, i'm real! i'm real! it was so cute. >> reporter: although he only gets to play this role once a year, the smiles and joy he gets to see is well worth it. >> now, if you want to have an opportunity to see santa, come down to children's fairyland in oakland between 5 and 7
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every day until saturday. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, another car deliberately driven into a crowd of people in a busy shopping district. this time, it injured nearly 20 people and it happened in melbourne, australia. details about the driver and why police say this wasn't a case of terrorism. >> coming up at 6:00, a woman spending the holiday recovering from surgery is finding a way to bring the christmas spirit to the hospital. how some employees from home depot helped her decorate. really?
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police in melbourne, australia, say 19 people were hurt when a driver deliberately plowed an suv into pedestrians in a popular shopping area of that city. at least four people are said to be in critical condition. kitty logan with what we're learning about the suspect. reporter: a driver rammed into a crowd of pedestrians on a busy commercial street in melbourne, australia, on thursday, wounding at least 14 people in an attack police say was deliberate. it happened in a busy shopping center in the center of the city. it was chaotic. >> cars drove three, people -- a bunch of people hurt. >> this is terrible. things like this shouldn't happen. >> reporter: the driver of the car is now in custody. officials say he is a 32-year- old australian citizen of afghan descent who was taken in a custody after a brief
5:26 pm
scuffle with an off-duty police officer. he is known to the officers and has mental illness. he has no known connections to terrorism and police say he was acting alone. >> we are satisfied at this stage that he was driving the car without anyone else present at all. >> reporter: but his motives are still not clear and the investigation is now ramping up. meanwhile, security is increasing throughout the city. but local officials say there's no ongoing threat and they are urging melbourne residents to carry on with their holiday plans. >> this is horrific. it's evil. but we are not defined by these sorts of incidents. i'm confident that we'll go about our business and we will celebrate christmas. >> reporter: this is the second car attack in melbourne this year. and authorities are in the process of installing concrete blocks in the hopes of preventing future attacks. in london, kitty logan, fox news. still to come here, package theft is a fear a lot of people have this time of year. in a moment, how bay area
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police are baiting those package thieves into take the wrong box. >> plus null and void. that's what the u.n. declared the trump administration's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. details on the lopsided vote coming up. coming up.
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with the holidays approaching, criminals aren't thinking twice about stealing boxes outside of homes. our crime recorder ktvu's
5:30 pm
henry lee has surveillance video of two thefts from this week and spoke to police about how they are trying to catch those who are responsible. henry. >> reporter: well, frank, i'm here at the union city police department where investigators have clear video of a daring daylight theft and that happened just days before hayward police caught a porch pirate thanks to a bait package. reporter: this is video of a suspect stealing two packages that were to be picked up from a union city home. it didn't matter that there were security cameras plainly vis inright near the front door. >> and i. >> and i notice a personal who isn't the usual driver. >> reporter: frank says he was home at the time at 1 p.m. monday. he saw what was happening on his cameras and rushed outside. here you see him running after the thieves in a green honda accord. >> i said, hey, you? and they just look at me like, whatever? and then they drove away. >> reporter: but take a look at this video.
5:31 pm
hayward police says it shows a man stealing a package with a gps tracking device. officer stopped him and arrested him after finding his car filled with stolen property including the teddy bear taken from a home in fremont. police say bait packages like those used by hayward and campbell police are useful in the short run but don't help if the thieves steal again and again. they say arrests for package thefts are challenging. >> these are crimes of opportunity. they just happen and especially this time of year. everybody is getting stuff sent to them, including myself, and there's not much we can do except catch them redhanded and that's not frequent. >> he supports these tactics. >> it's a great idea. it's a federal crime. it's not okay to just pass by
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and steal a package. >> reporter: now, cops have some tips to avoid porch pirates. if you're home, have your deliveryman knock on the door or hand over packages. if you are not home, consider sending those packages to work or picking them up at a third party location such as a locker or mail service. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police in sacramento are using bait packages to catch thieves. police say bait packages with gps trackers are deployed all over sacramento. in some neighborhoods, signs warn people that the operation is under way. if you do fall victim of a package theft, make sure you report it. police say package theft, unfortunately, is underreported. hundreds of weapons are off the streets and more than 2 dozen suspects gang members are behind bars after a major crackdown in sacramento. law enforcement from the bay area helped with the operation. it was triggered by an august drive-by shooting during a rap video recording in sacramento
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that left five people injured and one dead. take a look. this is the result of months of work by police officers, sheriff's deputies and agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. in all, 211 firearms were seized and 29 people were arrested on felony charges. the milpitas fire department says a suspect is now in custody in a string of fires in santa clara county. a 26-year-old man is suspected of setting 12 fires on 680 december ninth. fire officials think he set a fire the night before in milpitas and another in october that burned a vacant building that was slated for demolition. he was booked into the santa clara main jail on three counts of arson. today the u.n. sent a clear message to the united states and israel after the trump administration's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the general assembly voted
5:34 pm
128-9. the vote declares the decision on jerusalem null and void. rick leventhal has more now from the united nations. reporter: u.n. member states voting 128-9 with 35 an extensions overwhelmingly passing a resolution condemning president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. u.s. ambassador nikki haley calling the vote an insult saying the u.s. won't forget those who voted in favor, threatening to cut their aid. >> we will remember when so many countries come calling on us as they so often do to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit. >> reporter: islamist countries rejected it. >> he is looking for decisions in the world that he can buy with dollars. mr. trump, you cannot buy our democratic will with your dollars. >> reporter: the resolution asked the u.s. to withdraw its recognition but it's not legally binding and won't have
5:35 pm
an impact on policy decisions. the white house says no u.n. vote can stop the u.s. from moving its embassy to jerusalem casting the decision as another example of president trump's america first policy. >> i think it's appropriate for the president to put america first and focus on the safety and security of americans. that's his job. >> reporter: the palestinians say they got a big win today but the final vote was actually lower than supporters had hoped for with 150 nations expected to stand behind the resolution. at the united nations, rick leventhal, fox news. another north korean soldier defected across the tense dmz separating north and south korea. authorities say it was a 19- year-old north korean soldier who had spent two years in the military. he crossed a remote section of the dmv this morning and turned himself in at a south korean military outpost. south korean soldiers fired warning shots to turn back north koreans apparently trying to track him down. last month, a dramatic defection by another north
5:36 pm
korean soldier was caught on video. that escape resulted in a shootout leaving the soldiers wounded. two confederate statues are removed in memphis after it was voted to sell the two city parks where the statues were located. the city council made the unanimous decision late last night. loud cheers could be heard as the statues of confederate army general nathan forrest and confederate president jefferson davis were removed and put on flatbed trucks. >> it feels truly wonderful to see us shake off the dark relics of the past with these monuments. >> forrest was a slave trader, a confederate general and leader in the klan. jefferson davis was the president of the confederacy during the war between the states. the son of confederate veterans in memphis were in support of keeping the statues saying they are an important part of u.s. history. after the presidential election, facebook said it would crackdown on fake news.
5:37 pm
were the social media giant is already change -- why the social media giant is already changing its tactics on that crackdown. >> plus the first night of winter below freezing in a lot of places. how san jose is taking action to protect residents this winter.
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5:39 pm
facebook is taking a new approach on its crackdown on "fake news" on its site. it had been placing disputed
5:40 pm
labels on stories that were identified by its fact checkers as false. but now the company says it will stop doing that. instead, it will place related articles or offer links to content from reputable sources flex to the "fake stories." facebook officials say research shows offering readers more context is more effective to get the facts. they also say offering related articles next to a fake story leads to fewer shares than when a story is flagged as disputed. tesla's tax breaks in nevada added up to more than $150 million according to a state report. the tax breaks are part of a deal that brought tesla's "giga factory" to an industrial park east of sparks, nevada. tesla won't pay anything back as long as they continue to meet an all goals toward a total investment of $3.5 billion over 10 years. more than 1300 employees build batteriesty factory for an average wage of $45 an hour. a los angeles man has filed a class action lawsuit
5:41 pm
against apple over its decision to slow down older iphones to save battery life. yesterday, apple said it recently released a feature that slows down the iphone's processor when it's running on an aging battery. apple says this is to prevent your iphone from malfunctioning and shutting down. but stefan bogdanovich says the company's decision to slow the operation of older phones to save battery life was never requested or agreed upon by consumers. he says it lowers the value of phones. he also claims it's a ploy to get you to pay more money for a new phone. apple disputes those claims. the holiday shopping season is almost over. time is running out to get gifts for everyone on your list, especially if you want them wrapped and under the tree in time for christmas. but there are plenty of gifts available on the internet from amazon to ebay. one of the easiest last-minute gifts you can give is a gift card. there's dollar shave club
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which will ship fresh toiletries and other things once a month. or blue bottle monthly services. and if you plan to go to the store, you will have company. the weekend before christmas is forecast to be the busiest shopping weekend of the year. making it easier to open up cold weather shelters in the south bay. ♪[ music ] >> the new temperature threshold that will likely get the homeless off the streets more often. >> that freeze warning in effect for most bay area locations plus a frost advisory which unusual for a place like san francisco. see you back here with the details.
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today the rec and parks department in san francisco officially renamed sharon meadow in golden gate bridge after the late comedian robin williams. he was a big supporter of the annual free comedy day in the park. it had been held in sharon meadow for the past 20 years. and at other locations in the park since 1981. in september when the city announced the plan, the late mayor ed lee paid tribute to williams. he said it was fitting to name it after williams because he brought so much light into the world. on this first night of winter, low temperatures are expected around the bay area. and now the city of san jose is taking action to protect residents from the cold weather. ktvu's maureen naylor reports. reporter: as the sun set on the first day of winter, a chill settled in around the
5:46 pm
bay area. >> it is so cold! it is freezing cold. my hands are frozen. >> reporter: at christmas in the park in downtown san jose, the weather meant scarves and jackets including for this former berlin, germany, resident. >> it's cold. [ laughter ] >> i moved here because i thought it was warmer and it's cold. >> merry christmas! >> and happy holidays! >> reporter: the weather prompted the mother of this 2- year-old and a 9-month-old to get creative. >> so to me, the weather feels cold. i have her bundled in a big furry jacket and then inside my maternity jacket turned upside-down. >> reporter: at the community center in san jose, the city is turning this dance studio into one of four warming centers overnight. san jose followed the county's lead and just changed the threshold to open warming centers. when the forecast is for 40 degrees or lower, instead of the past trigger after 38 degrees or colder. >> we try to look at it at times when there's greater risk for hypothermia, greater risk from exposure to the cold and more than anything, we
5:47 pm
want to get people inside, safe and warm. >> reporter: even with the warmup, they will keep the centers over through the morning after christmas for those who need it including rod white. he usually sleeps outside but not in these cold temperatures. >> it was really cold last night. i had to sleep in my daughter's car last night because it was below, like, 30 degrees or somewhere around there. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: outside san jose city hall, this choir joins dozens of people who gathered who remember more than 130 homeless people who died in santa clara county in the last year. >> longest night of the year and this is why it's national day of mourning for homeless folks. so we are here to pay homage to our dead and hopefully to prevent the death of more people. >> reporter: do you know where you're going to be staying tonight? >> probably one of those places. >> reporter: and why? >> because it's cold. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the city of san jose says it has a contract
5:48 pm
for half a million dollars to run the warming centers for 45 nights and they expect to need all of those this winter season. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. let's go to bill now in the weather center for more on the chilly weather. >> it's going to be colder tomorrow morning. this morning mid-30s, low 30s. tonight no wind. tonight, san jose, oakland, san francisco, it's going to be cold. freezing temperatures in some of our urban areas which are -- it's unusual, sure. san francisco will be in the upper 30s in golden gate park. there will be frost on the ground, so homeless folks, um, definitely, um, one of those nights where you want to look out for others because it's going to be really, really cold. probably the coldest night of the season. clouds are not out there. the winds have died down. it's a clear night.
5:49 pm
it's the first -- well, today's technically the first day, the beginning of winter. and essentially the longest night -- one of the longest nights of the year, the longest night of the year and so we're looking at some very cold overnight lows. that's the weather story. not rain, not snow. but frost? maybe a little bit of ice in some areas but certainly freezing temperatures. so 41 in napa. 49 in fairfield. that's -- for instance, right now, napa 41 degrees. it will get down to 28 degrees or so. the story is freeze warning for the bay area with a frost advisory for out here san francisco, down along -- i mean, so basically a freeze warning covering the whole area. this is the the peak cold with temperatures in the -- this is
5:50 pm
the peak cold with temperatures in the 20s in the inland valleys. it will be chilly tomorrow. as you get into the day there, about 55 degrees. daytime high in san francisco, 57 degrees. 57 in fairfield. starts off cold, not that warm to end up. and we have had a good run of warmth. and now we are getting into what we suspect -- well, the beginning of winter, today was the solstice, winter solstice. and we are just now -- it's going to be combed. i'm actually going to -- this is how you know it's cold. i'm actually going to take care of business when i get home. i'm going to cut off the water to the -- >> are you really? >> yeah. the pvc, the sprinkler systems a lot of times if they are not far enough underground, the plastic pvc pipe cracks. if you shut the water off to the outside sprinkler system it takes the pressure out of the lines and the lines don't crack. >> valves crack. >> pvc will crack especially by you julie and up in petaluma area. so i know -- so tonight is
5:51 pm
going to be one of those nights where it will be cold, below freezing for more than a few hours. >> thank you. if procrastination has won out over your holiday shopping, amazon prime may be able to help you out. amazon is hosting its third annual procrastinators delight day event. we were live in san francisco at amazon. it's home to telephones thousands of items that can be -- to tens of thousands of items that can be delivered up to christmas eve. low artists and businesses who ship through the service say it's a good place for shoppers to find last-minute gifts. >> they are looking for something hand made and unique at the last minute. and they are procrastinators, then they can get it on prime now. >> there is one requirement. you have to have the amazon prime now app. you put in your zip code and it tells you what items you can order and have them delivered to your door in no more than an hour. that's just amazing.
5:52 pm
>> it really is. all right. still to come here, heartbreak for one family but a lot of joy for another. coming up next, some christmas prayers were answered in northern california and a 10- month-old boy will now get to spend the holiday at home after a liver transplant. >> also ahead, we'll tell you about the bay area woman bringing the christmas spirit to the hospital after finding out she won't be able to be home for the holidays.
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a northern family got the surprise of their lives from a daughter with a big heart and a big sense of humor. >> are you serious, lord? [ laughter ] >> it's so awesome! >> it was all inspired by a scene in the family favorite movie national lampoon's christmas vacation. the woman and her husband flew from utah to sacramento, brought 15,000 christmas lights and then decorated her parents' house just like the film. >> came out way better than we thought, like, my dad was clapping and jumping like a little girl. >> like you guys did this? really? you know we love the movie. and it was just like, are you kidding me? >> pretty impressive. the family did have to take down some of the lights. their power kept going out because the electrical circuits on their house were overloaded. sacred heart kicked off
5:56 pm
its annual toy giveaway to bring holiday cheer to thousands of needy children. families picked out new toys and books today. during the two days they will give away gifts to 6200 children who were signed up earlier this month. but as of earlier today, organizers were still scrambling to collect more donations saying, they are about 3,000 toys short for tomorrow's event. >> the need is greater because we're seeing the rent keep going up, very little is happening at the local level to help. >> sacred heart needs volunteers this month and next month. in addition to toys they are holding a raffle to give away buys consist. a 10-month-old boy from sacramento is spending the holidays at home but it's been rough for him and his parents. noah hernandez just got a new liver at stanford medical center. max resnik tells us how the boy received the gift of life.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: in his father's arms nearby his mother, noah is happy and healthy baby. . this 10-month-old is home after overcoming some very tough odds. >> we thought that we had a happy baby. we made the most of what we could but it was difficult and what we were going through was not normal. >> reporter: at 4 months old they learned their son was suffering from biliary atresia a rare fatal liver disease and he would eventually need a transplant. they would move their lives from sacramento to stanford medical center where he would undergo a procedure to delay that transplant. >> his skin wasn't yellow, his eyes weren't yellow anymore. he came out well and with two weeks later he went downhill again. >> reporter: he went back to the hospital to intensive
5:58 pm
care. >> they intubated him, putting him, um, on life support because his liver was failing. >> reporter: on august 24th, as doctors searched for a suitable transplant, raymond and elissa had noah baptized. >> i think it was around 5:30, 6:00, and, um, it was 9:30 when we received the call the next day the -- following day that, um, they had found a donor, a suitable match. >> reporter: hours later, noah received that liver transplant. the donor, a teenaged boy. that's all they have been told. but his family's decision to donate saved little noah's life. >> spending christmas with him even if it is here, by ourselves, is -- >> that's all that matters. >> reporter: now the family gives thanks to that donor's family, a family grieving the loss of a loved one as they cherish the life of their son. ♪[ music ]
5:59 pm
holiday travel is in full swing and congestion on the roads and long lines at the airports. if you are traveling this weekend, pack some patience. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. aaa says 107 million americans will board trains, planes and automobiles this holiday season. we are taking a live look at some bay area airports which are expecting tens of thousands of travelers today. san jose international airport is expecting a record number of passengers. sfo officials say they expect today to be their busiest travel day of the year. ktvu's tom vacar spoke with passengers who say they are surprised to find hundreds of people waiting in line at security. reporter: sfo is having what's expected to be its busiest day with a projected 169,000 passengers. that's just about the populations of berkeley, emeryville, albany and el cerrito combined. people going overseas accounted for today's big day.
6:00 pm
china-bound oscar's original flight was canceled for mechanical reasons. he says he was lucky to get another flight without delay. >> my flight back to china and i couldn't catch that flight so here i am with another airplane and i'm going back for, like, four hours later. >> reporter: but lines were very long, even before sunrise. many were not expecting such a crush. >> no, not at all. usually it's --it's a breeze at san francisco airport. they got us moving now, so we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: the long process of security clearance has presented yet another holiday hurdle. >> it snaked all the way to the back. i don't know, how many people would you say? 1,000 people waiting in line? i don't know. >> reporter: here at oakland airport, this is truly the calm before the storm of passengers expected this evening. and tomorrow's veritable blizzard of passengers projected to be oakland's busiest day of the year.


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