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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the 10 pm news on ktvu starts now. a look at san francisco where tens of thousands of people are taking in the fireworks and the new year in less than two hours. >> it is very festive and fun. get evening, and happy new year. >> while people here in the bay area wait for the clock to strike midnight, those in new york have already ushered in
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2018. [ music ] with a burst of confetti and fireworks tens of thousands of people celebrated in a frigid time square with a glittering crystal ball. it was the second coldest on record. the temperature at midnight in new york city, just 10 degrees. it was just one degree in 1917. looking at san francisco, a lot of people waiting for the countdown of 2018. security is extra tight. after recent attacks in new york and las vegas, and that thwarted plot to attack san francisco's port on new year's day. maureen? >> reporter: there are clearly a lot of people and a lot of
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police here in san francisco. we can see crowds on the sidewalk and you can see the traffic increase. we see rooftop parking everywhere you look there are people. the media tells me that all available officers are working to make sure that crowds have a safe, and happy new year's celebration. welcome to new year's eve in san francisco. >> [ laughter ] i feel like i am at a party.>> it was packed with revelers and more police than usual on street, and motorcycles, and in cars and suvs. >> especially with the recent events of things that have happened, as well as our partnership with the fbi, and attempting to thwart terrorist attacks, you will see more officers.>> reporter: the new mayor was briefed at the command center and thanked officers for keeping the city safe. while the embarcadero is open, they say they will consider shutting it down for safety if the crowds spill into the city
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-- streets. meanwhile, at the greek restaurant in san francisco, the new year's eve horns are out along with bubbly on ice. >> loss of cocktails, lots of martinis, a lot of champagne happening later on. >> reporter: the head chef says this is the second busiest holiday behind valentine's day. >> luckily, we have the pleasure of serving about 250 people for lunch and 350 for dinner every day. >> my son is six years old, my daughter is going to be two next week. it is nice to have the family together and bring in the new year. >> reporter: these friends from the peninsula toasted to the start of a new year. >> we might watch a movie and then catch the fireworks, or have some more champagne. >> this was a tough year for many people. i think that a lot of new hope for 2018. >> reporter: and big hopes for one bay area resident.
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>> i feel like it might be one of my favorite years. >> here is hoping so. she and countless others are celebrating under an almost full moon tonight. we asked people what they are looking forward to in 2018, one set health and happiness. someone else said eating less sugar. another told me a better season for the giants.>> a lot of good thoughts there. i know san francisco plays -- there kind of taking points on the security issues, but i understand there are a lot of authorities involved. >> there are. there are marine units from san francisco police and the fire department. take a look at these crowds. they are pouring in to the embarcadero. we have seen police throughout the evening. i'm surprised that we do not see any right now, because i have seen them on foot patrols and they are undercover. there are suvs as i mentioned. they are expecting a big crowd
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to let out after the fireworks tonight. >> all right, maureen, we will be checking in with you later on. that suspect accused of plotting that terror attack in san francisco remains in jail tonight. 26-year-old everett jamison, a muslim convert living in modesto was denied bail in order to stay in the fresno county jail. the former marine was accused of planning and isis inspired attack targeting peer 39. he is due back in court on friday. as you know, the new year has already a drive -- arrived and that brought out hundreds of thousands of people packed into a frigid time square. here is how it looks right now, cold. not a lot of people out there. a lot of them have already gone because midnight has come and gone. lauren blanchard is in new york with more on the celebration and temperatures. >> reporter: temperatures here in time square, not keeping revelers away. the cold and an unprecedented
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like it of security are ringing in this new year. >> 3-to-1-0. >> reporter: more than 1 million partygoers going through bank checks. >> there are so many police around. they checked us pretty well. so, it is safe enough. >> reporter: following the terror attacks in new york and october's shooting in las vegas, these barricades and trucks filled with sand block entrances and snipers have been stationed in high-rises overlooking the crowd. thousands of police are positioned all over. >> a heavy undercover presence especially in the hotels. that is something to learn from las vegas. nypd as always, not only on top of the game, but ahead of the game.>> reporter: the white house says the president has been briefed on security across the country, and despite
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reminders of potential danger, those gathering in time square are getting into the spirit of the night. >> it was on my bucket list. i did not expect it to be this cold. [ laughter ] i knew that it was going to be cold, but not this cold.>> reporter: despite a windchill below freezing, this is one of the hottest places to welcome in 2018. in time square, lauren blanchard, fox news. the new year has officially begun in much of the world. here is a look at the celebration in london. >> big ben helped with the countdown, followed by a big fireworks show along the river thames. the clock tower has been silent after a restoration project but those familiar chimes returned to usher in 2018. those sounds tonight and the fireworks, they were a joy for the estimated 100,000 people in attendance there. >> in dubai, a world record was set on this new year. the burj khalifa came alive
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with a spectacular leash or show. it put them in the guinness world's record for the largest laser light show on one single structure. the tallest tower was bathed in dazzling laser lights and a dance synchronized to music. it lasted about 10 minutes. >> fireworks lit up the skies in jakarta, indonesia. hundreds crowded vantage points around monuments to watch the festivities. many couples celebrated by tying the knot. there is a mass wedding at the capital where nearly 450 couples gathered at the city's until just hours before him midnight to pray with their families before signing marriage certificates. in thailand, revelers are treated to a colorful fireworks display over the choir river. fireworks were banned but the prime minister ordered officials to temporarily overturn the rule just in time for new year's eve. in hong kong, fireworks lit
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a sky over victoria harbour. the 10 minute show started just before midnight and included a magic stardust firework. it was inspired by the idea of dancing fairies. it signified new year's blessings to the cities. back here at home, law officers say they will be out in force on roads and freeways throughout the night. the highway patrol says it is all hands on deck during the maximum enforcement period. that started friday night and lasts through midnight tomorrow night. officers are looking for not only intoxicated drivers, but anyone impaired by drugs, whether they are illegal or legal. they are also keeping an eye out for cell phone use, seatbelt violations, and speeding. >> if you plan to celebrate tonight, there are plenty of ways for you to get home safely. several transportation companies are offering free or cheap rides home. lee martinez has the details. >> reporter: before you toast to the good life, plan to get home safe for the start of that life in 2018.>> we are going to
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have some fun. we are going to use uber. >> reporter: uber or lyft are popular choices but many forget to factor in the charges. >> we went to a soccer game and it was like -- quadruple the price that night to get back to our hotel.>> reporter: if your resolution is to be more fiscally responsible, you could call the home-mobile. it is a rideshare that has been driving around san francisco since 2010. >> it is donation based, so you donate whatever you would like. >> and it is open to everyone. >> anyone can ride. we will not ask for a card or anything. it is specifically for people who might have safety issues because of their gender or sexuality. >> there are a lot of options to consider. >> we are thinking about uber, but the price is probably going to tell us not to take
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that. so i don't know, maybe home- mobile. or public transportation with the bus. >> san francisco offers free public transportation office. -- offerings. >> reporter: do not swipe your card or activate the mobile, then you will get charged. just hop on board. in the east bay, the buses run free of charge, and train rides on caltrain and sam turned also run free. all of those transportation options won't cost you anything if you right between 8 pm-5 am. bart will not be free but will extend service to 3 am, and they will have more trains running. >> first time experience on the bart this weekend. you just have to figure out the system. >> reporter: 2018 offers lots of safety options, so there is no excuse to get behind the wheel. in san francisco, lee martinez, ktvu , fox2 news. coming up, a plane goes
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down in costa rica, details on the fiery crash that killed a dozen people including 10 americans. new details on a deadly shooting in colorado. what we are learning about the incident. and what the -- the sheriff is dead and four others injured. we will take a closer look at the forecast for tonight. the fireworks show in san francisco, and we will talk about the big pattern change that could include rainfall.
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a small plane crash today in costa rica. it killed all on board including 10 us citizens. a family of five from new york city is among the dead. the government said that two costa rican crewmembers were on board that airplane. the former president of coaster rica said that her cousin was one of the two crewmembers on board the single-engine turboprop. it went down during takeoff and a wooded area. an investigation into the cause is underway. we are learning more about the deputy fatally shot by a gunman in denver today. the douglas county sheriff said 29-year-old deputy zachary parrish was killed. five law-enforcement officers were also wounded when 37-year- old matthew riel shot them in a apartment complex. the gunman was killed by officers. we have more. >> reporter: a handful of
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deputies walked into an onslaught of gunfire early this morning in highlands ranch, colorado. they were responding to a disturbance call, the suspect making a lot of noise. when the officers walked in, the suspect unloaded. more deputies were injured. one deputy, zachary parrish, was shot and killed. two civilians were shot as well. the suspect, who has not been identified, was shot and killed by members of the regional s.w.a.t. team. authorities say the gunman was someone who was familiar to local law enforcement. the motive is unclear at this point, but we have learned that he used a rifle in his attack. he was waiting for officers to arrive. deputy zachary parrish was 29, married, and had two young children. a heartbreaking loss for his family, and fellow officers. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachary. i sat with his wife and held her hand. you could see it in her eyes,
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her life is over. and i have been a blessed sheriff. i have had wonderful things happen to me.  my deputies have been shot, run over, and they have survived. it was very difficult today to see zach for the last time.>> the procession led the body from a hospital to the medical examiner's office. president trump weighed in on twitter saying -- my deepest condolences to the victims of the terrible shooting and their families. we love our police and law enforcement, god bless them all. we have learned that the remaining victims all have non- life-threatening injuries. the oakland raiders head coach is now out of a job on this new year's eve. his termination brings to an end the teams disappointing 6-10 season.
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del rio said he was approached by the owner immediately following today's 30-10 loss to the chargers. del rio signed a four-year extension just last february. now rumors are already circulating about who will be tapped to replace him. coming up in sports, we will hear more from jack del rio on his firing. an injured mountain biker was rescued. a sheriff's helicopter was dispatched just after 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon. crews located the victim on beacon ridge trail. he was airlifted to an ambulance about half a mile away. the mountain biker suffered broken bones and head injuries. in the north bay, a driver was trapped after the box truck he was driving struck a utility pole. it happened around 4 am this morning on highway 116. a live electrical pole was knocked down and came to rest right on top of that enterprise rental truck. the driver was not hurt, but
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because of the lifeline, he could not get out of the truck for more than six hours. crews were finally able to deenergize the power line around 10:30 pm. we will check-in with mark.>> take a look at the current temperatures across the country. 15 below right now in part of the north dakota's. as we head out west, you can see temperatures more comfortable obviously in the 50s across california. i'm showing you this right now. if you scattered rain showers today and a few sprinkles primarily up in the north bay. reports of sprinkles in windsor. we are not completely dry, but still lots of clouds in place for tonight. current numbers, cooling-off. here we are 45 degrees for the 10 pm hour in fairfield. santa rosa 44, san francisco 53 degrees. san jose is checking in at 51.
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here is our life camera looking at san francisco. lots of people headed out here for tonight to watch the fireworks show. that is at the embarcadero. if you cannot get out, just the fact that you can see all this means we do not have much fog read so, here's the forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures by midnight will be in san francisco at least in the upper 40s and close to 50 degrees with the clouds, mainly way above our heads. a nice fireworks show for this evening. overnight lows, we will have some fog in the morning. the coolest location starting out in the morning start off in the 30s in fairfield, napa, san francisco there is that 48 in san jose. lots of cloud cover tomorrow with lower clouds and higher clouds across portions of the bay area. in fact, our model is showing you some fog and cloud cover filling the bay in the morning. then in the afternoon we will scale back from the overcast as
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we head through the monday afternoon. we are expecting a big change in the weather pattern. we have rain chances in the five day forecast. we will talk more about those individual weather pattern changes all coming up in a few minutes. if ringing in the new year and icy cold water sounds fun, there is still space. the frozen fun run waterski event is happening at 8 am tomorrow outside the rusty pull restaurant and bar. the water is expected to be about 44 degrees. about three dozen participants are expected, some we are told will waterski in the buff. others will wear costumes. everyone has to wear a life jacket. both sides of the political aisle had victories. but what about 2018? what washington hopes to accomplish. another big player may enter the race for california's next governor.
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jackie spear is considering putting her name on the ballot.
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the president and first lady are spending new year's eve in florida. the pair are throwing a party for guests to ring in the new year. the president spent the morning playing golf and social media. he touched on what he says are his high points and wished everyone a happy new year. the president tweeted as our country grows smarter i want to wish all of my friends supporters enemies haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy and healthy new year. 2018 will be a great here for america. >> the tax overhaul was a major victory. local republicans and democrats saw victories. as the focus shifts to 2018, we
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have more on what congress hopes to accomplish in the new year.>> reporter: republican leaders have a long wish list, including a couple of items they may be able to get support on. foremost is rebuilding america's infrastructure. the white house tells us they are looking at about $200 billion in additional spending tube rebuild roads and waterways. democrats want to bump that up to about $1 trillion. another hot button issue the white house wants to address is immigration reform including dhaka. they want to protect those who were not into the country illegally -- illegally as children. the president says he is willing to do that in exchange for chain migration. and the border wall, which democrats say is a nonstarter. but lindsey graham is still optimistic. >> we need the wall, not a complete wall. we need border security married with the dream act. there is a deal to had -- be had on immigration.>> reporter: paul ryan is also eyeing other
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issues including reforms to entitlement and welfare programs which many democrats consider untouchable. >> the other piece of this is what we want to fight against which is the privatization of social security. it is going to be the diminishment of medicare and medicaid. we know that that is on the block for our republican colleagues.>> reporter: asked weekend they will hash out the top priorities with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell at camp david. in washington, i am garrett penny for fox news. senator john mccain will return next year. mccain has an aggressive form of brain cancer. his office has not issued an official update on his health for two weeks. that update came after he was hospitalized in maryland for side effects from cancer treatment. the race for california governor could get interesting with the possible
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addition of a well-known house democrat. congresswoman jackie speier his -- is said to be considering a run. willie brown says that jackie speier is spending this weekend with her advisors in palm springs discussing a potential bid. there is already a heavy field of candidates hoping to succeed governor brown next year. the four leading democrats include newsom, los angeles mayor fragoso, john chung, and state superintendent of public education delaine easton. the two republican candidates, including businessman john cox, and orange assemblyman travis allen also vying for that seat. from recreational marijuana to guns. many new laws go into effect january 1, tomorrow. up next, a look at their potential effect on you in the new year.
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there are many new state laws set to take effect red paul schaffer takes a look at some of those new laws and how they may affect you.>> reporter: starting january 1, anyone convicted of a hate crime will not be able to own a firearm for 10 years. anyone who purchased emanation online or elsewhere must do so through a licensed vendor and pick it up in person.
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you will have to pay more at the dmv to register and renew your vehicle. that is because of the transportation improvement fee, which is based on the value of your car and will cost you anywhere from 25-dollars. the fees are to pay for maintenance and roadwork, and it is another part of the state gas tax. the same with vehicles. drivers of rideshare companies like lyft and uber will be required to have a blood alcohol level below .04. if they violate this law they could face suspension. that law goes into effect july 1. on that same day, people who ride buses with seatbelts will be required to wear them. the election reform bill passed in 2016 will go into effect. it will give people more options when casting their ballots. with the new law registered voters will be sent a ballot 28 days before an election. voters can then return it by mail. they can take it to a drop off location which will be open for
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weeks before election day, or they can casted at a vote center which will replace polling centers. california will become a sanctuary state, with the california values act, officers cannot inquire about someone's immigration status or detain them unless they have been convicted of a crime. the law will not stand in the way for ice agents from doing their own work. californians who work at businesses with 20 or more employees will be guaranteed up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. within the first year of their child's birth, adoption, or foster your placement. high school students will not have to take a exit exam to get their diploma. first-time students in community college will have their first year of fees waived as long as the state sets aside enough money in the budget to do so. paul chambers, ktvu , fox2 news. a new rule goes into
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effect. passengers will be required to produce proof of payment inside areas of the station and the board trains. that includes tickets and clipper cards. the board of directors passed this requirement in october. there's a one month grace period during january when violators will be warned instead of cited, after that violators could face a $75 fine.>> also starting tomorrow, adults over the age of 21 will be able to bite recreational marijuana legally here in california. you might run into problems if you are trying to buy it in san francisco. it looks like cannabis clubs in the city will not be able to sell marijuana until later on in the week. it is because certain regulations took longer than expected to finalize. new dosage requirements for marijuana edibles will also go into effect tomorrow. the law causing some concern about the risk of driving while high. we learned about the marijuana detection devices that police will likely be using to best drivers under the influence.
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>> the san francisco police say that one in every four drivers that they pullover is a stone. even before legalization. the california office of traffic safety says the drug impaired drivers in fatal accidents have skyrocketed. >> went drivers in fatal crashes have been tested, other than alcohol, back in 2006 -- it was a little over 26%. in 2015, it was over 43%. >> it is not just alcohol alone. there is always a combination with any other type of drug. whether it is a prescription drug or cannabis, there can be an increase on the drugs out there and on driving. >> reporter: currently police use field sobriety tests to verify intoxication. for police, the problem in court is making sure that the person is truly impaired, as opposed to simply having thc in their blood at a legal level. thc, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, can be
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in your bloodstream for hours or days. but, that does not mean that you are stoned. thc must be measured in the breath by the parts per trillion , which means detectors must be incredibly accurate. that is why several marijuana rough lasers are coming out on the law enforcement market to define impairment on the spot.>> the marijuana breathalyzer is a cutting-edge, noninvasive drug recognition system. it uses rough testing technology to test individuals for recent consumption of thc. >> are tests to provide scientific evidence to support a officers opinion. it will likely lead to a conviction. >> at hound labs, they have developed instantaneous thc breathalyzers. dr. lynn says the level is usually just a couple hours after using. he says if it is not detectable on your breath, odds are you are not impaired enough to drive -- to not drive.
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>> everyone is getting behind this notion that can truly differentiate the person who is stoned right now, versus the person who may just have it in their system. >> reporter: while many agencies have yet to inquire the detectors -- acquire the detectors. and many detectors are awaiting certification, rest assured that in the coming days and weeks, traditional screening methods will do just fine attacking -- identifying those using cannabis and driving. coming up, deadly clashes in iran. details on the protesters killed during antigovernment demonstrations. and weather, we are tracking clouds for your new year's eve forecast. for tomorrow, we will start off january 1 with some clouds out there as well. eventually some rain clouds. we will update the five day in a few minutes.
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a standoff at a post office in ukraine's second-largest city came to a peaceful conclusion. all 11 people that were taken hostage were released unharmed. they arrested the suspect who was holding them. he had entered the post office carrying several guns and strapped with explosives. investigators say he made no demands, but then began
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offering his hostages tea and coffee. the suspect surrendered a few hours later. protests in iran are turning deadly. two demonstrators were killed in overnight clashes. this as the iranian president criticizes trump for supporting the protesters. we have more from washington.>> reporter: the iranian president addressed -- addressed the country for the first time after clashes between police and protesters left for dead. he said people have the right to protest but violence is not okay. these comments come after the government blocked access to social media apps used by protesters to coordinate and communicate. on saturday, at least 200 protesters were arrested in tehran. several others were killed in a rally. the deputy of security for the provinces said their investigation found evidence of
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the involvement of extremist groups. he also said during the clash that took two lives, no bullets were shot from police, and security forces at the people. opposition groups dispute that claim, they say police opened fire on protesters. they posted videos online, which appear to show protesters bleeding from bullet wounds. at one point, you can hear gunfire in the distance as people rush out carrying a person. the protest began because of economic woes. unemployment, the rising price of basic goods. but the protests no longer seemed to be focused on economics alone. it now seems to be about the system. the government seen as corrupt. in a statement, the opposition groups that the protest movement will accept nothing short of the removal of the islamic regime, and the establishment of a free, democratic iran with a new government defined by the constitution guaranteeing the rights of every iranian citizen to live free of oppression, and
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discrimination, with justice and equality. this is the largest protest in over a decade. in washington dc, i am allison barber, fox news. 2017 was a year marred by war, lies, and injustice. [ music ] >> the pope said humanity had wasted and wounded the year causing social and environmental degradation. he praised romans for their civic duty. afterwards he walked across st. peter's square to shake hands and pose for pictures before visiting a life-size nativity. you will say a mass tomorrow? the world today of peace. coming up, a close look -- coastal flood warning tomorrow. and our meteorologist will have the complete forecast, including -- for the first day of 2018. the details, coming up.
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extreme high and low tides are expected to bring minor coastal flooding tomorrow and tuesday to low-lying areas. high tides are expected mid to late morning both days and that could cause flooding of some
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parking lots. low tides will occur in the afternoon and late evening hours. >> so the first superman is happening tomorrow. that will be what is the first new day of the year. they're not any bigger than other moons, but they appear larger and brighter because the moon is closer to earth. experts say the best time to see the supermoon will be around 9:24 pm tomorrow night. it will be the second in a trilogy of supermoon's. the first one you may remember what happened on december 3. another will appear on january 31. >> the first day of the new year will start with a spare the air alert. a high-pressure system is still in place over the bay area. it is forecast to continue trapping smoke near the ground. wood-burning is banned. this is the first alert of 2018, but to the 17th alert for the winter. [ music ] we will eventually be able to mix things up with a storm system approaching. you will have to wait for it,
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but changes headed our way. for tonight, we do have this -- high clouds and cool temperatures. tomorrow we start off with some fog. skies become partly sunny in the afternoon and then there is that developing headline with rain making a comeback. of course, we are watching this evening -- the new year's eve forecast for san francisco. the entire bay area is under cloudy skies. in san francisco, 47-50 degrees. mainly, for the higher elevations they will have clouds. the fireworks show, let's add that to the mix as well. it is looking pretty good for tonight. we're not talking about dense fog. let's take a look at the live camera. we are looking across the bay bridge out towards san francisco and the burkett arrow -- no major wins out there. no major windfall at least right here. this is scattered light showers up in the north bay.
10:47 pm
and then looking back towards the bay bridge for tonight, it looks fine in the short term. we are talking about that rain chance. now, the big weather story has been the extreme cold temperature pattern as you can see for portions of the country right now. it is still 15 degrees below in fargo. that is the actual air temperature right now. in los angeles we are in the upper 50s. as we come back to the bay area, scattered clouds and sprinkles. maybe a few light showers early today especially up near petaluma earlier today. lots of clouds in place. in the clouds will actually continue to move through the area overnight. current numbers, we have livermore 44, and san francisco 53. san jose is checking in at 51. for tomorrow, january 1 in san francisco, clouds and fog. through the afternoon -- by 12 mostly sunny skies.
10:48 pm
eventually, by 3 pm, we will call it partly cloudy by monday mid afternoon. you heard about the cape tides, we have a coastal flood advisory for monday and tuesday. you can see this extreme tides close to seven feet for tomorrow morning. that goes into tuesday and then wednesday. we will gradually scale back up to high tides later on in the week. this high pressure has been keeping us dry and quite over the past few days. it will be a dry monday. tuesday, there is a slight chance of a shower, but it is developing with the weather pattern. it will bump up the rainfall chances by wednesday. especially by wednesday evening, we could be tracking some scattered showers into thursday. here is our forecast model. we will take this into wednesday. the first half of the day, not too much. the second half, especially by the evening we will track more rainfall, that once again on thursday, some scattered rain showers. forecast highs for tomorrow, january 1, we will be in the
10:49 pm
60s out there. san jose will be 63, half moon bay 61 degrees. a look ahead at your forecast, rainfall redeveloping wednesday night, we will track off and on showers for thursday. we will have a chance for friday. for tonight and the fireworks it looks good. thank you mark. all right, bruno mars and his songwriter being sued over his hit song uptown funk. [ music ] the 70s rap group the sequence says uptown funk is to similar to its single, funk you up. they're asking for an unspecified amount of money. bruno mars have faced other lawsuits related to the single. the most recent one was filed in september. up next in sports, mark davis didn't take long to straighten the raiders ship. he relieved jack del rio of his coaching duties. we will hear from del rio about
10:50 pm
his firing coming up next in sports.
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scott reese here to talk about what is going on with the raiders. >> is something going on? >> yeah, right. you just sign a contract extension and you are out of a job. so, how is this about a bay area again?
10:53 pm
remember chip kelly fired by the niners? now jack del rio fired on new year's eve. the announcement comes after the loss today. he is out after three seasons in oakland. and a 25-23 record. he led them in their postseason appearance. but this year's team bore little resemblance. with rumors swirling about mark davis will lower john gruden back to town, jack del rio was unceremoniously shown the door. he took the high road there. >> i told him how much i appreciated the opportunity you gave me. i mean i am very grateful, it is my childhood team. but, it is a results business. i understand that. >> we had a great talk this week. and we did not see this coming. we were excited to continue to compete. and they said they would fix
10:54 pm
the little things they need to fix and get this thing back right. keep being you and keep leading us. and, we were ready for what is next. and for it to be done. it is crazy. >> after about three and half hours the raiders -- what was going through his head? here is jack del rio on his last game coaching the silver and black. they needed a win and some health. how about this -- that is help, melvin gordon fumbles. 27 yards for the rest of the way. 7-0 lightning bolts. sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. on the ensuing possession -- 3rd and 22 four derek car. he has been criticized for not connecting enough but i think that is deep enough. amari cooper, 87 yards. that is the longest scrimmage of the season for the raiders. it is 7-7. cooper three catches, 115 yards.
10:55 pm
the 2nd quarter it is 7-10 oakland. rivers, -- i can through the deep ball two. tyrell williams 56 yards. it is 14-10 la. the next position for the raiders. car getting a little greedy here. all right, i'm checking it around today, why not try for holden in the end zone. no, intercepted. and, he will bring it up the sideline. so, that ended that rater threat. the chargers cap and eight plate 77 yard drive from rivers to allen. that is a nice catch in the corner of the end zone. keenan has been stupendous these last eight weeks. the catch, one foot, two foot, counted -- 20-10. 3rd quarter now and rivers is showing off the arm. 26 yards to benjamin. he threw for 387 yards and three scores. and the chargers beat the readers -- raiders 37-10.
10:56 pm
they did not get the help they needed at that moment. >> and then there is the only undefeated nfl team. yep, the 49ers serving notice to the league that they will be a factor in 2018. to be fair, the rams rested their starter, derek goff, jimmy g, well he was -- he would not miss this for the world. on third mark -- 3rd and four. george kittle, you know we love a little cuddle. 44 yards. that is a field goal and it makes it 3-0 49ers. next drive, it is grob low. over to good one. it is a great pattern. he dials it up for shanahan. touchdown good one. he is 5-5 on the drive. it is 10-0 san francisco. bad news, he is human after all. he is not perfect folks. here is intercepted up -- by kevin peterson in his first nfl start. that sets him up for a field
10:57 pm
goal 10-3. and then, another scary moment. watch goodwin get pounded on the pass attempts. i mean, laid out by blake kaunas. he would be counted -- carted off the field. unfortunately, as the teams look on you can see the fingers up to the crowd. that was a good sign that gerrit would be all right. the next play, carlos -- maybe for his following teammates. look at the effort. the entire offensive line pushes him into the end zone. eight yards scored. 20-6 for the niners at the break. 3rd quarter. he is a free agent, will he be back next season, we don't know. we do know that he had two touchdowns of the day. that is nick robinson with 12 yards. the niners when 34-14. they win the game on a five- game winning streak. jimmy g has a five game starter. >> i was not surprised. we hold ourselves to a high standard. you know, we went out onto the field and expected that
10:58 pm
throughout the whole -- this end of the season, there have been hiccups, but i think that overall it has been a great experience. >> by the way, the raiders and 49ers will have the ninth and 10th pics in next year's draft. the coin flip will determine which pics ninth and 10th. speaking of crazy, how about this. the ravens are trying to get into the playoffs. they just needed a win against the bengals. how would that work? we take you to the afc to john harbaugh, looking on. this was quite a game. 4th quarter. it was 29-20. over to mike wallace, 27-24 baltimore. their thinking okay, we are good, we are in the playoffs. on 4th and 12, andy dalton to tyler boyd. and he will take it to the house. oh my goodness. 49 yards. the bengals with the upset. and that opens the door for the bills. if they win, baltimore is out.
10:59 pm
tyra taylor was 10 years old the last time baltimore made the playoffs. 3rd quarter. first career touchdown for kyle williams. when a defensive tackle scores -- 19-0 4th quarter 22-3. landry did get into score, but check out what happens afterwards. we got a scuffle, and punches are thrown. there is a flag, and another flag. they're flying every possible piece of handkerchief or anything like it on the field. we have hats. and then drake checks the helmet. i have never seen more stuff on the field. they toss to dolphins players, but after all that, the bills win 22-16 and they are in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. afc playoff picture, worth noting, the bills and titans allowed more points than they scored by a lot. the tiebreakers get them in the top two seeds are the patriots and steelers. and i guess that we are out of time. we cannot get to the nfc. the browns did not win.>> crazy stuff.
11:00 pm
thank you scott. have a happy new year. [ music ] >> steve: welcome back, everybody. with your man, steve harvey. my friends called me and said i have been trending on twitter because of the cold. half-and-half. some people like it. some people don't. it's warm. i'm not taking it off. i'm going to get it in eight more colors. i am telling you the truth. i feel good.


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