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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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are getting much needed rain. >> a flash flood watch is in effect for the areas devastated by the wildfires in october and a wind advisory in effect for bay area bridges, following a messy morning commute on wet roads. >> fox 2 news at noon starts right now. >> good afternoon. >> the bay area is getting hit with the first big storm of the new year. we want to give you a live look at the conditions in the south bay. >> we are tracking the storm in the wine country where residents are bracing for flash flooding but let's begin with our meteorologist, rose mary, monitoring all of the rain. >> we are monitoring the rain throughout the afternoon and then the wind will pick up with advisories as we speak. a flash flood watch and a wind
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advisory. most of california is picking up on rain, not only us but southern california also with plenty of advisories. let's look at what is going on here. fairly widespread you can see, farther south, we have the rain moving through and a few heavier pockets over the santa cruz mountains and in and around the coastline. into the central area of the bay, we've got moderate rain reported over areas of san francisco, along the peninsula, crossing over into east bay and you can see oakland, all the way along i-80 towards berkeley, richmond and then into the north bay a little bit, a light, moderate rain over the bay area. this will continue for the entire day. we don't expect much of a let up until tuesday. the winds aregenerally light out there but that will change over the course of the afternoon.
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the bay side communities expected to see pretty high winds and into the hills as well. there is a flash flood watch for the north bay area, hills and valley locations are the recent burn areas. the wind advisory is starting at this hour with winds reaching 30 miles per hour and gusting to 50 in some of the hills. powerful enough to bring down trees and power lines, could cause power outages later into tonight. for the sieras, snow level is starting high but dropping to 6,000 feet by tomorrow morning. i will detail all of this more and talk about how much rainfall we have received so far and how much we will get before it moves out later on. we have alley joining us live with how the conditions are live. >> reporter: the conditions are
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relentless. it feels like the rain has come down a little heavier in the past few minutes. this is the sort of thing that officials in santa rosa are worried about, empty lots like this with lauds of mud and pools of water and also at the top of the hill. as far as we can see, it duntz look like there are any barriers on the other side of it to prevent erosion. taking a look at this, santa rosa officials have been warning residents in the burn zone to be aware of winter rainfall that we are seeing now. >> be aware of the potential of living there and sign up for alerts so in the event there is a need to evacuate based on the conditions that they will be prepared and have a plan in place.
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>> meanwhile the rainy weather has led to a number of accidents in the south bay, several of them on highway 17. we are looking at how the rain had an impact on the morning commute. >> highway 17 can be a cuff riefd in the best of conditions but with the rain, it can be down right treacherous. the rain came down heavy at times, drenching the roadway and khp responded -- chp responded to crash after crash. no one injured in some incidents but one lane of 17 was shut down. there was a roll over accident at the summit. the driver was uninjured in that incident as well. .a there was a light sprinkle to a modred rain, not too heavy, nice visibility but too slick for my tires.
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>> reporter: and not just highway 17 saw the accidents, wet weather likely contributed to this accident on southbound san jose road, leaving an 18-year-old with injuries. chp is advising drivers to slow down. >> don't forget the latest on weather conditions is available any time by going to the ktvu weather app and you can get updates throughout the day. mark leno has filed papers to run for mayor of san francisco. he is one of several running in the special election to fill out the term of ed lee. tomorrow is the dead line for anyone interested in running to file paperwork with the city's department of elections. former souper visor angela
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alyodo will also enter the race. david chew is also making an announcement about the election. many of you have encouraged me to run for mayor and i am humbled by the support but after discussions of my wife, friends and allies, i will not be running for mayor, is what he said in a statement. and there is a campaign calling for president trump's impeachment. this morning, the head of the campaign says he will not run for any office this year but making an effort to get democrats elected to congress. >> i am putting millions behind the program to unleash the full power of young voters. they are the largest block of eligible voters in america, capable of swinging elections
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and they are horrified by what is happening in washington d.c. >> and in addition to the 30 million dollar effort to help democrats take back the house, he is doubling his work to get that done. we have a look now at the president's aggressive today list with a dead line of next week. >> reporter: michael wolff's explosive book of fire and fury is topping amazon's best selling list. the book questioned the president's fitness for office as administrative officials try to discredit the author and the book. >> he is trying to sell books and it is a bunch of trash. >> reporter: the president is back from a working weekend, pushing his agenda forward. republicans say president trump is committed to an aggressive to do list for 2018. >> infrastructure, make sure we
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are building america as we continue to grow, the opioid epidemic, need to be able to solve that, and rebuilding our military. >> reporter: lawmakers also need to pass a budget by january 19 to avoid a first of all government shutdown. the president is asking the government to approve 18 billion to pay for his border wall. plans that nanceo pelosi called alarming. a deal also needs to be worked out for illegal immigrants who arrived in the u.s. as children. >> republicans are in control of every branch of government and they can fix it if they want to. it is unfair to the young people working and going to school here legally. >> reporter: today the president had announced that wehead announce his fake news awards but he has since he will put
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that out. and protection for nearly 200,000 sal rudorians -- salvadorians could end under the trump administration as they phase out the protection from several countries as people fled from natural disasters. they will have until september of next year to leave the united states. the man acquitted in the killing of kate steinly made his first appearance in federal court this morning. he was denied bail. the judge said zar at ais wanted on an arrest out of texas. he is expected to face charges there after this charge of an undocumented immigrant in possession of a firearm. he was sentenced to three years in jail on the gun charge but was released to federal custody due to time served.
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still to come, a push against cell phone addiction, why two apple investors want the company to add to the prantal controls. >> and kennedy airport is finally on track after a debacle with the weather and major flooding inside a terminal.
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an investigation is now underway into a water main break that led to flooding at jfk
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airport. there were also freezing temperatures and a snow storm that left passengers stranded and officials out raged. we have the latest from kennedy airport. >> reporter: the list of problems that piled up for passengers was staggering. it started with the bone chiller temperatures and massive snow storms that slowed things down. it set off a chain reaction of bad news. they had to close on thursday as hundreds of flights around the country were canceled, stranding several passengers at the airport. passengers were stuck on planes for hours. the situation spiralled out of control and caused the port control to call aviation authorities to block more international flights from coming in. and then it was kicked up a notch yesterday when a water main broke inside terminal 4
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where passengers and flooding were piling up. >> the flooding was severe. we wound up with 3 inches of water on the southern two thirds of the terminal 4 arrivals areas. >> reporter: the u.s. senator chalk schumer called for a review of the problem which seems to stem from a breakdown between the private operations and the airlines. >> a lot of us are out of town, flying across the country without luggage. >> a mess, disaster. >> reporter: as of today, there are 26 canceled flights, an improvement but not yet back to normal. in new york, laura engles, fox 2 news. let's check back in with rose mary as the rain continues to fall across the bay area.
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>> wet and windy for monday afternoon. i expect this storm to stick with us through most of monday if not the entire day. here is a look at some of the rainfall amounts thus far. many areas are picking up an inch. santa rosa at the airport, more than an inch. alameda has more than an inch. the oakland airport, and half moon bay, all seeing quite a bit of rain already. here is a look at storm tracker 2. it is widespread. i can't find a spot where we are not seeing rain. you can see down the peninsula, down to 101, 280, as well, crossing the bay bridge from san francisco into oakland, it could be quite messy and into the east bay, there is rain falling along i-80 through berkeley, oakland,
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hayward and it stretched across towards areas of dublin. the north bay is seeing light to moderate, steady rain. we talked about this at the top of the hour and here are more details about the flash flood watches for the hill and valley locations with the recent burn areas. all of those areas and the areas below, it is going to come down with mud slides. this will last into early tomorrow morning. we are also expecting the winds to pick up a little later this afternoon and wind gusted kz reach 50 miles per hour. so it is the shade of blue indicating all of the hills, santa cruz mountains, also the coast and peninsula, and the east bay communities there. that will also go into the evening hours and perhaps overnight. for the sieras, snow levels are starting out high but they will drop by tomorrow morning. could see a few inches down to about 6,000 feet. the higher elevations, anywhere
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from 18 to 24 inches so that is good news for the sieras. everybody is getting wet. as we get into the afternoon, the evening drive breaks up a little bit, scattered showers, i expect. you have a lot of moisture already in place and a lot of cloud cover in place. we will call for light to moderate rain for the evening drive home. at 10:00 tonight, it is still coming down, not expected to break away until tuesday. there is a look at tuesday afternoon, drying out by tuesday evening. i have shown you what has fallen so far, and we expect 2 to 3 inches of rain when it is all said and done . for most areas, this just means newsance flooding, but we have to look at the flash flood areas overnight. we will be tracking that for you. we are at 54 in oakland and san francisco and south bay at 58. when i come back, we will have
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alic at the extended forecast, we will get past a few days of rain and wind and we will dry out through the weekend. the courts may ultimately decide the battle of off shore drilling in the united states. the trump administration is proposing to open up 94% of the coast to gas and oil exploration. governor jerry brown is among the governors who are protesting it. the corporations say it will create jobs and energy independence. >> we have 90% of our off shore resources off limits. and this is an opportunity to open up the areas to supply the demand. >> off shore drilling is dirty and there will be an ilspill. the threat of lawsuits may make energy companies reluck tent to change plans and there is also fear that a later administration
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will overturn trump's decision. and lead tainted water continues to be a problem at oakland schools, according to a group. they are showing that at least 12 schools failed to meet the pediatrician guide lines for lead in school drinking water. they are calling for new policies to ensure that students will not be exposed in the future. there was a response by one school district saying nothing is more important than the health and well being of the students and staff. to that end, the district has been working closely with calburg on this issue. two apple investors are telling the company to step it up when it comes to fighting the problem of cell phone addiction. the california state teachers retirement system and partners asked apple to add more parental
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control to the devices. they say excessive smart phone use can lead to higher rates of depression and suicide, as well as disrupted sleep cycles and an inability to pay attention in class. coming up, talks between north korea and south korea, and what the olympic committee says about north korea participating in the olympic games.
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it is moving day for the oakland a's front office. officials posted this video on the team's facebook page a few minutes ago. they are showing off the new space. this is a consolidation of offices that were at two different locations. the move should improve locations according to the team. we will show new video of the new set up for the tech set ups at this event to show off the latest tech gadgets. volkswagen is expected to reveal new artificial intelligence. there will be a key note address to answer questions about a flaw with intell processing chips that could leave billions of devices vulnerable to hackers. amazon is teaming up with buick to make a new pair of smart
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glass that will cost $1,000 and they will be available in march. you can team them up with a smart portal and with alexis's help, they can project information without blocking your vision. the door is open for north korea to take part in the up coming winter games in south korea by extending the registration dead line. >> this comes as talks between north korea and south korea are expected to take place. hopefully this is an opening to ease the tensions with the north as well. >> reporter: the first formal talks between north and south korea in almost two wreerz. the talks are supposed to center around the olympic games and also focus on relations as well. >> while focussing on the
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participation in the olympics, we expect to discuss the improving relations between north korea and south korea. >> reporter: the son of a refugee started the talks. the two nations are seeking to improve the ties after rising tensions after north korea pushed their nuclear weapons. pope franz s urged -- francis urged the talks. >> find new ways to over come the disputes, increase the mutual trust and ensure a safe future for the entire world. >> reporter: one factor in the success of these talks could be if soul could have bilateral
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talks with the u.s. still ahead, we continue to track the storm hitting the bay area right now. we will take you back to santa rosa where we are monitoring the flash flood watch and the areas devastated by the wildfires in october. >> and taking steps to reduce auto break-ins and property crimes, a new strategy just announced by the city's police chief.
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we are tacking the storm for you this afternoon. here is a live look out towards 24. there is also a wind advisory in effect. >> and the wet and windy weather has made for a very messy morning commute. and we begin with up in santa rosa where a flash flood watch took effect about an hour ago. >> reporter: we got here about an hour ago. and when we got here, this water was about an inch and a half lower and it was crystal clear. now look over this, it is running all the way down here. there is a substantially greater amount of water coming off of this thing over here. if you look over here, you will
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see in those clouds, hood mountain. that was burned by the fires, what you see from the murky water is that the water is starting to pick up mud and debris and things like this. as long as winds stay fairly calm right now, this is not a big deal and this creek will handle it as all of the creeks will. but if we get serious torrential rain and some of the debris comes down the mountain which is very steep, and 2730 feet tall, then you will have issues with mud and debris flow and the creek may not be able to handle it. people that know this kind of stuff, go around to the creeks and see what they are looking for. clear water means it is not coming off and murky water means things are coming off. that's what is going on right now. the water is up an inch and a
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half or two inches since we got here and with heavier rains which is what is predicted, we will show you there could be a big difference. let's check in with an east bay where we are continuing the coverage of the storm with alex savage live in oakland with more on the crashes and flooded roadways that kept the highway patrol officers very busy today. >> reporter: there were a lot of issues to deal with. the rain has not let up throughout the day. traffic is still slow behind us on 880en oakland. it was a mess early this morning. the chp was very busy, heading to dozens of accidents and a lot of single car spin outs and roll overs. this honda civic wound up on its roof near grand avenue this morning. the chp told me the young man behind the vehicle was able to get out of the car on his own
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before officers got there. thankfully, he was not hurt in the crash. the officer we talked to told me too many drivers this morning were going too fast in these slick conditions. >> crash after crash. what i would suggest is for people to slow down just a little bit, turn on your lights. a lot of vehicles are driving with no letes on. >> reporter: a reminder if your wind shield wipers are on, your lights must also beon. that is the law in california. this four car accident happened along the east shore freeway near university avenue in berkeley, but nobody was hurt here, just a number of drivers that bumped into each other today. people we talked with told us it was a tough ride to work this morning because of all of the rain. >> people need to slow down and mind their business and stop texting on the phones.
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the road is slippery. >> some follow the rules and some don't, you have to watch yourself. >> reporter: there is a lot of standing water out there as well along many of the roadways and freeways. this is the scene at 23rd avenue. the exit from northbound 880 in oakland, where there is quite a bit of standing water there on the side of the road. it is certainly a hazard. and one reason to slow down is to try to avoid hydroplaning. you want to slow your speeds down and make sure you are not following the car in front of you too closely. that is a big reason there are so many fender benders and spin outs this morning. >> thank you, alex. down south in san jose, people in coyote creek are keeping a close eye on the water levels there. everyone is hoping there is not a repeat of the floods that happened last february. a series of storms pushed the creek over its banks and forced
12:34 pm
the evacuation of people from their homes, cost an estimated 100 million in damage. the mayor joined us for an interview and he said that people near coyote creek do not have to worry about the flooding this winter. >> we have been working hard with the water district to address the flooding and improve on the city side how we warn and notify residents. >> the mayor said the cause of the flooding last year was the water over flowing from anderson dam and new plans are in store to release the water from the dam before it gets to flood danger. >> and these rain drops behind me are from 280 and we are going to continue to track the rain with our meteorologist in just a minute. if you have to leave us, you can take us with you with the tv app. you can follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram as well
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too. san francisco police are taking a step to reduce auto break-ins and property crimes. last year was the worst on record for those types of crimes despite an increase in patrols. about an hour ago, they announced a new general crimes unit. it will be tested after several police stations before it is used at all 10 of the stations. >> we are starting out at terraville and mission and within the next few months, all of the stations will have at lest one dedicated person, maybe more, to focus on this issue. >> last year they saw more than 30,000 auto break-ins in san francisco, that is a 24% jump from 2016. and in fremont, two men are recovering this morning after being shot after confronting two car burglars. kevin skies says they found four
12:36 pm
people breaking into his truck and he tried to physically stop the thieves. he and his room mate were shot. the room mate is still being treated but is expected to recover. >> it happened so fast. looking back, i probably would have handled it a little differently, but i just wanted to get the people. >> the thieves are described only as two men and two women, in their 20s. they ran away and police are still looking for them. an actor who appeared on the popular netflix series 13 reasons why has been arrested accused of burglary in the homes of the elderly. he worked as a caregiver for the elderly. and he is accused of stealing from several homes between september and november.
12:37 pm
he learned one former client was in the hospital. he called the wife and said her husband had died and then broke into the house. his movements were tracked on surveillance cameras. he had a minor role in 13 reasons why. investigators in the north bay are trying to determine what caused a small plane to catch fire at the puma airport. the fire appears to have started inside the airplane, perhaps by the heater that is used inside the cockpit to keep electronics warm. the plane was destroyed but the hangar was only slightly damaged. tomorrow, the raiders will formally introduce john gruden, after the break, we will take a look at his career and what to expect next season. remember our special night?
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in southern california, evacuations have been ordered for some areas charred by the thomas fire because of mud slide concerns. >> even in areas not under evacuations, there are still worries about possible damage. >> reporter: residents dealt with a huge fire just a few weeks ago and now they are preparing for a lot of rain and the possibility of mud slides. we are expecting the largest rainfall in almost a year later today and that is a big concern
12:41 pm
for several burn areas. just a few weeks ago, residents here saw the hills above the properties get charred by the thomas fire. there is a risk of flooding and mud and debris flow. residents are urged to use sand bags around their homes and businesses. they should prepare for possible emergency evacuations and road closures. towns north of 101 are in most danger, mont seedo, summerland and lacocheena. there was a massive land slide in lacocheena after 15 days of record rainfall. the heaviest rain is expected tonight into tuesday morning along the foot hills and mountains, up to 2 to 4 inches
12:42 pm
of rain along the coastline. the rain that is moving right now through the bay area is expected to bring heavy rain and snow to the sieras. there is a warning for interstate 80 tomorrow morning through the mountain passes. the storm is expected to drop several inches of rain and snow. let's check in with rose mary right now. it is not the coldest of storms and therefore the rain is being seen in the sieras. >> yes. it will transition by tomorrow morning, as the snow is expected to drop around 6,000 feet and it will impact 80 and highway 50. there is a winter warning for later today into wednesday. and the radar is lit up and widespread. light to moderate rain is falling all over the bay area
12:43 pm
and pockets of the heavier rain. you can see it is primarily coastal range and higher elevations are picking up a little more than many of us. this is a look from half moon bay, some good rain falling. the rainfall rates are at about.2 of an inch per hour. it is continuing to push through but it is a good way to gauge how much rain is coming down. rain is continuing and it is all the way down through hayward, 880, lit up in the yellow and oranges. areas near dublin and san ramon, it is over there as well at about a quarter of an inch per hour. you can see a few pockets of yellow over areas of santa rosa and a little farther north but again, this is going to remain in place for the entire day and it will not let up much.
12:44 pm
maybe a little bit as we get into the evening but by the second half of the eefshening, it is coming back. any from 1 to 3 inches of rainfall, maybe more than that in the hills. the wind adviseory will reach into overnight. and the siera snow with winter travel expected, there will be a warning. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, it is picking up until 11 tonight. we are seeing widespread winds of 20 to 25 miles per hour, closer to the coast, the gusts could be stronger than that. as far as the rain, it is going to continue to fall. there is the evening drive. here is late tonight and into tomorrow morning. it begins to pull away and by the afternoon, we will be dry.
12:45 pm
rainfall amounts for the next couple of days, 3 to 4 inches for rainfall. afternoon highs today, mid-to upper 50s and a few low 60s out there. it will be really windy and soggy. here is a look at the extended forecast, we dry out on wednesday and warm up a little bit for the weekend. over the weekend, the raiders officially named john gruden as their new head coach. >> the team is going to introduce gruden at a news conference. we are taking a look back at gruden's career and what to expect next season. >> are you out of your mind? >> are you nervous? >> the effort was outstanding. we are not posing for football cards, let's play with speed. you're breaking huddle like me, how stupid are we.
12:46 pm
>> reporter: if not the most, certainly in the top five of animated coaches in nfl history. john gruden came into the proranks with the 49ers as an assistant. he got his first head coaching gig at the age of 34, the nfl's youngest coach. >> i am proud to represent this franchise. >> reporter: two things happened to the raiders under his leadership, they went from loser to contender and gruden went from coach to american pop culture icon. there was the scowl, the intensity, and then raiders defensive lineman grady jackson saw a resemiblance between gruden and the fictional character chucky in the 1890s movie -- 1980s movie child play. and then he was named one of
12:47 pm
people magazine's 50 most beautiful people. he was the face of the oakland raiders. that did not sit well with the raider owner al davis. his last game as oakland's head coach was the loss in new england. he was traded to tampa bay for four draft picks. >> there are mixed emotions, most of the emotions, obviously, normal. people like john, i like john. >> reporter: that deal was an immediate boom for the bucs. they destroyed the raiders in super bowl 37. a game in which tampa players seem to know oakland's plays as well as the raiders did. gruden left the bucs after 2008 and has not coached since, unless you count the interviews
12:48 pm
he has had with the top picks. now things come full circle. after almost a decade out of coaching with the son of al davis now making the calls, one of the most popular head coaches of raiders history will be back before a new generation of players and fans. i am excited. i was young whr he was coaching but all i remember him as is chucky. >> it is john gruden, he has raider all over his face. >> they were too solemn with the old coach. he brings in fire. >> i love it that he is coming back. >> reporter: bringing gruden back for a second-round is not unheard off. the raiders did the same with art shell after a 12 year gap but they are hoping this has a
12:49 pm
much different ending. ktvu, fox news. the georgia ball dogs will be in atlanta for the championship game against the crimson tide. nick sabin's team has a chance to avenge last season's loss and put him in the company of bear bryant with a record tying 6 career titles. georgia is searching for their first national title in almost 40 years. president trump is set to attend the game. some want to have a protest before the kick off. coming up, one speech took center stage at the golden globe awards. as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet,
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the issue of sexual harassment was a big topic at the golden globes last night. >> protesters wore black at the event and the me too movement was addressed with some laughs. >> i think it is time to address the elephant not in the room. harvey weinstein is not here
12:53 pm
tonight because, well, i have heard rumors that he is crazy and difficult to work with. but don't worry, he will be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person after booed during the memmorium. it will sound like that. >> many considered oprah winfrey's speech the highlight of the night. she had a powerful message during her acceptance speech. >> i want all of the girls watching here and now that a new day is on the horizon. and with that new day finally gone, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room it night and some pretty
12:54 pm
phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say me too again. >> the speech sparked rumors and prompted thipging about a presidential campaign for winfrey. she had earned two nominations before but this was her first award. after the show, the stars talked about the issues. >> i think people now will be held more accountable for those things. >> this seems like a tipping point where things are going to change quite a bit and we are thrilled to be a part of it. >> it has been a difficult year
12:55 pm
for our industry, discovering a lot of things, a lot of things have come out of the darkness and into the light. there was a collective feeling that it wouldn't be business as usual because i think we have to be forever changed in this moment. we are more united as an industry than we have ever been, men and women. >> in addition to wearing black in solidarity, 8 actresses including mayoral streep and susan suranden brought activists from other organizizations as their guests. >> jam franco got an award. best motion picture went to lady
12:56 pm
bird. and bill boards took home best drama motion picture. we have ktvu crews around the area looking at the flooding going on. u.s. stock indexes are staying close following the big start to the week. the dow jones is down 17, nasdaq up 20. the line up for the music festival in napa was announced, among them was bruno mars, earth, wind, fire, and more. it is set to run for three days, passes go on sale tomorrow morning. >> i have never gone to that as
12:57 pm
a fan. i have covered it as a reporter. >> is this the year? >> we will have to have a discussion at home but maybe. >> warriors play tonight too, don't forget. and the national championship game in college football, alabama and georgia, who are you going with? >> i can't pick. >> georgia? >> we'll see. >> thanks for watching.
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